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You will find links to mostly conservative oriented articles or blog posts below that I have read and find insightful and/or interesting in some way.

If you take the time to read some of them it should open your eyes to the reality of “The Swamp,” Main Stream Media/Propaganda Media bias and what Trump faces daily in his quest to Make America Great Again.” (Note: Article links added since the previous update are underlined.)

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May 31, 2018

Paramedics wanted to enter Parkland school where kids were dying. BSO said no

SPLC’s sinister plan has backfired spectacularly

Samantha Bee Calls Ivanka Trump the C-Word

Tech’s Titans Tiptoe Toward Monopoly

Debunking 3 Myths About Trump’s Moves to Make Bureaucrats More Accountable

Trump Flushes Out Swamp with Civil Service Exec. Ordersflushes-out-swamp-with-civil-service-exec-orders/

3 Reasons Rod Rosenstein’s Special Counsel Appointment Was Illegal

MSNBC’s Real Teachable Moment

President Trump Will Fully Pardon Dinesh D’Souza

The Left’s overt descent into hypocrisy

“Allahu Akbar”: Muslim Terrorist “on Leave” from Belgian Prison Kills 3

SCOTUS Deals Blow to Planned Parenthood

The Permanent Adolescence of the American Left

May 30, 2018

Yes, the FBI Was Investigating the Trump Campaign When It Spied

Trey Gowdy Didn’t Even See Documents He Claims Exonerate FBI On Spygate: Reports

Nikki Haley lashes out at U.N. ‘hypocrisy’


Kim Jong Un reportedly cried over North Korea’s bad economy, and it could show he’s ready to cave to Trump

FACT CHECK: Yes, George Soros was a Nazi Collaborator

No news on trade? Retell old news with spin and opinion

What’s Hillary Hiding about Her Health?

What You’ve Heard About ‘Missing Immigrant Children’ Is Probably False

Grassley Announces Hearing Date For Inspector General Report on FBI Misconduct

DoJ: 83% of prisoners arrested again within 9 years

Disney fires Roseanne but hires this bigot

Roseanne Canceled, Black-Ish Still On

Firing Roseanne – Bad Decision

Here’s what Starbucks asked staff on its racial-bias training day

May 29, 2018

More Evidence of Political Coverup in Dem IT Security Scandal

Insanity Is In The Air

ABC Cancels Roseanne After Tweet About Valerie Jarrett

The Three Stooges of Spygate

Saving Tommy Robinson (and English civilization)

THE BULGE: What Is Hillary Clinton Hiding Under Her Coat?

With the DOJ IG’s Report Forthcoming – We’ll Soon Know if IG Horowitz is Honest Man or Deep State

How to Fail Today’s Starbucks Racial Sensitivity Training

May 28, 2018

Rebel Media FIGHTS UK gag order on Tommy Robinson news

Former CBS Reporter: Seems Like The FBI’s Spy Operation Against Trump Campaign Was Politically Motivated

The Canine Heroes of Memorial Day

Obama’s Guilty Contentment

Media Double Down After New York Times Gets Busted Peddling Fake News

Female Officer Run Over By Teen – Was Only Free Because Of ‘Catch And Release’ Policies Of Liberal Leadership

UK Kitchen Knife Ban: No One Needs “8′ or 10′ Kitchen Knives with Points”

Why Children are Essential

Real Conservatives Refuse To Kneel Before Their Liberal Overlords

May 27, 2018

Is this beginning of the end of free press?

Why Democrats like blacks to be out of control

Of Course, Obama Knew of the Spying on the Trump Campaign

Deep State Confession: 2017 UK Article Indicates Obama’s Spygate Started in 2015 – Much Earlier than Currently Reported

The Great Unmasking

Left-wing campus that booted whites reaps unintended consequences

Kerry Colluded Against America w/Iranian Official Who Chanted, “Death to America”

Utah Man Returns to U.S. After Two-Year Detention in Venezuela

President Trump stood in the hot sun and shook the hand of every single Naval Academy graduate

Marjory Stoneman Douglas revelation – Sheriff Scott Israel’s son did bad things

May 26, 2019

Spy Name GamesThe Real Story: Destroying Trump While Protecting Clinton

Porn Star Lawyer Avenatti Accused by Courts of Acting “with Malice, Fraud and Oppression” – Suddenly Disappears from CNN

Jarrett, The Puppet Master, and Obama are Behind Spygate

Elon Musk plans a media credibility site – The media’s response may support his argument

‘Scandal-free’ Obama is daring Trump to bust corrupt members of his administration

It’s Not A North Korea Problem, It’s A China Problem

Republican governor in California?

Fake news about ‘lost’ illegal alien children

May 25, 2019

Trump’s Best Move Yet – Easing Rules to Fire Bureaucrats

Obama ‘Ensured’ Failure of Stabilization Efforts in Afghanistan

Obama Admin Attorneys Team with Seth Rich’s Brother – Sue Private Eye Team Investigating Seth Rich

The London-to-Langley Spy Ring – The roots of Obamagate become clearer

Making the Iranians Mad

Why Hillary Really Lost: Obama Didn’t Send Spies to Help Her Campaign

Why Not Carter Page?

Why President Trump is flummoxing George Soros & Co.

Surprise outcome for Iowa 4-H LGBT coup

Trump cracks his whip: Now North Korea wants to talk

Why It’s Ridiculous To Say FBI Spying Meant To Protect The Trump Campaign

May 24, 2019

Bystander shoots and kills gunman who opened fire in packed Oklahoma restaurant

Trump cancels Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Trump Revs Immigration Reform for November: ‘We’re Going to Change the System’

Stephen Miller: Big Summer Fight Brewing over Open Borders

THE LIST: At Least 6 and Potentially 7 Known and Suspected Intelligence Informants Now Known to Have Spied on Trump Campaign

The FBI Used Its Secret Spy Program To Protect Killers, Jail Innocents, And Screw Victims

Deep State on the Defensive

Mark Levin Explains Why Mueller Appointment Is ‘Utterly Unconstitutional’

Can We Hope To Keep Our Republic When One Of The Parties Supports Tyranny?

Progressives on the Brink

Demonitized: Amazon Cuts Off Conservative Blog Legal Insurrection Without Warning

Elon Musk Blasts Media’s Hypocrisy, Proposes a Website to Track Credibility

Restoring the EPA’s Scientific Integrity

It’s not scientific to say Kilauea has ‘wrath.’ Why did the media?

California’s Gubernatorial Yawner

NFL Owners Admit President Trump’s Influence a Factor in Anthem Policy Change

The trouble with charitable billionaires

May 23, 2019

U.S. and European Taxpayers Are Funding Palestinian Violence

FBI Agent at Mike Flynn Interrogation Is Ready to Testify Against McCabe, Strzok and Comey!

How the Clinton-Emails Investigation Intertwined with the Russia Probe

8 signs pointing to a counterintelligence operation deployed against Trump’s campaign\

Democratic Armageddon Of The American Republic

It’s Time To Admit The Russia Investigation Was Illegitimate From The Start

Malkin Slams ‘Obnoxious’ Claim by James Clapper: ‘Spygate’ Was About Bringing Down Trump

FBI Agents Want To Be Subpoenaed To Testify Against Comey, McCabe

Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2017 – Eye Opening

May 22, 2019

Mark Levin: Bombshell Revelations Show ‘Mueller Probe Is Unconstitutional’ Under Article II

The Trump Rationale

How the FBI, CIA, and NYT Collaborated to Sway the 1996 Election

The “Sensitive Matter Team”

John Brennan’s Plot to Infiltrate the Trump Campaign

Obama Admin Officials Coordinated Set Up Of Trump, New Evidence Suggests

May 21, 2019

Trump America’s ‘negotiator-in-chief,’ what voters wanted ‘times 10’

DOJ To Review FBI Role Inside Trump Campaign

The Latest Whopper — The FBI Was Actually Trying to ‘Protect Trump’

Dirt on Hillary

Trump Backs Theory That Former CIA Director John Brennan ‘Worried About Staying Out Of Jail’

The Public Evidence About Crossfire Hurricane Demands A Full Investigation, NOW!

Nunes: Possibly More Than 1 FBI Informant in Trump Campaign

Ad campaign whacks Devin Nunes – Dems Get Even

Pompeo Warns Iran: This is Just The Beginning

Clintonista Mark Penn: Mueller Probe Exposed — and the ‘Deep State’ Is Flailing

Victimhood Addiction

Playing the Black Card

Devin Nunes describes DOJ leak trap that he and Trey Gowdy avoided

WOW: Even The New York Times Says Bill And Hillary Clinton Are Done, Should Go Away

Trump the Outsider

The Firesign Theater Media – Fake news used to be a lot funnier

Mnuchin on Google and tech monopolies: ‘You have to look at the power they have’

PC RUN AMOK: Principal Apologizes To Black Students For ‘Party Like It’s 1776’ Prom Tickets

May 20, 2019

Comey’s Memos Indicate Dossier Briefing Of Trump Was A Setup

Did The FBI Plant A Mole(s) In Trump’s Campaign? – Yes, Definitely

The Media See Only One Collusion Story

Stopping Robert Mueller to protect us all

“Collusion against Trump” timeline

H.A.L.P.E.R. Spells Game Up for Obama’s Spies

The Deep State Is Real, And Much Bigger Than You Know

Did Democrats Skip Embassy Opening to Snub Trump?

May 19, 2019

James Comey GOES SILENT After News Breaks He Was Running Spies Inside Trump Campaign

Mark Levin: Mueller Probe Reveals Feds Greatest Wrongdoers in 2016 Election

The FBI Informant Who Monitored the Trump Campaign, Stefan Halper, Oversaw a CIA Spying Operation in the 1980 Presidential Election

Trump Is Going Full Alinsky – and His Opponents Are Flummoxed

In Politicized Justice, Desperate Times Call for Disparate Measures

May 18, 2018

Why Trump Tweets

26-Year Old Former Prison Inmate Blows Away Rush Limbaugh In Epic Call: ‘You Saved My Life’

NYT vs Fox: How they covered the confirmations of Haspel and Brennan

Obama’s FBI Spied On The Trump Campaign, So What Did He Know And When Did He Know It?

ANOTHER MUELLER GAFFE: Lawyers Defending Russian Firm Tell Court Named Employees DON’T WORK FOR THEM – Mueller MADE IT UP

‘The New York Times’ Runs A Comprehensive Hit Piece On Jordan Peterson. It’s Dishonest, Malicious Crap

The Clinton reckoning is tiptoeing in

Democrats did ‘more damage’ to democracy than Russians ‘ever contemplated’

Crossfire Hurricane: Category Five Political Espionage

Associated Press Labels Hamas Border Assault as ‘Mass Killing of Palestinians by Israel’

A grim spectacle: The left fully revealed

DOJ Frets About Source Outing While Deliberately Outing Source

The Homeless Hole That Ate Los Angeles – What’s a few billion more for social justice?May 17, 2018

How the Media Just Created a Powerful New Lie About Trump – They’re Animals

Trump tweets reach 76% of the nation

BREAKING: IG Horowitz Found “Reasonable Grounds” FBI Violated FEDERAL CRIMINAL LAW in Bureau’s Handling of Hillary Investigation

Obama’s Deep-State Plant in Trump Campaign was Bill Clinton Classmate and Later Advisor to Clinton Administration

Most GOP Voters Say McCain Should Quit

NY Times Reveals ‘Secret Cabal of FBI Agents’ ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Against Trump

10 Key Takeaways From The New York Times’ Error-Ridden Defense Of FBI Spying On Trump Campaign

Captured terrorist reveals Hamas forces civilians to riot

The First Pro-Israel Administration – Why Trump can be pro-Israel when no one else could.

Special Report – The Things Going On at the Gaza Border

The Protocols of the Elders of Spydom

The Democrats’ Kanye Problem – The electoral disaster the Left sees on the horizon

Millennial Conservative Candace Owens Ignites Snowflake Meltdown Nationwide

Why Do Liberals Think We Are Morally Obligated To Die To Make Them Happy?

The Media Goes Into Overdrive Lying About Trump’s ‘Animal’ Comment

Day-care terror scheme: Millions in cash packed in carry-ons

Trump Provides Proof That He Paid Cohen For Stormy Daniels

The Grotesque Spectacle of New York Times Columnist Michelle Goldberg Throwing Up Her Hate

Political One-Sidedness in Academia

We’re Even, Senator McCain

May 16, 2018

Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation

Trump Asks Sessions to Consider Prosecuting Oakland Mayor for ‘Obstruction of Justice’

U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults — A Red Flag For Electoral Fraud

Why The Left Marginalizes Melania

California Officials Back Trump on ‘Sanctuary’ Policies Crackdown

The Europeans Are Falling in Line with Iran Sanctions

The revealing John Brennan crumb left in the David Corn/Michael Isikoff book on the Russia investigation

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer is the last person who should be trusted on matters of national importance

CNN Editor Tweets Image Of Trump In Sniper Cross-hairs

How’s that Progressivism working out for you, Jeff Bezos?

New Data Show California Kids’ Math Achievement Took A Nosedive After Common Core

Nikki Haley Walks Out of UN As Palestinian Envoy Starts Speaking

Senior Hamas Official: 50 Of Those Killed In Gaza Were Hamas Members

Trump, Truman and Israel

Kanye West Threatens the Democratic Party’s Hold on Black Americans

As Obamacare premiums set to skyrocket again, Democrats can only lie

Sexist Trump Breaks Another Glass Ceiling For Women In Government

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