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Rich Men North of Richmond – A Stirring Ballad for the Real Forgotten Man

By William Sullivan

His article is paraphrased to reduce length. Go here for his original full-length article.

Oliver Anthony, a singer-songwriter from Farmville, Virginia, captured lighting in a bottle with a recording of his song, “Rich Men North of Richmond,” which quickly proceeded to become the most popular and talked about song in the country.

There have been many anti-establishment songs from untypical creators in recent years that have made waves, but this song is something else entirely.

First and foremost, this song resonates with so many because it exudes an authentic human experience, and it begins with the song’s title, appropriately named Rich Men North of Richmond.

Specifically, he speaks from a personal frame of reference because Richmond, Virginia, lies just over 100 miles South of the Washington, D.C., about 60 miles west-by-southwest of Richmond is Farmville, Virginia the biggest city near Farmville D.C., and it’s therefore his unique point of reference to those men that he references.

This young man, and not those rich men north of Richmond, truly exemplifies what America should be, and I couldn’t be happier about his success in touching so many people’s lives.  He can be followed on X at @aintgottadollar.

Oh, and by the way, he had a terrific turnout at his show at the farmer’s market, and as of this writing, it appears that he’s living up to his promise to fans.

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