Full Moon Shining Through Arc de Triumph

A triumph achievement in astrophotography came to fruition one clear spring night when Thierry Legault captured this jaw-dropping moment of the full moon gleaming gloriously through the Arc de Triomphe in the heart of Paris.

Like a modern-day Stonehenge, the moon aligned perfectly with the monument, hanging just below the great arcades of that magnificent ode to revolutionary freedom. Its grandiose 96-foot vault (the Arc itself standing momentously at 164 feet) mirrors the shining lunar sphere—glowing golden just over the horizon—with artful perfection.

The author of this photo, Legault, an aeronautical engineer residing near Paris, takes all his pictures with a single exposure—none of that composite, blended image jazz, so common on Instagram nowadays, for this Frenchman artist.

“This is my photographic ethics!” he proudly declared to The Epoch Times. “My shots are always done with one camera, from one place at one time, and I never edit or composite. Only one photo, except for the time-lapse [videos] of course.”

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