#COVID-19 Cases and Deaths to Population

It has been clear for some time that the #CCCP hid the Person to Person Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak for as long as possible with the assistance of the World Health Organization.

Also, we know that China has vastly under-reported related infections and deaths while spreading propaganda to hide the truth.

I decided to do a quick analysis of reported #COVID-19 cases compared to population and deaths to see what has happened in many countries. It is important to realize that reporting is not totally accurate because:

  • Countries such as China and most likely Russie are under-reporting their numbers.
  • Policies in the US reward hospitals for over-reporting of #COVID-19 related deaths by providing higher compensation rates for these deaths compared to compensation for similar treatments not related to Coronavirus.

The table below was created using these sources:

Supporting Links to relevant stories can be found below the chart.

Links to relevant stories can be found below:


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