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Don’t Believe That America Can’t Be Turned Into A Socialist Nightmare

It Really CAN Happen Here

By: John Alexander, Esq.

Years ago, I took a summer school class in Constitutional Law. It ­­was fascinating and headed me toward law school. The instructor was named Ulf Goebel. He lectured like a machine gun and really knew the U.S. Constitution. But, the most important thing I learned from Professor Goebel was not in the textbooks.

We had gotten to the section of the Constitution about executive power, Article II, and the President. He told us about elections and powers, checks and balances, and all the rest. Then, something really, REALLY strange happened: He stopped.

Dead silence.

He just stared straight ahead and did not move.

Then he said, “Let me tell you a story.”

He had grown up in Germany, a little boy in the 1930s when Germany had been the cultural, scientific, intellectual center of the western world. He was a happy little boy, a member of something like the Boy Scouts called the Hitler Youth. He told us about how a small side-line party called the Nazi Party told people what they wanted to hear. They had rallies, defied the local laws, tore down statutes of German scholars and heroes, burned flags and books, and preached about a better, more just, more fair, more equitable, Germany under the Nazi Party’s leadership.

Everything was blamed on one thing: “The Jews.” “The Jews” were the source of all of Germany’s poverty and destruction. Even Germany’s history was rewritten. “The Jews” were never real Germans after all. They were a plague and had polluted all of German life.

People loved it.

Professor Goebel remembered his father coming home all smiles and laughing because he had killed his first Jew.

The Gestapo and Hitler’s dreaded S.S. thugs took over the cities, confiscated the guns, burned, looted and tore down, and destroyed everything that offended the Nazis because they weren’t “pure” enough and had to be eliminated, purged, banished, and destroyed, all in the name of a more “equitable” and “pure” German society.

Opposition? They rounded up those who opposed them and shipped them off to death camps or labor camps.

People didn’t want to be the next victim so no one objected.

Professor Goebel remembered all of it. If you spoke out against the Nazis you were shunned and arrested for being “Un-German.” It was all done to make Germany more equitable, better, safer, freer, fairer, and racially and morally pure.

How the crowds loved the promises and parades! They believed the anti-Jew propaganda that came to them day after day after day after day from all sources: radio, movies, newspapers, posters, parades, flags, and rallies day after day after day.

Professor Goebel had marched with his little Hitler Youth buddies in Nazi parades and festivals. He was there. He saw it all and, like any other kid, soaked it all up.

The German people smiled and cheered as they drank the poison.

He told us that he had seen a beautiful nation turned into a socialist nightmare. And, then, Professor Goebel stopped in the middle of a sentence and stared straight ahead, thinking hard.

Then he said (and I can never forget) these exact words: “Don’t think it can’t happen here.”

Well, guess what.

Instead of “The Jews” being the source of national ills now it’s “Racism”, “White Entitlement”, and “White Supremacy.” The values on which America is based must be rewritten. We must topple offending statues and ban unacceptable books from our schools and libraries.

Social institutions that have held us together must be weakened or eliminated.

Goodbye to the traditional family. So long to faith in a higher power. Free speech must be confined. Those who disagree must be shouted down. Just like Germany’s Jews, contrary ideas must be eliminated.

Instead of the Gestapo and the S.S. thugs, now it is Antifa and Black Lives Matter burning, looting, screaming, tearing down, and blowing things up. Statutes of our national heroes have come down. Christian and Jewish churches spray painted and attacked. If you dare disagree you are publicly branded a racist, a hater.

The left-leaning networks keep the propaganda machine well-oiled. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter shut you up and close you down.

The people who protect us have been shot, precinct houses set on fire, and are made to be the bad guys. Left-wing mayors have looked on, ignoring their citizens being burned out of a business. Federal courthouses were attacked and Seattle burned. Small businesses were trashed. Dreams were destroyed and life savings were lost. People were killed in the riots, all done in the name of “purifying America. Does This Sound Familiar?

The Nazi party in Professor Goebel’s Germany is today’s Democrat Party which has now turned socialist, radical, extreme, and trying to take over our U.S. government. Radicalism is taught from pre-K through Ph.D. programs.

AOC recently said, “It’s time to radicalize.” And, they’re off and running: all-in on packing the Supreme Court, eliminating the electoral college, admitting two new Democrat states, opening the borders and the beat goes on.

Today’s Gestapo members are the rioters organized and paid for by the left-wing radicals and big corporations. Antifa and Black Lives Matter are getting pretty good at causing mayhem, burning and looting, and attacking cops, all to end “racism, white supremacy, and entitlement.”

Today’s propaganda machines are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, and other left-wing networks, the New York Times, L.A. Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and other newspapers, chat rooms, on and on and on and on until people actually believe that the socialist radicals can make us all happy.

So just smile and drink the propaganda poison.

America must be recreated into a Socialist Wonderland.

Hitler and Stalin and Castro and Mao are smiling.

Here is the worst part: Ulf Goebel was right.

Look around.

It Is happening here and it is happening NOW!

Unless we all (you included) wake up in time to stop it.