Carr Fire Status Maps – Updated

The links below will take you to status maps showing current fire boundaries, structures burned & spared, restricted areas, etc.

God Bless all of the first responders who are working around the clock to contain this monster fire and protect property & lives. Thank you for all you do and have done.

Click Here For Carr Fire Activity Map

Click Here For Carr Fire Structure Status Information

Love Is Fireproof Compilation

Cal Fire Update Drive – West Redding

Last night my middle daughters husband called a retired detective friend, who is recovering from burns sustained in the Carr Fire firenado. Basically he was doing his best to escape the flames, which appeared suddenly out of nowhere, throwing all sorts of debris at his truck. His windows were broken out and he couldn’t see anything because of the smoke. Just when he thought he was a gonner, he spotted a nearby bulldozer that had been abandoned. He ran for his life and slid behind the front blade. The heat was unbearably intense as he moved around under the tractor while the flames swirled around him. After it passed, he got out from under the tractor and his nearby truck was completely destroyed. Fortunately, someone driving down the road picked him up and took him to the hospital.

The video below shows the Hell he survived.

Our daughter’s home was spared. Her husband did a lot of work on their property to give them a chance in case of a wild fire. His efforts paid off. We are so thankful. The two animals surprised California firefighters Monday when they were spotted huddling together in a doorway “for safety and support” in Redding as the Carr Fire continued to rage on in the neighborhood.

The cat and chicken were suffering from multiple burns. Firefighters gave them water and placed them in a crate to take them to the veterinarian.