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Below you will find links to mostly conservative oriented articles or blog posts that I have read each morning and find insightful and/or interesting in some way.

If you take the time to read some of them it should open your eyes to the reality of “The Swamp,” Main Stream Media/Propaganda Media bias, The Progressive Movement and what Trump faces daily in his quest to Make America Great Again.” (Note: Article links added since the previous update are underlined.)

July 31, 2018

I just took my PC out of my collector car that was removed when we evacuated and hooked it up again. Any interesting articles I find tomorrow will be linked below.

Patriotism: The Secret of Trump’s Success

Employee Compensation Rising Sharply

Painting of Trump team ‘Crossing the Swamp’ touches off social media frenzy

Just a ‘crock’: Limbaugh slams Facebook claim

Music legend warns NFL: Offend ‘handful’ … or millions

Andrew Klavan Destroys NYT Article Claiming Conservatives Are Racist

FBI Launched Investigation Two Years Ago — Still No Collusion Found

Dinesh D’Souza: White nationalists on left, not right

The Left’s Ideas for Saving America’s Soul Are Instead About Selling It

Is There a Cure for the Modern University?

FAKE NEWS: Nat Geo Retracts Unscientific Message in Viral Climate Change Video

San Juan Venezuela – Proof That Socialism Doesn’t Work

Trump in Florida: ‘The Time Has Come for Photo ID’ for Voting

What You Need to Know About the Manafort Trial

California Urges Residents to ‘Resist’ Citizenship Question on U.S. Census in 2020

July 30, 2018

The Facts Behind The Trump Tower Meeting Are Incriminating, But Not For Trump

Another Big Fact The Obama Administration Hid To Pass Obamacare

July 29, 2018

The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My 8 Decades

Defining Modern Liberalism

There’s No Such Thing as ‘Democratic Socialism’

July 28, 2018

If You Plan On Going To San Francisco…Think Again

Shadowbanning: Twitter’s Revenge on Trump

July 27, 2018

Obama’s Dying Vision: The Only Card in the Democratic Deck

Trump-Russia Collusion: The New ‘Climate Change’

The American Left’s Selective Outrage

Evacuated due to Carr fire in Shasta County California. One of the things we took, was this computer.Updates above were added after I resumed updates on August 1st.

July 26, 2018

As the Swamp Turns – If Trump can put up with this nonsense for another 6½ years, so can we.

Wall Street celebrates Trump trade deal with EU

Media push Facebook to censor Fox News!

President Trump Puts the Mullahs on Notice

Thank God, Jim Jordan running to replace Ryan as House Speaker

Media Gaslighting Can’t Hide Fact Trump Campaign Was Spied On

July 25, 2018

The Shortest Trade War in History Over

The Truth About the Trump Tariffs

Trade Deal a ‘Major Win for President Trump,’ ‘Major Concession’ by European Union

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo infuriates senators with brash defense of Trump

Thanks to Obama, Democrats, Never-Trumpers, the Deep State, MSM, and Jeff Sessions, the US is Now a Banana Republic

It’s Suspicious That The FBI And DOJ Didn’t Check Into Christopher Steele’s Leaks To The Press

The Future Site of the Never Trumpers’ Museum

The Big Picture on the Carter Page FISA

Alan Dershowitz Defends Trump After CNN Drops Cohen Tape: No Crime

More Americans Than Ever Now Believe Democrats Are Out Of The Mainstream

DOJ finally instructs US Attorneys to use term ‘illegal alien’ instead of ‘undocumented’

Socialism: The Slouching Beast on Our Campuses

July 24, 2018

Byron York: Next step: House Intel asks Trump to declassify rest of FISA application

Here’s what U.S. voters really think of illegals voting

CLAPPER ADMITS: Obama Personally Ordered Peter Strzok To Set Up Mueller Probe

Media Bias Can’t Be Ignored With 92% Of Trump Administration Coverage Proven To Be Negative

How Do You Punish The Punishers? – Bullseye

End The Hysteria Over The Helsinki Summit

The Withered Branches on Mueller’s Poisoned Tree

The Greatest Hysteria in American History


White House heeding Chuck Schumer in studying revocation of security clearances for certain ex-Obama officials

Peter Strzok’s Wife At SEC Deleted Her Facebook Pro-Hillary, Pro-Obama Related Support

Trump Can Use Clapper’s Program To Take Away Clapper’s Security Clearance

Is Carter Page Really a Russian Agent?

So the great Singapore summit ‘nothingburger’ … has led to North Korea quietly dismantling its arsenal

The Liberal media try to make Liz Warren the fresh young face for 2020

A ‘Real Indian’ Senate Candidate Slams Challenger Elizabeth Warren After Getting Attacked Outside Her Event

July 23, 2018

Hannity: FISA court was abused for political gain

IT’S TRUE! Tucker Carlson Stands by Claim: Tony Podesta Was Offered Immunity to Testify Against Manafort — IN DC CASE

Confirmed: DOJ Used Materially False Information To Secure Wiretaps On Trump Associate

What liberals (still) get wrong about Trump’s support

Facebook likes jihadists, but not anti-jihad Muslims

James Clapper: ‘Obama Is Responsible’ for Starting Trump/Russia Investigations

10 Key Takeaways From The Released FISA Warrants Against Carter Page

Sessions: ‘If You Want Crime to Up,’ Let ‘ACLU Run the Police Department’

Confirmed: Deep State Used Phony Dossier to Get FISA Warrant to Spy on Trump

NBC News Reporters Want Donald Trump Banned from Twitter After Threatening Iran

Comey and Strzok — Two key players in the scheme to clear Clinton and frame Trump

The 5 phases of the Democrat plantation

No, The Fourteenth Amendment Does Not Authorize Birthright Citizenship

Every congressional district getting tax cuts

Study: The New Facebook algorithm favors Democrats over Republicans

July 22, 2018

The Associated Press Lies About the FISA Application


Everyone Is Smart Except Trump – From July 18th

Yes, Hillary Should Have Been Prosecuted – From July 15th

For some unknown reason this posting reverted back to 7/14 the afternoon of 7/23 and all links were lost. I wish I knew why, but I don’t. From now on I will keep a full copy of each days update on my PC so I can re-post it if needed. Additionally, I will add-back links that were lost if I come across any.

July 14, 2018

What Putin Conceded To Trump

WSJ: After the Strzok Stonewall, here’s what Trump should declassify if he wants the truth known.Thunder Strzok – A performance for the ages — And the reviews keep coming in.

Strzok by a Farce – Congress should either use its contempt power or shut down the investigations.

Kim DotCom: I Was Warned Not to Turn Over Seth Rich Evidence to Mueller

12 Russians cast in Bob Mueller’s theater of the absurd

Limbaugh: Here’s The Line The Media Will Downplay From Rosenstein’s Russian Interference Announcement

Strzok, the FBI, and Bias

July 13, 2018

Updated List of Mueller Indictments: More Than 80% Are Russians Who (If They Are Real People) Will Never Face US Courts

About That “Giant Trump Baby Balloon”

More Perfectly Timed Russia indictments, really? Indict Mueller!

Why Leftists Become Thugs

Peter Strzok Reveals Bruce Ohr, Husband to Fusion GPS Operative, Gave Documents to FBI

House Conservatives Move Forward with Plans to Impeach Rod Rosenstein

Ben Stein: Strzok and His Rabid-Dog Handlers

Globally . . . Locally – We Are At The Precipice

Gowdy Forces Strzok to Address Bias Against Trump While Serving on Mueller Investigation

Peter Strzok, A Cocky Liar to the End – His first public performance shows him to be a partisan weasel of the first order

Strzok’s claim of no bias so ridiculous that even CNN’s political director calls BS

5 Key Takeaways From The House Hearing With FBI Counterintelligence No. 2 Peter Strzok

Who Kept Putting Strzok in Charge? – What does it say about Robert Mueller that he picked him for his team?

Trump, May face the press after explosive interview

Delingpole: Trump Just Dropped the Mother of all Brexit Bombs on Theresa May

Democrats Say They Will Vote No on Their Own Abolish ICE Bill After GOP Plans to Bring It Up for a Vote

10 Ways DOJ Abused Its Authority When It Spied On Trump’s Campaign

Gas Prices Are Still Low

July 12, 2018

Watchdog Found Clinton Emails Were Sent To ‘Foreign Entity’

So, How Imperiled Is The United States Of America?

Reciprocity Is the Method to Trump’s Madness

Progressives’ Disdain for Institutions Is Starting to Haunt Them

Trump Declares Victory After NATO Meeting: Says Members Committed to Pay More

Washington Post’s BOMBSHELL: Kavanaugh Had Credit Card Debt … And Paid It Off

Gunning for Judge Kavanaugh

Can The California GOP Reignite a Gas Tax Revolt?

Fake History That Inspires Today’s Progressives – Or, Five myths of the Russian Revolution

July 11, 2018

The SCOTUS 9: Guides or Guardians?

Dershowitz: ‘Kavanaugh is 100% Correct,’ President Should Not Be Criminally Prosecuted

Trump Is On Target in Verbal Attack on Germany

Limbaugh: Elections are the only thing standing in the left’s way

Kavanaugh Threatens the Left’s Right to Cheat – And they don’t like it one bit.

Lisa Page Faces Contempt of Congress After Defying Subpoena

It’s a Damn Good Thing Net Neutrality Bit the Dust

Brett Kavanaugh: The Perfect Choice for the Season of Resistance

6 Big Changes Coming To Public Schools And Politics Thanks To The Supreme Court’s Union Smashdown

Mueller Reveals Tenuous Link Between Manafort Charges And Trump

Fact Check: Did Brett Kavanaugh Really Say the President is Above the Law?

Anything for that Iran Deal: How Obama threw national security (and troops’ lives) out the window

Lisa Page defies congressional subpoena – for now, and maybe forever

Everybody Is Wrong About The New York Times/Ali Watkins Scoops-For-Sex Scandal

U.S. Is Set to Become World’s Top Oil Producer, Government Says

Wrecking NATO

Trump Starts NATO Summit on Front Foot, Blasts Hypocritical Germany as ‘Captive of Russians’

Why There Will Be No Solution in the Mideast

How the #WalkAway Campaign is Drowning the Blue Wave Democrats

Justice: AR-15s are not ‘military’ weapons

Trans Bathrooms Are All About Discrimination—Against Women And Children

A Fresh-Faced Political Outsider Is Trying to Turn Her Blue California District Red

Trump Is Cutting Off Big Labor From Skimming Americans’ Medicaid Payments And Unions Are Furious

July 10, 2018

GOP bill would make first-time illegal border crossing a felony, send sanctuary city funds to ICE

KAMALA HARRIS Says Schools in Berkeley Weren’t Integrated When She Was a Kid — But Yearbook Pictures Prove She’s Lying

Jim Jordan Is A Man of Integrity Being Railroaded With Factless Allegations

‘Children’ at border included murderers, rapists: Obama HHS

The Nomination of [FILL IN THE BLANK] to the Supreme Court Means [REALLY BAD THINGS]

NBC News Spreads Conspiracy Theory About Secret Trump-Kennedy SCOTUS Deal

Yale Prof Outlines Confirmation Hearing Trap

“Unmasking Antifa” Act Introduced In Congress: 15 Year Sentence For Masked Mayhem

Left vs. Right: It’s all about fear, real vs. concocted

14 Times Republican Officials Were Viciously Harassed, Threatened With Death

Trump’s Supreme Court pick: Democrats will fight hard to stop Kavanaugh but he has few vulnerabilities

Brett Kavanaugh Should Get a Vote Before the Midterm Elections

The SCOTUS nominee has to be ‘controversial’ because…Trump

Democrats Endorse Judicial Tyranny

Leftists Lose Their Minds Over Kavanaugh – Promptly Use Nomination To Raise Money

Analysis: Kavanaugh is President Trump’s Second Solid SCOTUS Nominee

Kavanaugh Nomination is Political Jiu-Jitsu

Just The Facts on Employment

Trump Issues Full Pardons To Oregon Ranchers Forced Back Into Prison Under Anti-Terror Law

Quantitative Tightening? – Cost Of Borrowing Money Going Up

July 9, 2018

BOMBSHELL: Witness Prepared to Identify Two Killers of Seth Rich

The Top Six Unhinged Reactions to The Kavanaugh Nomination

Brett Kavanaugh, A Worthy Pick

This is Why Brett Kavanaugh Gets a Vote and Garland Didn’t

A Liberal’s Case for Brett Kavanaugh As Supreme Court Justice

Fox News Anchor Cancels Live Show From SCOTUS Steps Due to ‘Volatile’ Protests: I Felt ‘Threatened’

The President’s Nominee for the United States Supreme Court – Brett M. Kavanaugh

Ex-Navy sailor pardoned by Trump files suit against Obama, Comey for failure to prosecute Hillary Clinton

Why the Preemptive Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett?

The RIGHT Won – The LEFT Lost . . . Get Over It – And Then There Is Jim Jordan

The #WalkAway Movement Is Taking America By Storm

Did Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Actually Save America?

Tucker Carlson To Cornel West: Why Has Democratic Socialism Never Actually Worked Anywhere?

If Kim Cheats, Who Tells Trump? – And Who Will Trump Believe?

Shocker: AP and FBI seemingly in collaboration in Manafort investigation

Amy Coney Barrett vs. Ruth Bader Ginsburg…

July 8, 2018

Corrupt FBI and DOJ Not Only Caught Redacting Their Criminal Acts – They’re Now Caught CREATING Fraudulent Documents

Why Should a Single Federal Judge Be Able to Make Law for the Whole Country?

The Perspective of Remembrance – I’m 74, so this really hits home.

The War Is Over: Mulvaney No Longer Has This Headache At The The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Exalted Righteousness, Tawdry Methods Lead to Walk Away Phenomenon

Liberal Outrage Is All The Rage – Liberals Have Finally Become A Parody Of Themselves

REVEALED=> Obama Used DNA Testing on Kids Crossing the Border Too… It Isn’t Just a Trump Policy

What was Strzok doing investigating for the FBI without a security clearance?

Crooked Rosenstein Admits He’s Running the DOJ – AG Jeff Sessions Still AWOL

July 7, 2018

Who Killed the Center-Left?

North Korea says denuclearization talks with Pompeo ‘regrettable’

Illegal fined $280 for killing FBI agent, fire marshal

The left’s personal destruction machine turns its focus on Jim Jordan

The Democrats’ Socialist Meltdown

Trump’s legal team demands ‘factual basis’ for Mueller probe before agreeing to interview


The Democratic Party’s Christian Problem

Hey, Never Trumpers, Where Would We Be with Hillary Clinton Right Now?

Public Civility, On-Campus Censorship At Odds In Shapiro Lawsuit

July 6, 2018

The terrible 2’s: Democrats at the midterms

The Savaging of Laura Ingalls Wilder – The American Library Association brings disrepute upon itself.

Why Blacks Are Leaving the Democratic Party

Trump Economics Works, Democrats Proven Wrong

When they lose, Democrats just want to change the rules

The Reason Democrats Are All Behind Mueller Witch Hunt Is Likely Hidden in the IG’s Clinton Email Report and It Will Make You Sick

Record 155,576,000 Employed in June; 10th Record for Trump

Hispanic-Latino Unemployment Rate Hits Lowest Level on Record in June

Beware the Red Wave

Trey Gowdy Cuts Adam Schiff Down To Size

Trump Expands Government’s Deportation Powers To Go After Specific Violators

‘Abolish ICE’ and the Democrats’ Regression to Extremism

Marxists And Extreme Radicals Seek To Take Over The Democratic Party

Strzok Created a Fake Timeline of Weiner Email Recovery in Order to Leave Misleading Record

Here’s Why Hillary Is Running Again in 2020

I’m A Teacher. Here’s Why I’m Cheering My New Freedom From Unions

The “Never Trumpers” Are Never Coming Back

The Incredible Scam of Rooftop Solar

DHS Reports Drop in Border Crossings Due to Trump Zero-Tolerance Policy

Iran has completely stopped harassing US ships now that strong Trump replaced weakling Obama

7 Reasons It Is Deeply Misleading To Claim Americans Support Roe v. Wade

July 5, 2018

Infamous tarmac meeting set up by Secret Service, FBI

Why Maxine Waters Is Going Crazy

San Antonio Police Arrest Man Suspected of MAGA Hat Attack

Rap Sheet: ***235*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

Democrats are furious about Trump and the Supreme Court – They have only Obama to blame

The Two Culture Leaders Changing Today’s World

SCOTUS Candidate Amy Coney Barrett’s ‘Cult’

The Next American Revolution: #WalkAway

Whataburger teen attacked for wearing Make America Great Again hat

The Left Can’t Come to Grips with Loss of Power

Most Don’t Want to Get Rid of ICE

Another Hail Mary Attempt from the Left to Deny Trump His SCOTUS Pick

Trump Blamed for Death of Reporters…Did Media Blame Obama for Cop Killers?

The Increasingly Putrid City by the Bay

July 4, 2018

How Socialism Can Ruin Your Life

Facebook deletes Declaration of Independence text as ‘HATE

Censorship: Amazon top 500 reviewer banished after ‘Gospel’ rave

Freedom Isn’t Free

The Day Donald Trump Became Commander In Chief

If You Don’t Believe In Limited Self-Government, You’re Not An American Patriot

America Is Great Again – Reasons Why

What a Difference a Week Makes

The Left Celebrates July 4 by Denouncing the First Amendment

Harvard Prof Argues For Packing SCOTUS With Liberals, But His Last Words Told Tucker Everything – ‘Socialism Will Win!’

One new Mexican president. Dozens of new reasons to build the wall.

Absolutely No One Supports #AbolishICE

These Are The Seven Supreme Court Contenders Trump Is Considering

CNN turns a Trump joke into fake news

Trump to Reverse Obama Guideline for Considering Race in College Admissions

Trump’s burden: Cleaning up Obama’s mess

July 3, 2018

Calls to Abolish ICE Omit that Majority of Immigrants Agency Arrests are Convicted Criminals

Democrats slap Southern Poverty Law Center ‘HATE’ smear on Trump court finalist

On the Eve of Independence Day, Students Are Giving the Finger to the United States

The Glory of Timely Leftist Overreach

National Manhunt Underway for Three Illegal Aliens Accused of Raping Teens in Ohio

Majority Of Voters Want Senate to Move ASAP on Supreme Court Vacancy

Mueller’s Kafkaesque Probe

Media Fail: Trump’s Approval Rating Improved During Manufactured Border Outrage

How to Read the News: A Guide for Truth-Seekers

Nunes: ‘We’re Not Going to Be Threatened By the Democrats — They’re the Ones That Have Blood on Their Hands’

Vaunted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is damaged goods now that we know she is a phony

HAHAHA: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Falling In U.S., Climbing In Europe

July 2, 2018

Watch Out as Hard Left Takes Over in Mexico

White House Slams Kamala Harris. Harris Fires Back. Shapiro Wrecks Her With One Tweet

Majority of Hispanics want stricter immigration laws

The Left’s Spite Against Justice Kennedy Should Warn Anyone Who Tries To Please Them

Why Aren’t Feminists Applauding the Highly Accomplished Women on Trump’s SCOTUS Short List?

Mexico’s New Leftist President Is Not A Threat, But The Collapse Of Mexico Is

Far Left’s Call To Abolish ICE Is Making Some Democratic Pollsters Nervous

There Are No Conservative Judges

The American Form Of Government

In Newly Obtained Memo, Congress’s Top Cop Said House Democratic Caucus Server VANISHED

July 1, 2018

Is Trump the Most Fun President Ever?

He Survived Nazi Concentration Camps – He Has A Message For Those Who Think America Runs Its Own

The Zombie Media

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