Cool Illustrations of Random People

Can you imagine yourself as a comic book character?

Artist Julio Cesar (a.k.a M209) can transform anyone into fun digital art paintings. He is a freelance illustrator based in Fortaleza, Brazil who gets photos from random strangers via email and makes their cartoon version.

Taking inspiration from 80′s/90′s cartoons, he paints digital portraits in vibrant colors and they look unbelievably real in the end. He says “My inspirations came from movies, musics and other illustrators. I have a lot of inspiration from Rayner Alencar, who is another illustrator and also a friend of mine, who always helps me with tips and new techniques on Photoshop.”

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Amazing Black and White Photo Colorization

Reddit is an amazing community and subreddits is one of its greatest features.

Colorizing and restoring historic photos is an interesting subject among subredditors with many enthusiastic contributors.

On this subreddit, professional and amateur colorizers and restorers provide new life to old photos by substituting vibrant colors to old photos.

Here are some favorites on the r/Colorization community. I hope you you enjoy them as I did.

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