March 2022 Conservative Article Reference List

Below are links to primarily Conservative, Libertarian-leaning articles and/or blog posts that I have found to be enlightening with all that is going on in America and the World right now. Scan the list and read what catches your eye, or for some, just reading the headlines will provide adequate insight.

Hopefully, you will take the time to read some of them which should open your eyes to the reality of the #DeepState and those promoting the #NewWorldOrder as well as consistent #MediaBias, and ongoing #FakeNews gaslighting as well as the relentless attack on American values by Liberals and the #Progressive Left.

Liken the process of becoming better informed to working on a large puzzle. As you read more and more about what is going on, things begin to fall into place and you finally see the big picture.

(FYI – I occasionally include links to articles that although not newsworthy are so silly and/or outrageous that they need to be seen to show the level of idiocy that exists these days.)

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March 31, 2022

ZeroHedge: Is Russia The Real Target Of Western Sanctions? – If anything, the sanctions seem to be at best rather impotent, and at worst amazingly counterproductive

At the World Government Summit, an economist says the financial world order is about to shift dramatically as we are about to abandon the traditional system of money and accounting and introduce blockchain

The Hunter Laptop Story Confirms That We Need To Rein in Big Tech or Cease To Be a Free People – The upcoming elections are crucial

Rudy Giuliani cites evidence of Joe Biden-led ‘racketeering’ enterprise – The Former prosecutor says it’s stronger than evidence against the Mafia

Dob Fischer: The 10 Plagues of Biden the Schlub – From unnecessary deaths in Ukraine and Afghanistan to AOC-Pelosi’s toxic “green” climate nonsense, cackling Harris, and runaway inflation, plus more

Here is the full list of 51 deep state “intelligence” officials who lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop to try to defeat Trump in 2020

Even The Big Media Can No Longer Ignore The Biden Family’s Corruption – Both the New York Times and Washington Post admit that Hunter Biden’s lost laptop is real, not a “fake” or a Russian fabrication

More Scandals Envelop the Scandalous FBI – For years, congressional Republicans promised to hold FBI officials culpable for various scandals but failed to act

The border: ‘There is no imaginable scenario’ to avoid another disaster – With 1 million in just the first half of the year, and with the peak migration months not yet begun, the Border Patrol is overwhelmed

The Biden Administration is in Talks to a Provide Smartphone App to Illegal Migrants so they can Pre-Register Before Entering the US Illegally

‘Shellacking’: An NBC anchor sounds an alarm for Democrats over the 2022 midterm election as he forecasts major losses

US Department of Health & Human Services: Castrations/Mastectomies Okay for Transgender Minors – They are all-in on radical transgender ideology, encouraging early body-changing medical interventions as “gender-affirming” care

The White House pushes for minors to undergo body mutilation surgery, to erase women’s sports, and for late-term abortion – “These laws are unacceptable and we won’t stop fighting for justice and equality,” wrote Psaki

WSJ: Positive Drug Tests Among U.S. Workers Hit A Two-Decade High – Fewer employers tested applicants for marijuana last year than in 2020 as companies grappled with nationwide labor shortages

The map of our DNA is finally complete. Here’s what that means for humanity – The previously missing bits could offer insights into human development, aging, and diseases, as well as evolution and migration patterns

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines showed “reduced effectiveness” against the Omicron variant among children 12 and older, according to a study published Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine

The Greatest Fraud in Modern History: Multiple Studies Show The COVID-19 Vaccines Do Not Stop Infections, Transmissions, Hospitalizations, and Death – So Why The Mandates?

JD Rucker: Don’t Let the Truth About Covid ‘Vaccines’ Get Swept Under the Rug – There has been a PAUSE in Pandemic Panic Theater, but it behooves us to prepare for when they rear their ugly heads again

WSJ: Ukrainian Troops Push Forward as Russian Forces Regroup – Western officials say there are signs Russian President Vladimir Putin isn’t being told the truth about the war’s progress

ZeroHedge: the Hunter Biden Dam Is About To Burst?  – The Washington Post and CNN Go Scorched Earth Over ‘The Laptop From Hell’

Bruce Willis Needed An Earpiece To Remember Lines, His Dialogue Was Shortened Because He Couldn’t Remember His Lines And He Allegedly Fired A Gun Prematurely On Set<

Donald Trump: The Fines Paid by the Clinton Campaign and DNC Show Corruption – The operation “was done to create a hoax and is only beginning to be revealed and it must never be allowed to happen again”

WSJ: Biden to Tap Strategic Oil Reserves, as Crude Prices Drop –The President plans to use up to 180 million barrels of reserves over six months in an unprecedented government intervention in oil markets

ZeroHedge: The Kremlin Warns Poland Over Becoming ‘NATO’s Front Line’ – The Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman suggested this is “dangerous” even for broader European security, in what appears to be a veiled threat

ZeroHedge: The Ruble Regains 100% Of Its Loss After Russia Invaded Ukraine, But Why? – Here are the theories on what is really happening…

Inflation hit the highest rate in 40 years in the gauge favored by the Federal Reserve –This raises worries about price hikes and adds urgency to the central bank’s efforts to tighten monetary policy

‘Unhinged’ And ‘Abnormal’: The Fed Warns Of A Housing Bubble As The Average Cost Of New Homes Hits A Record High

ZeroHedge: “Do You Feel Lucky?” – 8 Reasons To Question The Market’s Recent Rip – Amid an utter shit-show of macro, micro, political, and geopolitical chaos, the S&P 500 is less than 4% from its record closing high

Trump Interview: The US Is Now “Like a Third World Country” as the Supply Chain Crisis Gets Even WORSE – Throughout our entire economy, there are shortages, delays, and backlogs

ZeroHedge: 22,000 Union Workers At 29 West Coast Ports May Strike – The international supply chain crisis that has impacted U.S. logistics firms, retailers, and consumers could intensify this summer

JD Rucker: More Evidence of Ray Epps activities on January 6th Makes Us Even More Curious Why He’s Walking Free While Others Are Jailed

Biden’s Dishonest Budget – In unveiling the budget this week, the White House released a ‘fact sheet’ filled with misleading deficit claims

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signs a new voter ID bill requiring proof of citizenship when registering to vote, setting up a court battle

The Abortion Vote That Could Haunt Democrats in November – Democrat senators are unprepared to defend their support for a bill that would strike down popular state parental-consent laws

Russian troops are beginning to pull out of Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear facility and are moving into Belarus, a Pentagon official said on Wednesday

Putin Forces Germany to Rethink ‘World’s Dumbest Energy Policy’ – Simultaneously abandoning nuclear power and phasing out coal has left Germany more dependent on Russian natural gas than ever before

Trump was right about energy – Green energy solutions aren’t ready for prime time and while his insights and warnings went unheeded, his message is now getting a hearing on Wall Street

The US Imposes Sanctions on Multiple Entities Accused of Supplying Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program

Reality Check: The Increasing Cost of Papering Over Obamacare’s Problems – The law has failed to fulfill numerous promises and expectations

A Memo To Democrats – Everything gets paid for somehow, and now Americans are about to learn the hard way about the actual cost of those stimulus checks Democrats championed over the past two years

Inflation: The Result of Sticker Shock on Government Spending – It wasn’t caused by supply-chain problems as the white house would have you believe

Democrats And Media Ignore Child Sex Crimes To Protect Ketanji Brown Jackson – In every single child pornography case handled, she went below the minimum recommendation, and below the prosecutor’s request

Just in time for the midterms, Biden sets off the mother of migrant surges – The U.S. Border Patrol expects a record number of migrants from 157 countries to cross our border illegally, most presenting spurious claims to “asylum.”

JD Rucker: Now Is the Time to Rid Ourselves of RINOs – In past elections, many Republicans were conned into thinking the only way to beat Democrats was with milquetoast centrists. That attitude can no longer be allowed to prevail

CNN Is Eyeing Layoffs Following The Embarrassing Failure of Their New Streaming Service

At long last, the mainstream media are paying some attention to the obvious corruption of President Joe Biden’s family and its many business partners, which include the Chinese government and Russian oligarchs

Joe Biden Applauds Transgenderism with Launch of New ‘X’ Gender Marker – The new “X” gender marker will appear on U.S. passport applications beginning on April 11

A Federal Judge’s Opinion on Trump Reveals The Judiciary’s Reliance on Media Propaganda – He presents a picture of the 2020 election reading like a Nancy Pelosi press release, presenting as facts things that are just not true

A significant increase in Russian oil imports by India could expose New Delhi to a “great risk” as the US prepares to step up enforcement of sanctions against Moscow, a senior official said

Say what? Kamala Harris tosses word salad after meeting Jamaican prime minister

What the Forever Crises Are Really About – These forever crises have certainly become more acute and part of public consciousness since COVID, but go back long before COVID and these crises always demand totalizing responses

ZeroHedge: The Media Is The Number One Cause Of War Since 1898 – When a young entrepreneur had an idea: thrill readers with tales of death, destruction, and brutality in the Cuban War for Independence against Spain

DisneyWoke: The Decline of a Great American Company – The Walt Disney Company has been a vocal critic of Florida’s new law stating classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3

The English Versions of Fauci Are Even Worse Than The American Ones – The Imperial College of London is kind of a Fauci cubed, based on its constant fear-mongering and bad research models

Click Here For Coronavirus – SARS-CoV-2 Charts, Data & CDC Information ACT

March 30, 2022

Senators Release Bank Records Showing Payments to Hunter Biden From China

Victor Davis Hanson: History Should Be Our Guide in Ukraine – Ukraine can defeat Vladimir Putin’s expeditionary army if the West remembers that history is not on Putin’s side

Donald Trump would beat Biden by six points and Kamala by 11 if the election were held today

The Justice Department Is Preparing A ‘Disclosure’ on Jan. 6 Instigator Ray Epps – The guy who brazenly told protesters to “go into the Capitol” before the Jan. 6, 2021, incursion

Disney Is Interested in Your Kids – The entertainment company pledges to embed radical sexual politics in its children’s programming

Dr. Joseph Mercola: A new study shows a link between artificial sweeteners and cancer, even after controlling for factors known to contribute to cancer, including age, weight gain, physical activity, and family history of cancer

The BA.2 Omicron Subvariant Estimated to Account for Majority of COVID-19 Cases in the US

The WSJ Misleads Public on Ivermectin, Ignores Latest Revelations About ‘Hidden Author’ Who Undermined Its Efficacy

CDC: Americans Who Received J&J Single-Shot COVID Vaccine May Need mRNA Booster

The Biden administration has launched a new resources website for COVID-19. provides links to locations with free N-95 masks and COVID vaccines, and ways to get mail-in COVID tests.

The number of refugees who have fled Ukraine has now surpassed 4 million, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency

WSJ: Russia Plays Down The Progress in Peace Talks and Intensifies Attacks in Eastern Ukraine – Russian forces also struck around Kyiv, while Ukraine said it fought off advances in the eastern Donbas region

Gallup Poll: Inflation, At It Highest In Almost 40-Years, Is The Top Economic Concern for Americans

WSJ: The Biden Administration to Lift The Title 42 Border Policy – The pandemic-era policy that allows migrants to be turned away at the border will end May 23

Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine Announces Her Support for Controversial Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson

President Biden reportedly plans to invoke wartime powers to increase domestic production of critical minerals needed to build batteries for electric vehicles and other types of energy technologies

Deeply Partisan Federal Bureaucrats Selectively Enforce The Laws, Eliminating Equal Justice For All – Effectively canceling Americans’ ballots by blocking policies their elected officials voted for

How does the FBI ‘lose’ a laptop like Hunter Biden’s? – The FBI’s assistant director for cybersecurity told Congressman Matt Gaetz he had no idea where Hunter Biden’s laptop, entrusted to FBI custody, actually is

The Biden Administration Stifled A Congressional Investigation Into CDC And Teachers Union Collusion – During the pandemic’s peak, the CDC colluded with the AFT to create a teachers-union-friendly plan to return to classrooms

Senator Cruz: ‘The Democrats Are Panicking’ – All of their policies have been disastrous.”

The Federal Election Commission fined The DNC and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign for The Trump dossier hoax

The Attacks On Clarence And Ginni Thomas Are Merely Latest In A Decades-Long Smear Campaign – Not only are the attacks purely political, but they’re also deeply hypocritical

Are We Sure The 2020 Election Was Clean? – Biden carried Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by only 313,253 votes. Take out Michigan, and the gap was 159,065.

Election Watchdog Finds 137,500 Ballots Unlawfully Trafficked in Wisconsin – Ballot trafficking is an activity in which absentee ballots and votes are solicited, sometimes in exchange for money or other valuables

ZeroHedge: Ukraine Has “Essentially Agreed” To The Core Russian Demands Of Not Joining NATO, According To The Kremlin

ZeroHedge: A Fed Liquidity Drain Is Coming – Inflation is running hot, and the Fed is projecting seven rate increases this year alone

ZeroHedge: The Final Q4 GDP Estimate Is Below Expectations On Weak Consumption As All Attention Now Turns Toward A Looming Recession

ZeroHedge: The Driving Rebound To Pre-Pandemic Levels In The US Intensifies Pressure On Oil Supplies

Soros bankrolled prosecutors are murdering criminal justice reform – Just a few short years ago, there was clear bipartisan agreement on commonsense criminal justice reform

Senior Disney programming executive Latoya Raveneau, in a secret company video, admits to queering child programming for years – Chris Rufo somehow got his hands on these three videos, all of which are very disturbing

Bruce Willis was diagnosed with aphasia and is stepping away from acting – Aphasia is a medical condition that can affect a person’s ability to speak, write and understand language, both verbal and written

JD Rucker: The Most Visited Website and Popular App Is the Ultimate Grooming Tool, Yet Nobody Notices – Parents think TikTok is a harmless distraction for their kids, but it’s arguably the most dangerous app ever made

On The Yale Law School Debacle – On March 10, a group of approximately one hundred Yale Law School students disrupted a debate on free speech at the School

Socialism Discourages Work and Creates Poverty – Socialism diminishes people’s incentive to work to improve their circumstances by depriving them of the fruits of their efforts

Meet Earendel, the most distant star ever detected – The star, imaged by the Hubble telescope, shone just 900 million years after the Big Bang

The number of people in U.S. hospitals with COVID-19 is at its lowest point since the early days of the pandemic in the spring of 2020

The Chilling Reason They Won’t Declare the Pandemic Over? – The WHO wants to make its pandemic leadership permanent, and is proposing a new pandemic treaty they hope will be accepted by enough member countries to become a reality by 2024

Fauci says he is not ‘going to be able to determine if lockdowns were worth it –“I don’t think we’re ever going to be able to determine what the right balance is”

The W.H.O. Warns That Social Surveillance Must Remain Even as Coronavirus Cases Plunge Globally

A Doctor Detects ​MAC Addresses in COVID Vaccinated Individuals ​Using Bluetooth Applications

Coleen Huber NMD: Vitamin D beats the vaccines against COVID – The vaccines only work on adaptive, not innate immunity while vitamin D stimulates, coordinates, and strengthens the entire immune system. (Part 3 of a series)

March 29, 2022

The incoherence at the heart of NATO – It spent years stoking a conflict with Russia it had no intention of fighting

Trump Doctrine 2.0: The former president says he’s not interested in the House speaker’s job and knows what the next president needs to do on inflation, crime, the border, Russia, and China.

The Future of Trumpism: The greatest threat to Donald Trump’s hold on the GOP comes from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who may be more into MAGA than the MAGA king himself

The New York Post’s ‘Smoking Gun’ – Forensic Analysis Concludes The Hunter Biden Email Are 100% Authentic

Matt Gaetz enters Hunter Biden’s laptop into the congressional record – “What now you’re telling me right here is that as the Assistant Director of FBI Cyber, you don’t know where this is after it was turned over to you three years ago?”

Seventy-Two Hours – A week ago, a handful of strangers volunteering with the Aerial Recovery Group walked across the border of Poland into Ukraine to rescue as many orphans as they could and this is how they did it.

Emboldened Enemies and Disappointed Allies: America’s Decaying Status in the Middle East – The image of the US in the Middle East eroded enough over the past year to embolden its enemies and demoralize its allies

Joe Manchin Drives a Dagger Through the Heart of Another Hare-Brained Biden Scheme – On Tuesday, the senator put an end to Biden’s proposed tax on millionaires’ unearned income

WSJ: The FTC Sues Intuit Over Its TurboTax Ads Offering Free Tax Filing – The agency calls its marketing practices deceptive and Intuit says allegations aren’t credible

Big Tech Let SEVEN Dictators Post, Including Vladimir Putin, Yet They Still Ban Donald Trump

The Progressive Left’s Latest Move to Destroy America: “Project 65” Seeks to Kill All the Trump Lawyers By Canceling Them – Their purpose is to file bar complaints against 111 lawyers wherever they are licensed

Trans ideology will destroy women’s sports – Allowing biological males to compete against women is a license to cheat

JD Rucker: Zelensky Claims the Way Europe Can Stop the Russian Invasion Is if They Go Green  – Says fossil fuel sales allowed Russia to be bold. Therefore, going green will help end the war

PART 2: Victor Davis Hanson on Russia-Ukraine ‘New World Order,’ Biolabs, and Other War Messaging—Is This a WWIII Moment?

The Exodus From US Cities Is Gaining Speed –  Americans are fleeing highly-regulated, highly taxed areas and flocking to freer states

The NFL Goes Full Woke With New Rule For 2022 – Lawsuit maintains minorities are not equally represented in key positions

A far-reaching vaccine bill introduced in the California Legislature this year will not move forward after the proposal to require all workers to be inoculated against COVID-19 was shelved on the eve of its first hearing

A Newly Introduced CA Abortion Bill Could Legalize Infanticide For Several Weeks After Birth – It specifically includes the term “perinatal death” which would allow delivered babies to be terminated at the will of their mothers

Buried Halfway Into a 40-Page Report, WHO Reveals New Vaccine Side-Effect Many Have Yet to Recover From – The World Health Organization said it is looking into reports of hearing problems stemming from the vaccines

Heart Damage Found in Teens After Second Pfizer Shot – More than two-thirds of adolescents with COVID-19 vaccine-related myopericarditis had persistent heart abnormalities months after their initial diagnosis

Vaccine Passports Are Just One Way BlackRock and Vanguard Profit From Pandemic As They Orchestrate Them

A U.S. District Judge Blocks COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Entire Navy

FDA Official: A Fifth COVID-19 Vaccine Shot May Be Needed in Fall

Fauci: Americans Should Be ‘Prepared for Possibility’ of COVID-19 Restrictions

Follow the Science, or Follow the Money?  – Following the money has been the key to uncovering the corruption surrounding COVID-19 measures, but now it may be the key to providing a solution to it

One of the former CIA officers who signed a letter claiming stories about a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden were disinformation says he helped swing the 2020 election from former President Donald Trump

Heritage Election Integrity Scorecard – Scores And Evaluation Criteria Are Provided For All Fifty States

Russia to Cut Down on Military Activity Near Ukraine’s Capital – According to The Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation

WSJ: Ukraine Proposes Neutral Status With Guarantees, and Zelensky Seeks More Western Help – Cease-fire talks advanced as deadly Russian strikes continued and Ukrainian forces pushed back Moscow’s troops near Kyiv

Russians Know Death, Unlike Any Other People – Russia is a culture of death. The Russian people have been through hell unlike any other since 1914. No country compares to this level of violence. None!

Ukraine war: In a co-ordinated move, four EU countries are expelling more than 40 Russian diplomats suspected of spying

ZeroHedge: The West Is Suspicious That Latest Russian Compromise Offers Are A “Tactical Exercise To Play For Time”

Donald Trump calls on Putin to release info on Hunter Biden’s dealings with oligarchs – “I think we should know that answer,” America’s 45th president says

Biden’s Regime-Change Talk Is Worse Than a Simple Gaffe – What he seems to have in mind is not so much regime change as regime decapitation, getting rid of Vladimir Putin but leaving the rest of the Moscow machinery in place

Will The GOP Establishment Enable Another Disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal? – The U.S. team not only failed to get Iran to give up the sunset clauses, reports from the negotiations indicate they have made further concessions

Senator Grassley Unveils Explosive New Docs That ‘Undeniably’ Show Strong Links Between Biden Family and Communist China – He promised they were just a ‘taste’ of what he and his colleague Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) have in store

Florida and 20 other states sue the Biden administration over the transportation mask mandate – The other states include AL, AK, AZ, AR, GA, ID, IN, KS, KY LA, MS, Missouri, MO, NB, OH, OK, SC, UT, VA, and WV

Joe Biden’s New Pentagon Secretary Nominee Is A Former Pfizer’s ‘Global Project Lead’ That Blasted Conservatives as ‘Nut Jobs’ – This LGBT activist has a long history of political activity

ZeroHedge: Inflation Expectations Hit Record Highs As Conference Board Survey ‘Hope’ Crashes To 8-Year-Lows

It’s the Inflation, Stupid – Increased prices are a daily lived reality, and no amount of White House spin is going to change that

ZeroHedge: US Home Prices Re-Accelerate In January (Ahead Of Mortgage Rate Spike)

Lies, Damned Lies, And Biden’s Budget – Biden’s right that his $5.8 trillion budget sends a clear message. The message is that he will say and do anything, no matter how disconnected from reality it is.

Biden’s Latest Tax Folly To Tax Imaginary Income – It would force households worth more than $100 million to pay a 20 percent tax on all of their income, including unrealized capital gains on at least their liquid assets

ZeroHedge: Job Openings Stubbornly Stuck At All-Time High, 5 Million More Than Unemployed Workers

Bari Weis: How Big Tech Is Strangling Your Freedom – A conversation with entrepreneur and investor David Sacks on protecting civil liberties in the digital public square

How Much Energy Will the World Need? – Contrary to headlines claiming that we’re rapidly transitioning away from fossil fuels, it’s just not happening (This Is A Must 5-Minute Watch)

The Most Dangerous Class –As Greta Thunberg and her legions remind us, young, discontented people have tended to push toward the extremes

The Black reparations panel could decide who gets compensation – Governor Newsom signed legislation creating the two-year reparations task force in 2020, making California the only state to move ahead with a study and plan

Free Speech Above All – The cancel culture war has gotten out of control on many levels and must be checked

Google CEO Caught Funneling Money To Biden’s White House Employees – OTSP employees were indirectly paid by Eric Schmidt according to Politico

The FDA and CDC pharmacists, physicians, and nurses have violated sacrosanct academic oaths and state licensure obligations to protect their patients’ safety – Will they try the Nuremberg defense of “just following orders?”

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Boosters Stop Boosting After Only 4 Months – Regulators are already hinting that a fourth COVID-19 shot may be necessary

JD Rucker: The FDA and CDC Are Quietly Shifting To A “Three Dose Primary Series” of Covid Jabs – The first booster will now be considered part of the initial vaccination requirements to receive the  label of “fully vaccinated”

A ‘100 Percent’ Vaccinated Cruise Ship Hit With COVID-19 Outbreak – Princess Cruises confirmed that the Ruby Princess reported a COVID-19 outbreak before docking in San Francisco

March 28, 2022

Biden’s Handheld Notecard at Press Conference Reveals His Humiliating Instructions for Handling ‘Tough’ Questions

WSJ: Biden at the Improv: Ukraine and the Dangers of Foreign Policy by Open-Mic What if someone takes seriously his talk of U.S. troop deployments or regime change in Russia?

The GOP Must Promise Inquisitions, Not Meaningless Task Forces – The January 6 committee has crossed a massive line in the sand with its attacks. Republicans need to respond accordingly. Policy task forces just won’t cut it

Google flushes President Trump from its memory banks  – This is insane, pathetic, and yet predictable

Pandemic Lessons Learned: The CDC Versus Natural Immunity – The CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) published on Jan. 28 indicates natural immunity alone provides the best protection

The tragic folly of lockdown – Data on excess deaths show that countries that locked down hard fared no better than those that didn’t

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: When is mRNA not really mRNA? – Gene Therapy, Transhumanism, and the origins of mRNA as a drug or vaccine

JD Rucker: Public School Indoctrination Is Real: A 4th Grade Teacher in Austin Told Her Peers 63% Of Her Class Came out as LGBTQIA+ – There’s no way this would occur without attributing it to either indoctrination or an outright lie

IRS Gave Stimulus Money to Dead People – Even After Error Was Identified

Pelosi Unilaterally Extends Unconstitutional Proxy Voting Scheme Through May 14

The Battle rages over Newsom’s fix for the 51-cent California gas tax

The Supreme Court said Monday it would review a challenge to a California law that set certain conditions for pork sold in the state

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin needs to meet him face-to-face to reach an agreement to end the war

WSJ: Ukraine and Russia Prepare for Talks in Turkey as Russian Missiles Hit Cities – Ukrainian forces fight to recapture territory and brace for renewed Russian attacks as Moscow shifts its focus to Ukraine’s east and south

Biden’s $5.8 Trillion Budget Calls for Funding the Police, Taxing Rich, Countering China

Political Blackmail Empowers the American Left – Less than seven percent of American voters identify as being “very liberal,” yet, thanks to the unbridled use of political blackmail, they have set the agenda since 2009

Hunter Biden’s Laptops Are Now An Active National Security Threat – An urgent concern for the country is the continuing threat to our national security posed by a compromised President Biden

A Liberal Activist Judge ruled Monday that former President Donald Trump “more likely than not” tried to obstruct Congress on January 6, 2021, and that therefore lawyer John Eastman must hand over emails to a House inquiry

A New NBC News Survey Finds Biden Approval at 40 Percent With Loss of Women, Blacks, Independents

NBC Poll: Eight In Ten Americans Worried Biden’s Bumbling Will Lead To NUCLEAR WAR – Biden approval falls to a record low amid Russia regime change call

Biden’s Ad-Libbing Becomes More Dangerous – The Dangers of Off-the-Cuff Foreign-Policy Comments

Abramovich and Ukrainian peace negotiators suffered poisoning symptoms – The alleged attack is believed to have been the work of hard-liners in Moscow attempting to sabotage peace talks

The Joe Biden administration has eliminated United States tariffs on more than 350 products made in China, nearly all of which could be made in the U.S. or other countries

I&I/TIPP Poll: Only 34% Agree Biden Has Lived Up To His Vow To ‘Unify’ All Americans

What Happens After The Midterms When a GOP Majority Can Investigate the Jan. 6 Committee?


Who caused inflation? – The great economist Milton Friedman once stated, “Business people don’t produce inflation for the straightforward reason that they don’t have a printing press in their basement.”

ZeroHedge: The Kremlin Threatens To Halt Supplies As G7 Ministers Reject Their “Unacceptable” Demand To Pay For Gas In Rubles

How Presidents Influence Gas Prices – These are the factors that make up the retail price of gasoline

No, We Won’t Indulge Your Insanity – On trans and much else, National Review bucks the new orthodoxies

Elon Musk May Be About To Develop A ‘Free Speech’ Twitter Alternative – “Am giving serious thought to this”

California Small Businesses are in Dire Straits – Sadly, COVID-19 isn’t solely to blame. as businesses were fleeing or shutting their doors for good, and California’s workforce was shrinking, long before the pandemic

A Former News Executive Reveals the Government ‘Warning’ Given to Networks to Air Covid Propaganda – Adhere to the government’s pandemic narratives or risk consequences such as losing broadcasting licenses and other reprisals

How many COVID booster shots will finally be enough? – Vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna are all in for more boosters as more shots translate into more billions to the company and more C-Suite billionaires

The Totality of California’s Proposed COVID Laws Would be Most Aggressive In the Nation – Taken together, these bills are alarmingly authoritarian

Fauci’s COVID-Origins Allies, the EcoHealth Alliance, Boosted Investment Income by 350% Since Pre-Pandemic Time – This controversial coronavirus-linked firm boosted income by nearly 500 percent in recent years

Robert W. Malone MD, MS: The illusion of Evidence-based Medicine – How the government stopped worrying and learned to love propaganda

Dr. Joseph Mercola: How the Pandemic Was Fabricated – Deaths were initially exaggerated for political — both national and geopolitical — purposes, and now they’re being downplayed for the same reason

March 27, 2022

What Is Biden’s Ukraine Policy? – So far it comes down to speaking loudly but carrying a small stick

Glenn Greenwald: Biden’s Reckless Words Underscore the Dangers of the U.S. Using Ukraine As a Proxy War  – Unintended escalation from miscommunication & misperception can be as bad and Biden is the perfect vessel

Who’s Running the Biden Regime? – Are you sleeping better knowing Joe Biden is your president?

The White House Ordered Not to ‘Destroy Any Evidence’ of ‘Collusion in Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal’

Shutting Canadian Pipeline Would Cost US Consumers $23.7 Billion More in Fuel Costs – The Decision on a pipeline upgrade with a concrete-lined tunnel is pending in the courts

Victor Davis Hanson: The Sheer Madness of Today’s Left – When ideologues demand power but cannot achieve it politically because they are cruel ideologues, expect more of their insanity to follow

The Ketanji Brown Jackson SCOTUS Hearings Typify Our Debased Political Discourse – Serious policy debates aren’t possible if basic terms no longer have commonly accepted meanings

Oscar Night — A Witches’ Sabbath for Conservatives As Fewer and fewer are bothering to watch

Steve Kirsch: A doctor claims the blood of COVID-vaccinated people has a strange artifact he has never seen before… mine included! – The question is, what is that artifact?

Some kids are happy to ditch the mask at school, others struggle with the transition

The FDA Tells Doctors in 8 States to Stop Using COVID-19 Treatment – Sotrovimab, a monoclonal antibody used to treat COVID-19, can no longer be used in CN, ME, MA, NH, NJ NY, RI, and VT

Trump Rally: Matt Gaetz Promises to Nominate President Trump as Speaker of the House in Jan. 2023 to Replace Pelosi

“Over The Next 300 F****** Years”: President Trump Lands Hilarious F-Bomb, Drops Jaws In Rally Speech

Joe Biden’s agenda: The cruelest act against humanity in the modern age – War, supply chain issues, energy shortages, and inflation makes it impossible for poorer nations to pay for equipment, supplies, food, and fertilizer

The Hunter Biden Laptop Whistleblower John Paul Mac Isaac — A Breitbart News Interview

JD Rucker: China & Russia Were Prepared for the Global Economic Crisis They Prompted the West to Initiate – We may never know if the West was complicit or simply fell into the trap, but it doesn’t matter at this point

Russia Is Screwed – In the short to medium term, Russia is fairly screwed. But in the long term, Russia is really screwed

Is This A Manufactured World Crisis? – Few people today ask the most important question about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

ZeroHedge: The Biden Administration’s Nuclear Deal – “This Isn’t Obama’s Iran Deal. It’s Much, Much Worse”

ZeroHedge: What Is Holding U.S. Nuclear Energy Back? – There is a popular misconception about how quickly major capital allocation and operating decisions can be reversed

ZeroHedge: Farmers Are On The Brink – We begin with the price of fertilizer, which has been soaring to record highs across the globe

ZeroHedge: Unbeknown To Most, A Financial Revolution Is Coming That Threatens To Change Everything – Around 90 central banks are either in the process of experimenting with or are already piloting CBDCs

March 26, 2022

The Beau Biden Foundation rakes in millions and spends a fraction of it on kid programs

The Corruption of the Biden Administration Is Now in Plain Sight – There is an inevitable price to pay for tolerating corruption

Biden To Unveil New Minimum Tax Targeting Certain Americans – The ‘Billionaire Minimum Income Tax’ plan under President Biden would establish a 20 percent minimum tax rate on all American households worth more than $100 million

The Economically Illiterate Biden Regime Proposes a Billionaire Tax in Hopes It Will Save Them in the Midterms

The White House walks back Biden’s apparent call for regime change in Russia – The President’s point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region

For Both the Woke and the Un-Woke, Ketanji Brown Jackson Failed the Newspeak Pop Quiz Senator Blackburn Administered

‘Doesn’t Sound Very Balanced’: Elon Musk Hints He May Launch ‘New Platform’ To Take On Twitter

An Interesting Map Showing Countries That Support Western Government Sanction Against Russia vs. Those That Do Not

Sharyl Attkisson: An Emerson College poll shows that Trump beats Biden by 12 pts in a hypothetical 2024 match-up

Fox News Host Jesse Watters Says He’s ‘Hearing’ That Hunter Biden Will Be Indicted

JD Rucker: What if Russia Only Wants Us to THINK Things Are Going Poorly in Ukraine? – Now that we’ve heard the narratives, I’m even more convinced we’re not being told the truth

Victor Davis Hanson on Russia-Ukraine: – What are Vladimir Putin’s goals? Why are the left and corporate media so unified when it comes to Ukraine and how does China’s communist leadership view the war?

JD Rucker: Apple Prepares for The Great Reset With Plans to Make You Rent Your iPhone  – Those who are familiar with The Great Reset may recognize what this really means for the future

The CDC And The Other Three Top Health Agencies Won’t Provide Employee Vaccination Data From 2022 – An appeal questioning whether the CDC properly responded to the FOIA request was lodged and is pending

Sharyl Attkisson: Experts Say Omicron variant likely came from a lab – Scientists examining the virus concluded “vast” genetic mutations likely occurring in a lab setting are what makes it spread so quickly

Judge Tosses Maryland Congressional Map Over ‘Extreme Partisan Gerrymandering’ – The new map left Democrats with an estimated advantage in every single one of the eight congressional districts

How Russia’s War on Ukraine Will Change the World – An assessment of the ongoing conflict and its implications, one month in

Tucker Carlson: Thanks to resident Biden’s policies, we may soon not have enough food

Hunter Biden’s Laptop Emails Reveal He Helped Secure Funds for US Bio Lab Contractor In Ukraine

Ukraine on Fire: A 2016 Documentary by Oliver Stone – Ukraine, being surrounded by greater powers on all sides, had to master the art of changing sides

ZeroHedge: Visualizing The Link Between Soaring Food Prices And Political Instability – The war in Ukraine has had immediate repercussions for food markets due to their role as major exporters of essential agricultural products

ZeroHedge: Where Governments Have The Tightest Grip On The Internet

Steve Kirsch Testifies About The Spike in Deaths Since The Covid Vaccines Rolled out – “This is the biggest killer of mankind and the worst coverup in human history.”


March 25, 2022

California’s big cities are shrinking – Last year the state of California announced its first population decline in state history

An Ex-FBI Agent Admits to Wildly Crooked Action Against Republican Governor but Has Punishment Immediately Suspended

A Federal Judge Sees Trump Winning in 2024: ‘He Could Be A Sitting President Again’ – This could impact whether or not he should turn over his tax returns to Congress

Morning Consult/Politico Poll: If Donald Trump runs for president in 2024 most Republican voters want Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis as his running mate

ZeroHedge: A Map Of Gas Prices Across America As They Reach All-Time Highs

Biden Breaks His Campaign Promise And Reverses Course on His Nuclear Weapons Position

Russia says it has completed the first phase of its military operation in Ukraine and will now focus on the eastern Donbas  – Moscow’s strategy might be shifting due to military losses and a stalled campaign

Ukraine’s Crisis Get More Attention From U.S. Elites Than Their Own Nation’s Border – 200,000 Russians invaded Ukraine, give or take. That same number illegally pours across our southern border every month

Ketanji Brown Jackson Tries a Smooth Explanation for Her Treatment of Child Pornographers, But 1 Word Shuts It Down

Senators Cruz and McConnell reveal their decision on Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination – NO!

Will An Oversupply Of Foreign EV Vehicles And Lack Of Demand Set Off The Next Global Financial Shock?

664 Reports of Myocarditis in 5- to 17-Year-Olds After COVID Shots, VAERS Data Show

The Kansas Senate Votes to Allow Doctors to Prescribe Ivermectin, HCQ for COVID

The Other Reasons Gavin Newsom and CA Dems Won’t Pause the Gas Tax – Along With The Real Reason

Trans Women Are Men And Pretending Otherwise Is Cultural Insanity – There is ZERO scientific evidence to support the notion of gender self-identification

WSJ: The U.S. to Sanction Companies Providing Technology for Russian Military and Intelligence Services

The Inflation Disaster Is Collateral Damage From Lockdowns – The story unfolds over two years but the line of causality is direct

SCOTUS, on Friday, blocked a lower court order that prevented the Navy from regulating the deployment of 35 Navy SEALs and other special operations forces who declined to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

Politico/Morning Consult Poll: A majority of Republicans say they would support former President Trump in the 2024 GOP primary

4 Big Takeaways From The New York Times’s Attempt To Control The Hunter Biden Narrative

The Democrats’ dishonest attacks against Clarence and Ginni Thomas

The US and Allies Have Declared A Hybrid ‘Total War’ on Russia – To destroy, to break, to strangle the Russian economy, and Russia as a whole

Rabobank: This Is The Market’s Worst-Case Scenario – Many things are covered in this treatise

Bloomberg: The Kremlin may be limiting its key Ukraine military objectives to taking full control over the Donbas region

The Biggest Lies (So Far) Surrounding Russia And Ukraine

Biden Can’t Remember Who He’s Talking With, Even When Sitting Right Next To Him – While addressing soldiers in the Army’s 82nd Airborne while in Poland he implied they would be going to Ukraine

Biden Weighs Another SPR Release (Even Though The Last One Backfired Spectacularly)

There’s a Dollar Shortage – Last week the Federal Open Market Committee announced they were embarking on the first tightening cycle since December 2015

4 Big Takeaways From The New York Times’s Attempt To Control The Hunter Biden

SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas Released From Hospital – No details were provided

Trump sues Hillary, her indicted lawyer, James Comey, Christopher Steele, and the DNC – “Under the guise of ‘opposition research, they nefariously sought to sway the public’s trust,” says the lawsuit

Donald Trump Jr. Partners With A Former President Trump’s Spokesperson to Take on BigTech – Their “MxM News” aggregation app is purported to deliver mainstream news without mainstream bias

Ketanji Brown Jackson is facing growing Republican opposition to putting her on the Supreme Court

Mitch McConnell finally has his say about Ketanji Brown Jackson

Violent Crimes Are Up 60% in Los Angeles According to The Latest LAPD Data – There has been an increase in the levels of violence and firearm use during robberies

THE JAMES O’KEEFE PROJECT: ALL IS IN ORDER EDITION – If I were Judge Torres, I would feel that the government has been inexcusably disingenuous and if I were O’Keefe I’d be worried about what comes next

Uncovering the Corona Narrative – Wolf Economic Forum Ernst Wolffs’ answer to the big questions that have plagued all of us

80% of Last Week’s Covid Deaths in Los Angeles County were of Vaccinated Individuals

Brownstone Institute: Fauci Finally Admits Natural Immunity – What’s critical here is his offhand remark about a prior infection that was tossed off as if: “Everyone knows this.” If so, it is no thanks to him, the CDC, or WHO

Why Aren’t The FDA And CDC Informing The Public About Documented Adverse Events After mRNA Injections?

Biology for me but not for thee – Although 5,577 biologists’ scientific opinion was that life began at conception, biologist, University of TX professor Sahotra Sarkarcalled the collective opinion “problematic”

March 24, 2022

WSJ: Ketanji Brown Jackson and ‘Dark Money’ – The Supreme Court nominee’s hearings expose the hypocrisy of Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s crusade against it

Joe Biden’s Stunning Income Jump While His Son Hunter Was On The Board Of Ukraine’s Top Energy Company – Before he left office as VP his combined income with wife Jill was under $400,000. From 2017 to 2019, they amassed over $16 million in wealth

Why Staggering Casualties Have Russia in Dire Straits – The U.K. is predicting that Russian troops could be encircled

Financial Times: The hidden risks of rising rates and high house prices –  Property market trouble could exacerbate other economic headwinds

The Dead Consensus of the Dying Democrats – Their increasing inability to answer basic questions about their positions shows they’ve lost the plot and view everything in terms of who’s being systematically oppressed

Donald Trump’s favorability rating is in much better shape than every national political figure, including those the corporate media spend billions of dollars to protect

Another Loser Lawyer Fails in The Political Pursuit of Trump – His enemies repeatedly misconstrue their fantasies for objective reality

The FBI’s “FAFO” Kidnapping Plot Unravels – Americans want to believe they handle their authority with care, rather than recklessly ruining lives to advance a political agenda, But They Don’t!

First Liberty Constitutional Lawyer: Ketanji Brown Jackson Can’t Uphold Constitution if She Thinks It’s Racist Because Of Her Support For Critical Race Theory

National Association of Realtors: Pending home sales, a leading indicator of the health of the housing market, declined for the fourth straight month

Sharyl Attkisson: Governor DeSantis declares Florida native Emma Weyant winner of women’s 500-yard freestyle over Lia Thomas

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Ten Lives That Were Changed Forever Because Of COVID Shots

CDC Data: COVID-19 Infection Rate in Ages 5–11 the Same for Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

95% of Committee Members Advising on U.S. Dietary Guidelines, Amounting To Nearly $100 Billion Annually, Had Ties to Big Pharma, And Big Food

Homelessness Is Not About Housing – Michael Shellenberger skewers the Left’s narrative on homelessness and urban disorder

The US unveils fresh sanctions on Russia targeting defense companies and hundreds of lawmakers – Sanctions come during pivotal Biden, NATO summit

WSJ: Biden Calls for Russia to Be Expelled From G-20 and pledges the U.S. to take up to 100,000 refugees, increases aid to Ukraine at gatherings for NATO, G-7, and EU

Victor David Hanson: The Real ‘Reset’ Is Coming – President Joe Biden believes the Ukraine war will mark the start of a “new world order.” 

A Russian Warship Featured in Propaganda Goes Up in Flames After Ukrainians Strike

For some reason, Russia is not taking General Mark Milley’s phone calls

Joe Biden Braces America for The Great Reset: “About Food Shortage… It’s Gonna Be Real”

Trying Trump by Resignation Letter Is Disgraceful – The leaked judgments of a dissenting Manhattan prosecutor can’t be allowed to negate the presumption of innocence to which every American is entitled

Donald Trump filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and other key players in the Russiagate controversy, charging they conspired to create a “false narrative” when they tied his 2016 campaign to Russia

The No-Fly Debate – We have been there before. Repeatedly

Democrats Propose Inflationary Bill To Offset Inflation – Everyone Gets $100 A Month

Bidenomics Drags America Deeper Into Its Post-COVID Morass  – The Heritage Foundation’s 2022 Index of Economic Freedom shows us where America stands

Democrats Need COVID to Stay in Power – They  trade in multi-category victimhood and create taxpayer-funded Government programs to “cure” the problems they’ve identified and hyped for each group of victims

SUPREME COURT: A Big “No” On Ketanji Brown Jackson – Jackson was selected because she was, 1) African-American, 2) a woman, and (most important of all) 3) a leftist.

Tucker savages Ketanji Brown Jackson, transgenderism, and tech tyranny

America’s Great Constitutional System: How to Fix What the Woke and Progressives Have Corrupted  – Nothing will improve unless Congress rejects its cowardly ways and again lives up to its constitutional responsibilities

Power Trip: “Dr.” Jill Biden’s Petty, Two-Tier System In The White House

Iran Nuclear Deal 2.0 – It’s Even Worse Than the First One

The White House Says The US To Welcome Up To 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees

The White House Says The US To Welcome Up To 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees

The Biden Administration Is Cooking The Books On Illegal Immigrant Arrests

CEOs of 10 major airlines and cargo operators including American, Southwest, JetBlue, and FedEx tell Biden to DROP ‘outdated’ mask mandates

Brain Threat From COVID Vaccines – Evidence accumulates of potential and actual damage to the human brain caused by the mRNA COVID vaccines

4 Teens Charged with Murder After Carjacking of Elderly Woman Takes Disastrous Turn After She Was Dragged Down The Street

March 23, 2022

Before Going to War, Consider Who’s in Charge – Let’s not go charging into the valley of death with our junto of fatuous fanatics in command

Biden Supreme Court Nominee Says She Does Not ‘Quite Remember the Basis’ for Massive SCOTUS Decision


The Supreme Court Decision on Redistricting Leaves Democrats Reeling

Uranium, oil, and technology: How Russia got stronger as the Biden’s and Clinton’s got richer

Democrats plot to halt our inflated gas prices by printing more money – They don’t seem to ever learn Econ 101, do they!

Joe’s Little Big Guy – Apparently Hunter’s story wasn’t Fit To Print until now, well out of the shadow of the 2020 election

Obama’s 3rd Term and the Destruction of the American Polity – An attempt to sabotage federalism in favor of a vast federal bureaucracy along with regulations and laws produced and upheld by a cadre of antisocial, power-mad elitists

The Pre K-12 School Where Judge Jackson Sits on Board Pushes Cultural Marxism on Kids

ZeroHedge – “Gas Stations Will Run Dry” – A Catastrophic Scenario For Diesel Is Emerging According To World’s Biggest Energy Traders

Climate change: An Ideologically Driven Movement – In the mid-1970s, scientists and the media overwhelmingly supported global cooling with the same vigor

WSJ: Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Worsens, as Biden Heads to Europe – The U.N. chief calls war unwinnable and decries Russia’s assault on the Ukrainian city of Mariupol

The underdog bites back – Ukraine mounts a counteroffensive to thwart Russian advance on Kyiv

Biden’s Colossal Misreading of Putin’s Motivations in Ukraine – He is following the Russian “grand narrative” of war  that glories in the heroic fighting of its brave soldiers and civilians in the face of hardship and the drudgery and horror of war

A secret plan for a “Peacekeeping Mission” involving 10,000 NATO troops from different countries to enter Ukraine and impose a limited no-fly zone is allegedly being prepared by the Polish government

ZeroHedge: Russia To Demand “Hostile States” Pay In Rubles For Gas – Putin also said that Russia will continue supplying contracted volumes, will only change the payment currency

What Is A Social Credit System And How Scary Is It? – We Can Look To China For Some Answers – “The social credit system is an important part of the Socialist market economy system and the social governance system

CBDC Caution: A central-bank-issued digital dollar could enable a dark future – China has pioneered the development of a CBDC and even begun putting it into limited circulation and testing its cross-border functionality

A Tech Crash: What’s Next? – Profitable vs. unprofitable tech and Chines tech

Conservative Vs Progressive And Left Vs Right – There’s A World Of Difference

First, They Came For Our Cars – A pair of principles that drive the political left, never letting a crisis go to waste, and using prior acts of government-imposed restraints to gradually but methodically steal liberty

ZeroHedge: Lithium Prices Have Nearly Doubled In 2022 Amid An Insane Commodity Rally – The energy transition is driving the next commodity super-cycle

ZeroHedge: Peter Schiff Warns, Beware Of Gold Scams –  Gold is an important part of an investment portfolio, but when buying gold, you don’t want to overpay and you need to be on the lookout for scams

Vitamin D and The Human Immune System – Generally Vitamin D is essential to human immune function and for adequate production of many of the body’s hormones and we need it to survive

March 22, 2022

The Coming Disaster – America is waking up, but slowly. It’s two years until the next presidential election. Welcome to the most dangerous two years in American history

Hunter Biden to be indicted – His laptop reveals president Biden is compromised

Sharyl Attkisson: The White House counsel is silent on Joe Biden’s use of private email to his son Hunter

January 6 Defendant Couy Griffin Found Guilty on One Charge and Acquitted of Other – “If I was anywhere except DC, I would say, Go with a jury trial as you can’t get a fair jury trial in DC if you’re someone like me, a strong conservative”

Government Controlled Central Bank Digital Currency: An Extinction-Level Threat Against Liberty – By definition, they are programmable and would be a horrible example of how technology can enslave mankind in a Utopian nightmare

Biden’s Supreme Court nominee refuses to define the term ‘woman’ – “Can you provide a definition?” Jackson responded. “No, I can’t.” “You can’t?” Blackburn asked. “Not in this context,” Jackson said. “I’m not a biologist”

Ketanji Brown Jackson Has Absolutely No Idea When Human Life Begins – “Um, I Don’t Know”

Ketanji Brown Jackson Calls Illegal Aliens ‘Noncitizens’ in her Senate Hearing

Ketanji Brown Jackson Refuses To Weigh In On Packing The Supreme Court With Judges

Seven Times The Babylon Bee Reported History Before It Happened – #7, Anything Leftists Disagree with Is Violence (And Will Get You De-platformed)

A Reporter Posts A Video of Trying to Charge His Tesla To Show Why Electric Cars Won’t Quickly Solve The Gas Issue – Who needs the laws of physics, economics, infrastructure, or plain old common sense?

Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff: The current scientific paradigm needs to change to lessen reliance on journals and major funding entities such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) – “The scientific structures are broken”

Why Some People Won’t Get Infected, Even After The Covid Virus Was Injected Directly Into Their Noses

Bill Maher Says Democrats Are Causing ‘Exodus’ from California – “There’re Too Many People with Their Hand Out”

Disney Launching Task Force to Make More LGBTQ+ Content for Children and Families

Secret Service Agent Testifies on Mike Pence’s Location on January 6 – Said she was with Pence, his wife, and their daughter when they were evacuated from the U.S. Capitol building

Former AG William Barr argued the efforts of former intelligence officials to cast doubt on Hunter Biden laptop revelations, suggesting Russia involvement, “probably affected the outcome” of the 2020 presidential race

The Redesigned Iran Nuclear Deal Faces Bipartisan Hesitancy – Even Democrats are hedging their bets

Trump Was Right: The Political Establishment Is Utterly Corrupt – The media got swept up in lies on the Hunter Biden scandal

Biden says the quiet part out loud – He doesn’t know his limitations, he’s headstrong, and he’s garrulous, so is prone to spilling the beans on New World Order plans when he’s been briefed about the schemes they are implementing

The Democrats’ radical undemocratic agenda – The Congressional Progressive Caucus released a document outlining policies Democrats failed Congress to pass and now want Biden to use presidential power alone to implement them

HOW TO MAKE CRIME VANISH – Just stop collecting and reporting crime data!

The NCAA Swimming Championship Was a National Scandal – At this year’s NCAA swimming championships, organizers allowed a biological male, Lia Thomas, to compete against female athletes based on transgender status

8 Joe Biden Scandals Inside Hunter Biden’s MacBook That Corporate Media Just Admitted Are True

JD Rucker: The NY Times Admitted the Truth About Hunter Biden Because They Know Something Is About to Happen – Most likely it’s an indictment of Hunter Biden for tax evasion and possibly for money laundering

Pressure Is Mounting On Joe Biden After The NYT Acknowledges Hunter Biden’s Laptop – Now that it has been confirmed, his administration, and others, are refusing to answer questions about it

Porn star Stormy Daniels is ordered to pay Trump $300,000 in legal fees after the court rejected her appeal in the failed defamation suit she brought

Study: Medical Marijuana Leads to Addiction And Not Shown to Be Effective – Activists use the drug’s alleged medical benefits to lobby for legalized recreational use

The lady should answer a few key questions – Don’t expect anyone to appear out of the blue with a story about what Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson did when she was 17 or some crazy college parties that she went to

Senator Chuck Grassley Nails Democrats for Hiding Records on Ketanji Brown Jackson – When she was the vice-chair of the U.S. Sentencing Commission under Barack Obama during the period 2010 to 2014

Senators Signal The Three Issues That Will Define The Ketanji Brown Jackson SCOTUS Nomination Hearings

A Trump-Hating Backer of Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee Is Married to the Top January 6 Prosecutor – Fatima and Matthew Graves are an example of how high-powered interests in DC seek retribution against their political foes

Zelensky Calls for Direct Talks With Putin and Says Ukrainians Must Vote on Terms of Peace Deal

10 Reasons to Question the “Putin vs Davos” Narrative – All we can do is look at the facts and try to piece together a picture of what may be happening, and when we do, it’s rather clear that the “Putin vs Davos” narrative fails to hold up

The Ukrainian Bio-labs Are Linked to The EcoHealth Alliance That Helped Create and Unleash COVID-19

ZeroHedge: Rabobank Is Seeing A Struggle For A New World Order – We are talking about future price controls, rationing, barter, countertrade, and offsetting

Ukraine,  the Great Reset Laboratory of the Global Tech Elite – In the middle of a war, Ukraine has been stealthily working hard on being the first nation to implement virtually all the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset key hallmarks

Joe Rogan Exposes The West’s Complete 180 Turn On “Corrupt” Ukraine – “They were talking about the massive corruption of Ukraine and now, all of a sudden, they’re looking at it like they’re heroic allies against the Russian scourge”

Microsoft Legal Documents Show The Biden DOJ Was Spying on Project Veritas Journalists – They Hit This From A Federal Court Judge

THE O’KEEFE PROJECT: SURVEILLANCE EDITION – The SDNY first obtained a warrant and grand jury subpoena for documents from Microsoft in November 2020, some two weeks after the election

ZeroHedge: Soft-Landing Chances Are Slipping Away According To Bonds – “Every Fed hiking cycle in the fiat high debt era has led to some kind of financial crisis somewhere across the world”

Peter Schiff: The Fed Will Raise Rates… Until It Can’t – The Fed will raise rates as many times as it can without hurting the economy, hopefully, without crashing the markets

ZeroHedge: Goldman Sachs Now Sees The Fed Hiking 50bps In May And June, A First Since 1994

ZeroHedge: This Is April 2020 But In Reverse – One Bank Warns We Are About To Witness A Historic Short Squeeze Eruption In Oil

Free stuff for the homeless doesn’t work out the way Oakland’s ‘tiny houses’ advocates thought it would – A fire followed by an explosion Monday morning incinerated three tiny-home shelters at a city-run transitional-housing site

There’s a cultural revolution occurring in America’s legal system – Last week more than 100 Yale law students made it impossible for someone with the “Alliance Defending Freedom”, to speak (ironically enough) about free speech

The Handling Of COVID Proves Politicizing Everything Breaks Everything – It’s time we confront our leaders

It’s time to stop viewing Disney as family-friendly – One creepy thing about Disney is the number of their stars who were sexually abused or exploited, whether by Disney employees or by other people in their orbit during their Disney years

COVID mandates causing first responder shortages – The LA County the Board of Supervisors recently authorized the county administrator to fire 4,000 sheriff’s deputies for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19

New Taxpayer-Funded Ads Push COVID Shots for Young Kids – The advertising campaign features leading healthcare professionals urging parents to vaccinate their young children against COVID

March 21, 2022

Invasion of the Fact-Checkers – Who are you going to believe, the Democrat Party’s new official-unofficial, public-private monopoly tech platform censorship brigade, or your own misinformed, disinformed eyes?

Trump is Still Not Using His Own Social Media App a Full Month After Its Launch – He has reportedly complained about the fumbled rollout of TRUTH

There are more VAERS-reported vaccine-related deaths in our military than deaths due to COVID

Rasmussen Poll: Forget Red Waves, We’re Talking Red Landslides, Everywhere – If the election were held today, 50 percent of likely voters would choose the Republican candidate compared with 39 percent for the Democrat

Who Is Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson? – Easily confirmed, a scenario that seems likely, the American people still have the right to know the kinds of jurists the Biden administration is seeking to appoint

JD Rucker: Biden Confirms He’s a Puppet of His Globalist Masters – You’re a supposed conspiracy theorist if you think our leaders believe in a “New World Order” of a globalist government, yet time and again, they admit it

China has fully militarized at least three of the islands that the regime built in the disputed South China Sea, says Admiral Aquilino, commander the of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command

A Chinese state-run company linked to Hunter Biden recently partnered with Saudi Arabia’s leading petroleum and natural gas company to collaborate on energy production

Russia Deploys Weapon That Can Melt Internal Organs and Flash Burn Anything Within 300 Yards – Thermobaric rockets that are fired from a weapon known as the TOS-1A Solntsepek

A Military Defense Expert Spots A Massive Issue with Russia’s Trucks Indicating The War Could Be About to Change

Komsomolskaya Pravda, a pro-Kremin outlet, claimed that 9,861 Russian soldiers had died in the country’s invasion of Ukraine and that 16,153 had been injured

WSJ: EU Support Grows for a Russia Oil Ban Over The Ukraine War – As Moscow’s assault continues with no peace deal in sight, European capitals consider a move that was once off the table

The Kremlin Reveals Why Russia Won’t Observe Ceasefire Amid Talks With Ukraine – “Any pause is used by the nationalist units to regroup and is used to continue attacks against the Russian military”

The Russian campaign in Ukraine is stalled, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin proclaimed while suggesting that Moscow’s forces are continuing to take heavy losses

Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Joe Biden’s recent comments about Russian President Vladimir Putin have strained ties between the two countries to “the verge of breaking”

Biden on track to boost Iranian oil and impede Israeli gas exports to Europe – This feeds concerns among experts that his administration rewards foes and punishes friends in the Middle East

Stagflation: Economists expect elevated inflation and declining GDP growth – The majority of surveyed economists do not agree with many of Biden’s major spending items

The FDA Schedules Meeting on Additional COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters For April 6th

Video Flashback: Pre-Election Day On 60 Minutes – Trump Nails The Hunter Biden Story, And Leslie Stahl Lies Big-Time

FLASHBACK: MSNBC, CNN, and CBS told their viewers the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation as Liberal pundits were quick to label the laptop “unverifiable,” “disinformation,” and “disgusting”

Former CIA Covert Operations Officer: No one in the media, government or intelligence community has apologized or taken responsibility for claiming the story was a “Russian plant”


The January 6 Suicide Victim Was Told “He Would Not Receive a Fair Trial in This Town” – Matthew L. Perna’s aunt and federal lawmakers sound the alarm on the treatment of January 6 defendants and detainees

A Great Reset Is Already Underway In Utah Via A Mega-Shift In The Metadata Trade – For Western oligarchs, the Sino model means better control, hegemony, and wealth concentration

Canada Government Data: Triple-Vaxxed More Than 5 Times Likely to Die of Covid – Fewer people are paying attention to the jabs or Pandemic Theater thanks to the redirection of attention to Ukraine. Could this be why they shifted?

Coroner: A Woman Died of Rare Brain Bleed After Getting A COVID-19 Vaccination

Dr. Bhattacharya: Fauci’s Comparison of The Great Barrington Declaration Authors to AIDS Deniers Is Utterly Shocking

WSJ: The U.S. Sending Soviet Air Defense Systems It Secretly Acquired to Ukraine – The Pentagon over the years has acquired Soviet equipment as part of a clandestine program, and now such weapons are going to Ukraine

Ukraine Sees Signs of Belarus Planning ‘Direct Invasion – Belarus shares a lengthy border with Ukraine and is a Putin Ally

JD Rucker: Zelensky’s Martial Law Moves Show A Huge Disconnect Between the image Being Portrayed Of Him And The Reality Of His Actions – Something Is Amiss


Why we should all care that ‘Yankee Wally’ was yanked off YouTube – This small YouTube channel, with only 47,000 subscribers, covered matters of significance to the United Kingdom, specifically the line of succession

I&I/TIPP POLL: Are You Better Off Than A Year Ago? – By 4-To-1, Americans Say “No!”

March 20, 2022

Victor David Hanson: Conspirators in Their Own Words – Noble left-wing ends always justify their odious means, in this case by projecting their conspiracist efforts by smearing others who are innocent as conspiracists

Perception Matters: Why Didn’t Putin Invade Under Trump? – Liberals loved to attack Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump as warmongers. Whether in Moscow or Tehran, that image made an impression

Joe Biden’s War – The fate of the world is in the hands of a man who is literally and demonstrably weak-willed and a mentally disabled dimwit

Ukraine President Zelensky announces a ban on 11 political parties claiming the opposition parties have ties to Russia

There Is No Peace in Sight for Ukraine – Putin means to continue the war until Zelensky’s government is toppled and a pro-Russian government is installed in its place

United Nations: Over 3.3 million have fled Ukraine since the war broke out. and nearly 6.5 million people have been internally displaced

Russia’s hypersonic Kinzhal missile strike claim is a dud, defense experts say – “I would not see it as a game-changer,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said of the alleged launch

Fauci: The US Not Likely to See Surge From New COVID-19 Subvariant

Journalists, or PR Agents? – Why science reporters don’t report fairly on the origins of Covid-19

COVID Lockdown Mania vs the People – Unfortunately, the suffering continues in the form of PTSD and addiction

WSJ: Petty Thieves Plague San Francisco and “These Last Two Years Have Been Insane” – Small-business owners have been hit particularly hard by additional security and repair costs

Joe Biden’s Choleric New COVID Czar – Dr. Ashish K. Jha is a vicious enforcer of establishment coronavirus orthodox

WHAT MOTHERS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE COVID “VACCINES” FOR CHILDREN – Most healthy infants and children with COVID disease either have no symptoms or much milder symptoms than adults, which last about a week

JD Rucker: There’s a Shocking Correlation Between Getting Vaxxed and Pushing for War With Russia – The sheer numbers truly took me by surprise

Midterm Elections Could Shake California as Citizens Respond to Crime Wave – Where California will play host to at least eight key U.S. House races

Putin sends a chilling message with his use of a hypersonic missile in Ukraine – He is ruthless, cold-blooded, and is willing to use weapons for which we have no adequate defense

Ukraine: Zelensky Uses Martial Law to Ban His Main Opposition Party In A Crackdown on “Division”

WSJ: The Pentagon’s Work With Ukraine’s Biological Facilities Becomes A Flashpoint in Russia’s Information War – Moscow falsely accuses the U.S. of funding biowarfare in Ukraine despite the Kremlin once benefiting from the program

The New York Times Signals the End of Biden’s Road – The difference between a conspiracy theory and “so it happened, get over it” is about six months

WH Press Secretary Psaki Rushes to Shut Down Reporter Who Brought Up Hunter Biden: “I Think We’re Done Here!”

What if we just stop producing fossil fuels? – Implementing a Green New Deal without a viable master plan is a fool’s folly

The White House goes back to well on COVID funding as critics question plans – The WH asks Congress to approve $15.6 billion in new COVID-19 spending, making the case in a March 3rd document titled “Meeting Urgent Needs”

March 19, 2022

The DOJ Claimed Kamala Harris and VP Pence Were in the Capitol on Jan 6 During the So-Called Riots – It Turns Out that Likely Neither Was the Case

Economist, Harvard Professor: I Haven’t Seen Any ‘Serious Support’ for Biden’s Claim Oil Companies Are Profiteering

Russia Uses Hypersonic Ballistic Missiles in Ukraine for the First Time To Destroy Ukrainian Military Assets

Russia’s Flawed Victory Vision – The Russian-Ukrainian divergence goes way back and try as he criminally might Putin cannot rewrite history

Ukraine’s Baby Farms – Europe’s poorest country has a large surrogacy industry and is one of the relatively few countries that offer surrogacy services to foreigners, and the questions it raises are only heightened by this war

The Hunter Biden Disinformation Campaign – It wasn’t Russian propaganda, it was Democrats and the media trying to hide the truth

The American People Will Not Stand for a Submissive Iran Deal – Bumbling Biden may not be able to pull off what a smooth-talking Obama could

Biden’s Handlers Are Preparing to Eject Him, Along With Kamala – They must replace him, otherwise, they risk being replaced, which would be intolerable

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Data Reveal Disturbing Trend From COVID Jab – COVID-19 Shots Are Affecting Fertility

Dr. Collins, A Top NIH Official, Was Blindsided by The First Questions His Great Barrington Declaration Takedown’ Email

Swim Parents: “Inclusion” For Lia Thomas Tramples Inclusion For Our Biologically “Female” Daughters

A Viral Twitter Poll Demolishes Joe Biden With 85% Of Responders Giving Him An “F” – While the results of the poll were epic, the comments were almost as goo

WSJ: The Month Companies United Against Russia’s War – After the Ukraine invasion, CEOs moved with unusual speed and a sense of collective action to evacuate employees, shut factories, and rewrite the rules

I guess that’s why people don’t trust corporate media anymore – Because they saw how the media performed in 2020 and believe that the scales were tipped to protect Biden

Hunter Biden’s emails expose the Big Tech threat to truth and democracy

Biden And Ukraine: Do We Not See The Corruption? – Maybe wagging the tail of that Ukrainian dog wasn’t such a bright idea after all

What Can Republicans Do about Biden’s Russia-Engineered Iran Nuclear Deal II? – If they can illuminate the risks of engaging in commerce with our Iranian nemesis, many businesses will decide those risks are not worth taking

China May Find That Taiwan Is A Hard Nut To Crack – They would be facing the armed forces of ASEAN plus American and British forces currently in the region

Decision Time: Green Energy Or Starvation? – The intellectuals in DC did not factor in the hunger of humanity when the plan was created to divert attention from their political miscalculations at home

How today’s ‘Diversity’ damages our military – We have moved the goalposts to a place where equal racial and gender outcomes determine the final score

Connecting The Numerous Dots On COVID-19 – The origin of SARS-CoV-2 is yet to be definitively resolved, nevertheless the following facts are indisputable and raise many questions

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: PUTIN US ON EDITION – Everything used to be Donald Trump’s fault, but now everything is Putin’s fault

March 18, 2022

WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki Spars with New York Post Reporter Asking About Hunter’s Laptop From Hell and The Biden Crime Family’s Deals with Russian Oligarchs

Biden blames Putin for high gas prices — Here is the timeline that proves it’s his fault

The House of Representatives Gives President Authority to ‘Sanction Virtually Anyone, Anywhere In The World’ in Russia Sanctions Bill

Spies who lie: 51 ‘intelligence’ experts refuse to apologize for discrediting true Hunter Biden story – They are the supposed nonpartisan group of top spies looking out for the best interest of the nation

ZeroHedge: Mail Voting And Election Legitimacy – Although a feature of elections in some parts of the US for years, the phenomenon of mail-in-ballot voting exploded in the 2020 presidential election

Rasmussen Reports: “The 2022 midterm elections are now 235 days away and Republicans have an 11-point lead in their bid to recapture control of Congress”

The New York Times Admits That America Has a Free Speech Problem – “Many on the left refuse to acknowledge that cancel culture exists at all,” laments the paper

What’s Happening in Ukraine? – If we don’t stop Putin indirectly in Ukraine, we might well have to face him on the battlefield

ZeroHedge: A Recent History Of US Sanctions On Russia – When a direct military confrontation is off the table, how should countries respond to acts of foreign aggression?

ZeroHedge: Russia Pipeline Gas Flows To China Have Increased Since The Ukraine War Began

ZeroHedge: The Dominance Of The U.S. Dollar Is Fading Right Before Our Eyes – Saudi Arabia, has reportedly embraced the idea of accepting Yuan instead of dollars for Chinese oil sales

ZeroHedge: All The World’s Military Personnel, Mapped – Between ongoing armed conflicts to the building of defenses preemptively, many countries have amassed significant militaries to date

One-Third of ‘Ukrainian Refugees’ Arriving in France Are Not Ukrainian – They include people from Algeria, the Ivory Coast, Morocco, Indians, Kyrgyzstan, the Congo, Cameroon, Pakistan, Nigeria, and China

Dr. Peter McCullough: One mRNA, One Spike Protein, and Unlimited Ways to Die – In the first 90 days of public use, there were reports of 1,223 deaths yet they did not report this to the public or pull the product off the market

Fauci Is Considering Retirement And Will Receive The Largest Federal Retirement Package in History

The longest-serving US congressman Don Young dies at age 88 midair on a flight from LA to Seattle – The Alaska representative served his state for 25 years and had filed for reelection

Sharyl Attkisson: Pilots from ten commercial airlines, representing six states, are suing to block a fourth extension of requiring mandatory masking on flights, citing personal health concerns and aviation safety issues

Their Mind Control and Your Great Reset – There’s an old saying that what you don’t know can’t hurt you, but in our world today, what you don’t can hurt you and it is

ZeroHedge: 6 Years Of Being Manipulated By Manufactured Waves Of Outrage – Once corporate media identifies a trigger, it focuses on it for weeks or months on end, as that frenzy is used to move certain agendas forward

483 More Deaths After Taking COVID Vaccines Reported to VAERS, as Pfizer and Moderna Push for More Boosters

ZeroHedge: Credit Agencies To Remove “Tens Of Billions Of Dollars” In Medical Debt From Reports Due To Covid – The CFPB says that, currently, $88 billion in medical bills is spread across 43 million credit reports

“2nd Is Now The New First Place” – The Athlete Who Came in 2nd After Competing Against Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas

Duck-Duck-Gone? – Where can users find a search engine that both respects their privacy and rejects censorship?

Russia’s Long-Term Threat to the West = Eastern Europe Is Likely to Have Tense Borders for Generations

The US Move Against Russian Gold Reserves May Signal An Impending Monetary Reset –  Along with recent comments by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell are bringing this possibility into the spotlight

The International Energy Agency Calls for Urgent Restrictions on Domestic Oil Supplies – The IEA issued a 10-point plan to drive “changes in the behavior of consumers” and reduce gas demand at the pump

Why California has the highest gas prices in the nation – A unique combination of emission regulations, higher gas taxes, and the Golden State’s status as a “fuel island”

Turbulence for U.S. Domestic Travel as Biden Inflation Ramps Airline Ticket Prices – Ticket prices could increase between five and 10 percent in coming weeks as oil costs continue to climb

Pelosi and Buttigieg Want to Solve Inflation With, You Guessed It, More Spending – Pelosi recently brought “Build Back Better” up again when discussing ways to bring down inflation

Six Bullets That Explain The Russia Collusion Hoax’s Plot To Take Down Trump – These basics provide all the information needed to understand SpyGate and to see why it far surpasses the Watergate scandal

Motoring may be set to see a Great Reset in 2035 as the German government announces they want an EU-wide ban on the sale of gas and diesel cars

The CDC Removes 24% of Child COVID-19 Deaths, Plus Thousands of Others – “Data on deaths were adjusted after resolving a coding logic error,” the CDC says on its website

Anthony Fauci Talks Retirement As Demands For His Resignation Grow This Week – “I Can’t Stay at This Job Forever”

JD Rucker: Is Zelensky The New Fauci? –  I’m not convinced that he’s not just a “New Word Order” pawn with Klaus Schwab and George Soros pulling his strings

THE POST COMPUTES ON THE NYT – All The News That’s Fit To Print…..Once Joe Biden Is Elected

Merrick Garland Has Turned the Department of Justice into a Left-Wing Blog – Biden’s Justice Department is now all lefty politics all of the time

In the latest Rasmussen Reports “Presidential Tracking Poll,” 60% said they disapproved of the president, while 38% said they approved

Another sign the Democrat establishment fears DeSantis more than Trump – Thomas B. Edsall’s Latest Column

Three Ways That Most “Conservative” News Outlets Are Compromised – We have to fight against corporate conservative media sites that guide patriots in the wrong direction

THE MADNESS OF VLAD THE INHALER – Putin is willing to destroy Ukraine to express his love for the Russian people

The US Must Face an Existential Threat, but It’s Not Climate Change – Oil was likely a factor in the Russian risk analysis that led to Russia’s war with Ukraine

United Nations: UN: Over 3.2 million refugees have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion began

Biological weapons of mass destruction – How the government manipulated people during the COVID-19 pandemic may also give us some insight into the reasons Biolabs exist

Bari Weiss: The Disinformation Edition – Hunter Biden’s laptop,  Lia Thomas’s win,  Melting Teddy Roosevelt……. And more

Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, apparently has a soft spot for child predators

An NHS hospital in Britain told police that the rape of a woman on one of their single-sex wards by a trans patient “could not have happened” as there was “not a male” at the scene

Transgender Confusions – A series of court rulings illustrate how bad ideas travel from fringe academic theory into law and policy

Tennis icon Martina Navratilova said that transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, a biological man living as a woman, should have an “asterisk” next to his name

Regarding Mitt Romney – His latest betrayal came during a Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing on Tuesday

March 17, 2022

Biden’s Low-Energy Policy – The long-term danger in the president’s antipathy to fossil fuels

HOOVER INSTITUTION: A Short Course In Oil Economics – It’s time to look at some basic facts about oil prices and oil markets

Biden’s Low-Energy Policy – The long-term danger in the president’s antipathy to fossil fuels

Jen Psaki Is Suddenly Tight-Lipped About Hunter Biden’s Emails After The New York Times Finally Confirms It

The New Hampshire House Passes Bill Allowing Pharmacists to Dispense Ivermectin Without a Prescription

The New York Times Confirms The Legitimacy of Hunter Biden’s Laptop

WSJ: House Passes Legislation to End Normal Trade Relations With Russia – The measure could result in higher tariffs on some imports from Russia and Belarus

Foreign nationals traveling to aid Ukraine’s war effort are reportedly being duped into signing indefinite service contracts – Ukraine’s Army denies such allegations, but fails to provide contrary evidence

Five Quick Things: The Lies of the Times – The Left learns some things you already knew about Hunter’s laptop, Randi Weingarten’s IQ, and more

Will the Next J6 Trial Expose Another Justice Department Lie? – Lies related to the whereabouts of VP Harris and former VP Pence on January 6 are coming to the fore

House Democrats Just Blocked the American Energy Independence from Russia Act – As a first step the bill that would have restarted the Keystone XL Pipeline, ensuring America’s energy independence

Another Young Star Is Sidelined With A Blood Clot and Nobody’s Looking at the Jabs as the  Cause – How many of these incidents, including deaths, need to occur before enough people demand to know the truth about these so-called Covid-19 “vaccines”?

Biden’s New COVID Coordinator Wants Vaccine Passports – Claims “We Aren’t Anywhere Near The End of This Pandemic”

A Federal Judge Dismisses Felony Obstruction Charge in Second Jan. 6 Case in 8 Days

Four Disney World employees have been arrested in a six-day undercover sting by the Polk County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office

Fauci Has Vanished from the Face of the Earth – Fauci’s time is up, he should have been yanked off the stage months ago

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is spending at least $1 million a month to build his social media empire, with 2 apps he hopes will rival YouTube and Facebook – Frank Social and Frank Speech

Will Joe Biden Oversee The Collapse Of The U.S. Dollar? – It’s vital to think through the consequences of the dollar losing its status as the world’s reserve currency

Almost Two Years After The 2020 Election, The New York Times Discovers Hunter Biden’s Laptop And That Corruption Investigations Are Real

Victor Davis Hanson: 10 Realities of Ukraine – We should not rehash the past but learn from it and thereby ensure Vladimir Putin is defeated now and deterred in the future

The number of Russian troops killed three weeks into Moscow’s war on Ukraine has reached 14,000, according to the Ukrainian military

How Zelensky Plans to Counterattack to Win the War – Putin should be shaking in his boots

Zelensky Outlines Demands for Ukraine–Russia Negotiations

If Russia is “The Enemy,” then why is it making bank on Biden’s beloved Iran deal? – Among other things

The Saudis Are Right to Leave Biden Out to Dry – His lack of consistency when it comes to Saudi Arabia is dumb and dangerous

The FBI’s Key Russia-Gate Spy Made Bizarre Resume Claims – Given the secret nature of his work, it is not surprising that Stefan Halper’s exact role in these scandals is still debated by insiders and historians

How much of your money is the government blowing? – To start with, $200 billion or more in suspected COVID-19 assistance fraud

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Ivermectin Decreases Mortality – While widely vilified as useless, dangerous, or both, studies have repeatedly demonstrated its usefulness against COVID-19

Vitamin D vs Infections, Part 1 of 5  – The immune system vs SARS-CoV-2, (Part 1), vitamin D’s role in innate immunity (Part 2), adaptive immunity (Parts 3-4), and dosing (Part 5)

Free speech and media power – Can you be heard? No, you can’t. Therefore, you are politically irrelevant

Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Record on Sex Offenders Raises Concerns in the Senate

Carbon-Free Nuclear Power – There are now 93 nuclear reactors in 56 plants that are located in 28 states

U.S. intelligence officials are bracing for a massive influx of more than 170,000 migrants at the Mexico border if COVID-era policies that allow instant expulsions during the public health emergency are ended

March 16, 2022

Wall Street analyst: COVID vaccines are the greatest fraud in history –  This is a loss of trust in all institutions

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on March 16 that World War III may have already started amid the Russia–Ukraine conflict.

A Proposed ‘Fifteen Point Peace Plan’ in The Russia-Ukraine War Is a Total Defeat for Putin, but Zelensky Is Biding His Time

Team Biden Runs the Syria Playbook on Ukraine – Their horror over Putin’s war is not just performative, but also functional in the service of realigning with Iran

Bari Weiss: Things Worth Fighting For – What we can learn from President Zelensky

A Ukrainian Counterattack Leaves Russian Helicopter Fleet in Smoldering Ruins

The Fed Raises Interest Rates for The First Time Since 2018 to Fight Inflation –  Federal officials project six more rate increases this year

It Is The Season To Deal With RINOs! – The battle for conservatism will be won or lost in the primary elections, which occur weeks or months before the general

Dr. Joseph Mercola: According To A UK Government Report, 9 in 10 COVID Deaths Are in Vaccinated People

Adam Carolla Offers A Disturbing Explanation For The Government’s Masking of Kids – “Crate Training, so before they learn how to be brave, they’re being broken and trained to be fearful”

Dr. Mathew Maavak: The Depopulation Blueprint – Viruses, Vaccines, VAIDS and WW3

The CDC Warns They Would Lose Access to Key Data If The Emergency Declaration Ends

Corey Diggs: 2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training for PreK-Adults Already Global with Billions in Funding for Full Control – Part 9: Timeline, 580+ Players, and Conclusion

The War on Innocence – A Kentucky summer camp teaches “sex liberation,” “BDSM,” and “self-pleasure” to minors

Biden’s priority is to contain the war in Ukraine –  While Putin is aiming to win it

Why Russia Invaded Ukraine – These four points can help people better understand what is happening

A Hard Look at the Risk of a Putin-Ordered Tactical Nuke

Russia loses a FOURTH general and seven SWAT fighters from an elite unit under Putin’s direct control 

‘Protect our sky’: Zelensky calls for a no-fly zone as Congress gives him a standing ovation

Ukraine Declares A German Journalist a ‘Russian Terrorist’ As Her Reporting Undermines Western Narratives

Washington DC Is Ramping Up Its Campaign To Draw NATO Into The War With Russia

The Reality of What Is Happening on the Ground in Ukraine – Russians are offering to end the conflict if six major conditions are met…

ZeroHedge: Large Polish Cities Reaching “Capacity” As UN Says Over 3 Million Refugees Have Fled Ukraine

Know the pedigree of the Republicans representing you – Are They RINOs?

The US Senate approved a bill to make daylight saving time permanent – The House of Representatives, which has held a committee hearing on the matter, must still pass the bill before it can go to Biden for his signature

Biden Blames Putin For Gas Prices, But Data Doesn’t Lie

ZeroHedge: A North Korea Missile Test-Launch Ends In Disaster After Exploding During Booster Phase

ZeroHedge: FOMC Preview: The Feds First Rate Hike Since 2018

Saudi Arabia is thinking about abandoning the dollar – The fact is that the Saudis do not trust Biden’s America

Evidence has come to light strongly indicating that the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines are not really “vaccines” in the medical and legal sense of the word, but rather “experimental gene therapies”

Pfizer and partner BioNTech approached U.S. regulators Tuesday renewing their call for authorization to administer a fourth coronavirus shot as a booster for seniors

British Airways has become the world’s first major airline to remove mask mandates onboard the aircraft for passengers from Wednesday, in a move shortly followed by Virgin Atlantic

Finally, The DoJ pursues COVID-19 relief fraudsters – They brought criminal charges against more than 1,000 individuals, alleging the theft of more than $1 billion

What You Need to Know About the Transhumanist Agenda

March 15, 2022

Putin Signs Law to Seize Foreign Aircraft Amid Crippling Sanctions

Russia Announces Sanctions Against Biden, Blinken, And Other Top Officials

When the establishment cries treason – Mitt Romney calls Tulsi Gabbard ‘treasonous’ as war becomes an excuse for the lazy

Thailand Paid $45 Million in COVID Vaccine Injury Claims, While the U.S. Has Paid $0

Biden’s Dishonest Attempt To Pin Inflation on Putin – The White House’s latest attempt to scapegoat rising prices ignores everything that happened before the past three weeks

Pfizer and FDA Documents Contradict The Official COVID Vaccine Safety Narrative — Is This Fraud?

Ukraine President Zelensky: Ukraine Must Recognize It Will Not Join NATO

Putin Could Go Nuclear: World War I and the lesson of unintended consequences – Does anyone seriously believe that if Putin won control over Ukraine tomorrow, that would end this madness?

Proof positive that China is a bigger threat than Russia – China’s economy is many times the size of Russia’s and it manufactures much of the world’s modern consumer goods

The botched assessment of Ukraine’s will to fight mirrors our Afghan intelligence failures

The Biden administration gears up for midterm elections as Democrats fear for their majorities

Florida to Make Possession of More Than Two Voter Ballots a Felony

ZeroHedge: Peter Schiff Warns Tucker Carlson – Inflation Only Has One Way To Go, UP!

Supply Shocks Are Not Inflation – We must keep in mind that inflation is caused by monetary factors, not supply constraints

Biden reassured Democrat donors Monday that he will use his executive powers to act on climate change, even as energy prices are at record highs

Producer prices were up 10 percent compared with a year ago for the second month in a row, recent data shows

UK Energy Bills Are Rising 14 Times Faster than Wages Amid Their Green Push And Sanctions For War

While all eyes are on Ukraine, China continues undermining America’s wellbeing

Putin’s excuses for starting the war are fake – Russia has always been hungry for surrounding lands, especially those with arable fields and warm water or North Atlantic ports

Rumble Promotes Oliver Stone’s ‘Ukraine on Fire’ Documentary Censored by Google/YouTube

What Republicans Need To Do To Truly Take On Big Tech – Conduct hearing and ask censorship questions to the mid-level content managers, not the CEOs or team leads, and make CEOs personally responsible for document discovery

The Unseeing Years – Russia’s Ethnic Cleansing of Crimea Russia has persecuted the Crimean Tatars

ZeroHedge: The US Tells Europe That Russia Wanted Armed Drones And Beijing “Responded Positively”

Why Did Putin Invade Ukraine? – 8 differing but complementary theories that try to explain why Putin invaded Ukraine

European Energy Independence Is Impossible with Their Current Policies

Globalists Aim to Take Over Health Systems Worldwide – The CCP would play a prominent role through its control over the UN and WHO and through its close relationships with globalists like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, etc.

COVID Care Fiasco – In Late 2020, Dr. Hill and Dr. Lawrie completed separate analyses that showed a real benefit to using Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID, with a reduction in deaths as much as 60 to 85%

March 14, 2022

Pelosi Refuses to Hand Over Emails and Videos from Jan 6 Claiming “Sovereign Immunity”

“Ukraine is a Done Deal. It’s Flattened and They Lost” – Steve Harrigan from FOX News Upon Return from Ukraine

10 Signs The War In Ukraine Is Part Of The Great Reset – #8 Digital IDs are a central plank in the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda

House GOP demands investigation into alleged Russian influence in US environmental groups advocating against US fossil fuels

The Architects of Our Present Disaster – We have moved on from mass psychosis over vaccines to mass psychosis over the urgent need to go to war with Russia

It’s time DC to suspend and ultimately repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard – Over time, the program intended to encourage new clean-energy sources evolved into a policy that pays farmers and refiners to turn food into fuel

Fox News host revealed that colleague Benjamin Hall was injured while covering the conflict near the capital city of Kyiv

Rand Paul brings legislation to fire Fauci, eliminate his job by reorganizing the NIAID

Pfizer and The FDA Hid Data Showing Their Clinical Trials Failed – A Former BlackRock investment advisor says Wall Street lost faith in Pfizer and Moderna stocks when Pfizer and the FDA tried to hide their clinical trial data

From 2-Weeks To Flatten The Curve, To Two Years – March 16, 2020, isn’t just a day that will live in infamy, it marked the beginning of the largest crime against humanity since the last world war

Senator Johnson Seeks Information on the Spike in Disease Rates in the Military Database

Germany’s Largest Insurance Company Fires The CEO Who Released COVID Vaccine Injury Data To The Public And Then Scrubs The Data From Their Website

Manchin Sinks Biden Federal Reserve Nominee Who Drew Republican Boycott – Bloom Raskin, is an advocate for using it to promote green energy policy instead of maintaining maximum employment and keeping inflation in check

California Schools Are Ignoring Unsuitable, Graphic Sex Curriculum and Student Sexual Harassment

Landlords, law enforcement groups show growing concern over illegal immigrants receiving California state IDs

Dov Fischer: Media Manipulation Infers Putin’s Ukraine Invasion is Evil, but Warring on Israel and Armenia is OK – It’s automatic to feel a bond with Italians and — especially — Armenians

The Winner in Ukraine Won’t Be Russia or America,  It Will Be China – A seat at the European table won’t be too much to ask for the man who saves Europe from nuclear war

Russian officials claim the country can pay off foreign currency debt but will do so using the yuan

WSJ: Russian Forces Kill Civilians, Loot for Supplies in Occupied Ukraine, Residents Say – They are detaining elected officials and looking for pro-Russian collaborators as protests continue

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is slated to address Congress virtually this coming Wednesday

MASSIVE Conflicts of Interest at the NIH Exposed – One of the primary vehicles for kickbacks and fraud seems to be foundations associated with federal agencies

Researchers: There Is An Overwhelming Need to Investigate COVID-19 Vaccine Related Tinnitus

A Researcher Tells Durham He Saw Holes In The Alfa Bank Hoax Before Democrats Shopped It To The FBI

Governor Abbot: Texas Is Restarting The Border Wall Project Along Our Border That Was Cancelled by Biden

Quinnipiac Poll: Most Democrats are delusional & unpatriotic – Democrats care more about their party than their country

ZeroHedge: Is Russia’s Ukraine Invasion Bad News For China’s Belt And Road Ambitions? – CCP officials proclaim solidarity with Russia but are not following up in substance

ZeroHedge: Following the introduction of sanctions against Russia by a large number of countries, more than 330 companies have announced their withdrawal or suspension of activities there

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Thanks Zuckerberg For Helping Him Win the Propaganda War – “It is also a fierce battle in the informational space”

ZeroHedge: The Latest News And Developments From The Ukraine War

Rasmussen Poll: 70% Favor increased U.S. oil and gas production

I & I Editorial Board: Google Attacked Us For Reporting The Result Of Our Poll Calling It “Harmful information”

Game Changer? – The Convention of States Movement Is Building Momentum

Democrat leadership has devalued America beyond recognition – Unless we change, this idiocy will be our downfall as a country

How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World – An Epoch Times translation from the Chinese version of the book

The Are Grooming Our Children And We Need to Fight Back – Sexual orientation instruction is no longer about the birds and the bees, as children are now being taught that you can be anything you want to be

The Continued Politicization of COVID – What they don’t say is that it’s not medical science that they are following but instead political science

Mask Mandates Dropped, how about Vax Mandates? – Informed consent requires agreement with full disclosure of risks, benefits, and alternatives, the PREP Act limits liability for death or serious injury caused only by “willful misconduct”

Mask Theater Is Alive and Well in Los Angeles – Children in L.A. can now go to athletic events, the movies, and the supermarket without masks, but that freedom ends at the schoolhouse door

I&I/TIPP Poll: 65% Say The Recent Lifting Of COVID Restrictions Is Driven By “Politics, Not Science”

March 13, 2022

US official: Russia is seeking military aid from China – The prospect of China offering Russia financial help is one of several concerns for President Biden

Victor David Hanson: Volodymyr Zelensky’s Classical Choices – Is it to be Salamis, Thebes, Thermopylae, or Melos?

ZeroHedge: While everyone is focusing on the Russian war in Ukraine, Saudi Arabia on Saturday carried out a mass execution of 81 people for a wide range of what they are calling “terrorism” related crimes

The Tragic Shooting of an American Journalist in Ukraine Was Likely Committed by Ukrainian Forces, Not Russians

‘I Was Embarrassed’: Democrat Strategist Doug Shoen Calls Kamala Harris’ Performance In Europe “Tragic”

Jury Hit with Stunning New Information: FBI Fed Drugs to Alleged Whitmer Kidnapping Plotters Before the Tapes Rolled

George Orwell Was Right – From free speech to “spheres of influence” to our passion for endless war, we’ve become the double-thinkers his book, “1984” predicted

ZeroHedge: Why Are Leftists And Elitists So Happy About Skyrocketing Gas Prices? – Many policies being presented as solutions to Russian oil sanctions and energy inflation are identical to policies that were part of the Green New Deal

Amazon is relocating 1,800 employees out of downtown Seattle due to the spiking crime rate

San Diego police and the county Sheriff’s Department are losing officers and deputies faster than they can hire them

The EPA Restores CA’s Authority to Set Auto Greenhouse Gas Emission Rules, Likely to Exacerbate Gas Price Increases

Pfizer CEO said on March 13 that a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine would be necessary – Claiming it would continue to reduce hospitalizations

New data suggests that two doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine don’t provide much protection for children 5 to 15 years old against the Omicron variant

The CDC’s silly stalling on flight masks – The TSA announcement comes as virtually all states and major cities have dropped their indoor mask mandates in response to plunging numbers of COVID-19 cases

At Least 12 Missiles Hit Iraq’s Erbil Near US Consulate – A spokesman for the Kurdish regional government said there were no casualties

WSJ: Russian Missiles Strike Ukrainian Military Training Base Near Polish Border

ZeroHedge: Why Sanctions Don’t Work, And Why They Mostly Hurt Ordinary People

ZeroHedge: Russia Threatens Attack On NATO Weapons Shipments To Ukraine – “They Are Legitimate Targets”

The Unsung White House Official Who Warned President Trump in 2017 that the Deep State Was Trying to Prematurely End his Presidency

Justice Thomas Issues a Grave Warning About the Future of SCOTUS: ‘The Institution Is Going to Be Compromised’

ZeroHedge: Idiocracy: CDC Lowers Expectations For Child Development, Raising New Questions for Parents

Drivers Send A Message at The Pump About Rising Gas Prices – Decals of a finger-pointing President Biden, with the words “I did that!” in big, bold print, have been appearing on fuel pumps across the country

The 6 Worst Quotes From VP Kamala Harris – #6: “Ok, **giggle, giggle**  A friend in need is a friend indeed”

U.S. consumer sentiment, measured by the University of Michigan, has fallen to its lowest level in almost 11 years, while the Treasury secretary predicts persistent high inflation for the year ahead

The CDC is Still Lying About Masking Kids in School – Its Latest ‘Study’ is Destroyed by National Data

PLANET LOCKDOWN – Brave souls dared to speak the truth against all odds and inspire us to do the same

A Growing Number of Countries Identify Cases of the Deltacron Variant – Experts haven’t seen any difference in its characteristics and haven’t seen any signs that it causes more severe cases of COVID-19 than Omicron

March 12, 2022

Biden Authorizes $200 Million in New Military Aid for Ukraine For Training And Weapons

Middle Eastern mercenaries are now being recruited to help Russia overcome stout Ukrainian resistance

Elon Is Right: Nuclear Is the Answer With nuclear power, the West would be self-reliant for its energy needs

U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Adam Conrad: “I’ve Never Seen Morale So Low’” – Conrad, like many servicemembers across the military, faces the risk of losing his job if he does not accept the CCP virus vaccine

Perhaps Tucker Carlson’s most profound monologue ever – Without a single pause, the Biden administration slipped effortlessly from COVID emergency powers and is, instead, assuming war powers, even though we’re not at war

A Wall Street Journal poll contains bad news for the Democrats – Americans mostly think they’re doing a bad job and it appears that large numbers of Blacks and Hispanics are shifting their allegiance to the Republican Party

GEFIRA: Western Media “Are Either Delusional Or Lying Through Their Teeth” – The West is ready to go to war with Russia so long as it has… Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian, Lithuanian, Latvian, or Estonian soldiers at its disposal

ZeroHedge: A Visual Guide To Europe’s Member States – There are four major treaty groups, namely the European Union (EU), NATO, Schengen, and eurozone

How DC is Spending Your Money – The media is focused on Ukraine, Congress has been pushing their $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill, their last chance to push their agenda before the GOP is expected to take over early next year

An illegal immigrant murders 4 in a jurisdiction where the sheriff was sued for reporting alien criminals to the feds

Bill O’Reilly’s Assessment Of The Biden Administration – He is spitting mad about the things that Biden and his administration have done since he took office, to ruin our economy and humiliate us on the world stage

ZeroHedge: Mapped: Where America’s Truckers Live, By State – Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) was used to create two separate heat maps

Learning loss will be a lasting legacy of COVID mandates – They sacrificed children’s well-being for a nonexistent benefit


March 11, 2022

Obama’s White House Doctor Calls For An Immediate Biden Resignation – “He Is Not Cognitively Capable Of Leading”

The top 5 states with the most expensive average cost of regular gasoline are led by Democratic governors and Democratic-controlled legislatures

Congress Just Gave Itself A 21% Pay Raise With Omnibus Bill As Surging Gas Prices AndInflation Hurt Americans

The White House Posts A Graph About US Natural Gas Production That Blows Up in Its Face When People Notice 1 Big Detail – The Ending Date

ER Doctor: Parents Should Ask These Questions Before Giving Their Child a COVID-19 Vaccine – #1, “Is there a mortality benefit for these vaccines for your child?”

7-Year-Old Died of Cardiac Arrest 13 Days After Pfizer Shot – VAERS Data Shows 1,168,894 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 25,158 deaths and 203,888 serious injuries between 12/14/2020, and 3/4/ 2022

CEO: Pfizer to Ask US Regulators to Authorize Second Booster Due to Waning Effectiveness

Oligarchs Want Us to Power Down So They Can Power Up – The ruling oligarchy that is blocking energy development will destroy the middle class and impose neo-feudalism

Corey Diggs: 2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training for PreK-Adults Already Global with Billions in Funding for Full Control – Part 8: Surveillance, Data Mining, and Social Score for All

Californians Can Weigh In on PG&E’s 22% Proposed Rate Hike with The CA Public Utilities Commission – This increase is on top of the 9% increase for PG&E electricity we were hit with on March 1

Ann Coulter: Do These Black Lives Matter to L.A.’s Idiot D.A.? – Whatever happened to that story about Sandra Shells? She was the 70-year-old nurse killed by one of Los Angeles’ many “unhoused” drug-addicted psychopaths

Russian Strikes Hit Western Ukraine Airfields As Their Offensive Widens

WSJ: In Kharkiv, Survivors Make Their Stand – Nobody Wants the Russians’ Missiles struck apartments, museums, and libraries, as residents tend the wounded and sift through debris, trying to reclaim their city

United Nations: The number of refugees who have left Ukraine has reached 2.5 million as Russian forces continue their assault across the country

Unlike Past Conflicts With Russia, Escalation In Ukraine Risks Pulling The West Into War – Policymakers in DC need to think carefully about whether or not we should escalate our involvement in Ukraine

Are We At War? – That question is not ours to answer but rather Vladimir Putin’s, but we should be damn sure we’re ready for whatever he decides

The WHO Has Recommended That Ukraine Destroy The ‘High Threat Pathogens’ at Their U.S.-Funded Biolabs

Russia has requested an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council Friday  – Will present what it claims is evidence of U.S. involvement in “military biological activities” in Ukraine

Putin Warns That Any Attempts to Prevent Exports of Fertilizers, Oil, Gas Will Have “Serious Consequences”

The Iran Nuclear Talks Abruptly Suspended – Russia Slams As “Dirty Misrepresentations” That It Sabotaged The Deal

21 Key U.S. Natural Gas Producers Were Hacked Just Before Ukraine Invasion – Was This A Warning Shot?

WSJ Poll: Biden and Democrats Lose Ground on Key Issues – The president’s handling of the Ukraine crisis hasn’t boosted his overall political standing as voters worry about inflation

Biden Frets About Republicans Taking Congress And Warns Democrats About The Forthcoming “Sad, Sad Two Years”

John Kerry Promises The U.N. $10 Billion In US Taxpayer Dollars Annually For The Supposed “Climate Crisis”

The Inflation President, AKA Joe Biden, brings inflation to another 40-year high!

Americans are not buying Biden’s “Vlad did it” story about high gas prices

Biden’s Crypto Executive Order Weighs Climate Change And Ponders A Digital Dollar

Issues & Insights: Gasoline Prices Headed Right Where The Democrats Want Them

DeSantis Rips ‘Woke’ Disney After CEO Attacks Florida’s Parental Rights Bill – Called out Disney’s hypocrisy, characterizing it as a greedy company willing to die on the hill of transgenderism while coddling Communist China

Project Veritas has another mind-boggling video of an NYT reporter – Rosenberg says he works with government officials to create fake stories to generate excitement in the national media, stories such as the so-called pee tape

Early jail release motions spiked 900% at the height of the COVID pandemic

Why Health Officials Stopped Reporting Covid-19 Deaths – All “cause of death rates” show the number dying in 2021 after the release of the vaccine far exceeds the all-cause death rate in 2020 during the height of the infection

The Massachusetts Public Health Department announced Thursday that the state would lower its COVID-19 death count by 3,700 due to new measuring criteria being implemented

Nearly 2.8 Million Birds Have Died in the First Month of America’s New Bird Flu Pandemic – Mostly Chickens & Turkeys

March 10, 2022

WSJ: The Senate Passes a $1.5 Trillion Spending Bill That Includes Aid for Ukraine – The Omnibus bill now heads to Biden’s desk ahead of the government shutdown deadline

Biden’s Real Problem Isn’t His Russian Oil Policy, But His American One – His anti-American green energy policies are an obvious failure, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Trump Is Right: Dictators Are Smart – Both Trump and Reagan were hit for recognizing this Russian reality

No Quiet Place Left on Earth – President Zelensky’s soaring optimism has given way to the reality that America isn’t coming to help, Ukraine is on its own, and Vladimir Putin is only getting started

Robert W Malone MD, MS: Ukraine Biolab Watchtower – An attempt to triangulate something approximating truth about Ukraine and Biolabs

Blackout Policy – As energy prices soar, certain states press on with anti-fossil fuel strategies that are at odds with reality

The Biden Administration Is Extending The Public Transportation Mask Mandate For One Month, Through April 18th

United Airlines to Let Workers Who Didn’t Get COVID-19 Vaccine Return to Work

Under President Trump, We Had a Wonderful Life – Who wouldn’t prefer a reality that kept Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, North Korea, and Iran in check, and brought stability to the Middle East through the Abraham Accords?

John Solomon: Donald Trump’s Truth Social propels conservatives’ reach past Twitter in few short weeks – Examples explode of the same message getting far more engagement on the new platform than on legacy social giant

Why Did the World Economic Forum Just Remove their Cyber Polygon Page From Their Website? – What is it about the cyber-pandemic brainchild that suddenly made them erase history?

“The California Way” Touted by Gov. Newsom is His Way, Not the People’s Way – The opinions of those in power carry the most weight as citizens’ concerns are eclipsed

Swedish researchers found 5G radiation causes “microwave syndrome” symptoms – The study also confirmed that non-ionizing radiation well below levels allowed by authorities can cause health problems

America’s Next Urgent Public Health Crisis Is Here – Suicide rates are high on the list of causes of death in America according to the National Institute of Mental Health

Straight People Excluded from The West Hollywood Guaranteed Income Program

The Stench of Spygate – The more we learn about the Obama administration’s spying on Trump, the worse it looks

The Special Counsel’s Office Is Investigating The 2016 DNC Server Hack – Interestingly, why is Durham concerned with the DARPA connection and the DNC hack or hacker in the first place?

Three Reasons Why Trump Shouldn’t Run for President in 2024 – #3, The Rise of Ron DeSantis

The RNC Sues January 6 Panel – To stop them from unlawfully seizing confidential information about internal activities of the Republican Party and millions of its supporters, which is completely unrelated to the attack on the Capitol

Inflation Reached 7.9% in February, With Consumer Prices The Highest in 40 Years – Gasoline prices up an unadjusted annual increase of 38%, with groceries up 1.4% over the prior month for an annual rate of 8.6%

The GOP Expects Midterm Sweep as Gas Prices Spike – When President Trump left office, gasoline cost an average of $2.42 per gallon across the nation

The Most efficient vehicles of 2022 – Broken down by powertrain, fuel economy, and annual fuel costs

Hawks, Or Pigeons In A Bad Mood? – How is it possible that Russia and China have gained a strategic advantage over the United States in hypervelocity glide vehicles, missile defense, and other key aspects of military technology?

Washington DC’s Hypocrisy In Yemen  – They criticize Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine but enable the UAE and Saudis to wage war in Yemen

ZeroHedge: US Consumer Prices Are Rising At Their Fastest Pace In Over 40 Years – Real wages (average hourly earnings) dropped on a Year over Year basis for the 11th straight month

Thursday Navigator Survey: Joe Biden Fails to Focus on Top National Issues, Jobs and the Economy

American Psychological Association’s Annual “Stress in America” Poll: Spikes as Americans Report High Levels of Stress Due to Rising Prices

Lawmakers Load The $1.5 Trillion Bill with Pork Barrel Spending – It Includes 142 Earmarks for Chuck Schumer Alone

The Omnibus Bill Funds Border Security For 8 Foreign Nations –  But it includes no new funding for US border security

Harris X Poll: A Majority Of Americans Blame Joe Biden For Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine – 62% said they believe Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if President Trump had been reelected

DuckDuckGo, an alternative to Google, announced it will be “down-ranking” sites associated with “disinformation,” along with adding “information boxes” to “highlight quality information”

Dov Fischer: Ukraine, Zelensky, Putin, and Armageddon – On the Limits of Sympathy Putin is not a madman, he’s a murderer who knows what he wants

Russian government officials on Thursday said its economy is in “shock” after heavy sanctions and after several Western corporations pulled out of the country in recent days after the Ukraine conflict

Biden’s Big Energy Lies Exposed – Energy prices began rising virtually from Biden’s first day in office, more than a year before Putin invaded Ukraine

Why the push to destroy the fossil fuel industry when past predictions of doom have been completely wrong? – Government policies should be based on factual scientific data instead of easily manipulated computer models

ZeroHedge: “It’s Appalling”: In A Hilarious Reversal, The Biden Administration Now Slams Shale For Not Raising Output

Texas Democrats Tell Biden To Drill – Most likely,  these Democrats are not alone on this matter

Democrats Can’t Solve America’s Energy Problems Because They Don’t Recognize (Accept) That They Caused Them

Newsom’s Latest Gaslighting – As a cutback in Russian oil imports sends California’s already high gas prices beyond $5 a gallon, Gov. Gavin Newsom doubles down on shuttering the state’s oil and gas industry that creates 150,000 jobs

ZeroHedge: A Major European Trucking Firm Was Hit With A Fuel Shortage After Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

The “Hobbes Index” Is Making A Comeback Under Biden – The “social contract,” process by which members of a society surrender some of their liberty to a higher authority in exchange for that authority’s protection of their rights

2005 Agreement Between The US And Ukraine Establishing Bio-Weapons Labs In Ukraine

Biden’s undersecretary of state for political affairs admits that Ukraine possesses at-risk bio lab facilities

U.S. Funds Ukrainian Former Bioweapons Facility Handling ‘Dangerous Materials – The lab’s scientists said they work without Western-style safety equipment

“The Least Woke City in America” – Miami’s increasingly conservative political culture reflects the influence of immigrants fleeing socialist dystopias

A Wisconsin school district says that parents are not ‘entitled’ to know what their kids’ declared gender identity is

The Trans Movement Is Failing Where the Gay-Rights Movement Succeeded – By abandoning the libertarian “live and let live” approach, transgender activists are alienating Americans

Studies Cited To Support Gender-Bending Kids Are Largely Junk Science – Flaws extend beyond small sample size, with the largest studies the weakest, often consisting of little more than online surveys with a self-selecting sample

Strangely, The IRS Goes After The Little Guy – 54-percent of all correspondence audits last year targeted the small proportion of returns with gross receipts of less than $25,000 that claimed an earned income tax credit

The Biden Administration Is Extending The Transportation Mask Mandate – Despite waning Omicron variant transmission rates and the relaxation of mitigation measures in red and blue states alike

Spain Study: Mask Mandates Did Not Lower COVID-19 Case Rates or Transmission

Novak Djokovic Withdraws From All Tournaments In The US Due To The CDC’s Covid Vaccination Rules

SARS-COV-2 Vaccines and Neurodegenerative Disease – There are several mechanisms by which these vaccines could lead to severe disease, including autoimmune

The Lancet Paper On Adverse Covid Vaccine Events are not Insignificant – Don’t let legacy Mainstream Media Fool You

March 9, 2022

Rumble uploads Oliver Stone documentary ‘Ukraine on Fire’ after YouTube censors it

A Federal Judge Orders Biden To Stop Mass Release of Illegal Migrant Children At Border

Democrat’s Freak Out After Tucker Raised Questions About Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee Is Qualified

Disney Caves to Leftists: Pledges $5 Million to LGBTQ Groups over Florida Bill Barring Sexuality Instruction for Kids

John Solomon: Ballot Bombshells – 20 episodes that expose fraud, illegalities, and irregularities in the 2020 election

White House Sends Out Official News Release, It Completely Blows Up in Joe Biden’s Face – “Gas Prices Are Going Up and It’s Russia Is Responsible”

Trump Responds to Record High Gas Prices with a 5-Word Question for Americans – “DO YOU MISS ME YET?”

Jen Psaki Lashes Out at Media for Reporting on Pentagon-funded Ukraine Biolabs

Was Nancy Pelosi Drunk at Her Latest Presser? – This is the person who controls the nation’s finances, and she can’t even be bothered to know the dollar amount of the bills she supports

The House passes a $1.5 trillion spending plan – Ukraine aid is in and COVID funding out, with bipartisan support it passed 361-69

ZeroHedge: Mapped: 200 Years Of Global Political Regimes, By Country – Where do civilians get a say in how the government is run?

The Navy Refuses to Deploy Warship While Commander Remains Unvaccinated – After a Florida federal judge ruled that the Navy and Marine Corps cannot remove its officers for being unvaccinated against COVID-19

Beef Is Now A “Luxury Meat” – Goldman Sachs Says To Brace For “One Of The Largest Energy Supply Shocks Ever”

Ukraine Bans The Export of Oats, Millet, Sugar, Wheat, and More as War Rages With Russia

Wheat Prices Soar in Countries Dependent on Eastern Europe for Grain

The Biden administration deployed a $1 billion taxpayer-funded outreach campaign designed to push only positive coverage about COVID-19 vaccines and to censor negative coverage with corporate media cooperation

Pfizer Knew Its mRNA “Vaccine” for Covid “Leaked Into Ovaries” but Covered It All Up – A court-ordered Pfizer to release 55,000 pages of documents about its Covid-19 “vaccine,” and the bombshells are dropping

A doctor’s alarming observations are sufficient to halt the COVID vaccines in the US – Based on this doctor’s meticulously chronicled observations of adverse events the vaccines should be immediately halted worldwide

The Holy Covid Trinity Unravels – Lockdowns, vaccines, and boosters wildly failed to live up to their promise

The Harris County, TX elections commissioner is resigning after 10,000 uncounted ballots for last week’s primary were discovered, according to an announcement posted online on Monday

Young students have suffered ‘alarming’ drops in reading skills during the pandemic – One-third of the youngest school kids are behind on reading benchmarks, appreciably higher than before the pandemic

An Ongoing National Crisis – The homicide surge continues, while mainstream commentators misdiagnose the causes

Sharyl Attkisson: Most say, Lia Thomas, a man, should not be allowed to compete in women’s swimming competitions

Social-Justice Lingerie: Victoria’s Secret ditches physical beauty for left-wing activism – Behind the scenes, they use politics to redirect attention from their business practices

The national average price of gas hits a record high for the third straight day, rising nearly 60 cents in one week

WSJ: A Russian Airstrike Hits A Maternity Hospital in The Ukrainian City of Mariupol – Kremlin’s forces inch forward in their effort to encircle the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv

JD Rucker: Russia Appears to Be Preparing for a Massive Cyberattack To Cripple the Internet – In 2019 Putin signed the “Sovereign Internet” bill that gave Moscow “legal” authority to quarantine Russia’s internet from the rest of the world

Poland Calls Blinken’s Bluff And Exposes Fracture in NATO Alliance – Poland announced it would release “immediately and free of charge” its entire MiG-29 fleet of 28 aircraft to the United States for transfer to Ukraine

The Pentagon Says Poland’s Offer Of Fighter Jets For Ukraine ‘Not Tenable’

ZeroHedge: A Zelensky Aid Says Ukraine Ready For “Diplomatic Solution” But Won’t Trade a “Single Inch” Of Territories

Russia Tells the US “We Have Found Your Biological Weapons In Ukraine Bio-Labs”

Russia’s Defense Ministry acknowledged that some conscripts were taking part in the conflict in Ukraine after Putin denied such reports and said only professional soldiers were sent to fight

Putin snickers: Guess who owns a big chunk of Venezuela’s oil? – The preponderance of evidence suggests that Russia owns a big chunk of it

U.S. Magistrate Judge Slams DOJ for violating rights of capitol riot defendant – It isn’t a secret that the US Government is struggling in defending its charges against detainees

General Flynn: “There’s a Cold, Dark Monster Standing Before Americans” – To beat it, our citizens need to act as a counterweight to the theft of our rights and liberty and must engage in our country at every level doing these things

Here’s the truth on Ukraine, as far as I can tell –  First, and most importantly, virtually no one in the US has got this right, including conservative outlets and pundits

Energy Industry Heads Call Out Biden The Administration’s Misinformation On Record High Prices – “We need some clarity, just in the regulatory sense, that this administration is behind domestic energy production”

Biden’s War with Prices – With the prices for food, fuel, and so much else rising so fast, now is the time for Americans to consider whether they can afford to continue paying the price for the Biden presidency

Maybe due to the war in Ukraine, it is time to give up on ethanol –  As the “breadbasket of Europe” is engulfed in war, maybe we can find better uses for our corn

The Industry Calls on The Biden Administration To Lift Its Moratorium on New Oil and Gas Leases

If You Thought The COVID Thought Police Were Bad, You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet – Big Tech is now sharpening its algorithms to go after the next target, imposing speech codes regarding “climate science”

Senator Jordan: The NSBA Colluded with the Biden Administration to “Intimidate and Silence Parents” With The Assistance Of Federal Law Enforcement

The Vaccines, Masks And Staying At Home Did Not Make A Major Difference In COVID Case Rates, Says The NYT

Dr. Robert Malone: COVID-19 vaccines may enhance the disease because they target an old version of the Covid

Why Is CDC’s Walensky Refusing To Answer These Critical Questions From Senator Johnson, Regarding Covid?

What Physicians Say in Private About COVID Vaccines – Their private exchanges on social media suggest there is a growing silent minority of physicians who disagree with official policy yet are unwilling to speak out for fear of retribution

Totalitarianism And The Face Mask War – The face mask conflict has been raging for nearly two years and while it shows some signs of weakening, it remains one of the most intense points of division in America

Teachers Nationwide Implement A Race-Inclusive Curricula Trained By Black Panthers – Video obtained by reporters shows tools and materials to help educators prepare kindergarteners to become “social justice warriors”

Lawmakers reach a deal on $1.5 trillion spending bill to avoid a shutdown – It includes $13.6 billion in aid to Ukraine and European allies along with $15.6 billion for COVID-19 vaccines, testing, and treatments in the US and abroad

Hunter Biden still listed as part-owner of a Chinese firm despite his divestment claim

Are Mexican Cartels Terrorist Organizations? – Federal law offers a tool in the fight against cartels that Trump almost invoked before his advisers convinced him to back down

The California Way Isn’t as Rosy as Governor Newsom Touted in his State of the State – California is the highest in everything including taxes, gas prices, unemployment, housing costs, the homeless, and poverty rate

WSJ: Biden to sign an executive order on Wednesday instructing federal government agencies to study possible risks related to the explosion in popularity of cryptocurrencies and consider the creation of a U.S. digital currency

Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes are set to be released in California and Florida to reduce the number of real, disease-carrying invasive mosquitoes

Developing: A CNN Disaster Reported – Multiple Stars Face Hatchet as New Management Plans A Talent Purge

March 8, 2022

Clarence Thomas Takes Another Swipe at Big Tech’s Section 230 Immunity – “We should address the proper scope of immunity under §230 in an appropriate case”

The last Woolworth’s lunch counter in the US is in Bakersfield CA – Restoration work is slated to start as early as this summer, this state and national landmark has been “moving along smoothly” albeit with “lots of boxes to check”

The Cold Reality of Abandoning Russian Gas – Immobility, empty bellies, and cold hearths for relying on Putin’s petroleum

Remember That The Biden’s Are Trash – He’s as terrible a president as he is a grandfather

Pulitzer Prize-Winning NYT Reporter: There Was January 6 Media Coverage ‘Overreaction,’ The FBI Was Involved, And The Event Was Not Organized Despite The Ongoing Narrative

Capitol Hill’s dangerous kangaroo court – Seven of its nine members are Democrats while Republican Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are rabidly anti-Trump

Biden’s Pathetic Response to Putin: ‘It’s Perfectly Normal’ – He keeps insisting that sanctions are working. Does the president protest too much?

Ukraine: China to the Rescue? – Xi could be the ultimate winner of Putin’s war

Putin’s War – He has united most of the world and all of NATO against him

Russia’s suspicions about the US-funded bio laboratory program in Ukraine are being heightened by a recent acknowledgment by Victoria Nuland, the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

Obama Led an Effort To Build a Ukraine-Based Bio Lab Handling Dangerous Pathogens – This linked article raises serious questions about US government activity in Ukraine stretching back almost two decades

Dennis Prager: This Invasion Is Brought to You by Western Environmentalists – These environmentalists are, intentionally or not, in collusion with Vladimir Putin to undermine America and the West

WSJ: Biden’s U.S. Oil Embargo – His assault on domestic energy works against his ban on Russian imports

Oil Consumption Is About Progress and Global Warming Is About Alarmism – There is NO threat that “Systematic Climate Change” is going to change our lives one iota, much less ruin the planet

WSJ: What Kind of Justice Will We Get With Ketanji Brown Jackson? – She should be asked at her Supreme Court confirmation hearings about her views on crime and if Democratic efforts have harmed public safety

Senators Cruz and Johnson Say The People’s Convoy Is “Fighting for Freedom” After Meeting Leaders Of The Capitol Hill Convoy That Traveled to The DC Area From California

The Senate Passed Bipartisan Postal Service Overhaul Measure designed to save billions of dollars in costs that now goes to President Biden’s desk – It includes repealing a requirement that the USPS pre-fund retiree health benefits

Dr. Peter McCullough: Findings From Early COVID-19 Vaccine Studies Are Potentially Alarming – “This is getting into human chromosomes”

New Pfizer data kills the case for universal child Covid vaccinations – The trial in NY yielded disappointing results

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said she expects COVID-19 to become seasonal like influenza

Tuesday Politico/Morning Consult poll: Less than 25 percent of voters strongly believe President Joe Biden is mentally fit, healthy, and stable

WSJ: Ukraine Evacuates Civilians From Besieged Sumy While Millions Remain Trapped by Fighting With Russia –  Mariupol faces humanitarian crisis as Russian attacks kill civilians throughout Ukraine; Biden bans imports of Russian oil

In a nod to Russia, Ukraine says it is no longer insisting on a NATO membership

WSJ: Biden Bans Imports of Russian Oil, Natural Gas Deliberations about imposing a ban ramped up as lawmakers of both parties called for action on the issue

Biden blames oil companies and Putin for skyrocketing gas prices and not his policies

Saudi, Emirati Leaders Decline Calls With Biden During The Ukraine Crisis – Persian Gulf monarchies have signaled they won’t help ease surging oil prices unless Washington supports them in Yemen and elsewhere

Biden’s Energy-Policy Bind – Should the United States throw a lifeline to the worst tyrant in the Western hemisphere to undermine an even worse tyrant in Europe?

Donald Trump On The National Average Gas Price Breaking A Record High – “Miss Me Yet?”

What Putin Knew – Europe made a poor decision to forget the incredible power of oil, gas, and coal and to ignore the centrality of energy to geopolitics, just like the US is doing

ICUMI: A UFC fighter makes a stunning statement about the US and the Ukraine war

Yes, If America Is Ever Invaded, You Must Take Up Arms and Fight – When asked whether they’d flee or fight an invading force, far too many Millennials and those considered to be Gen-Z give the wrong answer

Energy CEOs Call Out Biden Administration for Using a ‘Complete Red Herring’ to Explain Oil Policy

What China Is Learning From Putin’s Ukraine Invasion – The lesson for Beijing may be to wait a bit and see what happens after the Ukraine war


The First January 6 Criminal Trial Leads to a Conviction on All Counts – The  Jury finds Guy Reffitt of Texas guilty of obstruction, gun crime and threatening his children

The Postal Service Reform Act Is a Bad Deal – The bill contains only the most tepid reforms. Universal delivery mandates are unchanged, and so is the basic legal and labor structure of the USPS

Republicans Are Successfully Blocking Biden Nominees – His SCOTUS Pick Could Be Next

To Punish Putin, U.S. Firms Develop Social Credit System For Russia That Would Make Him Proud

The Crude Hypocrisy And Rot Of Green Politics – “We have the energy, the resources, and the technology, and while we’re a million barrels short a day right now, we could just ramp up like that”

Why are gas prices so high? – We had high demand and a strong economy throughout Trump’s first three years, before the virus, yet we did not have high oil prices, because we achieved energy independence

The Looming Food Crisis – The coming surge in food prices will devastate the global poor

ZeroHedge: “One Of The World’s Largest Energy Supply Shocks Ever”: Goldman Raises Oil Price Target To $135

ZeroHedge: Canada Says Its Oil Could Replace US Imports Of Russian Crude, All It Would Take Is Approval Of The Keystone XL Pipeline

ZeroHedge: Gold Soars To $2,063, Just One Cent Away From New All-Time High Due To Uncertainty Related To Russia-Ukraine

‘Half The Country’ Did Speak The Covid Truths CDC Director Walensky Insists “Nobody Said” – And They Were Smeared

Dr. Joseph Mercola: The Great Reset’s 5G Cyborg Ecosystem – The Difference Between Identification and Digital Identity, That Enables Total Control Through Digital Identities

The COVID Vaccine is a Civil Rights Issue – How is it that Congress is exempt from the so-called vaccine?

Dr. Robert Malone: Ivermectin Is Associated with Decreased Mortality as well as improved outcomes – I’m not holding my breath for apologies from medical boards, along with legacy and social media<

The Looming Food Crisis – The coming surge in food prices will devastate the global poor

The anti-groomer law banning gender identity indoctrination in Florida’s pre-K through third-grade classrooms was approved Tuesday by the state’s Senate and has been sent to Republican Governor Ron DeSantis for signing

Oxford University Study: Even Mild Cases of COVID-19 Can Lead to Brain Changes

Queen Elizabeth Makes Monumental Decision After 70-Year Reign: ‘It Makes Sense’ – Windsor Castle, which has been her weekend home and the place she spends certain holidays will now be her permanent residence<

California may require transgender indoctrination for all healthcare workers

Juror No. 50 Pleads the Fifth And Is Granted Immunity in Maxwell Trial – Juror No. 50 stated publicly he was a victim of childhood sexual abuse and had made this known to his fellow jurors during deliberation<


March 7, 2022

The Difference Between mRNA Injections and Vaccines

Devin Nunes touts Trump’s Truth Social as a success – “People are coming in droves and continue to sign up. “We are letting them on as quickly as we possibly can,” Nunes said

Top female scientist canceled over her 13-year-old ‘Michael Jackson’ Halloween costume

Protecting Our Children: How Radical Gender Ideology is Taking Over Public Schools & Harming Kids

The 55,000 FDA-released vaccine-related documents contain a glaring omission – They are missing the hundreds of millions of dollars the FDA receives from Pfizer each year and there’s no record of it

The third round of talks between Russia and Ukraine concluded with “small” and “positive” developments, said a Ukrainian negotiator on Monday

American Military News: The Pentagon released an update on the Russian war status – Bullet points provided

WSJ: Putin’s War Will Get Uglier – He won’t give up power without giving repression every chance to succeed

How Biden’s Climate Change Policies Are Fueling Putin’s Imperialistic Ambitions – Our government says NO to increasing domestic oil production but YES to importing oil from authoritarian regimes<

This Deal Is Illegal – Critics Warn New Iranian Nuclear Deal Will Pave Way to Atomic Bomb

Iran was plotting the assassination of John Bolton, and others, while the Biden administration negotiating the nuclear deal

The Biden Administration Courts Venezuela, Iran, and Saudi Arabia for Oil While Ignoring U.S. Producers

Ukraine And The Great Energy Reset – If there were ever a time for energy realism, it is now – – As Elon Musk Recently Stated, “I hate to say it, but we need to increase oil & gas output immediately”

JD Rucker: How George Soros & Klaus Schwab Conned Americans Into Unwittingly Backing The Great Reset – The last thing we need for the United States are actions that further destabilize American and global economies<

Dan Bongino warns that credit card companies could cut off enemies of the political left – Not a conspiracy theory

Quinnipiac University National Poll: A majority of Democrats say they would flee the US during an invasion, but a majority of Republicans say they would remain and fight

The FBI Goes on Trial in the Whitmer Kidnap Plot Case – The FBI will be on trial just as much, if not more, than the four men who stand accused

The Trucker Convoy Delays and Avoids Entering D.C. Out Of ‘Safety’ Concerns – We are fearful of them trying to do to us what they did to those involved in the January 6th incident

On Monday, the Biden administration appealed a lower court decision barring the U.S. Navy from enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate against Navy SEALS to the U.S. Supreme Court

Florida officials on March 7 said the state would be the first to formally recommend that healthy children shouldn’t get a COVID-19 vaccine

CDC Director Walensky admitted health officials relied too heavily on vaccines as a “cure-all” for COVID and said vaccine makers didn’t warn the agency that the vaccines would be less effective against potential variants

A Frontiers in Virology Study Claims The COVID-19 Spike Protein Sequence Is A ‘100% Match’ to The Sequence Patented in 2016 by Moderna

American Medical Association: The Biden Administration “Test to Treat” Plan Sets A Dangerous Precedent  – It bypasses physicians and lets pharmacists dispense Pfizer and Merck COVID-19 antivirals directly to patients

Donald Trump’s Bold Prediction from 2020 Comes True as Americans Live the Reality of Joe Biden’s America

Never Trumpers: The Real Putin Republicans – The invasion of Ukraine didn’t happen under Trump

Florida Governor DeSantis Goes Into Seek-and-Destroy Mode on Journalist at a Live Press Conference – When the journalist attempted to ask him a “Gotcha” question about the press’s imaginary “Don’t Say Gay” legislation

Over 30,000 Notarized Lawful Affidavits Were Delivered to Washington State Officials – Governor Inslee’s Office and other Officials Refuse To Receive Them

Legalized Sports Gambling in California? Bet on it! – Competing ballot propositions likely to be decided by voters

Russia Says It Will Stop Military Operations “Instantly” If Four Conditions Are Met

JD Rucker: The Sudden Jump From Demonizing the Unvaccinated to Demonizing Russia Is Why You Should Question Everything – What our government and corporate media are doing should strike that skeptical nerve in lucid Americans 

Satellite Photos Show Activity at North Korean Nuclear Site for the First Time in Years

How Obama “reset” our missile shield to the delight of his corporate buddies and Putin

I&I/TIPP Poll: 56% Blame The Biden’s Administration’s Afghan Debacle For Ukraine Invasion, Fear Putin Will Use Nukes

Marco Rubio Slams The Biden Administration’s ‘Secret’ Oil Meeting with Venezuelan President Maduro

Biden Gets An Unexpected Blow A Week After His SOTU – A Washington Post/ABC News poll found that a majority of adults in the US believe he is mentally unfit to serve as president along with the lowest job approval since taking office

All of the Russian troops that had been amassed at the border have now entered Ukraine, according to a senior defense official

What is the strategy to avoid WWIII? – Putin, like Hitler, was open about his plans, yet our State Department and intelligence officers failed to convince the Biden administration to assume a more aggressive posture regarding Russia

Deputy Minister Marcin Przydacz: Poland Will Not Send Its Fighter Jets to Ukraine Amid Russia Conflict

ZeroHedge: Here Is A List Of All The Latest News And Developments From The Ukraine War

With Ukraine, Israel Must First Consider Its Security – A situation considerably worsened thanks to Obama and Biden’s Mideast policies

These two videos give a military perspective on what’s happening in Ukraine

Ukraine: India’s Balancing Act – Despite closer ties with the US, India is wedded to Russia in ways its national security cannot do without

Russia: Countries Allowing Ukraine to Use Their Airfields ‘May Be Regarded’ as Entering The Conflict

The US Gives Poland Approval to Send Fighter Jets to Ukraine: U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday

ZeroHedge: UK Dock Workers Refuse To Unload Russian Ships Over Invasion Of Ukraine

More Than 3000 Americans Want To Join Ukrainian Army – As Russia warns anyone helping Ukraine will be considered as entering the war

ZeroHedge: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Global Hackers Are Banding Together To Disrupt Russian Military, Banking, And Communication Networks

Kyiv claims to have destroyed dozens of Russian helicopters overnight, retaken a city, and killed 11,000 troops while Russians have captured no significant territory sparking hopes Ukraine could win the war

ZeroHedge: European Natural Gas Jumps 64% As Chance Of Russian Energy Ban Ignites Mayhem

Yes, Biden’s climate policies empowered Putin – Some Democrats don’t see the link between domestic oil production and national security

Addict, Degenerate and Bagman of a Corrupt Family Enterprise Exposed – The book Laptop From, covers the life of the Biden family and focuses on the life of Hunter during the period exposed in the laptop: 2005 to 2020

Sharyl Attkisson: According to a Pentagon audit, Afghan refugees were not fully vetted and pose “security issues”

The COVID Vaccines – What Happened to “Safe and Effective”? – “Vaccine development is a long, complex process, often lasting 10-15 years and involving a combination of public and private involvement”

Are witnesses being intimidated? – As Pfizer releases under court order its list of adverse events post-vaccination, the Surgeon General makes a demand that may have a chilling effect on free speech and courtroom testimony

A Dad That Was Facing Jail Time for Going Maskless, While Social Distancing In An Wide-Open Field,  Watching His Son’s Game Wins His Court Battle – He Now Has Further Plans for The School District

Pfizer Vaccine Study’s Massive List Of “Adverse Events of Interest” Released – Updated

The Pfizer Shot Protected Fewer Than 2 In 10 Kids, According To The NY Health Department

California doubles down on COVID legislation with eight bills in all, and each one is a misinformed boondoggle

The Supreme Court Rejects New York School Workers’ Attempt to Block Vaccine Mandate

As Digital Passports Quietly Roll Out in 21 States, With More On The Way, The Real Danger Goes Far Beyond the Jabs

The Markets, Not More Middlemen, Will Lower Drug Prices – The Democrats’ proposed solution in Build Back Better is government-imposed price-setting masquerading under the term “negotiation”

March 6, 2022

The Russian tanks and missiles besieging Ukraine are threatening the food supply and livelihoods of people in Europe, Africa, and Asia that rely on the vast, fertile farmlands of the Black Sea region known as the “breadbasket of the world”

Oregon Legislature Passes Bill Declaring “Racism” a “Public Health Crisis” – The Measure Will Allocate Millions of Dollars to “Serve Specific Populations Based on Race”

The Biden administration gives their approval for NATO to send fighter jets to Ukraine

The United Nations: Russian Forces Switch Off The Networks at The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine

Victor David Hanson: Vladimir Putin, the Latest of the Failed Irredentists – In response to Putin’s irredentist schemes, the surreal Left has alternately appeased him and angrily denounced the critics of their appeasement

Visa And Mastercard, The Two Biggest Payment Platforms In The World, Abruptly Suspend All Operations in Russia

JD Rucker: Putin Being the Bad Guy Doesn’t Mean Zelensky Is a Good Guy – Volodymyr Zelensky has been well documented as a puppet of George Soros

The US trucker convoy drives laps around the DC Beltway – They planned to circle the interstate twice and then return to Hagerstown, Maryland, to regroup

The Capitol Police Issues Emergency Declaration Over The Trucker Convoy – The emergency declaration allows police to ask for help from the National Guard in addition to permitting payment for officers’ hotel and food costs

The National average gas price jumps over $4 for the first time since 2008 – California leads with an average of $5.288 per gallon while Missouri currently has the lowest average price at $3.599 per gallon

The Price Of Oil Per Barrel Doubles From What It Cost A Few Months Ago – As the Biden’s administration considers an embargo on Russian oil

JAMA Pediatrics Study: Pfizer Shot Makes Teens 7 Times More Likely to Suffer Myocarditis – The study argued that the vaccination policy “for adolescents should consider the trade-off between risks and benefits”

Teachers Say American Children Are Losing Motivation and Creativity

Russia’s envoy to the Iran nuclear talks said on Saturday that Tehran “got much more than it could expect” in the latest iteration of the nuclear deal

Without cutting off the import of Russian oil and gas, the US is funding Russia’s invasion with about $75 million a day

Upwards of 1.5 million Ukrainians were estimated Sunday to have been displaced by Russian invasion forces – i

ZeroHedge: The US Tells All Americans To Leave Russia “Immediately” After Putin Dials Up Threats

Russia-Ukraine Negotiations to Resume Monday After Partial Humanitarian Ceasefire Breached

About That Ukraine Nuclear Reactor – There is no way it could have Blown Up

The Six Biggest “Fake News” Stories About The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

A Wisconsin Special Counsel Alleges Massive Misconduct Occurred In The 2020 Election In A 136-Page Interim Report

Crime and homelessness are among the top concerns of California voters — Democrats ignored them at their recent statewide convention, preferring instead to focus on what they called Republican-led attacks on “democracy”

What’s a university for, if not to question ‘the science’? – Imagine offering a million dollars to anyone willing to debate you on the mRNA vaccines and having no one take you up on your offer

Is It Intentional or Simply Ignorance?  – Worst of all is our unnecessary, self-inflicted end to energy independence

Shocking Numbers out of Ultra-Vaxxed Israel Debunk the Notion that Adverse Reactions to Covid Jabs are “Rare” – Doctors were instructed to downplay potential adverse reactions because it would be terrifying if people knew the truth

March 5, 2022

A Sky News reporter was SHOT in the BACK by a Russian HIT SQUAD that target them in Ukraine

CNN, ABC, CBS, BBC, And Bloomberg Cease Live Ukraine Broadcasting – This is in response to the Kremlin introducing a new law that would jail anyone spreading fake news or misinformation about the invasion of Ukraine

The NY Times: New York DA’s Probe of Trump ‘Unraveled’

Thousands of Vehicles in The Truck-Led Convoy Gather in Maryland, The Last Stop Before DC Region – The People’s Convoy is calling for an end to the federal government’s COVID-19 emergency powers

Bayer Executive Says mRNA Vaccines are Gene Therapy – The video of the October 2021 speech is making rounds on social media again

A Midwestern Doctor: Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccines I Have Come Across – “I have spent the last year working to document this. It is a lot to take in but I feel it needs to be said”

A Trio of New Studies Revives Question: Should Children Get a COVID-19 Vaccine?

California’s Green Energy Mania Prices Electricity Like a Luxury Good – With predictable blackouts, unreliable electric grid, the state is creating dreadful imbalances that will lead to energy rationing

Iowa State Lawmakers Finally End the Madness, Ban Trans Athletes from Competing in Female-Only Sports

The White House has ‘lost control on the Hill’ over Russian oil ban – Biden carved out an exemption on Russia’s oil and gas sector, which accounts for 36% of the country’s revenue

The Russia-Ukraine ceasefire falls apart; B-52s spotted near Ukraine as Putin warns against a no-fly zone

ZeroHedge: Putin Will Declare War On Any Country Creating A Ukraine No-Fly Zone “That Very Second”

How “Social Justice” is Killing the Military – And military members are voting with their feet

ZeroHedge: Inflation Is “Imposing Real Hardships” On Everyday Americans; $10 Toothpaste & $4 Gas

Ukraine War Fever Could Kill GOP Midterm Chances – This war is just a convenient way to move the Democrat’s hate/blacklisting/virtue-signaling supremacism to another cause now that the COVID moral panic has run its courses

ZeroHedge: Will The World Soon Be Ready For Central Bank Digital Currencies? – The IMF Thinks So And Is Thoroughly On Board

Canada Was a “Beta Test” for Despotic Government, Big Tech, and Banks – “And They’re Coming Here Next’”

I Signed Up to Study Journalism – What They Taught Me Was Activism

March 4, 2022

Russia Strikes Back Against Western Sanctions, Threatens World Food Supply By Halting Their Export Of Fertilizers

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: Ukraine’s NATO Membership “Will Not Take Place”

Sharyl Attkisson: ‘Ukraine on Fire’: What’s not getting reported

Putin Calls on Countries to Normalize Relations With Russia

The Reality Of The Situation In Primary Colors – The savage Russian invasion of Ukraine has called a distracted and divided world back to the basics of life and death

COVID Vaccine Bombshells You Probably Missed – When a critical mass of Americans realize what has been done to them, there will need to be a reckoning

Trump Was Right Again: The U.S. Subsidizes Europeans’ Healthcare and Defense  – Biden’s State of the Union pitch to lower drug prices won’t change that

Senate conservatives threaten to hold up government funding over the vaccine mandate

The Biden Administration Demands That Big Tech Platforms Tell It Who’s Spreading Supposed COVID “Misinformation”

‘Absurd’: John Durham Filing Roasts Ex-Clinton Lawyer’s Attempt To Get Indictment Dismissed

Biden Announces New Rules for Federal Purchases to be Considered ‘Made in America’ – Under the current rule, 55 percent of a product is needed to meet the requirement; the change will increase that number to 75 percent by 2029

A New International Study Buries Cloth Masks as ‘Effectively Useless’ Once-and-For-All – The journal article was produced by British physicists with affiliations at the U.K., German, and French universities and laboratories

Dr. Robert Malone: The CDC Got Caught Hiding Data Showing Vaccination Might Increase Risk of Omicron Infection

Dr. Peter McCullough: Independent Evaluation is Needed of COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Data

New Data Show the Exodus From Public Schools Is Continuing – It’s not just families fleeing district schools for other options, teachers are leaving too

GOP Lawmakers Renew Their Push for a 6 Month Gas Tax Moratorium – With a $60 billion surplus in California “the government has already taxed us too much”

WSJ: Russia’s Shelling of Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Sparks Alarm – The attack raises concerns about the risk of environmental disaster, as Russian forces shift to more indiscriminate tactics after meeting strong resistance

The Russian Army Suffers ‘Major Demotivator’ as Their Top General Is Killed By A Sniper’s bullet

As War Rages in Ukraine, Biden Heads Home To Delaware – He has spent 35 weekends at home since taking office

Biden’s effort to restore Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran may be finished soon, according to the State Department

Biden’s Dangerous Iran Deal would be bad enough had Biden simply revived the disastrous Obama-era deal. But his negotiators are somehow managing to make it substantially worse

Poll: America does not trust Biden’s effort to negotiate a secret new Iran nuclear deal – They fear it more than Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell: Ukraine Invasion May Speed Up China’s Plan to Insulate Against The US Dollar

The Supreme Court reinstated the death sentence of convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

The Democrat Party is on the wrong side of borders, law enforcement, parents vs. teachers, inflation, CRT, cancel culture, lockdowns, masks, individual freedom, gasoline prices, pipelines, along with a president who has dementia

American Service Members Are Now Being Subjected to Gender Pronoun Training And When To Offer Soldiers Gender Transition Surgery

Biden blatantly lied about Trump’s tax cuts during his SOTU – His blunder on the potential effects of Build Back Better pale in comparison to his outright lie regarding his predecessor’s tax cuts

The great weasel-word gaslight: The Jan. 6 commission finds nothing on Trump – Liz Cheney’s Jan. 6 commission is starting to look stupid

The hidden agenda behind Joe Biden’s ‘black female’ Supreme Court pledge – This is not just an effort to protect a party that’s bleeding from a loss of conservative blacks, but also an attempt to insulate the nomination from the normal process

Boris Johnson says ‘the security of the whole of Europe has been put at risk’ by Russia’s attack on Ukrainian nuclear power plant as Putin’s men spark blaze and seize control of the complex

Be skeptical about media coverage of Ukraine – The prevalence of articles that show the Ukrainian side in good light makes it clear who the creators are and support the adage that truth is the first casualty of war

ZeroHedge: wo Oil Price Scenarios: One Bad, And One Catastrophic – Russian Urals crude was offered at a price more than $22 below spot by oil trader Trafigura and still could find no bidders

LIVE UPDATES: NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says the military organization will not police a no-fly zone over Ukraine and warns that such a move could end in a widespread war in Europe

ZeroHedge: There Are So Many Holes In The SWIFT Sanctions On Russia, They Are Useless – SWIFT is the international payment system. Cutting off a top country from SWIFT access is a very big deal

Ukrainian Experts Suggest 5 Potential Outcomes For the Russian Invasion – Scenario 5: Rebellion From Within

ZeroHedge: A US State Department Official Warns That President Xi Will Face “Serious Consequences” If China Helps Moscow Avoid Sanctions

13 states sue the Biden administration for any communications on FBI surveillance of parents protesting school boards

The US Senate Passes Bill to End COVID-19 National Emergency – The White House said President Joe Biden would veto the bill if Congress approves it

Has anyone heard from Anthony Fauci lately? – It’s as if Joe Biden and his administration suddenly found Fauci’s narratives inconvenient

It’s Time To Kill This Big Fat Lie Once And For All – In the SOTU, Biden claimed that his “American Rescue Plan” was one of the “few pieces of legislation” to have “done more at a critical moment in our history to lift us out of a crisis”

Pfizer Vaccine Study’s Massive List Of “Adverse Events of Interest” Released – Now we know why Pfizer and the FDA wanted to delay the release of adverse events data of their COVID vaccine for almost 50 years, until the year 2070

New Zealand: Bricks and ‘Explosives’ Fly as Police Attack Anti-Mandate Protest with Water Cannons

March 3, 2022

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Contrasts Biden’s State of the Union with Trump’s in 2020 – “It Makes You Realize How Far We’ve Fallen”

Wayne Allyn Root: Here’s The Shocking Reason Why Putin is Invading Ukraine – He knows the center of Biden’s corruption was in Ukraine and Biden is weak

We Chartered an Airplane to See the American “Peoples Convoy” From Sky And Interviewed Truckers at Rally

Biden’s Bizarre SOTU Proves He’s Unfit for Office – A majority of Americans now believe he’s unable to serve effectively as president

Tucker Carlson: If Jackson’s A ‘Top Legal Mind’ In The US, ‘What Were Her LSAT Scores?’

SCOTUS Is Under Pressure to Overturn Roe v. Wade – It Should Be Up to The People At The State Level

The January 6 Committee Lies in its Court Filing – Its claim of “good faith” is patently untrue

Fear Of Donald Trump Kept Putin From Invading Ukraine – The art of statecraft boils down to whether a president projects American strength that deters adversaries or projects American weakness that emboldens our adversaries

Military Analyst BILL ROGGIO: Putin is NOT crazy and the Russian invasion is NOT failing – The West’s delusions about this war and its failure to understand the enemy will prevent it from saving Ukraine

ZeroHedge: An ever-expanding list of public companies, including Apple, Exxon, GM, and Nike, are proudly announcing they are cutting ties to Russia as its invasion of Ukraine brings condemnation and sanctions.

A European Intelligence Official Warns Russia Is Planning Public Executions After Cities Are Captured

General Flynn: How We Can End the Ukraine Crisis Today – The key to unlocking this crisis is the Budapest Agreement

ZeroHedge: Reality Check: A “No-Fly-Zone” Over Ukraine Means WW3 – A no-fly zone is a declaration of war. It does NOT save lives. That’s a lie to trick stupid people into calling for escalation.

Tucker Carlson: Why didn’t we see this coming? – If the future of Europe and the world hung in the balance, as now so obviously it does; of course, the Biden administration would not have sent Kamala Harris to fix it, cuz that’s not her job

2 Million Children Must Be Jabbed to Prevent 1 ICU Admission – Children under 18 are 51 times more likely to die from the jab than they are to die from COVID infection if not vaccinated

FL to Allow Doctors to Use Off-Label Drugs for Early Treatment of COVID-19 – Health care practitioners are encouraged to provide early treatment for COVID-19 patients with federally approved generic drugs that they find will work

The People’s Convoy Sets Out From CA to DC – The general sense of the crowd was that the pandemic was over, COVID was endemic, yet government officials are slow to lift restrictions because they benefit from them

ZeroHedge: “We’re Now Living Out The Minority Report” – ATF Unofficially Declares Solvent Traps To Be Suppressors

Trump, Truth Social, and the Dispossessed – The art of a social media comeback!

Why America Needs Donald Trump – With the crises facing America, the question of foreign policy leadership is crucial

Lindsey Graham, Introduces A Resolution To Hold Russia Accountable For War Crimes Committed During The Invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia Agree on ‘Humanitarian Corridors’ for Civilians During Second Round of Talks, But No Cease-Fire

It’s Terrifying When You Connect The Dots – WHAT TIED THIS EPIPHANY TOGETHER FOR ME . . . IS UKRAINE

ZeroHedge: Russian Forces Lay Siege To Ukrainian Seaports As 2nd Round Of Ceasefire Talks Begin

Ukrainian forces are attacking the stalled 40-mile-long convoy that is attempting to converge on the capital city of Kyiv, the chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine said

China’s Dry Run – Putin’s war is a valuable case study for Xi, so a cynic might suspect Xi Jinping encouraged all this

ZeroHedge: Where Ukrainian Refugees Are Fleeing To – Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Moldova carry the brunt of the refugee wave

Understanding the military realities regarding Ukraine – Putin has definite objectives in the eastern half of the country and has been planning his angle of attack for a long time

ZeroHedge: This Is Economic War And Central Banks Are Our Paladins – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has crystallized what was already a gathering inflationary tsunami and will likely trigger a recession as supply chains break again

While all eyes are on Ukraine, Biden’s administration is selling out to Iran – Misdirection is used for magic tricks, but it can also be used to hide insidious political behavior

Democrats Advance Their Radical FCC and FTC Nominees to the Senate for Confirmation

Gas prices have spiked again and may continue as the national average hit $3.72 – The Biden administration’s stance regarding fossil fuels is driving surging oil costs

House Democrats Block A Bill to Approve Keystone XL Pipeline and Promote ‘American Energy Independence From Russia’ 

Multiple Truck Convoys Converge in Indiana for A Large Rally While En Route to Washington DC – ‘The American people are waking up and they’re marching east’

Victor David Hanson: The Biden Inflation Octopus – Democrats will suffer historic losses in the November midterms due to out-of-control inflation, and for several reasons

ZeroHedge: Zoltan Pozsar Warns Russian Sanctions Threaten Dollar’s Reserve Status – Russia has long been aware of the potential risk involved in holding dollars as reserves

ZeroHedge: Could The Ukraine Crisis Trigger An Oil Super-Cycle? – The world is short on spare oil production capacity,  despite attempts to ignore it on the part of some governments of large consumer countries

Sorry, Mr. President, But Inflation Isn’t Due To ‘Greed’ – Biden’s proposals will, if anything, make the problem far worse

WSJ: The January 6 committee asserted in a court filing Wednesday that President Donald Trump and some of his allies might have committed crimes by seeking to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election

Biden only mention ‘climate’ twice in his State Of The Union speech, but his two mentions were absurd

March 2, 2022

The Supreme Court could be leaning towards cutting back on the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to make climate control decisions – This could greatly damage President Joe Biden’s climate plans

Russia said it was ready Wednesday for the second round of peace talks with Ukraine — While giving a chilling warning that a third world war would certainly involve nuclear weapons

ZeroHedge: Ukraine Learns The Value Of An Armed Citizenry, But Far Too Late

Chinese officials reportedly asked Russia to delay Ukraine invasion until after Winter Olympics – When President Vladimir Putin had met with President Xi Jinping on February 4, shortly before the opening ceremony of the games

The Biden Admin Offers Worst Possible Excuse to Keep Keystone Pipeline Buried – Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg: We Don’t Want ‘Permanent Solutions’ to Energy Crisis

Manchin Crushes Biden’s Dreams Of Reviving Build Back Better

DRILL, BABY, DRILL: Representative Lauren Boebert Goes Viral for the  Dress She Wore to Biden’s SOTU

Why did the US embassy’s official website just REMOVE all evidence of Ukrainian bioweapons labs?


It’s Time for a Jan. 6 Amnesty, Mr. President – What happened to Matthew Perna must not be allowed to happen again

Biden’s Supreme Court Pick, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Shielded A Top Clinton Aide Amid The Email Scandal

A Recently Deceased Trump National Security Council Official Received A Report That Indicates There Were Multiple Shooters Along With ANTIFA And ISIS Involvement In The Las Vegas Shooting Massacre

The NRA just won a significant victory in court today with a New York state judge refusing to allow the state’s AG to dissolve their business and shut them down

What Makes a Good Judge? – The progressive emphasis on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s racial background and legal-defense experience misses the mark

Israeli Survey: Covid Booster Shots Are Causing More Injuries Than Previously Thought

The Truth Is Coming Out About COVID Deaths – COVID Deaths Have Been Vastly Overcounted

Official data: Fully vaccinated people account for 9 of 10 COVID deaths – This report from England demolishes any remaining argument for getting Covid shots

California legislators propose a new slate of eight COVID-19 vaccine laws – Would be the most aggressive state approach to vaccines in the nation

Does Biden’s Promise to Deploy a New “Vaccine” in 100 Days During His SOTU Mean a New Covid Variant Is Already in the Works?

These UCLA student interviews about Biden’s accomplishments as President are both funny and telling –  They love Joe, but can’t identify anything he has accomplished, although give ample time to answer

The U.S. Senate on March 2 approved a resolution that would block enforcement of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers across the country.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday said that these three rapid COVID-19 tests should not be used because of the potential for producing false results

The CDC No Longer Recommends Universal Contact Tracing And Case Investigation

CNN Hires The Colbert Producer as Its New President – This tells you all you need to know about the state of the media

Los Angeles County to Finally Drop Indoor Mask Mandate Friday – LA County becomes one of the last regions in the state to drop restrictive indoor mask mandates for unvaccinated citizens

While Oregon’s indoor mask mandate lifts in ten days, the vaccine requirement for state employees will remain in place for at least the rest of the month

California Governor Gavin Newsom Creates A New Government Program to Fight Supposed COVID ‘Propaganda’ – Public health has become merely an excuse to accrue power

The Soft Disarmament of San Jose’s Gun Insurance Requirement – One of the council members wondered “how we can require a specific type of insurance that does not exist”

WSJ: A coalition of state attorneys general is launching an investigation into TikTok – They are seeking information about whether and how the video-sharing platform contributes to online harm to children

The State Of The Union Is A Disaster, So Biden Gave A Campaign Speech Instead – After a year in the Oval Office, Biden has nothing to show but a column full of ‘L’s’ and a teleprompter full of more empty promises

McLaughlin & Associates: National Survey Results – General Election Likely Voters Trends & Analysis

WSJ: Ukraine’s Kharkiv Front Line Holds Despite Russian Bombardment – The police headquarters and university building in the second-largest city hit as Ukrainian officials say the invasion’s civilian death toll has reached 2,000

An assassination attempt against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky by Chechens has been foiled, a top Ukrainian official said

Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, warned Wednesday that a third world war would be “nuclear and destructive” amid his country’s invasion of Ukraine

We were sent as cannon fodder. We’re killing peaceful people – Weeping Russian POWs say they had no idea they were being sent to war and were made to attack people that were just defending their legitimate territory

Reports in Ukrainian media suggest that a Russian attempt to land troops near the coastal city of Odesa failed, with Russian marines refusing to attack in an act of mutiny

‘Madman Putin’: The Globalists’ Misinformation Play – The invasion of Ukraine was a pre-announced, rational act of a strongman who felt increasingly encircled and threatened by what he deems to be an antagonistic military block

ZeroHedge: The Operator Of Nord Stream 2 Fires All Employees After US Sanctions – Nord Stream 2 said that “We cannot confirm the media reports that Nord Stream 2 has filed for bankruptcy”

China says it is willing to mediate between Russia and Ukraine after saying it ‘deeply regretted’ the war – A sign that Beijing’s support for Putin is wavering

ZeroHedge: People in the NATO-member state of Czechia have been warned that they could face up to three years in prison if they express support for Russia on social media

Zuckerberg’s declared ‘bribery’ by a special counsel in Wisconsin – His nearly $9-million grant of funds directed solely to five Democratic strongholds in Wisconsin violated the state’s election code’s prohibition on bribery

The most striking aspect of Biden’s State Of The Union speech was how often he seemed to be echoing Donald Trump –Suddenly Joe Biden became our America First President, right before our eyes

JD Rucker: Three Things Biden Did NOT Mention During SOTU Speech Reveal the Democrats’ Election Strategy – Democrats know they’re on the ropes with the midterm, so he highlighted one thing while ignoring two others

Does Anyone Believe Biden’s ‘Rescue’ Plan Worked, Besides Biden? – If you think about it, what Biden said is that Americans need relief from Biden’s “rescue”

ZeroHedge: Short of an official request, the White House is now encouraging U.S. drillers to produce more crude

The Plandemic Proves That Democracy Is an Illusion – A key part of the dissent-crushing system is the surveillance apparatus that has been erected

On global warming, journalists are very consistent: They never ask questions – As always, the media automatically regurgitate dire reports they are given without asking any questions or doing any research

March 1, 2022

A Federal Appeals Court Court Denies Biden Administration Attempt to Impose COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate on Navy SEALS

America’s Emerging Energy Crisis –  The warning signs are everywhere, as we stumble toward an energy crisis that is likely to be far more severe and long-lasting than the upheavals of the 1970s

17 Absurd Lies Biden Told During His State Of The Union Speech

‘A Pound of Ukrainian People’? – 10 Brain Freezes in Joe Biden’s State of the Union Delivery

Biden’s unserious State of the Union – It turns out his “Buy American” is just a stalking horse for Biden’s real agenda, trying to get the massive social spending package associated with “Build Back Better” passed

Biden’s Final Words at State of the Union Address Are Leaving Americans Very Confused – “We can do these things,” “It’s within our power, and I don’t see a partisan edge to any one of those four things”

Elon Musk Hits Joe Biden Hard After His State Of The Union Speech – Noting his decision to ignore Tesla in favor of Ford and GM’s new electric vehicle ventures over Tesla who has made double their investment

Gallup Poll: 78% of Americans are dissatisfied with the way things are going

Biden’s Worst Days are Yet to Come – His big speech foretells of big problems that are coming

The Biden Administration Cut The Line from SOTU Speech Endorsing A Ban on Congress Trading Stocks

The Increased Cyber Warfare Threat from a New Sino-Russo Alliance As NATO forces assemble to address the Ukraine crisis, a new Sino-Russo partnership may initiate a series of cyberattacks more destructive than any in global history

Representative Ted Deutch, of Florida, Won’t Seek Re-Election – The 31st House Democrat To Retire From Congress

California’s $5-7 per Gallon Gas and Energy Costs Will Get More Expensive – What the country needs isn’t ‘alternative’ energy or new austerity measures; It’s a government that promotes energy development

WSJ: Oil Tops $110, Stock Futures Edge Up Ahead of Federal Reserve Chairman Powell’s Testimony and OPEC

Lund University Study: Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Goes Into Liver Cells and Is Converted to DNA

A whistleblower lawsuit alleging fraud during Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trials is moving forward after a district court judge unsealed the complaint that includes 400 pages of exhibits

New York State Department of Health: The Pfizer Vaccine Is Only 12% Effective in Kids 5 to 11

Wisconsin special counsel bombshell: 91 nursing homes had 95-100% voter turnout in 2020

Ukraine Demonstrates the Need for Gun Protections – It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war

California is being sued by a Christian physician for forcing doctors to help with suicides

WSJ: Russia Targets Civilian Areas in Ukraine – Threatens Kyiv After Missile Strike on Kharkiv and shifts to heavy bombardment of cities after failing to achieve a quick victory, warning of plans to hit intelligence facilities in the capital

The West’s Green Delusions Empowered Putin – While we banned plastic straws, Russia drilled and doubled their nuclear energy production

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin fumes as the US buys 500,000 barrels of Russian oil a day amid the backdrop of the Ukraine war

Over 140 diplomats walked out of the United Nations General Assembly as a Russian official attempted to defend his country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine Says it Has Now Been Invaded by a Second Country – Belarus, which has been a strong ally of Russia, have joined in the invasion Russia launched last week

In Leaks About Failed Russian Diplomacy, Biden Exposed Dangerous Weakness On China

A Russian column bears down on Kyiv, raising fear for civilians

Russia Says It Will Strike Sites in Kyiv After Ukraine Reports Deadly Attacks in Kharkiv

Ukraine Crushes Three Great Myths About Russia – Russia expected to waltz into Ukraine, but it didn‘t

While a large Russian convoy that stretches 60 km is getting closer to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and fierce battles are taking place in several other cities, the Ukrainians continue to fight for their country

Biden plans hopeful address against the backdrop of war, inflation, and pessimism

If You Want to Constrain Putin, Do the Obvious – Stop making economic concessions to Russia, ratchet up sanctions, and bolster U.S. defense capabilities

The Inflation Conundrum – A lot can be done to restrain prices that don’t sandbag the recovery with higher interest rates

Former Attorney General Bill Barr outs himself as an establishment swamp creature – Barr’s criticisms about Trump seem to arise from the fact that Barr and Trump didn’t get along

How The U.S. Federal Government Fuels Child Smuggling And Trafficking

This Is Why Our Monetary System Is A Giant Ponzi Scheme – Money allows us to produce and consume not just in the present but across time

Is America Paying Attention? – What We’ve Learned From The Freedom Convoy, Ukraine, And The Situation With China

Dr. Robert Malone: A peer review example on the “Effectiveness of the BNT162b2 Covid vaccine among children” – Having written hundreds of requested peer reviews, I am offering this unsolicited one

It turns out that the Pfizer vaccine is almost entirely ineffective in children ages 5-11, according to the latest batch of trial data released by the vaccine giant

Felicity Ace, which was carrying approximately 4,000 VW Group cars sank with its cargo – If you were holding out for a happy ending, sorry!

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