From Mike In Raleigh

American society is faced with a stark binary choice.

Either we push back against the unrelenting assault of the neo-Marxist narrative, or we yield to the totalitarian impulse now in full view in our politics.

It is no longer enough to wait for the next election or to pin our hopes on a “silent majority” that will eventually stop the madness. There may be no such majority. If there is, its members may no longer be able to articulate what they see unfolding around them.

It is hard to call things by their proper names in a society whose elites insist on calling looters and arsonists “protesters,” national monuments “symbols of racism,” and the victims of looting and arson the beneficiaries of “white privilege.”

The challenge is massive, but it starts with the simple act of calling things by their proper name.

I agree totally with Mike. It’s time for the Progressive BS to stop and for the general public to realize the mainstream media is out to get Trump and is not reporting news accurately.

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