Fighting Back Against Liberal Insanity On College Campuses

This is what Liz Wheeler had to say at Young America’s Foundation’s 40th annual National Conservative Student Conference.

She makes a lot of sense and I have read about several of the things she uses as examples.

Some of the things are so ridiculous that it is hard to believe, but they are true.

Some of the questions Liz suggests students ask Liberals, then answers, include:

  1. What is the difference between Democratic Socialism and Socialism?
  2. Where has Socialism ever worked?
  3. Who pays for all the free stuff you want to give to people?
  4. What’s going to stop Democratic Socialism from turning into regular Socialism?
  5. Why aren’t voters asking – Why would we want that here?

Her main point is that conservatives need to be able to destroy Liberal/Progressive talking points with logical answers as quickly as possible.

Spend a while listening and be astonished.

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