OAN’s Dan Ball Sits Down With President Donald J. Trump

Recently, One America News Network’s Dan Ball sat down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with our 45th President Donald J. Trump. 

A great all-around interview. A lot of people didn’t like Trumps’ personality, but many others knew it would take someone like him to take on the deep state-controlled government of this country. Politicians have sucked our country dry and Trump exposed them. He took a hell of a lot of BS from all those in Congress and stood tall through it all. No one else could have endured what he did and still do more in four years than any other president in my lifetime.

The 2020 election has to be corrected as it was just an evil plan by Democrats and RHINOS and was just PLAIN WRONG.

Now what these people have sown they are now starting to reap!

They need to be held accountable, and hopefully, they will be. Click Here For The Latest Voter Fraud Activities/Status

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