August 2020 Political Article Reference List

Updated Daily: Below you will find links to primarily conservative-leaning articles or blog posts that I have read and found insightful or interesting.

If you take the time to read some of them it should open your eyes to the reality of  the #DeepState,” #MediaBias and #FakeNews, the #Progressive Movement, and what Trump faces daily in his quest to #MAGA.” Think of it as working on a large puzzle, as you read more and more about what is going on, things begin to fall into place and you can see the big picture, hopefully. (Article links updated or added since the previous update are underlined.)

August 31, 2020

California Attorney Says Governor Newsom is Deliberately Using Bad Data to Keep State in Lockdown

President Trump: I Don’t Want My Supporters Confronting Protesters

Joe Biden: The Violent Riots Will Continue Unless You Vote Democrat

How ‘Flatten the Curve’ Turned into ‘Shut Down Forever’ in California

Which Will Kill Off California’s Remaining Businesses First: Riots or Governor’s Latest Reopening Rules Change?

Oregon Sheriffs Defy Liberal Governor order to Send Deputies to Portland to be Attacked by Protesters and Harassed by the Courts!

FBI-Chicago warns that gang cabal may be targeting Chicago PD officers

Four Young Leftists Sentenced After Hurling Chlorine Bomb at Officer, Nearly Killing Him and Detonating 7 Other Bombs

AOC Inadvertently Makes Kamala Harris’ ‘Birthright Citizenship’ an Issue

Limbaugh: 5 Reasons I Know That Democrat Internal Polling Changed Radically

California Governor Newsom Takes Trump’s Advice: Agrees to $1 billion Forest Management Plan to Prevent Wildfires

California Lawmakers Approve Racial Quotas for Corporate Boards

Kyle Rittenhouse Legal Defense Funds Have Raised Over $900,000

Joe Biden Attempts to Speak Complete Sentences With Mixed Results

Protests erupt in Southern Los Angeles after Black man with a semiautomatic handgun killed by deputies, report says

California’s Property-Tax Holy War

Delta and American Airlines join United and drop fee to change tickets for flights

It seems that the Wuhan virus’s risks have been grossly exaggerated – As more and, more are realizing

‘Hinder our healing’: Wisconsin governor urges Trump to reconsider Kenosha visit

Obama’s Monster Has Escaped the Lab, Now What?

Don Trump Jr.: Biden’s mental flubs ‘should scare us,’ because it means ‘Kamala Harris will be in charge’

One Statistic Should Frighten The Democrats More Than Any Other

Are Democrats Trying to Spark a Violent Revolution—or Just Accidentally Doing It?

Meet The Rioting Criminals Kamala Harris Helped Bail Out Of Jail

The Face Of The Democratic Party Isn’t Joe Biden, It’s The Raging Mob

Kenosha Police Reveal How Many of Those Arrested Weren’t From City

The Conventions Proved Only The GOP Will Stand Up Against Civil Unrest

Why Kenosha Police Officers’ Use Of Force On Jacob Blake Was Justified

How mail-in ballots threaten democracy

Dr. Fauci’s Hydroxychloroquine Denial

Polls: Trump Rising, BLM Imploding – Voters have grown tired of the protests, and not a moment too soon

The American Economy Is Already Too Far Left for Comfort — or Prosperity

University removes statues of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin

Can Trump Win Minnesota? – Riots in urban Democrat strongholds are hurting Biden

The Anti-Federalists Were Not Anti-Nationalists As Ofir Haivry and Yoram Hazony Claim

Who is Behind the 1619 Project?

Economic Collapse Is Imminent If We Can’t Stop Our Deficit Spending Spree

Amazon wins FAA approval for Prime Air drone delivery fleet

August 30, 2020

Governor Evers Asks Trump Not to Visit Kenosha……….. What’s Left of It

Democracy Institue Poll: Trump Leads Biden Nationally and Key Battlegrounds

How long will Democrats pretend the chaos in Portland is normal?

How LA County Is Retaliating Against Grace Community Church

The New Normal Ain’t So Grand – Americans won’t get used to looting and mayhem on behalf of dubious social causes

BLM ‘activists’ celebrated as Trump supporter was killed

Cultural Suicide Is Painless – People are fleeing to the countryside to preserve what they can, while cities self-destruct

Kenosha Black Lives Matter Speaker Calls for Retaliation Killings Against Whites

CRIMESuspect in Murder of Trump Supporter: “I’m 100% Antifa All the Way”

Goodbye, Blue America – And For Good Reasons

EXCLUSIVE POLL — Trump handed a huge boost as Biden makes a major mistake…

The CDC Now Says 94% of COVID Deaths Had an Underlying Condition

The WHO’s is on First with Joe Biden – “White coat supremacy” meets watermelon environmentalism

Kenosha Shooter’s Legal Team Releases Statement in His Defense – Here’s What It Says

John Ratcliffe says he is coordinating with John Durham and plans to declassify more documents soon

America wanted to see the Republicans, not talking heads or the Democrats

The Media hope to gain a November victory for Democrats through fear

DC BLM Terrorist: ‘Put Police In Graves, Burn The White House Down, Take It To Senators… Burn Them Down’

1 Dead after a 600-Vehicle Trump Parade Drives Through Portland

NYT: Portland Homicide Victim Had a ‘Patriot Prayer’ Hat And Side-Bag With a “Blue Lives Matter” Style Flag

Trump Demands Wheeler Ask for Guard After Antifa Counter-Protester Murdered In Portland

Corporate Media Didn’t Report What It’s Really Like In Kenosha, Wisconsin, So I Will

Kyle Rittenhouse and The Law of the Pursuer – One Who Pursues with the objective of causing death or serious injury

New research suggests asymptomatic COVID-19 spread is comparatively rare

Is Feudalism Our Future? – Beware The Tyranny Of The Deep State

While California chases climate change chimeras, danger looms

The FDA Commissioner Says He Is Willing To Fast-Track The COVID-19 Vaccine

Don’t Believe the Lies: Church Services, Done Correctly, Are Safe – Zero infections from one million distanced Masses

California Moves to Consider Reparations for Slavery

A cautionary warning about Chief Justice Roberts – If the past is prologue, now fast forward to his political behavior

Pelosi and AOC’s Primary Catfight – The squabble over Massachusetts endorsements is a symptom of a larger issue

August 29, 2020

Breaking Down the Global Elite’s ‘Great Reset’ Master Plan

FLASHBACK: Democrat Leaders Have Encouraged Political Violence, Beginning With Barack Obama

SHOCK REPORT: This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – The Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses

Oops: It Looks Like the Vast Majority of Positive COVID Results Should Have Been Negative

A New Study Argues COVID Herd Immunity May Have Already Been Reached in Some Regions of the US

Biden tells National Guard: I’ll never use the military as ‘a prop’

The Democrats’ Newest Strategist  – “Looting represents a material way that riots and protests help the community”

House Bill Seeks To Block Rioters from Receiving COVID-Related Unemployment Benefits

What’s Up with Joe? Biden Stares Off-Camera, Struggles To Make It Through a Scripted Softball Interview

Democrat Death Rattle – We are told to believe Joe Biden is the next president of the United States: C’mon, man

UPDATE: What happened in the case of retired cop murdered on video in St. Louis during riots and looting?

The AB 5 Uber Decision and Proposition 22

Confessions of a voter fraud perpetrator: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots on a large scale

Black Assimilation Is The Great Threat To Democrats

Fox News Breaks Ratings Record with their 4th Night of GOP Convention Coverage

Schiff And Pelosi Are Livid After The Intel Community Ditches ‘Manipulated’ Election Briefings For Written Updates

An Ohio county tells a story of the seismic shift of working-class voters toward GOP

Jacob Blake had a warrant out for sexual assault in lead-up to shooting, the complaint says

Kamala goes on the record and puts a gun to our heads

FNC’s Tucker Carlson: For the First Time Since Coronavirus Arrived Trump Seems Likely to Win Reelection

Rand Paul Wife Kelley on ‘Bloodthirsty’ DC Mob: ‘I Really Felt That We Were Going to Lose Our Lives

Businesses Flee From Portland, Citing Failure of Local Government to Protect Against Riots

President Trump in New Hampshire: I Might Invoke the Insurrection Act to Put Down These Leftist Thugs

On contentious police shootings, the truth will come out…………………eventually

Kenosha police union gives its account of Jacob Blake shooting

America Assaulted for 88 Days, and Joe Biden Said Nothing — He Believes She Had It Coming

Minnesota Democrat Mayors Endorse Donald Trump: Biden Did ‘Nothing’ for Working Class

Newt Gingrich: Trump speech, convention sets the stage for this in November

Facts are emerging on the Jacob Blake shooting that contradict the narrative that sparked the riots

A VERY disturbing video from NYC…Cops Told To Show Restraint And Criminals No It!

The savage immaturity of the left and their proxies in the streets


A whistleblower emerges at a federal-funded nuclear weapons lab because of mandatory anti-white training sessions

Is Black Lives Matter Putting its Fiscal Sponsors’ Tax Exemptions at Risk?

August 28, 2020

Victor Davis Hanson: The cowards of ‘cancel culture’

This Is Why Jacob Blake Had A Warrant Out For His Arrest

C-SPAN Had So Many Democrats Calling In With Support For Trump That They Had To Change Their Protocol

Trump Is In For The Win – The only chief executive whose second term will be more successful than his first

A Tyranny Perpetual and Universal? – Is the leftist dream now within reach? If President Trump loses, we will find out

Virginia Democrats Move Closer to Removing Penalties for Assaulting Police If No Bodily Harm Resulted From Assault

Final Day Four of the Republican Convention: Wow! – The GOP wins the battle of the conventions, hands down

Trump campaign rakes in $76 million during the RNC Convention – With 147.9 million views across television and online

Biden: Soft on Criminals, Hard on the Police –  In his America, criminals, not cops, would rule the streets

The Power of Big Tech Is Greater Than Ever

Iowa judge’s ruling hands Trump campaign early win on mail-in ballots

Media Attack Trump’s 3-Year-Old Grandson Over Legos Whitehouse Replica

The Recall Governor Newsom Campaign is at a Crossroads

Boycotting Themselves Out of Business? – Skipping games for politics, pro athletes alienate fans and crater their industry

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: A Message for LeBron James

Soros Funded DA: Officers Should Determine If Looters “Needed” Stolen Merchandise Before Charging Them

Protest Violence and the See-No-Evil Media

Kyle Rittenhouse Worked As Lifeguard In Kenosha On Day Of Shooting, Cleaned Graffiti Off Local School After Work

Game-Changing Video of Kenosha Shooting Turns Tables on Accusers, Has NYT Admitting There Was Another Gunman

News From the Front — And No-Shows on the Field – Both players and viewers are now giving up on sports

Trump Lit Up The Skies (And The Right) While The Streets Raged — And Remade Conventions Forever

The Republican convention ended on a high note – Literally

Republicans Stole the Show – Democrats were doom and gloom, while Republicans responded with inspiration and class

Trump Touts Achievements and Lays Out Ambitious Vision for Future

The Collapse of the Democrat Brand

The Michael Flynn Saga Reveals Democrats’ Near-Coup Use Of Federal Power

Joe Biden, Union Buster – His proposals would eliminate large numbers of union jobs in manufacturing

An Antifa ‘Riot Kitchen’ gets busted

A Brief History of Antifa

Trump goes scorched earth in RNC 2020 acceptance speech

The White House and DC last night: A Contrast between Law and Lawlessness – I have never in one night been both so proud of my country and so ashamed of it

Trump Sells A Story Of American Redemption – With a country in crisis, he talked of comeback and renewal

According To Pelosi – Now Republicans are Enemies of the State

The Democrats Are Now Facing the Inferno They Created


Fox News Drifts Further to Port

CNN: The Worst TV Network Ever – If you thought they couldn’t get worse, their Kenosha coverage will prove you wrong

Biden Supporters and BLM Thugs Harass Trump Supporters Outside The White House Gate — Scream Nazi, Racist

Chaos Erupts In DC After GOP Convention; Rand Paul And Wife Chased Down Street By BLM Protesters

Does Kyle Rittenhouse Have a Self-Defense Claim?

Rand Paul calls for FBI arrests, an investigation into the ‘mob’ he believes ‘would have killed us,’ if not for DC police

Chaos v. Order on the Ballot … Again Even Kenosha’s rioters called for the cops when things went too far

Black Lives Matter Mob Swarms Home of Seattle Police Officers Guild President

More Proof that ‘Progressive’ Wealth Taxes Hurt Average Americans

Now that the CDC has declared mass COVID testing unnecessary, Democrats say ‘don’t trust the experts’

he House Foreign Affairs Committee is working on a resolution to hold Pompeo in contempt of Congress

August 27, 2020

Soros Funded DA Diana Becton Requires Officers Consider Whether a Looter “Needed” Stolen Goods Before Charging

White House Announces $750M deal for Abbott Labs’ COVID-19 rapid test

The FDA Authorizes A Near-Instant COVID Test That Only Costs $5

As Trump Readies RNC Speech, Agitators Make Unthinkable Threat Outside The White House

Will Trump’s Long Courtship of Black Voters Work? – If so, it will mark Donald Trump’s greatest political achievement

So Who Exactly ‘Cozied Up’ to Russia, Joe? – Democrats point one finger, but three fingers point right back

Trump’s strong Republican Convention speech increases his reelection chances

Elise Stefanik: Biden speaking out on violence after months of silence is ‘too little too late’

Nancy Pelosi advocates for Joe Biden to not debate Trump because it would legitimize his position as President

Marxist Activist Angela Davis to Director Ava DuVernay: ‘Demonstrations Are ‘Rehearsals for Revolution”

Ex-Democrat Congressman Backs POTUS: Trump Made Me Feel More Welcome Than Pelosi Ever Did

As Sports Media Cheers On Athlete Boycotts, Fans Will Walk Away

The Fools of Kenosha

The Top 12 Lines of Mike Pence’s Republican National Convention Speech

6 Quick Takeaways From The Third Night Of The Republican National Convention

FNC’s Carlson on Chaos: ‘This Is Not a Race War — This Is a Class War’

Joe Biden put on the defense with the resurgence of racial confrontations and violence

Homeland Security Secretary Says Antifa ‘Absolutely’ Meets The Definition Of A Domestic Terrorist Group

What Is the Violence in American Cities All About? – The point of the mob is to destroy what it cannot create

There’s a sinister pattern to those deaths leftists use to justify riots – Two Narratives: The Videos vs. The Facts

What Is the Violence in American Cities All About?

People are making a huge mistake about the Kenosha shooting

Police Recover Weapon From Vehicle Of Kenosha Shooting Victim Jacob Blake

Minneapolis Is Under Curfew And State of Emergency After Looting and Unrest

The Five Reasons Trump Is Going to Crush Biden

Lefties are trying to get Tucker Carlson fired over Kenosha commentary

Crime Skyrocketing As Portland Police Can No Longer Respond To Calls Amid Fatigue, Record Retirements……….

What really happened with those Kenosha shootings?

In Kenosha, The Seeds of Civil War – Antifa rioters reap a bitter harvest in a once-placid Wisconsin town

CNN reports on “Mostly Peaceful” Protests as Fires Rage and Shots are Fired in the Background

The Waking of the Sleeping Giant

The Jobs Can Come Back – Automation and offshoring are no impediment to building things in America

Former Attorney General Bondi exposes Biden’s grifter family — including degenerate brother James…

Day Three of the Republican Convention: One Week of Honesty on TV Every Four Years

California’s First Experiment without Police – Vigilante justice and the mob are no substitute for police and courts of law

On Bated Breath for Barr’s Big Break

Biden’s Housing Plan Doubles Down on Decades of Failed Government Policy

I Just Went Back To School In Person. It’s Not Scary

August 26, 2020

3 Key Points in Newly Released FBI Documents on Foreign Bid to Influence Clinton Campaign

25 Things President Trump Can Say to Drive the Left (Even More) Nuts

Watch the best speeches from the RNC’s third night!

POLICE: Kenosha Man Jacob Blake Had Weapon On Car Floorboard Before Being Shot

Riots, Looting Break Out In Minneapolis After Murder Suspect Commits Suicide

On Kenosha, DHS Secretary Wolf Says ‘Fault Lies’ With Local Leaders, Individuals Have Right To Protect Themselves

Report: Biden Campaign Worried Trump Will ‘Overperform with African-American Men’

At Last: An Anti-Assisted Suicide Speech at a Republican Convention

Discipline, Determination, and Data Will Get Us Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Hatch Act Controversy Perfectly Captures the Relationship between Trump and the Swamp

Trump approval ticks up across six battleground states in the post-DNC poll

Kenosha violence: Juvenile arrested in deadly shooting amid Jacob Blake unrest, Illinois police say

Trump says he will send federal law enforcement, National Guard to Kenosha after Jacob Blake shooting

Trump pops to 52%: ‘Best job approval rating on record,’ up with blacks, even Democrats

Day Two of the Republican Convention: One Week of Honesty on TV Every Four Years – Setting The Record Straight

A ‘Formerly Forgotten American’ Natalie Harp Thanks President at RNC Convention

The RNC presented uplift, while Democrats delivered only addiction to victimhood

Tiffany Trump makes a much better case for the president than her brothers do

Daniel Cameron, The Breakout Star Of The Republican Convention

Republicans hit it out of the park again on night two at the convention

Six bizarre gender bills Sacramento may pass in final days

Here’s an Amazon ‘reparations’ delivery in Los Angeles. When you defund the police, this is what you get!

The BLM Mob Doesn’t Just Want You To Raise Your Fist, It Wants To Rule You

How to Restore Order for Everyone’s Sake

CSPAN Callers After Night 2 of RNC 2020: 16 of 18 Callers Enthusiastically Pro-Trump… Including Democrats!

Don’t be fooled by the low Nielsen ratings for the RNC’s first night – Lots of people decided to stream it

Biden is off on another planet: Charts show the U.S. is beating the coronavirus

Trump knows about the deadliest threat to his re-election

Laura Loomer worries Democrats

More Conservative Than You Think: Nearly A Third of California Latinos Support Trump

Kenosha violence: 3 shot, including 2 fatally in another night of unrest

Ground Zero: Minneapolis, Three Months Later – The Twin Cities have a long road to recovery

Far Left Democrats Sent Money to BLM – Yet It is Being Distributed to Only Elite-Approved Democrat Candidates

Thousands Of U.S. Pilots Face Furloughs Come October

A future with tens of thousands of new satellites could ‘fundamentally change’ astronomy

August 25, 2020

Nick Sandmann gets the last word

YouGov/CBS Poll: Trump Up 10 Points Against Biden Where It Means The Most – Among Independents

Mail-In Voting Could Deliver Chaos and Delays will play havoc with federal Electoral College deadlines. Entire states could be disenfranchised

A Lifelong Democrat Caller Shocks C-SPAN by Announcing He’s Voting Republican — Here’s Why

The BBC Fact-Checks Joe Biden’s Charlottesville ‘Very Fine People’ Claim, Here’s What Trump Really Said

The Republican Convention Viewership Dwarfs the DNC Viewership in First Available Metric

Court Docs: Medical Examiner Said George Floyd Had a “Fatal Level of Fentanyl” in His Body

The US and China announce their commitment to phase one trade deal despite rising tensions

President Trump’s Growing List of Foreign Policy Successes

‘Land Of Opportunity’: Everything You Need To Know About Night 2 Of The RNC, And What To Expect From Night 3

Back to Low Growth – Joe Biden’s tax plan would be less income across the spectrum and a sluggish economy

The Pandemic Could Set Tourism Sector Back by $1 Trillion

California Is The Only State That Failed To Publish an Annual Financial Report Due That Was Due Last Year

Steve Scalise Scolds Pelosi for Calling GOP ‘Domestic Enemies’: ‘I Was Shot Because of This Kind of Unhinged Rhetoric’

New Footage of Jacob Blake Incident Shows What Happened Seconds Before Shooting

Kenosha rioters target car dealerships and other businesses in their second night of violent unrest

California Apocalypto – Power outages, fires, water shortages, rising taxes, crumbling highways, lawlessness …

With virus cases down, California looks to reopen businesses

“From Cotton To Congress,” Tim Scott Wins The First Night Of The Republican Convention

6 Quick Takeaways From The First Night Of The Republican National Convention

The Democrats are no longer even bothering to hide their strategy to steal the election

Day One of the Republican Convention: One Week of Honesty on TV Every Four Years

The RNC’s first night was a polished and uplifting home run featuring a wide variety of ordinary Americans

Everything You Need To See From Night 1 Of The 2020 RNC and What You Should Expect On Tuesday

5 Things to Know About Night 1 of the Republican National Convention

Who Is Helmut Norpoth and Why Does He Say Trump Will Win Big?

A Demagogue Named Barack Obama: About His DNC Speech

Trump accepted his nomination with a rousing speech that included comments on Democrat ballot harvesting

These Protests Are NOT Spontaneous – They are well-trained activists using intelligent, highly developed tactics.

The Story Behind Bannon’s Arrest

August 24, 2020

Four Gas Power Plants May See Operation Extensions Due To Blackouts, Grid Issues

Trump to direct federal agencies to move into ‘Opportunity Zones’ to spur investment

I Was Wrong About Trump. He Didn’t Destroy the GOP, He Saved It

Ukrainian flagged as intel danger to Trump had extensive contact with Obama officials, memos show

Kenosha protesters, police clash in the second night of unrest, with ‘massive fires’ reported

The “Peaceful” Riots Continue – Portland burns, while the media and the Democrats fiddle

Ahead of RNC Kickoff, President Trump Releases His Official Second Term Agenda

Football Legend Herschel Walker Reveals What He’s Noticed When Trump Meets Blue-Collar Workers

Lindsey Graham to subpoena an FBI official he says misled Senate Intelligence Committee on Steele dossier

St. Louis Gun Couple Warns What Happened to Them Coming Soon to Americans Everywhere

Trumps Potential Landslide Agenda-  An optimistic President Touting a Positive Platform

Donald Trump Surprises Delegates at RNC Convention With A Surprise Visit

Trump kicks off Republican convention with a warning that Democrats are ‘using COVID to steal an election’

This FBI Lawyer’s Guilty Plea Suggests Spygate Corruption Goes Way Higher

Teachers’ Unions vs. the Poor – This will hit the disadvantaged much harder than those well-off

The CDC dropped its 14-day self-quarantine recommendation for out-of-state, international travelers

The Postmaster General Again Exposes the Democrats Blatant ‘Inaccuracies’ at Monday Hearing

A Pandemic of Socialism – The US Constitution allows no limitation of our liberty, freedom, or democracy in an emergency

WSJ: You Know, Joe Biden’s COVID Plan Sounds Awfully Familiar

Dr. Nicole Saphier: Plasma therapy a promising step in the fight against coronavirus

The Battle Against Coronavirus Fascism Could Be the Existential Fight of Our Generation

Why Reaganism’s Enduring Values Still Offer The Best Hope For America

It’s Time To Wake Up And Start Our Decoupling From China

Trump threatens to cut off economic ties with China during his second term

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg reportedly warned Trump, lawmakers about the rise of TikTok

TikTok sues Trump administration over US ban

New Jersey gym-owners have a clever workaround for governor’s vendetta


New York’s Department of Overcorrection

Portland’s dress rehearsal for revolution is now featuring a guillotine

The Alliance of Democrat Elites and the Mob – When silence leads to more violence

Armed Rioters Corner and Fire at a Police Vehicle in Wisconsin

Another Peaceful Protest: Black Lives Matter Torches Car Dealership in Wisconsin — Before and After Videos

There’s no vaccine for the rising crime in Democrat-controlled cities – Because They Have Handcuffed The Police

Clinesmith’s Guilty Plea: The Perfect Snapshot of Crossfire Hurricane’s Duplicity

Don’t Pardon Snowden – All he deserves is a fair trial — and likely a guilty verdict — should he ever return to the U.S.

Is The Walkaway Movement Growing?

MEET THE NEW MARXISM – They conquered universities, media, and corporations, now the political arena as a whole

Skepticism about the Bannon Indictment – Bannon faces  the same odds as he would have had under the Soviet judiciary

An Unhinged Leftist Assaulted a Democrat Gathering Signatures To Recall Oregon Governor

The NFL Had 77 False Positive Tests for COVID-19 from 11 Teams by the Same Lab in New Jersey

Scott Peterson’s death sentence in the murder of his pregnant wife overturned by California Supreme Court

August 23, 2020

The blithering idiocy of California’s energy policies

Democrats want to shred the gig economy as a favor to Big Labor

President Trump to speak every night of RNC this week as full lineup revealed

From DNC Irony to Parody – Are They Somehow Exempt From the Absurdities of Their Own Paradoxes?

How Did Beverly Hills Become A Hub For Conservative Rallies?

No Bump Chump: Biden Suffers Same Fate As Losers John Kerry And George McGovern In Previous Post-DNC Polls

Trump Announces Plasma Treatment Authorized by FDA for COVID-19

Turn to the Founders to Remind Ourselves of What We Stand to Lose – Let’s read The Federalist Papers from now until Election Day

California’s Proposed Wealth Tax Is a Model for America – Once they’ve eaten the rich, they’re going to eat you

Biden’s Coronavirus attacks toward Trump face a harsh reality: The worst death tolls are in Democrat-run states

Kellyanne Conway will leave her post in the White House to focus on her family

Denver Rioters Shoot Fireworks at Cops, Ravage Family-Owned Business

If 2020 seems apocalyptic, blame the Democrats – Here’s how they made it all possible

Democrats Have Taken Advantage of the Black Vote for a Long Time – Rapper Ice Cube Has Had Enough

Los Angeles jails refuse to turn 25,000 criminal illegal immigrants over to ICE

Efforts to Tie Trump to Q Intensify as Questions Mount on China, COVID, and the Democrats – Use The Links

American University Administrators Must Step Up to Fight Beijing’s Authoritarian Influence

Trump Will Reveal a Major ‘Breakthrough’ on a Therapeutic for China Virus Tonight at 6 PM Eastern

The DNC’s Tsunami of Schmaltz and Mendacit- And yet, No Bump

45 Questions the Media Should Ask Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – That They Won’t Answer

Did Biden destroy his chances when he promised to lock down the entire country?

Biden’s In Trouble: A Shrinking Lead and Being Forced to Go Public – Hiding behind a teleprompter won’t help him now

Rudy Giuliani: “He Was Not Very Smart Before He Became Incapacitated, But Now He’s Clearly Cognitively Impaired”

Five ways the Democrat convention backfired on Joe Biden and benefitted Donald Trump

The Kagan Court? Unpacking a Conservative Charge

Carter Page: ‘I was a pawn in the Democrat crusade to bring down Trump’

Live Coverage of Portland Street Battles, Reporters On The Ground

Blaming Trump While Giving Democrats a Pass on COVID – With every day there is a newer low

August 22, 2020

Saying Goodbye, Sort of, to Germany

Police Make Second Arrest in the Attack on 7-Year-Old Trump Supporter Outside of the DNC Convention

The House of Representatives passes $25B in ’emergency’ Postal Service funding and White House threatens to veto

The Illegal Alien Democrats Used To Attack Trump Was Actually Deported Under Clinton and Flagged Under Obama

Victor Davis Hanson: American soldiers leave Germany — and suddenly Germany is upset

Expert Warns America: Here’s What States May Do If You Refuse a COVID Vaccine

‘We, the People’ Have a Duty to Stop the Violence – Vote out politicians who fail to protect our cities and fellow citizens

Rose McGowan: “I Was Raped by a Top Democrat Donor – I Know More Than You Will Ever Know About Their Evil”

Did Joe Biden really deliver that speech LIVE? – PROBABLY NOT!

Trump opportunity zones raised $75B to rebuild poorest communities

Two obscenity-hurling white women steal a 7-year-old’s MAGA hat

MORE FRAUD: Arizona Counts Any Death Within 60 Days of a Positive COVID Test As a COVID Death

Zoom Educators Called The Cops On Their Virtual Student

Dr. Birx says November in-person voting should be as easy as going to Starbucks

The Cold, Hard Truth about the Post Office


August 21, 2020

Kim Klacik: What gives, Baltimore Sun editorial board?

Scott Adams: Brain-Dead Race Hoaxer Joe Biden Is The Biggest Asshole In America

Sweden’s Lead Epidemiologist: Wearing Face Masks Is “Very Dangerous”

How San Francisco’s Progressive Policies Made the Homelessness Crisis Worse

Report: Facebook Introducing a ‘Virality Circuit Breaker’ to Prevent Spread of Viral Content

Trump Ties Successes in the Middle East to Reversing Obama Actions on Iran

Joe Biden’s Mysteriously Disappearing Acceptance Speech “Dislikes” on YouTube

Somehow The Democrat Convention Skipped over the Biden–Harris Agenda

Kamala’s America? – She would nationalize California’s increasingly feudal political and economic order

Pelosi Rejects House Dem Unemployment Extension: Not Good ‘Strategically’ to Give GOP an ‘Out’

Trump Set to Spark Another Liberal Media Meltdown With His Potential Plan to Prevent Voter Fraud

‘We’re Not Going To Be Peaceful Much Longer’: Fed-Up Vet Savages City Council members on COVID Shutdown

Kamalot – The nightmarish Biden-Harris ticket is the teachers’ unions’ “dream team”

Limbaugh: Did You Hear AAny Flubs in Biden’s Speech? – The Big Question – Was It Live or Was It Taped

Ratings Continue to Crater for Protest-Filled NBA Games

A 7-yo Trump fan that was assaulted by Biden supporters gets a special call from the White House

Trump Points to Biden’s Record in Response to his DNC Convention Speech

Joe Biden’s lengthy history of fabrication, plagiarism and racial controversy

Joe Biden offers platitudes, but not policies

Dissecting Obama’s Delusional Speech at the DNC

On Reopening Schools, de Blasio Is Right

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot bans protestors—but only on her own block

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Sends Threat of Eliminating the Filibuster if Democrats Win in November

Final Day of the Democrat Pros and Cons As PR Pros Combine to Con America – And Julia Louis-Dreyfus Wasn’t Funny

AND ON THE FOURTH DAY – Joltin’ Joe Biden gave his acceptance speech

5 Things to Know About Night 4 of the Democrat National Convention

Trump’s decision to pardon Susan B. Anthony enrages leftists

The Real Reason They Want You To Hate Donald Trump

Goodyear hands a political triumph to Trump

Kamala Harris Won’t Motivate Minority Voters

Will Gretchen Whitmer’s sever lockdown hand Michigan to the GOP?

Joe Biden’s lengthy history of fabrication, plagiarism and racial controversy

The Trayvon Hoax: Are Young Blacks Weary of Being ‘Played’? – Some revealing reactions to Joel Gilbert’s new film

August 20, 2020

Wildfires, Blackouts, High Gas Prices: Californians Fight Familiar Foes Amid Pandemic

The Stench of Mendacity at the Democratic Convention – No positive suggestions, just outright hatred of President Trump

His Canceled DNC speech marks the end of Newson’s presidential dreams

Accused Portland attacker Marquise Love has a lengthy rap sheet

Limbaugh: Democrat Privilege: Clintons Go Free on Clinton Foundation and Bannon Gets Arrested on Go Fund The Wall

Pfizer COVID Vaccine on Track for Regulatory Review in October

A Pointless Quarantine – New York’s restrictions on interstate travelers are overbroad and punish New Yorkers

Limbaugh: Barack Obama Fights for Himself – Because if Trump wins in November, the investigations will go on

The ‘Plot to Change America’ is Driven by Identity Politics

Conservative Think Tank Says Big Tech May Be Violating Campaign Finance Law in Censoring Laura Loomer

California Governor Gavin Newsom Failed To Take Promised Pay Cut After Cutting State Workers’ Pay By 10 Percent

Steve Bannon pleads not guilty after indictment in ‘We Build the Wall’ case

It’s no accident that Americans are remarkably ignorant about the Wuhan virus

Sanders’ Socialist Agenda Is the Real Heart of the DNC – He’s the straw that stirs the drink

Why it Matters that Kamala Is Not a Natural Born Citizen – Your parents must be American citizens when you are born

Democrats Fully Embrace a Movement That Says It Will ‘Burn This Country Down’\

Trump Should Play the 19th Amendment Card; – The GOP fought hard for women’s suffrage, so remind people of this

Did Goodyear say that BLM is okay in the workplace, but MAGA is not?

Limbaugh: The Economy Roars Back

What Is The Stock Market Is Telling Us About The Economy

A Convicted Murderer and Rapist Speaks at The DNC

Day Three of Democrat Pros and Cons to Con America – An 18-year-old proves cooler than Obama and Hillary

Democratic National Convention Produces Bump — For President Trump!

Donald Trump regarding the Bidens: ‘It’s a Corrupt Family’

Hunter Biden to come out of hiding on last night of Democratic convention

Kamala’s Blatant Lies

Insanity Wrap #32: Liz Warren Spells Out the Marxism for You, Plus Billy Joel as Nostradamus

Obama’s DNC speech was vicious, dishonest, and mostly about Obama

August 19, 2020

The S&P 500 Returns to Record High

Ex-State Department Official ‘Destroyed’ Records At Request Of Christopher Steele

California’s Electric Grid Is Near Collapse – Do To Overreliance on Renewables While Shunning NG and Nuclear Power

Green California Has The Nation’s Worst Power Grid, By Far

Fired Oakland Police Chief Files Whistleblower Lawsuit Citing Corruption Allegations Against Police Commission

LA County seeking $20G in fines for Grace Community Church that opened amid COVID-19 restrictions

School Reopenings Linked to Union Influence and Politics, Not Safety

Victor Davis Hanson DESTROYS Michelle Obama and the Activist Journalists who Prop Up Her Lies

DECEIT CAUGHT: DNC Faked Kamala Supporters! – Used Double Images of Kamala Fans in Crowd Shot

Calling Out Democrats’ Lies at Lame Zoom Convention – Democrat leaders bungled COVID while Trump saved lives

China’s Growing Influence on Campus  – Our American academia majors in appeasement

Nobody Trusts a Country that Leads from Behind – Voters face a choice in November between two American futures

What Corporate Media Won’t Tell You About Trump’s Historic Middle East Peace Deal

Joe Biden’s mental decline is an issue on the day he’s nominated at the DNC

Attorney General Barr: More than 200 charged with federal crimes and 1,000 arrested in Operation Legend

Joe Biden couldn’t keep AOC off the stage, and he won’t keep her agenda out of the White House if he wins

Victor Davis Hanson DESTROYS Michelle Obama and the Activist Journalists who Prop Up Her Lies

“It Was All False Conspiracy Theories and Made Up Lies that Were Paid for by the Democrats”

The Democrats’ uneasy coalition is already fracturing over the DNC featuring a Palestinian anti-Semite Tuesday night

Peace Through Stability – The Israel-UAE Deal Proves That President Trump’s Foreign Policy is Working

Day Two of the Democrat Pros and Cons — As PR Pros Combine to Con America

We Can Reopen Schools if We Put Aside Politics and Look at the Science

Where Black Lives Matter Rioters Learned To Call Looting ‘Reparations’

A Devastating Trump campaign video portrays the dramatic mental decline of Joe Biden over the last few years

Democrat Attorney Confirms that Obama Actually Bragged About Using the Photos of Kids in Cages as Propaganda

Laura Loomer wins her primary in Florida – Despite Extreme Opposition From The Left

Here’s What You Missed From The Second Night Of The Democrat Convention

Postal Chaos Prompts Democrats to Rethink Their Mail-Ballot Plan

Mo Brooks: That The Postal Service is a Threat to Voting is an ‘Outright Lie,’ ‘Propaganda’ from the Democrats

Fortnite Wants to Break Up Apples Strangle Hold on Apps – This could be the corporate showdown of the decade

Iowa State professor says students ‘cannot’ submit papers with viewpoints opposing BLM, abortion

How Trump’s EPA Can End an Obama-Era Cover-Up – Obama’s EPA did awful things to farmers in the Yakima Valley

August 18, 2020

Blackouts Expose The Perils And Costs Of California’s ‘Electrify Everything’ Push

Newt Gingrich: Biden-Harris ticket will collapse between now and the election due to these 3 main factors

First Criminal Charge by Durham Casts Shadow Over Mueller Probe

Senate Intel Panel: Finds ‘Absolutely No Evidence’ of Collusion – FBI’s poor handling of the so-called Steele dossier

New Poll Reveals How Shockingly Ignorant People Are About COVID and How Damaging Media Lies Have Been

Dumpster Fire: On Night 2 of the DNC Joe Biden Hugs His Wife – Then Introduces Himself as “Joe Biden’s Husband”

5 Things to Know About Night 2 of the Democratic National Convention

Biden Individual Tax Proposals: The Largest Tax Increase Ever for the Self-Employed

The Democrat Party’s Gun Control Platform – They’re Coming for Your Guns

Kamala Harris Still Owes Over $1 Million for Failed Presidential Campaign

Queen Kamala’s Imperial Aspirations – I will give Congress 100-days to act on gun control or I will


The Kamala Coup – The Harris campaign is a conspiracy against the American people

Limbaugh: There’s No Enthusiasm for Joe Biden

HUD to Halt Evictions and Foreclosures for Nearly 8.1M owners with FHA loans

Veteran & California Business Owner Fed Up with COVID Lockdown Orders Puts County Board of Supervisors on Notice

James Woods Digs Up Perfect Answer to Michelle Obama’s Speech: Harvey Weinstein, Anyone?

Governor Distortion –  Cuomo’s speech at the DNC was used to project his own failures of onto President Trump

Fact Check: Debunking 10 Myths The Democrats Promote About the US Postal Service

Democrats’ pandemic attacks at Convention ignore Trump’s 100-plus executive actions

Timeline and list of 100 Federal Government responses to coronavirus

Senate Intel Says FBI gave ‘unjustified credence’ to Steele dossier, Russia ‘took advantage’ of Trump transition team

Trump to pardon women’s suffrage leader Susan B. Anthony posthumously

Republicans Losing the Senate Would Be a Catastrophe

“Mostly peaceful” Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters almost beat a man to death

Day One of the Democrat Con-Vention: Pros and Cons — Watching PR Pros Combine to Con America Is this what the critical Independent voters of Middle America want?

Donald Trump to Michelle Obama: I Would Not Be President Without Barack

No, Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Aren’t ‘Rockefeller Republicans’ – If anyone’s a ‘Rockefeller Republican,’ it’s Trump

Gavin Newsom admits that Democrat Green Energy mandates are driving California’s blackouts

Donald Trump Jr. blasts tech giants over Facebook and Twitter censoring of anti-Biden posts

‘The Devil and Karl Marx’: Professor exposes communist icon’s anti-Semitism and racism against blacks

Trump Vows to Set Up Tax Credits for US Firms That Shift Jobs Back From China

Dennis Prager: Everything the Left Touches It Ruins – We Can Now Add The Sciences

Trump’s Israel–UAE Deal Could Lead to Others But Could Topple Netanyahu

Obama: ‘I Make Love to Men Daily’ – Two Reason To Pursue This Issue

AP Reports Governor Cuomo Killed 11,000 New Yorkers in Nursing Homes, Not 6,000 …And It’s Likely Much Higher

When Half Of NYC’s Tax Base Leaves And Never Comes Back – They are headed for a failed state

REBELLION IN BALTIMORE – Kimberly Klacik exposes what life is like in Democrat-run cities

Why China Cannot Close Its Doors – China, Inc. must interact with and prey upon the world in order to thrive

The United Nations failed to renew the arms embargo on Iran – What does that mean, actually?

August 17, 2020

The USPS conspiracy theory is the new Russiagate

Will Biden get away with his bad record on race?

Limbaugh: An Avalanche of Bad News for Plugs as Democratic Convention Kicks Off

National Security Adviser: China Is ‘Trying To Elect’ Biden

The Politicization of COVID-19 Science Is Dangerous and Inexcusable – Why Are Doctors Being Censored on HCQ?

The Biden-Harris Levitation – Don’t buy the illusion

Trump’s Latest Hit on the Media Was Dead On – and Here’s the Proof

How Traitor John Kasich Managed to Infuriate Everyone with His DNC Antics

ANTIFA IS EVIL – Here’s some proof if you still need some

Keese Love Identified One of the Portland Rioters Who Attempted to Kill Driver

Coronavirus spikes in regions with strict lockdowns re-ignite the debate over its effectiveness

California teachers unions go all-in on tax increases

President Trump signals support for increasing 2020 election days to possible include the weekend

7 Big Stories The Mainstream Media Is Ignoring Because The Truth Might Help Trump

Portland Mob Pulls Driver from Car, Brutally Knocks Him Unconscious

The media are dangerously misleading the electorate about President Trump’s accomplishments, etc.

President Trump launches a tour to seize DNC Convention limelight from Biden

The New York Times Manipulates the FBI Lawyer’s Guilty Plea To Hide Real Spygate News

President Trump Plans Three Speeches to Remind Americans of Joe Biden’s Decades of Failure

It’s Just a Test – Concerns about the accuracy of COVID-19 tests being used are commonplace and with good reason

Cancellation of Elective Procedures Will Have Far-Reaching Consequences, Experts Say

Joe Biden’s 2020 tax plan: The key points

The Democrats’ fake narrative about the United States Postal Service

Dear NASA: Don’t Stop With Renaming The ‘Eskimo Nebula’ and Probe Uranus, Too

The USPS Trashes Vote By Mail

Why We Can’t Trust Postal Workers With Our Ballots – The two largest postal worker unions have endorsed Joe Biden

It’s Time to Roll Back the Mask Mandates, Not Ramp Them Up Ridiculously

Wall Street Wants More Fake Books Fraud from China

Experts Praise Trump’s Middle East Peace Miracle – But the Obama Gang, Radical Democrats, Turkey, and Iran Hate It

President Trump Warns NYC Mayor de Blasio: Control Violence In Your City or ‘We Will’

Some serious questions for Dr. Fauci: Why such opposition to Hydroxychloroquine?

CHART: Which States Are Hit Hardest by the Coronavirus Shutdown Crisis?

The Stockman Conviction is a Roadmap for Biden/Harris to Jail Conservative Activists

CNN Poll: Trump and Biden are Tied in 15 Battleground States

Liz Crokin: President Trump Does The Unthinkable

August 16, 2020

California Megachurch Wins in Court and Resumes Indoor Services Despite Governor Newsom’s Lockdown Order

President Trump DID NOT Vow To ‘Terminate’ Social Security As Indicated by Soros Backed Group

Portland protesters hurl rocks at police on 80th night of BLM demonstrations, riot declared & 2 officers hospitalized

READ: Pelosi’s Dishonest Letter to Her Democrat Colleagues About the USPS

Democrats want a wealth tax on people who move in or out of California

Trump and Carson reject the ultraliberal view that the federal bureaucracy should dictate where and how people live

Coronavirus restrictions complicate California’s worst power shortage in two decades

‘This is a tragedy’: Forty-nine people shot over 72 hours in New York City

‘Spygate’ figure Stefan Halper wanted to be Trump’s secretary of state, recording suggests

From a Former Teacher: Here’s How Your Children Are Getting Indoctrinated by Leftist Ideology

The Democrat Convention: Literal Lies That Will Be Delivered Virtually

17 Officers Hurt, 24 People Arrested as “Mostly Peaceful” Demonstrations Turn Violent in Chicago

Is this the leftist tactic that will drive suburban moms to Trump?

The Media Are Asleep for Sleepy Joe


What mail-in voting crisis? Nobody has to vote by mail

A Small Second Amendment Victory in California Over So-Called High-Capacity Magazines

James Comey Is In Big Trouble – He Knew Carter Page Worked for the CIA But Signed Bogus FISA Warrants Anyways

Only Reagan and Trump Understand America – What it takes for America to be successful as a country and as a society

Trump campaign plans huge digital ad buy ahead of DNC, as Biden airs the first ad with Harris

Pope Francis Appeases China — What Would John Paul II Have Done?

Kamala Harris Is the Perfect Choice for the VP Slot

Why Didn’t Kamala Harris Prosecute Abusive Priests?

Google suppresses American Thinker results on its search engine and points you toward what they want you to see

August 15, 2020

Politico: 28 Million Mail-In Ballots Went Missing in Last Four Elections

Behested payments and the specter of California corruption

Where Robocalls Hide: The Mom-and-Pop Carriers In The House Next Door

Democrat-Controlled Chicago Spent $66 Million On A Coronavirus Facility That Treated a Total of 38 Patient

Chicago Shuts Down Its Business District Overnight This Weekend Due To Continued Riots And Looting

Donald Trump Remembers ‘Best Friend’ and Brother Robert Trump After Death From A Long Non-Disclosed Illness

Newsweek Caves to the Rage Mob After Publishing an OpEd About Kamala Harris

The BIG CITY Exodus

President Trump Says He Probably Won’t Participate in Putin Iran Summit

FLASHBACK: The Obama-Biden Administration Removed Thousands of USPS Collection Boxes

Trump Says He Backs Postmaster in Uproar Over Mail Cuts – Money will not be designated for universal voting by mail

Devastating Derecho Windstorm Destroys 10M Acres of Crops, Leaves 250K in the Midwest Without Power

Where the Hell Are All the Biden Supporters In Montgomery County, Maryland?

Report: Nearly 40% of all COVID test results take so long that they’re ‘close to useless’ for contact tracing

The Real Problem with Joe Biden’s Dementia

Flynn Will Eventually Prevail, But He Stands To Lose The Mandamus Fight

Is China In Danger of Being Locked Out of the Global Financial System?

Tucker Carlson: Democrats Unwilling to Let Happiness Return to America ‘Until People Learn How to Vote Correctly’

New media journalist Millie Weaver arrested and jailed as she was about to release explosive Shadow-Gate documentary

Donald Trump Mocks Reporters Covering Joe Biden Because of No Questions Allowed Policy

They Caved: Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe Emerges Victorious in Second Amendment Fight With FBI

UN Fails to Approve Iran Arms Embargo Extension  – The US Promises ‘To Stop At Nothing to Extend It’

The China Conundrum is November’s Most Critical Issue

Hundreds of thousands of Californians face blackouts amid brutal heatwave

YouTube to end election ‘interference’ … by interfering with the free press

The Ninth Circuit issues a blockbuster Second Amendment decision

The most revealing poll of all: gun sales


Barack Obama is overtly meddling in the upcoming election

August 14, 2020

Connecting Dots in Clinesmith’s Russiagate Guilty Plea

Amazon Is Liable For Defective Third-Party Products Rules California Appellate Court

Clinesmith Criminal Plea Hints More Hoax Conspirators Will Be Charged – They penetrated the deep state wall of silence

Trump Adviser Navarro Expects 500M Vaccine Doses as Soon as Early 2021

How close is your California county to getting off of or on to the COVID-19 watch list

Deep State Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith Texted ‘Viva la Resistance’ to FBI Colleague After Trump Won

The 2020 San Francisco exodus is real and historic a report shows

Trump suggests Clinesmith guilty plea ‘just the beginning’ of Durham probe fallout

Rush Limbaugh Talks to Vice President Pence About What’s at Stake in This Election

A Kamala-led Coup Would Succeed Against Biden

9th Circuit Declares CA magazine ban on gun magazines that can hold more than ten rounds Violates 2nd Amendment

Kamala Harris Is Far Worse Than Hillary Clinton

NYPD union endorses Trump: ‘We need your strong voice across the country’

Postal Service warns most states late mail-in ballots may not arrive in time to be counted

Two million Californians go dark due to rolling blackouts and the heat is just beginning

The Israel-UAE peace deal was made in Iran – What was once unthinkable, let alone unsayable, no longer is

Dr. Fauci: There’s No Reason People Can’t Vote Safely in Person

Rise and rise of the San Francisco Democrat – Don’t believe the hype. Kamala Harris is radical and rude

AG Barr on DOJ’s Russian Collusion Origins Probe: A New ‘Development’ Will Drop Today

Trump Was Right: Rioters Tear Down George Washington Statue at L.A. City Hall

Kamala Harris’s troubling record as California’s attorney general – Accused of using justice as a political weapon

IT’S ON: John MacArthur Sues Newsom for Banning Church While Encouraging Protests


Donald Trump Plans to Give Republican National Convention Speech at White House

Cannon Hinnant Is a Victim of Systemic Racism – Don’t expect any murals for this little 5-year old boy

Chart: Jobless Claims Fall Below 1 Million for the First Time Since March COVID Shutdown

Kamala Has Already Struck Out – Bottom line: Biden in hiding while Kamala is untouchable

Do Face Masks Actually Protect Anyone?

APPLE HAS FINALLY MET ITS FORTNITE MATCH – Apple’s walled garden gets an epic test

August 13, 2020

Speaker Pelosi, You’re Trying To Rewrite History, But We’re Not as Dumb as You and Hillary Think

Barr teases a Friday ‘development’ in Durham probe, says investigation won’t be ‘dictated to’ by the election

The UAE-Israel deal is a triumph – The usual suspects will minimize this breakthrough

The DOJ Seizes Millions in Cryptocurrency From Major Terror Groups

Watch Out for the New Censors

Why It Should Matter to Women That Kamala Harris Slept Her Way Up

Representative Devin Nunes: Obama and Biden Knew About Spying on the Trump Campaign

The Truth About San Francisco – A nightmare of homelessness, addiction, crime, and violence

President Trump Turns the Tables on the Civil Rights Commission With Appointment of J. Christian Adams

Netanyahu Praises Israel-UAE Peace Deal: ‘Historic Moment of Breakthrough for Peace’

Reagan Speechwriter: Biden Just Plagiarized From Reagan – There he goes again

Trump announces a ‘Historic Peace Agreement’ between Israel the United Arab Emirates

The White House Calls on Congress to Appropriate $105 Billion to Assist the Safe Reopening of Schools

Jobless claims fall to 963,000, ending a 20-week streak of claims above a million

Insanity Wrap #27: Wisconsin Orders Masks for Zoom Calls, Then There’s CNN’s Biden/Harris Switcharoo

Another Democrat caves: New Jersey’s governor re-opens schools and gets flak from the teachers’ unions

Kamala Harris: Advocate for Injustice –  She positions herself as a criminal-justice reformer, but her record doesn’t hold up

Kamala Harris Stopped Cooperating with Sex Abuse Victims and Failed To Prosecute Accused Clergy

New Hunter Biden Burisma documents revealed…

Joe and Kamala, the Demagogic Duo – The debut of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was marked by audacious lies

USDA finds noxious weeds and bug larva in unsolicited seeds sent to US citizens from China

Big Tech’s Double Standards That Allow Islamist Hate Speech

California is on the verge of driving another business out of the state

Trump Confronts the Chinese Regime’s Technological Invasion – Chinese apps are used to spy on and hack Americans

At least 3% of COVID-19 deaths involve injury, poisoning, or other adverse events, CDC says

August 12, 2020

Kamala Harris is an ‘anchor baby.’ Is she a natural-born citizen?

Kamala Harris Brings Gun Confiscation Support To The Democrat Presidential Ticket

Kamala Harris’ Wikipedia Page Scrubbed And Her Prosecutorial Record Was Wiped Out

Ron Johnson says some committee Republicans blocking Comey, Brennan subpoenas

Could mass testing for COVID-19 do more harm than good? – The drawbacks of false-positive results can be substantial

Radical ‘Youth Liberation Front’ Active In Portland Encourages Violence, Explicitly Rejects Peaceful Protesting

Kamala Harris’s Former Press Secretary Is the Face of Twitter Censorship

Donald Trump Promotes V-Shaped Economic Recovery During Coronavirus Pandemic

Documents Reveal Mandatory Taxpayer-Funded “White Male” Re-Education Seminar at Sandia Labs

Facebook’s “Fact Checker” Rates Another True Statement False

It says a lot that Biden chose Kamala, and none of what it says is good

Chicago Leader Says Mayor Lightfoot ‘Has Lost the Confidence of the City’

No, Kamala Harris Isn’t A ‘Moderate’ — She’s A Radical Threat To America and one heartbeat away from the Oval Office

Chart: How Popular Is Kamala Harris With Democrats?


Mail-in Voting and the Future of American Democracy – States aren’t verifying that only eligible citizens can vote

Kamala Harris Is Certainly Not a Moderate

Pro-Trump Political Ad: ‘Joe Biden Has A Racism Problem’

A Public Health Doctor’s 10,000-Foot Take on COVID-19 – It’s All Political

Inside California Democrats’ Hard Work To Deny The Poor, Middle Class, And Minorities An Education

Kamala Harris, for entertainment value

Willie Brown admits it: Kamala Harris slept her way to the top

Kamala Did Not Quite Sleep Her Way to the Top – Only to a major state office that now has brought her just underneath

Biden VP pick Harris promoted group that put up bail for alleged violent criminals

The Massive Surge In Crime With Ongoing Riots And Looting is Causing New Yorkers To Flee The City In Droves

Are Today’s Leftists Truly Marxists?

Chauvin, Lane, Kueng, and Thao: The George Floyd Fall Guys – They acted entirely according to their training

August 11, 2020

Record Numbers Are Renouncing Their U.S. Citizenship

China uses facial recognition to control human behavior – Anything is fair game for public shaming and punishment

Kamala Harris’s Relentless Pursuit of Power – There is no power Harris has held that she hasn’t abused

Kamala Harris More Liberal Than Bernie Sanders, Senate Record Analysis Shows

The Trump campaign blasts ‘phony’ Kamala Harris in an ad that says Biden’s pick reflects an ‘extreme agenda’

Michelle Obama Suggests the COVID Pandemic Should Make America Rethink ‘How Wealth Is Distributed’

Rundown Of What Happened In The Latest Court Hearing On Michael Flynn’s Case –  An expedited ruling is likely

Chinese Virologist Claims Coronavirus Derived From ‘Zhoushan Bat Virus’…Implicates Fauci In Coverup For China

Black Man Executes 5-Year-Old Boy Riding His Bike in Front of His Two Sisters – Mainstream is Media Mum on This

Biden Picks Kamala As Running Mate and toes the line between Beltway credentials and progressive identity politics

Flashback: Kamala Harris Said She Believes Joe Biden’s Accusers, “I Believe Them”

Unions Above the Law – In states like Illinois, police reform won’t happen as long as public-employee contracts trump legislative authority

The Thin Veneer of American Civilization Is Crumbling – The seeds of destruction were planted long ago

Forced Isolation Makes Huge Power Grabs Possible –  Social controllers are using COVID as a sort of obedience school

Trump-haters now realize there are things worse than Trump

The Stalled coronavirus relief negotiations hit a new obstacle: Aid To States

Why Democrats Have Started To Cave On Reopening Schools

Donald Trump: China will “own” the United States if former Vice President Joe Biden wins the presidency in 2020

The Democrat National Committee Announces Speaker Schedule for Convention

Last-minute identity politics battles consume Biden VP selection speculation

GOOD NEWS! Stanford’s Dr. Scott Atlas Added to Coronavirus Task Force – He Believes in Science Not Fear Tactics

Socialist New York Staggers Toward Default – Businesses and the wealthy flee as progressives’ fiscal solutions are driving the city bankrupt


Portland Antifa Rioters Injure Police After Returning to Station They Previously Tried to Burn Down

Seattle’s Police Chief Carmen Best’s Resignation Email Shows She’s the Adult in the Room

Joe Biden’s War on Independent Contractors Will Devastate Millions of Americans

Trump’s approval rate among black likely voters hits 36% in Rasmussen poll

Don Surber: Trump will take 37 states even with mail fraud voting

The Mainstream Media Is at the Point of No Return – And Here Are The Numbers To Prove It

The Choice in 2020: President Trump Who Created the GREATEST Economic Recovery EVER vs. Joe Biden Who Was Behind the WORST Economic Recovery Since the Great Depression

New York’s true nursing home death toll is cloaked in secrecy

Hidin’ Biden – Can the media persuade America to vote for “Landslide Joe”?

Looting in Chicago should be viewed as reparations, BLM rally organizer reportedly says

Debates Will Be Biden’s Undoing – They will destroy his campaign whether he shows up or not

Trump accuses Obama admin of ‘probably treason,’ says Rice ‘potential liability’ for Biden

Cuomo is pulling out all stops to avoid responsibility on NY’s massive COVID nursing home death count

Janice Dean was told New York Senate Majority ‘uncomfortable’ with her testifying on nursing home deaths

President Trump: ‘The Last Thing I’m Thinking About’ After Coronavirus Is a Phase Two China Deal

Kroger launching web marketplace rivaling Walmart and Amazon

California Plans to Socialize Wholesale Internet Pricing via Net Neutrality

August 10, 2020


Speaker Pelosi Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: “China Would Prefer Joe Biden”

The New York Times and Washington Post staffers spent the weekend publishing falsehoods and misrepresentations

FBI spy Stefan Halper foretold Michael Flynn’s fall, ex-student says

Blueprint for a Pacifist, Socialist Republic – Democrats committed to a far more radical socialist platform than ever before

An Affront to Civil Society – Letitia James’s proposal to dissolve the NRA, a nonprofit organization, is alarming

Senator Melendez Introduces Bill To End Newsom’s State Of Emergency Powers

Pompeo: It’s No Surprise China Doesn’t Want Trump Re-elected

Charts: A Third Of Americans Unwilling To Get Covid-19 Vaccine

Gavin Newsom: California Can’t Afford to Pay for Extra Unemployment Benefits

Trump says Schumer, Pelosi ‘now want to meet to make a deal’ on coronavirus relief

Prosecutors, Many Backed By George Soros Cash, Implement Soft-On-Crime Policies Across America

Uber, Lyft Ordered By Superior Court To Reclassify All Drivers As Employees

T-Shirt Company Refuses to Bow to Antifa, Even After Getting Smeared as ‘Fascist’

Here’s why Pelosi and Schumer are so unhappy – President Trump understands the urgency and political hardball

The race to distribute vaccine is in danger without winning the public’s trust, researchers say

Bad news for teachers’ unions: U.K. mega-study shows that opening schools brought almost no COVID risk

Attorney General Barr: The Media helped create the ‘doomsday scenario’ for abuse of government power

Trump boxed Democrats into a corner on help for the unemployed

Portland Mob Floods Residential Area, Threatens People in Their Own Homes

When Obama cut the payroll tax, Pelosi loved it

National Bureau of Economic Research Study: Local spending to drop as much as 44% if unemployment boost expires

Biden’s Veep Choice Matters – Would “Dementia Joe” be allowed more than a year in office?

Lockdowns Never Again: Sweden Was Right, and We Were Wrong – Sweden never went into a complete lockdown

My Money Is on the President and that History will repeat itself

What We Learned Sunday From Spygate Insider Steven Schrage About Carter Page and Stefan Halper

Senator Ron Johnson subpoenas FBI Director Christopher Wray in Crossfire Hurricane investigation

The Left’s Dystopian Realities – This year they’ve re-materialized with a horrid vengeance

GOP and the Black Vote: Could This Finally Be the Year?

Chicago rocked by widespread looting caught on video after police-involved shooting – Nordstrom, Walgreens and Macy’s

China’s counter-sanctions avoid top Trump aides; Ted Cruz, Rubio targeted

Should Motorists Run Over Anarchists at Hasty Roadblocks?

August 9, 2020

Where does Governor Gavin Newsom stand on Proposition 13 split roll?

Who or What Exactly Is Running Against Trump?

Attorney General Barr: The US is facing a new form of ‘urban guerrilla warfare’ driven by the Left’s ‘lust for power’

The Singularity Is Near – Which Way Will America Go?

Police Warn ‘Portland Is Lost’ if ‘Failing’ Mayor and DA Don’t Stop the Riots

Hunter Biden’s $450,000 Tax Debt Mysteriously ‘Resolved’ Despite His Having No Discernible Income

The White House Weighs a Bill in Response to Big Tech on Their Censoring of Free Speech

Lindsey Graham: Memo Shows FBI Lied To Senate About Dossier Source

Trump payroll tax executive order likely worth $1,200 per worker

President Trump’s Triumphant End Run Around The Democrats

A Solution for This Week’s Mystery Announcement By President Trump

BRILLIANT: Trump Forces Democrats to Oppose His COVID Relief Executive Orders

California eyes 11 police reform laws after George Floyd’s death

They Are Pro-Trump and boldly showing it in Beverly Hills

Anti-Trumpers Are Spouting Radical Ideas for the 2020 Election

HUGE MISTAKE: Antifa Shows Up at Pro-Police Rally in Ft. Collins And It Did Not End Well for the Domestic Terrorists

Biden’s Constant Verbal Blunders Have Got Some People On The Left Worried

The GOP has a powerful new Biden v. Biden campaign video

Where Is Joe Biden’s Brain? – His Cognitive Errors Are On The Increase

Mike Pence on how Biden can dispel public unease about his cognitive decline: ‘Square up’ and debate Trump

The ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Rioters Break Into the Portland Police Union for Third Time and Light It On Fire… Again

After Burning Police Union, Portland Rioters Threaten Nearby House: ‘We’re Gonna Burn Your Building Down’


Human Resources and Cancel Culture – HR policies feed a growth industry of diversity hucksters

August 8, 2020

6 Questions An Honest, Intelligent Reporter Would Ask Dr. Fauci About COVID-19

New York City Democrat Councilman Thanks Trump for Raising Awareness About Hydroxychloroquine After the Drug ‘Saved’ Him

Sturgis draws thousands: Harleys everywhere, masks nowhere

Here’s what’s in President Trump’s four coronavirus relief executive orders?

The Man Who Wasn’t There – Joe Biden doesn’t make gaffes, He is a gaffe

RUMORS ARE SWIRLING: President Trump’s Recent Actions Indicate Something HUGE Is About to Drop

New York City moms are fleeing the Upper West Side because of crime and chaos

Law-Abiding Californians Still Under Lockdown Restrictions While 18,000 Convicts To Be Released By The End of August

Silence Of The Front-Row Witnesses – Where are the academics, elites, media folks, and others?

‘Americans Should Be Concerned’: National Security Adviser O’Brien Issues Warning About China

Should Judge Sullivan Be Disqualified from Flynn Case? An Appeals Court Is Asking

Antifa Rioters With Shields, Body Armor Turn Residential Portland Into a War Zone

Pandemic Relief Talks Implode as Democrat and Republican Negotiators Walk Away Without a Deal

President Trump Announces a Forthcoming Coronavirus Relief Executive Order

Gallup Poll: One-Third of Americans Would Not Get a Coronavirus Vaccine

This Election Is a Choice between Freedom and Slavery, Good and Evil

The Left’s Border Wall Legal Strategy Is Failing

I’m Boycotting Professional Sports Leagues That Endorse Phony Black Lives Matter, And You Should, Too

Jeff Bezos’ Propaganda Rag/Newspaper Praises Communist China

President Trump wittily shuts down a snarky reporter

Trump: ‘Progresista = Socialista’ – He’s right: with Biden as Democrat nominee, socialism is not off the table in 2020

Schools shocker: 6 possible reasons why New York Democrats Cuomo and Schumer suddenly support reopening schools


A 7-year-old boy in Georgia died ‘from COVID-19’? – Media leaving out key details about seizure and fall in the shower

The First Perfect Generation – The Advantage of Wokeness: Being morally superior to everyone who has ever lived

It’s Time to Unfriend a Few Countries – False friendships and free-riding are more trouble, and money, than they’re worth

China is licking its chops for another slice of Tajikistan — and a side of Japan

August 7, 2020

WATCH as “Dementia Joe” Biden tries to explain how he will approach China

Debunking The Myth That Lockdowns Stop Pandemics

It’s Time For Fauci (and Birx) to Exit Left Stage – The sell-by date of their usefulness has expired

Who Elected Twitter and Facebook to Censor Speech?


Trump Makes Cryptic Remark at Ohio Speech: “I Have a Lot of Rich Enemies…This May Be the Last Time You’ll See Me for a While”

Joe Biden Reveals What Will Become of Border Wall If He Wins – You Guessed It, SHUT IT DOWN

Portland Mayor Worried About Riots in His City Because They Could Benefit Trump

BLM protesters threaten to harass district attorney at his Templeton home if he doesn’t drop charges

President Trump: ‘We Have Rejected Globalism and Embraced Patriotism’

The Collapse of the Traditional American Family

President Trump to Suspend Payroll Tax Until End of 2020

Trump Working on Health Insurance Executive Order on Coverage for Preexisting Conditions

The doctor who tested Trump sounds off: Where’s the liberal media on Biden’s cognitive test?

Nearly 20k fake U.S. driver’s licenses from China confiscated at Chicago airport – Big time election interference?

Trump Calls Press Conference ‘A Peaceful Protest’ When Attendees Are Accused Of Not Following Distancing Guidelines

New York Democrat Chuck Schumer admits schools have to open or the economy won’t recover

Half a million incorrect absentee ballot applications sent across Virginia, including to dead people

Photo surfaces showing TikTok executives posing with the Chinese Communist Party flag

California’s High-speed rail became a boondoggle when politicians changed it to Low-speed rail

Stimulus Package Negotiations on the Verge of Collapse as Talks Break Down

Joe Biden, Susan Rice, and Seal Team Six – Loose Lips Sink Ships

What Caused AG Barr to Ask His FBI Detail to Make ‘A Quick U-Turn’ While Driving Through Virginia

Biden again lets out his inner racist – Because people suffering from dementia  lose their filter

Republicans hopeful Trump-Biden race beginning to tighten

California Energy Prices Continue to Rise Higher Than Other States

California establishes in-person voting rules amid coronavirus

The Portland Mayor Finally Admits Violent Riots Aren’t the Same as ‘Peaceful Protests,’ After 68 Nights of Unrest

Nancy Pelosi, mistress of drivel – What mostly comes out of her mouth is a lie or at least a monstrous bending of the truth

TikTok’s Parent Company Employs Chinese Communist Party Members in Its Highest Ranks

President Trump Widens China Tech Attack, Ordering Bans on TikTok and WeChat

Bad medicine: Fauci’s Hydroxychloroquine Waterloo – Countries that used it are doing much better

‘Mask mouth’: Dentists coin new term for the smelly side effect of wearing a mask constantly

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates’ Testimony Showed She’s Either Ignorant Or Lying About Russiagate

Has the pushback against the Democrat’s overreach begun?

The Shadow of Dukakis Looms Over Biden – His lead is shrinking as questions about his fitness for office multiply

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – US Added 1.76 Million New Jobs in July Showing the US Is In Its Greatest Recovery Ever

Never has a virus been so oversold

More Proof that the COVID Pandemic in Florida Is a Scare Tactic

Biden Insults Black Americans — Again –  African-Americans are not diverse — unlike Latinos, he says

August 6, 2020

Masks do not work, – Period

The FDA & The War Over Hydroxychloroquine (HC)

How Obama is clearing the VP field for Susan Rice

Nevada Democrats’ Shocking Midnight Run on Election Integrity

Trump signs executive order to boost U.S. drug manufacturing

Elon Musk says Tesla headquarters could still move out of California

CalPERS Investment Chief with ‘Long and Cozy Relationship with Communist China’ Resigns

Biden’s Pretend Campaign – Democrats are all still singing from the same song sheet. But they won’t win this way

Limbaugh: Democrat Operatives at Facebook and Twitter Take Down Trump Video on Kids and Coronavirus

The US Government Lifts COVID International Travel Warning for the First Time in 4 Months

The New York Primary ‘Mess’ Seen as an Omen for Big Problems With Mail-In Voting in November

Chart: The Current Status of Mail-In Voting in Each State

Europe’s Top Health Officials Say Masks Aren’t Really Helpful in Beating COVID-19

Judge calls for Assange testimony in a civil suit against Fox News over Seth Rich murder article about DNC hacking

Joe Biden: Latinos have ‘incredibly different’ attitudes, unlike black Americans

Joe Biden Tries to ‘Clarify’ Remarks About African Americans; No Apology

Ex-Colleagues See Durham Dropping His Bombshell Report Before Labor Day

The World’s Worst Idea – Why socialism will not die

Top Democrats contemplate civil war if Biden loses, yet the media only talks about Trump not accepting the result

California ups early inmate release estimate amid objections

Most Americans Are Scared Stiff To Talk Politics……… But Why?

Neither Candidate Trump nor His Campaign Ever Got a ‘Defensive Briefing’

U.S. weekly jobless claims total 1.186 million, the lowest level of the coronavirus pandemic

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Outlines Broad Strategy Against Threat Posed by China’s Technology

Survey Finds Black Americans’ Views on Police Don’t Fit the Left’s Narrative

Fauci: ‘You don’t have to lock down again’: A second economic shutdown isn’t needed

Not All Social Gatherings Are Equally Risky for COVID Outbreak

California’s growing virus data collection headache

75 Years Later, It’s Clear Truman Was Right To Drop The Atomic Bomb on Japan

Whistleblower Dr. Yan Limeng Exposes the Chinese Communist Party’s COVID-19 Coverup

Do Voter ID Laws Actually Result in Disenfranchisement?

PBS Challenged Speaker Pelosi Over Coronavirus Relief… Then A Meltdown Ensued

Biden’s refusal to take a cognitive test proves he needs one

Who Killed George Floyd? – Minnesota’s AG should pay attention to the available evidence, which is incontrovertible

Massive International Study Shows Countries with Early HCQ Use Had 79% Lower Mortality Rate

Liberals: Always The Victims, Never The Bullies

That Creepy Old Weirdo In The Basement Will Never Debate Trump

Facebook and Twitter censor a Trump campaign post on children and coronavirus

The Twitter Staffer Who Announced Trump Censorship Used to Work for Kamala Harris…

The Cancer of the Media – The root cause is their blinding liberalism

Sally Yates throws James Comey under the bus – Clearly, she and others are protecting much bigger fish

Sally Yates is probably ‘on the very short list’ for AG in a Biden administration, Ian Prior says

State and Local Governments Need Some Tough Love From Uncle Sam – Instead of spoiling them with $1 trillion in the proposed stimulus package

Joe Biden, the very definition of an empty suit

The Beirut Blast Is A Reminder That Hezbollah Has Ruined Lebanon

Take the Mail-In Ballot Challenge: Send Me Your Cash!

August 5, 2020

California Governor Newsom Threatens Parents with Penalties for Hiring Tutors To Teach Their Students At Home

Over 80,000 mail-in ballots disqualified in NYC primary mess

The Financial Power of California’s Government Unions – Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on politics

Joe Biden Is Absolutely the Vehicle for the Communist Takeover of the Democrat Party

The Three Perils Threatening the United States of America

Journalist Warns Congress Antifa Plans to Spread Violence Across America

Five Facts Contradict Karen Bass’s Claim That She Is ‘Not a Communist’

Don’t Cancel School – Prolonged closures are their own crisis

Los Angeles Will Shut Off Power & Water to Homes That Throw Large Parties – Is This Really Happening?

Newly Released George Floyd Body Cam Footage Should Make Keith Ellison Nervous

Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit Over ‘Hasty Changes’ to Nevada Election Laws

The Heritage Foundation: A Sampling of Recent Election Fraud Cases from Across the United States

Yates Testimony: Comey went ‘rogue’ with Flynn interview

Joe Biden won’t travel to Milwaukee for 2020 DNC because of Coronavirus concerns

Trump calls for the first presidential debate to be moved up due to early, mail-in voting

Donald Trump: Black Lives Matter is a ‘Marxist Group’ that Is Not Good for Our Country

Partisan eruptions at Antifa hearing leave witnesses doubtful Congress will act

San Francisco is crawling with drugs, but their DA shows more concern for dealers than citizens

Trump Could Accept GOP Nomination at the White House

Joe Biden Lashes Out Black Reporter, Asks if He’s a Junkie After He Is Asked if He’ll Take Cognitive Test

Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers Rely on Voters Not Hearing Him Speak

How a California Church and Legal Heavyweights Are Bucking Governor Newsom’s Coronavirus Infringement

Understanding COVID-19 death rates and their relationship to population density

COVID and the Red States

Sweden’s COVID-19 strategy is already paying off – Alone among the world’s developed economies, Sweden didn’t go into full lockdown

The Chinese Economic Threat – Liberal democracies need to unite against China’s ever-expanding economic influence

A Vaccine Is on the Way – Not surprisingly, American companies are showing how it’s done

The FBI Raids a US Company with Ties to a Ukrainian Bank Tied to Hunter Biden’s Burisma that Lost Billions in IMF and US Funds

Densely populated cities are the lifeblood of the Democrat party – So maybe the suburbs are a winning issue after all

The U.S. Fights the Communist Chinese Party’s Infiltration of Higher Education

The Washington Post’s CCP propaganda puff piece points to normalized communism in American youth

The Leftist Effort to Revise American History

Infiltrating And Co-Opting The Deep State For The Common Good

Oprah Coaches White People on How to Navigate ‘Unconscious’ Racism on Apple TV Show – WOW!

Trump Hosts Swearing-In of General Charles Brown Jr., First Black Service Chief

Requiem for the University – A brilliant professor’s famed “Hitler lecture” would not fly today

A psychiatric journal made a big mistake about transgender surgery – 3 People, NOT 2,679 as indicated

Why Progressive Activists Want to Silence the Truth About Climate Change

August 4, 2020

Pure Madness in Melbourne

What or Who Decides This Election?

Trump tells Dobbs they’ve caught Obama, Biden on SPYING, ‘breathtaking’ what was found, BEYOND what we thought

Limbaugh: The Case-Fatality Rate Chart That Backs Up Trump’s “Positive Thinking” On COVID-19

The Case for Masks Has Taken Another Body Blow

Democrats Threaten Huge Retaliation if Trump Appoints a Supreme Court Justice in 2020

Chart: Major American Cities See Sharp Spike In Murders

Why George Floyd Died – George Floyd is dead today almost entirely because of George Floyd

Facebook’s Supposed Neutral Fact-Check Board Gets a Lot of ‘Likes’ From George Soros

How Much Do You Really Know About COVID-19? Take This Quiz And See

Why Isn’t ‘Cancel Culture’ Canceling Corporations?

Mark Levin Sounds the Alarm Over ‘Totalitarian Purification Process’ After Arrest of Conservatives For Message In Chalk

This is a must-watch, but only if you plan on voting in November 2020

Enough: Pence rips Andrew Cuomo’s criticism, reminds 1 in 5 coronavirus deaths are in New York

NYC health commissioner quits, citing Bill de Blasio’s failures on coronavirus

The Shame of the Teachers’ Unions – Fighting for teachers to get paid for not working, and placing children’s well-being and education low on their list of priorities

If you’re wondering about racism in America, watch this condensed video

Self-Hate Is A Mental Sickness

What or Who Will Decide This Election? – The Virus – The Lockdowns/Quarantines – The Economy – The Riots

The SWAT team that caught Boston Marathon bomber disbanded – Former police commissioner warns of the rising domestic terrorism threat

Rioters Assault Police Officers in Portland During Another Night of Unrest

Limiting Gun Rights While Defunding Police Is a Recipe for Disaster

Donald Trump’s Visa Worker Reform Are Just The ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

Trial Lawyers Are Looking Forward to a $100 Billion Coronavirus Jackpot

Illegal aliens and the Census: Trump Drops The Other Shoe

Joe Biden Is Not A Nice Guy – A close look at his first presidential campaign demolishes his facade of decency

Ivanka Trump and AG Barr to Host Roundtable Unveiling DOJ Housing Grants for Human Trafficking Survivors

The Real Reason Democrats Are Pushing For Mail-In Ballots – They don’t have to cheat in the casting of ballots. They simply don’t have to count certain ballots at all

Poll: Americans Are Still Delaying Medical Care as the Virus Rages

Mayor Demands Fire Department Remove Their Show of Support For The Police Department

Nancy Pelosi Stands with Anti-Semites

NY Health Commissioner Won’t Provide Numbers for Elderly Who Went from Nursing Homes and then Died in Hospitals

Obama kiss of death: Not every candidate thrilled to have that supposedly prized Obama endorsement

Coronavirus Rules Don’t Apply to Sharpton’s 100,000 Racists March In Washington D.C.

Islam’s Heavenly Whores: Jihad’s Biggest Motivator

August 3, 2020

Americans Excoriate Media in New Poll That Shows How Far Reputation Has Fallen

California’s Assembly Bill 5 is destroying local news outlets

Trump Approval Soaring, Voter Enthusiasm Outstripping That of Biden Supporters

Governor Newsom’s ‘Chronically Delinquent’ Property Taxes and Unreported Income Must Be Investigated

Study Shows COVID-19 Patients Receiving Hydroxychloroquine See Death Rates Cut in Half

Stanford’s Dr. Scott Atlas: ‘Stopping COVID-19 Cases Is Not The Appropriate Goal’

Have we passed peak Biden? – The public is now focused principally on the economy — which is good news for Trump

California Has Lost A Greater Share Of Revenue Than Most States Due To COVID-19

Trump vows legal action over Nevada mail-in voting plan

Police Bodycam Footage of George Floyd Arrest Leaks

Love him or hate him, Elon Musk is enjoying a spectacular run

Far-Left Ninth Circuit Court Blocks Logging Project in a Burned-Out Part of California Forest

Why the US assassination of Iran’s top general didn’t spark a war

8 Democrat Myths William Barr Debunked Between Deliberate Interruptions

The Policing Crisis in New York City – The city is sinking into lawlessness, and de Blasio blathers on about ‘sensitivity.’

Dan Bongino Drops A Truth Bomb About Joe Biden

What the Silence Over Bill Clinton’s Alleged Visit to Epstein’s Pedophile Island Tells us About the Acela Media

The Mainstream Media Is Silent As Their Christopher Steele ‘Hero’ ‘Spymaster’ Narrative Crumbles

Nevada Democrats push mail-in voting and ballot harvesting through State Assembly on a strict party-line vote

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise: Democrat Coronavirus Relief Bill Is the ‘No Liberal Cause Left Behind Act’

Wrecking the American Dream – Yes, suburbanites, Democrats plan to destroy your community

Obama Endorses Manipulating History For Political Ends

Trump Rips Nevada’s Vote-by-Mail Plan: ‘It’s an Illegal Late Night Coup’

San Francisco Is Seeing A Coronavirus Spike Despite Doing Everything ‘By the Book’

China and Iran: Axis of Evil 2.0 – Cold War Two has just become colder

China Is Trying to Steal Data From US Government and You

Born This Way – If you’re born with a cervix, you’re a woman

August 2, 2020

After Mayor de Blasio Disbands Anti-Crime Unit, Shootings in New York Skyrocket

The city family is a Machiavellian tragedy-  As the FBI picks off his protégés, will Willie Brown’s luck finally run out?

Police Release Footage of Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting That Sparked Protests, Shows Exactly Why Officers Acted

Raw Video of Portland Federal Courthouse Destruction

The New Old Obama – Why is he reemerging with greater frequency now? There are a few reasonable suppositions

Don Jr. asks Damning Question About Bill Clinton and “Epstein Island” that Nobody Else Has Brought Up

‘Wary’ Teachers Now Opposed to Both Online and In-Person Classes, Threaten To Strike

Seattle Suicide – They are now advising its citizens how to surrender more effectively to criminals

After Flynn unmaskings, U.S. intel won’t answer whether agencies spy on Congress

How Olivia de Havilland and Ronald Reagan Beat the Hollywood Communists

Roger Stone Provides Evidence that Corrupt and Dishonest Democrat Eric Swalwell Lied To AG Bill Barr

Marathon Bomber Sentence Reduced Due to Jury Bias But Judge Jackson Ignored Same Jury Bias in Roger Stone Case

Portland sees 150-rounds shot at apartment building as crowds continue violent clashes with police

Nigel Farage: The British Government is Burying ‘Their Heads in the Sand’ on Illegal Migration

Understanding the gravity of the Russia Hoax – It isn’t just an “inside politics” thing that ultimately doesn’t matter

Feds and Yale Are Holding Clinical Trials on How Best to Persuade Americans to Take Fauci-Gates COVID-19 Vaccines

It’s Only August: Rest, Fall Will Get Even Crazier – Democrats know they have a losing candidate heading their ticket

A California Church Defies Governor Newsom’s Shutdown Mandate

Susan Rice’s ‘Benghazi baggage,’ F-bombs would make her ‘lightning rod’ as Biden VP pick, WP writer claims

Does Anyone Have the Courage to Indict Obama? – Head of a family just like the Mafia. Call it the Obama Crime Family

The woke mobsters at the New York Times have even more demands

Election Interference: Twitter Just Censored a Doctor, Public Health Expert, and GOP Chairwoman

Washington D.C. should be Washington D.S., for Double Standards

August 1, 2020

I Looked Up What Happened When Sweden Refused To Shut Down – They Were Right, We Were Wrong

Susan Rice Lied About Benghazi. She Also Lied Under Oath About Knowledge of FBI’s Russia Collusion Investigation

Overnight Riot Report, Austin Texas Edition: Police Don’t Even Wait for the Sun to Go Down, Use Horses Effectively

Former Clinton Admin Official: Biden Should Not Debate Trump Because It Will Help Trump

Report Finds 250 US Collaborators with “Chinese Military-Tied” Researchers

The CDC Director Says ‘It Is in the Public Health Interest’ to To Reopen Schools for K-12 Students

Democrats Add a Plank to the Party Platform That Would Destroy the Federal Judiciary As We Know It

GOP Appears Ready to Cave on $600-a-Week Unemployment Benefit

“I’m Won’t Be Silenced!” – Doctor Stella Immanuel Doubles Down – When Was the Last Time Dr. Fauci Saw a Patient?

Antifa Mob Reportedly Leaves Gruesome and Bloody Message Outside Portland Police Bureau

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Sees 139 Percent Increase in Murder

The Largest Florida Police Union Votes Unanimously To Endorse Trump: Tired of Being a Punching Bag for the Left

Community Rallies Behind Pizza Joint After Woman Tries To Cancel It for Flying Trump Flag

DEADLY WEAPONS: The DOJ Releases Pics of Weapons Seized from Portland Riots; Includes Molotov Cocktails

Obama emerges as Biden’s Wing Man, or more Accurately Hatchet Man hatchet man

Fauci Shreds Media Narrative, Admits President Trump’s COVID Response Saved Lives

Daniel Halper reacts after release of Ghislaine Maxwell documents: ‘How entrapped is Bill Clinton in this investigation?’

New Disclosures Confirm: Trump Himself Was the Target of Obama Administration’s Russia Probe

The New Ten Commandments – Sadly

China’s Predatory Industrial Policy – Their favorite game is Monopoly

The obvious fact everyone is overlooking about the Portland riots – A building can’t move, but Protesters can

New Evidence: Key Fans Unhappy With Sports Leagues Kowtowing to Black Lives Matter

The Chicago Gun Myth – The tragically incompetent mayor of Chicago blames interlopers for its spiking murder rate

With Herman Cain’s death, Maxine Waters again shows her mean lack of class

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: BARR NONE EDITION – There are some real keepers this week

Boston Marathon bombing survivors react after convict’s death sentence overturned: ‘He needs to die’

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