Katie Hopkins Warns America: Don’t Become Like the UK

At the Freedom Center’s recent West Coast Retreat at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes (April 5-7, 2019), U.K.’s freedom fighter Katie Hopkins discussed the price she has paid in her battle for freedom in the UK — and warns America not to become like Britain.

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KATIE HOPKINS: (Applause) That was good.  That was good.  That was very beefy.  Okay, thank you.  Anyway, it’s so fun to be here.  Thank you all for having me here.  Thank you in particular to David Horowitz, who I believe is the most inspirational freedom fighter of our time.  Absolutely.  Without David and his gorgeous team, I certainly wouldn’t have a platform, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am.  I have noticed however, David has become a little bit like the queen.  So, it’s his 80th birthday year, and I don’t know how many birthdays he’s had so far, but I’m figuring by the end of the year, he’s gonna have about eight, so he’s kind of like the queen of the fight for freedom that we have here.

I also see my mission–as I saw it maybe 3 years ago–was to warn America, do not fall as we have fallen.  Do not become like us.  Do not let yourselves become the United Kingdom or Western Europe, and I think, you know, it was hard last night listening to Judge Jeanine, and wasn’t she fantastic?

I feel, in part, that I haven’t done a good enough job because what happened to us is happening to Judge Jeanine, and is happening to others that you’ve heard tell that they have to now hand them what they’re planning to say on Fox before they even say it.  I’m certainly on the banned list at Fox now.  I just heard that Sebastian Gorka’s is being added to that banned list as well.

So, I fear that I have not done a good enough job of warning in the sense that you guys are not far behind us and the very dark road that we have gone down.  I don’t know how you guys feel right now, but do you feel like this thing is getting faster?  There’s like a weird acceleration effect going on.  Things seem to be going and turning away from us at quite a rate of knots.  I think that’s a frightening thing.

A brief history of me:  I started off in the military.  I was sponsored by the Intelligence Corps through the Royal Military Academy, through my university course and then through the Royal Military Academy.  My father said that it must have gotten confused in the post; that I must have gotten someone else’s offer.  My father also says that there definitely is a use for me in life but we just haven’t found it yet.  I’d like to point out that I got this nose from my father as well.  I will say another thing you guys tell me quite a lot here, and it’s been really nice: that I smell nice.  Yeah, I know, right?  But what’s happened is that to Biden has become a verb.  So, people have said, I don’t want to Biden you, but you smell really good.  So, Joe Bide should be pleased to know that he’s now become an actual verb in our vocabulary.

Anyway, I started off in a platoon. We were the girls’ platoon, the Lumpy Jumpers, they called us.  Some of our lumps were more disappointing than others, and I came out as one of eight graduating the Royal Military Academy, and I guess the Academy is kind of like your West Point, but just, you know, better.  Uh oh.  Things could take a downhill turn from here.

For various reasons, including the fact that I was born an epileptic, which I hid,  I was determined that not only could I overcome the world and every other thing that was put in my path, I could also overcome epilepsy by hiding it, but eventually, the Army medics found out about my diagnosis of epilepsy and I was militarily retired from the Army.  I was medically discharged and I can see now in my infinite wisdom as an actual adult, that actually, an epileptic with a semi-automatic rifle may not be such a good thing.  (audience laughter)

So I chose to carry on my fight for my country that I was determined to defend in other ways, and I became part of the media, the mainstream media, in fact.  I was a national columnist for Mail Online for 2 years, a national columnist for our biggest newspaper, specifically targeting regular, traditional, working-class people for 2 years, and I had a commercial radio show broadcast in the center of London that was at the top of its ratings.  But of course, once you start to really fight for your country and ask the awkward questions, those sorts of positions become untenable quite rapidly.

So, once you start to ask, if Islam is so fantastic, why is that Muslims always come to Christian lands?   Once you start to ask, why is it that we tiptoe around the cultures that choose to join us, but we fail to stand up for the cultures they choose to join.  Why is it that the majority of the men targeting our white girls are Pakistani Muslim men?  Once you start asking those questions, you become quite unpopular in the mainstream, pretty fast, with your bosses.  So, I lost my radio show.  In quick succession, I lost my newspaper column.

Once they’ve come for you professionally, then they come for you personally too.  So, they came for me financially with lawfare, case after case after case, where now, you can be sued for libel just through a tweet in the UK.  They came for me and my children, so I was reported to Social Services as a bad mother, and Social Services were involved in my family to see if it was appropriate for me to keep my three children.  And then they come for you physically, as well, of course.

Judge Jeanine spoke about the fact she could no longer report in the streets of New York because people feel empowered to attack her in the street, verbally, in New York.  In the UK, that’s physically, too.  So, a couple of Jihadis set out to behead me for my comments on Islam.  This was a couple years ago now.  They are both now in jail, so that’s a win for the system, I suppose, and a win for me, too.  But the female wanted my head as a wedding present from her Jihadi husband.  She was called ***(Katie uses satire name) I think.  In ever quite got the detail.  And together with her fiancé, a gentleman called ***(Katie uses satire name), they plotted to behead me.  They got one of those dummies, like a shop dummy; my father says the resemblance was uncanny, and they practiced chopping my head off.

People came into my home where I have my children, way down in the countryside, away from the towns, away from the cities, way far away; my little nest with lovely Mark Inn, that many of you know, my three children. They are 15, 14 and 10 now, and in the middle of the night, they came and installed a panic alarm into my home, told me that if anyone should break in, I should run to the top floor, shake this box and hopefully, help would come.  Then they left in the middle of the night and told me not to worry.  This is the sort of thing we’re up against in the UK.  You can see how you guys are following not so far behind us, I guess.

I’m not concerned by any of these things.  I have the attitude that if I put myself out there, that’s absolutely appropriate, and if I don’t like any of this stuff, I can go home and sit on my sofa and shutup.  And frankly, I signed up to fight for my country a very long time ago, and I will continue to do that until someone else decides that my time is up.

And I will fight on to defend my country from the Jihadists and the Islamists.  We’re somewhat overrun by Jihadists right now.  Sweden just agreed yesterday to take 230 back direct from the Islamic State, and we have the returning brides of ISIS.  I think you guys had one of your own.  So, in that same week, notice, the UK had one, Shamim Abegha; Canada, where’s my Canadian representatives, had one; and America had one.  Isn’t it great that ISIS can coordinate their international press releases with our mainstream media?  Yeah?  That stuff doesn’t happen by accident, you know.  They are actively working against us, and for once in our life, Britain did something right.  Our home secretary tore up her British citizenship and said no.  You will not come into our country; a decision which she is appealing with taxpayers’ money, given that she’s been bedded by 52 Jihadis and has multiple sexually transmitted infections, it’s about the only kind of appeal she’s ever likely to have.

Returning Jihadis wanting to come back to our country,  I really question that, don’t you?  Jihadis?  You know what you’re supposed to do if you’re a Jihadi?  You’re supposed to go and blow yourself up.  The idea is that you get a lifetime in paradise and 72 virgins, which is more than you’ll find in Minnesota.  So, answer me this, returning Jihadis: how does that work?  Because really, if you’re a returning Jihadi, you aren’t really Jihadi, at all, are you?  You’re just a bit crap at your job.  My view is, we don’t need any more returning Jihadis into my country.  I’m sorry, we have to laugh, but you know what, humor sometimes is what’s gonna win this fight for us.  I’m determined of it, and aside from pointing out the obvious, and going to the places where other people won’t go, I spend most of my time in no-go zones in either Sweden, migrant camps at Cali, skid row, the places our mainstream media politely refuse to go because it’s not near a five-star hotel.  The white farmlands of South Africa where our white farmers are being genocided from the land, and no one wants to talk about it because they’re the wrong color.

Aside from spending time there, I’ve just returned from a week at your border in Mexico.  I spent time with ranchers on the frontline, who nobody seems to talk to.  The volunteer Border Force who are doing a brilliant job just because they so believe in this country; they’re desperate to defend it.  And the charities down there, aiding and abetting the movement of illegals through America.  And I can confirm firsthand, America is in trouble in the border, not just because of illegal immigration, not just because of Mexican families and their children being trafficked across the border straight into the arms of the Border Force, and not just because of a wall, or a lack of one; it’s not even because of the endless supply of drugs, although I observed firsthand, and walked the routes and the mechanisms for all of these things.  America is in trouble at the border because of a systematic, coordinated and well-funded processing of people into your country for profit.

Politicians, the Catholic bishops of the USA, private businesses and charities, are all complicit in this trade of human flesh.  Your tax dollars are funding the movement of people into your country.  Your tax dollars are pushed into the pockets of businesses, charities and people profiting from the movement of illegal aliens, and the profit margin on an illegal alien is about 65 percent.

Two days ago–I have a clip to show you in just one moment.  Two days ago, I stood in the doorway of the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande, and I filmed this clip.  It shows four border patrol vehicles arrive in convoy and unload their cargo of 75 illegals into this shelter in McAllen.  This was a scheduled trip and a planned delivery.  Please, may I ask us to play Clip 1?

Catholic charity rep: Do not take pictures of this, ma’am.

Katie Hopkins: Why?

Catholic charity rep: Why?

Katie Hopkins: Yeah.

Catholic charity rep: Very simply, their family members now know you’re here, the people who they borrowed money from know they’re here –

Katie Hopkins: Uh huh.

Catholic charity rep: – and now they’ll extort ’em for the money, so if you want to put ’em in danger, –

Katie Hopkins: I don’t. 

Catholic charity rep: –keep taking pictures.  If you want to put ’em in danger, keep taking pictures.

Katie Hopkins: This is a Catholic charities center.  It’s a risk, a center for the illegals coming across the borders.  There are 1, 2, 3, 4 border control, border control vehicles here to drop off people, I’m thinking.  The lady is very upset that I’m taking this video of the vehicles arriving.  She said if people know they’re here, they’ll come get ’em because they will extort money from them, so that is evidence, I guess, of the traffickers at work here.  I will stop this video now, so we don’t upset this lady any further.

KATIE HOPKINS:  Thank you.  The Border Force are moving trafficked people, and there are allegations and paper trails to support the assertion that taxpayer dollars flow back into the hands of the traffickers to reimburse for their part in this transaction.  As I say, about 75 individuals came out of those Border Force vehicles, and each illegal child is worth, they estimate, and around the order of $56,000.00 to the charities in terms of placement funds and opportunities for them.  The Catholic Bishops of the USA received over $29 million in 2018 for moving illegals into America.  The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service received $28 million in 2018 for the facilitating illegal alien import.  All you have to do is follow the money.  Just after that clip was taken, a couple of individuals came out of that place, tried to take my phone from me and delete that video.

The problem at your border is the profit made per human head.  I truly believe – People said, what can we do?  Build the wall, stop them, how does he stop them?  I truly believe if you stop the profit per head– 65 percent margin–you could help stop the flow of people.  And you’re not alone in this.  I take no pleasure in any of this.  We’ve already lived through our own NGOs providing the same ferry service for migrants across the Med–from Libya into Southern Italy–Pushed politically by the globalists, enabled by our churches, facilitated by the left.  Where go, sadly, you guys follow.

The UK is in a dark place.  I just finished a road trip from Paris to the lost parts of UK to Israel, to tell a news story of immigration and migration not being told.  This is a silent exodus of people from Western Europe.  Across Britain and Europe, it’s a very British kind of migration that’s underway, we’re politely excusing ourselves from the places that we used to call home, looking for a new place to live.  The exodus of French Jews from Paris is much more stark.  They need to flee to find a place of safety.  For British families, it’s a feeling that they no longer belong.

I traveled to a little town in the middle of England, in Yorkshire.  It’s a place of rolling green hills, a place of mills and streams of the past, a place of Yorkshire tea, and this place is called Sable Town.  Sable Town has 4,000 residents.  It is now 97 percent Muslim.  When I was in town with my non-Muslim cameraman, we raised the white British contingent, non‑Muslim contingent, by a full 1 percent, just by being there.  You know, this has nothing to do, actually, with color or religion, per se.  This is about feeling the odd one out, about feeling isolated, about feeling like you no longer belong, looking around and not seeing one familiar face that you recognize.  Everything changing, languages changing, English is now the fourth language in the majority of our state schools and inner cities.  The shops change, and you are some, I am some oddity, now, standing out in the street.  We were sold all this on diversity, you know?  But where is the diversity here?  And 97 percent Muslim.  We were told multiculturalism had all the answers, but where is that when there’s only 3 percent of us left behind?  Sable Town has a mega-mosque which I visited and was asked to leave, and it has its own Sharia court, in the Midlands, in the heart of England.

The lady I met in the market town nearby told me, it’s a no-go zone for white people, and this is happening all across the UK.  I didn’t just pick one little town to make an example of it.  Whites are now a minority in London, in Leicester, in Lowton, in Bradford, and Birmingham by 2035.  By 2050, Muslim births will outnumber the number of births to any other religion in my country.  People are moving out because we don’t want to leave our children somewhere we don’t think they’re going to be safe when they grow up.  And I went to hear the same stories in Paris, where Jewish families are much more openly under attack.  In the old French Quarter, the Islamists are making their intentions clear.

Recently, 18 families, I visited a few of them, received letters direct to their homes, telling them to get out or they will be killed.  The police came and told them they couldn’t protect them.  Last year, little Muriel Knoll, and 82‑year-old lady who lived in the relatively poor suburbs of Paris, was attacked by her Muslim neighbor.  She was stabbed then thrown from her balcony.  I went to the place where she used to live.  Muriel had survived the roundup of Jews in Paris, she survived the Valdiv before people were moved off to the camps, but she could not survive Paris in 2018.

And this sense of fear, I promise you, is widespread; of being a target.  And it isn’t just the big terrorist attacks that make the news headlines–   the Marche, specifically targeting a Jewish supermarket, not just the Charlie Ebto slaughter– the French, Jewish French people talk of the stuff of everyday, the stuff in the margin, of being called a dirty Jew in the street by Muslims, of the children having to take off their kippah before they walk in the streets for fear they’ll become attacked, and told not to hang around outside the synagogue, of being told to text their mom as soon as they get home, as soon as they’re safe, of the armed guard stood outside the Jewish schools.  A rabbi tells me that the Jewish communities are like a weathervane for the wider population, that we should see them as a signal or a warning of the storms that are going to come our way, and the truth is, that Jewish families are being hounded out of Europe through fear, from Paris, from Germany, from the UK.  And Christian families like mine, are looking to Hungary and Poland for a new place to call home.

I followed these Jewish families to Israel– to look for hope I think.  And they were relieved to feel safe.  They now worry for their family and friends in France and Europe.  They talk, and it gives me the shivers, just talking about it now.  They talk about needing to treat every day like the first of September, 1939.  They talk about having a suitcase by the door, so people can get out quickly.  One lovely elderly couple who escaped to Israel sat in their lovely apartment in Tel Aviv.  They bought another one just up the road for their daughter, hoping she’ll come.  And they say, we have to remember, that history has taught us well, and that the pessimists are now in LA with a pool, and the optimists went to Auschwitz.  They say we have to remember in Western Europe; we cannot afford to be optimists anymore.  But they also spoke of their joy; their joy of returning to a homeland, the sheer relief of finally feeling accepted and safe and welcome.  The husband said he burst into tears at the airport. It sets me off every time, when they were greeted by an enthusiastic welcoming party of Israelis, so thrilled to see them.  And they were presented with all their papers and their documentation for this new life in this new land.

8,000 others made that journey last year and the exodus, the Jexodus, is set to continue.  And if I may, I’d just like to play Clip 2 which is this new documentary I’ve been making called Homelands. I think it’s helpful to hear their stories firsthand, not from me.  CLIP:

Katie Hopkins as narrator: In Western Europe, a silent exodus is underway.  There are huge changes afoot here, barely perceptible to outsiders.  Across the UK and Western Europe, indigenous people who’ve watched their countries change beyond all recognition.  This is a silent retreat of Jews and Christians from Western Europe.

Streeter interviewee: They try and beat you down with that all the time.  Far right, far right, and it’s not the place, **** It’s working-class English people.  You just feel like sitting duck, it isn’t –

Interviewee:       Sable Town’s a different area for a white person.

Katie Hopkins: Sable Town is a no-go area?

Interviewee:       It’s a no-go area for a white person.

Interviewee:       Going to the synagogue on Yom Kippur, I passed a café in the street and two men came up and told me I’m a dirty Jew. 

Interviewee:       They think you are in trouble, and you are in the big trouble because you are not safe and we are much more safer than you.

Interviewee :     Some things can’t be asked.  People have eyes.  They don’t have hearing.  They don’t see what’s going on. 

Interviewee:       What we are heading for is a Muslim-dominated society that we cannot accept it. 

Interviewee:       From this angle, it’s a hellhole. 

Interviewee:       On September 1, 1939, the Nazis invaded Poland, World War II began, but they didn’t stop on September 1, and some Jewish communities in the world should treat every day, this might be September 1, 1939. 

Interviewee:       In Germany, before the war, the pessimists ended up having a swimming pool in Hollywood, and the optimists ended up in Auschwitz.  Being Jewish in Europe now, you can’t be optimistic.

You know, I came away full of admiration for these brave people starting a new land together, formed and forged from this strong pride in this kind of strong national identity, and I was really saddened, too, by the glaring realization that I do not have an Israel.  We do not have an Israel, and so we must build one together.  Together, with America, we must build and defend a place we can feel safe for our children to grow up and call home; a Christian heartland where we can live without fear of becoming the targets for attack, and where we’re not forced out from within, where others may join but not to segregate or isolate, but to integrate.

63 million Americans began this project in 2016.  You voted for Trump, you voted for pride in your national identity, and you voted to create a place to call home.  And I’ve made it my mission for 2019 to kiss every single one of you.  Be afraid.  Although I smell nice, so it’s good.  I’m gonna Biden you to death (audience laughter).  And because of you, there is hope.  You are like a thread pulling through Europe, giving us something to hold onto, making it okay to see that it’s all right to put our country first.

Salvini now says Italy first.  The Swedish democrats say Sweden first, and the AFD say Germany first because of you.  Because of you, we have this hope and together with these nation builders, we will strive to create places where Christians and Jews can still find a place to call home; a place of refuge.  You know, sometimes you may fear for your country.  You may fear that all is lost.  The noise from the other side can feel overwhelming, but I am here to tell you, all is not lost.  It is going to be okay.  There is hope.  We may silenced, but we are many; 63 million Americans, 20 million British people, 38 million Brazilians, 3 million Hungarians, 15 million Italians, I could go on and on.  And together, we are waking up to the fact that the fight back for our countries is on.  We can do this.  We have to do this, and we will do this together.  We will turn out for 2020.  Together, we fight back for America, for our God and for your land.  Thank you very much, indeed. (Applause)

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