Proof Of A CCP Cyber Attack On 2020 Election

I would agree that they have irrefutable evidence of vote tampering in key swing states during the 2020 Presidential Election.

“The lawsuit shows we have the packets of data, recorded in real-time -that are unchangeable, immutable, and objective- proof of China and other nations breaking into our election systems, flipping votes, their IP addresses, physical locations, the exact number of votes flipped from Trump to Biden, and in which states, counties, and networks these intrusions occurred.”

“These packets of data document 20 successful hacks through the election management systems in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona resulting in a total of 555,864 votes switched from President Trump to candidate Vice President Biden in the 2020 general election.”

“The lawsuit also shows data scientist, Dr. Douglas Frank, has cracked the algorithms that were used in a number of states to determine the ballots cast. Specifically, with only the census data and the registration data, the algorithm enables the prediction of the number of ballots cast for each voter age group in any given county in a state with near 100% certainty—without seeing the actual results.”

“The algorithm is regulating voter turnout by age as shown by the fact that voter turnout by age is in the exact same relative proportion to registered voters in each county in any given state. The analysis of the data shows an ability to predict ballot demographics with a degree of precision approaching 100%—a level of accuracy that would be impossible without the activity of a regulating algorithm. This does not happen in a random world.”

I hope Justice Roberts doesn’t squelch this being brought before the Supreme Court.

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