To My Facebook ‘Friends’ That Think They Know More Than They Actually Know

I don’t use Facebook all that much nor do I post a lot of content.

When I joined some 14 or 15 years ago I felt it would be a convenient way to stay in touch with family happenings near and far along with those of a few old high school friends and some of the people I worked with and had a personal connection of some sort over the years.

My expectations were met as I was able to see how things were going with people that meant something to me, as I wouldn’t have friended them in the first place if they didn’t.

Unfortunately, I find increasingly now that if someone shares something on FB that strays too far from the beliefs of some individuals, they feel it is their sacred duty to set the other person straight in their thinking, for the common good I imagine.

I have a high school friend that I couldn’t be farther apart from when it comes to politics. I don’t berate his FB comments or jokes I don’t agree with, because in America we have the right to make form individual opinions, or at least we used to before our right to state a contrary opinion came under fire.

What most people don’t consider is that since I am retired, I have an awful lot of time to read and consider things before I form an actual opinion.

I learned to be thorough and not make pre-assumptions early on when I had my consulting firm and later when I worked for an international high-tech company in Silicon Valley with the responsibility of creating documents that were used to make decisions that would impact future corporate direction where many millions of dollars were involved.

Gather the information, analyze it, form an opinion, document your case and then present your case worked well for me over the years. So with that in mind, why would I go to this much trouble for a few individuals that “Think They Know More Than They Actually Know.” I guess it kind of pissed me off when they gave crap to one of my daughters that recently recovered from COVID.

Yesterday, I posted the item below with the comment, “Something To Think About.”

We are all aware that there is a big push for people to get vaccinated, whether they have recovered from COVID and gained natural immunity, or not. Actually, recent studies show that recovered individuals have more robust immunity against COVID variants because the vaccines target the virus in its pre-variant stage so are less effective as variations of the original COVID circulate.

  • FB Commentor #1 – The problem with natural immunity is the prospect of spending a few months on supplemental oxygen on your way there.
  • FB Commentor #2 – or that several hundred thousand of your countrymen have to die while you get yours.
  • FB Commentor #3 – Fortunately, most people are recovering with no lingering issues
  • FB Commentor #2 – Thankfully, there is still a 98.4% survival rate (Actually a stat for Australia)
  • FB Commentor #2 – The 70,000 Californians who’ve died from it, will be glad to hear that.
  • FB Commentor #3 – Over 200,000 Californians die every year from heart disease, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s, respiratory disease, accidents, diabetes, influenza/pneumonia, hypertension, and chronic liver disease. Many of these are the underlying issues that are contributing to Covid deaths. Maybe if we focus on preventing these underlying issues by helping people live healthier lifestyles, we will not only help lower Covid deaths, but also the deaths from these health issues themselves.
  • FB Commentor #1 – Most people who get it get over it, but you might have to call out the National Guard to keep your local hospital staffed in the meantime. Covid ain’t the black plague, but it has increased the overall death rate in the United States by about 15 percent in the past two years. It’s serious stuff, if unpredictable in its severity from person to person.
  • FB Commentor #4 – Guess the liberal sheep don’t like your post….keep it up, buddy.
  • FB Commentor #5 – Via Messenger, Great point 👍
  • End of comments.
Big-Pharma, with the help of the World Health Organisation, the CDC, mainstream media, and elite power brokers in the medical community demonized the use of Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and others that are saving lives in other parts of the world. Additionally, they discount the value of natural immunity gained after recovering from COVID.
So for those that “Think They Know More Than They Actually Know” Here are some articles you should find informative from just this month of October.

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