December 2021 Conservative Article Reference List

Below are links to primarily Conservative, Libertarian-leaning articles and/or blog posts that I have found to be enlightening with all that is going on in America and the World right now. Scan the list and read what catches your eye or for some, just reading the headlines will provide enough insight.

If you take the time to read some of them it should open your eyes to the reality of the #DeepState and those promoting the #NewWorldOrder as well as consistent #MediaBias, and ongoing #FakeNews gaslighting along with the relentless attack on American values by Liberals and the #Progressive Left.

Think of the process of becoming better informed as if you are working on a large puzzle. As you read more and more about what is going on, things begin to fall into place and you finally see the big picture, hopefully.

(Additionally, I occasionally link to articles that may not be newsworthy but are so stupid and/or outrageous that people should know about them.)

Article links added since the previous update are underlined.

New links may be added after the first update of the day.

December 31, 2021

Big Tech’s Worst Hits of 2021 – 2021 was a pretty terrible year for Big Tech. That’s why people are breaking away

Betty White, May She Rest In Peace – She loved not just animals but people – She was the best

After Meeting With Biden, India’s Modi Covered Up The Results Of Uttar Pradesh’s Miracle Covid Treatment

US President Joe Biden talks sanctions and Vladimir Putin warns of rupture over Ukraine

Donald Trump’s Case Reaches SCOTUS – Trump requested that they block the Jan. 6 committee from getting National Archive documents

136 House Reps and 47 Senators file a brief to Supreme Court urging them to REJECT Biden’s Mandates

Who Won in Afghanistan? Private Contractors – The U.S. military spent $14 trillion during two decades of war

National Review’s Biggest Stories of the Year – That Includes, What ‘Equity’ Means, Really

POWERLINE”S 2021’S MAN OF THE YEAR – Ron DeSantis, a model of rational governance that made Florida a famously well-governed state

A Salem Oregon Business Owner Was Ordered to Remove An American Flag Mural on His Private Property

Male & Female Athletic Performance Are Worlds Apart – Due to the biology of sexual reproduction and evolutionary pressure on reproductive fitness

Over 95% of Omicron Cases are in Vaccinated People – New data from Germany appears to undermine vaccine urgency

mRNA Inventor, Dr. Robert Malone, Drops BOMBSHELLS During Joe Rogan Interview – Says Federal Government is “Lawless” and Actively “Violating the Nuremberg Code”

COVID Testing Has Become Ridiculous & Counterproductive – Omicron is indistinguishable from the common cold

Young Men More Likely to Get Heart Inflammation After Pfizer’s Booster Than COVID-19

Biden’s China: Freedom Faces Complete Collapse as Police Begin Making Arrests in Hong Kong

RFK Jr.’s Publisher Obliterates The Gaslighting and False Logic Driving Censorship of the Book Exposing Anthony Fauci

The CDC Is Sued By the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) for Withholding Post-Licensure V-safe Data on COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 in 10 sentences – A summary of events that have brought us where we are in the COVID-19 saga

COVID testing has become ridiculous and even counterproductive – The Omicron version of COVID is so mild that it’s indistinguishable from a cold

The CDC Now Treats Those Unvaccinated The Same As Un-Boosted, Just As Florida Governor DeSantis Predicted

The Un-Vaxxed May Soon Be Shipped to Quarantine Camps – In Australia, medical incarceration is already underway

Ted Cruz Accuses Fauci of Playing Politics After Recent Comment About Hospitalized Children With vs. Because of Covid

2022 Covid Hoax – Hoaxers are wrapping up 2021 by massive testing campaigns creating record positive case counts

Forbes Publishes A List of Elite Athletes Who Won’t Say Whether They’ve Had a COVID Vaccine Or Not

Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance and China Are Partners in a New Wuhan Lab, EcoHealth Hunt for ‘Recombinant’ Rodent Coronaviruses

The stench of corruption: Nancy Pelosi buys Big Tech call options – She’s amassed a reported $120 million fortune on a $223,500 annual congressional salary

Abortion Is The Leading Global Cause of Death in 2021  – 43 Million Baby’s Were Killed

December 30, 2021

Renewables’ Reckoning Is Long Overdue – They are so intermittent & unreliable they must be legislated and subsidized

‘Cruising To Re-Election’: GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene Has A Huge Lead Into The Midterm Primary

As 2021 Closes Decked In Democrat Disasters, Nancy Pelosi Clings To January 6

Pelosi Just Can’t Quit January 6 – Her Stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome affliction has raged for at least five years

The Video Message That Resulted In Dr. Robert Malone Being Banned From Twitter – His alarming warning about vaccinating children

Why Not COVID Antibodies or Previous Infection? – Why are liberals immune to medical and scientific evidence that’s staring them in the face?

Furious Medical Director Says Biden People’s Use of ‘Faulty’ Data To Halt Antibody Treatments Will ‘Definitely’ Cost Lives

Censorship From Left is on the Rise – A vaccine doctor, Thomas Paine, and an investigative reporter silenced

The Biden Administration Begins Building Infrastructure For A Permanent Pandemic With A $137 Million Deal For A Test Strip Facility

96% Of Germans With Omicron Were ‘Fully Vaccinated,’ 28% Triple Vaxxed and Only 4% Un-vaxxed, Government Says

Biden’s Department of Justice Asks The Supreme Court to Hear The ‘Remain in Mexico’ Case

Five Quick Things: Bloody, Beaten, and Staggering Toward 2022 – #1, Being Joe Biden’s brain goes to Ron Klain’s head

Democrats Have Reportedly Given Up Their Dream of an ‘Insane’ Unrealized Capital Gains Tax on The Ultra-Wealthy

The New Public School Orthodoxy  – A three-pronged revolution in public education threatens society as we know it

Ghislaine Maxwell’s little black book was sealed by the court

The CDC Recommends Against Cruise Travel as COVID-19 Cases Increase

China, Russia, and the Geopolitics of Space – Russia and China’s coziness is yet another way for the U.S. to lose the current cold war

CHINA’S STAR WARS THREATENED BY. LON MUSK? – They supposedly threaten the safety of China’s space station

China Clamps Down on Hong Kong – With a new national security law giving authorities power to deal with acts of secession, subversion, terrorism, or collusion with foreign or external forces

Top Mitch McConnell Staffer Leads Pfizer’s Lobbying Charge to Protect Vaccine Patent and Block A Bill Holding Big Pharma Accountable for Fraud

2021: 1.9M Migrants Were Apprehended Along Southwest Border and 500,000 of them ‘Got Away’

From ‘MAGA’ to ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ in 12 Miserable Months – Joe Brandon’s exceptional year, the first of many to come

The 2022 Reckoning – In the sense of a settling of accounts

On Women’s Sports – Don’t be bullied into silence by transgender ideologues

Continuing Jobless Claims Are Now Below Pre-COVID-Lockdown Levels

The Right’s War Over Freedom – Disagreement about what CRT even means provides an opportunity to reclaim non-liberal truths

The Migration of Public Schools into Propaganda Camps –  And the problem is only getting worse

Thanks To Omicron, Price Increases In 2022 Will Be More Painful Than Anything We Have Experienced Before

The real efficacy rates of the COVID vaccines – Evidence shows the vaccines are NOT as good as advertised

The CDC Director Admits COVID Restrictions Based On What Government “Thought People Would Be Able To Tolerate”

COVID treatment protocols and the death of ‘trust your doctor’ – It appears that mistrust of the CDC, FDA, NIH, and even hospitals and physician groups for incessantly pushing a vaccine is growing

Why Is The FDA Partly Funded By The Companies It Regulates?

Minnesota Doctor Harassed By Medical Board – Requesting Files Of Patients He Prescribed Ivermectin

Twitter Suspends mRNA Inventor Dr. Robert Malone – After months of providing valuable Covid-19 information that runs counter to the official narrative

The Absurdity Continues – A Covid Test For All Seasons

A New San Francisco Order Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters For Workers in ‘High Risk’ Settings

California’s AB 672 Enables Public Golf Courses to be Converted to Affordable Housing Complexes

CONFIRMED: Sexual Misconduct Charges Against Cuomo Are Credible, But The District Attorney Refuses to Prosecute

December 29, 2021

Cuba Signs ‘Belt and Road’ Agreement With China – This has saddled many participating countries with heavy debt loads

China Is Hoarding Strategic Commodities, Many Supplied by the US – From chips and minerals to grains and cotton

No wonder why people and businesses are dumping California – The Cato Institute ranked California 48th out of the 50 states in personal and economic freedom

Ghislaine Maxwell for girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein found guilty on five of six counts in sex trafficking case

After Maxwell’s sex trafficking conviction, Who’s next?  – A modeling executive’s trial in France may be the next chapter

The FBI Informant Who Helped Stage The Phony Kidnapping Plot of Michigan Governor Whitmer is Charged with Fraud

Recent Statements Made By Donald Trump on December 29th – 45th President of the USA

Beware Pfizer’s New Covid Treatment Pill Paxlovid – Does the public want to take an HIV/AIDS drug?

Just like that the CDC Abandons the PCR Test – The test can not differentiate between the flu and COVID virus

Because Of Lockdowns, Business and School Closures, and Mandates Nearly 400K Californians Leave The State

The FL Surgeon General Accuses Biden Administration of ‘Actively Preventing’ An Important Covid-19 Treatment – U.S. HHS made a dramatic reduction in the number of monoclonal antibodies be allocated to the State

Aaron Rodgers Bombshell: The NFL is secretly administering ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine – Along with monoclonal antibodies, zinc, vitamins C and D

Indications Are The Chinese military has serious problems – Members of the upper classes don’t earn their military commissions, they buy them

China’s Taiwan Threats: Lessons Learned From President Eisenhower – His strategic clarity is woefully missing today

Do Democrats Want to Build Back Better, or Do They Want a Coup Via The Expansion of Government, Including Its Policing Powers?

Facebook’s Pushback: Stem the Leaks, Spin the Politics, Don’t Say Sorry – CEO Zuckerberg drove the response to disclosures about the company’s influence; sending deputies to testify in Congress

Woke school boards have Republicans pushing for party labels in future elections

Victor Davis Hanson Explains How Environmental Regulations Have ‘Killed’ Farming in California

China’s Soaring Production Costs Impact Global Inflation Pressures – Price Hikes on Chinese Exports Adds to US Inflation

What To Expect In 2022 – More growth along with much more inflation and much higher interest rates

Experts: The Falling Gas Price Trend Has Likely Bottomed – Drivers Should Brace for Continued Pain at the Pump

Understanding Election Shenanigans And The Legislative Mess We Are In

CNN Lost ANOTHER 38% Of Viewers in 2021 – Barely anyone left watching the pedophilia scandal-hit network

Bait and Switch: There remains no FDA approved COVID vaccine in the United States – Pfizer is using children as legal human shields to get full authorization

The World Council for Health Calls for an Immediate Stop to the Covid-19 Experimental “Vaccines”

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Reinstates COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate – For facilities in half of US states where the mandate isn’t judicially enjoined

Big Pharma’s War on Scientists to Mandate Jabs for Life – The emails between Fauci and Collins are the smoking gun

The Two COVID Mandate Questions Before SCOTUS – One involving OSHA and the one for health care workers (CMS)

Dr. Peter McCullough Conducts Grand Rounds on COVID 19 – A brilliant man expounds on a subject he has devoted himself to for an intense, almost two years

It’s Madness What Is Happening to College Kids – The outrageous, crushing restrictions being imposed on them

The CDC Estimates 58.6 Percent of US Cases Are Omicron – Significantly Downgrades Earlier Projection

A Vaccine Mandate for Domestic Flights Is Not Being Considered – Says CDC Director After Fauci’s Proposal

Fauci’s Retirement Package Will Be Largest In Federal Government History – Golden Parachute Of $350,000+ Per Year

Report: NIH Under Investigation for Purchasing $1.2M in Beagles for ‘Cruel Experiments’

Pictures: Lake Tahoe’s massive snowfall shatters a 51-year-old record

Newsom’s Revenge – Kevin Kiley removed as Vice-Chair of the Education Committee in retaliation for fighting back against California’s corrupt school policies

December 28, 2021

The Trump Economic Record Looks Better Every Day – He reduced taxes, slashed regulation, massively increased domestic energy production, and overhauled trade deals to get tough with China

Mexico Freed a Suspected Yemeni Terrorist Migrant and Left Americans to Find Him –  Suggests a breakdown in cross-border coordination amid overwhelming mass-migration crisis

While You Say Adios To California, Your New State Wants You to Leave Your Bad Liberal Ways and Policies Behind

What Do They Know?  – China Has Hoarded Over Half of the World’s Grains in the Last Two Years to Prepare for ‘Famine’

Dr. Fauci Threatens Americans with Latest Covid Mandate Under Consideration in Biden White House

A Border Patrol official’s tweet on the capture of ‘potential terrorist’ deleted – The tweet said the migrant was ‘linked to several Yemeni subjects of interest’

Biden’s First Year: Illegal Immigration to U.S. Outpaces Populations of Major American Cities

House Democrats Flock to the Exits Leading into Election Year — With Potentially More on the Way

UK Professor of Medicine: COVID-19 Will Become ‘Just Another Cause of Common Cold’

Schools are Vaccinating Children without Parents’ Consent — Here is the Dirty Trick They are Using to Jab Kids

Doctors Bhakdi and Burkhardt: Pathology results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine

South Africa Study – An Omicron infection appears to protect against Covid delta variant and could displace it

Research: Why The COVID Gene-Based Vaccines Cannot Protect You against Infection

CBS Caught Deleting Footage After Their Reporter Highlights Details About Pandemic Impact On School-Age Children

It Used To Be About Race and Ethnicity – Now, Segregation is all about Medical Status and Fealty To The State

The FAA Vaccine Policy Violates Its Own Rules – According to a group of attorneys, doctors, and other experts

Rasmussen Reports Survey: Most Americans Don’t Trust Teachers and Schools With Shaping Children’s Gender Identity

Gallup Poll: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Polls at Bottom of DC Political Figures List


Why Global Warming Goons Sell Fake Science – These prophecies of doom come from human self-interest

Will Nuclear Fusion Ever Power the World? – The running joke is that it’s 50 years away, but now we’re getting close

REPORT: The U.S. Government Chartered Christmas ‘Ghost Flights’ to Carry Illegal Migrants into Pennsylvania

BIDEN ON COVID: IT’S NOT MY JOB – “Look, there is no federal solution, This gets solved at a state level”

The White House tries to walk back Biden’s admission that there ‘is no federal solution’ to COVID-19

China gave us Covid, took no responsibility for it and the world shrugged it off – Due to money and fear of kinetic action

When Will the Rest of the World Call Out China’s Insanely Implausible Covid-19 Statistics?

A Reading List on China – An indispensable collection to help understand the long march China has embarked on

China’s disastrous one-child policy is finally starting to kick in – What really has the Communist elites worried is the growing number of professional women who aren’t interested in getting married at all

Florida Governor DeSantis takes action against communist China and ‘woke corporations’

Nuclear Scientists Sound an Alarm on Lab Vaccine Mandates – ‘Pandemic Politics Fallout Will Be Felt for Months to Come’

Bolt From The Blue: Nearly a MILLION Americans Left Democrat States to the Safer, Less COVID-Panicked South

The House of Representatives Votes to Eradicate Blasphemy Against Islam – H.R. 5665 makes law respecting Islam and reducing the US government into a tool of the world’s ayatollahs

A US Warship Is Stuck Overseas as The Navy Tries to Halt A COVID Outbreak Among The Fully Vaccinated Crew

If You Think The Build Back Better Bill Is Dead, Don’t Bet On It – Remember what happened with Obamacare

Republicans demand Speaker Pelosi reopen the Capitol – The US Capitol and congressional office buildings have been closed to the general public for over a year and a half

Dov Fischer: My Fourth Annual Year-End Review (Part 1 of 2) – The year 2021 in a nutshell with lots of nuts out of their shells

Sharyl Attkisson needs your help to nail the federal government for spying on her computer

Japan Puts Warnings on COVID Vaccinations! – Japan is also taking strict measures to monitor and report all side effects

The CDC Says It Overestimated The Spread Of Omicron By More Than 200%

A recent study suggests omicron boosts immunity against reinfection from delta variant

Experts are dubious of fourth COVID-19 booster dose effectiveness as Israeli hospital launches tests

Disgraced Fauci-Funded Researcher Peter Daszak Reemerges to Insist ‘No Cover-Up’ From The CCP,

Reality is impinging upon the Democrats’ carefully constructed COVID tyranny – Trump said from the beginning that his role as president was to support the states

A Brand New Study Suggests The Omicron Variant Will Mean the End of Covid as We Know It – Omicron has been described as “generally mild,” and comparable to the Common Cold

How the Endless Covid Boosters Will Destroy Immune Function – A third COVID injection will only perpetuate mutation

Nuremberg Code International Criminal Court Filing – Related To The Covid Vaccines & Related Matters

Pandemic 2022: The Bird Flu – What will grant permanent tyrannical power to the elected and unelected elites?

The New COVID Antiviral Pills From Pfizer and Merck Cause Life-Threatening Reactions With Many Common Meds

The Latest Study Shows Booster Protection Against Omicron Drops 25% After Just 10 Weeks

Kamala Harris celebrates Kwanzaa – Fake recollections of a fake holiday

Judge Rules: The New York Times Must Destroy or Return Materials Prepared By A Lawyer For Project Veritas

What’s your answer to the ‘This Is America, speak English’ Question? – I work to improve my English so others can understand me better

December 27, 2021

Brownstone Institute: Facemasks Are Not a Mere “Inconvenience” – To many people, it is something that is enormously stressful and evokes inordinately powerful negative emotions

Quercetin Fights COVID Like Hydroxychloroquine, yet Easier to Find

A Secret Service report of $100 Billion theft of pandemic relief funds has been covered up by the White House

BRUTAL: 67% of US Voters Believe the Nation Is Headed in the Wrong Path Under Joe Biden and his Administration

NASA Hires Priests as It Appears they are Expecting ‘The’ Big Discovery – To help understand how humans might react when and if intelligent life exists on other planets

You Bastards! –  A farewell message for the Leftist zealots destroying our cities, and voters who keep them in power

The Latest Research Puts the Final Nail in the Coffin for Deniers of ‘Natural Immunity’ Gained From Covid Recover

US Daily COVID-19 Cases Surpass Delta Surge – Hospitalizations Are Lower Due To Milder Symptoms

n95 Masks Don’t Stop Covid Either – Just more pandemic cosplay used to cover for the obvious failure of mask policy

Oracle Supercomputer Simulations – The COVID-19 Virus Is ‘Highly Adapted’ for Human (Not Bat or Pangolin) Infection

Fauci: A Vaccine Mandate for Domestic Air Travel “Would Be Welcome”

Dr. Fauci Article Reveals His Real Agenda – ‘Radical Unrealistic Changes’ That ‘May Take Decades to Achieve’

Is the Legal Bill Coming Due Over California’s Nursing Home COVID Policy Related Deaths?

The Endgame of Transgender Ideology Is to Dismantle the Family – The stage is being set for the legal marginalization of mothers, fathers, and families by force of law

Airlines cancel 2,000 more flights as travel nightmare continues – Due to a combination of weather issues and an increase in COVID-19 cases

Joe Biden, Marionette – Nobody has ever accused Trump of not knowing, good or bad, what people are saying about him

Top 10 Psaki-press showdowns of 2021

These Food Items Are Getting More Costly in 2022 – Kraft Heinz expects to raise prices across many of its products, with some items going up as much as 20%

It’s Time For Black Americans To Embrace A Post-Racial America – This is the least racist period in the history of our country

What ‘Diplomatic Boycott’? China Says U.S. Officials Applied for Visas to Genocide Olympics – A “diplomatic boycott” is not a boycott, as politicians do not play in Olympic sports or participate in events

CDC Admits That the Covid Pandemic Was the Product of Inappropriate PCR Testing

Biden tells governors there is ‘no federal solution on COVID

The Vaccine Mandates Caused a Healthcare Worker Shortage and Now the CDC is Panicking

Vax Passports and Personal QR Codes – The Panzer Tank of the COVID-19 Blitzkrieg

MN Puts White’s at the Back of the Queue For Life-Saving COVID-19 Treatment  – System prioritizes people of color

Peter Schiff: There Is No Ceiling On Inflation – They’ve depleted their savings war-chest so are having to go into debt

13 Happenings In 2021 That I Never Would Have Believed 5 Years Ago – #1. Men As Women

Fauci: ‘Masks Forever’ On Airplanes – Apparently getting triple vaxxed – or perhaps a coming fourth jab isn’t enough

Fauci’s authoritarian impulse is on display about vaccines and masks for flying – The air in airplanes is so clean it’s virtually impossible to catch COVID while flying

I&I/TIPP Poll: Who Are The Real COVID Extremists? – Liberals, Clearly!

2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training for PreK-Adults Already Global with Billions in Funding for Full Control – Part 4 –  WEF Vision for Global Education System

December 26, 2021

Shock! The New Zealand government provides doctors a bonus to euthanize ‘severely hospitalized’ COVID patients

CAN FEMINISM DESTROY CHINA? – What really has the Communist elites worried about is the growing number of professional women who aren’t interested in getting married at all

China developed an AI ‘prosecutor’ that can identify ‘dissent’ and press charges for common crimes ‘with 97% accuracy’  –  – The system can press charges for Shanghai’s eight most common crimes

The Top 10 Ways the Biden Regime HOODWINKED Americans’ Safety, Health, and Livelihoods in 2021

The 10 state races that will decide the Senate majority

Here’s how much energy prices jumped in 2021

Supply Chain Predictions for 2022 – A Mixed-Bag of Consumer Spending, Port Management, and Omicron

Iconic athletes oppose letting transgender swimmer Lia Thomas compete against women

United Pilots Laid Off Due to Vaccine Mandate Say They Could Have Prevented Holiday Flight Disruptions

Analysis Of Football Injury Data From 2015-2021 – Are Heart-Related Injuries More Frequent In The Year 2021?

The Nations Mask Mandates and Lockdown Policies and Mask Mandates Linked With Lower IQ in Children

Fauci Admits VAXX Mandates Are About Control, Not Healthcare

The CDC Contingency Plan to Prevent Healthcare Worker Shortage Over Possible COVID-19 Surge – Due to the high transmissibility of the Omicron variant

The Friendly Skies are Long Gone and Face Mask Mandates Are to Blame for Massive Spike of Violent Incidents

A Horrific Note Left on Homework by Accused Michigan School Shooter Is Revealed – It is ‘Not a Case of Hindsight’

Women Inmates Seek Help as Law Allows ‘Trans Women’ to Share Spaces in California Prisons

China is in deep trouble – Xi Jinping’s crackdown on almost everything in China may be a sign of insecurity or tremendous fear of their monied business sector

Here’s how much energy prices rose in 2021 – The prices of oil, gas, and other fuels are embedded in the cost of everything, from the manufacturing and moving of products to generating electricity

Good Luck, Former Colonel, Now Mr. Scheller – The USMC is down one warrior and keeps the capons at the top

The Real Reason They Want to Give Covid Jabs to Kids – Once a vaccine is added to the childhood schedule, the vaccine maker is shielded from financial liability for injuries

When Does COVID Stop Being COVID? – As the 2011 movie Contagion subtitle says, “Nothing Spreads Like Fear”

The Covid fear factory is trembling – Because of the news coming out of S. Africa and the U.K. about the Omicron variant

What do the UK Vaccine Surveillance Reports tell us? – It’s time to stop the vaccination mandate and all the nonsense about a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated”

A new poll shows Americans think Biden has done a lousy job of fighting COVID

Six Political Predictions For 2022 That Are Pretty Likely To Occur

Report: New Symptom for Omicron Variant Emerges – Loss Of Appetite

December 25, 2021

Dr. Joseph Mercola: Licorice Inhibits Replication of Coronavirus

United employees granted vax exemptions put on unpaid leave, can’t work elsewhere, activists claim

Sharyl Attkisson: UPDATED Summary of Covid-19 Vaccine Concerns – Danish study again confirming serious heart inflammation risk from vaccination

New York Times Editor Carlos Tejada, 49, Dies of Heart Attack a Day After Getting His Covid Booster Shot

THREE Professional Soccer Players Died From Heart Attacks in FIVE DAYS

Omicron: Haven’t We Been Here Before?  – No one knows when this all ends but the virus is running out of people to infect

LGBTQIA+ Is Not My Cause Célèbre, OK? – Not every cause is our cause and no one should be imposing it on us, just as we don’t impose our causes on them

Heavy Blue Toll: Law enforcement “Line of Duty” deaths hit a record high in 2021

USA Swimming Official Quits Over Transgender Swimmer Competing Against Women

The Marines Have Now Booted 169 For Vaccine Refusal – All Religious Exemptions Denied

The Biden Admin Rejected An October Proposal For “Free Rapid Tests For The Holidays”

Report: Canada secretly tracked 33 million phones during COVID-19 lockdown

Maskless COVID Cultist Oprah Winfrey and Family Celebrate Christmas Feast In Mansion Alongside Masked Servants

Christmas Comes Early For 1 In 5 American Families That Open Presents On Christmas Eve

A New York Judge Orders New York Times To Remove Story On Project Veritas Based On Confidential Memos

Exclusive Photos: Smugglers Move Migrants into Texas on Christmas Eve

Six social networks to keep an eye on in 2022 – FB and Twitter dominate but an increasingly vocal minority has begun offering alternatives

The James Webb Space Telescope launches into space on Christmas – Providing a chance to learn more about the formation of the universe, stars, and planets

Five Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic Strengthened Authoritarianism Worldwide

Los Angeles And San Francisco Prove COVID Protocols Don’t Prevent COVID!

The Final Straw – The COVID Omicron variant has destroyed any vestige of public credibility in the Democrat party

There Are No Supply Issues With Ivermectin – According To Pharmaceutical Supplying The PRINCIPLE Oxford Trial

Keep This Story About 100% “Fully Vaccinated” USS Milwaukee in Your Back Pocket When Talking to Vaxx-Nannies

Common sense from South Africa on COVID – There’s an end in sight to COVID, you’re free to move on with your lives

COVID Passport Microchip?  – A Swedish Tech Start-Up Sees Another Conspiracy Theory Become Fact


December 24, 2021

Autism Has Soared 28x Since the 1960s, but Why? – Improved diagnosis alone cannot explain this trend

The Florida Surgeon General Promotes Nutraceuticals for COVID-19 – Such as optimizing your vitamin D, staying active, eating nutrient-dense foods, and boosting your immune system with supplements

Census: 1% of California’s Population Moved Out of the State in 2021

Gingrich: Biden won’t run in 2024 – The rumor is Clinton will try again as Kamala Harris appears even “weaker than Biden

Why the Left Doesn’t Like Christmas – “Holly, jolly” is not a left-wing term

The WH’s bizarre singing nurses – Ignore the amateurish performance and Jill Biden’s frozen smile. Focus on the racism

Is There No Longer Room in America for the Christ Child –  Previously it wouldn’t dawn on someone to ask such a question

The NBC Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas Special From Years Past Provides A Lesson On Individualism

Joe Biden says ‘Let’s go, Brandon, I agree’ during Christmas call with kids and parents

The Young Father Who Got Joe Biden To Say “Let’s Go, Brandon!” Posted His Own Video Online Following the Call

‘Biden Seems Confused’: CNN Openly Questions President’s Cognitive Health After Yet Another Slip-Up

Democrats are worried that the wave of House retirements hasn’t peaked yet

How Mild is Omicron, Actually?  – And how effectively are the vaccines holding up against it?

75 Studies & Articles Against COVID-19 School Closures – The existing body of evidence from March 2020 to the present shows that children (particularly young children) are at very low risk of acquiring SARS-CoV-2

Unvaccinated D.C. firefighters are working overtime on Christmas to cover for those vaccinated that have COVID

NIH: Check Out Wikipedia to See Why Great Barrington Declaration is ‘Dangerous’ – The declaration says Covid lockdowns  produce negative short-term and long-term effects on public health

US Navy Warship Pauses Deployment After COVID-19 Outbreak Among ‘100 Percent Immunized’ Crew

‘Mitre Corp’ Rolls Out ‘Vaccine Credential Initiative’ With CCP Affiliated Partners – A plethora of major national and international companies are teaming up to normalize digital health passports, hinting at a requirement for future travel

A New Vaccine Study Suggests mRNA Vaccines Increase The Probability of Being Infected With Omicron After 90 Days

Canadian Vaccine Authorities Put Yellow Patches on Your Jacket as You Load into Trains – Please tell me you can see the problem here

Hundreds of Flights Canceled on Christmas Eve Due to The Omicron Surge And Inclement Weather

The Truth About Biden’s Dancing Nurses Is the Darkest Story You’ll Hear This Christmas

The US Navy Intercepts Huge Cache Of Arms From Iran Near Yemen On A “Stateless Ship”

Christmas without Rush Limbaugh – He was truly one of a kind. God Bless You, Rush!

The Biden White House Christmas Special Receives Massive Mocking – These ‘Freaking Weirdos’ ‘Are Out of Touch’

The Chines Communist Party Issues More Restrictions to Prohibit Religious Activities During Christmas

Amazon Deleted Reviews Critical Of A Chinese Communist Party Book

The five Senate seats most likely to change parties in 2022 – Republicans are cautiously optimistic to recapture the Senate

A Lawsuit Reveals Fulton County 2020 Absentee Ballot Results Were Physically Impossible and Files Were Modified

The Wisconsin Purchase – How Mark Zuckerberg and the Center for Technology & Civic Life turned Wisconsin blue in 2020

The fightback against wokeness has begun – The classroom will be the key battleground in the 21st-century culture wars

The Biden Admin Sparks Uproar with Plan to Rip Emergency Aid from Rural Areas and Funnel It Toward Big Cities

12 Governments That Are Limiting Christmas Festivities over Coronavirus … Again

The Pandemic Is Over…PLEASE Tell The Democrats – People in charge are more concerned with clicks, tweets, and poll numbers than making sound decisions

Weapons Against Covid Need a Presidential Boost – The Biden administration should make promising anti-viral medications widely available to as many Americans as possible

mRNA Vaccine Inventor Issues Warning To Parents – Do Not Give Children ‘Unproven Vaccines’ That May Permanently Damage Organs, Reproductive System, and Immunity

The UK Does Not Advise “Vaccines” for 5-11 Year Children – While the US Starts to MANDATE Them

Doctors Trying To Bring You The Truth On Covid

This Will Surely Ruin Anthony Fauci’s Xmas – A few things that will infuriate the world’s foremost authoritarian on COVID

We Can’t Stop the Spread of COVID, but We Can End the Pandemic – As normal society resumes, the vast majority will find that living with the virus is not so hard after all

The Official Los Angeles Chapter of Black Lives Matter Conducts A “Smash and Grab” Event As Crime Overtakes City

Commonwealth Court Rules Against Democrats – Will Allow Inspection of Fulton County, PA Dominion Voting Machines

The Inevitability Of Kamala Harris – I come neither to bury Kamala nor to praise her…

Lawyers Ask Why Just Four Epstein Accusers Were Called During The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial – They had a mountain of evidence that they could have brought

December 23, 2021

A Billion-Dollar Network Is Playing Politics in America’s Energy Sector, Driving up Costs – Ken Braun, the senior investigative researcher at the Capital Research Center

Liz Cheney Just Sent Out Christmas Newsletters And Guess What Was Missing – Her involvement with the Jan. 6 inquiry

Pramila Jayapal: Loser of the Year – Everything this Chair of The Progressive Caucus does creates catastrophe for Democrats

Twitter Gets Hit with the Censorship Lawsuit America Has Been Waiting For – By former New York Times journalist and best-selling author on Covid-19 issues Alex Berenson

United Airlines and others cancel dozens of flights scheduled for Christmas Eve amid COVID outbreak – Interesting since United mandated vaccinations for all flight crews

The Lump of Coal Awards 2021, January 6 Edition  – This year’s recipients include several prominent bad boys and girls

National Vaccine Information Center – No doubt that vaccine industry interests are pulling the strings to squash scientific views, studies, scientists, and opinions that are contrary to the narrative

Robert W Malone MD, MS: Omicron has Cracked Open the Overton Window –  Welcome to the new paradigm shift

NIPH Study: Covid vaccines could cause menstrual changes – Women 18 and 30 reported increased menstrual changes

Researchers Say The Majority Of People Who Contract Omicron May Never Show Symptoms

Sharyl Attkisson: The CDC decreases isolation time for Covid-infected health care workers

South Dakota’s Kristi Noem Pitches Bill Blocking Critical Race Theory

NASA’s X-59 Quiet Supersonic Test Jet Spotted – It could revolutionize supersonic travel, is getting closer to its first flight

WSJ: Judges Held Off Congress’s Efforts to Impose Ethics Rules—Until Now Bills to make it easier for the public to learn about court actions and conflicts of interest are on the move following years of resistance by the judiciary

Insider Trading and Congress, a Love Story – Members of Congress have made fortunes selling out the American people

U.S. Scientists Are Lured By Beijing – The CCP has set its eyes on the advancement of China and is willing to go to any lengths to make that happen

An Iranian endgame? – The Iranian regime wants to return to the 2015 agreement that allowed it to maintain its entire nuclear infrastructure, recoup $150 billion, and sell up to 2.5 million barrels of oil a day

Europe’s ‘Green Energy’ Enables Putin’s War Machine – Europe has paid for Russia’s military


Jim Jordan Lays Out Plan to Take on Big Tech After Republicans Re-Take House of Representatives

The Hidden Agenda Behind Biden’s Insane Gas Mileage Requirements – The goal is to reduce car ownership

Biden’s Staff Feel Betrayed After Not Being Invited To His Christmas Party So Sabotage Interview At The Fake WH

United Airlines Pilots Blast CEO Scott Kirby For Enforcing ‘Unreasonable, Discriminatory, and Retaliatory’ Vaccine Mandate

The Swedes Are Now Implanting Microchip Vaccine Passports – It Won’t Stop There

Dr. James Thorpe Explains How Doctors Are Forced to Hide VAXX Truths – ‘We Will Destroy Your Life, Your Career, and Your Family’

The Lancet Editor Admits Peter Daszak Has ‘Significant, Regrettable’ Conflicts Of Interest

Robert Califf, Joe Biden’s Nomination To Head The FDA, Is Tied To Big Pharma

A Florida Court in Florida Blocks Biden Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors

“No Country Can Booster It’s Way Out” – WHO Warns Biden His Plan Could “Prolong” The Pandemic

SCOTUS fast tracks Biden Vaccine Mandate – Will decide whether the Biden administration will be allowed to enforce the vaccine mandates while they are being challenged in court

The FDA Releases More Data On “Adverse Reactions” and Deaths Due To Pfizer Vaccine

A California School District Refuses to Enforce Governor Newsom’s COVID Vaccine Mandate for Students and Staff

All I Want For Christmas Is An Un-Woke ‘Survivor’ Season – This one hits close to home, my wife and I agreed to never watch it again due to constant wokeness throughout the season

California’s Zero-Bail Policies Have Been A Deadly Failure – The grim reality of zero-bail policies became increasingly apparent as late summer turned to fall

The Fed’s Favorite Inflation Indicator Spikes To Almost 40-Year-Highs, With Real Spending Flat

The Big Escape from Democrat Governance – 20 states lost population to other states between July 2020 and July 2021, most of them are controlled by Democrats

Both Fascinating and Repulsive – Senator Rand Paul’s Annual ‘Festivus’ Report of Wasteful Government Spending

Could this be the final straw that converts millions of conservatives from Don to Ron?

The US Secret Service Is Investigating Hundreds of Fraud Cases Linked to Funds for Pandemic Relief

Could This Be The Warmest Pile Of Climate Cult Crap On Record?

December 22, 2021

49 States Have Transparent Spending Reports, California Is The Lone Holdout – “Open The Books” Sues For Access

Biden: ‘If We Don’t Pass Build Back Better,’ We Should Prepare for Rate Hikes And Potential Pain

Woke Crime Data Blackout – Hear no evil and see no evil because mainstream media hides it

WSJ: Supreme Court Sets Oral Arguments on Biden Covid-19 Vaccine Rules – Justices will hold a special sitting on Jan. 7

The White House Scrambles to Take Back Biden’s Apparent Press Conference Lie About Manchin

If You’ve Had COVID, Even If It Was A Mild Case, You’re Likely Protected for Life

Based on The Data, This IS a Pandemic of THE VACCINATED! – It was garbage then, and it’s garbage now

CDC: Omicron Accounts for 90 Percent of COVID-19 Cases in Some Parts of US

Pfizer Vaccine Clinical Trials Poorly Designed From the Start, Analysis Shows

Pfizer, FDA Dodge Media Questions About Pfizer Comirnaty Vaccine

The U.S. Approves First Injury Claim for COVID Countermeasure, as Backlog Grows to 4,000+ Claims

Sharyl Attkisson: The British Medical Journal calls out Facebook’s fake science ‘fact checks’

Psaki: The White House would mandate vax proof for travel if the impact ‘overwhelming

2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training for PreK-Adults Already Global with Billions in Funding for Full Control – Part 3: Spirituality in Education Programming

Population growth in the US absolutely cratered last year, hitting “the lowest rate since the nation’s founding” … This is bad

Washington Post-Schar School Poll: Americans widely distrust Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram with their data – People look to government regulation

The FDA Authorizes An Emergency Use Authorization For Pfizer’s New COVID-19 Pill – After Securing $5 Billion Deal With Federal Government

Kamala Harris absolves China of responsibility for COVID-19 – “I don’t think this is a moment to talk about fault”

How much more powerful are the media than you? – 32,000 full-time thought-police in America with a microphone the size of Mount Everest

Director Bryan Singer’s Teen Victim Blows the Whistle on Hollywood Pedophile Ring – “They Give You Money to Stay Silent”

Only Democrats Are Democratic . . . . Really? – I Never Once Heard The LEFT’S Description Of Democracy Used In The Same Sentence With The Word Freedom

Another Word for Life Is Risk and You Can’t Eliminate It – Part 2 – People Protection vs Rights. What was our Government conceived to do?

New Emails Reveal Evidence of Government Efforts to Suppress Free Speech – Behind-the-scenes efforts from Collins and Fauci to discredit the Great Barrington Declaration and disparage its authors

Elon Musk on “The Woke Mind Virus” – A prime example being Saturday Night Live

Joe Biden Is The Least Accessible President In Modern History – As of 12/1, Biden has done just 18 media interviews in the entire year, while Trump had already done 89 at the same point in his presidency

Joe Manchin Is A Hero For Killing Build Back Better – He cited two reasons, debt, and inflation

The FBI Is Not What It Used to Be – There was a time when kids and a lot of cops fantasized about becoming FBI agents

NASA To Launch Telescope Stronger Than Hubble That Can See Back In Time – It will provide further confirmation of an expanding universe

Whistleblower Says Young “Fully Vaccinated” Australians Are DYING Due to Covid Jab Complications

Covid: Omicron has an 80% lower risk of hospitalization, a new study shows

Sharyl Attkisson: The government continues to stall in releasing public documents on Covid vaccine safety – The FDA Rep was a No-Show at The Court Hearing

‘Blatant Religious Discrimination’: US Military Approves Zero Religious Exemptions to Vaccine Mandate

Biden Plans to Deploy Military, Distribute 500 Million Tests Amid COVID-19 Omicron Wave

The World Council for Health Reveals Spike Protein Detox – which provides straightforward steps you can take to potentially lessen the effects of toxic spike protein in your body

The Corporate Media Freak-out Over Omicron Is Psychotic – Thanks to our media elite, a certain segment of the American people have lost their minds over Covid

Early signs indicate That Omicron may pose less of a public threat

Biden commits medical triage malpractice – Takes medical care away from those who need it and provides it where not required

Two Dozen States Sue Biden Over Overreaching Orders to Mask Two-Year-Old Children

24 States Sue The Biden Administration Over COVID-19 Mandates for Children, Staff in ‘Head Start’ Education Program

Superior Court Rules Against San Diego Schools Vaccination Mandate – SDUSD may appeal the ruling shortly

Are athletes more at risk from COVID or vax side effects? – Absence of mainstream news coverage on the spike in athlete deaths inspired this research

Oregon Health Authority Data: 622 Fully Vaccinated Residents Died Of COVID – We were told the experimental COVID vaccines were going to “stop the spread”

Hospitals Choosing Patient Death Over Using Ivermectin – Hospital protocols that have a terrible record of saving lives

Austria Hiring People To “Hunt Down Vaccine Refusers” – The unvaccinated could be imprisoned for a year and forced to pay for their own internment

Addressing Social Security’s $19.8 trillion unfunded liability – Retirees are not protected from inflation that occurs in the year that they turn 61

‘Bail reform’ costs 25 Chicagoans their lives this year – Beneficiary of the George Soros’ masterplan of “bail reform”

December 21, 2021

Ben Shapiro: We Can’t Stop COVID – Here’s the Dark Reason Democrats Keep Trying

A Scientific Education – The Early Discoveries of RNA and DNA Vaccination

How omicron broke Covid-19 testing – Rapid tests are sold out everywhere, and help might not come until next year

Putin Beats the War Drums in Worrying Speech “We will take appropriate military-technical measures in response”

PBS Poll: Biden’s approval rating among Hispanics is lower than with white citizens as independent voters continue to leave him

Was the FBI’s Whitmer Chicanery a Warm-up for January 6? – By removing three dirty cops from the witness list, the Justice Department hopes to prevent any cross-examination during the trial and, one supposes, any link to January 6

Voices From the DC Jail – When will AG Garland act on Judge Lamberth’s referral for a civil rights investigation?

Insider: Addictive ‘Brain Hijacking’ Methods Used by Social Media Giants to Keep Users on Their Platforms Are Harmful, Particularly on Children

Biden’s Pentagon Looking to PUNISH Service Members For Being Pro American and LIKING Certain Facebook Posts

US Army Walter Reed Researchers Are Expected To Announce A Single Vaccine Against All COVID & SARS Variants

The Military And Police Need Our Support And We Need Their Support

Public Safety If You Can Afford It – Urban violence triggers the rise of private security services for the affluent

The Democrats’ Dismal Outlook for 2022 Midterm Elections Continues to Worsen As 23 Veteran Representatives in The House Say They Are Retiring

House Republicans Ask Biden When Legal Immunity for Vaccine Manufacturers Will End In Light of VAERS Reports and Mandates

New CA Law Requires Requires Recycling Of Organic Food Waste – Individuals and businesses who don’t comply could be fined up to $500 a day, and cities up to $10,000 a day, with inspections to enforce them

SFO dad of slain 6-year-old slams liberal DA Chesa Boudin: Making ‘justice system a complete joke’ – The convicted killer could serve less time in prison than the age of the boy who was shot to death

Governor Newsom: All CA Health Care Workers Are Now Mandated to Get A COVID Booster Shot

Biden Supposedly ‘Asymptomatic’ of Coronavirus as He Coughs Throughout Speech – After coming into contact with a person who later tested positive for the coronavirus

Joe Biden delivers a double dose of ineptitude as COVID and Build Back Better bedevil his presidency

Interest in COVID-19 news vs. cases over time – The Omicron variant is not jumpstarting Americans’ engagement

Omicron: The Lockdowners’ Last Stand – The vaccine is not working to prevent infection or transmission of the virus

Biden Lied About Why COVID Tests Are In Short Supply – The shortage of tests has been a problem for several months

UCLA and six other UC campuses will start the new term online – And COVID boosters will be required

2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training for PreK-Adults Is Already Global with Billions in Funding for Full Control – Part 2: Programming

Federal Involvement in Health Care Drives Treatment Choices – Doctors cannot question the federal government

CDC: Omicron coronavirus variant now behind 73% of new cases – It first emerged in South Africa in November

Furious Fauci Calls For FOX News Host Jesse Watters To Be Fired On The Spot For ‘Kill Shot’ Comment

Mission Unaccomplished: Describing A Failing US Military As “Awesome”

Year-End Recap: Joe Biden Gaslight Americans Saying We Are Better Off Now Than Under Trump

The Biden economy will crush Democrats in 2022 – You don’t have to be a Republican to see it

Democrats Panic After Manchin Nukes Build Back Better – “I Probably Won’t Be Elected”

What Do We Do With The FBI Now? – Events of the past 5 or 6 years have demonstrated the FBI is no longer the unbiased law enforcement agency it once was

Some Good Omicron News: Symptoms Remain Extremely Mild As UK Cases Are Peaking

Did The Dismissals of Safe Outpatient Drugs Cause Needless Covid Deaths? – Dissenting Doctors Say Yes

The AP’s Hit Piece on RFK, Jr. Symbolizes The Intellectual and Moral Collapse of Mainstream News Industry

Fauci’s Finished – How Accurate Is This Prediction Of What Biden Will Do Regarding Omicron?

Biden Plans to Deploy Military, Distribute 500 Million Tests Amid COVID-19 Omicron Wave

More Children Have Died From Covid Shots Than From Covid Itself

The Omicron Fake-out: We Now Have More Panic Porn From Joe Biden And His Cronies

The FDA Is Prepared To Authorize The New Merck and Pfizer Pills Imminently

A Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors in 10 States

Gaslighting Trump – Truth be told, Trump’s 2020 election Jewish support was the largest for a Republican since 1988

Kyle Rittenhouse Issues A 1-Sentence Warning to Media Outlets That Disparaged Him

There Is Right And There Is Wrong – Clearly, Men Competing Athletically As Women Is Wrong

Abigail Shrier on Freedom in an Age of Fear – Both a warning and a rallying cry

Rescue California Tells Governor Newsom to Call A Special Legislative Session over The Crime Wave


December 20, 2021

The COVID Vaccines Are A Myth – There is clearly no such thing as a vaccine against COVID-19

Oregon’s now requires kindergartners to become indoctrinated in identity politics, including developing “an understanding” of their own “gender”

The CDC will no longer recognize PCR tests as valid methods for diagnosing COVID-19

Yikes: Ports are So Backed Up Halloween Costumes are Still Coming Through Them

Pelosi’s Majority Crumbles – Three Democrats Announce Retirement Within 24 Hours

Chuck Schumer Vows To Call For A Formal Vote On ‘Build Back Better’ Which Will Screw His Own Members in the Process

The Vortex Deepens, and The Danger Grows – Team Biden is drowning, desperate, and increasingly dangerous to American liberty and prosperity

A DC Judge Orders Release of 3 Hours of Capitol Surveillance Video from inside West Terrace Tunnel on Jan. 6 Where Police Were Beating the Hell Out of Trump Supporters

Special counsel Durham is scrutinizing members of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign

Judging Fauci – Does responsibility for the deaths of over 1 million Americans make Tony Fauci a mass murderer?

From Fauci to Big Tech, The GOP already has clear investigative targets if it wins back Congress

The Supreme Court Asks Biden Administration to Respond to Flurry of Challenges to OSHA Mandate

Inside the Omicron fear factory – Public health chiefs and the media are working overtime to gin up hysteria

New Zealand Government Panel: A 26-Year-Old’s Death Was ‘Probably’ Due to the Pfizer COVID Vaccine

1.5 Million Parents Could Drop Out of Workforce Amid Biden Child Tax Credit (CTC) Benefit


Ben Shapiro on Facebook, Israel, and my conversion

Prosecutor Turns Up the Heat: Ghislaine Maxwell Is a ‘Sophisticated Predator’ Who ‘Committed Horrifying Crimes’

Trump Hits Back Against New York State Attorney General with Major Legal Action

Poll: Facebook Is Clearly The Worst Company of 2021

Warning for ALL Facebook, Google, and Hotmail users as 5.5BILLION passwords hacked – How to protect yourself

Power Move: Manchin ‘Refused’ A Frantic Phone Call Right Before He Killed Biden’s Bill on Live TV

Democrats Prepare To Dump Joe Biden Now That He’s Served His Purpose – Just a year after 81 million Americans supposedly voted for him

Analysis: Republican-led States Lead Democrat-led States in Economic Recovery in November

Why the Jan. 6 Inquisition Is the Real Enemy of Democracy

The Elite’s obsession with January 6 – Two reasons: Warding off the return of Trumpism & habitual projection of their own evil onto the seething mass of deplorables

It wasn’t just uncharged Ray Epps leading the Capitol breach – Ray Epps and the Scaffold Commander were on the same mission

New Justice Department report: Prison rates plummeting, the lowest level since 1992 – Criminals are out on our streets

Recall, Remove & Replace Every Last Soros Backed Prosecutor

Swimming Magazine Editor Says Trans Swimmer’s Advantage Is Just Like ‘Doping’

Pushback to US Health Agencies Grows Over The Handling of COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters

The Biden Administration Has an Epiphany on Covid-19 . . . Too Late – They should not be focusing on the total number of cases and instead should be focused on severe infections and hospitalizations

Pfizer is Buying a Biopharma Company for $6.7B – They focus in part on cardiovascular and inflammatory medicines

Japan’s COVID vaccination policy – No coercion, no discrimination

Ivermectin Cures Covid – After a massive effort, they found that they had effectively eradicated the disease

South African Officials Advise Government To Stop Tracing And Quarantining Omicron Contacts Because Most Don’t Experience Any Symptoms

Omicron Forces Wave of Closures Nationwide as WH Warns of ‘Winter of Death’ Coming, While South African officials say Omicron hospitalization rate is one-tenth that of Delta

New York Schools Preparing for Cardiac Arrest from Students as Vax Mandates Loom

Only the Anti-liberty Left Is in an Omicron Panic, a Natural Vaccine Means an End to the Covid Crisis

Rosenfield: The Left Has Abandoned Health Care as ‘Human Right’ for Unvaccinated

mRNA ‘Unintended’ Consequences – Miscarriages, heart attacks, myopericarditis, thrombocytopenia, shingles, Bell’s palsy, and a variety of permanent disabilities

Christian Ministries Ask Supreme Court to Block OSHA Vaccine Mandate

Pharmaceutical scientists admit that the COVID vaccines can cause blood clots

December 19, 2021

A New York Bill Will Let The Governor Detain Anyone Suspected To B A ‘Threat to Public Health’

Why Would Hispanics Drop the Left? – The bill for the arrogance and incompetence from leftist elites is now coming due

Retired Generals Urge Military to ‘War-Game’ Against US Citizens – With the first anniversary of Jan. 6

Putin Eyes Ukraine – The U.S. and NATO aren’t doing anything that might deter Russia’s takeover of Ukraine

‘Devastating for the planet’: White House, liberals meltdown after Joe Manchin officially kills Biden’s social spending agenda

COVID-19 Outbreak Reported on Royal Caribbean Cruise Despite Fully Vaccinated Adult Passengers

WSJ: Senator Manchin Says He Won’t Vote for ‘Build Back Better’ – The could doom Biden’s top domestic-policy priority

Another January 6 Conspiracy Theory Debunked: GOP House Members Did Not Coordinate With Stop the Steal Organizer – Democrats are coming up empty again

Spite: Joe Biden would rather let the unused border wall materials rot on the ground than sell them to Texas

The Long Run Is Here And It Kind of Stinks – There is no such thing as a free lunch as somebody always pays

Three companies and one red-state attorney general are asking SCOTUS to stay Biden’s sweeping mandate

India Must Help Cure Global Covid – Be sure to click on the Dr. Pierre Kory link at the bottom of the post

The hospitalization rate is significantly lower during the latest scariant as the radical left starts calling for action

What the VAERS Data Tells Us About COVID Vaccine Safety – The estimated underreporting factor for COVID jab injuries in VAERS is between 31 and 100

10 Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protestors, Including Leader, Arrested in NYC Over Two Consecutive Nights

The woke alphabet – ’Z’ is for zero tolerance (Of straight, white Christians. And other bad things!)

With Crime in California Out of Control, is Gavin Newsom Now the Law and Order Governor?

Mexico’s Supreme Court says you can choose your own age

College Degrees Are Losing Their Value – By the phenomenon known as credential inflation

December 18, 2021

Poll: There is a 50 Point Drop for Biden Among Young People

Sex offenders, gangs and smugglers, and other criminal element surges along the southern border

Memory Hole: Virtually Every Major Health Official in the United States Has Claimed That Covid Shots Stop the Virus

Fifty percent of US adults do not support the requirement of vaccine mandates

A 2022 New World Awareness (NWA) – Driven by the “Covid Hoax” and Global Elite “New World Order (NWO)” Efforts

First Claim Alleging Injury or Death From a COVID-19 Countermeasure to Be Compensated – More than 4,000 other claims await the  decision

Study: Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine 4 Times More Likely to Cause Heart Inflammation Than Pfizer’s

Dr. Ben Carson: The Pandemic Could Be Solved Quickly If Politics Is Thrown Out

Biden set to Introduce New COVID Measures, Issue ‘Stark Warning’ to Unvaccinated

BUSTED: Fauci & Collins Conspired To Discredit Dissenting Scientists … And Google Helped

The 16 US Cities That Hit All-Time Homicide Records This Year

Mapped: The Most Common Illicit Drugs In The World

Exactly Which Dystopian Novel Are We Living In? – All of the big ones, unfortunately

The reality of a One World government – The replacement of America’s constitutional republic with global governance

A Coming Test On Taiwan – Instead of attacking Taiwan itself, China might target one of its remote islands

Republicans Should Help Reform the Electoral Count Act

ABC News distorts history, facts to defend Joe Biden’s stalled agenda

Biden gets 40 judges confirmed in the first year, double Trump’s number

George Orwell was Right – Control the Language and Control the World

Meet Ray Epps, Part 2: Damning New Details Emerge Exposing Massive Web Of Unindicted Operators At The Heart Of January 6

The Soviet-style conditions in which January 6 arrestees molder – What happened to their constitutional rights?

Poling shows the Omicron won’t affect plans for the holidays

The anti-Fauci speaks out – Dr. Scott Atlas’s Book, A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America

Understanding the Psychology Behind Covid Hysteria and Mass Formation Psychosis

VAERS Covid ‘Vaccine’ Death Reports Top 20,000, But How Many Have REALLY Died?

People may finally be seeing the light on COVID mandates

WSJ: What You Should Do If You Test Positive for Covid-19 as Omicron Variant Surges

The Top takeaways from Week Three of Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial


December 17, 2021

Bill Gates, Fauci have quietly teamed up to form a multi-billion dollar vaccine empire – Gates strategically targets his charitable gifts to give him control of the international health and agricultural agencies and the media

Pfizer Begins Testing Three-Dose COVID Vaccine for Babies and Toddlers

NIH Director Collins asked Fauci to attack Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford epidemiologists with a ‘quick and devastating published takedown’ of The Great Barrington Declaration

A UK Scientist Reveals Bombshell Data Analysis: Tracks Batches Of Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen, Finds “..Some Batches Are 50 Times Worse Than Others”

Authorities encountered 173,620 people illegally crossing the border in November, up 5%

U.S. pork producer to limit sales in California over the new pig law

These 10 California counties lost the most residents during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Rover finds organic molecules on the surface of Mars

Californians Are Ignoring Gavin Newsom’s Statewide Mask Mandate

A Federal Appeals court reinstates Biden vaccine mandate for business, setting up Supreme Court showdown

A Christmas Miracle! – December Sees Antifa Thugs (Finally) Going to Prison!

The Biden Administration Announces Their COVID-19 ‘Test-to-Stay’ Policy in Schools

27 Business Groups File Appeal Taking Vaccine Mandate Fight To Supreme Court

CORONAVIRUS South Africa: Only 1.7% Have Been Hospitalized From The Omicron Variant

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott announced on Friday that the construction of the state’s border wall has begun

Covington Catholic graduate Nicholas Sandmann reaches defamation settlement with NBC

Is This The Beginning Of The End For Gun Control?

Project Veritas releases name of CNN producer involved in their latest pedophilia scandal

The CDC Endorses Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines Over J&J, Citing Blood Clot Risk – But Data Show All 3 Carry Similar Risk

The Sacramento Crime Log Grows While Mayor Focuses on the ‘Unhoused’

To avoid “Racial Bias” accusations, Redfin and Realtor websites won’t provide crime statistics for neighborhoods when homebuyers search for houses

The Top 5 Imported Foods From China You Should Avoid To Protect Your Health

WSJ: ‘The Corpse Bride Diet’: How TikTok Inundates Teens With Eating-Disorder Videos – Sending them down a rabbit hole of narrow interest, resulting in hazardous diets and body shaming

THE WORLD’S TRADING FREEDOMS FOR GOVERNMENT TRINKETS TO COME – As Much As Senators Manchin & Sinema Are Talking The Talk – Let’s All Pray They Actually Walk The Walk

Today’s inflation results from Democrats’ deliberate policy choices

Joe Biden Concedes Delay of Multitrillion-Dollar Build Back Better Bill

Biden Admin Asks Supreme Court to Reinstate Mandates for Many Health Care Workers

Liz Cheney’s Jan. 6 committee is proving itself amazingly dishonest in its ambitions to Get Trump and it’s becoming a pattern

The Right Responds To Cancel Culture By Building Its Own Infrastructure And The Left Goes Nuts – It’s not about building an echo chamber it’s about competition and choice


Growing Number of Companies and Organizations Are Walking Back Vaccination Requirements

The CDC announces new ‘test to stay’ guidance for unvaccinated students for schools as closures pile up

America Has Reached Covid Burnout – The pandemic response took a wrecking ball to four of peoples six basic needs

Dr. Peter McCullough’s Dismantles the Covid Narrative With Joe Rogan

A New Study Shows The Moderna Vaccine Is Significantly More Likely to Cause Dangerous a Side Effect

The Scheming of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci – They have created a formidable public-private partnership that wields incredible power over the American public, along with global health and food policies

So Who Isn’t Getting Infected These Days? – It’s the people who have had Covid

What You Must Believe as an American in 2021 – To save “democracy,” we must murder freedom, among others

Fauci says a redefinition of fully vaccinated is ‘on the table’

DHS Alejandro Mayorkas: Silicon Valley ‘Committed’ to Speech Curbs

The Tragedy of Portland: ‘It’s now a Ghost Town, Except for Zombies’ – Shop owners sleep with shotguns and citizens must act as police

Emails show that teachers union labor disputes weighed in Biden’s school reopening guidance

Where are the workers? – What happens when you crush entire sectors of your economy for nearly two years, and then, to compensate for your crime, you decide to inject trillions of dollars of freshly printed cash into the system?

FDA to Make Abortion Pills Available Through The Mail

Bombshell Report: IRS Confirms Election Cash Dump Was Sourced from Zuckerberg Grantee

10 Christmas Songs That Must Be Cancelled By The End Of 2021 To Please The “Woke” Community

December 16, 2021

12 Worst Cases of Big Tech Censorship in 2021

Hispanics’ rightward march – It’s official: The Democrats have a Hispanic voter problem

20,000 Troops on the Chopping Block as Military Begins Discharging the Unvaccinated

The Next Wave of Log4J Attacks Will Be Brutal –  So far they have resulted mostly in crypto mining and a little espionage

20 Democrats Will Not Seek Reelection in the House of Representatives – 4-Times The GOP Needs to Win Back Majority

Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and the New American Fascism – Collaborators in the authoritarian January 6 Committee

With people like Mitch McConnell & Liz Cheney, who needs Democrats? – They are both seriously compromised by CHINA, our chief enemy?

Jim Jordan Confirms What He Did On January 6 In Communications With Meadows – He provided the legal case for VP Pence to NOT certify the election of President Joe Biden

‘It’s Not Safe’: Even a Gang Affiliate Thinks Dem-Run LA Has Become an Anarchic, Lawless Hell-Scape

Fighting Crime the Soros Way The loony-left donor is bankrolling criminal-allied district attorneys and building a body count

‘I Regret Voting for Biden’: POTUS Breaks Key Campaign Promise – And His Voters Are Rushing for the Exits

WSJ: Senate Parliamentarian Rejects Democrats’ Immigration Proposal in $2 Trillion Bill Proposal – Would have provided work permits, deportation protections to millions

THE D.C. BAR GOES TO BAT FOR CONVICTED ANTI-TRUMP FELON – That radically altered a document in the Trump-Russia investigation to justify spying on an American citizen

Liz Cheney just set the stage for the latest January 6 committee letdown – Donald Trump won’t be charged with insurrection, treason, or sedition, but obstruction may be on the table

US Navy A Tests New Laser Weapon Off Yemen Coast

Supreme Court: Justices Barrett and Kavanaugh failed to protect the religious and bodily rights of Americans begging not to be forced to take injections against their will

Emails reveal Zuckerberg offered user data reports to Fauci to help shape lockdown measures in the US

Covid Authoritarians are Starting to Lose the ‘Forever Mask’ War – Americans are increasingly pushing back against the culture machine’s inexplicable obsession with masks

The Biden administration has been sidelining vaccine experts – The FDA, for example, approved booster shots for 16- and 17-year-olds without convening a key advisory panel

Big Pharma, Gates, Fauci, UK officials accused of crimes against humanity in a complaint to International court

Inventor of RNA Vaccines: Before You Inject Your Child, You Need to Hear This …

16 States Where Kids Breathe Freely! – No masks, masks optional – you get to choose

‘Many Lives Being Destroyed’ by Government’s Failure to Recognize Natural Immunity, Physician Says

Florida v. Critical Race Theory – Governor DeSantis takes a stand against racialist ideologies in public institutions and businesses

Tucker Carlson Says RINO Republican Liz Cheney Is Considering A White House Run In 2024

Kevin McCarthy Is Under Increasing Pressure to Remove Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger from the Republican Party

Mark Meadows, an American patriot to the core – Pelosi and her puppets claim he is guilty of sedition for open hostility to the Biden administration – Hopefully, he will be able to organize a new Freedom Caucus?

Regarding The Report Of FBI Sexual Misconduct Overseas – Why Are the Dates Omitted?

Nancy Pelosi’s Majority Crumbles – California Democrat Representative Alan Lowenthal Will Not Seek Reelection in 2022

WSJ: Kamala Harris Says She and Biden Haven’t Discussed Running for Re-Election in 2024 – ‘I don’t think about it, nor have we talked about it,’ she said in an interview, noting it’s their first year in office amid a pandemic

HR1 Is the Democrat Party’s Coup de Grâce in Their Complete Takeover of the United States – It Will Codify Their Election Fraud In Perpetuity

A UN Grantee, International Organization for Migration, Uses U.S. Tax Dollars To Fund Illegal Immigration To The U.S.

The Salvation Army has been ditched by donors and volunteers after the disastrous release of its ‘anti-racism’ guide

General Michael Flynn Goes Live With An Epic New Personal Website

University of PA Parents Plead with NCAA to Change Rules After Trans Swimmer Dominates Women’s Competition

The Biden Admin Planned to Halt Trump-Era Tracking of Teacher Sex Offenses but Public Backlash Forces a Retreat

The Fed Just Started The Countdown To Our Next Recession – Here’s When It Will Most Likely Strike

A Dove Doesn’t Change Its Feathers – The Fed is set to launch its war on inflation carrying a pea-shooter to a gunfight

Inflation Will Cost the Average Household $3,500 in 2021 – For the same level of consumption of goods and services

“Are they trying to lose?” – Watchdog groups fume after Pelosi defends insider stock trading by lawmakers

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, And The Left’s Opposing Narrative – Equals No Coverage By The Mainstream Media

Initial Jobless Claim Rebound From 52-Year-Low – Americans filing for jobless benefits for the first time to 206k (from an upwardly revised 188k)

Nike Execs Funneled Money To Democrat Oregon Senator Ron Wyden Who Just Blocked The Uyghur Forced Labor Bill

‘Woke’ retailers who asked Congress for help amid smash-and-grabs include the chiefs of Target, Nordstrom, and Levi Strauss

Florida Governor DeSantis Introduces The “Stop WOKE” Act and Says CRT Is “Elite-Driven Phenomenon”

ALERT: 2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training for PreK to Adults Is Already Global with Billions in Funding for Full Control – Part 1: Introduction

The Feds charter is maintaining price stability and maximizing employment – Climate change policy isn’t included

Pat Buchanan Was Right About Everything – We’d be in a different and better America if people listened to him about the globalist political machine

The Rate at which people stopped moving to California surprised researchers – Celebrities and companies moving out of California to states like Texas and Florida

New York City Bans Natural Gas From New Buildings – To reduce the city’s carbon footprint

What I’ve Learned While Rescuing My Daughter From Her Transgender Fantasy – This is not a cautionary tale, but a warning

WSJ: The Pandemic Didn’t Unfold How Dr. Hancock Expected – Non-Covid patients with chronic diseases, addiction, and mental illness suffered the most in an overwhelmed healthcare system

The Covid VAX Should Not Be Mandated – Covid-19 is not a deadly disease, it is similar to Influenza

New CA rules end the distinction for vaccinated workers – The California Chamber of Commerce opposed the revisions

Omicron: The Delta-Slayer – Infections are mostly asymptomatic or mild (vaxxed or not) and short-lived, with the recovered bestowed with better, more durable, natural immunity to COVID over all the vaccines in the world

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Tells Defense Secretary COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate on National Guard Won’t be Enforced

Poll: A Strong Majority of Voters Oppose Any New Vaccine Mandates To Deal With Omicron

Global Healthcare Knowledge Provider BMJ –  The Pandemic Will End When We Turn Off Our Screens

Just 15 People With Omicron Are Being Treated in UK Hospitals – Despite hundreds of thousands of infections

YouTube Censors Bombshell Joe Rogan Interview With Cardiologist Peter McCullough – He explained how early treatment of COVID is being actively suppressed by governments and big pharma to favor a blind pursuit to vaccinate everyone

COVID vaccines pose a 7 times higher death risk than COVID for young people, Japanese experts warn

The FDA Strengthens Its Warning Over TTS Linked to Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 Vaccine

CDC Officials Are Considering Pulling or Restricting J&J COVID Vaccine Due to Dangerous Side Effects

The CDC Vaccine Advisory Panel to Meet on Severe Condition Linked to J&J’s COVID-19 Vaccine – Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS

A Member of Biden’s Supreme Court ‘packing’ commission breaks ranks – Increasing the number of justices would have a dangerous impact on justice and risked destabilizing that nation’s highest court

What George Soros Backed DA Chesa Boudin is really like around crime victims when the cameras are off

Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal Is Under Fire After Speaking at Communist Group’s Gala

12 Times Joe Biden Completely Made Up Stories, Lied, Or Said Something Crazy

The Biden administration scraps $450,000 payments to migrant families separated under Trump

Senator Kennedy Grills A Biden Judicial Nominee and Finally Gets A Direct Answer To ‘What’s Your Favorite Color?’

An Egyptian Scholar Asks Reasonable Questions about Islam, Gets Arrested

The Atmospheric river is a win for California: Snowpack goes from 19% to 83% of average

December 15, 2021

Justice Gorsuch Pens Scathing Dissent After SCOTUS Allows New York Vaccine Mandate To Stand

MASKS DON’T WORK – California is seeing 4-times more daily Covid cases than Florida

San Diego State University spent $250K to build a racial healing garden – Nobody uses it

House Democrats Force Through ‘Islamophobia’ Bill Without a Single Republican Vote

Florida Governor DeSantis Spends $8 Million to Remove Biden’s Illegals from Florida – It’s Time for the Statutory States to Counter Sanctuary Ones

The San Francisco exodus isn’t over according to new migration data – Here’s where people are moving to

Why Is the Left Worried Suddenly About the End of Democracy? – They are fearful because it works despite their own media and political efforts to warp it

The Democrats Play Dumb About Spiking Crime – They will blame everything for it but their own policies

Senator Cotton: Be Careful What You Wish For – Republicans have a legitimate beef with Big-Tech, but support for government “solutions” will blow up in their faces

School Choice Wins in SCOTUS Could Impact California – These important cases bring school choice and the First Amendment to the forefront of the education debate

Fed Officials Project Three Rate Rises Next Year and Accelerate Wind Down of Stimulus To Cool High Inflation

Newly Released CIA Documents Reveal Lee Harvey Oswald’s Meeting With USSR Officials Just Before JFK Assassination

Does the CCP control Extinction Rebellion? – A Who’s Who of British, European, and American climate activists are blind to President Xi’s ambition

The Real Motive Behind The Push to Vaccinate Kids – Folding the current generation of children into the blossoming global digital identity system

How Could They Have Done This to the Children? – At this point, it is clear that many pandemic experts hurt children

Most Americans Are ‘Worn Out’ by COVID – Public officials’ COVID ratings are down with a dip in support for mandates

Fauci: No Need for Omicron-Specific COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Now – Vaccines may be less effective against Omicron

A Federal Appeals Court Lets Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers Take Effect in Some States

Heart Inflammation Risk Higher From Moderna Vaccine Than COVID-19 for Those Under 40 – Much higher following the second dose of the vaccine

The Senate Passes Legislation to Prevent Dishonorable Discharges for Unvaccinated Servicemembers

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and Southwest’s Gary Kelly dispute the need for masks on planes

Great Grandparents Who Reported Lesbian Couple For Abusing Toddler Were Dismissed As ‘Racist Homophobes’

WSJ: Hackers Backed by China Seen Exploiting The Flaw In Log4j Security Flaw in Internet Software – Researchers call it one of the direst cybersecurity threats to emerge in years in that it could enable devastating attacks

The Obsessed Biden Administration Feels Israeli Settlements Are An Equal Threat To That Of Iran Nukes

Wednesday Politico Morning Consult Poll: 67 Percent of Independent Voters Say Joe Biden Should Not Seek Reelection


A NYT Columnist Urges Biden to Announce He Won’t Run in 2024 – So potential Democratic contenders can begin making preparations to replace him

The show trial taking place in D.C. – We don’t know all that happened because Democrats refuse to release 14,000 hours of Capital Police video footage

The new Dark Ages – The woke assault on Western civilization is taking us backward with a basic level of literacy in a precipitous decline

During The January 6 Hearing Adam Schiff Doctored Text Messages Between Mark Meadows And Rep. Jim Jordan

Conservatives have a FIRST Amendment right not to testify! – Will the courts protect the rights of conservatives as previous courts protected the rights of the left?

Joseph Stalin And Joe Biden Agree – Who gets to count the votes matters more than who gets to vote

Xi Jinping’s Micromanagement Leaves Underlings Scrambling – He issues cryptic instructions that underlings go overboard trying to carry out

Senator Elizabeth Warren Says It’s Time to Destroy the Supreme Court

A Taiwanese BSL-3 Level Lab Leak Intensifies Questions About a Leak from Wuhan’s Less Secure BSL-2 Facility

The Former Danish Minister is to Be Sent to Prison for 60 Days for Opposing Child Marriages

AZ, NV, and CA are preparing to sign voluntary cutbacks of Colorado River water to stave off future cutbacks

Vaccine Passports are Useless and a Threat to Public Health – The vaccines Do Not prevent transmission of COVID

After 21 Months, A Positive COVID Test in New Hampshire Means You Only Have a 99.9% Chance of Surviving

Rand Paul Warns That COVID Mandates Are “About Conditioning The American Individual To Submit To Government”

Biden’s vaccine mandate will decimate our military – These discharges are as unnecessary as they are unjustified

Wuhan lab leak is now the most likely origin of Covid – Dr. Alina Chan says there is also a risk that Covid-19 is an engineered virus

RFK Jr. dissects, identifies, and exposes the evil influences that produced the unprecedented COVID over-response, related regulatory capture of government agencies, and explains related globalist strategies

The Global Elite “Covid Hoax” To Take-Over America Is Happening

Governments Want Crackdowns on The Telegram App and Other Online Community Platforms Used to Organize Anti-COVID Lockdown Protests

The left’s resistance to Ivermectin is shameful – Ivermectin is so beneficial that its inventor won the Nobel Prize

Sharyl Attkisson: A minority of parents are getting their eligible children vaccinated for Covid-19

A US Federal Court Rejects Bid to Block United Airlines COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Democrats Crammed a Natural Gas Energy Tax into the Build Back Better Boondoggle

The Government Is Your Car’s Next Passenger – The infrastructure bill will require impaired driving technology in all new vehicles

Biden’s Build Back Better Lie Reveals $5 Trillion Isn’t ‘Zero’ – CBO and Removing the Gimmicks Exposes The True Cost

Biden Is Building Backwards Better With Record-High Wholesale Prices – The November producer price index rises 9.6%, sets new record

Manchin snaps after Democrats blame him for killing Biden’s hopes of passing Build Back Better this year- Schumer punts president’s flagship $1.75T to next year

Democrats Greed For Power Is Endless – The corrupt Obama/Biden administration had slush funds at the Justice Department, EPA, and CFPB to provide kickbacks to their special interest groups

What do migrant surges and smash-and-grab lootings have in common? – Now we have social media at the nexus of mass lootings, the center of migrant surges, and cartel empowerment

Millions Of Devices Are At Risk Over New CVE-2021-44228 Software Vulnerability – End-users could see their favorite websites and apps impacted

Are Crude Oil Pipelines Safe? – Yes, safer than all alternative transport methods

WTI Rebounds Back Above $70 After Big Surprise Crude Oil Draw

Joe Biden On The Tornados And Climate Change – Here is what science and data expose about the issues

L.A. Schools Host an LGBT Club For Children As Young as Four  Promoting ‘Two Spirit’ Sexuality And Child Mutilation

December 14, 2021

Liz Cheney Accidentally Undercuts Entire Purpose of Jan. 6 Committee by Releasing Mark Meadows’ Texts

The Omicron Variant has been hijacked to cover up the fact the Covid-19 Vaccines do not work and implement a Social Credit System

The hypocrisy of media manipulators and censors claiming to fight misinformation – With backing from George Soros and Reid Hoffman

Beijing turns inward as US decoupling gathers pace – A Fortress China is under construction

SCOTUS Won’t Block New York’s Vaccine Mandate – Two Trump Justices Side With Liberals

Tucker Carlson: “These People Are a Danger to Children”

The Threat of a China-Centric New World Order – To understand what’s at stake, let’s talk geopolitics

The Chinese Regime Is Committing At Least 3 Genocides According To A Former Senior State Department Official

IMF: The U.S. Is Tied For The Highest Inflation Of All The World’s Developed Nations

The House votes to raise the debt ceiling and sends the bill to Biden’s Desk – Lawmakers expect the increase to last into 2023

Americans Must Defend Our Freedom Globally – The Global Elite “Covid Hoax” To Take-Over America is happening

The Entire Nation of Great Britain Has Passed Mandatory ‘Vaccine Passports’ Over Brewing ‘Rebellion’

The Logic of California’s Leftists Will Keep Us All Children Forever – Some have found a novel way to improve academic results, they’re getting rid of D and F grades

The Mayor of San Francisco Drops ‘Defund the Police’ – Calls ‘Bulls**t’ on Progressive Police Policies

California exempts San Francisco from Gavin Newsom’s new COVID indoor mask rule

Trump Has Earned a Friend – Mr. Podhoretz knows we’re in a war with the Left over the fundamental goodness of America

The FDA approves boosters for minors – without testing boosters on minors

The Latest VAERS Estimate: 388,000 Americans killed by the COVID vaccines

A New Columbia University “Vaccine” Study Drops Bombshell – VAERS Deaths Are Undercounted by a Factor of 20

Chief Executive: Amtrak Suspends COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Employees

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admits it’s ‘probably true’ that Covid isn’t going anywhere

Study: Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Is Less Protective Against Hospitalization After Omicron Variant Emerged

Google Tells Employees to Get Vaccinated by January 18 – Or face disciplinary actions that could result in their termination

The AP asks the Biden administration why the DHS used a government database meant to track international terrorists to investigate as many as 20 American journalists

The House Votes to Hold Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in Criminal Contempt of Congress

What Are Public Schools For? – Parents have a different opinion than activists and typical policymakers do

The Left Hates The Miss America Pageant Because It’s A Win For Conservatism – Anything that lasts 100 years is better than woke hysteria

Military Branches Officially Begin Discharging Unvaccinated Service Members


A US Appeals Court Rejects Bid to End Trump-Era ‘Remain in Mexico’ Border Policy

Governor DeSantis Blows the Whistle: Biden ‘Effectively’ Running a ‘Mass Human Smuggling Operation’ – Moving illegal immigrants throughout the country in the dead of the night with no explanations offered

The Right President at the Right Time – Three that can be considered indispensable to the nation’s enduring existence as a free people – George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Donald Trump

Race To The Totalitarian Bottom – The cold war between the US and China is not one between democracy and dictatorship

Mainstream media is doing their best to deflect the blame for high inflation from the Biden administrations policies

Wholesale Prices See Biggest Annual Increase on Record, Adding to Broader Inflation Woes

US Producer Prices Explode To Record High In November – And There’s Worse To Come

“Wipe Out” Below The Calm Surface Of The Bull Market

The White House cries ‘fake news’ on CBO score showing a higher cost for the spending bill

Oil Prices Tumble, Brent Prompt Spread Flips To Contango After IEA Says Global Market Returned To Surplus

In case you haven’t yet realized it, your government is lying to you about extreme weather events

California Looks To Stab Rooftop Solar Customers In The Back With Massive Incentive Rollback and New Fees

The Failure of ‘Latinx’ – The vast majority of Latinos dislike the term and have zero interest in being used as pawns by progressives in the culture war

The Senate Drops Their Bipartisan Plan To Draft Women After Constituent Outcry

Net neutrality was always a hoax. Don’t bring it back now

Axios-Ipsos poll: The danger of vaccine mandates

The UK Government Refuses To Reveal Details About ‘First Omicron Death’ – Leading a professor to deduce the person likely died with Omicron and not from it

Why Children Should Not Get Covid Vaccinations – There is a 99.998% chance of survival for people below the age of 18

The Covid Global Cartel Must Be Punished – COVID VAX is all about MONEY and GLOBAL POWER, NOT SAVING LIVES

Democrats start to break with the Biden administration’s wartime COVID strategy

December 13, 2021

A Famous Covid Study That Shows Natural Immunity is Superior to Vaccinated Immunity is Replicated by Scientists

Pfizer’s Own Stats: 1200+/40,000 Trial Participants Dead, An Interview with Dr. Nagase

What I’ve Learned While Rescuing My Daughter From Her Transgender Fantasy

Xi Jinping fears US and allies will try to starve China into submission – China’s top five food suppliers in 2017 were Brazil, the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

The WH Denies Reality of CBO Score on ‘Build Back Better’ but Gets Nailed by Biden’s Own Words

Daniel Horowitz: Now we know why the establishment has always opposed early treatment

Twelve U.S. cities, all led by Democrats, broke annual homicide records in 2021 – Blue cities were disproportionately receptive to the Black Lives Matter defund-the-police movement pushed by progressives in 2020

Justice Department Moves to Conceal Capital Police Misconduct on January 6 – Preventing defendants from telling juries exactly what happened

Schumer, Who Accused Trump of Russian Collusion, is Getting Paid by Putin – So is every top Democrat who accused President Trump of Russian collusion

Facebook Admits in Court That its ‘Fact-Checks’ Are Just Third Party ‘Opinions’ –  Facing a defamation lawsuit, they are arguing that their own “fact-checks” are protected “opinion”

Governor Keyser Soze Speaks: Gavin Newsom’s new mask mandate isn’t about public health, but about recriminations

Report: 14 members of Congress have been violating the STOCK Act and handle their finances in a way “that could expose them to ethical problems.”

Progressive DAs Radically Change The Rule of Law in CA Cities – More than 50 prosecutors, support, and victim services staff have quit amid the “smash-and-grab” crime wave

The Federal Reserve is expected to announce interest rate hikes this week to fight off inflation

Trump endorsements win 137-3 with few such parallels in history

A Federal Appeals Court Rebuffs Biden Administration’s Bid to Lift Block Against CMS COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

STUDY: COVID-19 Vaccines Induce Lower Antibodies Against Omicron – With some people failing to have any

Dr. Scott Atlas savages Fauci: He undermined Trump and misled Americans on COVID: “I was stunned at what I saw”

Alleged Cop Killer Will No Longer Have to Face A Jury, Death Penalty Taken Off the Table Despite Severity of Crime

Average new-car prices are up 13% this year, with average non-luxury prices at $43,144  – However, used car prices are up 40% since the pandemic began

Twitter will now ban users that repeatedly claim vaccinated people can spread Covid

Tucker Carlson: Real inflation is significantly worse than even the boldest headlines – The CPI is designed to obscure the impact of government economic decisions

The Uniquely Dangerous Movement to End the Electoral College – The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is an existential threat to our republic

Time Magazine: 2021 PERSON OF THE YEAR IS ELON MUSK – His man accomplishments are described

ESG Advocates Want to Redefine Your Retirement – It is part of their much larger effort to redefine the world of saving and investing to permanently serve progressive policy goals

SCOTUS’s Sotomayor Problem – The Dobbs case reveals the problem with our legal-abortion regime, and one of its biggest champions on the bench

The Democrats’ Massive Entitlement Plans Include Banning Christians From Government Childcare

With Build Back Better, the Shady Trial Lawyer Pipeline Comes to Capitol Hill – Via a change in how the IRS treats expenses in contingency-fee cases

Nancy Pelosi Appears to Break Her Promise to Democrats to Leave Leadership After 2022

Gavin Newsom thinks he’s figured out an end-run around the Second Amendment – But There’s not a single word in the Constitution about abortion

The Biden White House Censors Taiwan at The Democracy Summit – To Avoid Offending Beijing

A Mississippi doctor said he was fired for trying to treat COVID-19 patients with ivermectin, which is approved by the FDA

Japan’s health ministry officially warns of myocarditis heart inflammation as a side effect of Moderna and Pfizer COVID vaccines

Colorado Democrat Governor Declares The COVID-19 Emergency ‘Over’

Florida Surgeon General Promotes Nutraceuticals for COVID Prevention – Vitamin D, staying active, eating nutrient-dense foods, and boosting your immune system with supplements

A Navy Commander Fired for ‘Failing to Abide by Lawful Order’ – Get Covid Vaccine or Be Tested

Defending Pedophilia Is The Logical Conclusion Of Queer Theory – Queer theorists seek to make things that were once taboo (like sexualizing children) no longer taboo

Fox News Finally Rids Itself of Dishonest Rating Failure Chris Wallace

December 12, 2021

Will the new bacon law begin? – California grocers seek a delay

Beware of California’s obscene budget surplus – But the tax-and-spend machine is still  in full operation

Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th Special Committee Hoax – Once again, the regime persecutes enemies to cover for its evils

Lindsey Graham Warns GOP Not to Run Afoul of Trump

WSJ: School Choice Saves Money and Helps Kids – Evidence builds, as political momentum grows in the states

The Los Angeles Unified School District Fires Hundreds of Employees For Refusing to be Vaccinated

THE BIG LIE: The ‘Powers That Be’ Overcount COVID Deaths and Undercount Vaccine Deaths – All for Money and Power

The FDA is working with the USPS to hold packages containing ivermectin

When Politicians Become A Joke, Laughing Comes To An End – Monty Python’s Flying Circus Would be Proud

Cracked Icons – The corrupt and mediocre heroes of the Left are imploding one after another

The High Price of Bidenomics – Economic illiteracy at the White House is getting more and more expensive

Crime Is Spiraling Out Of Control In Democrat-run cities With Soros-Backed District Attorneys

Isolationists Aren’t Conservatives In their way, they’re as foolish as a kneejerk interventionist like Senator Roger Wicker

Dr. Vernon Coleman: Here’s Why Most of the Jabbed Will Die Earlier Than Normal

China nakedly threatens U.S. troops – China will attack U.S. troops who attempt to defend Taiwan if China starts a war with the island nation

Spending Is Not Going to Save the Democrats – America has a message for Joe Biden: Your money is no good here

The So-Called Plot To Fix the 2024 Election – The next presidential election is 3-years away and leftists are already writing pre-conspiracy rants

FNC’s Chris Wallace Announces Departure – Wallace will reportedly join CNN’s streaming service set to launch in 2022

DeSantis budgets $8 million to transport illegal aliens sent to Florida to places like Delaware and Martha’s Vineyard

When it comes to Inflation, it’s the Fed, stupid – The main culprit is the Federal Reserve and its extreme monetary response to the COVID pandemic

These Are The Six Most Disastrous Members Of The Biden Administration

mRNA Antibodies May Make Those Who Have Been Vaccinated More Susceptible to COVID The Variants

Dr. Pierre Kory Reviews Outpatient Treatments for Covid-19 – Ivermectin is beneficial in all stages from prevention to advanced illness

With Ivermectin in Hand, Wife Dies While Husband Begs A New Jersey Hospital to Administer It To Her

We Broke Everything In The Name Of COVID – Our government was naive to think it could be cycled off and on at will

December 11, 2021

Original Antigenic Sin is a Very Serious Reason to Stop Vaccinating Everyone – Two papers discover that cross-reacting antibodies from common coronavirus infections can hinder effective antibody response to SARS-CoV-2

No to Vaccine Fascism: Tens of Thousands of Protesters March in Vienna to Stop Lockdowns and Vaccine Mandates

Solyndra 2.0? Biden Megadonor Gets $500 Million Loan to Build Solar Company in India

The Big One Is Coming: CNBC Realizes Something Massive Is Happening When It Looks at Latest Midterm Survey Results

Republicans Criticize Process Enabling Illegals To Get Through Airport Security Without ID – Take Migrants At Their Word

Julian Assange Has A Stroke In A British Prison The Day After Court OK’s His Extradition To United States

California Is Hiding The Details $300 Billion A Year In Spending From The Public, Claims It’s For The People’s Own Good

Mass Casualty Event: Amazon Warehouse Destroyed By A Tornado In Chicago, Multiple Medical Crews Swarm Scene

Bidenflation: New Cars and Trucks See Biggest Price Hikes Since 1975 – Used Car Prices Up 31%

The Congressional Budget Office blows the lid off Biden’s agenda as Bidenflation shows its teeth

Covid Related Mandates Should Be Ignored and Resisted Until Sanity Returns to the Setting of Covid Policy

The Biden presidency has made us vulnerable to our enemies – And don’t think they don’t know it

Why does China commit such incredible crimes? – Because the people running it are communists and that’s what they do –  Because they can and China knows it

China’s Economic World War – Their admission 20 years ago into the WTO was a grave mistake – Congress can begin to rectify this error by immediately terminating Beijing’s special trade status

Russia Makes A List of Demands for NATO Amid Threats of Invading Ukraine

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis comes out with a five-point workable plan to get around Biden on illegal immigration

How Government Bureaucracy and Mainstream Media Wokeness Led to January 6 – “The vast majority of the 650 people charged in the riot were not part of far-right groups or premeditated conspiracies to attack the Capitol”

TUCKER CARLSON: We’re becoming Venezuela, but that’s OK because your neighbor will be as poor as you are

The European Union Sees Signs That 4th COVID Wave Is Already Slowing

The CDC Announces That 79% of All US Omicron Cases Have Occurred In Vaccinated Individuals

Two Ivermectin Success Stories – Ivermectin has been attacked by pro-vaccine interests despite it being a cheap, safe, and proven medicine for COVID treatment and prevention

How To Get Ivermectin – Numerous Studies Support Its Use – Funeral Director Comments On Increased Thrombosis Embolisms

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Are Coming – For those with mild to moderate hearing loss, there are ways to prepare for one of the less-expensive hearing aids coming to your local drugstore

If Abortion Is So Popular, Why Do Democrats Need Roe v. Wade? – You would think the “champions of democracy” on the Left would love the chance to enshrine abortion into law through truly democratic means

The top takeaways from week two of Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial


December 10, 2021

Norman Podhoretz on the Spiritual War for America – The left wants to win, he says, but ‘I’m not sure anymore what our side wants.’ That’s a big part of what drew him to Trump

The LA Unified School District is poised to push back enforcement of student COVID vaccinations to fall 2022

Ritual Humiliation of Children in Germany – Kids are Forced to go to Front of the Class and State Their Vaccination Status and those that have been Vaccinated are Applauded

The perfect storm is brewing for in Nevada – Democrats are seeing nearly three times as many defections as Republicans over the last three months

Wisconsin 2020 Election Investigation Finds More Illegal Votes Were Cast Than Biden’s Margin of Victory

The CDC Pushes 3rd Shot for Teens, as Number of Deaths Reported to VAERS After COVID Vaccines Nears 20,000

Inflation Jumps to Highest Level in 39 Years – This is the sixth straight month of inflation running above 5 percent

Halliburton CEO: The World Economy Is Entering Period Of Oil Scarcity – The industry struggles to replace those retiring with young workers

Cases of vaccine-induced VAIDS are on the rise due to mass Covid vaccinations

World Health Organization: No Deaths Have Been Reported as a Result of The Omicron Variant to Date

CDC: Zero Omicron Deaths in the U.S. – Only One Person Needed Hospitalization Infections “appear to be mild”

With Glee, United Airlines is Imposing a Harsh Vaccine Mandate on Its Crew Members

The Supreme Court Will Have To Decide California’s Gun Law

Sacramento Homeless Population Grows While The Mayor & Council Wring Their Hands – “Housing First” a dismal failure

Ronald Reagan Institute Poll: Public Confidence In The  ‘Woke’ Military Is In Free Fall

US inflation surges to a 39-year high as consumer prices soar higher

To Fix Healthcare, Restore Americans’ Right to Choose – Government grades doctors on efficiency, not effectiveness

Top Cardiologist: Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis in Young People “Is Way More Serious” Than COVID-Induced Myocarditis

Why does Pfizer want it’s vaccine research protected? – Look at the VAERS COVID Vaccine Mortality Report to know why

Confidential Documents Expose Big Pharma & U.S. Government Collusion For mRNA Vaccines – FOLLOW THE $$

Sweden & Germany: No Deaths In Children Due To COVID

Pfizer CEO Declares FOURTH COVID Shot Will Be Needed “Sooner Than Expected”

Tony Fauci: Jackbooted Thug – A career bureaucrat with too much power, and influence imparted to him by Democrats and the media because he was willing to contradict Donald Trump

Two positive developments regarding January 6

The Supreme Court won’t halt the Texas abortion law, however, clinics can still sue

Report: Border Patrol Agents Forced To Undergo Woke Re-Education Training In Midst Of a Massive Immigration Crisis

Julian Assange Loses Appeal: British High Court Accepts U.S. Request to Extradite Him for Trial

Stunning: A Facebook court filing admits that ‘fact checks’ are just a matter of opinion

December 9, 2021

Pfizer/FDA Hid How COVID Vax Could Make Recipients More Susceptible to COVID Infection and Death

Did The Pilot’s Union Magazine (ALPA) Reveal That Pilot Deaths Increased 1700% Post Vaccine Mandate?

YouTube Slaps An Age Restriction on a Video about Victims of Socialism

A Dozen US Cities Blow Away Their Annual Murder Records – The Thing in Common, They’re all run by Democrats

WSJ: Federal Appeals Court Rejects Trump Bid to Block Records From House Jan. 6 Panel

WSJ: Elon Musk and Other Leaders Selling Stock at Historic Levels – $63.5 billion through November, up 50% from 2020

Trust in The Presidency, Congress, Military and Media in Free Fall – Americans Say China is the ‘Enemy’ and COVID Came from Wuhan Lab

Harvard Study of 68 Nations & 2,947 Counties in the US – No evidence the “vaccines” stop the spread of Covid-19

CDC Director: Most people infected with the Omicron coronavirus variant in the US have experienced mild symptoms

The Democrats’ Hispanic Voter Problem – It’s Not As Bad As You Think, It’s Worse

Jussie Smollett found guilty on five of six counts in hate crime hoax

Senate Clears Key Hurdle for Debt-Ceiling Increase to Avert Government Default – Republicans and Democrats settled this week on a novel path to raise the limit

VAERS Data Indicates the Covid Vaccines Have Killed At Least 140,000 Americans – VAERS is an early warning system used to monitor adverse events that happen after vaccination

Lawmakers Are Surprised By The Outcry Against Bipartisan Bill H.R. 550 That Expands Vaccine Surveillance

A Call Out to Physicians – You too need to do research and ask why we are forcing people to take an essentially useless and investigational vaccine causing by far the most harm in vaccine history – Fortunately, my doctor has done this

Rapid Vitamin D Delivery May Result in Better COVID Outcomes

The NIH Says No Documents Are Available on the Removal of ‘Gain-of-Function’ Definition From Their Website – But you can find what changes were made via this separate link

Biometric Surveillance Coming Soon to an Airport Near You — Your Face Will Be Your Boarding Pass

Our autocratic president, again, oversteps his authority – Judges, throughout the country, are correctly ruling that Biden and OSHA don’t have the Constitutional authority to require everyone to get vaccines

WSJ: School Districts Across The US Confront a Wave of Student Misbehavior, Driven by Months of Remote Learning

Ready To Say, Uncle? – It’s time to draw your line in the sand because you’re not far from having it tested

High-Ranking FBI Alumni Sound An Alarm on Garland’s ‘Politically Loaded’ School-Board Threat Memo

Is Kamala Harris Being Forced Out by the Dems? – By any reckoning, her days are numbered – And what about Jill?

How China Controls Your Covid Life – The U.S. is becoming more totalitarian by the day, with many changes patterned after the CCP’s iron rule

The Concentration Camp Olympics – The games will occur knowing that Xi Jinping is committing some of the most appalling human rights abuses on the planet

Countdown To An Iranian Nuclear Weapon? – If Iran becomes the center of attention again next year, thank the incompetence of Iran hawks

Biden’s Bogus ‘Summit for Democracy’ – He is in no position to lead the world toward it, given his autocratic instincts

Senator Graham signs on to legislation to prevent payments to illegal immigrants

‘Let’s go Brandon’ wrapping paper is a big hit, with 3,000 pounds sold so far

Absolute Risk Reduction for Available COVID “Vaccines” is not 95% – It’s Closer to 1%

How Many New Yorkers Are At Risk Of Losing Their Job Over De Blasio’s Vaxx Mandate? – Between 150,000 and 450,000

Plandemic 1, 2 & 3 – The Great Awakening, Indoctornation & Sneak Peek of Release #3 – Plus Producer Interview

You’d Better Watch Out – The Surveillance State Has a Naughty List, and You’re on It

There’s an unspoken reason that Blacks are attacking Asian people

Latino voters walking away from Democrats like a bad smell – Their agenda stinks to Hispanics as they have no clue as to what Hispanic voters are thinking

December 8, 2021

Clueless Joe Biden Can’t Grasp Any Of The Crises He’s Created

Did QuantumScape Just Solve a 40-Year-Old Battery Problem? – With its revolutionary solid-state lithium-ion cell that could change EVs forever

What Putin Really Told Biden – Kiev simply refuses to respect the February 2015 Minsk Agreement

Ron Paul: Biden’s “Democracy Summit” Is A Joke – It’s really about undermining democracy worldwide with US interventionist foreign policy

Devin Nunes Isn’t Done Saving Our Republic – Now he will do it through direct competition to Big Tech in the marketplace

The Senate votes to reverse Biden vaccine mandate for private companies –  Now it heads to the House, where Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to ignore it

Chinese Virologist Says The Communist Regime Targeted Her for Exposing Covid-19 Origin

Anthony Fauci: The Definition of Fully Vaccinated Will Be Changed – “It’s going to be a matter of when not if”

Pfizer and Big Pharma Ramp Up Their Lobbying to Sink a Law Aimed at Protecting Whistleblowers

Union Mandated School Shutdowns Are Having Major Consequences Violence rising and mental health days proliferate, with thousands of kids leaving government schools nationwide

Los Angeles Unified School district likely to lose court fight to impose vaccine mandates – Attorney Nicole Pearson is the hero here for turning this decision around

California Lawmakers, Abortion Proponents Unveil Plan To Create Abortion Sanctuary State

Woke Got What It Wanted—and Then What? – With the collapse of the woke appeal, perhaps we could say, “It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of zealots”

Twitter Blacklists An Account Providing Updates on The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

Biden: Putting American troops on the ground in Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion is “not on the table”

Wall Street Journal CEO Council Summit: Political and Business Leaders Shared Views on Covid, Inflation, China, and Biden’s Social and Climate Bill

Devin Nunes exit from Congress starts Republicans jockeying for the top spot on the House Intelligence Committee

The American Rescue Plan Is The Worst Spending Bill in Decades?

Why I’m celebrating news that a man is breaking women’s swimming records – It’s amazing how many “transgender” men have kept their original biological equipment and are now “lesbians,” rather than real women who like men

Study: People Who Get Johnson & Johnson Vaccine at Elevated Risk of Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Miscarriages and Other Tragic Side Effects of the mRNA Shots – Getting the COVID shot during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is extremely risky

The Kids Aren’t Alright – The surgeon general spells out how the mental health of children has suffered during COVID

The FDA ‘Finds’ Hidden Pfizer Docs and Now Wants 75 YEARS to Release Them –  After what was found in the initial 91 pages, you can hardly blame them

Government Should Have Promoted Vitamin D To Combat The Pandemic – It helps prevent a severe reaction from COVID that result from a “cytokine storm

Regarding Those January 6 defendants – The vast majority (if not all) currently held should be immediately released 

The Great Realignment: Countless More Americans Will Be Moving From Liberal States To Conservative States In 2022

Not Seen Here On The Six O’clock News – Widespread uprisings around the world in response to Covid Vaccine and Lockdown Mandates

Senator Tester To Join Manchin In Striking Down OSHA Vaccine Mandate

CNN’s Don Lemon Allegedly Tipped Off Jussie Smollett During Police Investigation

Will Don Lemon be the next one out the door at CNN?

December 7, 2021

New Fauci Agency COVID Records Reveal Information about NIH Research into the Coronavirus – The grant application appears to describe “gain of function” research involving RNA extractions from bats

The Turn – When I saw the left give up everything I believe in, I changed politically and so can you

Report: The Biden Administration Holding Secret Meetings with Mainstream Media Outlets in Bid to ‘Reshape’ Coverage

Report: Over 120 Ships Waiting to Unload Cargo in California as Supply Chain Crisis Rages

Controversial Biden banking nominee Saule Omarova drops out of contention after a bruising confirmation hearing

WSJ: The House Approves Their $778 Billion Defense Bill – Drop proposal to have women register for selective service

Florida Attorney General Unveils Tools for Reporting Employers Who Violate State Restrictions on Vaccine Mandates

A New Study Shows a 41-FOLD DROP in Pfizer and Moderna Effectiveness Against Omicron While Natural Immunity Shines

Americans must be prepared to publicly resist COVID quarantine camps – The more people that comply, the worse it will get

No Jab, No Food: Canadian Province Imposes New Regulations to Ban Unvaccinated from Grocery Stores

Document: Mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2 Evolution Revealing Vaccine-Resistant Mutations in Europe and America

Attorney Reiner Fuellmich on Nuremberg 2.0: Covid Justice will Not Come via the Courts but by the People Rising Up

California Is AGAIN Named The Worst ‘Judicial Hellhole’ in the U.S.

Los Angeles has turned into “The Purge movie,” a police detective warns

Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors Is Now Blocked Nationwide

WSJ: Voters Are Pessimistic About The Economy and Biden’s Leadership – A WSJ poll  shows Republicans in a strong position, though Democrats have advantages in some policy areas

WSJ: Lawmakers Close In on Debt-Ceiling Deal – The Proposed legislation would enable Democrats to raise the limit in the Senate without Republican support

The Time is Now: Differentiating “Force” from “Choice” Surrounding Covid-19 Mandates

Mark Meadows signals Trump 2024 run – Donald Trump wants his political team to start preparing for a 2024 run

The Sun made a scary claim about China’s container ships – Contending that they are likely to contain missile launching capabilities

China Laughs off Joe Biden’s Olympics Half-Measure – “The diplomats you claim are boycotting the event were never invited”

The Biden administration misses congressional deadline to disclose Afghan airlift details

“Absolute And Unmitigated Liars”: Former DC National Guard Official Says Generals Fabricated January 6th Account

Law Professor John Eastman Explains Why Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Select Committee is Not Legitimate

Tucker uses his bully pulpit to highlight Democrats weaponizing January 6 – While Republican politicians say and do nothing to support the innocents being harassed, persecuted, and prosecuted

200+ Local Newspapers Sue Google and Facebook – Claiming they have monopolized the digital ads market

Norwegian COVID Experts Says Omicron Could Provide “Best Scenario” of “Natural Immunity” – Because the variant is likely to be “both very mild and very transmissible

Who’s the Real Anthony Fauci? – Big Pharma’s infiltration of regulatory and public health agencies goes back more than 100 years

Big Pharma to Reap Massive Revenues at the Expense of Lives as Manufacturers Push for Annual ‘Revaccination’

Surviving Ten Days With COVID In A Hospital That Constantly Pushed Remdesivir – Thank God for my tissue box stuffed with Ivermectin

Silver Lining: Austria’s Upcoming Segregated Society Will Be an Opportunity to Prove The Covid ‘Vaccines’ Don’t Work

Misremembering Pearl Harbor – Setting The Record Straight From What Is Taught In Today’s Woke Schools

80 Brave Men – Have our school children been exposed to the feat of these brave men? NO! Unfortunately

New Swedish Research: mRNA Vax Spike Proteins Have Been Found In The Nucleus Of Cells

The Left-Wing Legacy of the Mainstream Media – Thanks to the creation of the FCC that placed de facto control of the electronic media under the federal government and greatly limited competition

December 6, 2021

Big Tech Will Rage After Donald Trump’s New ‘Truth Social’ Amasses A Colossal War Chest

NY Announces Most Extreme Vaccine Mandate in the US – Forced Unemployment for All Unvaccinated People

LAPD Arrested 14 People for Smash-and-Grab Robberies but Let Them All Go Because of California’s “Zero Bail” System

WSJ: Trump Media & Technology Group Names Devin Nunes as CEO

Trump’s new media platform and Rumble have a distribution deal

The Demonization of Rosanne Boyland Begins – With the lie that this Trump supporter from Georgia died of an accidental drug overdose on January 6

Dr. Robert Malone: 500,000 American COVID patients didn’t have to die – If Fauci and the government health establishment did not undermine effective COVID-19 early treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine

120 Teens Hospitalized, With 3 Dead Following Pfizer Vaccine Rollout for 15- to 17-Year-Olds in Vietnam

‘I Was Treated Like a Criminal,’ Says Woman Detained for 14 Days in Australian Quarantine Camp – She never tested positive for Covid

Melatonin Affects Thrombosis, Sepsis, and COVID Mortality Rate – Can reduce the rate of severe COVID outcomes

WSJ: The DOJ Sues Texas Over Election Map  – Says the Lone Star state’s redistricting discriminates against Latinos

I&I/TIPP Poll Stunner: Just 22% Of Americans Want Joe Biden To Run For President Again

Business economists expect high inflation through 2023 – We are still millions of jobs short from before the pandemic

Sebastian Gorka Predicts Trump Will Run In 2024 Unless Republicans don’t crush the Democrats in the midterm elections

China is looking into building a naval base on Africa’s Atlantic coast in Equatorial Guinea

WSJ: China Increasingly Obscures The True State of Its Economy to Outsiders – New data restrictions make it harder to get details on what’s happening inside the country

Hundreds of mathematicians warn against social justice-based math standards – It could have unintended consequences

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to impose vaccine mandate on private employers, effective December 27th

NY City Mayor Bill de Blasio Expands Vaccine Mandate to Whole Private Sector, Ups Dose Proof to 2 and Adds Kids 5-11

Here We Go Again, COVID 3.0 Fear Pushing – The Great Barrington Declaration recommends an approach called Focused Protection and has been signed by more than 850,000 scientists, physicians, and health professionals

Biden’s Covid-19 Winter Plan Ignores Science –  It’s based on pseudoscientific myths on how the virus works and who is vulnerable

Vax Mandates for Holiday Travelers? – Psaki Makes Chilling Admission on Possible Domestic Travel Restrictions

Dr. Ben Carson nails it on the suppression of existing therapies for COVID – Why do tropical countries in Africa where HCQ and IVM are widely used have such minor death tolls from COVID?

Senator Johnson Is Right About Fauci & AIDS –  Our COVID celebrity doctor doesn’t like reminders that he badly overhyped the transmissibility of AIDS

The Truth About Omicron and Antibody-Dependent Enhancement – Viruses Typically Mutate Into Less Dangerous Variants

Moderna President Warns The Vaccines May Struggle To Protect Against Omicron

Documents reveal the secrecy of America’s drug pricing matrix

The Communist Plan To Overthrow America From Within – Which political party most closely aligns with these un-American objectives

Conservatives build an echo chamber of their own to circumvent an increasingly liberal internet and media ecosystem

Corporate Media’s Systemic Corruption Is Far Worse Than Chris Cuomo’s Coverup For His Brother Andrew

Can You Name Constitutional Clauses That Prohibit Socialism? – Discoveries Everyone Should Know

NY City To Require Full Vaccination To Access Restaurants, Gyms & Entertainment; 5-Year-Olds Need At Least One Shot

Swedish Professors Face Prosecution for Their Study That Shows Migrants Commit More Rapes

Feminists Yawn At Boys Replacing Girls in Sports – University of Pennsylvania trans swimmer, 22, sparks outrage by smashing women’s competition records after competing as a man for three seasons

How Safe Is Your Password? – A twelve-character password with one uppercase letter, one number, and one symbol is almost unbreakable

December 5, 2021

WSJ: Bob Dole, Longtime Senator, and Republican Leader Dies at 98

Mutiny Afoot As Democrats Prepared To Override Biden’s On The Russia Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline

WSJ: The Media Stonewalls on the Steele Dossier – News companies are even more reluctant than other businesses to come clean about their misbehaviors

A Large Invasion Force Is Lining Up Along Ukraine Russia Border – Officials Warn Major European War Only Months Away

Peng Shuai and the Real Goal of CCP Censorship – It’s not just topics and keywords, it’s about destroying social resources

Report: 60 Police Officers Shot and Killed This Year as Ambush Attacks in The U.S. Skyrocket

The CATO Institute Ranks California 48th in Personal and Economic Freedoms in the U.S.

The Omicron Variant Has Been Found in 38 Countries, But Nobody Has Died From It

Graphene Hydroxide in the mRNA Vaccine Vial And The Resulting Assassination of Dr. Andreas Noack

Omicron May Provide Natural Immunity With Mild Symptoms – Symptoms so far resemble a “mild, common cold”

Why are the vaccinated more likely to get COVID and die? – Where is Government data showing vaccinations are safe?

Why did Gavin Newsom’s family take a vacation in Cabo, Mexico? – The Cabo Stem Cell Center is located just 1.7 miles from La Datcha, where they stayed

The Census Bureaus appalling information about the American family – The nuclear family, if not dead, is on life support

Trump Is Right! Joint Chiefs of Staff  Chairman Mark Milley Is, In Fact, a Fucking Idiot

CNN Fires Chris Cuomo After Probe Into His Efforts to Help His Brother Andrew Cuomo

January 6 Committee Chairman: Any defendants using their Fifth Amendment right will be taken as an admission of guilt

IRS data show Trump tax cuts favored middle and lower-income Americans the most — unlike Biden’s plan

Justice Kagan Should Recuse Herself From The Dobbs V. Jackson Case Because Of Previous Efforts Supporting Partial-Birth Abortion

Obama-Appointed Judge Orders Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Other Attorneys to Pay $175,000 over disputed 2020 Michigan elections

Yale Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch: COVID-19 a Pandemic of Fear ‘Manufactured’ by Authorities

Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay Reveals ‘Massive Danger Signal’ Being Ignored About Covid Jabs – Will cross-react with syncytin in ways that may impair fertility and reproductive outcomes

Introduction Section of “The Real Anthony Fauci” Book

WSJ: The Omicron Variant May Cause Less Severe Cases of Covid-19 A Small South African Study Finds

Six Takeaways On The Omicron Variant – We should celebrate new variants as each successive one will be less lethal

Top 8 Most COMMON and SERIOUS Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines By System Organ Classes And Event

Sharyl Attkisson: Covid-19 natural immunity compared to vaccine-induced immunity: The definitive summary

December 4, 2021

Red states dominate the index of fiscal, regulatory, and personal freedoms, while blue states are the least free

The world is becoming more dangerous under Joe Biden – Because hostile actors sense weakness and opportunity

Crime Reform Is Here, Do You Feel Safer? – Democrat office-holders surely can’t be feeling safer

The Incredible shrinking Democrats – America is in the early stages of what could be a major political shift

Immigration Isn’t the Issue, National Identity – Dilution of national identity makes immigration different from most public-policy matters

The Biden Infrastructure Bill Includes Passive Monitoring Vehicle “Kill Switch” Mandates For Automakers

2021 Was the Year of Vindication for Trump – One by one, the lies of the past five years are being exposed

Trump’s social media startup received a commitment of $1 billion from an unidentified ‘diverse group’ of investors

Ethics Experts Alarmed By Nearly 100% Decrease In Clinton Foundation Donations Since $250 Million Peak In 2009

US Companies Are “Hostages” To China – Heads of U.S. corporations don’t dare to criticize the CCP even in private

Nobody in My Home Died from Covid and That Should Make You Angry – Because my family members were all treated using drugs and methods available and known to us since almost the very start of the pandemic

No Jab No Food Mandates Land Quietly in Canada

Australia Is Our “Canary in the Coal Mine” – An advanced version of what is happening in America (and around the World)

Australia Is A Clinical Trial For The New Marxism

The First Thing The Nazis Did Was To Outlaw Citizens Guns – Freedom Is Always Won By The Few Against The Many

The CDC Tightens COVID Testing Requirement to Enter The U.S. On December 6th

The Omicron Variant Has Been Detected in 11 States With Many Cases Among Vaccinated

Why You Can’t Find Cheap At-Home COVID-19 Tests  – Cheap tests are easily available overseas yet Americans are left with few options due to FDA resource issues

The 6th Circuit Court Rules The Against Biden Administration Request For Transfer in OSHA Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit

Actor Nick Searcy on Jan 6: FBI’s Use of Armored Vehicles to Arrest Protesters in Homes Is ‘Terror Campaign’

An Obituary For Russiagate – The Steele dossier exposed as a Nixonesque “dirty trick” authorized and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign

LAT: Brutal, brazen crimes shake Los Angeles, leaving the city at a crossroads after moving to wealthy communities

Soros’ Network of Woke DA’s: He gave Chicago’s Kim Foxx $2M and Philly’s DA, where murder has doubled, got $1.7M

Migrants from all over the world cross our southern border in record numbers

Republicans betray their voters, again, this time in the Senate

Top takeaways from week one of Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial

Signs That Our Government Anticipates Sustained Inflation – Americans know that inflation poses a very significant threat to their long term financial wellbeing

Trump Responds to Reports Melania Won’t Return to The White House If He Wins In 2024 – It’s Fake News

Roger Stone Reveals to Tucker Carlson How the Secret Service Tried to Set Him Up on January 6

The Communist Plan To Overthrow America From Within – Via 45 communist goals read into the Congressional Record

Japan warns of myocarditis and pericarditis health issues related to the mRNA COVID vaccines

New York City Mandates COVID-19 Vaccines for Religious, Private School Workers

Pfizer’s Unconscionable Crimes, Past and Present – Sued in multiple venues over unethical drug testing, illegal marketing practices, bribery in multiple countries, environmental violations, etc.

A Federal Judge Strikes Down The DOD Claim That Pfizer’s EUA ‘Vaccine’ and Comirnaty Are ‘Interchangeable’

WHO: Nobody has yet died from the Omicron variant despite the new Covid strain being spotted in 38 countries

Fury Is Rising – The Ongoing Promotion Of COVID Panic Is About To Backfire

An Investigation In Spain Finds Vaccine Passports Have No Impact On Covid Infection Rates

Australia’s Covid Quarantine Camps – Hidden Cameras Expose Tyranny


December 3, 2021

Congressman Norman Introduces Bill to Force FDA to Release Pfizer Documents Within 100 Days, Instead of 55 Years

Data Scientist Tells RFK, Jr. VAERS Is Telling a Very Frightening Story – Also, children are being inappropriately injected

Two 15-year-olds, illegally vaccinated before the EUA died of cardiac issues within days – Pay Attention

Rasmussen Report on COVID-19: Voters Worry About Vaccine Side Effects and Oppose Federal Mandates

Will a new indoor mask mandate in Oregon become permanent?

Trump Makes Huge Gains Among Key Demographics, Democrats Are Now Scrambling for 2022

Compulsory Schooling Laws Under Scrutiny in Michigan Following Deadly Tragedy – Their history says a lot about their true purpose

Truckers in U.S. and Canada Warn The Supply Chain Crisis To Get Worse Over The Vax Mandate

Citizens Continue To Exit High-Tax US States An Move To Low or No Tax States

It’s Not The Filibuster’s Fault We Have ‘Gridlock – Senators care more about protecting themselves and their colleagues from unpredictable, inconvenient floor votes than they do about passing legislation

Alumni Are Now Withholding Donations Over Too Much Censorship On Campus – To get colleges to enforce free speech

Is Romney Worried Trump May Win In 2024 – Tells Democrats How They Can Stop His Agenda

What Do They Know? – Insiders Are Dumping Stocks At The Fastest Pace In History

Financial Times Report: Surging Fuel Prices Hurt Poorer Americans the Most

John Eastman’s Lawyers Destroys the Jan 6 Committee and Its Subpoenas – You’re going to want to read this letter in full

America Is One State Away From Constitutional Reform

It’s High Time For Congressional Reform – An excellent list of items that will never happen, but should

Disaster: U.S. Economy Added Just 210,000 Jobs in November – Missing Expectations by 300,000+

U.S. Space Academies Prioritize ‘Diversity’ And ‘Inclusion’ While China Prepares To Eclipse the U.S. In Space

L.A. Arrests 14 for ‘Mass Looting,’ but Lets All of Them Go – Either with or without posting bail

Children are the Faultline in the Covid Vaccine Narrative that Exposes the Fraud – It is widely known that healthy children are at virtually zero risk of severe outcomes from the Coronavirus

The madness stops only when Fauci is stopped – He is the linchpin to the whole “COVID forever” enterprise

Officials Refuse to Reveal Where Omicron Patient Connected En Route to the U.S.

Sharyl Attkisson: According To The CDC The Second U.S. person diagnosed with Covid Omicron was also vaccinated

A New Stunningly Accurate Prediction Model Counters Omicron Hysteria – Worth remembering is that all the current COVID vaccines were designed to address the earliest COVID virus molecule

Do Covid Injections Compromise Natural Immunity? – They could be compromising our broad-spectrum innate immunity at least to some degree

Nevada Is First State to Impose a Surcharge on Unvaccinated Workers – The penalty takes effect in the middle of next year

The State of Oklahoma Is Suing The Biden Administration Over Its National Guard Vaccine Mandate

Sharyl Attkisson: The CDC discloses an alarming increase in US autism numbers – 1 in 44 8-year-olds have autism or a related disorder

Can We All Agree That The Medical Establishment Has Killed 500,000+ Americans?

Sharyl Attkisson: Orwellian Facebook censorship strikes again

Why the Supreme Court Should Return Abortion to the States – SCOTUS comes up with decisions all the time that aren’t directly grounded in the Constitution

The Job Market’s Booming Demand for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Specialists

December 2, 2021

How Does Pfizer’s New Paxlovid Compare With Ivermectin?

The U.S. to Lead A Global Effort to Curb Authoritarians’ Access to Surveillance Tools

DISASTER: Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Languishes at Dismal 36% in New Trafalgar Poll

Will the Public Finally See What Happened in the Capitol Tunnel? – Surveillance footage will make alleged police abuse at Lafayette Square look like a day in the (federal) park

Supreme Court Justice Thomas Sinks A Pro-Abortion Lawyers with One Simple Question

Why Overturning Roe v. Wade Does Not Impinge on Stare Decisis – Laws should not stand that were politically and cynically motivated  in the first place

As Australians Seek Compensation for Vaccine Injuries Under A New Plan, Here’s a Look at COVID Vaccine Liability Laws Around the World

“The COVID-19 Vaccines DO NOT Prevent Transmission of the Disease” – Judge Doughty’s Ruling Destroys Biden’s Vax Mandates

A Call For Global Covid-Related Murder Trials – For those responsible for Covid-19 VAX mandates

mRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone: “Fundamentally evil COVID policies are harming children”

Pelosi Suffers Extreme 54-Second Cognitive Failure on Live TV

Tucker Carlson: It’s not surprising Jussie Smollett pushed his hoax as far as he could – They changed the definition of hate crime

Four senior staffers have reportedly abandoned Vice President Kamala Harris in less than one month

CA’s Golden Opportunities for Criminals – California gives criminals strong legal incentives to practice their trade

A Beloved High School Football Player Dies After Trying to Save Classmates from Shooter At Oxford High School in Michigan

Texas Law Enforcement Reveals Scope of the Border Crisis – In one week, 22,651 illegal aliens from 40 countries were apprehended

The US and Mexico to announce a deal reinstating The Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

Refugees from Communist Countries Are Our ‘Canaries In The Coal Mine’ – What they have to say is very revealing

The Frogs Have Begun Fleeing the Government’s Boiling Pot – Authoritarianism has taken root in America

California’s Crime Epidemic – State Democrats seem incapable of dealing with an increasingly brazen crime spree

Dr. Fauci’s got some explaining to do – Why anyone would listen to, let alone obey Fauci, given his track record

Omicron Shows It’s Time to Move On from COVID Restrictions – People should live not as if they are one variant or booster away from the end, but as if COVID-19 is here forever

Outgoing Chancellor Merkel Announces Restrictions on The Unvaccinated – Vote Coming on Making Jabs Compulsory

The Chinafication of Europe: European Commission President Von Der Leyen Hints at a Bloc-Wide Vaccine Mandate

How Can the Big Pharma Agenda Survive Three Ultra-VAXXED Countries Spiking on the Same Day?

U.S. District Judge Van Tatenhove Judge strikes Biden’s vax mandate — But not for the reason you might think

Tucker Carlson discloses the Democrats’ weaponization of the omicron variant – We’re swiftly going down the path we’ve seen in parts of Australia

Biden to Toughen Testing for International Travelers to Slow Omicron –  He will also extend a mask mandate on airplanes and other public transportation

Evidence That They Knew Covid Jabs Would Kill Thousands – Meanwhile, the drug companies are making a fortune

WHO: “No Evidence” Booster Jabs Offer “Greater Protection” to the Healthy, Challenging UK decision to offer a 3rd jab

A Vaccine Passport Microchip Can Now Be Embedded In Your Hand – Leading to two classes of people, with those willingly conforming is being granted many “privileges” that the other group is being denied

Germany Falls Completely To Davos – Supporting full evolution of the EU into a transnational bureaucratic superstate

Oil Crashes After OPEC+ To Proceed With A Planned 400Kb/d Output Hike As A Result Of A Russia Proposal

House Democrats reached a spending deal to fund the government through Feb. 18 that avoids a shutdown on Friday

December 1, 2021

Research Game-changer: Covid Vaccine Spike Proteins Increases Heart Attacks and Destroy Immune ​System

The Next Step for the Parents’ Movement: Curriculum Transparency – Parents have a right to know what’s being taught in school to their children

Joe Biden Confirmed To Be Suffering From Dementia

CNN, ABC, and more than a dozen media companies file legal brief JOINING Steve Bannon

Somehow, The Record of Waukesha massacre suspect’s $1,000 bail hearing missing due to supposed technical issues

Is The ‘Lockdown, Vax And Mask’ COVID Cult Finished? – Biden should consider the many large protests in Europe

Jeffrey Epstein’s Pilot Drops Names of Who Flew on Jet, Including 2 Presidents and a Prince – But That’s Not All

Sharyl Attkisson: The First case of US COVID Omicron is in someone who is fully vaccinated

Ignore the Latest Nonsense About ‘Variants’ – Stay Focused on Dangers of COVID Shots

An FDA Panel Recommends The Merck COVID Pill, Despite Having More Questions Than Answers

The 80 House Republicans Who Voted With Democrats To Create a National Vaccination Database

Justice Kavanaugh Just Dismantled Roe v. Wade With A Historic Argument

The cracks are showing in Roe v. Wade – Oral arguments before SCOTUS in Dobbs v. Jackson give hope to pro-lifers

The ‘Stench’ of Abortion Politics – Contrary to what Sonia Sotomayor says, it comes from bad jurisprudence, not challenges to it

Energy Secretary Says CA Could Save Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant – Willing to keep it open in a push for clean energy

Is CA’s gun magazine law headed to SCOTUS? – The High Court has become increasingly critical of restrictive gun laws

The Biden Administration Is Losing Ground to China – It is ill-equipped to handle its improvements in hypersonic missiles

China’s Attempt To Disappear Tennis Star Peng Shuai Fails –  If Not For Massive World Outcry and the WTA’s courage we probably would never see Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai again

Live Updates: Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court Oral Arguments

The Conservative majority in the Supreme Court abortion hearing raised substantial doubts about the jurisprudence behind the 1973 case establishing abortion rights in the United States, Roe v. Wade

How The FBI Raid On Project Veritas Helped Protect The NYT –  Another episode in a long history of the FBI and New York Times wildly abusing their power

Ronald Reagan comes in first and Joe Biden last on America’s most favored recent presidents list

The COVID Vaccine Failure – A chronology of half-truths and deceptions

Conservatives in Congress Plan Drastic Move to Thwart Biden’s Vaccine Mandate – Use of procedural mechanisms that would force a government shutdown as a means of blocking any money that would be used to enforce the mandate

Republicans threaten to shut down the government over vaccine mandates

Thanks to the Omicron variant, the Biden administration has draconian plans – US officials are debating a proposal requiring all travelers, including U.S. citizens, to self-quarantine for seven days, even if their test results are negative

Joe Biden Clings to Dr. Anthony Fauci on Omicron Variant Despite Growing Controversy About Its Severity

A Historic Number of Workers Quit Their Jobs to Start Businesses Of Their Own Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID Con is The ’76 Swine Flu Fiasco on Steroids – A 1979 60 Minutes segment brings back haunting memories

U.S. District Judge Gregory Van Tatenhove Blocks Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds CA’s Ban on ‘High-Capacity Firearm Magazines’ – Dissenting judges suggest the Supreme Court needs to take this case

How the Courts and Government Bureaucracy Destroy the Constitution

Having attacked the trucking industry, California now has a new target,  – Ships that dock at California ports

US Manufacturing Slumps To Weakest Since 2020 As ‘Cost Inflation’ Hits Record High

Is A Stock Market Crash Like We Experience Back In 2000 Possible?

Covid Lockdowns Prevented as Many as 740,000 Urgent Cancer Care Referrals – Medics warn of “biggest catastrophe ever”

A Senior Cardiologist Warns Study Linking COVID Vaccines To Massive Increase In Heart Attacks Is Being Ignored

The CDC is preparing tougher testing rules for international travelers

Republican Senators sound an alarm over dangerous pathogen research at Washington State University

Bidenflation: Home Construction Spending Slumps Despite The House Shortage That Is Pushing Prices Sky High

A Fight Over Putin’s Pipeline Consumes Congress

Will Smallpox Be the Next ‘Lab Leak’? – Human error is 100 times more likely to cause an accidental release of a dangerous pathogen than any kind of mechanical failure

The Woke Salvation Army Surrendered Without a Fight – They now think it’s OK to view people through the lens of “race”

The superintendent of Detroit Public Schools defends critical race theory and says it’s embedded in their curriculum

Emails: Hunter Biden Is ‘True Sheikh of Washington’ – According to a former British SAS officer allied closely with the CCP

Kamala Stopped The FBI From Monitoring Black Supremacists Like Waukesha Killer – The Waukesha killer’s allies are sitting in the White House

Meryl Streep Recently Headlined Chinese Communist Event – The CPAFFC has been dubbed the “public face” of the United Front Work Department

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