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Updated Daily: Below you will find links to mostly conservative oriented articles or blog posts that I have read and find insightful or interesting in some way.

If you take the time to read some of them it should open your eyes to the reality of “The Swamp,” Main Stream Media/Propaganda Media bias and Fake News, The Progressive Movement and what Trump faces daily in his quest to Make America Great Again.” (Note: Article links added since the previous update are underlined.)

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April 30, 2019

Tucker Carlson Is Right

Don’t Believe Mainstream Media Headlines: Robert Mueller Said Barr Memo Was Accurate

This Is No Longer Just An Attack On Trump

Biden’s History of Lies, Family Scandals and Corruption

Feeling the Heat from the Trump Administration, the Mullahs Pray Democrats Will Rescue Them

Why Climate Activists Won’t Support Nuclear Power

Trans weightlifter crushes world records

Listen to Joe diGenova, former legal counsel to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

What if conservatives had done it?

Why Is Ilhan Omar’s Collusion With Islamists Acceptable?

The Media Cheers Government Censorship of the Internet

Kate Smith? What About Margaret Sanger?

Reporter to Son, It Was Actually Obama We Journalists Had to Fear

Der New York Stürmer

Single-payer Will Fracture Democrats’ 2020 Coalition

April 29, 2019

Why Are Clapper and Brennan Not in Jail?

Sri Lankan “Easter Worshippers” — and Christophobia – A telling reminder of leftist hatred for Christianity

The madness of the Democratic impeachment crusade

The Regulatory Zealot Behind California’s Surging Gasoline Prices

Rosenstein Resigns

What Thomas Friedman Doesn’t Get About The Border Crisis

Census and Citizenship: The Wrong Question

Trump’s 3.2% economic growth puts Bush and Obama to shame

Trump Will Win in 2020, Money Managers Say in Exclusive Poll

Ilhan Omar’s Allies Mum Following ‘Black Hawk Down’ Controversy

Hollywood Begins Eating its Own – Reaping the whirlwind of social justice radicalism

The Rising China Threat

The Passover Massacre and Anti-Semitism in America

Authorities To Arrest Canadian Father If He Refers To Trans Child As Her Real Sex

Now we know for sure that Trump is the better man

Who Are the true Racists?

Trump campaign moving early to keep Arizona from switching to blue in 2020

April 28, 2019

Notre Dame architect: The blaze was no accident

The Adolescent Progressive Mind

The BIG ‘What If’ Question for the White House

Why Are Democrats So Petrified of Islam?

Joe Biden Is In For A Rude A-WOKEning

Words Make the Man – The use and non-use of “Christian” in today’s political English

Real Leverage on Illegal Immigration

Work Hard And Play By The Rules, Yet Be Hated By Liberals

All the fake news that’s not fit to print

Some California Bills Are Silly, And Some A Just Plain Dumb

April 27, 2019

The Complete List of the Many Times Obama Spied on Candidate and President Trump and Others


Did Mueller jump or was he pushed?

Trump Drops the Hammer on Castro and his Colluders in Crime, Who Squeal in Outrage

April 26, 2019

Joe Biden Decides to Go #NeverTrump

Senators ask AG for briefing on Obama administration spying

Why Biden and the Democrats Cannot Admit They Lied

Ignorant press ‘surprised’ by 3.2% blowout GDP number

Trump Knows Who’s Behind the Coup Against Him

Trump speaks of ‘attempted coup’ and previews coming storm headed toward the plotters

Resisting the Resisters – Trump says no to House Democrat subpoenas

US economy grows by 3.2% in the first quarter, tops expectations

Newly-released Strzok-Page text messages suggest FBI attempt to recruit spies within the incoming Trump administration

The Mueller Files – The back story of America’s Deep State Dzerzhinsky

Black Hawk Down veterans blast Ilhan Omar for ‘smearing’ US troops who died ‘to help her people’

Blue State Blues: Republicans Cannot Win If ‘Ballot Harvesting’ Remains Legal

April 25, 2019

Top New York Times journalist: Trump’s right, America needs ‘the wall’

How the Mueller Report Covers for Clinton and the Conspirators

Democrats Court Electoral Disaster With Trump Hearings

Deep State Spy Mifsud – Who Set Up Papadopoulos – Dined with Hillary and Italian Socialists in 2016

The Operation Against General Flynn Started Long Before The Trump Election

The Mueller Investigation Was Driven by Pious Hypocrisy

5 Times The Mueller Probe Broke Prosecutorial Rules That Ensure Justice

Mueller’s Political Prosecution

Florida’s Crackdown on Sanctuary Cities Begins

The Past Is Imperfect – So will we next see an end to Fulbright scholarships?

April 24, 2019

Joe Biden is Obama without hope

25 Questions for Robert Mueller

Mueller Report Shatters Credibility of Steele Dossier

Elijah Cummings won’t let witness have lawyer

A New High School U.S. history textbook portrays Trump as mentally ill and racist

Fox News hammered for ‘bad journalism’ on handling of Notre Dame fire news story


The walls are closing in on Obama

Mueller’s ‘Scarlet Letter’ Impeachment Road Map

Democrat Leadership Can’t Find Its Backbone on Impeachment

Trump’s Righteous Indignation over His Innocence

A new accommodation for illegals — on the census?

Report: Illegal Immigration Is Earning Billions For Smugglers

The Hillyer Plan to Save Social Security and Medicare

The Bakshish Primary

Bernie or bust: The Sanders supporters who will back Trump if their man isn’t Democratic nominee

6 Democrat Senators Sell Out Jewish Terror Victims to Restore Cash to Islamic Terrorists

The Left’s March to a One-Party State

April 23, 2019

FBI admits Hillary emails were found in Obama White House

Seven Times Democrats Ignored Facts or Science for Political Gain

Beware Of Soros-Funded Hijacking of US Census

The Mueller Report Raises Major Questions About Obama’s Feckless Response to Russia Election Interference

Trump says he is opposed to White House aides testifying to Congress, deepening power struggle with Hill

Katie Hopkins Warns America: Don’t Become Like the UK

Limbaugh: The Democrat ‘Coup’ against Trump is not over yet

I Fought In The Battle Of Mogadishu. Here’s What Representative Ilhan Omar Gets Wrong About ‘Black Hawk Down’

Four Reasons Why the Democrats Will Lose in 2020

The Trump administration’s addition of a citizenship question to the census to be tested at Supreme Court

If We Cancel Kate Smith, We Must Also Cancel The New York Yankees

Why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Tweeted About ‘Easter Worshippers’

Living in LeftLandia

While Democrats Search for Crumbs, This Too Will Pass Over

Free Speech, Political Freedom, and Comedy –  The Left’s dreadful fear of mockery of its grandiose pretensions

April 22, 2019

Adam Schiff Is Finally Pressed On The Steele Dossier — He Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

7 Glaring Omissions In The Mueller Report That Kill Its Credibility

Trump sues to block Democrats’ subpoena for personal financial information

Trump Designates The IRGC A Terror Organization

The Mueller Report Exposes the Absurdity of the Governing Class

THE Border Patrol expects to quadruple spending as more immigrant families arrive in Arizona

The Trump Administration Officially Cuts Off Iranian Oil Exports

Why Relocating Illegal Aliens To Sanctuary Cities Is A Brilliant, Win-Win Idea

The Democrats’ Fanaticism

The Terrorist Caucus in the House Of Representatives

Why The So-Called Equality Act Is Actually A Bait-and-Switch Power Grab

Robert Mueller, the consummate DC schemer

Anti-Trump Crazies Urge Impeachment on Cringing Democrats

Dems’ Rejection of Mueller’s Exoneration of Trump Endangers our Republic

Losers, Welded Together – The Mitt Romney-Bill Weld axis shows itself in the aftermath of the Mueller report

April 21, 2019

Russian ‘Collusion’s’ Greatest Hits

What caused the burning of Notre Dame?

HEADLINE – President Colludes To Obstruct Foreign Election

Supreme Court Mulls Citizenship Question for Census

The Heroes of the Mueller Report

Things the Media Ignored in the Mueller Report

The Slimy Group Therapy for the Trump Haters

Too many school teachers hate capitalism – and are vowing to get rid of Trump in 2020

The US Gives Millions To Central American Nations To Deter Illegal Immigration, Yet Doesn’t Keep Track Of Results

Why the Easter Sunday terrorist attack on Sri Lanka was so evil

April 20, 2019

Forget Trump, Here Are Five Solid Reasons Why Obama Should Have Been Impeached

Guess What The Ninth Circuit Had To Say About Sanctuary Cities

We were warned: Leftists making dystopian fiction into reality

Slimy Group Therapy for the Trump Haters

What Trump is actually guilty of

The Week in Pictures: Mueller Encore Edition

April 19, 2019

Sharyl Attkisson: Intel insiders feared Trump would expose them

The Mueller Report Vindicates Bill Barr

The FBI had doubts about top Trump dossier source before Carter Page FISA warrant renewals

This Reporter Had The Perfect Words To Describe The Liberal Media’s Russian Collusion Hysteria

Appeasement in the Academy

Trump Admin Cracks Down on Public Housing Aid for Illegal Immigrants

Mueller’s Despicable Parthian Shot – No one’s calling the lowly Robert Mueller a boy scout now

The Ideological Roots of Modern Socialists

Victor Davis Hanson Presents ‘The Case for Trump’

Sorry, Democrats, but Your Stars Are Socialists

Shep Smith, Boy Reporter

Post-Mueller report, Democrats to dig deeper into Trump finances with three investigations

Administration stymied again by federal courts over sanctuary city policies

7 Ways The Mueller Report Exposed The Media’s ‘Bombshell’ Fake News Stories

Bill the DNC for the Mueller Report Cost

Another line they cut into: Illegals get free public housing as impoverished Americans wait

High School Students Assigned to Tabulate “Privilege” Based on Race, Gender, Sexuality, Religion

April 18, 2019

Robert Mueller Did Not Merely Reject the Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theories. He Obliterated Them

Google Leftists Panic About Leaks, Threaten Employment of Colleagues

Ben Carson To Kick Illegal Immigrants Out Of HUD Housing, Will Give Aid To Poor Americans Instead

Rush Limbaugh says Mueller report should read: ‘Trump Attempted To Obstruct Our Coup’

Tom Steyer’s Itching, Scratching Need to Impeach Trump

Mueller Passed The Prosecutorial Buck, Preferring To Slime Trump On Obstruction Rather Than Indict

Mueller Madness: Some Takeaways – AG Barr’s summary stands

Robert Mueller Did Not Merely Reject the Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theories. He Obliterated Them

AG Bill Barr: “NO EVIDENCE of Trump Campaign Collusion with Russia or Obstruction”

Barr: No material in Mueller report was redacted based on White House executive privilege

Larry Elder Delivers Keynote Address at Freedom Center Retreat – This Brought Tears To My Eyes

Mueller Report: Democrats Bash Barr To Keep The Hype Alive

Dan Scavino Compares Democrat Nadler in 1998 versus Democrat Nadler in 2019

21 Questions for Bernie Sanders – I Like #21 The Best

It’s time to end the 501(c)(3) cover for the Left

The Politics of Notre Dame

Which Is the Real Party of Fear?

Jihad Against Churches

If Entrepreneurs ‘Didn’t Build That,’ Who Did?

Austin, Texas ‘School Climate Survey’ Tells Students ‘Gender Is How A Person Feels’

April 17, 2019

50% drop in abortion traffic follows the movie ‘Unplanned’

Adam Schiff: The Media’s Pin-Up Doll

New DOJ Report: 60,000 criminal illegal aliens are in federal custody at a staggering cost

67% of Republican Voters Think Arrival of Massive Numbers of Illegal Immigrants and Refugees is Harmful — Only 16% of GOP Leaders Agree

What To Expect From Democrats When Mueller’s Report Drops Thursday

Democrats sought to deny US workers secret ballot they now demand for Mexican unions

The Questions Medicare for All Supporters Must Answer

Health Care: The Real Problem

The decline and fall of the White House Correspondents’ dinner

April 16, 2019

How the Cohen-Prague Story Helped Expose the Collusion Hoax

‘Code of silence’ obscures surge of church attacks in France

Yeah, Voters Say Obama And His Top Aides Knew About Alleged FBI Plot To Spy On Trump Campaign

Can Democrats Hide Their Radicalism Until After the 2020 Election?

The Democrats’ about-face on open borders and open arms

Newspapers Encouraging Locals To Flee To The US, Illegal Migrants Claim

Arizona city overwhelmed by migrants declares state of emergency

Everyone Is Missing the Biggest Questions With Ilhan Omar’s 9/11 Downplay

The Progressive Revolution: From Democratic to Liberal to Progressive to Socialist

Medicare for All Means Private Insurance for None

At Fox Town Hall, Bernie Sanders Still Can’t Explain How He’s Paying For ‘Medicare For All’

The Progressive Road Map

No, Joe Scarborough, Spying On Trump Wasn’t Done ‘By The Book’

What will it take for journalists and other Democrats to tell the truth to the public?

U.S. Departure From Middle East Linkage – A policy that was never a practical solution for peace

WSJ: Measles Cases Continue to Soar, Stirring Concern Over Long-Term Effects

Washington Post covers up relevant information to make Israel look bad

April 15, 2019

Candace Owens Has Shown Us the Way

Probe launched into John Kerry’s “Shadow Diplomacy” Iran talks

The tax cut that keeps on giving

Chris Wallace Tries Cornering Sarah Sanders… She Makes Him Instantly Regret It

Trump Issues Fiery Response After DOJ Announces Public Release Date for Mueller Report

Fusion GPS Admitted in 2010 They Created Reports For President Obama

Five reasons why campaign cash is rolling in for Trump and even Goldman Sachs is forecasting victory

What We Should Expect From This Weeks Release Of The Full Mueller Report

Senator Graham to introduce long-overdue asylum reform bill

The Real Leaders Of The Democrats Want To Shut You Up

Trump Calls Democrats’ Bluff On Illegal Immigrants

April 14, 2019

Are There Any Limits to Illegal Immigration?

Tucker Carlson’s epic take-down on Democrat hypocrisy on sending illegals to sanctuary cities

Sanctuary Cities Should Welcome Illegals, Unless Liberals Are LyingThrough Their Teeth

Trump’s Rebel Alliance Attacks the Left’s Death Star

Jerry Nadler, D-NY, attacked Attorney General Barr over his use of the word ‘spying’

Speaking Of “False”

Releasing Jussie Smollett was the least of Cook County state’s attorney  Kim Foxx’s sins

April 13, 2019

Homeless surge at San Fransisco airport: Police contacts triple, and officials want BART to step in

Worse than Watergate

Ex-Clinton Official Leads ‘Dark Money’ Effort to Get Brett Kavanaugh Fired From Teaching Job

Trump trolls the Democrats to highlight their hypocrisy

Hackers Post Personal Info of Thousands of Federal Agents, Police Officers

Why Trump drives the D.C. Establishment nuts

Remember Murietta? Dumping unvetted migrants into the cities of political foes was done by Obama first

The Week in Pictures: Tactile Nukes Edition

April 12, 2019

The Anti–Bill Barr Smear Campaign

The Day Of Reckoning Is At Hand

Attorney General Barr Brings Accountability

When will this nightmare end?

Meet ‘Surveillance Capitalism,’ Our Terrifying New Economic Order

Why ‘Tax the Rich’ Demands Are So Unreasonable

Sicko, Southern Border-Style

Tucker Carlson: Assange’s real sin was preventing Hillary Clinton from becoming president

Uncle Sam’s Brand New Credit Card

April 11, 2019

Bill Barr Just Let Us Know the Hunters Are About to Become the Hunted

Devin Nunes Sends Criminal Referrals to Attorney General Barr Alleging ‘Potential Violations’ in Russia Probe

Jim Jordan Upends Democrats’ ‘Fear Mongering’ Over the Census “Citizen Question” in Fiery New Report

Trump Eyeing One of Mexico’s Biggest Sources of Outside Cash in Move Sure To Terrify The Mexican Government

YouTube Hides PragerU Video of Candace Owens’ Testimony in ‘Restricted Mode’

New study refutes climate-change alarm

The Absolute Importance Of Parameters

“Spying Did Occur”

3 Muslim Terror Plots Targeted US Synagogues in 3 Months

Here’s Your ‘Something’: The New York Post Takes Ilhan Omar To The Woodshed Over Her 9/11 Terror Attack Remarks

The Latest Stats Reveal The Border Crisis Is Getting Worse

Kenneth Starr thought Hillary Clinton prompted Vince Foster’s suicide — but he left it out of his final report

Campus Radicalism Spirals Out of Control

The Google Blacklisting of The American Spectator

US weekly jobless claims drop to the lowest level since 1969

President Trump Should Never Publicly Release His Tax Returns

California Has Become America’s Cannibal State

Sharpton, Reparations, and the Democrats

Poll: 58% of Voters Approve Trump Economy Ahead of 2020

Anarchy is Swallowing Up the Social Order

All but one Democrat in the House co-sponsors a bill to allow males to compete on female athletic teams

Julian Assange Arrested by British Police at Ecuadorian Embassy, US Charge Unveiled

April 10, 2019

The Attempted Coup Against Trump

Stefan Halper: The Cambridge “Don” the FBI sent to spy on Trump

Rush Limbaugh: Barr’s ‘spying’ probe is ‘monumental’

Affordable Housing Is Not The Key to Ending The Homeless Crisis

The Fraying Edges Of Universal Health Care

Victor Davis Hanson on Reparations: Democrats ‘Afraid Trump Is Making Inroads’ with Blacks

A Man For This Season

AG Barr will investigate origins of counterintelligence operations against Trump campaign

Bait and smuggle: Mexican cartels divert border cops with migrant surges and ferry drugs where the coast is clear

Mueller’s Report Is a Rerun from the Nixon Era

White House Considers Restricting Remittances to Mexico to Stop Illegal Migration

Candace Owens Nukes Nadler’s ‘Hate Crime’ Hearing

Candace Owens Blasts Dems For Splicing Her Video To Fit Their Despicable Narrative

Why The Media Is At War With Saudi Arabia

Candace Owens: The anti-Ocasio-Cortez

Few Surprises in Israel Election Results — and Uncannily Like America’s 2016 Election Night

Why Democrats Are Messing with Voting Rights

The Alger Hiss Democrats in Congress

April 9, 2019

William Barr Is the Democrats’ Worst Nightmare

Scientists Prove Man-Made Global Warming Is a Hoax

Activist judge rules to let all un-vetted migrant asylum seekers in

Socialism or Communism: Call It What You Will

Trump Designates the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a Foreign Terrorist Organization

Why The Media Won’t Drop The Southern Poverty Law Center Despite Its Obvious Corruption

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll – Trump at 53%

The Top 10 Anti-Vaccine Falsehoods And The Truth About Each

April 8, 2019

FBI documents show ‘cover-up’ of Hillary’s email server

Same People Behind Iraq War Lies Pushed Russian Collusion

Trump Administration Officials Targeted in Corporate Blacklist by Leftist Groups

Money in the Toilet – The Billion Dollar Cost of Public Bathrooms In Very Progressive States

Raw, stinky, Progressive B.S. needs a reckoning

Was Nellie Ohr’s Research Used In FISA Applications To Surveil The Trump Campaign?

Democrats Feed on Voter Fears

The Reparations Shakedown

Social Justice Prosecutors In Action

Why amnesty ISN’T the answer

Why Sweden’s UPS Won’t Go

Amid Border Chaos, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Resigns

This Is Nielsen’s Resignation Letter to Trump

The Case for Trump and a Look at 2020

As Israel Goes to the Polls Tomorrow

April 7, 2019

Catholic Cardinal Slams Mass Migration As ‘New Form of Slavery’

All Of The Progressive Plotters

CONFIRMED… DNC WAS IN ON IT! Hillary Campaign Mgr. Pushed Fake Russia Story at DNC Convention – SAME DAY FBI Launched Trump-Russia Investigation!

Devin Nunes locked and loaded: 8 criminal referrals ready, including 3 targeting ‘conspiracy’ and ‘global leaks’

Democrats and Reparations: A few questions

Calvinball Is the Only Game Democrats Play

The Tea Party is back!

Trump The Madman Somehow Tricked A Bunch Of Democrats Into Defending MS-13 Thugs (Again)

As Israel Goes to the Polls Next Tuesday

April 6, 2019

The Establishment War on the Intellectual Dark Web

Investigation into ‘dossier’ snares another Obama alum

Trump Threatens Financial Penalties on Mexico for Illegal Drugs, Migration

Are Democrats Pushing Sharia Law?

April 5, 2019

The Russian collusion hoax meets unbelievable end

What the Electoral College Saves Us From

Poll: 67% Of Likely Voters Say Illegal Immigration Is A Serious Problem, Most Believe Democrats Don’t Want To Stop It

Trump wakes up the elites: China is foe, not friend

Court Ruling Implies That Barr Must Redact Grand-Jury Info from Mueller Report

Over Parent Objections, Public School Teaches 6-Year-Olds About ‘Transgender Ravens’ And Gender Fluidity

General Michael Flynn may be the key to uncovering and prosecuting the Deep State attempted coup on Trump

McConnell Wins Again: Senate Reforms Confirmation Rules, Thwarting Unprecedented Democratic Obstruction

America Created 196,000 Jobs in March, Beating Expectations for 170,000

In Less Than 24 Hours, House Democrats Unveil Three Efforts Targeting Trump

Buried lede: So now we have caravans loading up with migrants from Sri Lanka, Congo, Haiti…????

A surefire way to stop Pelosi from getting ahold of Trump’s tax returns

The Top Ten Evilest People of All-Time

April 4, 2019

Rush Limbaugh: Why was Mueller investigation launched?

Barr defends how he is handling Mueller’s Russia report

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is Generating An Economic Resurgence in Communities Across America

Team Mueller and the Predictable “Leak Campaign” – But The Much Bigger Issue is the 40 FBI Agents & Other Personnel

DOJ Slams Accusations Attorney General Barr is Mishandling the Release of Mueller’s Report

Mueller’s Chevauchée: Burn Everyone and Everything Trump Loves

How an African-American Grandmother Enraged 1,000 Google Lefties

The Supreme Court’s Absurd Death-Penalty Debate

April 3, 2019

Democrats Have Vastly More to Fear from Full Mueller Report than GOP

Waiting for Huber: whatever happened to the investigation into FBI abuse of power?

Joe Biden ‘Steered $1.8 Billion’ to Ukraine While His Son Bagged ‘Sweetheart Deal’ from Their Government

The Democrats Brazenly Know They Have Been Demanding Forbidden Disclosures and Unrealistic Deadlines

Nadler blasted for forcing Attorney General to ‘break the law’

If Mexico Won’t Lift a Finger, President Trump Should Lower the Boom

Pompeo dissed: Anti-Trump media forces group to pull his ‘Freedom Award’

Mainstream Media, ‘Russiagate,’ and Texas No-Limit Hold’Em

Socialism: The elite and the rubes

Justice Gorsuch Made The Right Call On This 8th Amendment Case

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slapped With Another FEC Complaint

The Polls Are Tight, but Netanyahu Is Still Likely to Secure Another Term

‘Creepy Joe’ Biden Ad Hits The Press, And It’s A Doozy

Only School Choice Can Set Families Free From Transgender-Obsessed Public Schools

Nancy Pelosi’s perv problem

Kamala’s new bill would allow DACA holders paid jobs in Congress

Ratings for CNN and MSNBC continuing to crash, as viewers migrate to Fox News prime time

Behind and beyond the Mueller Investigation

Senate GOP Fails to End Democratic Delays on Trump Nominees; Nuclear Option Next for McConnell?

House Judiciary Democrats authorize subpoenas for Mueller report

April 2, 2019

Securing southern border is Trump’s obligation

A deep look at the Deep State

The Media Failed On Collusion Because They Wanted Trump To Be A Traitor

The real prime target of Trump’s threat to close the border

Virtuous Progressives Can Never Be Guilty

Mitch McConnell: Due to Endless Democratic Obstruction, It’s Time to Fast-Track Trump Nominees

Democrat Ilhan Omar Under Investigation for Using Her Campaign Funds to Pay for Divorce from her Brother

The Wise Purpose of the Electoral College

Where were the protests during Obama’s years?

Trump reshapes long-liberal 9th Circuit, as Republican-appointed judges gain seats on court

Why do the least-bright people rise to the top?

Is Creepy Old Uncle Joe Toast? – Fondling and kissing women may be the former veep’s undoing

April 1, 2019

James Clapper: Obama responsible for Russia-collusion probe

Forget Russiagate, the whole FISA court system needs to be overhauled

Social Justice Is at Odds with American Ideas of Justice

Hold Hillary Accountable for The RussiaGate Hoax

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Tells CNN Obama Ordered the Trump-Russia Spying Operation

Democrats, the Media, and THE BIG LIE

Voters Agree With Trump on The Russia Probe

The case of Carter Page

General Flynn has been grievously wronged, and Defense Department archives may have the evidence

Report: Trump Saving Conservative Firebrand Judge for Ginsburg’s Seat

Pew Research: Nearly 20% of world’s migrant population lives in the US

No Surprise! NYC Losing Restaurant Jobs to $15 Minimum Wage

The NAACP’s Horrifying Cowardice on Jussie Smollett

Ilhan Omar: “To Me, the Hijab Means Power, Liberation, Beauty, and Resistance”

AOC, Bernie, De Blasio: Free Sex For All – Can this be true, with Progressive Anything Is Possible

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