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The Conservative Review’s Interactive Scorecard

Conservative Review calculates a Liberty Score for members of Congress based on their voting records.

A look at the scores leads to despair for true conservatives. Yes, Republicans are better than Democrats. But generally, they are far from being true conservatives.

If you use the chart to see the grades for congresspeople in “red” or conservative states, the ones that send Republicans to Congress, you find that the politicians, especially the senators, often receive D or even F grades.

Is there a more conservative state than Mississippi? Yet both senators receive an F, and the representatives aren’t much better. In Texas, the grades are F and B. You see the same disappointing grades in Alabama. In Kentucky, Mitch McConnell gets an F, while Rand Paul gets an A.

Rand Paul is an outlier. When it comes to Senators, an A is unusual. Only five receive an A and seven a B out of all 50 Republican senators.  Twenty Republican senators get Fs, and they are the usual suspects: Romney, Collins, Cassidy, and on and on.

On the House side, the Fs for Republicans repeat at a mind-numbing pace, which goes a long way to explain why Kevin McCarthy (F) was a shoo-in for Minority leader

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