Things Have Changed

For the last six years I hosted “Fatherly Advice and Rants” on Bluehost.

When I started with Bluehost a special hosting deal was offered which kept costs down. Over the years they increased their rates and I opted for a few upgrades that increased costs. I thought about putting ads on the site to defray costs, which would have helped as several of my posting went viral. I chose not to, however, which means I had to make a choice. On March 28th, I would have had to pay $538 to continue hosting on Bluehost. Since I am retired, I can use this money better elsewhere.  Consequently, I now using WordPress for hosting, because it drops my costs considerately.

If you have visited “Fatherly Advice And Rants” before I will notice that the new site looks somewhat different. Yes I have lost some flexibility in formatting pages, but not enough to justify what I used to pay for hosting this website.

Thanks for your patience during the transition.

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