Seeing 2020: The Censored Science of the COVID-19 Pandemic!

After constant censorship, retractions, and doctors getting fired, they had a lot of questions.

Making this movie was a process of discovery and adaptation. They discovered that there was so much research to support early treatment, but that doctors were being attacked by the media and medical boards for applying that research to their practices.

They adapted by focusing on what was being censored.

The director explains why it wasn’t released on the more popular streaming sites and how censorship affected bringing this film to market.

I popped for $9.95 to watch the movie and support their efforts to get the truth out. It is well worth it.

Look below this video for more information and audio of this documentary.


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Audio of Seeing 2020 is Provided Below

Seeing 2020 – Part 1
Seeing 2020 – Part 2


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  2. Unbelievably revealing as to what is happening here in America, here in this earth to God’s people.

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