How To Get Ivermectin

I went for my semi-annual checkup the other day and after discussing how to best protect myself from getting COVID-19. I refuse to get a vaccination that is actually still in the trial stage with many thousands of adverse events reported. My doctor gave me a prescription for Ivermectin. He shared, however, that I would have trouble finding a pharmacy that would fill it because of the pressure they are receiving from local and federal agencies. As predicted, he was correct.

I thought I would give the Amazon Pharmacy a try, and sure enough, was told they wouldn’t honor his prescription and would have to submit one to them with an approved code, that would not include COVID protection or treatment. Then I tried a major discount warehouse pharmacy in our area and they appeared to be willing to fill it but had questions. A few days later they refused to fill it saying it was due to corporate decisions. Ultimately, a local compounding pharmacy agreed to fill it. Based on additional research, it appears that compounding pharmacies, for the most part, will fill Ivermectin prescriptions.

After research, this is what I came up with:

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