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A Feel-Good Secret Santa Surprise

I accidentally came across this Secret Santa story recently and wanted to share it here in the spirit of Christmas giving and to show that there are a lot of very nice people out there.

A Secret Santa in Idaho surprised a McDonald’s worker with a new car, $5,000 in gas cards, and a $1,000 check to pay for expenses.

Diana Boldman and her husband, Cameron, are 65 years old. They each wake up early in the morning to deliver newspapers all over Idaho Falls using an old van with nearly 240,000 miles on it, East Idaho. After they finish up their paper route, Diana heads to her full-time job at McDonald’s. She wishes to retire in the next few years but needs to work because Cameron is on disability due to health issues, and she has to provide for their needs.

Nate Eaton, the news director for East Idaho News and Secret Santa’s elf, walked into McDonald’s while Diana was making french fries to surprise her with the car.

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