November 2020 Political Article Reference List

Updated Daily: Below are primarily conservative-leaning articles or blog posts that I have read and found insightful or interesting.

If you take the time to read some of them it should open your eyes to the reality of  the #DeepState,” #MediaBias and #FakeNews, the #Progressive Movement, and what Trump faces daily in his quest to #MAGA.” Think of it as working on a large puzzle, as you read more and more about what is going on, things begin to fall into place and you can see the big picture, hopefully. (Article links updated or added since the previous update are underlined.)

November 30, 2020

Amistad Lawyer: FBI Collecting Data on Massive Vote Fraud

Twitter suspends Arizona voter fraud witness Bobby Piton after his scathing testimony

The Badger State’s Ballot ‘Fix’ Was In – Wisconsin now appears to have the same legal problem as Pennsylvania

Giuliani Warns Against Legislatures Certifying ‘False Election’

CA Governor Newsom Smothers California’s Economy With Lockdown Orders, then Offers Small Biz ‘Relief’ Grants

Bill O’Reilly explains why the 2020 Presidential election just doesn’t make sense

Poll Challenger, Dominion Contractor Says Voting Machines in Detroit Were Connected to the Internet

The Arizona hearing on voter fraud features bombshell allegations from the Trump legal team

Highlights from Monday’s Arizona hearing with Team Trump, including Trump’s phone call into the hearing!

Arizona Lawmakers Call for A Resolution To Hold Back Electoral College Votes

Georgia Eyes More Than 250 Investigations of ‘Credible Claims of Illegal Voting and Violation of State Election Law’

Powell: Dominion Server Removed From Fulton County Georgia While Lawyers Sought Restraining Order

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Formally Introduce Resolution to Dispute 2020 Election Results

Anonymous Email From Arizona Tech Worker Claims 35,000 Votes Given to Each Democrat Candidate in Pima County

EXPERT: At least 1.7M Biden votes in California are suspect

The judge who ordered Georgia officials not to wipe or reset voting machines scheduled the next hearing for Friday

Dominion is REQUIRED to hold source code and all its variations in an escrow vault with an agent, so where is it?

President Trump’s Michael Flynn Pardon Is Only The Beginning Of The Justice This Nation Deserves

Businesses and Residents Left to Fend for Themselves as Anti-Cop Fervor Drives Police Retirement Surge

Health Secretary Alex Azar: Two COVID Vaccines Will Be Available to Americans Within Weeks

Trump Administration Officials Wonder Why the Praise For Biden’s All-Female Senior Communications Staff

Bringing Occam’s Razor to the question of voting machines – Why does a voting machine need an algorithm?

The Legitimacy of a Biden Win is Buried by Objective Data – Emerging information render his victory less plausible

President Trump Slams ’60 Minutes’: WH Wasn’t Contacted About Krebs Interview

The Hijacking of the 2020 Election and the Hate America Strategy

Mr. President: Appoint a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Election Gate – The new Watergate arrives

A Federal judge re-approves emergency order blocking Georgia from wiping state voting machines

Biden’s security picks a worrisome sign for Iran policy

Nigel Farage: China Is Licking Its Chops at the Thought of a President Joe Biden

The Big Tech Occupation – Technocrats are imposing restrictive foreign free-speech law on American jurisdictions

Moderna says their Covid vaccine is more than 94% effective, will ask FDA for emergency clearance later Monday

What’s Biden hidin’ this time? Biden team won’t let fawning media off the bus to cover his dog-broke-my-foot story

November 29, 2020

Sidney Powell: Voting Contracts Payoffs in Georgia Warrant Criminal Investigation

Candace Owens Schools Facebook Fact-Checker On Declaration Of Biden As President-Elect Being Incorrect

Trump Suggests He’ll Appoint ‘Special Prosecutor’ – On Surveillance of his 2016 campaign and 2020 election

Manipulation of Georgia voting machines blocked, then unblocked. But the FBI may already have the evidence

Data Expert: Vote-Counting Feeds in Pennsylvania, Georgia Show Irregularities

MICHIGAN WITNESS: I Saw the Detroit Plan to Destroy All Provisional Ballots To Hurt Republicans

The Coup Against Trump Still in Progress, Flynn Says in 1st Public Interview Since Pardon

Victor David Hanson: Why Our Universities Have Failed

Trump slams judges’ election decisions: ‘What kind of a court system is this?’

We were warned in 2016 that tabulated results on Dominion voting machines could be manipulated

Phill Kline: 2020 Election One of the Most Lawless in US History

New reports about 2020 election manipulation read like a Tom Clancy novel

Pennsylvania Bombshell: Biden 99.4% vs. Trump 0.6%  – The media has dutifully ignored this

Johns Hopkins academic: CDC data shows COVID hasn’t increased the U.S. death rate – And the death numbers are misleading

‘It doesn’t take a high level of sophistication to hack Dominion Voting Systems’…

Evidence for Journalists: A Short Course – What is required to gather it is lost on the cynically ignorant media

Dominion Rep Who Scanned Ballots in Georgia County Where Thousands of Trump Votes Were Uncounted Previously Worked for Kamala Harris

Data expert: Vote tabulation feeds in PA, GA show ‘anomalies’ suggesting Trump missing votes

The Taliban Crime Syndicate Waits Out Trump – Ready to Pump Out Meth on a grand scale

Biden must not bring back Obama’s obsolete net neutrality policy

November 28, 2020

Who Gave California Governor Newsom the Power to Decide Which Jobs Are Essential?

Zuckerberg-Funded Group Comes Into Spotlight in Election-Related Court Cases

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Tosses Challenge to Vote-by-Mail Declaring It Came Too Late

0:08 / 4:26 BOMBSHELL: Lt. Gen. McInerney: Algorithms show exact same voting ratio in all states

PA State Senator Reminds Everyone What Happens if ‘Mounting Evidence’ Proves Election Was Compromised

Here Are Some More Troubling Questions About the Election Numbers

Trump’s Nationalism vs. Biden’s Empire – American elite oppose Trump’s America First Movement

SCOTUS Takes Up Census Case, as Other Court Issues Loom

Candace Owens Challenges Fact-Checker, And Wins – She wanted to show that they lie, and she did!

Who Gave Governor Newsom the Power to Decide Which Jobs Are Essential? – Why no ‘non-essential’ government jobs or agency shutdowns?

Help is on the way to understand Sidney Powell’s Michigan lawsuit

The Age of Cant – You must hold the right opinions and express none of the wrong ones—or else!

The ‘smartest man in the room’ according to The New York Times has joined Sidney Powell’s team

Fraud Prevention: A Voting Prerequisite – It is THE issue if voting is to matter

Who shall govern? Them or us? – Is it possible that the 2020 election was finally a bridge too far?

Does Trump’s shuffling of the Defense Policy Board mean something?

The Floodgates of Welfare Fraud Have Opened –  Who’ll come up with a vaccine for this pandemic offshoot?

Nearly one out five voters would change their vote for Biden – Democrats knew what they were doing when they pushed their voters to vote early

November 27, 2020

COVID-19 vaccine doses finally on the way aboard United Airlines charter flights — distribution awaits federal OK

Polster: Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling

Analysis: Dark Money, Assailed by Democrats, Aided Biden

Carter Page Drops a Huge Lawsuit on James Comey, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe and More

Did You Notice Anything Ironic About That Tweet From John Brennan on Iran?

Joe Biden Behind The Mask – What was his role in the unmasking of Michael Flynn, and the coup attempt against President Trump?

Johns Hopkins University Newsletter Ran a Study Saying COVID Had ‘Relatively No Effect on Total Deaths’ in the U.S., Then Deleted It After Publication

Twitter’s New Censorship Czar Announces Her Agenda

Giuliani: Team Trump Looking Past Election Suits to State Houses – ”The public has only a small idea of the kind of evidence we have.”

Affidavit in Sidney Powell’s Suit Claims Evidence Ties Vote Machines to Iran, China

State Legislators Have Constitutional Power Over Elections – Conservative majorities at the PA state level are constitutionally well-positioned to demand vote integrity and accurate counts

Pennsylvania Judge Files Memorandum Stating 2020 PA Election Likely Unconstitutional – Trump Case “Likelihood to Succeed” – Gives State Legislators Power to Choose Electors!

Pennsylvania Court Rejects Trump Appeal, Campaign Lawyers Say It’s ‘On to SCOTUS’

Sidney Powell Lawsuit Demands Decertification of Election Results and Seizure of Every Voting Machine in Georgia

Trump Challenges Biden: Prove Votes Were Not Illegally Obtained to Enter White House


Black BLM Activists Pushing Back Against White Radical Leftist Extremists Trying to Take Over the Movement

Los Angeles County Officials Announce a Three Week Stay-at-Home Order

NYT praises Powell’s expert on Dominion fraud – “2020 data in all battleground states resulted in hundreds of thousands of Trump votes being transferred to Biden.”

President Trump Goes After Big Tech: “For Purposes of National Security, Section 230 Must be Immediately Terminated!!!”

Current Actual Election Result Update: President Trump Has 13 Paths to Win 2020 Election — Biden Has Only 10 Paths to Win

Help is on the way for understanding Sidney Powell’s Georgia complaint

President Trump Reveals the Condition Under Which He’ll Leave the White House

We Needed The Election Result We Got To Wake Us Up

The dozen belated disclosures that turned the tide in Michael Flynn’s case

‘Historically strange’ spike in incomplete Nevada voter files, casinos as ‘home’

It’s Time to Abolish Unconstitutional and Useless Mask Mandates

November 26, 2020

Trump says coronavirus vaccine deliveries will start next week

INFOGRAPHIC: The Shocking Allegations of Mass Vote Fraud Made by Sidney Powell in GA

Here’s the Part of Sidney Powell’s Lawsuit That Could Impact the Outcome of the Election

Newsmax/McLaughlin Poll: Two-Thirds of Nation Back Trump on Recounts

WE CAUGHT THEM: Lin Wood Outed Mysterious Georgia Operative Gabe Sterling – Now Video Shows Him Admitting He Helped Set Up Drop Boxes and Promoted Far-Left Activists as Absentee Ballot Counters

Sidney Powell’s Site Gets Censored by Twitter After She Drops Big Election Lawsuits

Sidney Powell Suit Makes 30 Allegations in Bid to Invalidate Georgia Election Results

Election Findings Could ‘Easily’ Overturn 3 States, Data Analyst Concludes

Pennsylvania Poll Watcher Describes Election Irregularities, Including 47 Missing USB Cards

The Suspicious Timing of Pfizer’s 90% Efficacy For Their Vaccine Announcement

Nine Useful Articles and Data Points Showcasing 2020’s Presidential Election Theft

Sidney Powell released the Kraken in Georgia showing the scope of election fraud found there

Twitter Now Showing “Unsafe Link” Warning Messages for Sidney Powell’s Website — Blocks Americans from Seeing MASSIVE Voter Fraud

Twitter Blocks as ‘Potentially Harmful,’ Links to Sidney Powell Election Lawsuit

Appeals Court Grants Expedited Review Over Lin Wood’s Election Lawsuit in Georgia

Detroit: 36% of Absentee Ballots Returned Were From People Who Were Not Listed as Being Sent an Absentee Ballot

Trump Will Soon Face a Critical Choice About His Political Future

The Supreme Court blocks Cuomo’s orders against religious gatherings

Celebrate Thanksgiving By Giving COVID Crusaders the Bird

First, They Came for Thanksgiving; Now They Are Coming for Christmas


November 25, 2020

Latest unemployment scandal: California paid inmates $1B in fraudulent claims

Sidney Powell Files 104 Page BOMBSHELL COMPLAINT of Massive Fraud in Georgia and Michigan Elections

President Trump Pardons General Flynn

Why President Trump was entirely justified in pardoning Michael Flynn

Witness describes PA 570,000-vote ‘spike’ almost entirely for Biden that draws gasps

You Want Evidence of Voter Fraud? The Trump Campaign Will Present it in Court Next Week

Obama Is a Jerk, and It Becomes Increasingly Evident With Every Media Appearance

Pennsylvania Judge Makes Major Decision That Halts Vote Certification

Infographic: The 4-Year-Long Campaign Against – Ongoing since 2016

YouTube suspends TV network for truthful report about COVID hydroxychloroquine treatment

On the Intellectual Decay at the University of Virginia (and Elsewhere)

Listen closely to what Sidney Powell is telling us …

Sidney Powell is right about the Venezuela angle in our election

Lots of Takeaways From November 2020

2020 Presidential Election Fraud You Can See

Morning Greatness: 4 out of 5 Trump Voters Say The Election Stolen

Dominion in Georgia: What Actually Happened?

Google Plots to Use the Biden Administration to Avoid Accountability

The Return of Obama–Biden Energy Cronyism – A New Green Golden Age Is On The Horizon

Newt Gingrich: The Thieves Who Stole Our Election Got Sloppy

Biden’s New Team of Progressive Insiders

November 24, 2020

Poll: 17% of Biden Voters Would Have Abandoned Him if They Knew About Stories the Media Censored

The Drudge Report is a conformist shadow of its formerly bratty, oppositional self – Is he gone?

Anomalies in Vote Count Updates and Their Effects on Election 2020

Here Is Why Trump Will Win

Dr. Robert Epstein: Google bias shifted at least 6 million 2020 Presidential Election votes!

Sidney Powell: “In Arizona There Were 35,000 Votes Given to Every Democrat Candidate Just to Start the Voting Off”

Thousands in Georgia Registered at Postal, Commercial Addresses, Portraying Them as Residences

Hundreds of Uncounted Ballots Discovered in Wisconsin

President Trump to Pardon Gen. Michael Flynn

Portland Restaurant Burns to the Ground After Owners Criticize Antifa Thugs

A California One-Year-Old Is Getting $167 Per Week in Unemployment Payments

Kamala’s Replacement in the Senate Could Be Determined by a Critical Person from Her Past

Rudy Giuliani Reveals Why Trump Legal Team Issued Statement on Sidney Powell

Forcing The Sick And Elderly To Die Alone Is Crueler Than COVID-19

Does Mask Efficacy Justify Universal Mandates?

The Coming Anti-COVID Restriction Backlash – People have lost patience with arbitrary and poorly thought through mandates

Tucker Carlson on how the election was stolen – There is every reason to believe they used shadow rigging, faked ballots, and election machine manipulation

Two of Joe Biden’s national security picks have ties to past scandals

Unity Will Not be Tolerated: Schumer Kicks Feinstein Out of Judiciary Committee

GSA transition support is a strategically sound decision – It Also Protects Emily Murphy from continued bullying, threats, coercion, and intimidation from The Left

Trump Has a Message For Those Who Think GSA Decision Means He’s Conceding

Analysis of Votes in Illinois Makes No Sense – Indicates Election Fraud Occurred Across the Entire Country

There is a case for Sidney Powell’s circumstantial evidence 

Yes, Washington Post: There Was Fraud in Pennsylvania – Stop Rewriting The Facts To Hide The Obvious

Lin Wood Requests Info On ‘Water Leak’ In Georgia’s State Farm Center to ‘Stop Vote Counting’ On Election Night

Building Confidence In U.S. Elections – 2005 Carter-Baker Reform Recommendations That Were Never Followed

Lone Michigan Canvasser Holdout: ‘Whoever Threatens the Most Wins’

ABUSE: HBO’s ‘Transhood’ Shows How Monstrous Parents Push Their Kids Into Transgenderism

The Knoxville Kingpin Who Wasn’t A black NRA member sitting in a prison for terrorists may be the missing link in Fast and Furious

Jake Sullivan Wants Michael Flynn’s Old Job After Falsely Accusing Him of Russia Collusion

November 23, 2020

Tucker Carlson says Big-Tech rigged the election

NOTE TO FOX NEWS: President Trump and His Team Have More than Enough Solid Evidence to Prove Their Case

The Marshall Report: “Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and is the only one who can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL!”

By Every Legal Means Necessary – And if he has lost that result is because of a fairly conducted and tabulated election

Lawmakers and Experts Warned of Election Vulnerabilities Years Ago

SECOND VIDEO REVEALED of Dominion Voting System’s Eric Coomer Explaining to Elections Officials How to Switch Votes

Lin Wood Drops Late-Night Bombshell: “Would someone ask Brad Raffensperger if he has seen this video of election fraud at State Farm Arena in Fulton County, Georgia video?”

GA Gov. Kemp and CA Gov. Newsom bought off by communist China in COVID supplies kickback and money laundering schemes

The mullah report: is Biden bringing back the Iran Deal?

Trump scores two wins as Michigan legislature as a federal appeals court agreed to election reviews

Trump Directs GSA To Begin The Transition Process With Biden As He Continues Vote Corruption Legal Battles


U.S newspapers got paid millions to publish Chinese propaganda – Included The Wall St. Journal and L.A. Times

BREAKING: Team Trump’s appeal of Pennsylvania case granted expedited review

Election Fraud Problems Are A Threat To Our Country — Too Important To Be Left To Conspiracy Theorists

A Former Pfizer VP Says Lockdowns Were a Mistake and YouTube Forcibly Removes His Video

The Greatest Scandal Of Our Lifetime – Elites ignored practical approaches COVID in favor of totalitarian lockdowns

Following French Laundry Debacle, Newsom Blames CHP Detail for Family COVID Exposure – 14-day quarantine just in time for PR nightmare?

Trump: There Were More Votes Than Voters in the Key Swing States

John Solomon: A dozen compelling allegations of voting irregularities in 2020 election

Dominion CEO Admits In Testimony: Machines Rely On Chinese Parts From ‘Screen Interface Down To Chip Level’

The US Drafts A List of 89 China Firms jThat Have Military Ties

The New American Revolution of 2020 – How did Biden get so many votes when there was no Biden campaign?

America Needs A Special Counsel To Investigate Election Integrity ASAP

Pro-Trump Attorney Urges Republicans Not to Vote in Georgia Runoff – Unless they help overturn the election results in the state

It’s in the Code: Hanky-Panky in Virginia’s Votes – Hundreds of thousands of “votes lost,” a sure indicator of fraud

Sidney Powell Confirms Non-Affiliation With Trump Legal Team – She is fighting to expose widespread election fraud on behalf of the American public

Sidney Powell Agrees She Is Not Part of Trump Legal Team, Says Lawsuit Coming This Week: ‘It Will Be Epic’

Sidney Powell Responds To The Trump Campaign’s Distancing

Making sense of the news about Sidney Powell

Representative Devin Nunes Is Worried Biden Will Shut Down The Durham Investigation

New Jersey Democrat Congressman Bill Pascrell Seeks Disbarment of Giuliani and 22 Trump Election Lawyers

Are there no incorruptible Democrats? – It should be obvious that the left orchestrated the theft of the 2020 election

These Three States Can Stop the Steal – Will the GOP legislatures of GA, PA, and MI have the courage to end this travesty?

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Threatens to Prosecute Republicans Who Refuse to Certify Dubious Vote

Democrats Will Never Escape Donald Trump

November 22, 2020

A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19

Is Something Rotten in Pennsylvania? – Was everything on the up-and-up. Right now, it seems NOT

KABOOM! Governor & Secretary of State in Georgia Took Money From China (To Steal Election from Trump)

A New Lawsuit Filed in Pennsylvania State Court by Pennsylvania GOP Challenging Legality of Vote-by-Mail

Victor Davis Hanson: A Time of Chaos Upon Chaos Atop Chaos

Matt Braynard’s data analytics effort paid off – Helped get affidavits proving massive on-the-ground voter fraud


“KRAKEN” is a CIA Hacking Program – It appears the CIA was using the Frankfurt data center to hack the US elections… and got caught.”

Dershowitz: Trump Still Has Several Constitutional Paths to Victory

The Viral Memo Changing the Trump Legal Strategy

The Trump Team Makes A Surprise Demand in GA Just a Day After The State Certified Their Election Results

Michael Flynn Jr. Releases More Information on Trump Team’s Sidney Powell Statement — And It’s NOT What You Think

What Newsom’s Inevitable Political Doom Means for Democrats – A seismic wave building in the Golden State

Understanding The Left’s Plan For A ‘Great Reset’ – Or as Rahm Emanuel said, never let a crisis go to waste

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Promises ‘Biblical’ Lawsuit in Coming Days

To Restore Election Integrity, End Mail-In Vote Fraud 

A Georgia Recount Worker Describes The “Pristine” Batch of Ballots That Were 98% for Joe Biden!

CONFIRMED: Georgia Was Stolen – Tally Shows MASSIVE Biden Vote Dumps — Lost Votes for Trump — Vote Ratios Statistically IMPOSSIBLE!

And It begins: The Biden border surge, and too bad about the COVID lockdowns 

Could Trump Have Been Our First 100 Million-Vote President?

Court Documents Reveal Dominion and SmartMatic Have ‘Non-Compete Agreement’ and Are NOT ‘Fierce Competitors’

Sidney Powel: 3 Million Dead People Voted and 7 Million Votes Stolen From Donald J. Trump

A National Security Source Confirms “A Piece of Hardware Has Been Secured” in Germany

Americans, like the famous downtrodden worm, are starting to turn


November 21, 2020

The Greatest Electoral Heist in American History – A masterpiece of electoral larceny involving Big Tech oligarchs, activists, and government officials

FEC Chairman Trey Trainor: ‘There Was in Fact Fraud That Took Place’

SCOTUS Circuit Assignments Were Rearranged on Friday, Look Who Is Now in Charge of MI, WI, PA, and GA

More New Research Shows Only Those With Symptoms Spread COVID-19. Masks School Closings & Lockdowns Couldn’t Have Been More Pointless

Facebook Denies ‘Science’ – Blocks Danish Study Questioning Efficacy Of Masks

Sidney Powell: 35,000 Votes Were Added to Every Democrat Candidate – I’d Be Willing to Bet It Happened Everywhere

Waiting for Sidney – The pressure to make these allegations disappear is enormous

Sidney Powell: ‘Biblical’ Lawsuit Coming, Accuses Georgia Governor Kemp of a Deal With Dominion

‘The Biggest Scandal in U.S. History’: Reporter Shane Trejo Describes Detroit’s Election Night Chaos

Trump Lawyers: The Pennsylvania Lawsuit Dismissal Just Moves Us Closer to Supreme Court

Just Say No! – At Some Point, Someone’s Going To Wake The Already Stirring Sleeping Bear And Then Watch-Out

The Green End Game Runs Through Biden – But Who Pays In The ENd When Things Don’t Work?

Want to be a civil service millionaire? Apply today to the L.A. Fire Department

Taking it to the Streets – People that voted in outsider Donald Trump in 2016 are not blind to what’s been going on

Insiders: Trump ‘very confident’ of winning – Insists legal efforts will show that he won the 2020 presidential election

Sidney Powell has expanded on the scope of the Dominion scam

BOOM! Sydney Powell – President Trump Already Released the Kraken – Also Claims Obama Was Involved

Sidney Powell claps back at Tucker Carlson (updated) – She Offered Him Some Good Stuff, But Not Interested 

A Patriot Call To Action – It’s Time To Stand Up and Be Counted By Doing Something

Why the Status Quo Wants Trump Out – Lobbyists are now the ones who actually write the laws passed by Congress

BOMBSHELL: President Trump May Sign Executive Order to End Birthright Citizenship Before His First Term Ends

Joe Biden mocks a reporter that has the guts to ask him a legitimate question

Hispanic Voters In Florida Who Fled Dictatorships Think The Election Was Stolen From Trump

Thinking about that flailing Fox News betrayal


November 20, 2020

7 Ways the 2005 Carter-Baker Report Could Have Averted Problems With 2020 Election

The Small World of Voting Machine Certification Tiny – An understaffed federal agency and 2 private testing labs

Limbaugh: Distraught Caller Speaks for Millions of Trump Supporters Fed Up with Elected Republicans

No, Trump Did Not Get An ‘Orderly Transition’

Dominion Agreement With Santa Clara County Allows Staff to ‘Adjust Tally’

Dominion Cancels Planned Appearance Before Pennsylvania Lawmakers

Law Firm Kirkland and Ellis Withdraws From Representing Pennsylvania Secretary of State After One of its Associates Threatened A Trump Attorney

Sidney Powell stands by fraud allegations – willing to stake personal career

Michigan Election Official Reveals He’s Leaning Toward Voting Against Certification

Georgia’s Governor Calls for Audit of Signatures on Ballot Envelopes

President Trump Takes Action To Slash Prescription Drug Costs, Save Americans Billions of Dollars

From Ruling Class to Oligarchy – Much of the country is living under an alien regime that means to harm us socially

U.S. Companies with ‘Made in China’ Products Are ‘Optimistic’ About AJoe Biden Presidency

The CDC Director Pushes Back Against School Closures

The Left Attacks Scott Atlas For Saying Same Things About COVID As The New York Times, Six Months Earlier

Limbaugh: We Now Have COVID-19 Vaccines Because Trump Swept Away Beauracratic Regulations

The Lockdown Addicts – New data from Sweden show it’s safe to keep schools open

Governor Preen California’s Gavin Newsom presides with aristocratic hauteur over a state in crisis

Gavin Newsom, It’s All In The Family, Unfortunately – The Browns, the Newsoms, the Pelosis, and the Gettys

The Entertainment Industry now Deemed “Essential” and Exempt from Gavin Newsom’s Curfew

Operation Warp Speed Official: Vaccine Distribution May Start Next Month

Joe Biden’s COVID Plan: Close The Economy and Open The Border

‘Enough To Overturn Any Election’ — Trump Campaign Press Conference Lays Out Evidence Of Massive Election Voter Fraud

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Says Their Team Will Sue Officials ‘To Invalidate’ Election Results

What a computer expert said about voting results in Michigan

Trump Campaign Disputes Georgia Hand Count Audit – “They simply recounted all of their illegal ballots”

Trump recount effort kicks off in Wisconsin – Recounting of the ballots must be completed by the end of the month

Floyd County Board of Election Fires Director After Audit Found Uncounted Votes

A respected Las Vegas oddsmaker’s take on Fox News and the 2020 election grift 

Retired Professor of Political Science Carol Swain Urges Citizens to Write to the President and Sign A Petition to Help President Trump Reclaim Our Nation

Awaiting the Kraken – The only way the Left could win this election was by massive fraud, So they piled it on

Dominion Voting Systems BACKS OUT from Testifying Before Pennsylvania State House Committee — What Are They Hiding?

The “Entertainment Industry” Exemption in Governor Newsom’s Lockdown Order That Exposes Its Absurdity

Please Tell Us Again… Why Was Mail-in Voting So Important? 

Your Political Leaders Hate You And Think You’re Stupid – Their hypocrisy knows no bounds

Fox News continues to alienate its viewers

The Real-World Cost of Remote Learning – Evidence that the costs of closure are substantial continues to accumulate

NY City’s teachers have overplayed their hand – The mayor’s health advisers say his 3% threshold is a flawed model

The Censorious Left Is Obliterating Free Speech

China Hopes for a New Era of Appeasement – Under A Biden Administration

Former President Obama’s Simmering Resentment of Isreal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

November 19, 2020

Whoa: Nearly a Third of Democrats Believe the Election Was Stolen From Trump

Dominion Servers Seized In Germany – Findings Will “Shake The Globalists to Their Core”

There is evidence, actually, Rudy Giuliani gave examples of voter fraud during his presser at RNC HQ

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell: ‘President Trump Won by a Landslide And We Are Going to Prove It’

I Know Sidney Powell and Have No Doubt That She Is Telling the Truth

Team Trump: Evidence Shows ‘More Than Double’ the Vote Margin in the Swing States Is From Illegal Ballots

In a sworn statement, a prominent mathematician flags up to 100,000 Pennsylvania ballots

Georgia recount witnesses swear to have seen votes for Trump counted for Biden

A Lawyer Who Represented Trump in Pennsylvania Placed Under Protection After ‘Threats of Harm’

California Governor Newsom Announces Nightly Stay-At-Home Curfew Covering The Majority Of The State

Articles of impeachment filed against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

More Voter Fraud: Ilhan Omar Reportedly Led “Cash for Ballots” Scheme That Was Exposed by Project Veritas

Obama’s Grotesque Self-Revisionism – His assessment of Trump ignores his own administration’s lawlessness


BLM Demands Newsom Appoint Black Woman to Harris’ Senate Seat, Calls it ‘Nonnegotiable’

CDC Director: Contrary to the ‘Emotional Response’ of Officials, Schools Are Among the ‘Safest Places’ Kids Can Be

Recall Campaign Gets Powerful New Ally – The Rescue California PAC Has Money and Knowhow

‘Drop and Roll’: The system that was used for stealing votes from Trump 

Why One Experienced GA Recount Worker Believes Odd Batch of Ballots Were Added in ‘Fraudulent Manner’

Bankrupt Spanish company Scytl helped rig Biden’s election “win”

Sidney Powell: Absent the software fraud, Trump ‘had at least 80 million votes’ 

Trump Announces a Press Conference and a ‘Viable Path to Victory’

House Republicans Demand Congressional Investigation Into the ‘Integrity of the 2020 Election’

State Legislatures Must Investigate Fraud And Choose Electors Accordingly

Rescinded: Republican Board of Canvassers for Wayne County vote against certifying ballots

The Democrats And Media Are Reaping Fruit Of 4 Years Of Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theories

Washingtons ‘revolving door’ may not turn for Trump Administration alumni

There Are Rules For Us But Different Rules For Them

Victor Davis Hanson Predicts ‘Massive Civil Disobedience’ If More Lockdowns Are Imposed

Why 1620, Not 1619, Better Representats The American Way – It’s the landing of the Mayflower that defined America

One convoluted way we could get stuck with (Acting) President Kamala Harris

Why Susan Rice Is Asia’s Worst Nightmare, So Should Not be Considered For Secretary of State

November 18, 2020

Trump’s Base Must Now Crush Any Elected Republican Who Plays Nice With the National Media

Then the de-platformers came for Dan Bongino – Outbrain advertising service cuts off Dan’s websites

It’s in the code: Trump actually won Michigan and Wisconsin

“Drop and Roll” — Step By Step Description of How The 2020 Election Was Stolen From President Donald Trump

Georgia Election Auditor Claims Ballots Being Changed During Hand Recount

Biden’s Defense Transition Team is Bankrolled by the Military-Industrial Complex

‘They want Kamala in there tomorrow’: Limbaugh says ‘They have no intention of this guy serving a full 4-year term’

Facebook Broke the Law by Censoring Anti-Biden Ad, Conservative Group Claims

Big Tech Corporate Leftists at WordPress Suppress a Critical Public Watchdog

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Threatens Jail & Fines For Anybody Who Violates COVID-19 Thanksgiving Restrictions

Masks Not Very Effective at Protecting Wearers, But are likely to prevent infected people from transmitting the virus

San Bernardino County plans to sue Governor Newsom over his arbitrary coronavirus restrictions

Governor Newsom Manufactures a COVID Crisis to Make California Miserable Again

Nolte: Be Prepared for Democrats to Cancel Christmas

New Results Are In From Pfizer, BioNTech’s Final Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

Dr. Fauci Is Very Worried About the Transition When There is Little Reason to Be

Gee, Why Don’t Americans Trust Their Government to Make Rational Choices?

Third Georgia County Finds Memory Card With Uncounted Votes For Trump

Some Red Flags To Consider in Wisconsin and Minnesota

With Wisconsin Having Counted All Its Votes, The Trump Campaign Makes Its Next Move

A Well Seasoned Engineer Explains Why We Must Kill Software-Based Voting In Elections

Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis Describe The 2020 Election Fraud – This Interview Is a Must See

Rudy Giuliani: Several Election Lawsuits Are ‘Ready to Go’ to the Supreme Court

More Than 100 Dominion Software Employees Do This Following Revelation of Their Companies Election Fraud

Election Contest Claims 15,000 Voters in Nevada Also Voted In Other States

In Nevada, A Corrupt Cash-For-Votes Scheme Is Hiding In Plain Sight

Pennsylvania voters describe irregularities in the mail-in, absentee ballot process

People in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona in Need to Sign this petition

DHS Official Says This Is the Real Reason Why Cybersecurity Chief Christopher Krebs Was Fired

The Durham Russia-Gate Probe Is Still Moving Ahead

November 17, 2020

Megyn Kelly Vs. Yankee Radio Rwanda Wokeness

Why Another 650,000 People Left California Last Year

Candace Owens Suing Facebook Fact-Checkers For Defamation: ‘I’m Not Going To Just Give Up And Sit Down’

It’s not misogyny to point out Kamala Harris’ many failings…people should be fearful if she becomes president

Lawmakers at Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Largely Agree Section 230 Reform Needed

WE CAUGHT THEM! Part 6: Michigan and Georgia, Like in PA and VA, Caught in the SAME PATTERN!

Trump Electoral College Candidates in Nevada File Election Contest


Mail-In Ballots in Pennsylvania Not Registered in State Data, Hundreds of Voters Say

2 Charged With Voter Fraud, Allegedly Submitted 8,000 Fraudulent Registration Applications For Homeless

President Trump Fires Head of DHS Election Security Agency

Lindsey Graham: Joe Biden Not President-Elect Until Court Cases Dismissed and States Certify Election

Sorry, Governor Cuomo, we’re doing Thanksgiving – Americans have had enough of arbitrary lockdown rules

California clarifies COVID mask mandate: Wear one anytime you’re near others

California restaurant owners plan to sue the state over continued permit fees although they must remain closed

Could coronavirus immunity last YEARS? Study finds even had mild COVID-19 are protected for at least 8 months and their immune ‘memory’ may last MUCH longer

The Threat of Critical Race Theory

The great COVID ‘re-set’ – The opportunity for social engineering that the Wuhan flu presents 

Twitter Has Too Much Power Over America, And It Needs To End

Senator Lee: Facebook and Twitter are guilty of ‘deceptive trade practice’ and could face consequences for violation of Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act

Who Will Be the First to Get COVID-19 Vaccines?

CIA, Gina Haspel and Hugo Chavez’ SmartMatic Behind USA Election Steal

FEC Chairman Trey Trainor: If Sidney Powell Says There Was Rampant Voter Fraud, ‘I Believe Her’

Sidney Powell: the bravest, smartest, fiercest, patriot in America – By Exposing Dominion Vote Manipulation 

Hurry Up With That Kraken! – The Trump campaign’s legal team seems quite confident of a big win to come

Was the US Election Stolen? – Here’s The Evidence So Far, You Decide

Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer just can’t bring themselves to condemn the Antifa and BLM violence

Jihadists Are Rooting for a Biden Presidency – Shouldn’t That Tell You Something

What We Must Believe to Believe Biden Won – Accept a perfect storm of implausible anomalies and irregularities

Even Two Georgia Seats Woudn’t Help Democrats Much

The GA Secretary of State Claims Republicans Pushing Him to Exclude Legal Ballots. Lindsey Graham Responds

AG Barr’s DOJ Is Prosecuting Democrats And ‘Ringing Up’ Votes in Philadelphia

The Secret, Anti-Constitutional Wars? – The Deep State Defense Department Is Out of Control

‘Decapitations’ At DOD: ‘A Purge,’ ‘A Coup’ Or Could It Be Something Else?

Will Biden Kill the Space Program? – So close, yet now so far away

They Came For Jones Day, And You’re Next – Democrats Should Stop Their Harassment Campaigns


Obama’s Second Memoir Doubles Down On His Divisive, Arrogant Smear That Disagreeing With Him Is Racist

November 16, 2020

How Gavin Newsom’s California Regime Is Crumbling

If Gambling Sites Have Not yet Called the Presidential Election, Then Why Should We Believe The MSM?

The Battle Is Far From Over – Democrats can’t win again with a referendum on whether America likes Donald Trump

WE CAUGHT THEM! Part 5: In Competitive States, Once Biden Gained the Lead with MASSIVE Vote Dumps, The Remainder of Votes All Possessed Same Biden to Trump Vote Ratio — THIS IS INCONCEIVABLE!

Republicans Have Good Reason Not To Trust The 2020 Election Results

2018 NY Times Video: Professor Shows Students How Easy It Is to Hack a Dominion Voting Machine

George Soros buys a stake in big data firm Palantir

Tucker Carlson Addresses Recent Questions About His Future at Fox News

James Woods exposes dozens of local news shows reading from the same (Biden) script

The BLM activist filmed sucker-punching an old man is a child sex offender recently released from prison

What’s Next for Antifa? A Biden administration might have trouble putting this genie back in the bottle

Tucker Carlson: The elites want COVID-19 lockdowns to usher in a ‘Great Reset’ and that should terrify you

The Obama To Trump Transition Was More Like Sedition – Working behind the scenes to sabotage Trump

Georgia Recount Uncovers 2,600 Uncounted Ballots in One County That Were Mostly for Trump

Auditor exposed calling Trump votes for Biden in Georgia recount

Dominion and Smartmatic Part of Council That Disputed Election Integrity Concerns in DHS Statement

Trump’s legal team zeroes in on expulsion of Republican election counting observers and data irregularities

Senate Republicans Say They’ll Continue Their Hunter Biden Probe

Prepare for the Great Decoupling – Deplatforming moves downstream to and Mailchimp

Noted Attorney Sidney Powell gives details about the election fraud Kraken to be released

Las Vegas Journalist Tests Nevada Voter Signature Verification, Discovers Whopping 89% Failure Rate

Trump on Contested Election: ‘I Can’t Tell You What’s Going to Happen’

3 Ways The GOP Must Tackle Vote Fraud And Election Bungling Right Now

Joe Biden Would Be the Weakest President Ever – Prompting a 2022 & 2024 Reckoning

Actually, The Direction of America is in the Hands of State Legislators

What Can Be Done for Michael Flynn? – A presidential pardon is the last thing he wants

It’s a Coup. Just Say It! – Big Media, Big Tech, a political party, and likely the intelligence agencies gathered to change vote counts, both electronically and physically

Moderna says preliminary trial data shows its coronavirus vaccine is more than 94% effective, shares soar

There may have been massive voter fraud in Virginia as well 

When does a ‘glitch’ become a coup? – It’s time to regulate America’s fly-by-night voting machine monopoly

The Republican National Committee’s fight for election integrity

Twitter has now cooked up another way to jack with President Trump’s tweets

Space has become a junkyard, and it’s getting worse – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

November 15, 2020

Dominion Voting Systems’ VP of U.S. Engineering Told Antifa He’d “Made Sure” Trump Wouldn’t Win, Report Says

Twitter accounts for Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood were ‘search banned’ today

The Dominion software story keeps getting worse

China Expert: Beijing Happy With A Biden Win

Carl Bernstein suggests reporters reveal anti-Trump GOP senators who were assured anonymity

The Trump CT Scanner – He forced elites to reveal to the nation what they were—and perhaps had always been

Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell: ‘We’re Getting Ready to Overturn Election Results in Multiple States’

Sidney Powell Outlines Biden Transition Team Member Peter Neffenger Part of Smartmatic Voting Machine Fraud

Bellwether Counties Went Overwhelmingly for Trump in 2020

Biden Camp Given Game-Changing Pfizer Vaccine Info Early, Trump Had To Find out From the News

Dershowitz: Trump May Seek to Deny Biden 270 Electoral Votes, Put Election in Congress

The Twin Paths to Socialism: ‘Equity’ and ‘Climate Change’ – America’s socialists, backed by corporations that profit from central planning and mandated markets

The Trump Campaign Pushes Back on Erroneous Media Reports of Changed Pennsylvania Case

President Trump Puts Rudy Giuliani in Charge of The Remaining Election Lawsuits

Donald Trump is the truly legitimate ‘President-Elect’

Trump to NY Post: This Election is the ‘Greatest Theft in The History of America’

WSJ: Parler Makes Play for Conservatives Mad at Facebook and Twitter Due To Censorship

Lefties Assumed Trump Was Conceding… Until He Crushed Their Dreams (Again)

After Four Years of Constant Resistance By The Left and Deep State, Trump Is Right to Challenge the Election Results

The Big Tech crackdown on conservative free speech gets worse and worse 

The Dominion software vote-switching story keeps getting worse

WE CAUGHT THEM! Part 3: SAME IMPOSSIBLE BALLOT RATIO Found in Milwaukee – Results Change Wisconsin Election – 30,000 Votes Switched from President Trump to Biden

How Democrats tried to handcuff Trump from the very start

Joe Biden Called Out For Silence As Leftists Attack Pro-Trump Demonstrators In Nation’s Capital

Joe Biden decidedly is not the president-elect

Confirmed: Joe Biden’s Cancer Charity Took in Millions, Spent Big on Salaries but Nothing on Research

‘Antifa Scum’: Trump supporters were attacked in Washington DC after their historic march

Will the Real Winner be China?

More than 300,000 People Have Fled New York City Due to the Coronavirus and Crime

November 14, 2020

Vegas Oddsmaker Says, “The Fix Was In, Trump Was Robbed, This Election Was Clearly Stolen”

How Much Damage To America Can Biden Do With His Energy Plan?

Kanye’s Michigan Votes Were Stolen And Given To Joe Biden

AMAZING! Massive Crowd Of Americans Descend On The DC Swamp To Show Their Support For President Trump

Fauci Dismisses Americans’ Independent Spirit and Tells Citizens ‘Now Is the Time To Do What You’re Told’

Google Has the Power to Shift Millions of Votes Through Targeted Messaging: Dr. Robert Epstein

Zuckerberg and Dorsey are facing lawmakers again. It won’t be pretty this time

The Show Is Just Starting: Democrats Rigged the Voting Machines and Attempted a Steal – And They Got Caught

Pollster: It’s Curious How Biden Underperformed Hillary Clinton In Every City…Except These Four

Antifa, Black Lives Matter Linked to Violence Against Trump Supporters in Washington

Conrad Black: Trump may lose, but he’s not defeated … despite the media’s efforts

California Judge Finds Newsom Lacked The  Authority for His Massive Mail Ballot Order

Young Kim Flips Another Seat In California So The GOP Is Now Up 8 In The House

Trump Vows Not To Execute National Lockdown and Promises COVID Vaccine Soon

Alan Dershowitz: Trump Seeks to Deny Biden 270 and Put the Election in the House of Representatives

Al-Qaeda’s Number Two in Command was Killed in Iran by Israel

Wisconsin Voters File Lawsuit to Exclude Over 792,000 Votes in 3 Counties That Pushed Biden Ahead of Trump

How Much Voter Fraud Could There Actually Be?

Biden Is On The Warpath Against Brexit – With the challenges he’s facing, why is he meddling in European affairs?

The Georgia recount may end up being as corrupt as the election itself 

Pollster: It’s Curious How Biden Underperformed Hillary Clinton In Every City…Except These Four

Election Fraud, Voter Fraud, and What Statutes of Limitations Tell Us – Complicit media,  fraud investigations cannot be conducted overnight

Ignorance or Denial of the Obvious Doesn’t Diminish the Obvious

The Unintended Consequences of Voter Fraud

The (Work At Home) Privilege Tax is Another Nail in the Coffin of Economic Freedoms

Poll Watchers Allege Deliberate Monitoring, Obstruction Attempts in Nevada

Joe Biden and the Coming Bunker Presidency – The mainstream news industry will regret selling its soul for Biden

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem won’t comply with Biden face mask mandate: He ‘doesn’t have the authority’


November 13, 2020

In key swing states this year, mail-in ballot rejections plummeted from 2016 rates

The Black Lives Matter Founder is an Open Supporter of Socialist Venezuelan Dictator Maduro

Trump confidant: President Trump has all the proof needed to show massive fraud and vote switching

BOMBSHELL: The 2020 election took place under a Trump-declared “National Emergency” that set an Election Day trap for the “unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure”

The Heirs To Fox News Clearly Despise the Viewers they Exploit

Facebook Removes “President” From Donald Trump’s Page and Changes It To “Political Candidate”

Superior Court Judge upholds ruling to limit Gov. Newsom’s powers during the pandemic

How Republican State Legislatures Can Re-Elect Trump

Celebrate Thanksgiving By Giving COVID Crusaders the Bird

King’s Gambit: What’s at Stake in the Georgia Recount? – How long can Joe Biden remain above the fray?

A New federal lawsuit seeks to toss 800,000 ballots in Wisconsin

Election Data Team to Call 1.25 Million Voters Over Anomalies in 6 Contested States

WE CAUGHT THEM! Pennsylvania Results Show a Statistically Impossible Pattern Behind Biden’s Steal!

Without signature verification of voter eligibility, Georgia’s hand recount will be incomplete

Deep State Diplomat Lied To Trump About Syria On Behalf Of Military-Industrial Complex

Supreme Court Justice Alito Warns: Religious Liberty ‘Is in Danger of Becoming a Second-Class Right’

NY State Sheriffs Send Cuomo Bad News About His Mandate To Crack Down on Thanksgiving Participants

The GOP Now Controls Majority of State Legislatures in Battleground States Where House District States Redrawn

5 Historical Trends That Show It’s Utterly Shocking If Trump Lost In 2020

Lin Wood on Dominion Voter Systems: ‘Soon people will be going to prison. Lots of people.’

Go to the 21.35-minute mark on this audio interview to hear why Lin Wood believes people are going to jail

Trump says Dominion software systematically deleted 2.7 million Trump votes and handed another 500,000 to Biden

Applying the ‘Fruit of the Poisonous Tree’ Doctrine to 2020 Election Fraud – To order new elections in several contested states

Partisans Cheating By Ignoring Election Law Is A Problem As Big As Vote Fraud

How Democrats Win: Signature Fraud in Nevada: The Verification System Was “Basically Turned Off”

Partisans Cheating By Ignoring Election Law Is A Problem As Big As Vote Fraud

Big Data to the Rescue: The Electoral College Meets Data Pattern Science – You would have to flip a coin 1,000 times and get heads every time 

The Federal Elections Commission Chairman Says He Believes ‘There Is Voter Fraud’ in Key States

The Founders Outsmarted the Presidential Election Fraudsters – The President, according to the Constitution, represents state legislators’ interests and no one else

Amid New Challenges, Census Deadline Extension Necessary to Give Red States a Fair Count

A guide to understanding election fraud in 2020 – For years, Democrats have been making Phase One fraud easier

Trump PA Lawsuit: Chapter and Verse of Fraud – Court agrees with Trump, rules Secretary of State acted improperly

2020 Election Fraud on Steroids – We should fully expect the U.S. Supreme Court to get involved

Why Pennsylvania Doesn’t Add Up – Mail-in ballots take on a life of their own

If Anyone Can Win This Monumental Election Challenge, It’s Donald Trump

The Simplest, Most Important Issue Regarding the 2020 Election – “It’s not the people who vote that count; it’s the people who count the votes.” 

Pro-Biden Bug Also Suspected in Georgia’s Vote-Counting Software

About Atlanta’s Election Day Pipe Dream – Vote counting was halted for hours

Kids have regressed due to COVID-19 restrictions, with some potty-trained kids going back to diapers, experts say

Why Schools Will Never Bring The Rotten Students Back From Online ‘Learning’

November 12, 2020

Joe Biden: As Small as the Moment Demanded Or Maybe Less

Harvesting the 2020 Election – Pelosi’s top priority was remaking the electoral system. The virus gave her a boost

If All the Fraud Is Uncovered, Trump Will Win

96% Of Dominion Voting Systems Political Donations Went To Democrats

Pre-Election Concerns Over Dominion Voting Systems Highlighted in Georgia Lawsuit

Don’t Be a Sucker, High Trust Elections Are Now Over

The Trump Administration strikes deal to make COVID-19 vaccine free at major pharmacies

Judge rules late PA ballots should NOT be counted as Secretary of State ‘lacked statutory authority’ to override election law

Democrats LIED about an Atlanta water main break to delay Georgia ballot counting

‘There Was a Conscious Effort to Disrupt’ Our Jobs: Detroit Poll Watcher

Analysis Shows That More Than 10,000 Dead People Cast Ballots in Michigan

Steve Bannon predicts a ‘dogfight’ in the coming weeks as many election lawsuits head to the courts

Democrats Suggest Dirty Strategy for Rigging GA Senate Runoff Elections

How the Wuhan Coronavirus Gained a Function – What did Dr. Anthony Fauci know, and when did he know it?

A Pennsylvania Court Rules the Secretary of State Improperly Changed Deadline 2 Days Before Election Day

Fauci: COVID-19 Won’t ‘Be Classified as a Pandemic for a Lot Longer’

An Internet geek concludes ‘Trump’s win was Huge after examining the vote-counting software code

BREAKING: President Trump claims voting machines deleted 2.7 million votes for him

“Dominion” Voting Systems Whistleblowers Are Now Coming Forward

Every Legal Vote Site 2020 General Election Count – With Voter Fraud Detected

Multiple Michigan residents swear they witnessed widespread voter fraud in Detroit

Lawsuit Claims 40,000-Plus Fraudulent Ballots Pumped Through Detroit For Joe Biden

When computers cheat, they inevitably leave evidence behind

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany: America Will Hear From Trump ‘at the Right Moment’

Trump’s Pennsylvania complaint is brilliant

Marco Rubio Predicts Donald Trump Would be the “Frontrunner” If He Ends up Running in 2024

How to Steal an Election

40 Members of Biden’s Transition Team are Lobbyists – Why Would That Be A Good Thing?

That baleful presence of George Soros, all over the Biden ‘transition’ team

Under A Biden Administration, Expect An Explosion In Illegal Immigration

WaPo, House Democrats, federal bureaucrats create fake news that USPS whistleblower ‘recanted’ testimony on back-dating ballot postmarks 

Giuliani: 650,000 Votes Were Counted Unlawfully in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh

The Vote Fraud Plan To Steal Michigan – Poll Worker Training Shows What They Were Up To

Project Veritas Leaks Clip Purportedly Showing Federal Agents Pressuring USPS Whistleblower

Read The Trump Campaign’s Full Michigan Lawsuit — Including Election Fraud Witness Affidavits

The Realignment Is Real Results – The 2020 election laid the groundwork for the fusion of social conservatism and economic populism

California’s Unexpected Sanity, Part 2 – Rejected the ploy to ban independent contracting, assault on Prop 13’s tax protections and rent controls

Former National Security Adviser McMaster to Biden: Returning to the Iran nuclear deal would be a ‘big mistake’

The Realignment Is Real – The groundwork is laid for a new fusion of social conservatism and economic populism

No Matter Which Estate Gavin Newsom Chooses for Thanksgiving, Perhaps He Should Pay Their Property Taxes?

November 11, 2020

The Death of Fox News To Longtime Viewers

Data deep dive on Dominion Voting Systems offers incontrovertible proof of election hack

The Numbers Don’t Add Up in Governor Newsom’s More Restrictive COVID Lockdown Tiers – “Cases” are not hospitalizations or deaths

Nobody Believes This Election Farce

Top US Pollster and Statistician SUSPENDED from Twitter for Reporting on Disputed Election Irregularities 

Cyber coup investigation underway: Dominion Voting Systems repeatedly glitched in favor of Biden

BOOM: President Trump Tweets that Dominion Attempted to Alter Our Election and Got Caught

Kayleigh McEnany: Trump in ‘Great Spirits,’ Lawsuits Likely Will Make It to the Supreme Court

Tucker Carlson: Yes, dead people voted in this election and Democrats helped make it happen

Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Adviser Calls for 4-6 Week Lockdown

Open Records Request Finds NO INVOICES OR WORK ORDERS on Reported Election Day Water Main Break in Atlanta That Caused Counting Deley

Democrats Have a Much Bigger Problem Than the Senate or the Electoral College – It’s the statehouses, stupid

Making the Case for Patriotic Education in American Schools

WH Press Secretary McEnany Announces 234 Pages of Affidavits Alleging Election Irregularities in Michigan

NBC: A Gates-Funded Leftist Group Replaced Veteran Poll Workers with High School Students Before Election 

Pennsylvania Postal Service Worker Blowing Whistle on Alleged USPS Ballot Fraud Rejects WaPo Claim That He Retracted Allegations

The Trump Administration Grants Gold Star Families and Military Veterans Free Entrance to National Parks, Refuges and Other Public Lands Starting Veterans Day

Battleground State of Georgia Announces It Will Conduct a Full Recount of Presidential Votes by Hand

PA Elections Board Votes To Count Thousands of Ballots That Would Normally Be Considered Invalid

The real story behind AG Barr authorizing investigations of vote fraud blows away the MSM narrative

The Election Outcome is Unclear Amid Pending Recounts and Legal Challenges

The Republican Incumbent Wins Alaska Senate Race, Clinching 50 Senate Seats For The GOP

ODNI: No National Security Info for Biden Until Win Confirmed

Newt Gingrich Responds Perfectly When Pressed Over Claim that 2020 Election Was ‘Stolen’

Lawyers and investigators are uncovering fraud and corruption in key 2020 election states

‘BREATHTAKING ABUSE’: Republican AGs file amicus brief urging SCOTUS to rule on PA mail-in ballots

A user’s guide to Trump’s Pennsylvania election challenges

Why Twitter Won’t Let People Share Sworn Court Documents Alleging Voter Fraud

Fox News’ betrayal – there’s a question hanging in the air 

It’s Not Your Father’s GOP 

Poll: Biden’s Mandate Shrunk by Voters’ Focus on Dislike of Donald Trump

November 10, 2020

Are We Sure About All Those Mail-in Ballots?

Rasmussen: Trump’s Approval Actually Rises Post-Election

Joe Biden Is Already Violating the Logan Act

Claim: Women’s Maiden Names Used In Voter Fraud Scheme Being Called #MaidenGate

An Election Day Bridge Too Far

The Meaning Of Barr’s Action Yesterday That Caused Pilger To Resign

Analysis of Election Night Data from All States Shows MILLIONS OF VOTES Either Switched from President Trump to Biden or Were Lost — Using Dominion and Other Systems

Tens of thousands of Pennsylvania ballots defy the laws of physics 

Decision Desk HQ Calls North Carolina, a Vital State for Trump

Lawsuit: Out-of-State Vehicles Brought Tens of Thousands of Unsealed Ballots to Michigan, All for Democrats

Kayleigh McEnany says lawsuits will likely make it to the Supreme Court in weeks to come

Secretary of State Pompeo says ‘There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration’

I Was In Philadelphia Watching Fraud Happen. Here’s How It Went Down

Over 180 boxes with votes and voting materials found in Puerto Rico after local elections

Joe Biden in September: I Will Not Declare Victory Until the Election Is Independently Certified

Andrew McCabe Says He’s ‘Responsible’ for FBI Misconduct in Russia Probe and The Networks Ignore It

12 Ways For Trump To Bomb The Battlefield While Biden Claims The Presidency

The tide is already turning – Trump and his legal team laid the groundwork for Federal Prosecution of Election Offensives in 2017

Mitch McConnell unanimously re-elected Senate majority leader, but for how long?

Lindsey Graham: Possible ballot harvesting in Pennsylvania involving 25,000 nursing home residents

10,000 Dead People Returned Mail-in Ballots in Michigan, Analysis Shows

Republican Attorneys Make a Supreme Court Move to Support Trump’s Election Challenge

Despite State GOP Claims To The Contrary, Georgia Is Ripe For Election Fraud

Why Did Pfizer and FDA Agree to Not Release the News of the Vaccine’s Success in October as the Original Protocol Would Have Required?

Construction Of Panic For World Governance – Worldwide Social Engineering, How and Why

If Democrats Don’t Win Georgia’s Senate Seats, The Hardest Hit Will Be Their Socialist Squad

Pay No Attention to the DOJ Drama Queen who Resigned After AG Barr Authorized Fraud Investigations Without His Approval

The Greatest Threat Ever to Our Liberty – Flynn: “This is going to place this country at risk if we get this wrong

The Supreme Court must test The Universal Right to Vote by Mail Act


The Fox News Hot Mic Moment That Has So Many Viewers Enraged

Civil War: Tucker Carlson Hits His Own Network in an Epic Post-Election Monologue

Two possible paths to overcoming the election fraud

Fox News pays the price for betraying its viewership 

Trump Shouldn’t Concede – It’s a contested election and neither candidate has been officially declared the winner


The 2020 hoax of the year – Anyone believing one of these is naïve. Anyone believing both of them is insane

The Supreme Court begins hearing the GOP-led case to end the Affordable Care Act

But It’s Not Over Yet – On fighting on in the courts while Pelosi and Fox News call Biden “president-elect.”

Biden Calls for Unity After Claiming Trump Killed Over 200,000 Americans

November 9, 2020

Officials raised concerns for years about the security of Dominion US voting machines, software systems

Trump Dramatically Closes Gap in AZ, Half-Percent Away from Biden with Count Ongoing

Michigan AG Sends Cease and Desist Order to Journalist Demanding He Erase His #DetroitLeaks Video Showing Voter Fraud Training

The Election Outcome Is Still Unclear Amid Pending Recounts and Legal Challenges

Three Election Oddities No One Can Deny

Fox News Censors McEnany Briefing on Election Fraud

Dead voters. Biden van full of ballots. Trump legal team details shock Nevada claims

Tucker Carlson: Big Tech Censorship ‘One of the Worst Forms’ of 2020 Election Tampering

Was Pfizer’s Vaccine News Slow-Walked Until After the Election?

The Media Lies About Pfizer Partnership With Trump Administration’s Operation Warp Speed

Ronna McDaniel Presents 131 Affidavits, 2,800 Incident Reports of Alleged Voter Fraud in MI: Yet Media Still Demands ‘Evidence’

Senate Majority Leader McConnell: Trump ‘100 Percent Within His Rights’ to Weigh Legal Options on Election

Attorney General William Barr Authorizes the DOJ to Look into Voting Irregularities

Sworn Affidavits From Nevada & Michigan Detail Expansive Voter Fraud

The Trump campaign alleges a two-tiered voting system, potential fraud in Pennsylvania election lawsuit

The Parler App Tops Apple’s Charts as Twitter’s Election “Censoring” Fallout Continues

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV): ‘I Will Not Vote’ for Court-Packing, Ending Filibuster if Democrats Take Senate

Here’s What Trump Reportedly Told Advisers About Running in 2024

California Governor Gavin Newsom Warns Counties Will Fall Backwards Into “More Restrictive Tiering”

Pfizer says early data signals COVID-19 vaccine is 90-percent effective

Dow futures soar on Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine news – Lifting airlines and oil stocks

Media Lies About The Pfizer Partnership With The Trump Administration’s Operation Warp Speed

President Trump fires Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

Trump’s campaign is loaded for bear – Evidence of voter fraud affecting hundreds of thousands of votes in swing states

Sworn Affidavit: Election Systems in Michigan County Appeared to Be Connected to the Internet

The Pennsylvania House Speaker Calls for Full Audit of State Election Before Certifying Results

Ohio State Rep Candice Keller: In Case I’m Censored Again…This is Definitely Not Over

Ted Cruz Calls for Investigation of Voting Machine Software

Social Worker Charged with 134 Felony Counts of Election Fraud


Missouri, Kentucky AGs Join Lawsuit Challenging Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Deadline Extension

Sidney Powell Makes Explosive Voter Fraud Allegation: ‘They Had This All Planned’

Trump campaign staff claims to have statistical evidence of voter fraud in Wisconsin

Whistleblower Saw People in Biden Van Opening, Filling, and Sealing Nevada Ballots, Trump Campaign Claims

Is election fraud way bigger than we thought? – Was computer fraud two years ago in Texas a trial run for 2020 

Presumptive President-elect Joe Biden denied transition funds as Trump refuses to concede

5 Reasons That Conservatives Should Have Hope For The Future

How to Destroy China’s Bribery Hold on the West – Will we have a president that was bought by the Chinese 

With all the Recounts, Investigations, Audits, and Court Cases The 2020 Presidential Election Is Far From Over

Mark Levin pushes back on Twitter and Facebook, calls for a move to Parler

One-Party Democrat Rule Is Killing California, And It’s Coming For The Rest Of The Country

The rejected vote count is what matters – Laws are there because it is a lot easier to cheat with mail-in voting

Keep Fighting in the Courts, and Start Fighting the Libertarian Party – Because They Made The Difference

Biden plans to issue executive orders reinstating Obama’s bad ideas

How They Pushed Joe Biden’s Corpse Over The Finish Line With A Perfect Storm Of Political Dishonesty

The Coming Purge if Trump Loses – This will only embolden the left to begin a “purge”

November 8, 2020

Alex Trebek’s final Jeopardy! episode to air on Christmas Day

Poll Challenger Describes Detroit Poll Workers Tasked with Duplicating Ballots As Functionally Illiterate

The Letter 39 House of Representative Members Sent to AG Barr Over Alleged Voter Fraud

Conrad Black: No One Knows Who Won the Election – There is room for great doubt about the integrity of this election

Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Is CEO and Feinstein’s Husband a Major Shareholder at Dominion Ballot Counting Systems

America Won’t Trust Elections Until The Voter Fraud Is Investigated

James O’Keefe Releases Video Exposing Ballot Destruction in PA And Immediately Gets Censored by Twitter

Researchers Question Reliability of Dominion Voting Systems, Election Systems & Software

‘It’s Like Flipping A Coin And Getting Heads 100 Times’: Stats Boffs Scrutinize Biden ‘Victory’ Numbers

132,000 Ballots in Fulton County, Georgia Have Been Identified That Are Likely Ineligible

Sidney Powell says there are 450,000 ballots that voted only for Biden, left the rest blank

Stop the Steal & Start the Audit – Biden must call for audits and recounts or PA electoral votes be denied

The NeverTrump Never Again – Trump did more good for the country than prior supposedly good presidents

Alex Trebek, Longtime Host of ‘Jeopardy!,’ Dies at 80 – Let Contestants Be All They Can Be

A Nevada Whistleblower Says He Was Told To Process Ballots Without Signature Verification

Analyses Indicate Statistical Anomalies in Biden Votes – Some vote counts for Biden violate Benford’s Law

Dick Morris: Here’s How Trump Can Still Win

Twitter and Facebook Censor Trump’s Posts About Election

Rudy Giuliani: Trump Campaign Has the Evidence To Change The PA Election Results

Giuliani Says Trump Won’t Concede Election Amid Legal Challenges

Don’t Believe the Hype: GOP Favored in Georgia Runoffs

How long will California Governor Newsom have one-man rule?

Willie Brown: Biden has few reasons to celebrate

SpaceX Starlink Broadband Beta Testers “Amazed” By Its Speed, As New Photos Emerge

What the Layperson Can Make of Election Law – Absentee ballots must arrive on time and require a postmark and a signature.

Another Cliffhanger – Or Was It Due To The Counting Of Illegal Ballots

There are no software code ‘glitches,’ It’s a change – Evidence can be found in the log files 

Yes, those ‘glitches’ are from the same software that made Venezuela’s elections so free and fair 

A Georgia County Is Rescanning Ballots After Discovering A Reporting Issue

Nevada’s Clark County elections chief has reports of voter fraud, won’t investigate until counting complete


Wait Just a Minute! Some Very Good News May Be Coming 

Mathematical impossibilities may be what trips up Democrat plans 

Administrative changes in the Wisconsin election put tens of thousands of votes in question

Cutting the Cable News Cord – The final straw was Fox News denied “credible evidence” of election/voter fraud

November 7, 2020

Officials raised concerns for years about security of U.S. voting machines and software systems

I Went to Bed in America and Woke Up in a Banana Republic

The Trump campaign moves to trigger a Wisconsin recount

Nevada Whistleblower Swore in An Affidavit That He Witnessed Processing of Illegitimate Votes

The People Who Count the Votes Decide Everything

Lindsey Graham calls for DOJ investigation after USPS whistleblower affidavit alleges ballot fraud

Trump Campaign to the Media: Here’s The Actual Proof of Voter Fraud That You Asked For

Crucial Provisional Ballots: Why PA (and This Election) Isn’t Over – Trump has every reason to be suspicious

Trump Campaign to Challenge Mail-In Ballots Counted in Absence of GOP Observers in Battleground States

Biden Declares Victory, Trump Says Election Is ‘Far From Over’

GOP Chairwoman Drops Bombshell Accusation on Hannity, ‘Hundreds of Reports of Irregularities’ in Key States

Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit Over Rejected Votes in Arizona

Here’s who could be the Republican presidential candidate in 2024

Detroit Ballot Tabulators Entered Names of Non-Voters During Count

A Second Senate Race in Georgia Heads to a January Runoff

A County Election Official in PA Admitted Poll Workers Violated State Law

Home State Advantage: What a Vice President Kamala Harris means for California

2020 National Election Results Map With Live Updates

Two so-called conspiracy theories about the election may actually be true!

Biden’s America: Leftists Compile A Massive Enemies List

In 30 states, a computer system known to be defective is tallying votes 

The USPS Is Allegedly Retaliating Against a Whistleblower Who Spoke Out About Potential Voter Fraud


American Coup Victims Will Not Go Quietly – Does anyone really believe that more votes were cast for Biden than history-making Democrat darling Barack Obama?

No Surrender, At Least Not Yet – The old guard wants us to lay down and take it, but this election is far from over.

Democratic Socialists, They Say Scandinavia But They Mean Venezuela

Mailchimp Gets Into the Censorship Game – New “terms of use” allows them to boot anyone they disagree with


November 6, 2020

How Georgia could leave U.S. Senate control unclear until January

The Governor Newsom Recall Campaigns is Granted 120 More Days to Collect Signatures

Democrats’ Chickens Come Home to Roost – Now the Resistance gets to pay the price for the past four years

Pennsylvania US Postal Service whistleblower reveals his identity and alleges voter fraud

“Operation Scorecard” CIA-run vote theft software was running in EVERY swing state… “glitches” that switched votes from Trump to Biden

Mystery vehicles made a 4 am November 4th ballot drop at Detroit counting center, says an observer

The rate of rejected mail-in ballots almost 30 times lower in Pennsylvania this year than in 2016

The Supreme Court orders all of Pennsylvania’s late arrival mail-in ballots to be set aside

Biden’s Unusual Performance In Milwaukee County Raises Questions About Wisconsin Votes

Big Tech Is ‘Policing’ You, Says Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post

Nancy Pelosi Announces Speakership Run Amidst Democrat Caucus Turmoil

California and Its Contradictions – There are rumblings of realignment beneath a solid-blue surface

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is California’s first amusement park to reopen

When will we have a president-elect? – Probably Mid-December and Here’s Why

Evidence of the vast scope of 2020 election fraud in America

Trump Campaign: Projection of Biden as Winner Is ‘False’

A Republican Senate Will Keep Biden in Check? Oh, Please!

Victor Davis Hanson: 2020 election’s lesson — The liberal mega-rich are warning politicians

Democrats Livid In Leaked Caucus Call – We’ll Get Fu*king Torn Apart Again In 2022″

Biden on the cusp of winning election as he surpasses Trump in Pennsylvania

3 Reasons Election Forecasts Made False Projections Favoring Biden – His lead was wildly exaggerated

‘American Hustle’: Party Insiders Tell The True Story Of How Philadelphia Elections Really Work

Nevada Republicans Send Criminal Referral to AG Barr

Overnight Democrats Finally Steal Georgia – Democrats made up a 100,000 vote deficit since election day

Democrats Cry About 2020 Losses, Calling Trump ‘A Buoy’ To GOP Wins

Why We Stand with President Trump – It’s about liberty versus tyranny — in some form and degree

Trump’s Staying Power – Trump points to a viable GOP future even if he comes up short

Sweeping Republican State Victories Ensure Control over Redistricting

It’s Voters Vs the Vote Counters – The latter will destroy the republic if we accept their brazen corruption

The Keystone State Holds The Key To Trump’s Re-election

Socialism Is Still Political Poison Outside of Deep-Blue Enclaves

What you can do to stop the electoral coup 

Republicans send criminal referral to DOJ about alleged voter fraud in Nevada

Stealing Philadelphia – Landslide Joe puts Landslide Lyndon’s theft of a Senate seat to shame

November 5, 2020

Federal Investigators Arrive in Michigan After Voter Fraud Allegation Video Goes Viral

Republican Poll Challengers Speak Out on What They Saw at Detroit’s Absentee Voter Counting Board

There is Undeniable Mathematical Evidence the Election is Being Stolen

2020’s Biggest Election Losers – Schumer remains minority leader, and Pelosi will lead a thinner majority

Ten Reasons Why It Could Be Awesome for Conservatives if Biden Wins

California protects homeowners from having fire insurance dropped — again

Whitlock: 2020 Election About The Power Of Love Versus The Power Of Hate, Trump’s Supporters Love Him

President Trump claims he has proof that Democrats are attempting to steal the election

California’s Vote Fraud Tactics Have Gone National and We’re Seeing it in The 2020 Presidential Election

Poll Watcher in Michigan Kicked Out of Detroit Hall But Not Before Obtaining Evidence of Potential Fraud

Campaign Strategy Mystery Solved – Biden didn’t really campaign because he or at least his handlers knew the fix was in

Smoking gun: Milwaukee ‘updates’ voter registration portal data to hide cheating

Philadelphia Sheriff is Not Enforcing Court Order on Poll Observers the Trump Campaign Says

With election fraud, Democrats aren’t even subtle with their machinations

Trump’s Deficit in Arizona Shrinks With New Results From Maricopa County

We’re Supposed To Believe The GOP Had A Great Election Night Except For President?

Project Veritas reports on Michigan election fraud – Late ballots placed in a special bin  to be hand-stamped with a November 3 date 

Recount? A judicially ordered new election is far better 

GOP House Gains Shock and Bewilder Predictors and Show a Bright Future Ahead in 2022

Who Would Suspect the Democrats of Voter Fraud? – A few reminders of some of the Democrats’ greatest hits

The Stealing of Pennsylvania

Status of the Ongoing Vote Count in Arizona and Nevada

In California’s ballot-harvesting rematches, the old slow-walk ballot-count is back

The Trump campaign expands lawsuits in a strategy rooted in the Constitution’s voting law authority

BOMBSHELL: Arizona State Rep Confirms SharpieGate Is Being Investigated by Election Officials

Trump supporters, fearing ballot miscounting, descend on vote centers in Michigan and Arizona

Kimberley Strassel: Wisconsin’s 89% turnout is not feasible

A President Who Refuses to Lose

California voters approved Proposition 22, which allows drivers to continue working as independent contractors

November 4, 2020

Game-On for the Continued Coup? – It will all go according to plan—unless we stop it.

Colorblind California – The defeat of Proposition 16 is a blow to elites obsessed with racial identity politics

Yes, Democrats Are Trying To Steal The Election In Michigan, Wisconsin, And Pennsylvania

2020 presidential election in turmoil with no clear winner, fraud accusations, and the prospect of legal battles

The election outcome – It’s doubtful we’ll know the election outcome tomorrow or even by the end of this week

Recounts loom as battleground state margins evaporate

Here’s how Alaska’s congressional race could determine our next president

Election night reveals three disturbing facts that should trouble freedom-loving Americans

Why One Ohio County’s Results Are an ‘Ominous’ Sign for Biden in Pennsylvania

Congressional Democrats Are Waking Up to an ‘Abject Disaster’

Trump outperforms the polls, and a divided nation awaits Rust Belt to settle the election

They Never Should Have Stopped Counting Votes

The True Battle for the Soul of America

California’s voters beat back looney left’s affirmative action Proposition 16

House Republicans Defy Polls, Set to Make Gains against Democrats

Despite Democrat bluster, it looks like no one is packing any courts or adding new states — so our republic survives

Trump Speaks at WH: “Frankly, We Did Win This Election” – They Stopped Counting Because We Were Ahead

Beware Of The Useful Idiots – Saul Alinsky’s Target Audience

The biggest loser of election 2020: Identity politics

A Trump Good Deed Receives Its Punishment

The Mainstream Media’s COVID Coverup Continues

COVID testing: We’ve been duped – Molecular tests & PCR are highly sensitive and prone to false positives 

November 3, 2020

New Burisma documents show the anti-Trump state department knew about the shady Biden-Burisma connections

In Defense of the Electoral College – The system that critics call chicanery gives the whole nation a voice

Trump camp: Turnout models confirm momentum shift to the president, undercut Democrats’ ‘red mirage’ script

Victor Davis Hanson: 2020 election is not really about a choice between Trump vs. Biden

Hillary Clinton’s Alinsky Problem Is Ours – Saul Alinsky wasn’t a Marxist, but you wouldn’t know if from today’s political discourse

The CDC says people sick with COVID-19 can break quarantine to vote in-person

The Board-It-Up Election – The same rioters that ransacked businesses are coming again if Trump gets 270

Why Tucker Carlson Opened His Election Eve Program With a Photo

Trump closes his reelection campaign in Michigan with an appeal to the spirit of 2016

The Cure for Pennsylvania’s Mail-in Ballots With Non-Matching Signatures

The Pollster Who Got It Right in 2016 Gives His 2020 Final Prediction

How The Bidens Made Off With Millions In Chinese Cash

The GOP Is Now The Party Of Working Families Screwed Over By The Left

Really, Nothing More to Say — Just Get Out, Vote, and Get the Lazy Ones You Know to Vote

Jump On The Trump Train Now

What the missing Tucker Carlson documents really tell us 

Joe Biden Is a Bald-Faced, Lying Slimeball – Take The Biden Campaign Bus Lie For Example

November 2, 2020

Lt. Governor of PA to CNN: The Butler PA Rally Photo Is Real – 57,000 attend in a town of 12,871

The Democrats’ Grand Delusion – Democrats do not choose truth over lies or fact over fiction

Why A Former NeverTrumper Cast Her Ballot For Trump

Why China’s Communists Would Prefer Joe Biden

The DOJ Announces presidential election ‘voting rights monitoring’ at selected locations across the nation

Twitter Declares Only 7 Mainstream Media Outlets Can Call Election Results Without Receiving Warning Labels

A Grim and Ignored Body Count – It’s inner-city drive-by shootings of blacks by other blacks, not racism

A Judge Just Dethroned California COVID Dictator Gavin Newsom

The Day My Faith in American Democracy Was Tried by Fire – Poll Worker, “We’re not allowed to check anyone’s ID or proof of address.” 

Kayleigh McEnany: Democrat cities boarding up is ‘all the proof you need’ the left shouldn’t have ‘federal power’

Why Beijing Hopes for a Biden Win – Elections have consequences, both domestic and foreign

The Joe Biden Campaign Won’t Say if He’ll Cooperate with an FBI Probe on his Son

‘Trump Train’ Incident With Biden Bus: Police Say Biden-Harris Vehicle Likely At Fault

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage’s resounding endorsement of President Donald J. Trump

Vote No on 1984 – Thought crimes, ministries of truth, and memory holes belong in Oceania, not America

New Data Clearly Shows A V-Shaped Pandemic Recovery Underway That Biden’s Plans Would End

The Trump Revolution – The 21st-century version of Ronald Reagan’s “A Time for Choosing.”

Eight hard questions that Democrats Need To Answer

By Their Own Criteria, Democrats Are The Ones Undermining American Democracy


Summarizing Joe Biden – Anyone who is still undecided is either too uninformed or too stupid to be enfranchised

October Surprise: This Race Is Over – Who Thought It Would Be Early Voters

Stealing Pennsylvania – Trump needs a 4-5% advantage to overcome the voter fraud that will happen there

In Pennsylvania, Undecided Voters Are Torn Between Faith And A Party That Was Once A Way Of Life

Donald Trump and the Mandate of Heaven – Just Think About All That He Has Overcome

Why the China Virus is the new Climate Change 

Goodbye, Mr. Bond – Sean Connery’s Bond had several successors, but they weren’t the real thing

November 1, 2020

A top swing-state newspaper hasn’t endorsed a Republican in almost 50 years — but is backing Trump now

In Pennsylvania, Undecided Voters Are Torn Between Faith And A Party That Was Once A Way Of Life

Pollster Nate Silver admits that if Biden loses Pennsylvania, he then becomes the ‘underdog’

Iowa Poll shows independents have swung to Trump – Some are enthusiastic and others, not so much

THE MASK IS OFF: Kamala Harris Endorses Communism Two Days Out From Election Day

Tucker Carlson: If Elected, Would Joe Biden Really Be President?

The White House Says Fauci Is Playing Politics Over Biden Virus Remarks

Big-Bucks Ballot Battles – Unions, businesses, and advocacy groups are spending $1+ billion on state initiatives

Leaked Zoom Calls Reveal Federal Workers Conspiring To Shut Down White House/Disrupt Government 

Yes, there is a hidden Trump vote – Many fear retribution for displaying Trump support

Donald Trump, Counterrevolutionary-  Against all the money and clout of America’s revolutionary forces, the counterrevolutionary Trump had only one asset, the proverbial people

Trump reacts after Facebook removes the Very Large ‘NJ Women for Trump’ group: ‘Put them back NOW!

YouTube and Vimeo censor ‘Antifa: Rise of the Black Flags’ documentary

Prop 15 is clearly the first step toward totally gutting Prop 13 — “for the children”

The Trump administration scores another win for peace

35 Reasons why you must vote against the election of Joe Biden

Here’s where Bloomberg is pouring tens of millions in his concerted last-minute effort to beat Trump

Critical Race Theory Undermines Racial Harmony – Our nation and people ARE NOT fundamentally racist

Trump’s America First Vision Must Defeat The UN’s “Agenda 2030” New World Order Globalist Agenda 

History Demands That We Wake Up the Woke

In defense of the Electoral College – Because America Is A Republic, NOT A Democracy

DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf: These Big Tech companies are hereby designated enemies of America

A Former journalist receives an Associated Press survey and laughs out loud at the huge bias in its questions 

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