Parallel Parking Advice

When I was in high school, you needed to take Driver’s Ed, as a class, in order to qualify for a drivers license in California. There were usually 2-3 students in a car with the instructor.

As I recall, it was actually worthwhile and I learned what I needed to pass my drivers test on the first try.

One of the trickiest part was parallel parking. It seems easy now, but is intimidating to many people.

Here is an approach that should work for people in most cases.

Line up your front wheels with the rear wheels of the car ahead.

Turn your wheels towards the curb, all the way

Draw an imaginary line, and reverse into it

Draw an imaginary line in your head that connects the outside wheels of both cars. Pretend you see it, stationary on the pavement, as you toss your car in reverse and begin backing up. When your inside rear tire touches it, stop

Straighten out, and keep backing until your outside rear tire hits that line.

Crank your wheel towards the street and keep going until parallel to the curb.

Center your car and your done.

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