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2021 List Of Important Articles On COVID-19 & Treatments

This list includes over 200 articles published during 2021 ONLY!

The articles are listed showing the newest ones first.

  1. The Number of Reported COVID Cases Among Those That Are Fully Vaccinated Continues to Climb
  2. Don’t buy the hysteria: The new Delta COVID variant is actually less dangerous
  3. Scientists’ and ‘Doctors at The Lancet & Nature Have Blood on Their Evil Hands – Used to propagate Covid-19 lies
  4. Former Pfizer exec: Children are 50 times more likely to die from coronavirus vaccine than from the virus itself
  5. Pfizer LIED About Covid Vaccine Being ‘95% Effective’
  6. Dad: My Son’s School Made Him Get a COVID Vaccine, Now He Has a Heart Condition
  7. They Say Follow the Science… Except When mRNA Tech Inventor Dr. Robert Malone Blows the Whistle
  8. Censored COVID Vaccine Victims Demand Answers In Their Private Facebook Group
  9. LinkedIn Reinstates Account of mRNA Vaccine Inventor Who Questions COVID-19 Vaccine Benefit for Children
  10. Some Military Members Say They’ll ‘Quit’ If Army Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine: Congressman
  11. I Had COVID And Am Not Getting Vaccinated – Forcing people to take experimental vaccines is a serious violation of civil liberties
  12. To Prevent Three Deaths, Covid Jab Kills Two or More – The data we’re not allowed to see is extremely troubling
  13. How College’s Excessively Narrow Medical Exemptions for COVID Vaccine Mandates Put Students In Danger
  14. The COVID ‘Vaccines’ Could Soon Be Mandatory After Upcoming FDA Approvals
  15. Why is NEA Pushing COVID-19 Shots and Testing for all Students? – ‘The COVID vaccine does not benefit children’
  16. Thomas T. Siler, MD: A COVID-19 Pandemic And Vaccine Update
  17. The Latest CDC VAERS Data Show Reported Injuries Surpass 400,000 Following COVID Vaccinations
  18. Retraction of paper by a medical journal on vaccine deaths spurs call for more scrutiny of COVID-19 death reports
  19. MIT Scientist: Covid Vaccines May Cause Auto-immune and Neurodegenerative Diseases in ’10 to 15 years’
  20. LinkedIn Deletes Account of mRNA Vaccine Pioneer Questioned COVID-19 Shots Being Given To Certain Groups
  21. Heavy-Handed Marketing of COVID Vaccines and Passports Brings George Orwell’s ‘Freedom Is Slavery’ to the Fore
  22. Prominent medical journals highlight the harm to children from masks and death risk from COVID vaccines
  23. Injured by a COVID Vaccine and Want Financial Compensation? Too Bad, Says Injury Compensation Law Firm
  24. 7 Test Positive for COVID in California’s State Capitol Despite Mandatory Masks, Testing, and Vaccines
  25. COVID Fear Mongers Are Still Pushing Lies: Don’t Let Them Succeed
  26. Department of Defense: Heart Inflammation Has Been Linked to COVID Vaccines in Study of the U.S. Military
  27. A Patent Has Emerged That Indicates DARPA built COVID with the help of the Bill Gates Foundation And WHO
  28. California Vaccine Hunters Dressed up as ‘COVID-19’ and ‘The Jab’ Go Door-to-Door Searching for the Unvaccinated
  29. Man Dies After Second Moderna Dose – Complicating theories that prior clotting cases were solely caused by adenovirus-based vaccines
  30. The Left Is Now Scaremongering The COVID ‘Delta Variant’
  31. FDA Advisor Dr. Peter Doshi Explains Why Children Should NOT Receive the COVID Shot
  32. Was There A D.C. COVID Cover-Up? – A Former Trump NSC deputy asks an alarming question of the NIH
  33. A New Risk-Benefit Study Shows COVID Vaccination Benefits Don’t Outweigh The Risks
  34. FDA Adds a Heart Inflammation Warning to Pfizer and Moderna COVID Vaccines as Some Experts Call for Full Approval
  35. Buried Report: 576 Preborn Babies have Died Following Mothers Getting Covid-19 Injections
  36. Australian Researchers: COVID Is ‘Best Adapted To Attack Human Cells  – Raising even more origin questions
  37. Our Cruel COVID Class System – We Have Three Tiers: essential, inessential, and expendable
  38. Buried Report: 576 Preborn Babies have Died Following Mothers Getting Covid-19 Injections
  39. Australian Researchers: COVID Is ‘Best Adapted To Attack Human Cells  – Raising even more origin questions
  40. Our Cruel COVID Class System – We Have Three Tiers: essential, inessential, and expendable
  41. Dr. Peter McCullough Cites Whistleblowers Inside CDC Who Claim 50,000 Americans Dead From COVID Injections
  42. Students sue over California university’s COVID vaccine mandate, saying shots could harm them
  43. Israeli Official: Half of the Adults Infected in the Latest COVID-19 Outbreak Were Fully Vaccinated
  44. 60% Of US Voters Now Say Fauci Is Lying: COVID Came From A Lab
  45. Top Doctors Speculate a Reversal on COVID Vaccine Safety Could Be Coming
  46. The CDC Finds a ‘Likely’ Link Between Heart Inflammation and Pfizer, Moderna COVID Vaccines
  47. COVID-19 Vaccine Linked to Another Rare Blood Disease: Israeli Study
  48. WSJ: Are Covid Vaccines Riskier Than Advertised? – There are concerning trends on blood clots and low platelets, not that the authorities will tell you
  49. Nearly 4,000 Fully Vaccinated People in Massachusetts Test Positive for COVID-19
  50. A New Study Links Ivermectin to ‘Large Reductions’ In COVID-19 Deaths
  51. CHD and Millions Against Medical Mandates Call on FDA to Immediately Take COVID Vaccines Off the Market
  52. Wow! A Pro-Vax Doctor Says COVID Vaccines Can Insert Nanoparticles Into The Brain
  53. The Latest CDC VAERS Data for 12- to 17-Year-Olds Include 7 Deaths, 271 Serious Adverse Events Following COVID Vaccines
  54. Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Asks an Inconvenient Question – What happens if ivermectin is safe and effective for COVID, and the genetic vaccines turn out to have [significant] safety issues?”
  55. NAC Being Studied for Use Against Covid-19, So Of Course The FDA I Making Threats & Amazon Just Banned It
  56. A massive surge in COVID vaccine deaths – Disclosure of an astonishing 3,000% spike in vaccine-related deaths
  57. COVID, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century – Censoring information on its effectiveness for treatment of COVID
  58. Why do brilliant doctors & scientists toe the party line against COVID treatments? – Most likely it’s strategic cowardice
  59. More COVID Pandemic Corruption: The Refusal to Fully Recognize Natural Immunity
  60. The COVID Vaccine Is As Deadly As the Virus
  61. A Group Of Parents Sent Their Kids’ Face Masks to A Lab for Analysis. Here’s What They Found
  62. Dr. McCullough: COVID Vaccines Have Already Killed Up to 50,000 Americans, According to Whistleblowers
  63. The CDC Knew COVID hospitalization rates had fallen among teens but covered it up to the boost vaccination rate
  64. Defector Provides Evidence That The Chinese Military Orchestrated the Creation of COVID-19 & The Lab Leak
  65. CDC to Convene Emergency Meeting on 226 Reports of Heart Inflammation After COVID Vaccine in People Under 30
  66. For Kids, Benefits of COVID Vaccine ‘Don’t Outweigh Risks,’ Experts Tell FDA
  67. Urgent: A British report calls for a complete cessation of COVID vaccines in humans
  68. CDC Is Cooking the Books on COVID Vaccines – Only counting vaccinated resulting in hospitalization or death
  69. There Are Nearly 800 Reports of Heart Inflammation After COVID-19 Vaccination in the US
  70. The CDC Admits That Teens Vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna versions are at Higher Risk of Heart Inflammation
  71. What Percentage of Democrats Do You Feel Want to Remain Scared of COVID Forever? It’s Shocking, But Also Not
  72. Disturbing New Info Emerges On Apparent “Magnetic” Side Effects Happening to Some COVID Vaccinated People
  73. A study published by medRxiv shows HCQ & zinc treatments increased the COVID survival rate by almost three times
  74. A Cleveland Study Finds Those Who Have Had SARS-CoV-2 ‘Are Unlikely to Benefit From COVID-19 Vaccination’
  75. Follow the Science or Follow the Herd (Immunity) – Herd immunity is  suddenly on par with the Earth being flat
  76. Peter McCullough, MD Testifies About Covid-19 Treatments & Vaccines – Reference Documents Provided
  77. Study: Weight-Adjusted HCQ & Azithromycin Boosted Survival of Ventilated COVID-19 Patients by 200%
  78. Dr. Scott Gottlieb says a ‘more dangerous’ Covid variant is unlikely to be a major risk to the U.S. until the fall
  79. 27 Experts Launch Citizen Petition Demanding FDA ‘Slow Down and Get the Science Right’ Before Approving COVID Vaccines
  80. A World Health Organization Advisor Says China Engaged In “A Massive Cover-Up” Of The COVID Outbreak
  81. A May 2020 Lawrence Livermore Lab Report Found It Plausible That Covid-19 Leaked From the Wuhan Lab
  82. WHO Chief Scientist Served Legal Notice in India for Allegedly Suppressing Data on Ivermectin to Treat COVID-19
  83. The Great Unmasking of the COVID-Origin Coverup Scheme Continues – Each discovery is more troubling than the last
  84. WSJ: Science Suggests a Wuhan Lab Leak  – Covid-19’s genetic footprint never observed in a natural coronavirus
  85. Fauci and Top US Doctors Caught! – They CONSPIRED to Disqualify HCQ as COVID Treatment — MILLIONS DIED
  86. The Unmasking of Dr. Anthony Fauci – What broke the ice was Nicholas Wade’s “Origin of COVID – Following the Clues”
  87. The Rapid Mass Deployment of COVID-19 Vaccinations & Possible Biological Effects on the Population
  88. The Latest VAERS Data Show: 294,801 Reports of Adverse Events & 5,165 Deaths in the U.S. Following COVID Vaccinations
  89. ‘We Made a Big Mistake’ — COVID Vaccine Spike Protein Travels From Injection Site And Can Cause Organ Damage
  90. A Previous Natural Infection is Superior to Getting Vaccinated for COVID Protection
  91. New Research: Antibodies From Getting A COVID Infection Could Last Years
  92. The Many Ways in Which COVID Vaccines May Harm Your Health – Creates a very robust and unnatural spike protein
  93. New ‘Bombshell’ Study Claims to Prove China Bioengineered COVID-19 – Then tried to fake evidence that showed it came from bats and jumped naturally to humans
  94. Study: Those Who Had COVID ‘Probably Make Antibodies for a Lifetime’
  95. Heart Inflammation After Receiving A COVID-19 Vaccination Seen Across US
  96. About those overbearing vaccine ads – It obvious that those who want the COVID vaccine has already been vaccinated
  97. FDA document reveals 86% of children who participated in the Pfizer covid vaccine trial experienced adverse reactions
  98. General Flynn Believes COVID Was A “Weaponized Operation” By China – People won’t stand for continued lies about the origins of COVID
  99. New Study: Masks Didn’t Slow The Spread of COVID
  100. Before COVID Vaccine, Her Son Was a Healthy Athlete — Now He Can ‘Barely Walk,’ Mom Says
  101. WA University School of Medicine: Those Who Had Mild Cases of Covid May Have Long-Term COVID Immunity
  102. The CDC is Investigating Reports of ‘Mild’ Heart Problems in Teens and Adolescents After COVID Vaccine
  103. Dr. Mercola: If You’ve Had COVID Don’t Get Vaccinated – A significantly increased incidence and severity” of side effects
  104. WSJ: Intelligence on Sick Staff at Wuhan Lab In November 2019 Fuels Debate on Covid-19 Origin
  105. The CDC Quietly Reveals 227,805 Adverse Reactions Following injection of one of the three Covid-19 “vaccines.”
  106. The Warnings Are Clear: Vaccinating Kids for COVID Is a Dangerous Gamble
  107. Latest CDC Data: Adverse Events After COVID Vaccines Surpass 200,000, Including 943 Among 12- to 17-Year-Olds
  108. Vaxx or Anti-Vaxx? – Adverse events from COVID injections is hundreds of times greater than any other vaccine in history
  109. The Truth About Wuhan Coronavirus/COVID Treatments & The Supposed Vaccines
  110. Experienced Nurse Practitioner: The Truth On COVID Treatments And The Vaccinated
  111. Nobel Prize winner: Mass COVID vaccination is an ‘unacceptable mistake’ that is ‘creating the variants’
  112. COVID Vaccines May Not Work on People With Underlying Conditions or Are On Immunosuppressive medications
  113. Studies find CA child COVID hospitalizations grossly inflated by at least 40% and likely to be the same across the US
  114. Dr. Simone Gold: The True Origins of COVID-19
  115. Connecticut govt. secretly tells health care workers covid vaccines are DEADLY, but withholds information from the public
  116. Federal Law Prohibits Mandates of Emergency Use COVID Vaccines, Tests, and Masks — 3 Resources You Can Use to Inform Your School or Employer
  117. Why Are The Media Completely Ignoring Data That Shows A Massive COVID-19 Vaccine Death Spike?
  118. Dr. Fauci, the NIH, the Wuhan lab, bats, and COVID-19: Everything you need to know
  119. Origin of COVID, Following the Clues – Lab-Made theory likely but incriminating files hidden by the Chinese government
  120. Fauci admits that only ‘a little bit more than half’ of his employees are vaccinated for COVID
  121. The CDC Embarks on New COVID Cover-Up – Lowers the CT from 40 to 28 when diagnosing vaccine breakthrough cases
  122. CDC: Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Linked to More Blood Clot Cases
  123. Dr. Cole on Covid Jabs: “We’ve Seen More Deaths From This Shot Than All Vaccines in the Last 20 Years Combined”
  124. An Ohio Doctor Doctor mocks vaccine skeptics, then DIES after a covid vaccination, as media scrubs wrongful death case
  125. A Misleading CDC Number – Outdoor COVID transmission appears to be below 1% and is possibly even below 0.1%
  126. 57 leading scientists, doctors & public policy experts call for the IMMEDIATE HALT to COVID vaccine programs
  127. America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Warns That COVID-Vaccinated Can ‘Shed’ Spike Protein, Harming Unvaccinated
  128. CDC Changes Rules for Counting Breakthrough Cases For Fully Vaccinated People That Test Positive – Will only report hospitalizations and deaths
  129. Utah teenager hospitalized with blood clots after a COVID-19 vaccine shot
  130. Covid Shot Killing Large Numbers, Warns Top Covid Doctor Peter McCullough! – Must See Video
  131. A Peer-reviewed study shows Ivermectin is effective as a prophylaxis for Covid-19 and as a therapeutic remedy
  132. Evidence Reveals That The Chinese Military Team Collaborated With Lab Where COVID-19 Pandemic Originated
  133. Denmark Ditches J&J COVID Vaccine, Says Benefits ‘Do Not Outweigh Risk’ of Blood Clots
  134. All Of The Reasons Why I Won’t Be Getting the COVID Vaccine
  135. Facebook’s COVID Fact-checker Site is Funded By $1.9 Billion Vaccine Lobby
  136. Millions of Vaccinated People Are Skipping Their Second Doses of COVID Vaccines
  137. Just How Much COVID-19-Related Information Has Been Censored and Why?
  138. German Microbiologist: “They are Killing People with these COVID Vaccines”
  139. CDC: 7,157 Fully Vaccinated Americans Have Contracted COVID-19 and 88 Are Dead
  140. The failure of Imperial College London’ COVID pandemic modeling is far worse than we knew
  141. US Death Rate 1950-2021 – 2020 & later data are UN projections and DO NOT include any impacts of the COVID-19 virus
  142. Herpes infection possibly linked to COVID-19 vaccine, study says
  143. The CDC violated the law to inflate COVID cases and fatalities – It was apparent in mid-March 2020 they were vastly exaggerating fatalities
  144. Family Blames COVID-19 Vaccine After a ‘Healthy’ Father of 7 Reportedly Suffers a Stroke
  145. WSJ: Johnson & Johnson Privately Asked Rival Covid-19 Vaccine Makers to Probe Possible Clotting Risks
  146. WP Calls Out Media for Ignoring Potential Connection Between Fauci’s “Gain of Function” Research & Covid Outbreak
  147. Denmark Drops AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Amid Blood Clot Reports  – They are the first country in Europe to do so
  148. Pfizer Vaccine May Put People at Higher Risk for COVID Variants, an Israeli Study Shows
  149. Shocking Study: mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines May Progressively Degenerate Your Brain From Prion Disease
  150. More Side Effects With The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine: CDC Study
  151. 18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine
  152. The Latest VAERS Data Show Vaccine Injury Trends Continue – 56,869 adverse events following COVID vaccinations, including 2,342 deaths and 7,971 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and April 1, 2021
  153. What Do Mandatory Vaccinations, COVID Passports, and Forced Sterilization have in Common?
  154. Dr. Ryan Cole: COVID Vaccine Concerns & Treatments – Includes Pfizer Biontech Vaccine Risk Statement
  155. COVID: A Disinformation Operation Wrapped In A Virus – The “Wuhan Zombieland” stories don’t make sense
  156. Wait Until You Find Out What They’re Not Telling You About Covid-19
  157. Just Say No to Vaccine Passports – They’re just another hoop to jump through to keep Aunt Karen happy
  158. The Number of COVID Vaccine Injuries Reported to VAERS Surpasses 50,000, CDC Data Show
  159. A Coming COVID Vaccine Catastrophe – Geert Vanden Bossche speaks out against the #Covid19 mRNA vaccines
  160. A Man’s skin ‘peeled off’ in rare reaction to Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine
  161. We need to stop overlooking one politically incorrect COVID-19 death factor – Obesity
  162. Scientist to FDA: You Are Ignoring ‘Clear and Present Danger’ Associated With COVID Vaccine
  163. Will the government make COVID vaccinations mandatory? – Knowing they are actually early-stage experimental vaccines
  164. US officials are hiding data as other nations reveal the lockdowns are more deadly than Covid-19
  165. COVID cases are spiking in a dozen states with high vaccination rates
  166. Analysis: What Vanden Bossche Got Right — and Wrong — About Mass COVID Vaccinations
  167. The So-Called COVID “Vaccine” Is Really A Dangerous Experimental Gene Therapy
  168. BEWARE – The Current COVID Vaccines Are Dangerous – Dr. Vernon Coleman Lays Out His Case
  169. Germany, France, and Italy Suspend Use of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine
  170. A Danish Woman Who Died From Blood Clot After AstraZeneca Shot Had ‘Unusual Symptoms’
  171. US prison guards are refusing vaccines despite COVID-19 outbreaks
  172. How safe are the COVID vaccines? – CDC ‘fact sheet’ doesn’t divulge the COVID vaccine being the number-one leader in reported congenital anomalies/birth defects and emergency room visits
  173. The Biggest COVID-19 Vaccine Skeptics Are Frontline Health Care Workers
  174. One year later: A look back at the inaccurate projections that helped drive COVID lockdowns
  175. Dr. Richard Fleming Discusses The SARS CoVid2 Vaccines
  176. Before COVID, Gates planned social media censorship of vaccine safety advocates with Pharma, CDC, Media, China, and CIA
  177. How Safe Are The COVID Vaccines? – CDC warns of “most commonly reported side effects,” not the most serious ones
  178. The CDC Study Finds 78% Of COVID-19 Hospitalizations Were People Overweight Or Obese
  179. Report: Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Killed 40 Times More Old People Than The Virus Itself Would Have
  180. The COVID Death Data Fraud – Dying WITH COVID and dying FROM COVID are two entirely different things
  182. Pfizer CEO: ‘Every Year You Will Have to Get Your Annual Shot for COVID’
  183. Contrary to media reports, COVID-19 vaccines have caused a paralyzing facial condition
  184. Hydroxychloroquine now approved as a preventative treatment for COVID-19
  185. The CCP Withheld Pandemic-Relevant Data From Public, Leaked Documents Reveal
  186. Proven Covid Therapies Versus The New Covid Vaccines: Who Actually Benefits?
  187. The CDC Inflated COVID Deaths By 1600% To Hurt Trump During The 2020 Election
  188. COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines
  189. Deaths of Elderly Who Recovered From COVID-19, but Died After Getting The Vaccine Are Raising Questions
  190. Will the COVID boogie man get you? – Evaluate COVID as you would any other potential illness, from the flu to others
  191. A Doctor With Bioweapons Expertise Calls COVID-19 Injections ‘Weaponized Medicine’
  192. COVID-19 vaccines: What you need to know about side effects and risks
  193. Why Are So Many Health-Care Workers Resisting the COVID Vaccine? – About a third are don’t want it yet
  194. BUSTED: The CDC Inflated COVID Numbers and is Accused of Violating Federal Law
  195. Dr. Simone Gold Blows The Lid Off The COVID Lie and Sounds The Alarm About the Vaccines!
  196. Frontline Doctors: Experimental vaccines are ‘not safer’ than COVID-19
  197. 14 Questions about COVID Vaccines – The promised way back to “normal” was a vaccine. “They” obviously lied!
  198. Merck Stops Development of COVID Vaccine: “Studies Showed People Better Off Catching Virus And Recovering!”
  199. Why are other nations doing so much better than the USA on COVID deaths? – Hydroxychloroquine!
  200. REGARDING COVID: If they haven’t isolated the virus, how can they make a vaccine? – Short Answer, They Can’t!
  201. If the media were doing their job, they might ask these important COVID questions 
  202. CNA Nursing Home Whistleblower: Seniors Are DYING LIKE FLIES After COVID Injections! SPEAK OUT!!!
  203. The World Health Organization Finally Updates Its COVID-19 Testing Policy… 1 Hour After Biden’s Inauguration
  204. U.S. says Wuhan lab workers became sick with COVID-19 like symptoms weeks before the pandemic started
  205. Why are Some California Doctors Refusing to Prescribe Certain Medications to COVID Patients?
  206. Canadian Doctor: The “Cure” for Covid is Roughly Ten Times Worse Than the Disease
  207. The suspicious link between population control advocates and COVID vaccines
  208. Healthy Miami doctor, 56, died of a blood disorder 16 days after getting Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine
  209. Why Are We Vaccinating People Who Have Recovered from COVID-19?
  210. Shifting Goalposts – COVID Deaths versus Vaccine Deaths 
  211. A Surprising Number of Health Care Workers Are Choosing Not to Receive COVID Vaccine
  212. Hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, remdesevir, and more: The evidence on proposed COVID-19 treatments