Things To Consider Before Voting For Hillary

I’m 72 years old, so I have the advantage of having watched Bill & Hillary Clinton as they hit the national stage. Even way back then, the press was quick to hide many things about Bill & Hillary during Bill’s stint as Governor of Arkansas.

I believe Hillary glommed-on to Bill early on as a way for her to further her personal ambitions. And she never let go. Why else would a wife put-up with all his shenanigans. She and Bill are in it for themselves and don’t care one bit about the electorate that keeps ignoring their many transgressions against the public good.

Here are some links that explain some of the reasons why she should never be President Of The United States.

If you still choose to ignore these things and vote for Hillary, come back tomorrow for more reasons why Hillary is a VERY POOR CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT.

PS – Trump is not my first choice, but compared to Hillary, he is a saint.

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