February 2022 Conservative Article Reference List

Below are links to primarily Conservative, Libertarian-leaning articles and/or blog posts that I have found to be enlightening with all that is going on in America and the World right now. Scan the list and read what catches your eye, or for some, just reading the headlines will provide adequate insight.

Hopefully, you will take the time to read some of them which should open your eyes to the reality of the #DeepState and those promoting the #NewWorldOrder as well as consistent #MediaBias, and ongoing #FakeNews gaslighting as well as the relentless attack on American values by Liberals and the #Progressive Left.

Liken the process of becoming better informed to working on a large puzzle. As you read more and more about what is going on, things begin to fall into place and you finally see the big picture, hopefully.

(FYI – I occasionally include article links that may not be newsworthy but are so silly and/or outrageous that they need to be seen to show the idiocy that exists these days.)

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February 28, 2022

Governor Newsom: Masks will no longer be required for unvaccinated residents beginning Tuesday, March 1st

An Arizona Senate study estimates 200k ballots were counted in 2020 with mismatched signatures – The estimate is more than eight times the number of mismatches acknowledged by the county

George Soros Speaks Out on Ukraine, But Here’s The Real Reason Why – Through the organizations financed by him, Soros can influence economic and political life in all of Ukraine

The US Trucker Convoy Swells as It Moves Across The Country to Washington DC

The Biden Administration Relies on Russia To Finalize The Iran Nuclear Deal as Putin Is Invading Ukraine

US troops are deployed and a fence was built for Biden’s State of the Union Address – Welcome To Kabuki Theater Washington DC Style

War Propaganda About Ukraine Becoming More Militaristic, Authoritarian, and Reckless – Claims about the war, no matter how unverified rapidly spread, while dissenters are vilified as traitors or Kremlin agents

Europe’s Wakeup Call – The Ukraine invasion has reshaped the balance of power on the Continent

Russia Issues A Warning to Countries Supplying Weapons to Ukraine

7 Major Failures of the Biden Presidency – #3. Return to Energy Dependence

Former Hunter Biden business partner sentenced to prison for his role in a scheme to defraud Native American tribe

Blowout: The GOP Bounces To Historic Lead on 2022 Ballot in New Poll

BIDEN’S DISMAL SOTU ADDRESS PROSPECTS – The WH is likely frantically re-writing the speech in light of the Ukraine crisis, and pondering how to exploit it for some marginal and symbolic steps to relieve the pain at the gas pump

Who Is Responsible for the Suicide Death of Matthew Perna? –  For the first time in over a year, Joe Biden’s Justice Department has nothing to say about a January 6 defendant

Gerrymandering Fuels More Radicalized Primaries – Uncompetitive congressional districts fuel partisan polarization and democratic dysfunction

NY Times: Democrats Flip to Republican in a ‘Political Upheaval’ of Border Towns

THE LONG KNIVES NEVER WENT AWAY AGAINST TRUMP – But At Least Today . . . We Have A Better Idea Of Who Are The Bad Guys & Who Are With Liberty

SIX More Trucker Convoys Plan on Merging With ‘The People’s Convoy’ When It Reaches Indianapolis – Organizers Expect Over 10,000 Vehicles to Join the Already 3,000-Strong Group

World Bank: There Will Be Alternatives To Russian Gas In Five Years

Another FDA Blunder – How the Food and Drug Administration botched the vaccine-approval process for young children

Dr. Robert Malone: Propaganda, Corporatism, and the Hidden Global Coup – Le Bon and Goebbels teach us about modern State and NGO-sponsored Propaganda during COVID

In A Coordinated Move California, Oregon and Washington Are Ending Mask Mandates in Schools

How Congress Could Make The Chip Shortage Worse – Recently the House of Representatives passed a piece of legislation known as the COMPETES Act

Walling Off Washington From the Great Unwashed The Beltway braces for an imminent invasion … of American citizens

Navigating City Services for The Homeless – There’s always more government money in others’ misery

The American Federation of Teachers recently inked a deal with NewsGuard — A for-profit “fact-checking” company with deep ties to Big Pharma — to help students in U.S. classrooms “navigate a sea of online disinformation”

California will drop school masking requirements after March 11, leaving the decision up to districts and local jurisdictions, state officials announced Monday

Russia–Ukraine Ceasefire Talks End With No Agreement

The State of the Union Is Rife With Disunity and Division – The Associated Press Rips Biden Before His Tuesday Speech

Just 23% of Democrats would choose Biden for a second term, who faces a ‘landslide’ loss to Trump

The US Trucker Convoy Swells as It Moves Across Country to DC – The largest truck convoy in the United States has grown in size since departing California and is attracting thousands of supporters as it makes its way to the East Coast

Texas Ranchers Reject Biden Administration’s Aid Offer For Damage By Illegal Border Crossers As A Political Stunt’ – “Don’t have high hopes we’re going to get money or that it’s going to work because of the way they’ve worded it”

Sunday Harvard/Harris Poll: Only 36 Percent of Voters Say Joe Biden Is  Fit Enough to Lead The Nation

Embattled Ukraine moved to solidify its bond with the West Monday by signing an application to join the European Union, while the first round of Ukraine-Russia talks aimed at ending the fighting concluded with no immediate agreements

Slow Joe digs in against opening up US energy production to checkmate Russia – He has the solution on the table, but instead of taking that solution, he is sticking to his green energy policy “priority.”

Analysis: The Push for Green Energy, Not Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, Is Driving up Oil Prices and Threatening Security – One can conclude that renewables serve best as supplemental energy sources, but certainly not primary sources

Ukraine and Russia meet for talks as ruble tanks, thousands flee, and Kyiv remains free

Watching the Russian Economy Collapse before Our Eyes – At one point, “The ruble plunged to a record low of less than one U.S. penny” — at one point 118 rubles to a dollar, before recovering to 84 rubles to a dollar

Hungary blocks lethal weapons from passing through their country in-route to Ukraine

Russia, Ukraine meet for talks while Russia shells Ukraine’s second-largest city: LIVE UPDATES

ZeroHedge: The US and Germany Continue To Allow Gas Transactions With Russia Despite SWIFT Ban

ZeroHedge: The US Bans Transactions With Russian Central Bank, Freezing Nearly Half Of Russia’s $630BN In Reserves

ZeroHedge: Putin’s “Billions” In Hidden Wealth De-Fang The US and European Financial Sanctions

ZeroHedge: FEMA WARNS, In Case Of Nuclear Explosion, Be Sure To Maintain Social Distancing And Wear A Mask

4 New Things We Just Learned About Special Counsel Durham’s Investigation – #4. It’s Not Just the FBI and CIA We’re Talking About

The Enormous Cost Of Biden’s Weakness – “If you think tough men are dangerous, wait until you see what weak men are capable of.” University of Toronto Psychology Professor Jordan Petersen

The Media want you to be afraid that melting ice has caused a one-inch rise in oceans over the last hundred years – Does anyone believe such a minuscule amount is measurable, let alone that it can be attributed to humans?

I&I/TIPP Poll: Americans Want Merit, Not ‘Woke’ Politics, To Decide College Admissions – The older the respondent, the more likely they were to support meritocratic admission over income, race, gender, and other factors

The Plandemic Enters Final Stage, With The Real Purpose Exposed – What’s happening in Canada should be a sobering wakeup call for the whole world

How Pandemic-Era ‘Stimulus’ Screwed Americans While Boosting The Rich – Stimulus Payments Directly Caused the Current Inflation

A National Vaccine Pass Has Quietly Rolled Out – Pushing the narrative, “Even as the Omicron loosens its grip, destinations still require travelers to show proof of vaccination, and paper CDC vaccination cards are not cutting it”

Hoover 2022 Poll: How Do We Perceive Each Other From A Political Standpoint?

The Congressional Black Caucus Partners With A CCP Influence Group – Leading lawmakers are partnering with the most genocidal regime on the planet

Click Here For Coronavirus – SARS-CoV-2 Charts, Data & CDC Information ACT

February 27, 2022

Dov Fischer: Putin’s Invasion During Biden’s Watch Was Both Predictable and Logical – That is the price people pay when they treat presidential elections cavalierly: a world up-ended, jobs lost, an economy ruined, etc.

Victor David Hanson: The Crowded Road to Kyiv – To retain our deterrence abroad, we must tighten our belts at home, pump oil and gas, start to balance our budget, junk wokeism as a nihilist indulgence, and recalibrate our military

Under the Biden Administration, “We’re being lied to daily” – “We Are Still Buying Crude Oil from Putin and Wiring Him Money Every Day” says American Billionaire John Catsimatidis

Trump Wins CPAC’s 2024 GOP Presidential Nomination Straw poll, With DeSantis Coming In Second

Trump Calls on Republicans to Launch Select Committee to Investigate Hunter Biden and Biden Family Corruption

The World’s Largest Cargo Plane, An Antonov An-225, Destroyed at an Airport Near Kyiv, Ukrainian Government Says

Russia Is Selling Crude Oil at Massive Discounts as The Regional Conflict Turns Away Their Regular Trading Partners

Belarus is preparing to deploy troops to Ukraine in support of Russia – Some Russian troops came into Ukraine through Belarus last week

Democrats Will Try to Retcon Their Response to COVID-19 But Don’t Let Them – Retcon, the depiction of events, as in a television series or comic book, that entail a revision of the narrative or storyline that was presented earlier

JD Rucker: Trump Calls for a FULL FORENSIC AUDIT of FB and Zuckerberg – Many who believe the 2020 election was stolen have given up hope. But the truth continues to come out and more are starting to question the results

The Capitol physician lifts Congress’ mask mandate – This new guidance comes as coronavirus cases are now plummeting in D.C. and nationwide

It’s Lady and the Trump for 2024 presidential election – Trump gave his strongest hint yet, in a speech to CPAC conservatives Saturday, that he plans to run for president in 2024

Poison Control Centers Warn About a Toxic Chemical in At-home COVID-19 Test Kits – BinaxNow, BD Veritor, Flowflex, and Celltrion DiaTrust COVID-19 rapid antigen kits all contain sodium azide, so must be used with care

Ukraine to Putin: Never Again – Credible accounts indicate that Putin may have blundered and faced a stronger defense than he (or the Biden administration) imagined possible

WSJ: Ukrainian Forces Hold Kyiv as Talks With Russia Are Planned – Russian troops face fierce resistance in Ukraine as Western responses against Moscow mount and Putin puts nuclear forces on alert

Heavy Fighting as Russian Forces Battle for Control of Ukraine’s Second City, Kharkiv

Putin has just ordered his nuclear deterrent forces status to be raised to ‘special combat readiness’

Ukraine Agrees to Talks With Russian Delegation at Belarus Border

ZeroHedge: Standing Up To Putin Means Ditching Net-Zero – Expanding pipeline infrastructure is critical to American energy security

High gas prices? Yep, Biden really did that – It’s not political hyperbole. He did it, and it all started the first week of his presidency. Let’s go on Memory Lane with this editorial on Tipp Insights

Against Judge Jackson – When judges follow the law as it is written, we have the rule of law, but when judges follow their own sensibilities and moral intuitions, then we have a judicial oligarchy

Sharyl Attkisson: According to a recent Rasmussen poll, most voters expect crime to be an important issue in November

Leftist Journalism is Coming to a Town Near You! – Via Report for America, an initiative of the Ground-Truth Project

The COVID narrative continues, regardless of facts – The most important things I learned in school were how to reason, think for myself, and to cherish the freedom to do both, but this seems to have become “unpopular”

Dr. Joseph Mercola: What You Need to Know About Vax Passports, Digital IDs, CBDCs – If we accept vaccine passports, we’re basically giving our consent to everything that comes after

February 26, 2022

Elon Musk answers Ukrainian vice prime minister’s plea to switch on his Starlink satellite network so locals can access the internet even if Russia destroys local telecom systems

Is science dead? I think so – I asked to give a talk about COVID at MIT, but they couldn’t find a faculty member to sponsor it as they apparently don’t allow viewpoints that challenge the mainstream narrative

SCOTUS hears GOP push to defend Trump-era public charge rule – Arizona AG calls Biden moves ‘unprecedented’

Elon Musk says SpaceX will rescue ISS if Russia tries to drop it from orbit after threats by Putin’s space chief

The World Council for Health Reveals A Spike Protein Detoxification Guide

Washington State Orders Teachers to Hide Kindergarteners’ Their Gender Transition From Their Parents

Stunning Discovery – Evidence Suggests the U.S. Intelligence Community Baited Russia in December by Telling China Ukraine Was Coming Into NATO, Knowing They Would Pass The Information On To Russia

Putin is ‘prepared to lose 50,000 troops’ intelligence chiefs claim as leaked document reveals Moscow is bracing for ‘medical emergency’ from their Ukraine invasion

4 Historical Maps That Explain The USSR – Visual Capitalist’s Nick Routley uses historical maps from three specific eras to build context for how the USSR was structured

The U.S. Has Betrayed Its Guarantee With Ukraine – Biden’s attempts to seem formidable are transparently hollow

Did Donald Trump Just Confirm He is Running in the 2024 Presidential Election?

Peter Schweizer: Russian Oligarchs Holding Assets for Putin ‘Probably Have Some Very Embarrassing Material on Hunter Biden’

As War Rages In Ukraine, President Biden Heads Home To Delaware For The Weekend

The World Economic Forum Board: Al Gore, Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, BlackRock CEO & More – They have been vastly successful in implementing founder Klaus Schwab’s vision through “stakeholder capitalism”

NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist Poll: Most Say Biden’s First Year In Office Was A Failure

Germany to Send Anti-Tank Weapons and Missiles to Ukraine in a Major Policy Reversal

NATO Warns Russia of ‘Article 5’ Counter Attack – If Moscow’s attack against Ukraine spills over into other European nations who are member states of NATO, it will force the intergovernmental military alliance to take counteraction

Russia Threatens Military ‘Consequences’ for 2 More Countries – Warning Finland and Sweden will face “severe military and political consequences” if they attempt to join NATO

Biden’s pro-migration homeland security agency, headed by Alejandro Mayorkas, is quietly preparing to open the nation’s borders and jobs to economic migrants that claim to be stateless

Trump speaks at CPAC, says Putin is ‘playing Biden like a drum’ – “The real problem is that our leaders are dumb. Dumb, so dumb” he said

The Clinton Campaign’s Two-Pronged Plan To Create The Trump–Russia Collusion Narrative – The Plan Set in Motion Right After Trump Became Presumptive Nominee

Pandemic Lessons Learned: Omicron Versus Bill Gates – Almost from the beginning of the pandemic, we were told that the only way out was via vaccination

Heart Problems, Covid Infection, Long Covid and Covid Vaccinations – Micro Blood Clots Connect Them All

The CDC says it is no longer requiring students and others on school buses to wear masks but is keeping the mask mandate for all other forms of public transportation in place

Dr. Robert Malone: Don’t be Brain Dead – Think for yourself, as one must use critical thinking skills even when outside your core competencies

If You Voted For Biden, All Of This Is On You – Most Of The Republican Party, Like Canada’s “Conservatives”, Are Part Of The Problem – Not Part Of The Solution

Reading the Tea Leaves on Ketanji Brown Jackson – Foes of religious freedom and supporters of abortion cheer her nomination

WSJ: Ukrainian Forces Repel Russia’s Attack on Kyiv And Prepare for Next Assault – Thousands of civilians take up arms to help defend the capital, while Russian forces face fierce resistance throughout Ukraine

Protect Taiwan the Eisenhower way – Eisenhower parked the Seventh Fleet in the waters between mainland China and Taiwan. If China were to invade, then it would have to run over this fleet

Vladimir Putin did exactly what he warned us he would do if we didn’t rule out Ukraine as a future NATO member

The amazing story of the Russian tank and the little car – Sometimes, happening are not what they seem to be

SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, a politician in robes – Biden has delivered exactly who the left demanded

Please Stop Donating to the Worst Charity in America – Research about panhandlers shows that as a group 92 percent admit to being addicted to drugs and alcohol

Democrats are using the 14th Amendment to threaten Republican candidates – In 1868, the Fourteenth Amendment was amended to add Section 3, also known as the Disqualification Clause

Oddly, the FDA went through all the trouble of approving two Covid-19 vaccines, Comirnaty and SpikeVax, but they haven’t allowed them to be given to people in America – Now we know why

COVID-19 PUBLIC FORUM – Local experts with experience treating Shasta County COVID-19 patients for the past two years provide an overview of options for early treatment and answer questions


February 25, 2022

Putin Just Woke A Sleeping Giant Who Just Launched War Against Russia – The hacker group Anonymous has declared a ‘cyber war’ against his government

Ukraine’s Deadly Gamble – By tying itself to a reckless and dangerous America, the Ukrainians made a blunder that client states will study for years to come

Dr. Peter McCullough: Autopsies Reveal Clear and Convincing Evidence of Deaths Due to COVID-19 Vaccinations

A 21-Year-Old Med Student Severely Injured by Pfizer Vaccine Still Waiting for Response From Government Compensation Program

An 8-year old boy died from multisystem inflammatory syndrome 7 days after Pfizer vaccine, VAERS Report Shows

NATO has activated elements of the 40,000-troop NATO Response Force warning “The Kremlin’s objectives are not limited to Ukraine”

The White House asks Congress for $6.4 billion to aid Ukraine – $2.9 billion for security assistance, humanitarian aid, economic stabilization needs, and $3.5 billion for the Pentagon’s response to the crisis

Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll: President Biden’s approval rating has hit a new low of 38 percent

Why They Can’t Make Trump Go Away, A Post-Mortem Of A Failed Hit – Essentially, Trump’s victory in 2016 was a defeat of the Washington establishment, including the leadership of both the Democrats and Republicans

ZeroHedge: Did We Provoke Putin’s War In Ukraine? – When Putin demanded that the U.S. rule out Ukraine as a future member of the NATO alliance, the U.S. archly replied: NATO has an open-door policy

Pressure builds on Biden to reopen the Keystone XL Pipeline amid the Ukraine crisis – We don’t need to shut down Russian energy production, we need to open up our own

Pfizer is Funding Facebook’s Fact-Checking Partner. – Another conflict of interest emerges, as Big Tech takes Big Pharma cash to censor critics

California Lawmakers Propose Bills to Punish Doctors That Speak Against COVID Government Treatment ‘Consensus’ – One bill aims to stop ‘COVID Misinformation’ from doctors and the second bill is aimed at censoring online platforms

Democrats Announce They Now Have the Votes to Pass The Reparations Bill – Although House Democrats think they can pass the bill in the House, its fate in the Senate is less certain

A Slow-Motion Disaster – The Network Sunset Of 3G Will Wreak Havoc For Millions Of Vehicles On The Road

Duped: The Biden Whitehouse Pled with China to Stop Russia, Then China Gave Biden’s Military Intelligence Straight to Putin

Rasmussen Poll: Six-in-10 Democrats: Defending Ukraine border tops US border

The Ukrainian Capital Rocked by Explosions as Russia Intensifies Attacks – Airstrikes hit cities, tanks roll in and casualties mount and the West pledges further action against Moscow

Russia, feeling its oats, turns on Israel – On Wednesday, even as Russian troops were massed on Ukraine’s border, the U.N. Security Council found time to hold a debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

ZeroHedge: “Nothing Compares To The Chaos We’re Seeing Now”: Tanker Rates On Russian Crude Routes Soar Six fold In One Day Amid War Fears

The bombs are real, but what’s coming out of Washington DC is pure theater – If you want to hurt Russia you would  block Russia from selling fossil fuels, and ramp up energy production in America to Trump-era levels

A Lesson from Ukraine — Don’t Give Up Your Guns or  Nukes)

The Video of Trump Talking to NATO That Annihilates the Left’s Narrative That He Enabled Putin where he lambasts Germany and others in NATO for enabling Vladimir Putin and Russian

Did Justin Trudeau Just Destroy “Social Credit System” Logic? – The PRC-CCP and WEF strategy to weaponize banking has a big downside

How Democrats are dealing with the Joe Biden Fiasco – They’ve quit reading the news, as a new poll from Gallup and the Knight Foundation shows Democrats are 35% less likely to monitor national news than a year ago

ZeroHedge: US Pending Home Sales Plunge In January As Mortgage Rates Soar – Pending home sales are down 9.1% Year Over Year

Trudeau’s Wedge – The trucker protests and the government’s response have deepened Canada’s political divide, so much has happened that a brief recap is appropriate

The mullahs’ regime of terror has sparked covert resistance units that arise daily

WSJ: Biden to Nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson for Supreme Court – She now serves on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit,

ZeroHedge: The World Has Changed… And Changed Utterly – We are likely on course for massive disruption, inflation, rising geopolitical crisis and uncertainty, and a high probability of stagflation

Apparently, The Science Is Now Changing – The  CDC to finally “loosen” mask guidelines after worried Democrat governors bail

Lancet Study: Rare Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome Detected in The Vaccinated 12-20 Age Group

The Courageous Doctors Who Fought The COVID Farce And Paid The Price – They have been censored, insulted, and lost their jobs and/or certification simply for doing what health care workers have done throughout the centuries

February 24, 2022

Biden’s Press Conference is a Total Disaster, Completely Blows Up in His Face – The World Sees How Weak He Is

Biden Reiterates: No US Troops Will Fight Russia in Ukraine

Bad Vlad and Joe the Schmo – Do you suspect Ukraine presently nurses a case of buyer’s remorse over the millions of dollars it paid Hunter Biden? Maybe spend that money on an M1 Abrams next time

Social Media Reacts to Biden’s Latest Failure With Ukraine: “You Have to Own This — All 81,000,000 of You”

Putin’s Declaration of War Against Ukraine Was Taped Days Earlier – Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta says it was recorded on Monday, amid his statements of troop withdrawals and a desire for a peaceful diplomatic solution

The Truth About Ukraine – Obama’s theory was simple, “Ukraine is a core Russian interest but not an American one, so Russia will always be able to maintain escalatory dominance there”

You’re On Your Own: The State Dept. to Americans in Ukraine – They are advised to “remain vigilant and take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness”

Chinese Military Aircraft Enter Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone Following Ukraine Invasion – Taiwanese air assets were scrambled in response

Bowing to China, Shipping Carriers Refuse to Transport U.S. and California Goods – This export crisis and imbalance of trade hurts American workers, businesses, security, and American goods

The Biden Administration Ends The Trump-Era “China Initiative” in the Name of Political Correctness

Joe Biden Is Worse than Putin – Ukraine is none of America’s business – George Washington: “America should avoid “habitual hatred or habitual fondness” toward other regimes to avoid enslaving itself to foreign interests”

On the Eve of the Show Trials – The first trial of a January 6 defendant is set to begin next week. But jury trials should expose the government’s weak case against most of them

Trudeau’s Tyranny and the War on Civil Society – The convoy embarrassed the elite and challenged their authority. And for that Trudeau made them pay and sadly, other Western elites will follow

The Undeniable Common Sense of Border Walls – Walls are not immoral and they are not xenophobic – They are indicators of a government that values its nation and its people

24 School Districts in 10 California Counties Disregard The State School Mask Mandate

400,000 Cases of COVID Vaccine Injuries Found in Data Analyzed by German Health Insurer – Data collected from more than 10 million people suggests COVID vaccine side effects are “significantly” underreported

Pfizer Steps Up Advertising for Its ‘Blockbuster’ Drug to Treat Heart Conditions, Including Those Caused by COVID Vaccines

New Zealand High Court: The Vaccine Mandate Is Not ‘Demonstrably Justified,’ And A Breach of Rights – The Police and defense force staff challenge is upheld

WSJ: Russia Invades Ukraine Latest News: Biden Addresses Nation – Full coverage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn Flynn Exposes The Truth About Putin’s Real Plan And Says It’s Time to Pray

Only A Quarter Of Americans Want Major Involvement In Ukraine/Russia War – Only 36-percent of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of this crisis

WSJ: Ukraine: What Happens Next? – WSJ’s Executive Washington Editor Jerry Seib talks with WSJ Moscow Bureau Chief Ann Simmons

Dov Fischer: Putin, Biden, Trump, Hunter, Obama, Hillary, NATO, Zelensky and Impeachment, Etc. – It took only one year for our fearless leader to plunge us into chaos on a global scale

The Secret Service says it can’t find Hunter Biden’s travel records for 2010, 2011, or 2013 when Joe Biden was the VP

This Single Photo Captures the Desperation of Ukrainians Like No Other – Ukrainians flee before the country is again under Russian domination

WSJ: The Ukraine Crisis Kicks Off New Superpower Struggle Between The U.S., Russia, and China – Beijing and Moscow now hold a stronger hand in confronting the West than during the Cold War

Bombs rain down on Kyiv and America gets ready for Putin’s wrath while Hunter Biden enjoys his money – They knew this would happen and that is why Ukraine and Georgia pleaded for NATO membership in 2008

Does America need Trump back in the White House? – Perhaps these unfolding events would not have occurred had Trump been in the White House

China rejects calling Russian incursion into Ukraine an ‘invasion’ – Chinese officials advised their citizens in the country to stay home and away from the fighting.

European allies declare Russia’s attack on Ukraine a threat to NATO territory – Poland and the Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania invoke the Article 4 provision to spur additional fortifications for those nearest to the war zone

ZeroHedge: Global Stocks and Futures Crash; Nasdaq Is In Bear Market, While Oil Soars Above $105 On Russia Attack

America’s Military Aircraft Readiness Has Tanked Amidst a Focus on Woke Politics – Trump-administration targets were dropped as the military focused more on Marxism

WSJ: Russia Begins Military Operation in Ukraine – Biden calls move an unprovoked attack, pledging further action against Moscow; Kyiv says an initial wave of strikes targets military installations, airfields, and government facilities

ZeroHedge: Ukraine Central Bank Freezes FX Market, Limits Cash Withdrawals; Russia Intervenes To Rescue Ruble As Their Credit Risk Explodes

Russia launches a full-scale attack in Ukraine, dozens dead: LIVE UPDATES – Vladimir Putin threatened “consequences you have never seen” to any country that tries to interfere

ZeroHedge: Most People Have No Idea How Much Stocks Are Likely To Crash

Republican Lawmakers Demand Details About U.S. Funding Of Migrant Shelters In Mexico – The Biden administration is sending U.S. taxpayer dollars to northern Mexico as part of the reinstated Migrant Protection Protocols

ZeroHedge: How President Eisenhower Predicted Fauci – If it wasn’t obvious before, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that science has become thoroughly politicized

Leader Of Trucker Convoy To DC Has A Message For Biden: ‘End The Mandates’ – “We are coming peacefully, and we’re going to do this lawfully and constitutionally,”

Scientific Fraud and the CDC – ‘These are the people that are entrusted to tell us the truth’

CDC Data: Vaccinated People Are More Likely to Contract COVID-19 and Go to Hospital in Recent Weeks

Biden’s CDC must make COVID data public – The CDC has been refusing to release granular data about Covid-related topics despite collecting and possessing this information for more than a year now

The Covid Cartel Lied And People Died And Now They Say It’s All Your Fault – Americans were manipulated and turned against each other to hide government mismanagement, while many died unnecessary deaths

A German Health Insurer Reveals An ‘Alarming’ Underreporting Of Covid Vaccine Side-Effects

If Lockdowns and Mandates Failed, Why Are They Still Pushed? – The Brownstone Institute compiled more than 400 studies showing that lockdowns, restrictions, and closures failed to do what was promised

Canceling an Online Subscription Shouldn’t Be a Nightmare – What you need to know about the ‘Dark Pattern’ tactics many companies use to keep people from canceling

February 23, 2022

Let’s Hope The Special Counsel (And Others) Are Investigating The People Who Watch You Online – A revelation buried in a cache of documents opens a new and potentially important investigative corridor for Special Counsel John Durham

Tucker Carlson: Ukraine is not a democracy – It’s a State Department client state

Ann Coulter: Stop Talking About Ukraine, Republicans! – Republicans should be talking about the issues Democrats are trying to avoid

Victor David Hanson: Putin’s Predictabilities – It is easy to predict what the Russian president will do in any given situation, but Biden is making it easier for Putin to act with aggression

Putin Humiliates Biden, But Trump Only Needed These 4 Words to Prevent Russian Invasion – “You Can’t Do It”

Trump Warns ‘China Will Be Next’ – They will go after Taiwan, Trump replied: ‘Not with me, they wouldn’t have

Leaders of Two Ukrainian Breakaway Separatist Regions Ask Putin for Help

Trudeau to revoke Emergencies Act after convoy blockades end

The Manhattan DA’s Trump Investigation Appears to Have Cratered – The former president isn’t out of the woods yet, but it appears a clearing has opened before him

WSJ: Democrats Deserve to Lose the Midterm Elections A political fix for November won’t repair the damage progressives have done to the U.S.

Los Angeles County to Lift Indoor Mask Mandate Beginning on February 25th – But it only applies to businesses that verify all of their customers 5 years and older have been fully vaccinated

Will a Post-COVID-19 Government Be Held Accountable? Unelected officials control our lives without answering to anyone

Los Angeles is spending up to $837,000 to house one homeless person

Governments Suppressed Effective COVID Treatments and Targeted Physicians Who Prescribed Them – While knowing  about chloroquine and other treatments they had figured out for the 2003 SARS epidemic and the 2012 MERS epidemic

The Fight for Curriculum Transparency – Parents have the right to know what public schools are teaching their children

Patrick Davis, A Twenty-Five Year CNN Operations Manager Joins Project Veritas as Executive Producer

Biden Orders More US Troops to Eastern Europe as Russia Evacuates Embassy

Russia Responds To Biden Sanctions – America’s Citizens Will Feel ‘Consequences’ Of Us Raising The Cost Of Gas

The Treason of the Ruling Class – Our country is inexorably and stealthily marching toward a tyrannical one-party socialist oligarchy beholden to a globalist agenda

Biden sits in silence and picks his teeth after being asked if he underestimated Putin

Joe Rogan: Biden Is “Basically A Shell” And “Can’t Talk Right Anymore” – Anyone who now cannot see it is “out of their fucking mind”

McConnell Breaks With GOP, ‘Not Complaining’ About Biden’s Pledge to Nominate Black Woman to SCOTUS Without Considering Other Qualified Candidates

Cheney Trailing In GOP Primary, Top House Republican Endorses Her Challenger

Senator Rick Scott’s promising 11-Point Plan to drain the swamp and fulfill the MAGA agenda

John Durham just sent a strong message to the attorney general and the country

Leftists Want To Control Your Money So They Can Control You – The convenience of moving money around effortlessly comes at the cost of possibly losing control over it

Why banks are fighting ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) legislation – The legislation interferes with the free market and the government is meddling with how a private business operates

The Real Cause Of Inflation Is Insane Deficit Spending – Inflation Is a Monetary Policy Phenomenon

WSJ: Some Companies Ditch Annual Raises and Review Worker Pay More Often – A once-a-year pay cycle is no longer enough, employers say, as high inflation and strong demand for workers drive up wages

The Interior Department delays its oil and gas leasing program after a federal judge blocked Biden’s administration from using a tool that estimates the social cost of carbon dioxide emissions

Location Data Of ‘Freedom Convoy’ Donors Posted On Google Maps – Provides locations of donors throughout the Canadian province, with each pin listing their names, donor ID, email address, and the amount they donated

Excitement as The ‘People’s Convoy’ Releases Official Route – Will ‘Freedom’ Truckers Pass Through Your City?

California Doctors Warn Against The Proposed COVID-19 Censorship Bill – It threatens their medical licenses for spreading “COVID-19 misinformation” with no definition of what misinformation includes

Has Anyone Seen Anthony Fauci Recently? – Once prominent on virtually every media outlet available, he seems to have disappeared without a trace

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that males ages 12 to 39 can extend the time between the first and second doses of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine to mitigate the risk of developing myocarditis

America Has Two Major Political Parties: The Republicans And The Authoritarians – 87% of Republicans disapprove of Trudeau’s “war on dissent,” while only 8% approve, and overall, 55% of Americans disapprove of his actions

POLITICS The Left’s COVID Insanity Is Creating A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity For Conservatives

Life Insurance Companies Wouldn’t Consider COVID Vaccinations The Same As Suicide, Would They? – Remember this, these mRNA vaccines are still experimental

A New Study Finds Covid-19 Jabs Offer ‘Virtually No Protection’ Against The Omicron Variant

American Freedom 2022 Action Objectives – We must stop these travesties, obtain justice for victims, and punish the guilty to protect loved ones’ and assure our children’s destiny

Frackers Are Returning to Abandoned Oil Patches in Droves – For consumers, high oil prices are a headache; for drillers, they are an opportunity

Accounting for Afghanistan – Analysts said a chaotic withdrawal would embolden adversaries, including Russia

There Has Been A 75% Increase In Unaccompanied Minors Breaching U.S. Border Under Biden

Starting in 2022, Social Security’s full retirement age reached its maximum, 67 years old, for those born in or after 1960


February 22, 2022

The Biden administration’s drilling freeze makes us poorer and less safe – Turning off America’s oil spigot puts America at the mercy of other nations

Senseless: A young mother of four that worked as a Uber driver was executed by a thug after begging for her life

17,000 Physicians and Medical Scientists Declare “COVID National Emergency Over” and Call on Congress to Restore Our Constitutional Democracy by Ending The Emergency Powers – It is no longer necessary to protect public health

The First LA County Homeless Count in Two Years Starting Tuesday – The results of the count will have massive financial and political implications

The Rape of Ukraine – Taking Putin’s grievances seriously would be nothing more than a death wish for a return to the terrible 20th century

Biden imposes sanctions on Russian banks, elites, and their families, in response to Ukraine’s invasion

House Republicans are scheduled to pick up at least ten House seats due to Democrat retirements alone, according to an analysis by left-leaning Punchbowl News

The Supreme Court Denies Trump Request to Withhold White House Documents From Jan. 6 Select Committee 

The Emergencies Act grants Trudeau the authority to impose martial law, brand Canadians as enemies of the state without trial, seize their bank accounts, and make them political prisoners for a decade

A Coalition of Senate Republicans Introduce A Bill to End Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for International Truckers

CA Lawmakers Target Kids and The Working Classes for Mandatory COVID Vaccines – Why no such requirement for California’s largest-in-the-nation population of welfare recipients and homeless?

The World Economic Forum pushes a digital ID system that will determine access to services The system proposes monitoring online behavior, purchases, biometrics, and more

The Final Viewer Numbers for the Beijing Olympics Are In And It’s a Bloodbath for NBC – Viewership was down 42 percent from the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea

Biden Just Told a Monster Whopper That Both Sides Missed – When he was growing up, the price of gasoline was flat and it was cheap, here are the charts that prove it

Russia-Ukraine: President Biden to speak soon on the Russian invasion – WATCH FOR LIVE UPDATES

Gallup Poll: Biden is underwater on all key issues and support from independents is halved

The Biden Administration Pumps Up Gas Prices As They Try To Scapegoat Everything From Lockdowns To Russia – They just filed an appeal that will delay new oil and gas leases on federal land

An unstoppable peaceful protest on 18 wheels – The #12NoonTruckStop, where at 12 noon each day, truckers pull to the side of the road for 12 minutes

Washington DC prepares for the US ‘Freedom Convoy’ – Officials request National Guard troops  and tow trucks spotted near the National Mall

The White House Announces Sanctions on Ukraine’s Contested Areas After Putin Recognizes Them as Independent – The US says more measures to come

WSJ: The White House Calls Russian Moves an Invasion After Initially Refraining From Using The Term – Officials have said recently they wanted to deploy sanctions in a way that would retain leverage against Russia

ZeroHedge: Russia Warns Of “Brave New World” Of Higher Gas Prices After Germany Halts Nord Stream 2

Putin is Playing Biden like a Fiddle – Putin doesn’t need a full-scale invasion, because his approach is strategic

Putin Couldn’t Care Less about Biden’s Sanctions – A problem with using economic sanctions as deterrence is that eventually, you’ll run into a hostile foe or force that does not care about trading with the U.S. or even money at all

Putin Brings Up An Old Clinton Discussion in An Explosive Speech – ‘Something I’ve Never Talked About Publicly’

Vindman and the rest of the Trump-hating Ukraine cabal have much to answer for – Their actions helped get Biden elected and he projects an image of feebleness and inattention

Trump Launches Truth Social Media App: Everything You Need to Know – Tops Apple’s App Store despite a buggy rollout

America’s Redistributive Welfare State – There is more government provided aid to the poor in the U.S. than in Europe

Dr. Jordan Peterson Tells Fellow Canadians They Have No Idea What Was Done to Them – When Parliament approved the Emergencies Act to continue with the support of the New Democratic Party

Another misleading narrative, compliments of the 1619 Project, to make your kids hate America

Joe Biden’s Ambassador to Germany Returned to The US on a Commercial Flight Because Kamala Harris Refused to Let Her Fly Back With Her On Air Force Two

What’s Behind the New AIDS Scare? – The timing of AIDS-related articles and announcements is indicative of a coordinated PR campaign, which must have a specific purpose

February 21, 2022

Hours after officially recognizing the independence of separatist regions in eastern Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian forces to enter the regions for supposed “peacekeeping”

Russia has lists of Ukrainians ‘to be killed or sent to camps’ following a military occupation

Trump Will Dominate CPAC – The media’s claims that his star is falling are laughable

Trudeau Style Tyranny Is Already Here As freedom-lovers recoil at Trudeau’s crackdown, Americans worry it could happen here but It already has

It’s No Coincidence So Many Things Have Gone So Wrong in So Little Time – Liberalism thrives on chaos. As long as there is chaos, Liberals can claim to be the solution, regardless of whether they are the cause of the chaos

Canada’s Parliament approves Trudeau’s use of Emergencies Act in response to freedom protests – The vote was 185 in favor to 151 against and was split along party lines

Hunter Biden Still Under Federal Investigation: Mother of His Child Testifies Before Grand Jury in a Secret Probe

We the people, demand to see the data! – The CDC is withholding evidence concerning COVID vaccine safety that is scientific fraud

WSJ: Ukraine Calls for U.N. Security Council Meeting as Russian Forces Mass on Borders – Russian President Vladimir Putin says he is weighing whether to recognize two pro-Russian breakaway republics

Byron York’s Daily Memo: A guide to Clinton dirty tricks – Three examples, the dossier, Alfa-Bank, and the data-mining operation in which Clinton sought to push false or unverified stories to the press

JD Rucker: Brandon Straka Is Doing What EVERY Conservative Organization Should Do – Many have found themselves beholden to Big Tech tyrants. While some play ball he is fighting back

The CDC Has Withheld COVID Data From Americans To ‘Prevent Vaccine Hesitancy’ – The data are “not yet ready for prime time”

Carnegie Mellon University Survey On Covid Vaccine Attitudes and Vaccination Status – I just took this survey and apparently, so have 27, 450,000 other people

Chinese Chess – China is subverting the rules-based order because it is the United States’ order, not just because

Trump’s Truth Social App Launches on Apple’s App Store on Presidents’ Day Holiday

Tensions bubble between House Republicans and The Capitol Police – Republicans point their fingers at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat leadership in Congress for what is going on

The Next Step For The World Economic Forum – As a person who spent my professional career in pharmaceutical and vaccine development, the concept of going from scratch to a ready-to-use vaccine in a few months is preposterous

Bidenflation Runs Hot, Sending Rents Soaring Across the Country

Charts that show how fossil fuels have fared under the Biden administration

Both Ford and General Motors tell car dealers to stop ripping off customers by selling cars above their MSRP

4 Special Counsel Revelations That Tie Spygate To Hillary Clinton’s Campaign – #4, Joffe’s Pro Bono Support of Clinton

War of the States – In the battle for jobs and people, Republican governors challenge the Biden agenda with tax-cutting and deregulation while several Democratic strongholds have initiated big tax increases on individuals and firms

Everything that’s wrong with American education summed up in a single image

I&I/TIPP Poll: Media Gets Failing Grades Once Again For Their Coverage Of Major Issues and Divisiveness

ZeroHedge: Canada Moves To Make Asset Freezing Under Emergencies Act Permanent

Canada is turning into a police state before our eyes – In totalitarian countries, one of the ways you control people is to keep them perpetually off-balance

Canadian Premier Sues Trudeau over Use Of The Emergencies Act: ‘There Is No Insurrection’ – Alberta Premier Jason Kenney warns prime minister abused his authority

Los Angeles County threatens suspensions for unvaccinated firefighters at FUTURE dates because the county currently doesn’t have enough vaccinated, able-bodied workers

Funeral Home Stocks Surge, Death and Disability Payouts Soar – Data analysis of mortality rates before and after COVID-19 shots became widespread found that death rates worsened in 2021 after the shots became prevalent

With no public announcements, both the FDA and NIH are studying neurological problems that have appeared in people after receiving the Covid vaccines

CDC Study: Hospitalizations of Children Dropped During TheCOVID-19 Pandemic

The Truth About Covid Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis – The authors find higher rates of vaccine-induced myocarditis than myocarditis from infection in males ages 16 – 39 across multiple vaccine doses

Fortress Australia Lowers Their Drawbridge to the World And Reopens Their Borders After Their Two-Year Isolation

New Zealand has gotten more totalitarian about COVID – Their latest initiative is fining people for refusing COVID tests

How rare are vaccine side effects? Not very rare at all – The CDC and WSJ both say serious side effects from the COVID vaccines are extremely rare, but they are lying. Now we have unassailable proof from the Israeli government!

Amateur Hour: Kamala Harris brings it to Munich – With little to do in the Biden administration, she has now taken five trips abroad, embarrassing herself and her country across the globe

February 20, 2022

The New York Times: The C.D.C. Isn’t Publishing Large Portions of the Covid Data It Collects – The agency has withheld critical data on boosters, hospitalizations, and, until recently, wastewater analyses

Asian Americans are leaving the Democrat Party – In the quest to turn American public life into a battle between oppressor and oppressed, the country’s fastest-growing group occupies awkward territory

Biden-Pelosi Democrats’ Seven Deadly Sins – They’ve set America back terribly, but in nine months we’ll see if any of the damage can be reversed

BLM co-founder is slated to deliver the keynote address at an event this week hosted by students in the LAUSD who have pushed to defund school police

ZeroHedge: Trump’s “Truth Social” Platform Set For President’s Day Release In Apple App Store

Sorry Democrats, Your Problem Isn’t Messaging  – Voters know the difference between specious talking points and effective policies

Victor David Hanson: The Gathering Storm in the West – Few are listening anymore to the clueless Justin Trudeau’s and bumbling Joe Biden’s and all the toxic hypocrisies they embody

The Trudeau Government Moves to Make Expanded Surveillance Powers over Financial Transactions ‘Permanent’

The New Ottawa police chief says that freedom protesters will be punished both financially and criminally

Ottawa Police Criticize Misinformation as Video of Mounted Officers Bowling Over Disabled Protester Goes Global

Freedom protests spread across Canada after Trudeau’s crackdown  – Protesters took to the streets in Calgary and Toronto in opposition to COVID-19 restrictions

JD Rucker: U.S. Military Vaccine Mandates Only Cover “FDA-Approved” Jabs Which Are NOT Available Yet

Do you want Klaus Schwab’s New World Order? –The time for a final decision is arriving quickly

American Truckers are launching The People’s Convoy, a peaceful and unified transcontinental movement February 23 from Adelanto Stadium in Southern California

Biden Extends US National Emergency Over COVID-19 – It will be extended beyond March 1, citing what he called a “risk to the public health and safety”

The Capitol perimeter fence erected after January 6 demonstration will be reinstalled ahead of Biden’s State of the Union as the truckers’ Freedom Convoy heads for Washington

China’s Olympic propaganda show ends in global shame – It was fitting that China’s hopes of putting on the perfect Olympics would ultimately be dashed by its new partner in crime, Russia

Make these the last genocide games – It is not surprising to see NBC News parrot the CCP’s preferred talking points

There Is No ‘Ukraine Crisis’ – There is a Russia crisis, and more specifically a Putin crisis as the war has already started, so it is time for us to decide what, if anything, we are going to do about it

WSJ: Russia Extends Its Belarus Drills for Thousands of Troops as Ukraine Violence Escalates – Belarus says combat readiness training will continue, citing an uptick in violence that Moscow blames on Ukraine

A Social Credit System Arrives in Canada – Justin Trudeau just created a caste of economic untouchables. Can we stop this dystopian policy from taking hold in America?

After their big show of force against the demonstrating truckers, Trudeau’s regime bruits make some Emergency Act powers permanent

Canadian Reporter Issues Warning About What He Is Happening in Canada – 5-minutes of truth that needs to be seen

The Power of the Powerless Is Real – The growing tyranny in the West has not just happened overnight

The  World Economic Forum Introduces Its Communistic Digital Identity Scheme – A global social credit system that will give them the power to control citizens and punish those they deem “untrustworthy”

Guilt by Redaction: The Ludicrous FOIA Release by The NIH Shows The Wuhan Virus Complicity MUCH BIGGER Than Most Realize – For a “health” agency to redact over 90% of a document means there’s a cover-up

Six Things Clarified By The Durham Probe – #1: Depending on where Durham’s probe finally lands, the political fallout from the scandal could be monumental

A school board member wants to arrest a mom who exposes her mask hypocrisy at a school board meeting

The CDC and FDA Are Quietly Studying Reports of Covid Post-Vaccination Neurological Issues

PROOF: COVID Vaccines Have Induced Deaths – Detailed autopsies performed by medical examiners indicated an excessive inflammatory response resulted in the myocarditis that was found atypical

An Easy and Effective Shield to Protect From Covid-19 – A simple mouth and nose spray containing povidone-iodine

February 19, 2022

Update on Disabled Woman Reported ‘Dead’ After Being Trampled by a Horse at Freedom Convoy Protest – She’s Alive

A Rebel News Reporter Was Assaulted by Ottawa Police –The Canadian government recently condemned Cuba for violation of free speech yet, they’re engaged in the most heinous suppression of speech and press in their history

‘The Worst Experience of My Life’ – Early Vaccine Adopters Suffer Injuries, Struggle to Get Proper Care

JD Rucker: Bill Gates Hints at The Next Evil Plan: “We’ll Have Another Pandemic and it Will Be a Different Pathogen Next Time” – Gates does not say things that aren’t intentional and well-practiced

The Democrats know stripping election safeguards would extinguish fair elections, but that’s their intent – A roadmap for Republicans to stop the ‘Right to Cheat’ bill and save our democracy

Joke of the Day – ‘Vulnerable’ Senate Democrats Up For Reelection Propose Cutting The Federal Gas Tax

America Is Not Divided; It’s Being Hijacked – We must break the propaganda spell and realize that we have the strength of numbers on our side

Biden Declares A ‘National Emergency’ Ahead of The Freedom Convoy Heading Towards Washington D.C.

Trudeau Goes Full Fascist – Police Announce An ‘Enemies List’ for Freedom Convoy Protesters Who Stood Up for Their Rights

A Canadian Pastor Is Imprisoned for Talking to The Truckers – Sent to jail and denied bail for a peaceful speech he gave to the freedom convoy

The Biden administration has been quietly laying the groundwork to release prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay detention center and at least move closer to being able to shut it down

Epstein associate Jean-Luc Brunel was found hanged by his bedsheets in his prison cell

The Location of Kamala Harris and Mike Pence on January 6 Becomes A Key Part of Efforts to Fight Prosecutions

The Growing Danger of the Sino-Russian Alliance – It may be too late to stop them

ZeroHedge: Due To Intensified Shelling Ukrainian Separatist Leaders Declare ‘Full Military Mobilization’

ZeroHedge: Russia’s Friends And Foes

Are we on our way to an even worse Iran nuclear deal? – The outcome will follow almost a year of negotiations in Vienna between the U.S., China, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, and Iran

The Two-World Anti-China Strategy – The Chinese government is already compelling key firms to become less reliant on American financial markets

Welcome to the Swamp, Mr. Durham – Roy Cohn, the notorious rogue lawyer, and Donald Trump confidant, famously said, “Don’t tell me what the law is, tell me who the judge is”

Federal Appeals Court: United Airlines Vaccine Mandate ‘Coerced’ Employees Into ‘Violating Their Religious Convictions’

As the Olympics close, Russia thwarts Biden’s efforts to focus on China

The Ivy League makes female swimming athletes ‘third-class citizens’ – USA Swimming cited the biological advantage men have over women when the organization announced its changes to policies regarding transgender athletes

Canadian Protestors Are Trampled By Royal Mounted Police Horses, 100 Arrested

Tyrant Trudeau shows his true colors – His claim to fame wasn’t based on his record or his talents, it was instead based on a famous father, virtue signaling, and being a subscriber of the groupthink

The false claim that Trump was in wrongful possession of confidential documents – The problem, which the AP reluctantly concedes is that, as President, he had the final say over what’s classified

Vaccine Mandates Remain Because Four Republican Senators Skip Senate Vote

Attorney Thomas Renz Says Prosecutions Are Coming for the Covid Plandemic Masterminds Who Committed Crimes Against Humanity

New York Won’t Enforce COVID-19 Booster Mandate for Health Sector Over Staffing Concerns

The COVID Criminal Network Leads to the Gates of Hell – The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation appears to be near the top, or the center, of this COVID “Plandemic” network

DC should cut ties with the shady Black Lives Matter organization – If all of these states now see that BLM is a scam, then why is Washington clinging to the ugly block lettering of the ad hoc landmark that was created in the organization’s honor


February 18, 2022

Santa Monica To Take Down Its Chess Park Because Of Rampant Antisocial and Criminal Behavior

The U.S. Will Be A Net Oil Importer Again In 2022 – The total crude and petroleum products trade market shifted in 2020 when the U.S. became a net petroleum exporter

Thousands of semi-truck drivers are expected to take part in a California to DC “People’s Convoy” to protest government COVID-19 mandates – The convoy starts Wednesday, Feb. 23, says organizer Maureen Steele

A Pentagon IG report says 50 Afghan evacuees brought to the US had ‘potentially significant security concerns’  – The US agencies ‘did not use all available data when vetting Afghan evacuees,’ Pentagon watchdog finds

The ABA Just Mandated “Wokeness,” But Republicans Have An Ace Up Their Sleeve to Save America’s Law Schools

A Clinton Campaign Alum Tried to Suppress The Story of a Facebook Colleague Sexting a 13-Year-Old – Andrew Pusateri told a reporter that the story of his colleague Jeren Miles sexting a child was not newsworthy

Special Counsel John Durham Comes Out Swinging, Responds to Clinton Campaign Lawyer’s Motion to Dismiss

“Democrats Are in Search of Their Next Scam” – President Trump Responds to Latest Fake News on National Archives

WSJ: March 2020: How the Fed Averted Economic Disaster As markets plunged – Powell and his colleagues vastly expanded the reach of the central bank, with detrimental implications that will be felt for years to come

A Man Was Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Murder A Political Candidate – 2 Days Later  BLM Bailed Him Out

Electric cars burning aboard a ship full of Porsches, VWs, Bentleys – Lithium-ion batteries in the electric cars on board have caught fire, and the blaze requires specialized equipment to extinguish it

Twitter’s Flawed Justification for Censorship – The platform plays an important role in public discourse, so should stop creating and enforcing ambiguous content restrictions

Covid is Getting Less Deadly All the Time According to LA County Public Health Data – Perhaps it’s time to get rid of emergency health orders for good

Autopsies of two teenage boys that died days after getting Pfizer’s COVID vaccine prove it caused their deaths

ZeroHedge: Bill Gates Credits Natural Infection With Doing “A Better Job” Of Bolstering COVID Immunity

Pfizer Suffers A Black Eye as Drug Regulators In India Bar Their 2.8 Billion People from Company’s COVID Vaccine

Nearly 24,000 Deaths After COVID Vaccines Have Been Reported to VAERS, Data Show

The US reaches 73% immunity to the omicron variant – Health experts caution that immunity levels could wane over time

WSJ: U.S. Officials Warn of An  Imminent Russian Invasion of Ukraine With Tanks, Jet Fighters and Cyberattacks –  Prospects for averting war appear dim, officials say as the Biden administration works to arrange new talks with Russia

The worst Olympics in history is coming to a close – Even NBC seems to have had it with the IOC’s incompetence and longstanding blind eye to corruption

5 Media Lies About The Latest Durham Special Counsel Revelations

The Biden Administration looks to pressure investors away from fossil fuels via climate disclosures

Trudeau is destroying Canada’s banking system – Investors around the world are now thinking there is no way they will entrust their money to a Canadian bank

ZeroHedge: Shocker From Fed Repo Oracle Zoltan Pozsar – Powell Must Crash The Market

The GOP looks to go on offense at the state level with a curriculum transparency push in dozens of state legislatures

The World Health Organization warned Friday the global Covid pandemic isn’t over until it says so! –  Too many countries are moving too quickly in lifting public health and social restrictions!

The Left’s Orwellian Newspeak: the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Delusion – The purpose of “Newspeak” is to eliminate words that might cause an individual to think about ideas contrary to the state’s agenda and authority

Remembering Rush Limbaugh – Rush was one of those who very early on saw through the phoniness and the pretentiousness of self-righteous liberals

Signs Of Normal In California – A wave of recalls in San Francisco, and a heel-turn on Covid-19 policy, signals a dramatic tack away from the left

Police Escalate Arrests in Ottawa as Protest Organizer Says Leaving Is Safest Option – This article will be updated throughout the day

The CDC Quietly Changes Its Guidelines on Children’s Age-Specific Speech Expectations Following Two Years of Devastating Masking Policies

THE WALENSKY TAPES – It is long past the time that it should be criminal to force kids to wear masks as the price of the ticket for attending school, the damage being done is incalculable

Who’s Is Best Situated to Figure Out the Truth about COVID? – The Great Barrington Declaration had to be censored as no one should be allowed to question federal policy!

Mandatory Vaccinations Are Impacting Military Readiness Which Could Backfire On The Biden Administration

As Arte Johnson On Laugh-In Used To Say, “Very Interesting” –  Exposed, the FDA and Big Pharma

ZeroHedge: Why Does Trudeau’s Protest Prohibition Order Specifically Exempt Refugees, Immigrants, & Ethnic Minorities?

Pushing College For Everyone Makes Americans Poorer – Here’s What We Need Instead


February 17, 2022

The New Politics of School Choice – It is surging in popularity as parents become more activist

What Reforming the Electoral Count Act Can Do and Can’t Do

Journalists On The Ground Reveal How American Media Is Botching Coverage Of Russia – Blindly relying on “U.S. intelligence sources,” faulty translations, outdated context, and botched vocabulary

Trudeau’s Justice Minister Says Being Pro-Trump Is a Factor for Your Bank Account Being Seized by Government

A ‘Perfect Crime’ That Leaves No Survivors – Investigators Detail China’s Grisly Organ Harvesting Industry

Trump comments on the ‘now-uncovered espionage campaign’ of the Democrats and ‘mainstream media’ cover-up of ‘Hillarygate’ is a ‘crime’

WSJ: Who Are Those ‘Techies’ Who Spied on Trump? – ‘Benevolent posse’ or partisans for Hillary Clinton? John Durham has the answer

America’s Ruling Regime Doesn’t Fear Disinformation – It’s The Truth Being Revealed That They Fear

Judicial Watch Settles North Carolina Voter Roll Lawsuit After State Removes Over 430,000 Inactive Names From Rolls

Democrat leaders are reluctant to halt California looming July gas tax hike

A NY Judge Orders Donald, Ivanka, Don Jr. to Answer Questions Regarding The Trump Organization Under Oath

WSJ: The Senate Passes A Stopgap Funding Bill After Rejecting GOP Amendments – The Legislation extends government funding for three weeks

The Flight of Big Tech – Lethargic, overcapitalized, and resigned to Chinese dominance, Silicon Valley is losing its productive talent to the Midwest and South

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association sues the government after Justin Trudeau invokes The Emergencies Act

‘The People’s Convoy’ Organizers Unveil Their Plans – The convoy will kick off on Feb. 23 from the Barstow area in California, and head eastbound toward Washington D.C.

Freedom Convoy co-organizer Chris Barber was arrested by Ottawa Police on Thursday

Gain-Of-Function Research: The EcoHealth Alliance Intelligence Collection Scam

YouTube to censor “new misinformation” preemptively – They plan to use machine learning to become “faster and more accurate at catching what they declare are viral “misinformation” narratives”

A Vermont mother believes her daughters will be coerced into getting the COVID vaccine, so asked Dr. Malone what he would do – Here’s her letter, and Malone’s response

California’s El Dorado School District Caves After Students Demonstrate Against Masks During Mass Walkout

Los Angeles County Sheriff: The Vaccine mandate is ‘a backdoor way to defund’ police by the Board of Supervisors

CA Governor Newsom Unveils His New ‘SMARTER’ Endemic COVID-19 Plan – The plan emphasizes vaccines, masks, awareness, readiness, testing, education, and drug treatments

BREAKING: Artillery Shelling Reported in East Ukraine Amid Conflicting Statements

Biden Says Ukraine Invasion Risk “Very High” – Russia Expels US Deputy Ambassador and Demands the US Leave Eastern Europe

Trump Promises “Justice Is Coming For Hillary Clinton” – “Why isn’t the media asking who gave Crooked Hillary Clinton’s “plumbers” their orders?

The Durham scandal: The sheer dishonesty of the media is astounding – It’s as if the journalists have never heard of the Clintons or the Obamas

Rudy Giuliani: I Have About ‘1,000 Pieces of Evidence’ Stashed in My Den Against Hillary Clinton

Clinton Campaign Lawyer Sussmann Files Motion to Dismiss The Durham Prosecution

The Pennsylvania Mail-In Voting Law Suffers Another Defeat in Court – Issues an order that a previous ruling rendering the law null can take effect starting in March

Will the Democrats Undermine the Midterms? – It would not be surprising if the January 6 Commission releases a report accusing key Republicans of crimes and even go so far as to brand some actions as treasonous

Representative Jim Jordan Responds to The House Committee Request – He Rejects The Legitimacy of The January 6 Committee Investigation

Kari Lake: “We’re Going to Blow Up These Tunnels Under the Border Wall… and I Don’t Care If There’s a Drug Trafficker in the Tunnel When We Take it Down”

The Vanishing American Work Ethic – As a result of the pandemic, ‘Now Hiring’ signs proliferate in most restaurants, grocery stores, and small businesses, but most go unanswered

An FDA Official Says The US Government Plans to Push Annual COVID-19 Shots

COVID has always been about control and was never about the virus – One explanation for their recent bizarre behavior could be the bombshell report from Project Veritas where FDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole exposes their plan

A Federal Judge Rules in Favor of An Air Force Officer Who Defied The Vaccine Mandate On Religious Grounds

How Former President Eisenhower Predicted Fauci – He advised vigilance against the “danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite”

This Is Stupid – This Is Dangerous – This Is Wrong – I urge you to listen carefully to what this Canadian pilot says and take heed, as his warning should not be ignored

Canada’s Top Banks Mysteriously Go Offline Days after Trudeau said he would invoke emergency orders to crack down on demonstrators by freezing their bank accounts

The Forced Vaccination Policy In Austria Has No Impact On Their Vaccination Uptake

The Mask Debacle – How partisan warfare over mandates became a central feature of the pandemic and now is not just partisan, but also splitting the Democrat party

Air Travel Faces Long-Haul Flight To Recovery – Passenger traffic remained 58.4 percent below pre-pandemic traffic last year, highlighting how long the road to recovery still is

February 16, 2022

Who’s in Charge of the $60 Million in BLM Assets – Several Clinton associates have taken up key positions at BLM

Victor David Hanson: Hillary Clinton’s Greatest Masterpiece – Will the people ever understand how false information was seeded throughout the government and media in a conspiratorial effort to destroy a sitting president?

Hillary Clinton Responds to John Durham Court Filing – TOTAL DENIAL

Spying Isn’t Spying If Democrats Do It – They react with total arrogance to the latest John Durham report

Joe Biden Reaches Blowout Territory in A New Poll Showing A 34-Percent Approval Rating

Dov Fischer: A Guide to the Absolute Idiocy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Her lack of critical analysis or insight is maddeningly manifest

Securing The Border – Texas Governor Abbott To Use 1,700 Surplus Border Wall Panels To Build Texas Barrier

The Danger To Democracy Comes From The Left – Voting is the most important citizen act in a democracy so proper identification should be a necessity

Fox News Power Rankings for 2022 – Where the Senate and governor’s races stand

The Biden Administration Defies A Court Ruling Again And Opts-Out Of Holding Oil Drilling Sales

Trudeau’s Justice Minister Says Being “Pro-Trump” is a Factor That will Decide if Your Bank Account gets Frozen Under Emergency Orders

Two Young Boys Found Dead in Bed after Second Pfizer Shot – Medical researchers discovered the risk of myocarditis in young men increases after each Pfizer injection, especially after the second dose

Corporate Vaccine Mandates and Vaccine Passports Brought to You by BlackRock and Vanguard? – They have ownership stakes in most of the large employers that mandated COVID vaccines 

JD Rucker: Insurance Companies Increase U.S. Mortality Expectations by 300,000 Due to Covid and  The Vaccines – They told us to “follow the science, but perhaps a better indicator would be to follow the money

The CDC Is Not Changing Mask Guidance Despite Plunging Cases and Hospitalizations

The CEO of YouTube Recommends Governments Pass Laws Giving Them More Control Over Online Speech

Former Harvard Professor Martin Kulldorff: ‘Science and Public Health Are Broken’ – “The key thing was to break the pretense that there was scientific consensus for these lockdowns—which there wasn’t.”

Corey Diggs: 2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training for PreK-Adults Already Global with Billions in Funding for Full Control – Part 7: Legislation and Billions in State & Federal Funding

Two intriguing points about the Durham allegations – It’s possible he can show there are internet data the Hillary camp exploited, such as emails or shared documents, plus & Latham & Watkins is a dangerous law firm+

Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer Asks The Court to ‘Strike’ ‘Factual Background’ in Durham’s Latest Filing

WSJ: Biden Orders The National Archives to Release Trump White House Visitor Logs to The January 6 Panel – Says Donald Trump’s claim of executive privilege isn’t justified

Global Oil Inventories Are Exceptionally Tight As Economies Recover – More production is needed

Russia Says Their Troops Near Ukraine Will Return To Their Normal Positions In 3 To 4 Weeks

NATO: Russia Is Still Adding Troops Near Ukraine – Russia says it’s returning more troops to their bases

SCOTUS And Justice Clarence Thomas Seem Poised To End Affirmative Action

“Who Is Footing The Bill?” – Prince Andrew Settled With Epstein Accuser And Brits Want To Know If They Are Paying For It

New Poll: An Overwhelming Majority of Democrats Want Hillary Clinton Questioned Over Trump Spying Scandal

Biden Demands An Additional $30 Billion for Pandemic Spending While $350 Billion Still Remains Unspent

How COVID Patients Were Over-Treated to Death – Patients killed by inappropriate medical protocols, and have no say-so in the treatment they receive

‘The World’s Done with It’: Ontario Canada Premier Ford Drops A Truth Bomb on Trudeau’s Covid Dictatorship

It’s not law yet, but there is legislation in California that requires all workers, even independent contractors, to take the Covid vaccine

Sharyl Attkisson: A White House email shows Facebook and the CDC Foundation formed a ‘social media alliance to drive the uptake of vaccines’

San Francisco Stunner – Voters Overwhelmingly Back Recall of Progressive School Board Members

February 15, 2022

The Lancet Publishes Medical Prof’s Warning That Natural Immunity Has Made Vaccine Mandates Irrelevant

When Justin Trudeau Said He Admired China’s Dictatorship, Canadians Should Have Believed Him

There Is No Valid Reason to Withhold More Than 14,000 Hours of January 6 Video – Defense attorney says “the Government doesn’t want the public to see that the vast majority of what went on was very peaceful”

The Borscht Belt Theory of Immigration – The Biden administration has allowed them to vanish into the illegal underground economy, so there is little chance that illegal immigrants will ever be apprehended or deported, as the law requires

Jim Jordan: Elias Is Directly Involved With The Spying on Trump – ‘The Democrats’ key lawyer, their number one election lawyer, was involved in spying on the sitting President of the United States… ‘

Hillary-Gate: Trump Was Right – Truly astonishing foolishness and a truly astonishing cover-up attempt

Why Putin Won’t Wage a Big War in Ukraine  – He won’t start a major war if he thinks he has a chance to force Ukrainians to surrender, and for that, he needs the Western leaders to help

As China and Russia Plot The New World Order, Academics, and Mainstream Media Look the Other Way – Conspicuously absent is any mention of their growing friendship and their mutual antagonism toward the U.S.

GOP senators demand a vote to defund the vaccine mandates before funding the government

California is lifting its mask mandate on Wednesday, February 12 – However, masking is still required in certain settings such as K-12 schools

California high school students stage a mass walkout over the district’s mask mandate

New poll: An overwhelming majority of Canadians want all COVID restrictions dropped

Triple “Vaccinated” Deaths Skyrocketed 495% in January – 80% of All New Covid Cases Are Fully Jabbed

Protesters descend on Canadian Embassy in New York to oppose Trudeau’s crackdown on freedom protests

Project Veritas BOMBSHELL – FDA Executive Officer Says Biden Wants Everyone Jabbed YEARLY

Biden Admin’s COVID-19 Vaccine Deadline Went Into Effect for Most Healthcare Workers On Monday, February 14

What Are You Hiding, Joe? – The Biden Administration Begs Court to Bury A Bombshell Report on Dominion Voting Machines

A Witness Reveals in 2016 Presidential Campaign Hillary Used a Wheelchair, Couldn’t Walk a Block and Had a “Med Bag” with Her at All Times

A New UC Berkeley Poll Finds Governor Newsom Losing Ground With Voters – The significant drop in quality-of-life throughout the state is now reflecting poorly on the governor

WSJ: Senate Republicans Block Vote on Biden’s Fed Nominees  – Registering their opposition to the candidacy of Sarah Bloom Raskin as a top banking regulator

New data from Edmunds is full of shock value – 82% of American buyers paid over MSRP for a new car in January

The American Government Explained – Benjamin Franklin: A Republic If You Can Keep It

Are the JFK assassination lies finally coming apart? – Solid evidence shows that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone and that Kennedy was killed by a bullet fired from in front of his limousine

Joe Biden’s Economic Strategy Explodes Public Opposition to Open Door Migration – A huge 22-point shift in public opinion on preferred immigration levels

TechnoMetrica Poll: Two-Thirds Of DEMOCRATS Want The Hillary Spying, Fake Russia Charges Investigated – “Right now she is a certified political criminal”

Durham’s Jaw-Dropping Revelations – One characteristic of the Russiagate bombshells is that the mainstream press simply doesn’t cover them

The Silent Coup – The Deep State, including the Fourth Branch of government (the intelligence apparatus), went after Trump from the moment he came down the escalator

No-Excuse Absentee Voting Allows Special Interests To Manipulate Voters – Remote Electioneering attempts to influence or solicit votes among absentee voters between the time they receive their absentee ballot and the time they submit it

Are You Better Off Than You Were A Year Ago? – When Ronald Reagan was running against Carter in 1980, he asked Americans this question 

Elon Musk donated $5.7 billion to charity last year – It is one of the largest philanthropic donations in history

New York Representative Kathleen Rice joins growing the ranks of retiring House Democrats before the mid-terms

California is blackmailing students into getting vaccinated – The message seems to be that if enough children are vaccinated, then the masks can be removed

UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies Poll: Over half of Californians believe the state is going in the wrong direction

Reveling in the free life outside of California – No random garbage, no potholes, and not one homeless person

The Economist Intelligence Unit Democracy Index – Norway, Not USA, Is The ‘Greatest’ Democracy In The World

US Producer Price Inflation Unexpectedly Remains Near Its Record Highs In January

Russia Withdraws Its Troops From Ukraine Border After Media Said Invasion Was Imminent – “Western propaganda failed,” claims the Kremlin

Swamp Thing: Who is Colin Kahl? – Kahl and his sidekick Jake Sullivan both have a history of dirty tricks against President Trump and his administration

Tucker Carlson: “February 14, 2022 — The Day That Canada Abandoned Democracy and Became a Dictatorship”

Trudeau’s State Media Labels ‘Freedom’ A “Far Right” Concept – CBC piece claims freedom is now a “malleable term” and is “open to interpretation”

Ottawa Police Chief Resigns as Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protest Persists – Chief Sloly had faced criticism from both sides regarding his handling of the trucker protests

Triple “Vaccinated” Deaths Skyrocketed 495% in January – 80% of All New Covid Cases Are Fully Vaccinated

Freedom Convoy Organizers Say They Notified Police After Being Told “Nefarious Elements” Plan To Discredit The Protest

Systemic Voting Issues In Pennsylvania’s Delaware County Are Even More Extensive Than Previously Known

Can Super-Shots and ‘Morality Pills’ End COVID? – The Worst Design Flaw in Medical History – Codon optimization is KNOWN to create completely unforeseen side effects

The Mandates Are Leaving Europe – Is Freedom Winning?

Follow the “Diversity” – New analysis quantifies the politicization of federal science grants

Was Bob Saget’s Death an Accident or NOT? – Doctor Says Skull Looked Like It Had a Baseball Bat Taken to It

86% Of White-Collar Workers Want A Permanent Hybrid Workweek Or They Will Quit

A rocket on course to crash into the moon is a China rocket not a SpaceX rocket as first reported

February 14, 2022

It took only 32 deaths to halt the 1976 Swine Flu shot campaign – Now, even though the VAERS database is run by the CDC and FDA, more than 23,000 deaths related to the COVID-19 vaccines have been reported

Reasons to Criticize Biden’s Intelligence on Russia – Overestimating the risk can be a self-fulfilling prophecy

Gas-Price Change, Not ‘Climate Change,’ Is What Matters to Americans – From the beginning, the Biden Administration has been hostile toward the fossil-fuel industry and has done the bidding of its environmental extremist supporters

Donald Trump: ‘I Was Proven Right About the Spying, and I Will Be Proven Right About The 2020 Election!’

“He Going to Deliver And IS Unraveling The BIGGEST Political Scandal in US History” – KASH PATEL DROPS Some BOMBS And Says Durham Interviewed 24 People So Far

The Latest Durham revelations put Biden’s national security adviser in an uneasy light – Jake Sullivan testified in 2017 it was “absurd” to suggest the Clinton campaign spread “fake Russian information.” Court evidence says otherwise

Todd Starnes: If They Could Spy on the White House, Then They Could Have Stolen the Election

The January 6 Pipe Bombs Look Like Another FBI Hoax – No one still trying to convince the public that two pipe bombs were planted near the Capitol in advance of January 6 can be believed

The Turtle Just Doesn’t Get It – Mitch McConnell refuses to change with the times, as his Cheney/Kinsinger comments show, so now it’s time to change him

Pelosi Is Forced to Backtrack After Stock Trading Revelations – She vigorously defended the policy of allowing members of Congress to trade stocks while in office as her wealth increased

Toronto Sun Editorial: Trudeau has gone too far – His unjustified invoking of the Emergencies Act is deeply problematic and will have long-lasting consequences for the country

Why Liberals Are So Afraid of the Truckers – When real labor awakens to the true parasitic nature of the Left, the whole system comes crashing down

Clinton Nominated U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff Says He’ll Toss Palin’s NY Times Libel Case Before Jury Verdict

California Health Secretary Ghaly Announces School Mask Mandate Will Stay in Place Until March

California Reinstates COVID Paid Sick Leave in Early Budget Action – COVID-19 supplemental paid sick leave is required to be set forth separately from paid sick days

How the CDC Abandoned Science – Mass youth hospitalizations, COVID-induced diabetes, and other myths from the brave new world of science as political propaganda

Sharyl Attkisson: Exclusive Summary: Covid-19 Vaccine Concerns – Updated

Where’s Hillary? – Hillary Clinton is in big trouble, the question now is what kind of felony charges are coming, if any

Fix the January 6 Committee – As presently constituted it is a panel of implacable Trump enemies tasked to portray the Capitol riot as the Battle of Fort Sumter and has been dismissed by much of the country

Then-Director Of National Intelligence John Radcliffe Told Special Counsel Durham: There Is “Enough Evidence To Indict Multiple People”

Biden Administration: The Ukraine Invasion Is Not ‘Imminent,’ Just ‘Imminent Enough’

Ukraine Wants Meeting With Russia to Discuss Border Troop Buildup

A Federal Judge Blocks A Key Biden Climate Change Executive Order Issued On His First Day In Office – It would factor in an alleged “social cost” for emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide when policymakers create rules

‘A very scary concept’: Energy ministers fearful of oil prices surpassing $100 a barrel

The Biden administration’s immigration policies choose to serve illegal immigrants instead of American citizen’s interests

A Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Airs “Let’s Go Brandon” Ad During Super Bowl

Thirteen police officers in different parts of the country were shot during a 24-hour time frame last Friday

Maskless Super Bowl Marks Our Return to Normalcy – This collective moment was a warning to the Covid regime that its strictures won’t stand much longer

Super Bowl Mask Hypocrisy On Display While Kids in School Still Have to Suffer – Virtually no one was wearing a mask,  particularly celebrities, including LeBron James, Mark Wahlberg, Sean Penn, Magic Johnson, and Matt Damon

All The Maskless Celebs At Super Bowl 2022, Along With Some Of Their Old Posts That Didn’t Age Well

2022 Super Bowl disappointments – Not much unity at the Super Bowl. But diversity exists there

Lt. Col. Allen West Leads Incumbent Greg Abbott in The Texas Gubernatorial Race

Trudeau plans to invoke Emergencies Act in response to protests – The Act grants cabinet ability to take special temporary measures that may not be appropriate in normal times

Justin Trudeau Tanks in the Polls with Both Supporters and Opponents of The ‘Freedom Convoy’

TD Bank Freezes Bank Accounts Connected to ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protest – TD Bank was put “on notice that their actions are improper and disappointing”

The Province of Ontario to Lift Vaccine Passport and All Capacity Limits March 1 – Capacity limits are lifting for restaurants and gyms this week

The Ruling Class And The Covid Coup – You don’t have to wade through the 280 pages of “The Great Reset” to appreciate how eagerly Covid and its sinister possibilities have been embraced by the upper reaches of our power structure

I&I / TIPP POLL I&I/TIPP Poll: As The SCOTUS Decision Looms, The Abortion Issue Still Sharply Divides Americans

Used Cars Are Surging In Price – The 10 Models That Are Leading The Price Explosion

The FDA Needs Reform and Biden’s Nominee Is Not the Person to Do I – Even Bernie Sanders says that Califf “would not be willing to stand up to the greed and power of the pharmaceutical industry”

WSJ: The U.S.- Canada Bridge Reopens After Police Clear Protesters

Both the left and the right now see Justin Trudeau as a pure tyrant – No matter the insults that are leveled at Trudeau, it appears that the Canadian people got the leader they deserve

European Energy Prices Soar As Western Media Hypes Imminent Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

A New Study Confirms Ivermectin Outperforms Other Options – Researchers used computational analyses to evaluate the performance of 10 medications against the Omicron variant

I Was Levi’s Brand President. I Quit So I Could Be Free – I turned down a $1 million severance in exchange for my voice

JD Rucker: The Pandemic Endgame: Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Deciphers the Transhumanist Goals of Schwab and Gates And  Explains How We Win in the End

The Plan to Turn You Into a Genetically Edited Human Cyborg – In the transhumanist view, the human body is a “platform” that can be augmented in myriad ways, physically, psychologically, and socially

February 13, 2022

Democrats Declare An ‘Unconditional War on Racism’ – Establishing a $70bn “Department of Reconciliation” as a new federal agency

John Durham’s Explosive Motion – Once again Donald Trump has been proven right

John Durham: Democrats Paid to ‘Infiltrate’ President Trump’s White House Servers – Sussman “repeatedly billed the Clinton Campaign for his work on the Russian Bank-1 allegations”

How Biden and the Democrats Reignited Inflation – Their wild spending created excess demand during a major supply chain disruption

Declassified War Reports Break Just Days After The White House Claims They Don’t Exist – Part of the overall Abbey Gate investigation report that focused on the bombings that killed around 170 Afghans and 13 U.S. service members

China Aims To Be “World’s Most Influential Power” – The US Warns In New Indo-Pacific Strategy Release February 11

Five Rings or Fifth Columnists? – When Olympic athletes can pick and choose country affiliations it undermines the nation’s political principles welcoming diversity and multiculturalism among the cosmopolitan and fashionable elites

GiveSendGo is Hacked and Taken Offline And The Freedom Convoy Was Threatened with A Hate-filled Manifesto — Then They Posted the Personal Information of Freedom Convoy Donors Online

Jaw-Dropping Satellite Images Show Massive Reason Why the Winter Olympics Shouldn’t Be in China – Fake Snow

Is The White House Ukraine Crisis Manufactured? – Pelosi says if Russia doesn’t Invade Ukraine it proves the strength and brilliance of Joe Biden’s policy

Making Sense Of The Ukraine Standoff – Putin intends to assure that if Ukraine invades Donbas, the residents in Donbas will win

Newsom wants to end school masks, but California’s powerful teacher’s union says not yet – Democrats are caught in the middle of school the masking wars, and some blue states are lifting the rule

Washington’s COVID Scam Killed Medical Freedom And American Freedoms – COVID is simply the new flu, as the risk of COVID death for the general population is approximately 0.17% and even lower for children

Sharyl Attkisson: 60% of Americans dissatisfied with government’s regulatory involvement – It’s the lowest point since 2016 when Gallup first began tracking this measure

Durham’s allegations make Watergate look like small potatoes – But is his investigation just another cover-up operation?

US Taxpayer Dollars Are Flooding Back Into Afghanistan – For an ill-fated or wasteful list of humanitarian aid

February 12, 2022

California’s Homeless Housing Scam – Los Angeles is more than just a progressive failure, it is a false beacon to every troubled individual in America and tempting them with a lie

Trump demands prosecutions and reparations after explosive revelations in Durham court filing – “This is a scandal far greater in scope and magnitude than Watergate”

Thousands Pour Into Ottawa Amplifying the Voice of Protest Around the Capital – Demanding an end to COVID-19 mandates and restrictions

Moderna’s CEO Just Dumped $400 Million in Stock and Deleted His Twitter Account

The Clinton campaign paid to ‘infiltrate’ Trump Tower and White House servers to link Trump to Russia

Bill Gates’ ‘deeply troubling’ ties to China – An excerpt from ‘Red-Handed’ by Peter Schweizer

The Biden Administration Urges an Obama Appointed U.S. District Judge Not to Allow Release of a ‘Secret Report’ on Dominion Voting Machines

John Durham Drops a ‘Shock and Awe’ Filing About Government Spying on Trump – More evidence of just how corrupt the DOJ and FBI are

The Surveillance & Political Spying Operations Highlighted by John Durham are the Tip of the Iceberg – Obama and Holder took the DOJ and FBI and retool them to only targeted one side of the political continuum

The US State Department is requiring Americans fleeing Ukraine to show proof of vaccination to enter Poland despite Poland not requiring proof of vaccination for travelers

“We’re At End Days Here” – The US Faces A Rampant Shortages Of 116 Different Pharmaceutical Drugs

JD Rucker: Dr. Li-Meng Yan Reveals CCP Plans to Spread A Hemorrhagic Fever Bioweapon Via Olympics – She Says the Cure is a Johnson & Johnson drug called Darzalexe

Excessive Show Of Force Used Against Truckers On Ambassador Bridge – Police wore black uniforms with yellow vests and were accompanied by tactical teams and snipers

Maru Poll: The freedom trucker protesters may spell the end of Trudeau’s career – Only 16 percent of Canadians would vote for him based on his actions over the last two weeks

The consequences of “Defund the Police” – This woke slogan caused mayhem in America’s working-class communities

Oakland California Truckers Are Overwhelmed By A Looming CARB Rule And Supply Chain Obstacles

The 20 Internet Giants That Rule The Web – The internet giants that evolved to stay on top and the ones that faded away

Canadian Police Begin Their Operation to Force A Shut Down of the Freedom Convoy – Snipers Have Been Spotted

Justin Trudeau Sends Police With Military Equipment to Take Down The Peaceful Canadian Border Bridge Protesters

Vote Every Single Democrat Out in November – America and the world will be better for it

Both The US & Russia Evacuate Their Embassies In Kyiv, Ukraine As The Crisis Enters Uncharted Territory

Putin Has Bigger Plans Beyond Ukraine – Are Northern Kazakhstan, Georgia, and other post-Soviet states next on the list?

NBC Admits The Genocide Games Are A Major Rating Bust: ‘For Us, It’s Been Difficult, There’s No Way Around This’

Boost gas production to avoid European-style energy crisis, the industry tells Biden

WSJ: The Hidden Ways Companies Raise Prices – Businesses pass their rising costs on to consumers with new fees, truncated services, and reduced contents in packaged goods, which don’t always show up in inflation data

‘Smear’: The Left Targets Clarence Thomas’ Wife as The Court Considers Overturning Roe vs Wade

The Supreme Court Rejects An Effort to Block Vaccine Mandate for NYC Schoolteachers Without Religious Exemptions

Jon Stewart: “Who Gets To Decide What’s ‘Misinformation’?”

According To The Department of Homeland Security – Mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM) is being caused by “Domestic Terrorists” – Free Speech ends here

The COVID-19 Round Table in DC With Senator Ron Johnson – Early Treatment Is Critical, but People Are Silenced

Elon Musk Issues A Dire Warning About National Debt – The national debt is severely understated because the federal government does not acknowledge increases in future obligations

First-Time Homebuyer Affordability Worsens As Mortgage Rates Jump The Most Since 2013 Taper Tantrum

A New Threat to Life: The Internet of Underwater Things – Development of “smart oceans” is a part of the overall agenda of financialization of nature

Bertha Benz: The Journey That Changed Everything –  In a time when the word “car” was not even heard yet, and people relied on horses to pull their wagons, one woman challenged the status quo

Children have difficulty recognizing people who are wearing masks, according to a new study

The Omicron Variant Prevented More Deaths than the Vaccine this Winter, According to LA County Public Health Statistics

If you own a gun in California, prepare to give up your privacy if you have a kid living in your house

How to destroy the New World Order leaders’ power over you – A few ideas on how to remove your clicks and communications from plain site


February 11, 2022

Ben Shapiro: Biden’s Inflation Is Only The Beginning – The Real Problem Is Far, Far Worse

75% Of Californians Want Politicians To Share Vax Status: Survey

Ministry of Truth: Apple Makes It Harder for Ex-Employees to Get Jobs by Erasing Their Job Title At The Company

Congress is promoting a book club meeting in honor of Angela Davis, the radical communist activist who was involved in a California terrorist attack carried out by the Black Panthers

Poll: Most U.S. Voters ‘Support Removing Soft-on-Crime District Attorneys

YouTube’s Olympics Highlights Are Riddled With Propaganda – Their search engine is funneling sports fans into watching political content about China

The GOP Surges To A 6-Point Generic Ballot Lead In A New FDRLST/Susquehanna Poll

Our Greatest Domestic Threat Are Pro-Government Extremists – Republican leaders should vow to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and commence a clean sweep of the swamp’s pro-government extremist

Nebraska Joins The Call For A Convention Of States To Amend US Constitution And Rein In The Federal Government

Sharyl Attkisson: Trump speaks out on even more voter fraud in Wisconsin; Maggie Haberman’s made up stories and Pelosi’s out of control January 6 committee

California is considering a new law that would require all workers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19

“An Absolute Mad Rush”: Californians Explain Why They’re Fleeing The State

Global Freedoms Hit ‘Dismal’ Record Low Amid The Covid Pandemic

Convoy Protesters Near Alberta Border Crossing Unite to Face Down the Police As All Link Arms and Refuse to Budge When Officers Arrive to Begin Making Arrests – The vastly outnumber police relent and leave

GiveSendGo Defies Fascist Canadian Govt. Order to Freeze Freedom Convoy Trucker Funds – GiveSendGo says there is no jurisdiction over their company in Canadian courts and that the Freedom Convoy will receive its funds as normal

Canadian Province Ontario Declares State of Emergency as GiveSendGo Defies Order to Withhold Donations to Truckers

NBC’s Disinformation on Academic Transparency – Parents deserve to know what their children are being taught in school in an era when public schools are increasingly incorporating the discriminatory tenets of CRT into all aspects of pedagogy

Republicans Introduce Brutal ‘HUNTER’ Act After Biden Moves for Taxpayer-Funded Crack Pipes

The White House says the Biden administration is preparing for a potential CA to DC trucker convoy

Study: Natural Immunity Protects Well Against Severe COVID-19

Since When Are Nurses the Enemy? – Healthcare professionals have been warned not to discuss any of the mistreatments, nor of the crippling side effects of the vaccines, strokes, neurological disorders, seizures, or heart attacks

JD Rucker: ‘This is Information Warfare’ – Dr. Malone Exposes The ‘Top Owner of Spotify Is Also A Top Owner of Moderna’

Family to File A Lawsuit After Tragedy Strikes A Heartland American Minutes After Receiving A COVID Jab

A 6-Year-Old With Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis is ‘Unable to Walk,’ as Reports of Deaths, Injuries After COVID Vaccines Climb Steadily

Robust Covid-19 Booster Protection Wanes After Four Months According To The CDC

The FDA Postpones Meeting on COVID Shots for Kids Under 5 After Pfizer Says Not Enough Data – Children’s Health Defense is asking everyone to send a message to the FDA asking the agency to Protect the Kids

The FDA Authorizes Emergency Use for A New Monoclonal Antibody Drug Amid $720 Million Deal

The Biden Administration Buys 600,000 Treatment Courses of New COVID Antibody Drug That Works Against Omicron

Authoritarian Science and the Case For Effective Use Of Hydroxychloroquine – The approach to medical information increasingly taken by authorities and the media is damaging to public health and scientific inquiry

Tottenham Hotspur Prepping Bid to Host Super Bowl in London in 2026 – They alrehostosts two regular-season NFL games per year

The CEO of major German medical manufacturer Dräger Suggests No Public Health Care for The Unvaccinated

Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee Say The  CIA Has a Secret Program That Collects Data on Americans

Bodycam Footage Shows The Capitol Police Striking The Unconscious Trump Supporter Who Died on January 6

Shoplift Has Reached Crisis Proportions – “It’s out of control, it is just out of control says” Lisa LaBruno, SVP of operations and innovation at the Retail Industry Leaders Association

If The DC Elites so Fear Trump, He Deserves Four More Years – Watching McConnell and his power bloc genuflect in support of Democrat and Deep State lies is truly revolting

This Time Is Different, The Fed’s Next “Minsky Moment” – The Fed must now choose between supporting asset prices and maintaining stability or combating inflation which is a lose-lose proposition

The bad inflation numbers are even worse than the government says – In 1990 & 1980 the government changed how it is calculated, so it would be over 15% using pre-1980 metrics and over 10% using pre-1990 metrics

Conservatives Were Right All Along – Expanded unemployment benefits kept millions of Americans from returning to work even as employers were desperate to hire workers

Why Is The Fed Suddenly Holding An Unscheduled “Expedited, Closed” Board Meeting On Monday?

Sheer Lunacy: Biden calls for huge new government Build Back Better spending to beat inflation – Ignoring the fact that “inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon,” as Milton Friedman put it

Why Beijing’s Olympics are Downright Dangerous – The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is like the 1936 Berlin Olympics as each event is being used to showcase the host country’s glamour and fearful power

US Secretary of State Blinken: China is seeking to institute a new world order characterized by illiberalism that will allow it to dominate the world

Enes Kanter Freedom, the NBA’s leading voice on human rights and loudest critic of China’s genocide against its Uyghur Muslim population, finds himself at least temporarily out of the league after the Houston Rockets waived him on Thursday

Thank NATO for the New Russia-China Pact – While the U.S.-led NATO alliance was pursuing its muddled approach to Russia, Russia and China started patching up the holes in their relationship

Buried News: China setting up an airstrip close to Hawaii – China plans to upgrade an airstrip and bridge on the small island of Kanton, southwest of Hawaii

The US Immigration Agency Changes Its Mission – Removes Key Phrases “administering the nation’s lawful immigration system and securing the homeland,” that dilute its mission

Sharyl Attkisson: The Feds are being sued for information about US tax money spent to help illegal immigrants via Catholic Charities

Were Masks A Waste Of Time? – Endorsement of masking by medical bodies and public health authorities worldwide entailed the abandonment of a longstanding view that masks were a useless and even harmful intervention

Super Bowl Workers Concerned About Mandate Enforcement – ‘There is no way we will be able to comply, it won’t even be close’

Authors of Barrington Declaration Speak Out – By having everyone isolating at home and avoiding contact with others, herd immunity is postponed and the pandemic is prolonged

A Teacher Films Her Students’ Reaction After Hearing their Slave Masks Are Coming Off

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Says Restrictions Are Necessary to Prevent Further Restrictions – In other words, sacrifice your freedoms to get your freedoms back

Truck Drivers Are the Atlas that Finally Shrugged – If you want to know who keeps our world turning, it’s truck drivers, because nothing moves without truck drivers, absolutely nothing

The Workers’ Revolution Is Here, and Liberals Hate It – Trudeau’s government has maneuvered itself into a class conflict that can rapidly get out of control, Bonne chance!

Secret Recording: Canada Ontario Premier is About to Give Freedom Convoy a Huge Victory – “We’re pulling these passports,” Doug Ford says, “We’re going to get back to normal”

Trudeau warns that a trucker convoy crackdown is coming following a late-night meeting

Did Any Of The COVID Mandates, Closures, Lockdowns Do Anything? – Evidence is piling up that they were ineffective

Pfizer CEO On The True Effectiveness Of Their Vaccine – “Two doses of the vaccine offer very limited protection if any”

Documents Published Wednesday by a Prominent Medical Journal Expose Efforts By Big-Pharma To Kill Africa’s COVID Vaccine Project

February 10, 2022

The Navy Releases Timeline For Mysterious 2019 “UAS Warship Swarm” Off CA – An official unredacted presentation shows how an encounter with the swarm went down, as well as an infrared image supposedly showing the vehicles

Former Senior FDA Official: Manufacturers And The FDA Are Negligent In Not Investigating Covid-19 Vaccine Risks To Heart Health

WSJ: California’s Laughing Rail Stock – The bullet train’s price tag goes up again, this time to $105 billion

It’s Time to Cashier McConnell – He is positioning his party to condemn itself for a protest objecting to an election that has, for 71 percent of Republicans, the obvious appearance of mass corruption

‘The Worst 1st Year of a US President’ – The Major Networks Ignore This Apocalyptic Biden Polling

LGBTQ Picture Books for Young Children – Teachers are requiring them in their curriculum, with so many written that it has emerged as a subgenre in its own right

The rapid rate of rising prices overwhelms wage hikes – The last month Trump was in office, inflation was just 1.6%

The Biden Economic Fiasco Is Manmade – He Did That in Three Ways

License to Misinform – Gavin Newsom defends California’s lockdown policies by using dodgy data

We Still Don’t Know How Many Crimes Bail Reform Caused – Misleading and incomplete data stymie an important public-safety debate

Truckers Winning and Trudeau Losing – 4 Canadian Provinces Roll Back COVID Mandates Amid The Freedom Convoy

JD Rucker: The Totalitarian Canadian Government BLOCKS GiveSendGo Donations From Going to The Freedom Convoy Truckers With The Help Of Their Superior Court

California Senators and Assembly Members Are Exempt From The COVID Vax Mandate, but Capitol Staffers Must Get Boosters – Capitol Staff from both parties are not happy with this unfair arrangement

These Are The Countries Where COVID-19 Vaccination Is Mandatory

A New York State Appeals Court Temporarily Allows New York Times to Publish Project Veritas Documents – The rationale for the decision wasn’t given by the Democrat-appointed Justices

What Role Did Hillary Clinton “Fan Boy” Adam Parkhomenko Play in The Joe Rogan Hit? – PatriotTakes and Meidas Touch have been fighting relentlessly to make the Rogan story as viral as possible

Why wouldn’t the U.S. military be furious with the Biden Administration’s Afghanistan disaster? –  We are finally getting the truth about what happened in Afghanistan and as some of us suspected, it’s not a pretty story

United Nations: ISIS-K has nearly doubled in size following the Taliban prison releases

The DC Metropolitan Police Beating of An Unconscious Trump Supporter Was Ruled ‘Objectively Reasonable,’ Department Rules Internal Affairs Bureau conducted a probe in response to a police-brutality complaint

The US Congress passes bill easing sexual misconduct complaints at work

Annual inflation reaches 7.5 percent, highest rate since February 1982

WSJ: Higher Inflation Is Probably Costing You $250 a Month – Those feeling the price squeeze the most are Millennials, Latinos, and the middle-class Americans

Bidenflation: American Families Face Steeply Higher Prices on Beef, Bacon, Chicken, Fish, and Even the Kitchen Table

Biden’s oil nightmare – If you think the highest overall inflation rate in 40 years is bad, get ready for the real shock coming to a gas pump near you

North American Automakers Shutter Production Amid Canadian Trucker Blockade

The New High-Level Biden Nuclear Energy Hire Is A Drag Queen Who Wears Stilettos to Work, Discusses Sex With Animals, And Calls NIH Chief ‘Daddy Fauci’.

Justin Trudeau Under Fire: He Faces The Second Day of Insults and Heckles in the Canadian Parliament

Unilever Reveals “Shocking” Margin Outlook Blamed On Soaring Commodity Costs – Global investors are on the edge of their seats this morning ahead of the inflation data from the US

A Color Map of the Fronts of World War III – The Reds, Greens, and Blues have infiltrated Western societies and gained substantial influence and control over politicians, institutions, the media, and Big Tech while the Whites remain passive

What the Truckers Want – According to interviews with some 100 of the protestors gathered in the Canadian capital, what’s happening is far bigger than just the vaccine mandates

Is America Next? – Biden Stares Down Possibility of Massive Truck Protest Just Like the One in Canada

The ABA Is Forcing Wokeness on Law Schools – Their race-focused educational mandate is being forced on law schools through the American Bar Association’s Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions

The Mystery of the Migrant Kids the Feds Are Spiriting Into the U.S. Interior – Because they don’t want to attract attention

The Pentagon Is Now FLOODING Its Own Medical Database With Fabricated Injuries for the period 2016-2020 to Make The Explosive Covid Vaccine Injuries of 2021 Look “Normal”

The US Appeals Court Said On Wednesday It Will NOT Reinstate Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Federal Employees

The ‘Open Everything’ Meltdown Exposes the Covid Psychosis – We are about as protected as we’re ever going to get

Sweden Declares the Pandemic to be “Over” – The Country that refused to impose strict lockdown rules exits COVID-19 nightmare first

According To 130+ UK Doctors – Failed COVID Policies Caused “Massive” Harm, Especially To Children

How Vaccine Discrimination Caused Dangerous Hospital Care Shortages In Wisconsin – The depths of Covid corruption at Gundersen Health System can’t fit on one page, and that one hospital is just the tip of the iceberg

Prosecuting Fauci and cohorts for COVID-related crimes – Neither of the two most important Nuremberg Code standards were adhered to by medical professionals & governmental officials who mandated the COVID-19 experimental vaccines

Gavin Newsom refuses to say whether his kids are vaxxed – The Sacramento press corps won’t ask and we know why

Denial of Natural Immunity in Vaccine Mandates Is Unprecedented – New data from the CDC show that prior COVID-19 infection, i.e., natural immunity, is more protective than COVID-19 injections

The Doctor Who Discovered The Omicron Variant Says She Was Pressured to NOT Reveal it Was Mild, but she declined

Scientists In Hungary Discover Genetic Material Suggesting COVID Came From Chinese Lab Soil sample  – Contradicts the animal to human explanation

More European Countries Role Back Their COVID-19 Restrictions – With France, Greece, and Portugal Being The Latest

The Democrats’ Sudden Flip-Flop On COVID – It Isn’t  ‘The Science,’ It’s Just Plain Old Politics

Sharyl Attkisson: With the deadline looming, DC Police fight the Covid-19 vaccine mandates

BLM is imploding – The states of CT, MN, MD, NJ, NM, NV, and VA have all revoked BLM’s charitable registration, while CA and WA are threatening to hold the nonprofit’s officers personally liable for its lack of financial transparency

February 9, 2022

Law Licenses Suspended for The McCloskeys – The Missouri Couple Who Held Off Protesters Outside Their Home

Fertilizer Prices Spike and Chinese Import Reliance Threatens US Agriculture Security – Fertilizer prices have risen more than 100 percent for all major nutrients required for crop production since September 2020

ARE YOU A  TOP TERRORIST THREAT TO AMERICA? – The feds consider the proliferation of what they consider false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions, a clear threat

The DHS: Americas Thought Police – The transition from tracking terrorism to chasing thought crime has a major advantage, it exonerates U.S. counterterrorism officials from the meddlesome job of catching actual terrorists

Biden Pays Army Salaries to an Iranian Ally –The new salary assistance program for the Lebanese military is ‘cleverly’ structured to evade U.S. law

Sharyl Attkisson: Due to a significant backlash from the public and lawmakers, the IRS will no longer require taxpayers to send a “video selfie” to verify their identity, to access online services

‘Something Isn’t Right’: Dozens of Lawmakers Call on Joe Biden to ‘Immediately’ Undergo Cognitive Test

Is Biden’s Midterm Going to be Obama 2.0? – A Red Wave is likely this November that will flip both the House and Senate

The COVID pivot: Democrats do a 180 on their pandemic response and attempt to rewrite history before the upcoming mid-term elections

The U.S. ‘Poised’ to Be First to Give The Dangerous Pfizer Shot to Infants and Toddlers

A GOP Representative Says Staff Made Chilling Discovery in His Office Mail, Then Realized What Biden’s DOJ Had Done

The CDC refuses to update its mask guidance or indicate when it will – When asked about guidance on masking they deferred to local leaders

HERE’S THE LIST: 1,000 Different Studies Show Extensive Evidence of COVID-19 Vaccines Adverse Events

COVID Cruelty – Evidence shows the line between being overly cautious and just plain cruel has been crossed repeatedly

Secondary vaccine effects that are shown in the Pfizer Preprint – Here is a retrospective study on the data that I collected

California Assemblyman James Gallagher Voted in as Republican Minority Leader

The Freedom Convoy Protest in Ottawa Is Protected by the Charter, Legal Group Supporting Truckers Tells Police

CPAC 2022 Is Vitally Important for the West – The mission: rescue back our freedoms from the clutches of the Left

The Biden family is a criminal enterprise as defined in the RICO Act – A continuation of the DC swamp’s business as usual of interconnected organized crime activity

The Capitol Police have been fully weaponized against Republicans – For those who think that January 6 was an entrapment scheme, it would appear that the Capitol police were part of the plan

The Capitol Punishment 2021 Documentary Updated – Told through the eyes of the people who were there on the ground, true story of what happened on January 6, 2021

A Very Strange Fellow Is Our Joe – Our more than slightly off-plumb president is a fount of odd and counterintuitive claims

“A Global Entity Of Forced Thought” – Project Veritas Releases A Video Detailing The ESPN’s “Toxic” Workplace

Pfizer Quietly Adds Language Warning That ‘Unfavorable Pre-Clinical, Clinical Or Safety Data’ May Impact Business

The science of COVID has not changed at all, but the polling sure has – Democrats representing the bluest parts of the country and their allies in the media have done one of the most stunning about-faces in recent memory

COVID-19: A Second Opinion Updated – A group of world-renowned doctors and medical experts provided a different perspective on the global pandemic response

The Science On Covid And Masking Kids Hasn’t Changed, Only The Politics Has

The seven Liberal states announcing an end to their mask mandates

Governor Youngkin the Conqueror – His effort to make masking optional in Virginia schools scores a big win in the state senate

The Charade is over: New South Wales and Israel data confirm that the fully vaccinated and boosted are the vast majority of deaths and serious cases of so-called COVID-19

Anthony Fauci & His Bioethicist Wife Christine Grady Argued for LOWER Care Standards in A Recently Unearthed Paper

L.A. County Supervisors Vote to Start Firing 4,000 Unvaccinated LASD Police Officers

Coronavirus  is in Retreat: Global Case Counts Plunge 17% in Past Week

Across America, teachers are going to war against students over wearing masks

California Governor Newsom is determined to keep children in masks – While he goes about bare-faced whenever and wherever he pleases

Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index: Used Car Prices Arrive At Yet Another Major Inflection Point

How Fact-Checking Is Controlled and Faked – It is one part of the campaign to control what you see online, and therefore what you think and how you perceive reality

TRUTH Social’s Goal is To Become America’s “Big Tent” social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology – Click Here To Sigh-Up

Can the GOP Become the Party of the Working Class? – Marco Rubio is betting on it

WSJ: The White House Approves Plan to Help Americans Leaving Ukraine if Russia Attacks – U.S. troops will set up checkpoints and tent camps inside Poland’s border to help Americans who leave Ukraine

What’s the Deal With Mike Pence? – He has sold out Trump, The MAGA Nation, and the America First agenda

February 8, 2022

A view on Beijing’s Winter Games – China says the Olympics must be about sport alone, but the CCP is using this event to breed a nationalist ethos to cement its legitimacy

A DHS Terrorism Bulletin Warns of Terror Threat From People “Spreading False Narratives” That Undermine Trust in Government

Fusion GPS Didn’t Only Work on Steele Dossier, They Worked on Nearly Every Key Anti-Trump Narrative Coming from DOJ and The Mueller Gang

Eileen Gu’s Olympic Gold for China Thrust Her Questioned Citizenship Status Into the Spotlight  – Amid ongoing political tension between the country where she lives and the country she represents at the Winter Games

Another $5 billion added to the cost of California´s long-delayed high-speed rail line – Estimates just released show it could take $105 billion to finish the route from San Francisco to Los Angeles

The Blue Stack Strikes Back At Rogan – The welding of media, government bureaucracy, big corporations, and banking together into a partisan weapon to punish dissenters points the way toward an ugly future

Ouch: Just 8% watch CNN ‘every day’ – A combined 71% said they are in the “occasional” to “never” watch category

A Leaked Email Exposes The Plot to Get Warrants Against Unmasked Students in Loudoun County

Revenge of the Covid Moms – “This is the year that parents say: You’re either with us or against us”

Please Don’t Call This ‘Science’: How The FDA And CDC Justified The Approval of Moderna’s Spikevax

INFOGRAPHIC: Approved and Non-FDA Approved COVID-19 Treatments

A Renowned Physician Experienced in Investigating Biological Warfare Challenges Her Medical Board’s Misinformation Allegation

Saskatchewan, Canada to End Vaccine Mandates on February 3 – Masking will no longer be required starting March 1

Alberta, Canada To Scrap Vaccine Passport Program And Announces A Path To Lifting ‘Almost All’ Restrictions

The Freedom Convoy Is Producing Results As Mandates and Restrictions Are Dropping Across Canada

Border Patrol Union: Lucky If We Seize 5 Percent Of Fentanyl Pills Coming Across Border

A College Kid Cracks The Code To Track Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg’s Private Jet Flights

The 2022 Oscars nominations say it all about the sorry state of cinema – They spotlight the Oscars’ utter irrelevance

You Have Probably Notices All The Interracial Couple TV Commercials That Skew American Demographics

NBC’s ‘Cataclysmic’ Olympics-Coverage Flop – The Associated Press elaborates: “Through the first four nights of competition, NBC is on track for the lowest-rated Winter Games in history”

Why Is Biden Undermining the Ukrainian Resistance? – Putting personal politics first or endorsing a New World Order?

Billionaire Peter Thiel To Leave The Facebook Board To Help “Advance The Trump Agenda”

Canadian Elites Created The Ottawa Crisis And Have No Idea How To End It – Mainstream media has been telling us Hungary and Poland are incubators of authoritarianism but we should have been worried about Canada and Australia

The Trudeau Government Threatens to Criminally Target Americans Who Donated to the Freedom Convoy 2022

Trudeau faces the heat for not meeting with the Freedom Convoy protesters and his comments have raised criticism regarding his approach

Woke Hiring by Airlines is A Scary Business – To see how this might impact safety one only needs to examine third-world airline safety records

Pelosi’s Capitol Cops Tried to Sneak Into GOP Congressman’s Office Dressed as Construction Workers And Illegally Took Photos of Legislative Documents Of Representative Troy Nehls from Texas

Joe Rogan Should Take Rumble’s Offer – Spotify has been trying to have its cake and eat it too, which isn’t good enough

What If We Have a Booming Economy and Nobody Shows Up? – Plunging Labor-Force Participation Rates Is A Big Problem

Why A 50% Decline Will Only Be Considered A Market Correction

Britain’s largest supermarket chain warned “the worst is yet to come” on food inflation as the cost-of-living crisis pulverizes the working poor

Which European Countries Are The Most Dependent On Russian Gas?

The Inconvenient Truth About Electric Vehicles – By Executive Order and an associated Action Plan, Biden’s administration calls for 50% of all new vehicles sold in America by 2030 to be EVs

The Biden administration wants to make life easier for minority crack addicts – Their theory is if the drug addicts have a nice safe place to shoot up, fewer of them will die

More and more Democrats embrace ending mask mandates as new omicron cases plummet across the US

Biden’s People Reverse Course To Redefine COVID Hospitalizations – Hospitals to retroactively separate cases of those hospitalized because of COVID-19 from those who were hospitalized for other reasons and later test positive for the virus

Austrians Are Being Stopped Randomly By Authorities And Forced To Prove They Are Vaccinated – It is now ILLEGAL in the country to be unvaccinated

A Vaccine Wake-Up Call From Our Friends In Canada – EXPOSED, suppressed statistics on the shocking increase in vaccine injuries among young and otherwise able-bodied soldiers

Robert W Malone MD, MS: A Health Public Policy Nightmare – The vaccine spike antigen and mRNA persist for two months in lymph node germinal centers… protein production of the spike is higher than those of severely ill COVID-19 patients!

Pfizer Seeks COVID Shot Authorization for Children Under 5 – Even though their data raise massive safety concerns, as they received 42,086 injury reports, including 1,223 fatalities in the first 2.5 months of their COVID jab rollout for adults

FDA and CDC Duplicity on Covid-19 Vaccines – Was their motive to protect the Big-Pharma from exposure to liability and a tsunami of litigation?

The Chilling Effect Of Big-Tech Censorship – Often defined as “a usually undesirable discouraging effect or influence”

Rumble’s Special Purpose Acquisition Company Explodes Higher After Their CEO Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million “To Make The World A Better Place”

The Mask Debate is Over: The NYT Retreats on School Masking as Democrat Governors Scrap Their Mandates

The Newsom Administration Announces An End of Statewide Mask Mandate on February 15th – Residents “are just tired of the mask mandate after two years”

Senator Ron Johnson asks where 40,000 illegal immigrants are –The roughly 80% of aliens that received a notice to appear (NTA) after receiving a notice to report (NTR) between March 21, 2021, and December 5, 2021”

Why The Joe Rogan-Spotify Fight Will Define Free Speech For Us – The left wants him canceled because he supposedly aired misinformation about COVID, even though he didn’t

February 7, 2022

Is China Using COVID Quarantines to Rig the Winter Olympics? – Athletes Blow the Lid

Over half the deaths that were seen by this funeral director were likely caused by the COVID vaccines – He is not alone in seeing this as all his other embalmer friends are seeing it too

Arizona’s AG Says His State Is Under ‘Invasion’ From Illegal Migrants, Threatens To Defy Biden And Defend The Border

Kill the vax mandates with a truck blockade of the Super Bowl – Wayne Allyn Root has a Step 2 should stopping the big game not cause politicians to back off

Why Weren’t These Vaccines Put Through the Proper Safety Trials For Gene Technology, Asks a Former Pharmaceutical Research Scientist

The Pentagon’s RESPONSE to the explosive DOD medical data is an even bigger story than the data itself

The Russia-Ukraine crisis – China is America’s biggest enemy, US foreign policy should be based on what’s best for preserving American freedom and prosperity

There Is No Shot at a Fair Trial For The January 6 Defendants – Biden’s DOJ relies on the Beltway trifecta, partisan federal judges, news outlets, and prospective jurors to codify its punitive prosecution and criminalize political dissent

Destruction of Traditional Culture Is Key to A Successful Marxist Revolution – Traditional culture, institutions, and values prevented communist revolutions in advanced capitalist societies

Why Those Supposed ‘Transitory’ Supply Chain Issues Will Be Here for a While – To quote General Omar Bradley, “amateurs talk about strategy, professionals talk about logistics”

‘God-Given Rights’: Truck Drivers Plan Big California-to-DC Convoy to Protest COVID Mandates

Conrad Black: What To Do With the Left After Their Coming Spanking – Soon wokeness, American self-hate, foreign appeasement along with the indulgence of criminal and corrupt organizations like Black Lives Matter will end

Devin Nunes and Trump Media and Technology Group Take on Silicon Valley – Nunes’ goal is to make Truth Social the central node in a pro-free speech communications infrastructure

Rumble CEO Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million and Emphasizes “This Is Totally Legit”

Vulnerable Democrats Begin Distancing Themselves from Biden as The Midterms Loom – At least two Senate Democrats stand to lose their seats in swing states

There Is Outrage as Biden Gives A Soros Nonprofit $164 Million to Help Criminal Migrants Escape Punishment

Biden To Set Free Would-Be 9/11 Hijacker – Another terrorist imprisoned in Guantanamo to walk free

A Federal Court Judge Temporarily Blocks Pfizer’s Motion to Intervene in The Vaccine Information Case

The LA County Sheriff’s Department Could Lose 4,000 Employees Because of Their COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Office For National Statistics – Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine increases Children’s risk of Death by 5100% – The difference in death rates among those vaccinated against Covid-19 and their unvaccinated counterparts in England and Wales

INSANE: The Austrian Government Authorizes Dystopian Vaccine Registry and Imposes COVID Restrictions Through January 2024 – Will Begin Pulling Drivers Over at RANDOM and FINING UN-BOOSTED Citizens Next Month

JD Rucker: Roger Stone Plans to Sue the RNC for Enabling the 2020 Election Theft

Horowitz: The Pentagon’s RESPONSE to the explosive DOD medical data is an even bigger story than the data itself

Four Republican Attorney Generals will investigate GoFundMe following removal of the Canadian trucker fundraiser – West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey was the one to get the ball rolling

Rumble’s Offer To Joe Rogan – It’s a serious offer, but here are questions as to whether Rogan could even take

The Biden agenda is dead, dead, dead – On CNN’s State of the Union program Joe Manchin said, “Build Back Better, as it has been presented over, what, the last seven, eight, nine months, that bill no longer will exist”

Trump On the First Thing He Would Do If He Is President Again – Restart wall construction on the southern U.S. border

I&I/TIPP Poll: Americans Don’t Agree That Biden’s Supreme Court Pick Must Be One Gender And One Race

Teachers call in sick to protest their new conservative school board in Colorado

Tickets to this year’s Super Bowl most expensive on record – The average price of a ticket to this year’s Super Bowl is about double that for Super Bowl LLI, the last championship the Rams competed in back in 2019

We need criminal control, and fast – Remember, the problems are in cities run by Democrat mayors and city councils

New Jersey’s Democrat Governor Phil Murphy announces an end to their school mask mandate

Whistleblower Videos Show Systemic Issues With Pennsylvania Elections

Israeli Police Hacked Phones Without Authority to Target Netanyahu – The Evidence Would Be Inadmissible in U.S. Courts

Put Fauci in the crosshairs – It would be marvelous if he were held accountable in the mother of all class-action lawsuits

Covid-19 Restrictions Remain Frozen Under Joe Biden Even Though Some Democrat Governors Loosen Their Mandates

Australia Is Finally Ready To Reopen To Tourists After Their 2 Years Of COVID Lockdowns

Russia, Ukraine, and the price of oil – Sanctions won’t help as oil is a fungible commodity so there will always be a market for Russian oil somewhere

Victory: The Freedom Convoy Successfully Pressures Canadian Province Alberta Into Dropping Covid Restrictions

Micro Blood Clots: How Both Covid AND mRNA “Vaccines” Harm and Kill People

Vaccinated Middle School and High School Athletes Performed Worse Than The Un-Vaccinated Control Group

The New Global Attack to Censor Dr. Mercola – The CCDH claims Substack content is “so bad no one else will host it”

February 6, 2022

Father-Daughter Dances Are No Longer Politically Correct – The NY Department of Education decrees that school culture should be supportive to all genders, including girls, boys, transgender, gender nonconforming, and so on

‘The Genocide Games’: NBC Bows to Communist China And Refuses to Run A Critical Ad from A US Congressman

Why Biden Will Pick a Radical Replacement for Breyer – Democrats needs a major confirmation fight with the Republicans to whip up their base

Mike Pence’s Former Chief of Staff Makes Major Admission About 2020 Election

The Revolution Has Come For Joe Rogan – The Biden Administration has adopted Taliban-Like tactics, calling for their critics to be silenced by the Administration’s corporate and media allies

Ben, who has been homeless in San Francisco for 7 years, says the “vast majority” are homeless due to addiction and just 6-7% are from the SFO area – Ben says he “boosts” (shoplifts) and breaks into cars to pay for his $60/day heroin habit

Big Tech vs the working class – GoFundMe’s withholding of donations to the Canadian truckers is a foul, classist attack on democracy

Ottawa Canada Police & SWAT Teams Raid The Freedom Trucker’s Camp Seizing Fuel Supplies of Peaceful Protesters

The FBI Was Just Caught In A Secret Plot Against Steve Bannon

The Xi-Putin Olympics Summit Is Clearly – And Primarily – Anti-US

More police officers killed in the line of duty under President Biden’s leadership than in prior years since 1995

The Cost To Launch Space Flights Before And After SpaceX Entered The Scene

The CDC Changes The COVID Vaccine Schedule For People With Weak Immune Systems to Address Heart Inflammation

More Important Ivermectin Study Results – Plus prescribing drugs “off label’ is important, and the “emergency” is over

Justin Trudeau Shows How Manipulative and Pathetic the Global Elites Are – “Every word he says he is a lie. A nose as long as the trucker‘s convoy.” Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

2022 Could Be “Even Crazier” Than 2021 For Supply Chains – Part 1 of an exclusive interview with shipping analyst J Mintzmyer

NY Times Warns: Republicans Can Use January 6 Committee’s Precedent to Pursue Democrats After Midterm Elections

What are Republicans really for? – Thirteen points that Republicans are for — or should be

Look with dawning horror at the presidential line of succession – Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and Leahy all lead to disaster

California School District Threat – If Kids Protest Mask Mandate We Will Call Child Protective Services On Parents

The FDA and Doctors’ Group Reach Agreement on The Production of Pfizer Vaccine Documents


Covid Lockdowns Have Had Little To No Public Health Benefits – And have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted

February 5, 2022

Time Is Running Out for their COVID Coverups – Joe Rogan and Spotify aren’t in trouble for spreading false information but for embarrassing the media and government officials who themselves pushed false information

Los Angeles hires extra security and plans to fine unmasked Super Bowl fans $500

A U.S. Marine and NYPD Intelligence Officer: The “war on police” is very, very real – open your eyes, America

The Mob Keeps Coming To Silence Joe Rogan, But Joe Rogan Is Bigger Than The Mob, If He Recognizes It Or Not

China Olympics Disaster: Ratings Crater as Reporter Dragged Off Camera by Authorities While He Is Broadcasting On-Air

Democrats Are Responsible for the War on Cops – They have pushed the idea that criminals are the victims

Facebook Meta’s Shocking Internal Memo Regarding Their Approval of Human Smuggling Ads on FB

Biden Exhibits Symptom of Dementia, Speaks Complete Gibberish for 11 Seconds – Click on the Twitter Link

Republicans Defeated by Eric Holder’s Nationwide ‘Gerrymandering’ Plot

Trump Responds, Criticizes Pence Over Comments Regarding January 6

Thousands Converge in Ottawa as Trucker Convoy Protest Enters Week 2

Alex Berenson: Six critical questions about the Covid vaccines scientists need to answer ASAP

Myocarditis Cases Reported After mRNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccination in the US From December 2020 to August 2021

16 States File New Challenge to Biden Administration’s Health Care Worker COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

The First Casualty Of Resistance Is The Truth – THE MORE THEY LIE . . . THE MORE WE LEARN THE TRUTH

Regarding the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database Data Dump – Artifact, smoking gun, or something in between?

‘Let’s Make a Deal:’ The Newsom Administration Inks a Backroom Deal With Kaiser for Statewide Medi-Cal Health

NBC’s Opening Coverage of Genocide Games – 7.25 million viewers on NBC vs the previous low of 8.5 million for the final night of competition at last year’s Tokyo Summer Olympics

Sharyl Attkisson: Americans expect inflation to persist over the next six months according to a recent Gallup poll

Can the Border Patrol survive Joe Biden? – The Biden administration has transformed and imperiled the mission of the Border Patrol through migration policies that have led to a crisis at the southern border

Rush Limbaugh’s Lesson for Joe Rogan – Could you even imagine a scenario where aging rockers Neil Young and Joni Mitchell could team up and force Rush Limbaugh to make an apology, and possibly moderate his content going forward?

NATTERING NANCY’S NAUSEATING PALAVER – Advising Olympic athletes to shut up and play ball lest they offend their totalitarian Communist hosts

Big Data Leads To Social Cooling – If you feel you are being watched, you change your behavior and Big Data is supercharging this effect

Has the US Government Declared War on Its Citizens? – By devaluing its currency, pushing waves of migrants across its borders, undermining the security of its elections…

State Attorneys General are Now Looking Into GoFundMe for Seizing $10 Million from Freedom Convoy – To redistribute to charities of their choice

Why Ivermectin was Disappeared – It’s easy to suspect that the FDA, the NIH, and CDC understand the potential benefits of Ivermectin and other repurposed drugs, but realize the threat to Big Pharma to which they are financially entwined

The DC March to Defeat the Mandates – An estimated 30,000 to 50,000 Americans marched to the Lincoln Memorial, where dozens of speakers, scientists, doctors, academics, and media personalities gave a series of inspiring talks


February 4, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Trump on Afghanistan Withdrawal: ‘China Is Going to Have Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan

Is this the end of CNN’s left-wing bias? Billionaire Trump donor, who is the largest shareholder of the network’s new owner Discovery, wants to restore it to impartiality – And INSISTED on Jeff Zucker’s departure after his affair was exposed

Athletes Notice Incredibly Creepy People as They Wander Communist China’s Olympic Village

Hunter Biden’s ‘Disgusting’ Laptop: Repairman Reveals What Had Him Calling the FBI

WSJ: When Asked ‘What Are Your Pronouns,’ Don’t Answer – A seemingly innocuous question masks a demand for conformity with a regressive set of ideas

GoFundMe Steals The Money Meant For Canadian Truckers to Redistribute to Liberal Charities of Their Choice

Elon Musk slams GoFundMe as “professional thieves” – Point to their blatant hypocrisy due to their support for the non-peaceful CHAZ/CHOP occupation that took place in Seattle back in 2020

The Fake News Mainstream Media Including FOX News COMPLETELY Ignore D’Souza’s Earth-Shattering “2000 Mules” Documentary Trailer

The Great Power Competition: Mirroring Communist China – Suppose we had done to China what they have done to us?

World Food Prices Accelerating and Set For Record High – What’s noteworthy is that inflation isn’t hitting everyone equally

Spotify Takes New Action Against Joe Rogan – They appear to have removed approximately 70 episodes of “The Joe Rogan Experience”

CCP Goons Drag Away A Dutch Reporter Doing A Live Olympic Interview – Apparently in a non-approved location

Opting Out of Whiteness For decades, immigrants fought to be considered white – Now that trend is reversing

We Now Know How Many Americans Biden Left Behind in Afghanistan – As many as 9,000

War Mania Leads The White House To Condemn A US Senator As A Russian Propagandist – They will not tolerate any dissent against their war messaging on Russia

Michael Avenatti faces 22 years after conviction for wire fraud and aggravated identity theft charges

Artificial Intelligence ‘Nanny’ Devices Are Being Created By Chinese Scientists To Grow Babies In Robot Wombs

Bad news for the vaccinated: The Omicron mRNA booster doesn’t work against Omicron In animal tests and produced FEWER antibodies to both Omicron and the original virus than a third shot of the original Moderna vaccine

Dr. Robert Malone: This Mass Formation Madness Must Stop – The effects of abuse, neglect, and harms done to children can and will pass through generations

The Vaccines Are Prolonging The Covid-19 Pandemic – People must be held accountable. It is even more criminal that millions of people have needlessly died worldwide because available early treatment was withheld 

‘Vaccine Mania’: Fauci and Big Pharma Detail Plans for ‘Indefinite’ Rollout of Shots – During a virtual meeting held on the first day of the World Economic Forum’s Davos Agenda 2022

The ‘Science’ of Manipulation – There’s an entire field of research dedicated to developing messaging to persuade “vaccine-hesitant” individuals to get the COVID-19 vaccine – None of it has anything to do with the facts

Russian President Vladimir Putin & Chinese President Xi Jinping, In Lengthy Statement, Blast US “Antagonism” From Europe To Asia

Here’s a weird fact: All Chinese visitors to America might be spies – With increasing frequency, we’re seeing news stories about suspicions that Chinese visitors to the US, be they students or business people, are engaged in espionage

Russia has agreed to a 30-year contract to supply gas to China via a new pipeline and will settle sales in euros, bolstering an energy alliance with Beijing amid Moscow’s strained ties with the West over Ukraine and other issues

A shady funding network is pushing Biden’s hand for SCOTUS pick – Arabella Advisors may not be a familiar name, but chances are they fund one or more liberal causes you are familiar with

Democrats lack moral footing, and that is fine with them – Consider the Marxist revolutionary slogan, By any means necessary, or BAMN

WSJ: Mexican Border Arrests Hit New Record – Last Year U.S. agents made 1.9 million arrests during the surge in crossing attempts but released fewer migrants into the U.S. versus prior years

Here Is What’s Behind Today’s Stunning Payrolls Beat – This is the month when the BLS adjusts data for the past 10 years as part of its population estimates revisions, which impact both the Household and more important, Establishment, surveys

January Payrolls Will Be A Bloodbath – For at least the next 3-4 months we are living in the “economic weakness and that’s why several Fed officials have already made clear that they will discount weak data as temporary

Losing Control – Bad policy has unleashed violent criminals on New York City streets

Chesa Boudin is starting to sweat – As his office appears to now be a dumpster fire of controversies.

Democrats’ Quest For Zero Cancer Deaths, Road Deaths, And Covid Deaths – It must be nice to be a Democrat in 2022 as you don’t have to be constrained by the truth, reality, or the consequences of ignoring them – Isn’t postmodernism great!

The making of a modern Republican – Triggered by 2016, who had the power and who has the power NOW?

Are You Prepared For $200 Per Barrel Oil? – Remember, the solution to high oil prices…is high oil prices because high prices motivate oil producers to generate more supply and as supply increases, price decreases

Democrats Are Pushing Gun Registry as Precursor to Gun Ban – Even though Federal law explicitly prohibits the creation of a federal firearm registry

The bear awakens from a long, uneasy slumber and everything bubble related is now in trouble

Cheney and Kinzinger Suffer A Devastating Blow as The RNC Moves Forward with Censuring Them

The European Union Wants To Keep Vaccine Passports In Place For Another Year – Despite studies revealing vax passes have NO IMPACT on reducing infection rates, and despite multiple European countries SCRAPPING restrictions

How a War on Supposed ‘Misinformation’ Led To a Coronavirus Tragedy – Spectacular falsehoods, deep truths, and Canadian truckers are finally piercing the long-impervious Covid storyline

The Canadian Government Is Mulling Using Military Against The Freedom Convoy Protesters – Although Trudeau is worried about a confrontation between troops and citizens

Educational Elites Have Awakened a Sleeping Tiger – Predictably, many public schools kicked off 2022 by switching back to remote learning or canceling classes altogether which has pushed parents over the edge

Hundreds of Students Were Segregated in Gyms After Protesting School Mask Mandates – A parent says her son was forced to do homework outside in 43-degree weather

CNN Is In Talks to Pay Chris Cuomo $9M in Hush Money to Protect Zucker And The Network

February 3, 2022

It’s Back: Senators Want The  EARN IT Bill to Scan All Online Messages

Nancy Pelosi Tells US Olympic Athletes in Beijing not to Speak Out Against the CCP – “Do Not Risk Incurring the Anger of the Chinese Government”

The Big Lie of ‘Fake Trump Electors’ – The “scandal” that wasn’t”

How Democrats Plan to Use Gerrymandering in the 2022 Election to Keep Democrats in Majority and Pelosi Speaker

Democratic Senators Unveil A Horrifying Plan to Change Electoral Count Act – Change the 1887 Electoral Count Act to squelch challenges to election results

China’s Propaganda Games And I Won’t Be Watching – During the last few years the world has seen that China is an oppressive authoritarian communist state that has brutalized, spied on, murdered, and enslaved segments of its people

Made in China: On the Lab-Leak Origin of Covid – Plenty of evidence points to it

“Mask-Gate” and the Unserious Politicians Mocking the People – California is in a supposed “State of Emergency” and is hosting the Super Bowl

A Coalition of 49 GOP Lawmakers Pledge To Defund Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

Trump Says “We Can’t Let It Happen Again” – A new political ad is coming to TV soon, featuring Trump giving his “complete and total endorsement” to Brian Kemp” for Republican Governor of Georgia

An NIH Study Injected Puppies With Cocaine, Then Killed Or ‘Recycled’ Them For More Experiments

Their Empire’s Disintegrating – Canada’s Trucker Convoy Has Lit The International Freedom Fuse

The Fundraising Campaign for Canadian Truckers Is Halted by GoFundMe After Reaching Nearly $8 Million

An Aussie Freedom Convoy Update – Stay on message, avoid violence, don’t provoke trouble and retaliation, don’t provide bad narratives to the opposition

The FDA Used ‘Critically Flawed’ Risk-Benefit Analysis to ‘Justify’ COVID Vaccines for Children

A UK government report reveals that British children, 10 to 14 years old, are up to 52 times more likely to die after getting a COVID shot – If they get two jabs compared to those unvaccinated

12 Countries Roll Back Their COVID Restrictions And Israel Scraps Their ‘Green Pass’

Fired Pharmaceutical Workers Explain Why They Didn’t Get COVID-19 Shots – The training they received when first hired

Some Democrat-run Cities Have Decided to End Their Vaccine and Mask Mandates

Iowa’s Governor Announces End to COVID-19 Emergency Declaration – Shutting down vaccination & case count websites

A Democrat Senator Suffers A Medical Emergency – This Leaves The Biden Agenda & SCOTUS Plan Dead in the Water

President Biden delivers an empty message on crime that promises nothing that New York City needs

A Human Rights Group Comes Up with an Epic Way to Shame NBC Over its Coverage of The Beijing Winter Olympics

5 shocking incidents while Zucker lead CNN – From a liberal news outlet to a blatant tool for leftist politics

Trump on The Durham Probe: A Lot is Coming – It’s the crime of the century and changed everything, including the election

Newly Declassified Emails Show Trump Impeachment Witnesses Knew About The Biden Family Corruption

NYT: The U.S. Exposes What It Says Is A Russian Effort to Fabricate Pretext for Invasion

Nielsen/MRI Fusion: ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Is The Most-Watched Cable News Show Among Democrats In A Key Age Group

A Geologist Insider Explains Why The Global Energy Crisis Is Going To Get Much, Much Worse

Peter Schweizer: That The New York Times Has Turned on Biden Family  is an Important Development

Biden’s doomed election plan: Downplay The Spike In Crime

Bidenflation – New orders for Goods Made In The US Plunged Twice as Much as Expected

Results From a Century-Long Experiment Eviscerate the Case for Climate Change Mandates – The fact is that the past century of warming has turned out well

Price Controls Always Backfire And Today Is No Different – Inflation is painful, but tackling it with terrible policy just adds insult to injury

Warner Media Knew About The Jeff Zucker-Allison Gollust Affair For FIVE MONTHS Before Suddenly Demanding The CNN Boss Resign

When Artists Become the Censors – The new moral majority comes for Joe Rogan

Spotify CEO defends their Joe Rogan deal in a tense company town hall – Daniel Ek says Spotify is a platform for Rogan, but a publisher for Gimlet

Like California, Facebook is losing people, do you wonder why? – Get woke and go broke applies even to the big boys

The one drug that Neil Young doesn’t want anyone doing – Young along with other has-been singers are not against all drug use, they just seem to want to focus on one drug and that is ivermectin

Tucker has a message for politicians trying to censor broadcasters – Weak people are for censorship

It is possible to clean out Washington DC’s deeply corrupt Augean stables – Here is how it might be done

This Short Video of Biden Trying to Walk, as Jill Helps, Makes Trump’s Ramp Incident Look Like He’s an Olympic Athlete

Dr. Robert Malone: The US Public Health Response has been a Colossal Failure As US Deaths keep piling up…

17-Year-Old Sean Hartman Was Killed By The Pfizer Jab – Twitter Removed His Dad’s Account For Speaking The Truth

An FDA document explaining why they approved Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine was removed from the agency’s website overnight

Italy’s COVID Despotism Just Got Worse – The unvaccinated are now forbidden from entering post offices to withdraw their pension, and they are to be allowed access to supermarkets only to buy “goods of primary necessity

US commandos killed Abu Ibrahim al Hashimi al Qurayshi, the ISIS leader successor of al Baghdadi in a raid in Syria

GoFundMe freezes Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ page after it raises $10 million –  Saying it wants to ‘ensure the funds are going to the intended recipients’

The Canadian Convoy Movement Goes Global — Is The Next Stop The U.S.?

When Do the Nuremberg 2.0 Trials Begin? – Senator Johnson’s panel discussion with renowned medical professionals was loaded with bombshell after bombshell

A 21-Year-Old Greek Soccer Player Suffered A Sudden Cardiac Arrest Five Minutes Into A Game And Then Died

Did The Whole ‘New New Thang’ Bubble Just Pop? – Meta’s collapse on the back of competition, regulation, and maturity

Johns Hopkins’s Center for Health Security Event 201 – Just A Strange Coincidence or NOT?

Censor This: Science Says Mask Mandates Don’t Work – According to a September 2021 article sourced with more than 50 peer-reviewed science journals


February 2, 2022

Donald Trump: ‘We Have to End the Mandates’ – The are wrong and should be rescinded

China Is Undermining The US Through Elite Capture – The CCP has co-opted many American elites in DC, Wall Street, corporate America, and the U.S. tech sector

Biden exposes the truth about what Progressives believe when he said “the Constitution is always evolving”

Prepare to slow down: States get infrastructure cash to use for automated speed cameras

The Biden Administration Calls for Further Clamping Down on Joe Rogan: “More Can Be Done”

Jeff Zucker Is Just the First CNN Domino to Fall With More Scandals Coming – Chris Cuomo has dirt on a lot of their people and he’s spilling the beans

A TALE OF TWO CITIES: Woke Santa Monica nose dives while Culver City ascends – Their vibrant downtown area (with no bums sleeping on the sidewalk) is full of activity and young people

BLM shuts down fundraising after CA threatened to hold the leaders personally liable over its lack of financial transparency

The CDC Admits Natural Immunity Trumps Vaccine Immunity — 5 Months After Touting Vaccines as Superior

All-American Company, Hershey, Fires Unvaccinated Employees and Asks Them to Sign 9-Page Agreement to Stay Silent

The Top 10 Reasons 200 Million Americans FALSELY Believe Masks and mRNA Vaccines Will SAVE Them From Covid

These 5 Studies Reveal a Disturbing Trend — Researchers Are Presenting Conclusions That Don’t Match the Data

The FDA Grants Full Approval of Moderna’s Spikevax COVID Vaccine — Another ‘Bait-and-Switch?’

New COVID Supplement Paid Sick Leave Is Coming in California Assembly Bill 84 

2 sisters on the way to school were targeted in a brazen robbery in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles

Nancy’s Plan For The State of The Union Address – It couldn’t get any more blatant as she has put forward a plan to limit actual in-person attendance to 25 people

Rasmussen Poll: Joe Biden is now in ‘the worst president ever’ territory

The Durham Investigation of Obamagate Is Expands – He gained access to a significant number of FBI internal affairs files

New York Post Editorial Board: It’s Time to Appoint a Special Counsel on Hunter Biden

Bombshell documents reveal the Big Lie behind the Trump Ukraine driven impeachment effort

It took just over 245 years but US debt just crossed above the$30 trillion mark for the first time

ADP Says Private Sector Jobs Fell By 301,000 in January – The leisure and hospitality sector led with 154,000 lost jobs, followed by trade, transportation, and utilities that lost 62,000 workers

The U.S. Is  Moving, Some Say Too Slowly, to Address The TikTok Security Risk – The Commerce Department proposes a rule to widen restrictions on Chinese apps

The U.S. Orders 3,000 Troops to Bolster European Allies in Russia-Ukraine Crisis – American soldiers will head to Poland, Germany, and Romania in the first major movement of U.S. forces in the standoff

America First Legal: This is how parents can use the provisions of the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment to view and expose critical race theory and other controversial student curricula

A lot of Republican congress members are trying to foil MAGA candidates

The Former Washington Redskins Football Team reveals its new name – The Washington Commandos

Denmark is the first European Union nation to lift COVID restrictions and fully open

The FDA Issues A Warning on 2 Recalled COVID-19 Tests – They are made by Empowered Diagnostics and aren’t approved by the FDA, even though the tests’ labels indicate that they are

The Great COVID Cover-Ups – The so-called COVID “vaccines” are not what they’ve been presented to be and the redefinition of what “vaccines” are is only the tip of the iceberg

The COVID Narrative is Falling Apart – Because of Alarming Side Effects, Athlete Heart Attacks, Current Vaccine Negative Efficacy, And Long Lasting Natural Immunity From Omicron

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell calls for end to masking in schools and a state of emergency wind-down

New Johns Hopkins Study: “Lockdowns Have Had Little To No Public Health Effects” And “Imposed Enormous Economic and Social Costs”

A Top Fauci-Linked U.S. Government Advisor Serves On A Chinese Communist Influence Committee

Psaki confirms suspicions about their monoclonal treatment shutdown – Their latest move was designed to chastise Florida and threaten other governors who challenge the administration’s strategy on COVID-19

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re at the breaking point – In addition to the Covid mandates, on an everyday level, we are surrounded by chronic misery

Sharyl Attkisson: Cartel criminals move humans across the border into the U.S, holding them like cattle in “Stash Houses” with poor and dangerous conditions

150 Meat Trucks Stranded At US-Canada Border As The Covid Mandate Protests Continue

Lia Thomas’s swimming future is now in limbo after new USA Swimming policy is put into place

February 1, 2022

Washington Post: Biden blocked the first Black woman from going to  the Supreme Court

Pelosi and Congress Claim Sovereign Immunity in Federal Court to Keep The January 6 Videos and Emails Secret

China: Epicenter of the Supply Chain Crisis  – Concentrating dependence on China upended our economy and added risk

The British Medical Journal Story That Exposed Politicized “Fact-Checking” – Fact-checkers that flagged Paul Thacker’s British Medical Journal article on Pfizer and Facebook admitted they police narrative, and not fact

The Geography of Containing China – Someone needs to teach Biden’s handlers how to read a map

‘The Evidence Is So Damning’: Anticipation Grows as Trump Weighs in on D’Souza’s Election Fraud Movie

Build Back Burner: Revival of Biden spending bill isn’t happening – Senator Manchin says no organized conversations are going on

YouTube Censors Livestreams of Canadian Trucker Protestors By Limiting Their Viewership For Being Too “Popular” 

The Pfizer vaccine for infants and children under five: 5 facts you need to know

Justice Breyer Retirement  Is A Triumph For Dark-Money Intimidation That Has Only Escalated In Recent Years

CNN President Jeff Zucker resigning over an undisclosed relationship with a fellow executive at the company

Scott Atlas’ new book exposes those in the Trump administration that screwed the American people during the COVID crisis

The ‘Freedom Convoy’ Vows to Stay in Ottawa Until The COVID Vaccine Mandates Are Lifted

After Trucker Convoy, Change May Be Coming in Canada — Now US Governors Want Action Too

Classified State Department email declared Hunter Biden ‘undercut’ U.S. efforts in Ukraine – Memo conflicts with Democrats’ official narrative that the president’s son had no impact on U.S. anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine

Leaked WH notes from a meeting the day before Kabul fell show how unprepared the Biden administration was to evacuate Afghan nationals who had helped the US in its 20-year war against the Taliban

Joe Rogan Up Against ‘Powerful Interests,’ as More Musicians Threaten to Remove Music From Spotify –

Shadowy Far-Left Groups Work Behind the Scenes to Silence Joe Rogan – Evidence emerges that the Rockefeller Foundation and Media Matters are pulling the strings

The Biden administration was slammed by Republicans for refusing to deport illegal immigrants who are convicted felons

The California Department of Justice threatens to hold BLM’s leaders personally liable over missing financial records

Is Governor Newsom’s Closure of San Quentin Abuse of Executive Authority? – This is just another example of Governor Newsom acting as a one-man legislature

Fat, Bearded Gentlemen Do Not Give Birth to Babies – If you thought that was obvious to most people, these pregnant man emojis will make you think again

Elon Musk’s teen tormentor is now exposing private jet movements of other billionaires after refusing his offer of $5k to quit

If you need proof Biden isn’t in charge of his administration, here it is – A mere 32 seconds’ worth of video depicting the end of Biden’s address to the nation’s governors proves that he is not in charge of his presidency

‘The MAGA Movement Is Here to Stay’: Donald Trump Has Already Raised A Whopping $122 Million

Russia And A New World Order – Putin Understands What Many In Washington, D.C., Refuse To, The Future Is Multipolar

FBI Director Christopher Wray: Threats From China ‘More Brazen, More Damaging’ Than Ever Before – “They identify key technologies to target,” then they throw every tool in their arsenal at stealing the technology to succeed in those areas.”

WSJ: Consumer Pessimism Grows as Inflation Accelerates – U.S. consumer spending is now being tested by Omicron’s persistence, waning fiscal stimulus, inflation, and stock-market volatility

The Biden Administration’s Home COVID Test Kits Were Funded By Blacklisted A Chinese Company Praised For ‘Obeying’ Communist Officials – Their choice of COVID test kits raises more alarms about Beijing’s influence over the White House

It’s Time for America to Leave NATO and for Europe to Resolve Their Internal Disputes – The U.S. needs to focus on the home front and the global hegemony Communist China is determined to achieve

Ilya Shapiro Is Placed on Administrative Leave For His Comment Regarding The Next SCOTUS Pick – Apologizing for the phrasing was not enough

Are the Gulf States finally getting fed up with the ungrateful Palestinians? – Something few Americans understand is that although they have supported them over the years, the Arab nations despise the Palestinians

This Is Not America, Part II – Today we see a nation sliding away from the ideals and convictions that set us apart

Corey Diggs: 2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training for PreK-Adults Already Global with Billions in Funding for Full Control – Part 6: Private Sector Funders

Biden Picks The US Attorney Nominee to Replace John Durham

Soros Backed District San Francisco Attorney Chesa Boudin Is Responsible for a 344% Increase in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes – This is what happens when you don’t prosecute criminals and you lie about crime

Welcome To The United States Of Mayorkas – The Biden plan is to let in as many illegal aliens as possible and it’s working

What’s in a Schools Rating? – Two studies examine the information available to parents about public schools—and supply more questions than answers

The Transgender Movement is A Modern-Day Castration Cult – As a psychologist, I have become deeply antagonistic towards people that have targeted children for chemical and physical mutilation

Each year, The World Economic Forum (WEF) puts together its Global Risks Report – Which Global Risks Have Worsened During The Pandemic?

COVID Vaccines Cause ‘Irreparable’ Damage to Kids’ Brains, Heart, Other Organs – COVID vaccines provide no benefit to young children but they do pose many, and sometimes serious, health risks – Video included

The Lancet surrenders and declares the COVID pandemic is almost over – The omicron variant is far more contagious and far milder than previous variants, which is what happens when epidemics start to die down

Fauci Knew About The  Virus Lab Origin From Secret Teleconference And Still Pushed An Alternate Narrative

Journalists and other Democrats are thoroughly confused about who spreads misinformation about COVID – Here are some important facts we don’t see for some reason or another

The Revolt Begins: The Canadian Trucker Caravan Is Just The Start – America needs to reconnect with reality, and you can be sure that the process will be uncomfortable

A Freedom Convoy to drive from CA to DC to protest vax mandates is organizing – “Convoy To DC” has already garnered 103.9K followers, up from 67,000 on Sunday

It seems that Ivermectin is an effective COVID treatment – The left’s dismissal of all early treatments in favor of vaccines will go down as the greatest slaughter of Americans since the Civil War


Democrats trapped in their COVID hypocrisy theater – It’s not surprising that Newson and other Democratic royalty in attendance at the NFC championship game were all photographed not wearing masks

Profits Over People – Pfizer Pushes FDA to Approve Covid Vaccines for Children Under 5 Years Old

Reuters Blows Up The Media with a New Report on Ivermectin – Its ‘Anti-Viral Properties’ are Nothing New

JD Rucker: Big Pharma Profits Are Just Smokescreens Hiding the Real Covid-19 Scheme – People aren’t getting jabbed now because they fear Covid-19, but because it saves them from various levels of hardship

The Race Is On for an Omicron Jab – The definition of what it means to be “fully vaccinated” against COVID keeps shifting with the rollout of additional boosters

Networks like OAN should not be censored – DirecTV attributes the decision to a “routine internal review,” but it’s safe to assume that political activity is mainly responsible

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