False Flag Operation? You Be The Judge!

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but something I accidentally came across is pretty compelling. It could be totally false and made-up, but there is so much propaganda out there these days it is difficult to know what the truth is.

In the Slowed Down and Stop Motion video below you can consider with your own eyes whether that the Capital Police Officer swings his gun in a different direction just before firing at Ashli Babbit.

The Capitol Police Officer’s Gun appears to be a Glock .45 caliber which uses a big bullet with a lot of force behind it.

It was widely reported that Ashli Babbit was shot once in the NECK yet there is NOT a lot of blood on the Neck area. Being shot with a .45 caliber at close range in the Neck is going to be VERY MESSY with lots and lots of Blood, spraying and gushing. But the video shows very little Blood. Like a couple of small blood packets or blood capsules.

Now carefully look at the GUN and look at the Shooter. The Shooter points the gun at her, BUT then swings the gun away, facing straight down the hallway just before he fires it. The gun was never pointed UP towards her head and neck.

The shooter fires one shot. Ashli then gently falls backward landing on her padded backpack. Being shot a close range with a .45 cal would cause more reaction than letting go of the window frame and falling backward

The shooter is a Capitol Police Officer wearing gloves. WHY DID HE LEAVE THE SCENE? A police officer involved in a shooting DOES NOT leave the scene.

How about Ashli Climbing climbing through a broken window into the halls of Congress with many Police Officers behind her YET, NOT ONE TRYS TO STOP HER?

Ashli is Shot and these police officers immediately take control yet NOT ONE removes any clothing, Not one attempts to assess the wound, No tracheotomy, and No CPR is given.

What these policemen do though is yell “Get Back” even when a “citizen medic” offers help.

Where is the Crime Scene? When someone gets shot and dies, that’s a Crime Scene.

And how about the guy in the black coat. He was conveniently BLOCKING the Staircase Pillar/Banister when Ashli fell backward. That’s convenient because this Pillar is made of Marble and Ashli could have hit her head. But after the man in the Black Coats blocks Ashli’s fall, he disappears.

Again, where is all the Blood? If you are shot in the neck with a .45, you are going to bleed A LOT.

Take the time to watch the video a few times, and focus on different key people.

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