Special Motorcycle Training For Luke Spiller’s NY Concert

Recently my son-in-law, Casey, did some private training sessions on behalf of Harley Davidson Motor Company for Luke Spiller, the lead singer for The Struts.

The Struts are a band that is on a significant upward trajectory having opened for The Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters. They recently did the Good Morning America concert series and have been on tour for something like two years solid. I don’t think you will find a harder working band out there.

The objective was to provide Luke with a level of training that would assist him in achieving his goal of riding a Harley-Davidson on stage at his upcoming Manhattan, NY performance. Luke met the challenge and accomplished his goal and totally rocked his opening. Casey has taught many individuals in various motorcycle disciplines and says that Luke was a model student who put in the hard work needed to achieve his goal.

Casey indicated: “His work ethic was exactly what any instructor would love to work with. The training was customized to his performance objective and ability which constantly improved. Due to his very, very busy tour schedule, Luke had limited time to train and he crushed it.”

“It was very cool to get to know Luke as a regular guy who wanted to learn how to control/command a motorcycle and not simply ride on it. My motorcycle family knows exactly what that difference is. We had a great time training and he did everything asked of him.”

“It was very refreshing to speak with Luke and learn how much he cares about his fan base. In fact, my wife Lori Bokavich and I got on the “list” for the Sacramento show after Luke and I trained earlier in the day. Luke shot me a text making sure we were sorted and in the venue. He did not have to do that right before his show but it spoke to exactly what kind of guy Luke is. A regular guy who has a pretty cool job!:). He knows how lucky he is and takes nothing for granted. I have seen the band twice and highly recommend you take The Struts in.”

“Our training concluded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Luke informed me that the NYC show had escalated and that a helicopter would be used along with other items. I had learned the president of Harley-Davidson would be at the show so I suggested we stop talking and start training as both of our asses were on the line:) He agreed and jumped right in:).”

“There were several employees of Three Rivers Harley Davidson present so that at the end of the training we could do a proper group ride and get some footage used in the video. They were all impressed by Luke’s ability and work ethic. Many commented they could not do the same exercises Luke was mastering. Based on the sweat Luke left on the training site, he was accepted as a rider. Not as a celebrity or rocker, as a rider. That was huge.”

“During the group ride, it began to rain. Of course, my stress level increased:). Luke did great. When I asked him what he thought, his reply was “Mate, my face is sore from smiling so much”. That was it, mission accomplished, mic drop.

“I have the most eclectic group of friends in very large part due to motorcycles. Would not have it any other way. As the saying goes, Four wheels move the body; two wheels move the soul.”

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