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Construction Of Panic For World Governance

I was recently alerted to an excellent piece of work titled, Construction Of Panic For World Governance” that addresses how COVID-19 is being used to promote fear worldwide in order to exert control over us for political and other purposes.

The forward to the book should entice you to click on the link that follows it and gain free access to the book by Germán Sarlangue.


One morning we woke up to the news that linked a bat to a virus in distant China. “Mao’s famine customs”, someone ventured. “Ancient customs,” said another.

After that, the media spoke of nothing else.

Conjectures began to appear; “The USA started this to kill the Chinese”, “It´s the laboratories”, “The Chinese want to dominate the world.” While we kept on guessing about “weird conspiracies”, the media kept talking over.

First China, then Italy, immediately followed by Spain, France, England, the USA, and Latin America …

Preventative measures started to appear: no more trips abroad, stay at home orders, alcohol gel, then the facemasks. If there´s a virus, we have to rush to buy toilet paper! Let´s stock up on food! Look at “so-and-so”, he´s breaking the quarantine, let´s report him! CHAOS. TERROR. PANIC.

Some people began to notice strange movements: the same government provides the phone number for complaints. The keyword says, “they are widening the gap”.

Memes began to appear, watering down and distracting everyone. – It´s all a “joke”- they said. Only a few wondered where these memes came from.

The “quarantine” was extended … This is no longer a joke. The economy enters into unpredictable chaos.
Meanwhile, the media started reporting the number of infected. Who? Where? and if there were probably any “celebrities”. They shined the spotlight on the brother-in-law of Pampita´s husband”, (sic) whoever is he?

No responsible journalist close to the investigation asked what was going on.

As informal as networks can be, other points of view begin to appear: “China hid the facts and exported the Coronavirus”; “Bill Gates has to do with it”; “Soros worried” (sic); “Chinda Brandolino warns us that they are taking us for a ride”; “Obama spoke about it a long time ago”. In Italy, someone speaks of “abuse of power”, of “what was already known back in December.”

Information coming from all over spreads through the news with little coordination, leaving a lot of loose ends.

Today the work of Germán Sarlangue, an Argentinian anchored in Paris,  goes beyond just being concerned about it, and has used the quarantine to take it on himself to tie these loose ends together.

What did he do? Exactly what those “in charge” DO NOT want us to do: use our rationality, the condition which defines human beings.

Enough of unnecessary “memes” and count the number of deaths today. Enough of panic. Let´s get out of our freeze response! That is what they want! Who? The same ones as always, those who hold the real power.

We won´t fall into the other panic response: despair. Not knowing what to do; you cannot fight this… No, because we have “hope above all hope”. “In Him who has overcome death”. As Castellani once said: “The watchword is not to win, but to not be beaten”.

For this purpose, only, here is the contribution of a friend who is making use of the condition which characterizes humankind: Reason.

Is this Sarlangue´s task? It sure is! The problem is the repercussion that the cry of an ordinary citizen like him can have. In all areas of socio-political life, this would be a function of “those who rule”. However, these are conspicuous by their absence.

Political authorities do not want to make waves or be left out of the world to come. To do this, they compromise with anyone, even with the enemy they claim to fight.

Social authorities… – there are several sectors that fall into this habit of differentiating ourselves. From their place, they do not want to cause problems or be outside of the “politically correct” position, so they rush to “render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s”. They need to render “unto God the things which are Gods.”

Of course, that is why they need to use their “logic” … and their hearts…

Thank you.

Click here for free access to Construction Of Panic For World Governance”

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