Amazing Black and White Photo Colorization

Reddit is an amazing community and subreddits is one of its greatest features.

Colorizing and restoring historic photos is an interesting subject among subredditors with many enthusiastic contributors.

On this subreddit, professional and amateur colorizers and restorers provide new life to old photos by substituting vibrant colors to old photos.

Here are some favorites on the r/Colorization community. I hope you you enjoy them as I did.

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Thunderstorm At Sunset

A thunderstorm appeared pretty much out of nowhere a couple of days ago.

One moment the sky was pretty clear, then over the course of about an hour magnificent clouds appeared and hail started banging on our skylights, which really got our attention. It moved South and gave us a show of some beautiful clouds as the sun dropped in the Eastern sky.

Here are some gorgeous ones I gathered that were taken in Redding, California and parts South.