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Below you will find links to mostly conservative-oriented articles or blog posts that I have read and found insightful or interesting in some meaningful way.

If you take the time to read some of them it should open your eyes to the reality of #DeepState,” #MediaBias and #FakeNews, The #Progressive Movement, and what Trump faces daily in his quest to #MAGA.” Think of it as solving a large puzzle, if you read enough stuff things begin to fall into place and you can see the big picture, hopefully.

October 31, 2020

Joe Biden’s silence on Hunter’s emails speaks volumes

Peter Navarro on US Trade Policy With China and Allegations About the Biden Family’s Business Dealings

The Biden Campaign Begins To Worry That A Black and Latino Voter Disaster Looms

Newt Gingrich: A 2020 Election Fable — The Bunny Rabbit, the Bear, and the Bees

The Number of Democrats at President Trump’s Recent Rallies Should Scare the Hell Out of the American Left!

The Silicon Valley Dirtbags Lie Again While Congress Meekly Looks On

Dr. Robert Epstein Tells Tucker Carlson: Big Tech Could ‘Shift 15 Million Votes’ in the 2020 Election

Rioters Move from Businesses to Residential Streets in Portland

The Stakes Next Week – Our country desperately needs justice to be served on election day

Iowa Poll: Donald Trump Leading Joe Biden by 7 Points

Hundreds of Thousands of Questionable Ballots Sent To ‘Voters’ in California — Could Be Cast and Turned in by Ballot Harvesters

The V-shaped recovery is here – 33.1% Quarterly GDP Growth vs. The Former Record of 13.1%

Was This the Real 2020 Democrat Plan that got Blown Up with Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death?

China and the Bidens – Not only were their Chinese contacts have ties to the regime; they also may have been clandestine agents

The greatest stunt of the 2020 election has now produced the most inspiring Trump ad of the campaign

Minnesota’s ‘Silent Majority’ Tells Their Governor and AG to Go and Pound Sand

Mueller had evidence that DNC and Clinton camp manufactured the Russia collusion story, but didn’t include it in his final report

The problem with the leftists gushing over Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ornate collars


A Guy In India’s Conversation With A Shy Democrat Trump Voter

Glenn Greenwald, Who Helped Found “The Intercept” News Outlet, Sparks Snowden Deja-Vu

Another Laptop Tied To Hunter Biden Was Taken Into Custody During A DEA Raid

Joe Biden waves a white flag to Red China in the space program

Joe Biden & Co Didn’t Just Sell Out America, They Sold Out The Whole Free World – Extensive Details Here

A Cure for the Rule of COVID ‘Experts’ – Current bureaucratic approaches don’t account for our individual, institutional, and economic well-being

California Governor Newsom’s Kids Get In-Person Learning While Other Kids Get Zoom

The High Stakes Next Week – Our country desperately needs justice to be served on election day

Twitter Finally Un-Blocks the NY Post, But Does So In a Typically Weaselly Way

RIP Sean Connery: This Iconic James Bond Pioneer Actor Dies While Asleep at age 90

October 30, 2020

Minnesota Democrat Leaders Try to Keep Massive Crowd of Supporters from Trump Rally — BUT FAIL MISERABLY

Why Victor Davis Hanson Thinks President Trump Will Win Re-election

“Never Trumper” Gives 20 reasons he now strongly supports President Trump for re-election

Bernie Tells The Squads Far Left Members: ‘Electing Biden Is Not the End-All, It Is the Beginning’

Trump’s Momentum –  Every event that has occurred since the last debate has cut for Trump and against Biden

Why Trump’s health care price transparency rules will help reignite America’s economy

The Left Doesn’t Fear Amy Coney Barrett, It Fears Following the Intent of the Constitution

The US Military Needs to Be Strong and Competitive to Counter Threats Posed by China and Russia

Cities Across the U.S. Are Boarding Up in Anticipation of Election Night Riots

When To Expect Election Results In Every State – Poll closing times, vote counting, and races to watch

America Is At Stake! – The Democrat Party is no longer the party of JFK, it has been taken over by the extreme left, by quasi-Marxist radicals

The Media Are Rigging The Election Against Half The Country – Will all this be enough to win the day?

Fact Check: Joe Biden Lies About Social Security — Again

The Biden Tax Plan would reverse the policies that led to higher investment, productivity, and wage growth

Media Blackout of Tucker Carlson’s reporting on Biden family corruption – For all their talk of “neutral platforms,” Twitter, Facebook, and Google are running a protection racket

Bobulinski Says FBI Lists Him as ‘Material Witness’ Regarding Biden Family Corruption

Florida Democrats Panic as Election Day Approaches: ‘We’ve Got to Stop the Bleeding’

Democrats Are Increasingly Worried That Minnesota Could Flip For President Trump

Desperate Democrats limit attendance at a planned rally in Minnesota today to 250 Hoping Trump Cancels 

The Roots of Antifa: This Supposed “Idea” Has Violent Consequences

The Democrat Party IS “The Dark Winter” – 2020 showcases the Democrats descent into mean-spirited, grudge-filled aggression

How the Media Enlisted the Intel Community as Partisan Pundits

Baseless hypocrisy: The Left is demanding that Amy Barrett recuse herself in the Pennsylvania voting case

Five Quick Things: The Polls, or the Fundamentals? Part 2 – No way Biden is truly the overwhelming favorite

Current Electoral College Prediction Shows Trump Beating Sleepy Joe Biden By More than Crooked Hillary

Yes, The Media Are Rigging The Election Against Half The Country. Here’s How

Democrat Delusions About Early Voting – Numbers aren’t close to what they need in key battleground states

You Might Be A Democrat – – IF

President Trump plans to spend election night at the White House instead of his hotel

CA Governor Gavin Newsom Ignores Crime Surge yet Claims Preparation for Post-Election Chaos

San Francisco’s Homeless Encampment Plan – That turns the whole city into a shelter system could be the breaking point for residents

I Was “The” Senior Trump Administration Official – Depending on how you define Senior, Trump administration, and official

Democrats Gripped the Black Community so Tightly It’s Now Slipping Through Their Fingers

October 29, 2020

WSJ: The Economy’s Post-Lockdown Comeback – No new stimulus, no problem, as GDP grows 33.1%

Joe Biden’s Pandering to the AFL-CIO Will Impact Millions of American Freelancers

The National total death rate now from all causes is now over 40% BELOW the “expected total death rate”

Black Americans for Trump – They could reelect President Trump and also write a new chapter of American political history?

Brexit architect Nigel Farage: Mainstream media using polls to suppress Trump voter turnout

Obama’s Grudge Against Trump – Few politicians are as thin-skinned, petulant, and vengeful As Barack, just ask Lt. General, Michael Flynn

Limbaugh: Jim Lee of Susquehanna Polling Sees a Trump Victory

Joe Biden Whistleblower: Here Is the Evidence I’m Risking The Safety of My Family Over

The NY Post’s ‘Smoking Gun’ Hunter Biden Email 100% Authentic, Forensic Analysis Concludes

Hunter Biden’s PornHub Account Where He Uploaded His Personal Porn that Includes a Family Member

7 Key Corruption Questions Joe Biden Must Answer After The FBI Bombshell

The FBI Has An Active Criminal Investigation Into Hunter Biden For Money Laundering

Untruthful Pity – How Islamism burrowed almost unopposed into Europe’s basic fabric

China’s Communist Party Has a Long-Range Plan to Overtake the United States – Their Thousand Talents Plan

Will Rush Limbaugh and His Loyalists Celebrate One Last Win?

Bar Owners Vow to Defy Illinois COVID-19 Lockdown Order

California’s Proposition 15 Is No Fix – The state’s property tax regime is a mess, but raising commercial taxes would only make things worse

Jack Nicklaus On Trump: This is not a personality contest; it’s about patriotism, policies, and the people they impact

Tucker Receives A Mysterious Message After A Packet of Explosive Biden Documents Vanishes Into Thin Air

UPS Responds To Disappearance Of Tucker Carlson Package ‘Damning’ To Biden

Senate Committee Member Announcement  – The Biden Whistleblower Materials have been authenticated

Mark Zuckerberg just told Congress to upend the internet

Giuliani says Barr won’t investigate Hunter Biden allegations because he’s ‘intimidated’ – Just Like Others

Election Officials in Many States Say It’s Now Too Late to Mail Ballots

Why Progressives Are So Freaked Out about Conservatives Controlling Just One Elite Institution

These 12 Graphs Show That Mask Mandates Do Nothing To Stop COVID

Trump’s Most Exciting Campaign Pitch: A Return to Normal Life

Tucker Carlson: Media Handling of Bobulinski-Hunter Biden Saga is ‘Soviet-Style Suppression of Information’

Joe Biden’s Brother Has No Comment ‘About Anything’

The Polls Shift Toward Trump

Soundings: The State of the Nation – Some pre-election thoughts on the direction America is headed

There’s a Strategic Reason Why President Trump Keeps Telling Voters He’s Immune to COVID-19

IT’S OFFICIAL: Trump Crushes Record for Largest GDP Increase in US History — 3rd Quarter GDP Up 33.1%

The American dream is on the line, vs. a dark winter ahead

New York Times’ Miles Taylor Op-Ed Shows Everything Wrong With Anonymous Sources

Censorship In America; Amazon Refused Controversial Documentary On Their Platform

Teachers Unions and the Myth of ‘Public’ Schools

What Crenshaw Realized About the Democrat Party After the Big Tech Hearing ‘Should Terrify Americans’

If a Joe Biden administration passes another amnesty for illegals, it’s all over

If Big Business Cares So Much About Social Justice, Why Doesn’t It Saying Anything About China?

City Hall Socialists – The far Left is making inroads into local government races


When Democrats speak their minds, they lose elections – That”s Why They Lie and Deflect 

October 28, 2020

The FBI indicts 8 Chinese operatives working to ‘surveil, threaten, and harass’ U.S. residents

Senate committee verifies Bobulinski materials they reviewed so far

‘Joe Biden Corruption’ Trends on Google – But Google Hides It In  Autocomplete Suggestions

‘The Biden Five’: The Definitive Breakdown of One of America’s Most Corrupt Families

Huffy Hunter Expenses Emails – Biden Claims He Is ‘Managing Director’ At Chinese Military-Linked Firm, Demands Massive Cash Reimbursements

Tucker Carlson reveals damning Hunter Biden documents sent via shipping service suddenly vanished

Tucker Carlson: – Package with Biden Documents Sent By His Producer from NY to LA Went Missing in the Mail

Three Big Tech CEOs Grilled in Senate Hearing Over Alleged Bias

Big Tech Censorship Is Driving These Moms To Trump

If Trump Wins, There Must Be a Reckoning for the Destructive Left

Bill Maher says Ruth Bader Ginsburg ‘should’ve quit’ under Obama: She didn’t ‘take the hint’

China’s US patsies, from Antifa to the NBA

Joe Biden Gets China and Russia All Wrong – He massively underestimates the threat the former poses

Disney Considers Suing Newsom, Moving Jobs out of California, as Newsom Doubles Down on Closures

The Unelected Tyrants Who Burned Down the Golden State – Revive California’s timber and biomass industries

Media Titans Are Misleading The Public About The Biden Scandals

Biden stays silent on Bobulinski claims about the family’s business ventures

Trump, Hell Yes! – Antics aside, He has many achievements, and a win by Biden would do vast harm

Biden Looked Normal At The Debates, So Why Does He Appear Senile At Most Other Times?

Ronna McDaniel’s Twitter feed tells you what the polls are missing – Vote Early If You Can Because Tuesday Will Be Crazy

Joe Biden Lets the Truth Slip, Introduces Himself as ‘Kamala’s Running Mate’

Twitter CEO defends blocking report on Biden laptop emails: ‘It was unclear how they were obtained’

Ted Cruz BODIES Twitter’s CEO in Senate Hearing, Sets Trap He Didn’t See Coming

Dorsey Just Lied To Congress And Claimed Twitter Never Censored President Donald Trump

Experts Now Saying Don’t Mail Your Ballot; Vote in Person

Tucker Carlson’s interview with Tony Bobulinski is must-see TV – American media are assiduously ignoring the story

Joe Biden’s “Chumps” gaffe could sink his US presidency bid

The little-reported corruption racket between Joe Biden and Big Academia

Is Hunter Biden on Tape? – Candidate’s son rambling about big Chinese business, disappearing partner, and a criminal trial

Donald Trump Is Again Going to Win – The facts speak for themselves

The Green New Deal is not new and is not a deal – Because there is no economic necessity for green jobs

The Holy Trinity of Big-Tech Dirtbags are to Appear Before the Senate

Tech Tyrants That Eliminated a Majority of Conservative Content on their Platforms Insist Stripping Them of 230 Protections Would Harm Free Speech

Communist China is America’s enemy but Joe Biden’s friend 

Avoiding Judicial Armageddon – How Americans can prevent a Court-packing disaster

Biden’s Energy Policies Could Kill 160,000 Michigan Jobs, Decimate Auto Manufacturing, and Create California-Style Rolling Blackouts

The Five Dimensions of Rush Limbaugh

October 27, 2020

Trump is the greatest president in the modern era when it comes to shaping the judiciary

Will They Really Get Away With It? – Obamagate is the First American Coup, Silent That Is

Devin Nunes—The Man Behind the Explosive “Russia Gate” Memo

Who Do You Think Finances The Media? – Because Whoever Pays The Piper Calls The Tune

Tucker Carlson Interviews Hunter Biden Business Partner Tony Bobulinski About Joe Biden Involvement In Chinese Business Deal

‘Joe Biden and the Biden Family Are Compromised’ by China, Says Former Business Partner

The Hunter Effect: Early Voters Want to Change Their Vote — And Some Can! – Including Battleground States

It’s Now the Barrett Court – There’s A New Dynamic Because Roberts Will No Longer Be The Median Justice

Pelosi Melts Down After ACB Confirmation, Gives Dumbest Reason Yet for Packing Court

When Second Comes First – With two elderly candidates for President voters must consider their presumptive replacements

Another Pollster Sees a Trump Win

We Didn’t Need the Laptop to Know About Biden Corruption – Beijing has been paying off Joe for over a decade

False History Taught in our Schools Incites Children to Hate America

The 1619 Project: An Autopsy – Seeking to debunk American principles, the 1619 authors ignored history

The FCC Reaffirms Its Repeal of Obama-Era Net Neutrality Regulations

The DOJ swears to the accuracy of Flynn exhibits and calls on the judge to dismiss the case immediately

Trump vs. Biden: A Rundown – Foreign policy, domestic policy, character, transparency, etc

Trump urges Americans to flip their ballots after ‘can I change my vote?’ trend on Google – Yes, in some states you can change your vote

The Hunter Biden Scandal Has Exposed The Corporate Press’s Corruption And Condescension

Hunter Biden Audio Confesses Partnership With China ‘Spy Chief’… Joe Biden Named As Criminal Case Witness

SHOCKING! Joe Biden Campaigns to 38 Circles of Supporters and Media in Warm Springs, Georgia

Another Pollster Sees a Trump Win

Left’s Post-Election Agenda: More Riots, ‘Truth Commissions,’ Other Punishment For Their Foes — And That Means You

This Time, Roberts Sides with Conservatives to Blunt Election-Rule Tinkering

Democrats go ballistic after Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation

Momentous cases (and menial tasks) are on the docket for Barrett as the high court’s new junior Justice

The Media Accuse Justice ACB of Already Making Her ‘First Mistake’ – It Begins!

Fashion Notes: Melania Trump Wears Off-the-Runway Dolce and Gabbana for Justice ACB’s Swearing-In

Speaker Pelosi on Expanding The Size of SCOTUS: ‘Let’s Take a Look and See’

Biden Won’t Stop the Illiberal Left

Donald Trump is Poised to Become Among the Most Transformative Presidents in American History

Everything is converging to show that Biden is China’s candidate

Hunter Biden aimed to avoid violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in pursuit of a Chinese business deal

Woke American Tigers, Crouching in China – Big Tech and Big Business

Black voters no longer drinking the media Kool-Aid

FRAUD EXPOSED: Footage Shows Texas ‘Ballot Chaser’ Pressuring People to ‘Switch’ Vote to Democrat

During Trump’s CBS 60-Minutes sit-down interview, Lesley Stahl humiliated herself

The American Republic vs the CCP – Via TikTok

Kamala Harris’s liberalism is no laughing matter

Boston Herald Endorses Trump: Biden’s Platform Is a ‘Risky Love Letter to Social Justice Warriors’

U.S. marshals find 45 missing children and survivors of human trafficking in ‘Operation Autumn Hope’

Louisiana’s Constitutional COVID Crisis – A red-state Legislature has finally had enough of a blue governor’s shutdowns

October 26, 2020

The Overwhelming Majority of MS-13 Defendants are in the U.S. Illegally, DOJ Charges 127 This Year

Amy Coney Barrett Takes Her Oath, Officially Sworn In To Fill 9th SCOTUS Seat

The Mainstream Media’s Smear Job While Campaigning for Joe Biden

Twitter Goes Full Orwell, Censors All Topics “Likely To Be Subject To Election Misinformation”

Unfriending Free Speech – Who will guard the gatekeepers of our political discourse?

Some early voters want to change their vote after Hunter Biden exposés – And Yes, It Can Be Done

Spygate Denials Show Intelligence Now Controls Media – We know enough now to fact-check the fact-checkers

Tony Bobulinksi to expose Biden family corruption on the Tucker Carlson’s show Tuesday Night

Limbaugh Regarding Polling: What to Look for in the Next Few Days

The Supreme Court rules that ballots in Wisconsin must be received by Election Day

Donald Trump Receives Endorsements from The Washington Post and New York Post

Larry Kudlow: President Trump’s Economy Plan is a ‘Clear Contrast’ To That of Joe Biden’s

JPMorgan sees ‘orderly’ Trump win as the most favorable scenario for equities

FULL RELEASE: Ashley Biden Diary Reveals Child Sex Trauma, Drug Abuse, Resentment For Joe – Whistleblower

NASA’s SOFIA Discovers Water on Sunlit Surface of Moon

New Data Shows Climate Change Hysteria IS NOT Grounded In Science

Joe and Hillary: Their Strange Email Parallels

Emails Expose Biden Corruption Inc.- A treasure trove of emails catch Biden cold: time for a special counsel

Hunter Biden ‘Brought Every Single Person To The White House That Foreign Business Partner Wanted

Some Trump campaign catchy, powerful ads – Some of them Are Sure To Grab You

Rasmussen: White House Watch Poll – President Trump Turns The Tables

Are COVID Surge Reports an Attempt to Suppress In-Person Voting? – Definition is a positive test + symptoms

Lesley Stahl Is Wrong And Trump Is Right: The Obama Administration Spied On The Trump Campaign

Post-election 2020: Two studies say all hell is about to break loose

Facebook Fears Supposed ‘Election Chaos’ so Prepares ‘Emergency Measures’ to Avoid ‘Dire Circumstances’

The Senate is set to confirm Judge Barrett to the SCOTUS with no support from Democrats

No, Really – – – – Don’t Pay Attention to Early Voting Data

Why Would Media Frighten People About a Virus? – They wouldn’t be media if they didn’t

7 Open Leftist Threats That Political Terror Is Coming To America Whether Trump Wins Or Not

California’s Gavin Newsom goes bonkers issuing his outlandish Thanksgiving COVID orders

An Appeals Court Ruling Could Kill Uber and Lyft Operations in California

‘The Economist’ Magazine Failed to Disclose Lucrative Beijing Ties While Pushing For Huawei

The USPS Leaks Reveal an Agency That Wants a Bailout But Needs Reform

October 25, 2020

Deroy Murdock: Trump’s 4 Nobel Peace Prize nominations show he’s a peacemaker, not warmonger as critics claim

Appeal to the Undecided – Vote for the candidate against whom the press will act as a watchdog over the one for whom it will be a lapdog

The big Trump rallies you don’t see because mainstream media is ignoring them

Trumpism: Then, Now—and in the Future? – No country can write off its vast industrial interior, destroy its borders, or prefer managed decline over renewal, and meanwhile call itself moral

Report: Trump Plans To ‘Immediately Fire’ Three Top U.S. Officials If He Wins Re-Election

A DOJ source says the FBI has dropped Biden laptop investigation

Big Tech Is Panicking Because Trump’s Grassroots MAGA Army Is Working Around Their Platform Controls…

Newly-Released Text Messages Reveal Hunter Biden Created Shell Company Was To Avoid Registering As A Foreign Agent

Joe Biden’s Campaign Calls a Lid on In-Person Campaigning


If they won’t fully reopen schools, despite what science now says, when will they?

Rudy Giuliani lays out the case against Biden – Joe was on the take and used his family as middlemen

Big Journalism’s Laptop/Dossier Double Standard – President Trump saw through Lesley’s Stahl tactics

China’s Communist Party is backing the left’s revolution, seeking our downfall and subjugation

Forget Hunter Biden’s sex tapes. The real news is much bigger – And It Could Realign American Politics and elsewhere


Senator Ted Cruz puts Silicon Valley oligarchs on notice about their illegal censorship

Joe Biden’s Hostility toward Israel – Another issue that’s being totally ignored

Marxism: A Breeding Ground for Useful Idiots – And The BLM Team Knows Just How To Leverage Them

Barrett’s Historic Moment – The Senate learned about tolerance, bigotry, and Article 6 of the Constitution

What Is Fascism, Really?

Telling character difference between Trump and Biden – Trump Attacks The Powerful, Biden The Powerless

Joe Biden would return to the failed Obama foreign policy

October 24, 2020

Fact Check: 19 False Claims made in Barack Obama’s Speech for Joe Biden in Florida

The Left’s Closing Argument to America: Shut Up and Obey – This election may be our last chance to save what’s left of the country our Founders left us

Long-standing claims of Biden corruption all but confirmed with Hunter’s emails

INSANITY: New York Times editorial board flat-out calls on Twitter to CENSOR Trump on election night

Trump’s Superior Ground Game Could Prove Decisive – 2016 was no fluke, and he’s on track to repeat it in 2020

Biden Gets Roasted for His ‘Deplorable’ Moment in Pennsylvania, Trump Supporters Completely Finish Him Off

This Election Isn’t Just Binary, It’s Existential – Anarchists burning America are very close to Democratic Party

Mail-In Ballots Cannot Be Rejected Because Of A Signature Mismatch: Pennsylvania Supreme Court

If Masks Don’t Work, Why Do We Keep Wearing Them? – Countries without mask mandates do just as well or better than those with them

Decision Time for Costco Moms –  Get this wrong and toilet paper shortages at Costco might become a routine

Trump Transition Team Records Were Secretly Given to FBI and Mueller: Senate Committees Report

Winston84: A Directory To Find Suppressed Content By Big Tech

LISA MURKOWSKI WILL VOTE TO CONFIRM BARRETT – Susan Collins will be the only Republican No

The FBI and GSA conspired against the Trump transition team, say Republican Senate leaders

Is Lisa Murkowski Going to Stab Her Party in the Back During Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Vote?

Buoyed by the debate, some Republicans are bullish on Trump

Pelosi on Transitioning from Oil Industry: ‘We Have Everybody at the Table’ and ‘Different Exuberances’ in Climate Talks

A WSJ Columnist Shreds The Claim That Joe Biden is Free and Clear of China Corruption Scheme Allegations

Facts Matter: Trump’s Real Record on Race

Revealed: President Trump Presided Over the Largest Manufacturing Boom in a First Term Since the 1970s

The Democrats’ Amy Coney Barrett tantrum

Why Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Are Contemplating Suing The Lincoln Project

How frightened should we be? Very. How proud of Trump should we be? Very! – The Russia Gate Hoax

Hunter, Joe, a Chinese Partner, and a Michigan Auto Parts Company — What Could Go Wrong?

How can powerful people be so ignorant? – When children are trafficked across the border by cartels and coyotes, it makes reuniting them more difficult

This Election IS NOT About Donald Trump – It’s about the American way of life as we know it

Super woke company, Expensify, alienates millions of customers

Why Democrats Still Love to Spy on Americans – John Brennan and the death of progressive journalism

That darn Trump, he keeps causing peace to break out in the Middle East

A Courageous Priest Speaks The TRUTH About Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Anarchy in New York? – People Realize That Order Is Slipping Away

Should the McCloskeys Have Waited for the Police? – They remain under duress, with their Second Amendment rights rendered meaningless

Black Lives Matter Protesters shakedown Seattle Trader Joe’s for a 15% cut

How corrupt is FBI Director Wray? Let me count the ways


October 23, 2020

The Joe Biden Gun Plan Called The ‘Most Aggressive and Dangerous’ Ever Put Forth By A Major Candidate

Released emails show Fauci signed off on a WHO-sponsored statement approving China’s response to COVID

Trump: Biden Will ‘Destroy the Oil Industry’; Sen. Graham: ‘That Will Make Everybody in the Mideast Very Happy’

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Urges FBI Director To Ignore Growing Biden Scandal

The FBI Asks Hunter Biden’s Ex-Business Partner Tony Bobulinski for an Interview

A Los Angeles Times ‘Undecided Voter’ Focus Group Choose Trump After The Last Debate

Don’t Believe the Lies. Joe Biden Plans to Destroy Every Fracking, Oil, and Coal Job in America

Biden Calls for Citizenship for 11 Million Illegal Aliens

Boomers Know Biden – What his support for the taxing of Social Security means for workers and voters alike

Wokefornia – California’s ethnic-studies mandate for K‒12ers is dead for now, but cultural Marxism is flourishing

Your Favorite TV Show Now Promotes Leftist Themes – They understand politics is downstream from culture

Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS confirmation: What to expect in the Senate over the next four days

A WSJ Columnist Aptly Pieces Together the Whole Corrupt China Scheme Hunter and Joe Biden Cooked Up

A Blockbuster Report Reveals How Biden Family Was Compromised By China

COVID-19 mask mandates will have long-ranging negative consequences

A calm and masterful Donald Trump made mincemeat of Joe Biden Last Night

Last Night The Biden’s Campaign Blew Up in a Bad Way

Joe Biden Wants It Both Ways On Energy

Hunter Biden’s CEO in a China venture drops multiple bombshells – Here are the players, let’s connect the dots

Trump’s Best Presidential Debate Ever – Biden is just lucky his answers didn’t have to go on for four minutes at a time

Joe’s Oil and Gas Code Red – Biden let his mask slip, declared war on oil and gas at the end of Thursday’s debate

8 Highlights From Second Biden-Trump Debate

Joe Biden Threw Obama Under the Bus on Immigration in the Final Presidential Debate

WH Economic Adviser Kudlow hits Biden over pledge to raise minimum pay: ‘You can’t mandate wages’

The Mainstream Press Is Desperate To Help Joe Biden, Even If It Means A Media Blackout On His Corruption

A Sordid Conspiracy to Deceive the American Electorate

China Forces Japanese Fishing Boats Out of Japan’s Own Waters

Figures Don’t Lie, But Liars Figure: Unemployment Figures Dramatically Favor Republican Governed States

Amazon & Facebook Gave This Documentary Based on “The Plot Against The President” Book The Cold Shoulder

The United States of America v. Google

October 22, 2020

Lude Media: Hard Drive Content Exposes US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s Collusion with Xi Jinping

Balding’s World Report on Biden Activities with China

The Media’s Shameful Hunter Biden Corruption Abdication – To Protect Joe

HHS Secretary Azar: Why Operation Warp Speed is a Made-in-America story

Donald Trump Owned the Debate Stage — and Joe Biden Along With It — in the Third Presidential Debate

‘Here You Go,’ Joe: President Trump Delivers on His Promise and Posts Video of Biden Criticizing Fracking

CBS’s Lesley Stahl: Biden Laptop Can’t Be Verified ‘Because It Can’t Be Verified’

Limbaugh: You Gotta Love It! Trump Releases Full Unedited 60 Minutes Interview Before It’s CBS Airing

Leslie Stahl’s Behavior in that Trump 60 Minutes Interview Got Even Dumber

WSJ: Now The Corruption Story Is About Joe, Not Hunter – How long can the obvious media blackout continue?

Smoking Gun Biden Emails Reveal He Lobbied ‘The Big Guy’ For Political Favors, Claimed: “If I Ask He Will Do It”

A Look Back at the Biden Family’s China Business Ties

Kickback China Joe – It’s Time for a Special Prosecutor

‘Big Guy’ in the China Deal Email Was Joe Biden According To Former Hunter Biden Partner

HUGE BREAKING: New Emails from Biden’s Brother Show Barack Obama Was In On It

A Handy Media Guide On How To NOT Cover Democrat Scandals

Confronting Covid – The American response has been far better than the critics will acknowledge

CA Assemblymen Kiley and Gallagher Trial on Governor Gavin Newsom’s ‘One-Man Rule’

Trump Releases ‘60 Minutes’ Interview With Lesley Stahl Ahead of Time – Leslie Stahl, Very Rude & Hostel

Ten Wins for Gun Owners That Only Happened Under President Trump

The presidential debate rules for tonight – The introduction of a mute function has caused controversy

SCOTUS Nominee Judge Barrett Has Been Approved by The Senate Judiciary Committee

Senator Graham Sounds Off On Democrats For Boycotting The Judge Barrett Vote

Trump teases the release of unedited ’60 Minutes’ footage to expose ‘vicious attempted takeout’ by Lesley Stahl

Is this the real reason they’ve been hidin’ Biden before the debate?

Joe Biden’s Court-Packing Commission Should Fool Nobody and Satisfy Nobody

Swampy Joe’s Big Lies – The Hunter Biden scandal exposes his “simple” image as a con man

Kamala Harris and Other Prominent Democrats are Listed as “Key Contacts” for the Biden Family Chinese Joint Business Venture

Barack Obama: How the mighty are fallen

Amazon reverses course on former censoring of the un-woke film “What Killed Michael Brown”

Hunter Biden’s business partner confirms email, details Joe Biden’s push to make millions from China: Goodwin

The Biden Crime Family Comes Undone – Notorious for being the most crooked clan in Delaware and in D.C.

The Senate Judiciary Committee begins to vote on Barrett’s nomination

‘Millennial Millie’ Weaver’s felony case totally dismissed – Was It Really About Her Shadow Gate Documentary?

Big Tech Slept With Communist China And Brought Venereal Censorship Back To America

Censorious Facebook – Banning or “shadow banning,” de-emphasizing content makes it a de facto arbiter of truth

Inside America’s Other Pandemic – Overdose deaths are surpassing COVID deaths in many places across America

Delusional psychosis drives Americans to enforce fear-based COVID restrictions

October 21, 2020

Lots of people owe the NY Post an apology – DNI Ratcliffe: The information  on Hunter Biden’s laptop “is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign”

Steve Bannon dissects Hunter Biden’s hard drive from hell – Unabridged Version: He Interviews Giuliani and others

The Jaw-Dropping Difference Between the Old ‘Wall’ and the New Wall the Trump Administration Is Building

Mainstream media and social media promoted a vile ‘underage sex’ hoax targeting Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani

Why Trump’s Recovery Should Inspire Hope, Not Derision – It should give us faith in our ability to innovate medically

How China Threatens American Democracy – Beijing’s Ideological Agenda Has Gone Global

The US Designates 6 More Chinese Media Outlets as Foreign Missions

Americans’ have a grave responsibility on November 3 – Regarding Taxes, National Defense, Budgets, etc.

The Pollster who predicted the 2016 election says Donald Trump is on track to win again

Kamala Failed to Prosecute an Illegal MS-13 Gang Member Months Before He Murdered Bologna Family

This Is How the Left’s Power Structure Collapses – The one word that rules them and binds them, Corruption

75% of registered voters think that Big Tech has too much influence on the political news that people read

The FBI Has ‘Nothing to Add’ to Ratcliffe Statement on Hunter Biden Emails

Rudy Giuliani Tells why the American Media Ignores the Biden Crime Family – But International Media Is Not

How to Win Back the House in 2020 – President Trump needs a Congress he can work with

It’s Time to Mute the Debate Commission – Who do these people think they are?

Hunter Biden’s hard drive allegedly shows he had a thing about underage girls

A Tiny Detail Buried in the Federal Subpoena May Bolster Giuliani’s Claim That Hunter’s Laptop Contained Pictures of Underage Girls

Even As The Media Work Hard To Ignore It, The Biden Scandal Just Keeps Growing

Five Quick Things: Pointless Sympathy for the Devil – The media  humanizes Hunter Biden to defend his father

The Terrible Ten – Democrat State Have High Unemployment vs. Lower In Republican States

Remembering Hunter’s First Big Scandal – Long before Burisma, there was Paradigm Global

Steve Bannon Feels Biden’s Security Clearance Should Be Pulled Because of Corruption and Racketeering

Ben Shapiro: ‘I Was Simply Wrong About Trump’ – 3 Reasons On Board the Trump Train This Time Around

Things That Go ‘Trump’ in the Night – Democrats think it’s not 2016 and there are no hidden Trump voters

Dr. Fauci’s COVID-19 Folly

Newsom says California will independently review coronavirus vaccine: ‘We won’t take anyone’s word for it’

What Killed Michael Brown? – A new documentary that delivers a damning indictment of liberalism

Newly Discovered Letter Shows Endocrine Society Urged Experimenting On Trans Children

October 20, 2020

Investigation Prompts Schools to Report $6.5 Billion in Undisclosed Foreign Gifts and Contracts

SHOCK: Facebook Declares War on the Christian satire site The Babylon Bee

Facebook and Twitter Have Censored Trump and His Campaign 65 Times and Biden campaign 0 Times

YouTube confirms it will ban all videos questioning the “official” vaccine narrative promoted by the WHO and vaccine companies

Silicon Valley megadonors are unleashing a last-minute, $100 million barrage of ads against Trump

Project Veritas exposes Google executive discussing their censorship and election interference

No More Debate Moderators – The collapse of trust in media makes a different format necessary

Democrat Ballot Harvesting in California Is Backfiring Spectacularly

California Attorney General Becerra takes Republican ballot drop-box fight to court

Limbaugh: How Many Voters Has Trump Lost and How Many Has He Gained?

Guiliani turns over Hunter Biden’s hard drive to police over photos of underage girls and illicit texts

Tucker Carlson: America’s most powerful people want you to shut up about Biden Corruption

Secret Service Travel Logs Match Details in the Alleged Hunter Biden Emails

In Less Than a Minute, A Young Woman Explains Why We’re Voting for Trump

The FBI and DOJ do not believe Hunter Biden’s laptop part of a Russian disinformation campaign

Jim Jordan Says The Judiciary Committee Has Independently Authenticated Hunter Biden’s Emails

A Biden Defector’s Emails Reveal Hunter’s Associates Viewed Direct ‘Pipeline’ to Administration as ‘Currency’

Did Joe Biden Take a Bribe? – Remember, Ukraine is one of many pay-for-play Biden family controversies

The New York Post story on Biden corruption goes massive on social media despite their crackdowns

Meet the (Chinese) Facebook censors who write code t0 put the stuff they don’t want you to see last

JD Vance: The idea of post-Trump ‘truth commission’ is ‘torn from a page in a George Orwell novel’

The Struggling Bar Owner’ in a Biden Ad Is Actually a Wealthy Tech CEO Who Supports Lockdowns

Voter Fraud: Harvesting Granny – Universal mail-in voting is a can’t lose proposition for urban Democrats

The Confirmation Vote for Amy Coney Barrett will go to the Senate floor for a final vote on Monday, Oct. 26

How The Media Has Tried To Sabotage Trump’s Candidacy In The Last Few Weeks Alone

The Victims of Childhood Transgenderism Have Spoken Out; It’s Time for Joe Biden To Listen

The Antifa Industry at Work – Professional left-wing organizers are planning for post-election chaos

I Wouldn’t Let These Leftists Clean My Horses’ Stalls

California releases guidelines allowing larger theme parks to reopen once their county is in the least-restrictive COVID-19 tier

The fix is in for the final presidential debate – Commission on Presidential Debate is doing its utmost to defeat Trump

The Blatant Biden Protection Racket By The Media

President Trump just got a very important endorsement From Ben Shapiro

Do the Chinese Literally Own Joe Biden?


The DOJ Files Long-Awaited Antitrust Suit Against Google

Lawmakers hail DOJ antitrust lawsuit against Google as ‘long overdue’

So much for Russian disinformation: Hunter Biden’s signed laptop receipts turn up

Rudy Giuliani Announces New Docs to Be Released Wednesday Show Biden Family Financial and Personal Crimes

Gallup Poll Shows That Judge Barrett’s Favorability Breaks Records

Notes for President Trump’s Next Debate: His Many Accomplishments vs Biden’s Record of Failure and Corruption

Donald Trump Is No ‘Phony’ Populist – Important data suggest that he’s done right by the working class

Melania Trump cancels plan to join Trump on the campaign trail over lingering cough after recovering from COVID

Will Black and Hispanic Voters Reelect Trump? – They could make the difference in a number of battleground states

October 19, 2020

The American Republic vs the CCP – Is the CCP using TikTok to manipulate the presidential election?

Lude Media revealed that the Obama-Biden administration sold out 36 CIA informants to the CCP

A New Stanford Study Suggests Biden’s Agenda Will Have 4 Devastating Economic Consequences

CA Assemblymen Kiley and Gallagher Court Hearing on Governor Newsom’s ‘One-Man Rule’

Trump Campaign Feels Cheated From Traditional Foreign Policy Debate

Ted Cruz Introduces Major Constitutional Amendment To Prevent Court Packing

Here’s Why the Mayor of Moscow’s Wife Paid Hunter Biden $3.5 Million… And Likely More!

The NY Times Smears NY Post but Can’t Deny The Authenticity of The Hunter Biden Emails

Obamacare’s Illusion of Preexisting Condition Protections

Study: One-third of excess deaths in the US during the pandemic were not due to the coronavirus

House Republicans Formally Request AG Barr Appoint Special Prosecutor To Probe Biden Business Dealings

Trump camp blasts move by ‘biased’ debate commission to mute candidate mics at the final face-off

Election Interference? Big Tech Censored Trump More Than 60 Times, Left Biden Unscathed

Senior Google Manager On Search Engine’s Power: ‘You Are Just Plain And Simple Trying To Play God’… ‘The Power’s In The Search

Biden to Be Grilled on ‘Foreign Corruption’ at Next Debate: Trump Campaign Adviser

Biden Calls Another Lid, But This Time He’s Staying Hidden Until the Final Debate

Election Day: What If We Have No Winner for Months?

Trump Rallies Daily Across America – Biden . . . Not-So-Much

The SCOTUS Will Settle Once and For All the Issues Over Trump’s Border Wall

Hold on to your hat: Hunter’s hard drive rollout this week is going to unleash a whirlwind

Trump: Vote Yes – It is a choice between Trump and what the Biden-Harris Democrats would do to the country

The Biden Corruption Scandal Isn’t About Hunter, It’s About Joe – And Selling Access To The Obama Administration

Can the ongoing lockdowns be ended without a fight?

Biden Economic Policy Will Kill Two Million Jobs – $15 minimum wage hike would slash jobs from women, minorities

Why Leftist Judges Play Politics And Truly Conservative Judges Don’t

Big Tech’s End-Run Around The First Amendment – Anyone who says free speech there doesn’t matter is lying to himself

Interview: Secretary of State Pompeo says Twitter blocking the New York Post’s Hunter Biden story is ‘dangerous’

How the Media Turned Cambridge Analytica into the All-Powerful Bogeyman Behind Brexit and Trump’s Election

All About The Bidens and the Crooked Ukrainian Prosecutors

You Might Be a Democrat If – What one has to believe to be a Democrat these days

Could California actually be in play? – Probably not, but this gigantic crown sure does love President Trump

Big Time China Whore Bailed Out Biden in Iowa – Who Is Bernard Schwartz And What Is He Up To?

Hunter, Burisma, China, and ‘the Big Guy’ Grifter – Joe needs to get elected before he and Hunter make the Clintons’ league



It Is Now Clear That Joe Biden and the Media Are Running Scared – Biden has called a lid until Thursday

5 More Things We Will Learn About Joe Biden After The Election

Joe Biden’s Lies About His Son Hunter’s Burisma Dealing Are Coming Back to Haunt Him

Trump vs. Biden — 5 Critical Reasons Why any Sane Person Should Vote – Again – for Trump

Big Tech Oligarchs vs. the Free World – Who’s More Dangerous, Russian oligarchs, or the Big Tech variety?

Dr. Fauci: ‘Is It True That He Is Not a Political Person’?

October 18, 2020

Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes or Joe Biden’s Big Mouth – Big Tech censors the WH, Senators, and ‘NY Post’

‘Unverified’ is a (false) excuse for the media ignoring The Post’s Hunter Biden scoops

Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden’s Flipped Business Partner Provided 26,000 Emails

Why Are Fauci, Redfield, and the Presstitutes Deceiving Us About Masks? – Because fear is needed for future mass vaccination acceptance

Study shows that nearly 400,000 California ballots were sent to non-residents or dead people

Is this another reason the FBI hid the Hunter Biden Laptop?

Trump maintains a large lead in small-donor fundraising while Biden leads among big-buck donors

Senator Johnson is Asked if the FBI Investigated Child Porn on Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Twitter Will Not Unlock The NY Post’s Account Until Their Hunter Biden Posts Deleted

Victor Davis Hanson: The Unapologetic Bias of the American Left

Twitter removes top White House coronavirus adviser tweet claiming masks don’t work

New Data Analysis Finds 353 Counties With 1.8 Million More Registered Voters Than Eligible Citizens

Five Ways 2020 Fails to Meet The International Criteria for ‘Free and Fair’ Elections

The Pollster Who Thinks Trump Is Actually Ahead

Pro-Trump Union Calls Out Joe Biden for Lying About Fracking and Union Endorsement During ABC Town Hall

The virus is all the Democrats have, and they’re clinging to it!

CORONAVIRUS TIMELINE – A Link In This Article Provides A Detailed Timeline of The Spread & Coverup

What President Trump Has Done to Change the Health Care System and How That Has Helped Battle COVID-19

Forget Elon Musk, Here Comes Joe Biden – And He’s Going To Invent Lots Of New Industries, WOW!

What the MSM TV coverage doesn’t show you at a Biden Potemkin rally

How the GOP Can Win Over Millennials – By Focusing on upward mobility, especially homeownership

Looking on the bright side: 15 reasons the polls may be wrong – And Probably Are

Amid historic absentee voting, rejected mail-in ballots could have a ‘significant effect’ on the outcome

Does this explain why Facebook suppressed the Hunter Biden revelations? – Clearly, It Does

China Threatens to Detain U.S. Citizens over Prosecutions of Researchers Linked to the Chinese Military

The Government Lockdown Hazard – We Should Be Taking responsibility for ourselves

More Costly Mistakes Plague The F-35 Program – When will enough ever be enough?

Could there be another reason the FBI hid the Hunter Biden Laptop?

Judge Orders Release of George Floyd’s 2019 Arrest Video That Shows Similarity to His 2020 Confrontation

October 17, 2020

They Will Unseat Him: The Plot Against All Precedent – Kamala Harris would be one step from the presidency

Bannon Speaks to Revolver News in Exclusive Interview on Hunter’s Hard Drive and What Comes Next

Chinese whistleblower reveals Hunter Biden “sex tapes” contain video of Joe Biden’s son sexually ABUSING multiple under-age Chinese teens – The Mandarin Chines Translation On The Video Is Earth Shattering

The Source on the alleged Hunter Biden email chain verifies the message about the Chinese investment firm

New Poll Reveals How Damaging Revelations Are Impacting Joe Biden’s Favorability with Voters

The Battle for California Is the Battle for America – The premises they use to justify their actions are flawed

Trump vs. Biden – Voters in 2020 should think long and hard about Policy, NOT Personality

They Are Ready This Time, But So Are We – If Trump wins handily do not expect them to go gently into that good night

‘Trans Lives Matter’ — Biden Pledges to Sign Bill to Force Schools to Allow Trans Boys to Play Girls’ Sports

It’s starting to look ugly for Democrats – If they lose, they have no one else to blame but their leaders

Kristen Welker, the upcoming presidential debate moderator, has deep Democrat Party ties

Biden’s Campaign Manager Confirms What We All Knew About These Bombastic 2020 Polls

Trump 2020 vs Biden – Tom Klingenstein Explains What Our Real Choice Is!

2020: The ‘Cancel America’ Election – Tom Klingenstein on why Trump is the man for our moment

Tucker Carlson: No Matter What Happens in the Election, the American Media Will ‘Never Be the Same After This’

Those Two Rigged Town Halls – A textbook spectacle of media bias

Sunzi And Sensibility: Stop Pretending Xi Jinping Is Confucius – He’s little more than a common gangster

Beijing Views US Consulates as ‘Hostile Forces,’ Orders Monitoring of Diplomats: Leaked Documents

Congress v. the Constitution – Few Americans understand the degree to which the Constitution’s safeguards are being whittled away

How Amy Coney Barrett hit a home run

Barrett Will Be Confirmed for the Best Reasons – The Supreme Court is supposed to interpret the law, not make policy

A Conservative Women’s Group Counters Liberal ‘Women’s March’ Ahead of Judge Barrett’s Confirmation

Slavery Reparations? We Already Tried Them And They Didn’t Work – LBJ’s War on Poverty was a failure

What Killed Michael Brown? – Amazon Suppresses Distribution Of This Documentary

Governor Newsom uses executive orders to press his climate change agenda as California burns

The Rooftop Solar Scam and How to Get Rid of It


October 16, 2020

The West Gets Real About COVID

By censoring The New York Post, Big Tech is begging for big-time reform

The TV News Networks Bury The Hunter Biden Story with Less Than 10 Minutes of Coverage Over 2 Days

Tucker Carlson: New emails reveal exactly what Burisma wanted from Joe Biden

Why Haven’t You Gotten Your $1,200 Check? Because Nancy Pelosi Wanted a Political Win

The Gaslight Election Won’t Work – They have turned the 2020 presidential election from a contest into a referendum

The ‘Lincoln Project’ Advocates California-Style Progressive Feudalism – What Are These Fake Republicans Up To?

Joe Biden snaps at TV reporter asking about son’s emails, calls it ‘smear campaign’

Rudy Explains How Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Inadvertently Authenticated the Laptop

Behind the social-media blackout of Biden family corruption – How the Swamp’s ecosystem operates and defines our politics

Giuliani on Biden Family Corruption: Hunter-gate “Biggest Cover-up I Have Ever Seen”

Hunter Biden’s Business Associate Flips From Prison, Releases Emails Detailing China Influence-Peddling Operation

Joe Biden’s town hall questioners included a former Obama speechwriter and a wife of former PA Democrat candidate

Facebook Maintains A Low Profile After Censoring The Bombshell Biden Story

SCOTUS will hear Trump appeal to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census count used to determine congressional districts

The Trump Administration Reveals Plan To Get Free COVID Vaccines to Nursing Homes

McConnell: Full Senate to Take Up Barrett Nomination on Oct. 23rd with a final vote scheduled for Oct. 26th

Corruption? Ilhan Omar Has Funneled 70% of Campaign Expenditures to Her Husband’s Company

The Critical Swing State of Pennsylvania Rejects Nearly 400,000 Mail-In Ballots

How Close Is the U.S. to Civil War? A War Correspondent Is in Portland to Find Out

More Californians Own Guns than Ever Before

The Hunter Biden laptop scandal may be about to get much worse – Don’t forget that Rudy Giuliani has the evidence

Rudy Giuliani: The Hunter Biden Information and Photos I have Will ‘Shock the Hell out of You’

Uh Oh: Here’s Why the FBI Is Now Investigating Hunter Biden’s Emails

Tucker Carlson: ‘How Has Joe Biden Lived in Extravagance All of These Years on a Government Salary?’

Democrats Lost More Than a Supreme Court Seat This Week – Why would voters now turn the Senate over to them?

Ms. Guthrie totally disrespected President Trump at last night’s farcical town hall – She was clearly on the attack

It’s Time To Nationalize 5G – The WH plan for a federal 5G program is a necessary check on Chinese tech ambitions

Shy Trump Voters, Pollsters, and the Appeal to Ignorance – Pundits try to explain away this very real voter bloc

The Steps Towards Revolution or Hostile Takeover From Within (Part VII, Where Do WE Go From Here?)

Steelworkers Union Sticks It to Trump – Another example of the union leadership reflexively endorsing the Democrats

October 15, 2020

Kevin McCarthy: ‘It’s Time to Scrap’ Section 230 Protection for Social Media Giants

George Soros Triples Election Spending, Pouring $70 Million Into 2020 Efforts

Dr. Fauci Tells Us to ‘Bite the Bullet and Sacrifice’ Thanksgiving – The dirty little secrets about PCR testing revealed

Trump: Pelosi ‘Doesn’t Want’ Another Round of Stimulus ‘Because She Thinks It’s Bad for Her Election’

Critics pan NBC town hall, Savannah Guthrie for ‘debating’ Trump and ABC for giving ‘softballs’ to Biden

Biden Tells Stephanopoulos Voters May Possibly Know His Position on Court-Packing Sometime Before the Election

Facebook and Twitter Cross a Dangerous Line – By blocking access to incriminating reporting about their preferred candidate

Limbaugh: Why the Hunter Biden Crimes Are Different Than Other Democrat Scandals – Long But Worth The Read

Rudy Giuliani Details The Steps Taken to Authenticate The Hunter Biden Material

The Mainstream media ignores and downplays the New York Post bombshell revelations on Hunter Biden

Facebook cites content policy to hide Biden bombshell, as Biden campaign admits it might be true

Checkmate: Twitter Will Now Have To Block a Government Website To Censor The Hunter Biden Bombshell

Bring Them In – Big Tech oligarchs must answer Congress’s questions about their election interference

FCC’s Pai takes aim at Section 230 protections for social media – Will look at a proposal to weaken liability protections

Social Media’s Censorship of the Hunter Biden Story Cries Out for Big Tech Regulation

Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of the family with a Chinese firm

What Leaked with Biden Emails Hints FBI Investigation Could Have Already Taken a Damning Turn

Chasing Amy – She deserves a Tony award for maintaining a straight face through three days of Moron Theater

Amy Coney Barrett Breaks the SCOTUS Ivy League Cartel

Joe Biden Promises An Answer on His Court Packing Position if The GOP Confirms Barrett

‘1619 Project’ founder loses her mind after valid criticism of her project from within her own newspaper, the WH, and beyond

Light at the End of the Pandemic Tunnel – Improvements in prevention and treatment could end it sooner than thought

If We Let Big Tech Strangle The Press, Say Goodbye To Your Freedoms

The Vicious Party – The Democrat party has long been vicious in their “any ends justify the means” sort of vicious

‘No’: Senator Graham Shuts Down The Democrats’ Attempts to Delay The Amy Coney Barrett Vote

Amy Coney Barrett Is The First Big Potential Supreme Court Victory For Republicans In 90 Years

Give Me Liberty, Not Marxism

President Trump Calls for Section 230 Repeal After Facebook and Twitter Curb Distribution of Biden Story

Moses, Trump, and Limbaugh – The awe and regard that Limbaugh and Trump have for America are a shining testament to their belief in her ideals 

Senator Hawley wants the FEC to probe Twitter and Facebook’s ‘unprecedented suppression’ of Hunter Biden story

Hunter Biden Was Set to Earn Millions For “Making Introductions” for the Benefit of Chinese Intelligence Operatives

The Gordian Knot Protecting Obamagate Secrets

Do Crashing NBA Ratings Predict A Trump Win?

The Anti-Constitution of Joe Biden – He seeks an America that The Founders wouldn’t recognize

Scott Atlas: The Other Doctor on the COVID Task Force – The cure can’t be worse than the disease!

A tale of two COVID economies: Red states in recovery and blue states in recession

Why Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” Left “The Left”

The Ungrateful Generation – Why do kids of successful business leaders bank all the benefits of the free market system while rejecting it

October 14, 2020

LA County To Follow State Guidelines: Limits Gatherings to Three Families, Two Hours Or Less, and No Singing!

A Leaked Phone Call Between Biden and Ukrainian President Shows an Attempt To Sabotage Trump

The Trump Administration Brings Home Americans Held Captive by Iran-Backed Militants

The FBI Seized Hunter’s Computer in Late 2019, Ignored Crimes, Did Nothing and Gave the Biden’s a Complete Pass

There Are Gaps in Joe Biden’s Public Schedule on the Date of the Alleged Burisma Meeting

Tucker Carlson Obliterates Big Tech’s Censorship of the New York Post’s Biden Article

American Princelings – Hunter Biden and other children of political leaders are favored elites in the Chinese mode

Shhh! Don’t Talk About Hunter Biden’s Activities – Democrats Don’t Like It One Bit

Big Tech’s Hunter Biden information Coup – The internet was supposed to democratize information not privatized it

Limbaugh: Smoking Gun! Oligarch Paid Hunter for Joe Biden to Threaten Ukraine

Why did Joe Biden Meet with George Soros the Day Before the Burisma Email to Hunter? – BIDEN DENIAL OF UKRAINIAN MEETING LEADS TO MORE QUESTIONS

Obama’s White House Doctor: I’m Convinced Biden Isn’t Mentally Capable of Being President

The Whitehouse press secretary was locked out of Twitter for sharing Post’s Hunter Biden story

Democrat Senator Klobuchar’s bizarre rant reveals Judge Barrett’s impeccable qualifications

President Trump Wants to Make America a ‘Manufacturing Superpower’ Without Reliance on China

FLOTUS: Trump’s 14-Year-Old Son Barron Tested Positive for CCP Virus But Now Tests Negative:

The 2020 Battleground States Are Not The Ones You Think They Are 

Contra Media Poll Narrative, Trump is Tracking Just Fine In Electoral College

‘Smoking Gun Email’ Shows Joe Biden Did in fact Meet with Son Hunter’s Ukraine Partners

Nancy Pelosi goes into meltdown on live TV – And Would You Believe It’s With Wolf Blitzer On CNN

Nancy Pelosi’s Latest 25th Amendment Scheme Poisons The Process Of Removing A President

Big Tech: Conservatives Should Be Wary of a Compromise on Antitrust

Report: DOJ Investigation into ‘Unmasking’ Ends with No Charges or Findings of Wrongdoing

My Presidential Prediction Delayed – Can Democrats hold on to their constituencies?

Suspicious Democrat questions for Amy Coney Barrett suggest a set-up is in the works

The Liberal Case for Confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Ten Alarming Lessons from a Tumultuous 2020

Don’t be fooled: Joe Biden did not say he won’t pack the Supreme Court 

The Top 50 U.S. Think Tanks Receive Over $1-Billion From Government Defense Contractors

Voters have the right to know what Joe Biden did for son Hunter

Amy Coney Barrett: ‘It’s Not The Law Of Amy, It’s The Law Of The American People’

A Cautionary Tale: Trump and Biden, What’s to Choose? –  Adventures and misadventures of foreign policies

Vote for Trump or go back to the Democrat Matrix

Governor Newsom Might Be Headed Toward a Whitmer-ing Before a California Court

October 13, 2020

Limbaugh: President Trump Is Filling Vacancies, Not “Packing the Court”

The Great Barrington Declaration Is A Spark of Sanity In A Mad World – But do most Americans have the courage to risk their sense of security to maintain enduring liberty?

As public opposition to lockdowns grows WHO seeks other methods to control virus

Nearly 60% of likely voters — including 70% of undecideds believe the U.S. shouldn’t lock down again

‘Legendary’: Barrett Asked To Hold Up Notes She’s Using To Answer Questions. She Holds Up A Blank Notepad

Amy Coney Barrett Turns the Tables on Feinstein’s Wild Hypothetical Question

Judge Barrett Wrecks Kamala Harris Under SCOTUS Questioning

Barrett won’t recuse herself from the ObamaCare case – She will follow rules, consult the other justices and do what is required

President Trump’s Florida Rally: 16% of Attendees Were Democrats and 24% Didn’t Vote in 2016

Eric Trump: “Did You See the Fantastic Numbers for the Rush Interview of the President?”

Here Are the Metrics That Show Trump Has a Lock on the Election

Seven Potential Biden Cabinet Picks That Spell Trouble – Hiding in the Biden campaign with big plans for America

The Supreme Court sides with the Trump administration to not extend census count

Columbus and Biden – There’s a big difference between Western civilization’s gutsiest entrepreneur and … this

Supreme Court Smacks Down Democrats’ Attack on Trump – The justices refused to hear an appeal by 215 Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives

Will All The Name-Brand People Who Pushed The Russian Collusion Conspiracy Hoax Get Off Scot-Free?

Fragments of a Civilization – Government crimes and coverups, a corrupt media, and a candidate hiding and lying

On the first day of the Barrett hearing, Democrats were truly awful

Pass the 28th Amendment: The Case for Codifying a Nine-Justice Supreme Court

Amy Coney Barrett on Originalism: ‘You Would NOT Be Getting Justice Scalia. You Would Be Getting Justice Barrett’

Supreme Court Nominee Barrett Answers Questions on Abortion, Second Amendment and invokes Justice Kagan

‘We do own a gun’: Barrett answers questions about lifestyle and faith in the second day of confirmation hearings

Gingrich: Senate Democrats are ‘trapped’ on Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearing and are ‘losing’the fight

Dr. Fauci’s Mind-Numbingly Stupid Remarks About COVID Related Deaths

President Trump Challenges Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Accuracy on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Trump Should Let Biden Lose The Election All By Himself – Biden uninterrupted, unprotected, reveals so much

How China funds and organizes riots and civil unrest in America

Joe Biden Responds to Gallup’s ‘Better Off Now’ Survey by Attacking Voters

Joe Biden continues to age at warp speed on the campaign trail

Declassified FBI spreadsheet exposes the folly of Steele dossier’s uncorroborated claims

Trump Is the Integrity Candidate

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stay mum on court-packing

No, Leftists, Trump Is Not a ‘Nazi’ – It’s shameful to use that word against a president who has been a great friend to Israel

Sorry! The Obama And Biden Administration Had The Worst Economic Recovery Ever


Dr. Fauci Isn’t Stupid, He Just Thinks You Are

Joe Biden’s son-in-law advises campaign on COVID-19 while trying to invest in related start-ups

At Supreme Court hearing, Democrats talk about everything except Amy Coney Barrett

Turkey, Not Trump, Threatens NATO and Europe – With Erdogan, the danger is within

Obamacare’s costs soar so high that Americans are now delaying medical treatment

The California Secretary of State Issues 14 ‘Emergency’ Regulations for the Election, Weakening Security

Pay Attention To Local Elections, Because Whoever Wins Can Make Your Life Miserable

What happened to ‘defund the police’? – Alive on social media and in protests, but officials questioning its feasibility

October 12, 2020

A California District Court Judge Rules That Prisoners Are To Receive Stimulus Checks

The Feds to Portland: Take Your Fine and Shove It

California hires Democratic operatives for ‘Get Out The Vote’ effort – And they are pushing for Biden

Fact Check: Biden Caught Red-Handed Lying to Americans About Amy Coney Barrett

Do you want a Trump or Biden economy? – The answer should be obvious

White House Doctor: Trump Tests Negative for CCP Virus on Consecutive Days

Now Our Supposed Health Experts Can ‘Sense’ An Asymptomatic COVID-19 Spread?

Amy Coney Barrett’s Opening Statement at SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing

The Black Trump Vote – African Americans should be very, very mad at the Democrat Party

The Civil Rights Legend Who Opposed Critical Race Theory

Left-wing Radicals Post an Online Guide to ‘Disrupting’ the Country if Election is Close

Workout Workaround: How Some Gyms Are Getting Themselves Reclassified As ‘Essential’

How to Understand Joe Biden’s Ukrainian Connection

Consumer Watchdogs Say Kamala Harris Looked The Other Way While Utilities Set Stage For Wildfires

Flying the American Flag Is a Secret Trump Handshake

Hillary Clinton’s Saul Alinsky Problem Is Ours Too

Journalists are ‘Banned’ from the Portland Indigenous People’s Faction of Antifa ‘Day of Rage’

Are COVID Case Surges More Fake News? – What exactly is a “case”?  Is a “case” simply a positive test?

The better Sweden does on the coronavirus, the angrier its critics get

If We Don’t Fight Back Against COVID Fascism, It Will Never End

Poll: Only 50% of the public is willing to get a COVID-19 vaccine

After The Great Barrington Declaration, No One Can Honestly Say ‘Science’ Demands Lockdowns

The American Bar Association Awards Judge Barrett a ‘Well-Qualified’ Rating

Senator Hawley Scolds Democrats for Attempts to Bring Back ‘Religious Tests’ for Judicial Nominees

Amy Coney Barrett and the Alternative Elite – Can anything good come from Rhodes College?

Lindsey Graham Slaps Down Democrat Excuses To Cancel Barrett Hearing: “America Has To Go To Work Monday Including Us”

Hawley, Sasse Unleash On Harris, Democrats, Media For Treatment Of Barrett

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer: Democrats will boycott the vote on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

Nobody Should Expect Amy Coney Barrett to Strike Down Obamacare

‘In a category of excellence’: Graham praises Barrett and warns Democrats against a Kavanaugh repeat

9 Warning Signs of Democrat Radicalization

Most Americans Still Believe Trump Will Win – The polls show him behind, but the public believes Trump will prevail

Democrats Threat to Pack the Supreme Court to Deflect Attention from Their Own Errors

COMSEC Lessons From The Underworld – Big Tech’s capacity for espionage surpasses even the deep state’s

Why Is the Media Madness Intensifying? – Fear of a 2016 repeat inspires anti-Trump hysteria

Another young Republican has another phenomenal campaign video

Saving Christopher Columbus From The Cultural Arsonists – The movement to deface and destroy our heritage and heroes must be fought by conservatives at every turn

Biden’s supporters in Arizona left something to be desired – It might be Trump-supporters’ enthusiasm versus Black Lives Matter protesters’ enthusiasm

Fiscal Stimulus Is Ineffective and The Fed Requesting It Is Even Worse – Central bankers should stick to central banking

October 11, 2020

A Biden-Harris campaign event in Arizona shows the polls are dead wrong – Nobody showed up. Literally nobody!

175 Doctors Sound Off on the Medical Decision to Cancel the Second Debate and It’s Bad News for Biden

The Trump campaign says Harris ‘driving the bus’ on court-packing issue

A Liberal Fake News Site Spends Millions to Target Facebook Users in Battleground Districts

Will the Cultural Revolution Be Canceled? – Because most Americans aren’t sympathetic to social radicalism

Amy Coney Barrett to Senators: Courts Are Not Designed To ‘Solve Every Problem or Right Every Wrong’

President Trump Gets A Surprise Ringing Endorsement from Governor of Puerto Rico


Yelp Now Wants Reviewers to Rate Whether Businesses Are ‘Woke’ Enough – Meet Your Antifa Reviewers

Kamala Harris Refused Death Penalty for Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Member Who Murdered Bologna Family

How the Supreme Court confirmation process works – Here are the steps a nominee takes

Why Judge Barrett Doesn’t Know Whether She Would Overturn A Precedent

President Trump dropping occasional F-bombs is just what America needs

The Court-Packing Question Joe Biden Won’t Answer

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Fake-Poll Alert, Here’s Proof That Joe Biden Is NOT Winning

California Governor Newsom continues to make it harder to ever reopen

A viral WalkAway video shows that reality wins in the end – Over 1.1 Million Views So Far 

If Democrats want science, they should look at the Great Barrington Declaration – Allow people to live normally

How Modern Education Makes Good Little Marxists

Florida Police Chiefs Association Supports Trump – Most major police groups are spurning Biden

Looking beyond the polls, there continue to be signs that Trump will win

Exposure of abuses in Russia probe promotes a new film, ‘The Plot Against the President’

An October Surprise From Pope Francis – His new papal encyclical promises liberty, equality, and fraternity

OUCH: Democrat Governor of Delaware Pardoned One of Gov Whitmer’s Kidnap Plotters

Some more evidence that Breonna Taylor was living on the dark side

October 10, 2020

The Miami PD Estimates More Than 30,000 Cars Participated in Anti-Communist, Latinos For Trump Caravan in South Florida

The latest revelations show Team Obama invented the whole RussiaGate scandal

WHO Special Envoy Urges World Leaders to Stop Using Lockdowns as Primary Method Against CCP Virus

‘Insufficient’: Pelosi rejects the latest White House aid offer

A Large and Diverse Pro-Trump Rally Descends on Beverly Hills – WOW! What A Crowd!

Candace Owens Lead a #BLEXIT March to the White House and Trump Welcomed The Crowd

Joe Biden: Voters ‘Don’t Deserve’ To Know Whether I’ll Pack The Court

Joe Biden’s Babbling About the Supreme Court Proves He Knows Nothing About the Constitution

President Trump no longer at risk of spreading COVID-19, the White House Physician Says

Why Georgia H. Walked Away From The Democrats

The Pathetic End Point of Racial Sensitivity Training – We have the right to live without ancestral racial guilt

The ‘White Supremacist’ Narrative Unravels: Whitmer Kidnap Suspect Attended BLM Rally, Another Called Trump A ‘Tyrant’

IndoctriFornia While – California’s ethnic studies mandate is dead for now, but there is still much in the works to be concerned about

The Anti-Barrett Letter With ‘Thousands’ of Signees Contains Duplicates and Dead People

San Francisco To Begin Universal Basic Income Program For Artists – $6 million, despite city deficit of $1.6 billion

San Francisco tax revenue plunge points to resident exodus – Sales tax revenues are down more than 40%

Why Johnny Still Can’t Read – Public schools are passing students who can’t read to avoid blaming teachers, lawmakers, and bureaucrats

Trump Says He Will Donate His Own Blood Plasma and Is No Longer on Medication for COVID-19

Yes Indeed, Hillary Clinton Orchestrated the Russia-Collusion Farce

Why the Democrat Platform Is Boring on Purpose –  The obfuscation of the truly radical agenda of the Party

The Media Doesn’t Want You to See the Human Side of Donald Trump

Will America Survive the Democrats’ Arrows in Their Quiver?

Secretary of State Pompeo Promises to Deliver A Surprise Before the Election, Hillary Clinton’s Hidden Emails

A must-watch Tucker Carlson segment tackles court-packing and why it is bad for America

Kama-Lie Harris – Kamala Harris’s habit of repeated lying in the VP debate – True facts are provided

Why This Is The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime

Poll: The Shy Trump Vote Is Bigger This Year…And Who Falls Into This Category Should Terrify Democrats

The Steps Towards Revolution or Hostile Takeover From Within (Part V, Open Revolt or Proof of Concept)

Where is the compassion for the millions who have suffered harm from lockdowns?

Trump-Hating Journalists Write Fiction, Not News – Telling horror stories about what Trump might do to scare voters

Woke California imposes diversity dogma on corporate boards

Democracies Should Delink From China – It’s the best way to stop the CCP’s predatory business practices

The Nobel Peace Prize is beyond a joke and is now a mark of shame


October 9, 2020

The Presidential Debate Commission Should Resign Now – And why did the GOP accept these moderators anyway?

5 Major Ways America Will Fundamentally Change If Biden Packs The Court

California releases new draconian guidelines for household gathering – So ridiculous they’re actually funny

Break up Big Tech

Blue State Blues: Once Socialism Gets In, You Can Never Vote It Out

MEGA MAGA! The Largest Radio Rally in History – President Trump Answers Audience Questions

Trump says Pelosi’s 25th Amendment bill is about replacing Biden with Harris

H-1B Visa Change is Good News for American Workers

5 Ways Hunter Biden’s Business Deals Empowered China at America’s Expense

The Biden Campaign Rejects The Trump Campaign’s Proposal To Salvage The Remaining Debates

The Four Horsemen of the Biden-Harris Ticket Apocalypse

Organizers scrap next presidential debate after Trump said he wouldn’t agree to a virtual format that protects Biden

Limbaugh: Pelosi’s 25th Amendment Gambit Is Aimed at Joe Biden, Not President Trump

Kimberly Guilfoyle: The Democrats’ Rotten Stimulus ‘Deal’ Is a Bailout of Democrat-Run Cities and States

President Trump to hold the first in-person event at the White House since getting coronavirus

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff: ‘I Would Favor Doing away with the Electoral College’

Customs & Border Protection Seizes 1300 Lbs Of Chinese Goods With ‘Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza’ Risk

The Chinese Communist Party Is The ‘Primary Aggressor’ In Foreign Influence Ops Targeting US Congress

Democrats should stop trying to delay Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation vote in Senate

Lab Coat Tyranny – California is using “public health” as a rationale to push progressive political goals

Schools ARE NOT Super-Spreaders

The Awful Economic Impact of School Closings

Trump Approval Index Month-by-Month – Trump’s Monthly Approval Hits 2020 High in September

Trump preparing new $1.8T coronavirus relief package, urges Congress to ‘go big’

Biden is blatantly hiding the single biggest issue in his campaign – Packing The Supreme Court 

Focus group: Michigan swing voters think Harris will act as president – And They Are Concerned

Rigged: The Chairman of the Presidential Debate Commission is Co-Founder of “Color Revolution” Org Linked to Steele Dossier and More

OMG! NO ONE Is Showing Up to Biden-Harris Events or Online – They Have Only 3% of President Trump’s Online Viewership

Pelosi and Trump negotiators to discuss new $1.8 trillion coronavirus aid offer from Trump

C’mon, man: Joe Biden Must Answer the court-packing question

I Didn’t Vote For Trump In 2016, But I’d Crawl Over Broken Glass To Vote For Him Now

Biden-Harris ticket refuses to deny court-packing plans

Pelosi’s 25th Amendment Ploy Is Actually About Biden, Not Trump

Unlike the “Russia Hoax,” China really is the real bad actor in America

Commission on Presidential Debates Tries to Explain Steve Scully’s Strange Trump Tweet

Rush Limbaugh Says President Trump Will Hold ‘Largest Virtual Rally’ On His Radio Program Today

The End of COVID Hysteria – Will Trump Beating COVID change the narrative?

John Solomon: The 40 key Russia documents President Trump must still declassify

The number-one reason why Bill de Blasio is persecuting Jews – Because They Support Trump 

Will Democrats Get Away With their Russian Collusion Hoax? – Did Trump’s order to declassify come too late

U.S. Attorney John Durham Will Not Release Report On Russia Criminal Investigation Before Election, Report Says

John Brennan, Hillary’s Helper – He facilitated her “Russia Hoax” smear of Trump

Kamala Harris Thinks You Are Stupid – So She Can Outright Lie And Get Away With It!

The Biden–Harris Flip-Flop on Fracking – They were for banning until they pretended to be against it

Everything You Should Know About Jeffrey Epstein and His Partner Ghislaine Maxwell

Pence Walks Away from the Debate a Clear Winner

Biden’s Pseudoscientific Masquerade – He has studiously ignored the genuine science on COVID-19 from day one

Are They Shy Trump Voters or Fed Up Trump Voters?

The five biggest whoppers Kamala Harris told during the VP debate

Presidential Opinion Polls – It’s Déjà vu All Over Again?

October 8, 2020

Victor Davis Hanson Delivers Passionate Defense of Trump, the American Worker and the Authentic America He Represents

China Ties to US Riots Exposed by Trevor Loudon

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Aims to Stall Barrett Nomination With COVID Testing Requirement

The Portland DA rejects over 540 riot-related cases in ‘the interest of justice’

Trump Is Now One With Countless Essential Workers

It Turns Out the Folks Behind the Whitmer Plot Aren’t Who The Democrats and Media Are Painting Them As

President Trump Will Guest Host The Rush Limbaugh Radio Show on Friday – It Will Be A Virtual Rally

White House Physician: President Trump can return to ‘public engagements’ this weekend

Pelosi and Democrats are Introducing a Bill to Create a Commission on ‘Presidential Capacity’

Pelosi: We Can’t Do Airline Help ‘Then Lose All Leverage to Do Everything Else’

Twitter Locks Account of Ric Grenell over Voter Fraud Warning

President Trump indicates AG Barr has enough evidence to charge Obama admin officials — including Obama and Biden — with spying on his campaign

One Step Closer to Despotism? – By institutionalizing Hillary Clinton’s anti-Trump operation, Obama and CIA director Brennan undermined the peaceful transfer of authority and legitimized an attempted coup

Speaker Of The House Pelosi Revs Up, Yes, the 25th Amendment – Could This Be About Harris Usurping Biden?

Joe Biden Says He’ll Reveal Position on Court-Packing After Election

Being pro-Trump has caused me more grief than being Osama bin Laden’s niece – So Why do I support Trump?

Both Presidential Campaigns Agree To Push Back Next In-Person Debate

Nobel Peace Prize Spurns Trump’s Historic Israel Peace Deals

California Proposition 22 would protect my flexibility to work independently

How California expats are helping turn Texas into a battleground state

Over 7,000 Scientists And Doctors Call For COVID Herd Immunity An An End To The Lockdowns

Trump: I will not waste my time participating in a virtual presidential debate – The CPD is trying to protect Biden

Donald J. Trump: The epitome of American grit and guts

Pence takes Harris to the cleaners in VP debate – But most of the media will cover for her

The Shameful Moderator Bias At The Vice-Presidential Debate – Nancy Pelosi’s Biographer Susan Page

Vice-President Pence effectively went after Harris — and a very biased moderator

7 Quick Takeaways On The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate

VP Pence: ‘I Just Want the Record to Reflect, She Never Answered the Question’ About Court-Packing

The Supreme Court Just Confirmed The Electoral College Is Here To Stay – Faithless Electors Will Be Held Accountable

Election confidence at an all-time low, just 59% trust votes will be ‘accurately counted’

The Policy Stances Of President Trump And His Democrat Opponent Joe BidenBiden

California’s Illogical Reparations Bill – Virtue-signaling while failing utterly to address the state’s current crises

Newt Gingrich predicted some disturbing events if Biden wins

Enforce Antitrust Law Against Google – This high-tech giant is a whole new kind of monopoly

The Chinese Gutting of America – From Mickey Mouse to Mickey Mao-se

British Defense Report: ‘There is Clear Evidence of Collusion Between Huawei and the Chinese State’

California Governor Newsom’s Car-Ban Publicity Stunt – Posturing Over Governance

The Racist Democrat Mayors and Teachers – Shutting Down Our Schools For Political Purposes

Are Americans Tired of Being Called ‘Racist’ Yet? – Michelle Obama makes her “closing argument” for Biden

Married to the Maoist Mob: Revolution by Riot – A republic, if we can keep it!

La Niña has arrived: Near-term cooling can be expected now

October 7, 2020

Thinking Straight About Soros György – Will his alliance with BLM spark greater scrutiny?

White House Doctor: Trump Has Developed CCP Virus Antibodies And Is Free Of Symptoms

VP Debate Recap: Mike Pence Eviscerates the Biden-Harris Campaign On Several Fronts

Newly Declassified Documents Expose Obama Role in Hillary’s Russia Collusion’ Plot Against Trump

Communist China Censors Mike Pence’s Debate Comments On China But Freely Broadcasts Kamala Harris’s

A Failed Experiment – The lockdowns must end now!

President Trump: The US will be out of Afghanistan by Christmas

Gavin Newsom signed an executive to protect nearly a third of California´s land and coastal waters in his latest effort to fight climate change

Defending Trump from a Tornado of Liberal Lies – Just a few of the lies and the issues that have been wildly distorted

Why Pelosi’s Coronavirus-Relief Talks Collapsed – Lots of money to bail out failing Democrat states

Tucker Carlson Eviscerates the Media for Ghoulish Anti-Trump Behavior and Then Hits Them Even Harder

What the Media Should Be Asking VP Candidate Kamala Harris

At Tonight’s Debate, Kamala Harris Needs To Say Exactly What She’d Do As President

The Fascist America That Kamala Harris Promises

California Governor Gavin Newsom goes ‘Bananas’: ‘Don’t forget to keep your mask on in between bites’

IT DEPENDS ON THE MEANING OF “UNDECIDED” – Previously Featured as Biden Supporters on MSNBC

Amy Coney Barrett’s Husband Is The Real Hero Here

Don’t fall for Democrats’ bad-faith delay tactics on Amy Coney Barrett confirmation

Attacks On Amy Coney Barrett Prove That For The Left, ‘Diversity’ Is Only A Way To Get Power

The Official Policy Stances of President Donal J. Trump And Democrat Candidate For President Joe Biden

The Democrats’ Stance on Police Reform Threatens Our National Security

Will SCOTUS Rule Against Google’s Artificial Monopoly? – Big Tech considers itself bigger than the rule of law

Democrats Slam Big Tech ‘Monopolies’ in a New Report and the GOP Hits Conservative Bias

Five Quick Things: The Polls, or the Fundamentals?

The George Floyd Documentary – A special introduction from the narrator of “Who Killed George Floyd?”

It’s Time for DOJ to investigate the prosecutor torturing the couple who used guns to protect their property

October 6, 2020

Is Warren Buffett the Wallet Behind Black Lives Matter?

California sees no link from school openings to COVID spread

Over 2,000 Mail-In Ballots in LA County Have 1 Fatal Flaw: There’s No Way To Vote for President

We All Know Why Corporate Media Is Avoiding Hunter Biden’s Corruption Scandals That Implicate Joe

The Senate Report Reveals Hunter Biden’s Profiteering During the Obama-Biden Administration Went Further Than Previously Thought

Almost 95 Percent of Silicon Valley Donations Have Gone to Joe Biden

Nancy Pelosi’s ‘COVID-relief’ bill is mainly just a left-wing wish list

Trump and Atlas: Time to Face Down Coronavirus Fear – Trump’s new tack is risky, but a necessary one

President Trump Authorizes Total Declassification of All Documents Related to Spygate and Hillary Email Scandal – WITH NO REDACTIONS

Trump Orders Halt to Stimulus Negotiations Because Nancy Pelosi is not negotiating in good faith

Trump Wants To Immediately Sign Stand-Alone Bill For $1,200 Stimulus Checks – So Please Send One

Obama Began Holding Secret Meetings in the WH Basement In July 2016 When Russia Hoax Was Put Into Play


Senator Ron Johnson issues subpoenas for testimony and documents from ‘Spygate’ figure Stefan Halper

The White House Doctor Says Trump is symptom-free after returning to White House

NBC News Network Townhall’ ‘Undecided’ Voters Werew Previously Featured as Biden Supporters on MSNBC

President Trump gives a magnificent statement upon his return to the White House

President Trump’s Doctor: Trump ‘Continues to Do Extremely Well’ After CCP Virus Diagnosis

President Trump, Escaping Wile E. Coyotevirus

Left’s Response To Trump’s ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ Tweet Emphasizes How Very Much They Want Fear

To All Those Who ‘Vote For the Man, Not the Party’

We All Know Why Corporate Media Is Avoiding Hunter Biden’s Corruption Scandals That Implicate Joe

Finally, an accurate poll? – When asked, who will win the election?

Former NYT Reporter: Why Trump’s COVID Remark Is ‘Maybe Smartest Comment He’s Ever Made’

Will the truth about the “Russia Hoax” finally emerge? – Now That Trump Declassified More Documents

Yes, Associated Press, There Is a Riot Going On

Judge Amey Coney Barrett Sees No ‘Superprecedent’ in Roe vs Wade

The DOJ Blasts D.C. Mayor for ‘Silencing’ Churches: ‘There Is No Pandemic Exception to the Constitution’

President Trump Opposes Biden’s Proposal to Enact National Abortion Law

25 Questions Kamala Harris Should Be Asked in Wednesdays Vice-Presidential the Debate

Who targeted the president? – Was This Actually Another October Surprise?

Are Media Comments After Leaving the Hospital Part of the Deep State’s ‘Color Revolution’ Strategy?

Is there a more loathsome group of people than the White House press corps?

James Comey and Robert Mueller have Massive Clinton Foundation Problems

For the Young, Lockdowns Are Worse Than COVID – This election will determine whether we will be allowed to move forward

The final four weeks of the campaign will be fought over re-opening the American economy

Black Lives Matter – Is It A Righteous Cause or Communism in Blackface?

The Steps Towards Revolution or Hostile Takeover From Within (Part IV, Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?)

Why Democrats Can’t Have Nice Things – Like the White House

Counterfactual history – The New York Times’ 1619 Project

An Open Letter Calls for Withdrawal of the ‘1619 Project’ Pulitzer Prize

Why Do Republicans Fall for the White Supremacy Trap? – The media’s misquotations and false accusations

Joe Biden Has an Idea That Is So Dumb That it Will Make Your Brain Melt

Rescued from the memory hole: The disgrace that caused Biden to withdraw from running for president in 1988

October 5, 2020

The Mount Rushmore Election – The Harris-Biden Administration vs. the American Regime

The Supreme Court Reinstates an Anti-Fraud Election Measure Targeted by an Obama Judge

Why Doesn’t It Feel Like Biden is Winning? –  Trump has made fools out of the prophets predicting his doom

Mike Pence Should Ask Kamala Harris Who Her VP Will Be

Photos Show Bernie Sanders’ Rally for Joe Biden Was an Absolute Complete Flop

The left is depending on insults and lies in its bid to stop Amy Coney Barrett

October Surprises Everyone – This campaign, and this president, are like no other

The Democrats Bile Will Reelect Trump

Gavin Newsom’s Art of the Diversion – Newsom’s diversion politics cannot hold for much longer

Trump Released from Hospital and a Freakout Follows

Ted Cruz Rips Apart CBS for Airing Tara Reade Interview in Australia but Not in America

Rush Limbaugh Reflects On Love For America After 9/11 vs. What Is Happening In Here Now

Lara Trump says President Trump will attend the second debate if cleared to do so

Against Fear – Trump’s handling of his coronavirus diagnosis models positive masculinity—rational and unbowed

What President Wilson said about his situation when he contracted the Spanish flu in 1918

Trump Receives Surprise Endorsement From The National Latino Peace Officers Association

Senator Cruz says Chief Justice John Roberts ‘despises Donald Trump’

The NBC town hall panned as ‘Biden infomercial’: ‘Undecided voters’ didn’t seem so ‘undecided’

Why is Mark Zuckerberg spending millions to back harmful California Proposition 15?

Judicial Watch sues to block California boardroom diversity law, declares it is unconstitutional

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tests positive for coronavirus but is not symptomatic

Technology that will end the turgid climate debate – A functioning nuclear fusion reactor might now be feasible

Chief Of Staff Meadows ‘optimistic’ Trump will leave Walter Reed and return to WH Monday after COVID treatment

Corporate Media Is Vomiting Trump Coronavirus Reporting All Over The Bed

Why it’s important to remember Rathergate – Implications of everything we see or hear from the media

A Mainstream Media Outlet Actually Interviewed Biden’s Sexual Assault Accuser…But There’s One Big Problem

Why Big Names Are Getting COVID-19 – Because wearing face masks and social distancing are next to useless

President Trump Tackles Work From The Hospital While Joe Biden Can’t Even Last Past Breakfast

Wednesday’s 2020 Vice Presidential Debate – why this one matters more than most

No, Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Won’t Necessarily End Roe v. Wade

The New Supreme Court Term Begins Today, With Major Cases On The Docket

The Steps Towards Revolution or Hostile Takeover From Within (Part III-B, Cui Bono?)

Mark Levin lays out the challenge facing us in the next four weeks – This Election Is Crucial!

Worse Than Watergate, Pt 3 – How much worse was confirmed last week, but this time they will likely get away with it

Are the Global Scientific Elite Trying to Bury the Truth About the Origin of COVID-19?

Democrat Bile Will Reelect Trump – Voters won’t react well to the Left’s celebratory response to Trump’s illness

Want To Clean Up Money In Politics? Start With Corporate Welfare – It only improves politicians’ reelection bids

Electric Cars: A Hill to Die On? – The minerals needed for them are often mined in China, where nearly all the global supply is refined

October 4, 2020

His coronavirus battle shows the bravery of President Trump

The special interests behind California’s Proposition 15

President Trump Gives Another Surprise to Supporters Outside the Hospital and the Left Flips Out

President Trump finally has an effective coronavirus campaign message

Two House Republicans are accusing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of blocking COVID testing in the House

The Whistleblower virologist’s mother has reportedly been arrested by the Chinese government

“This Is Over! We Want Every Damn Bit of Evidence!” – Devin Nunes UNLOADS on Crooked Intel Agencies and the Media

How the Treasury Department tracked the overseas cash pocketed by Hunter Biden

Project Veritas exposes Democrat Mark Kelly’s campaign to deceive Arizona voters

A New Poll That DOESN’T Weight In Favor Of Democrats Shows Trump Leading Nationally

Stats Hold a Surprise: Lockdowns May Have Had Little Effect on The Spread of COVID-19

Is the United States in the Midst of an Insurgency? – An organized rebellion to overthrow a constituted government

Team Trump Launches ‘Operation MAGA’: Pence, Others Hit Trail as President Recovers From COVID

Down Goes Biden – Has there ever been a presidential nominee who looked more overmatched by his opponent?

Biden’s dramatic change to retirement accounts could reduce their availability, industry warns

2019 WHO review of mask studies found ‘no evidence’ they stopped transmission of flu

The U.N. Turns 75, and the Chinese Communist Party Gaslights the World

Joe Biden’s Catholic Con Job Continues – Meanwhile, the Vatican squabbles with the Trump administration

Words From A Black Man – “I Chose Not To”

Mr. Diplomacy: Joe Biden manages to enrage Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro

Andrew McCabe drops from testifying at the Russia hearing Tuesday, citing coronavirus outbreak

October 3, 2020

Red states are outperforming blue states economically

Trump Appoints Larry Elder and Tom Fitton to Trump Administration

‘The Melania Tapes’ reveal she’s even cooler than we thought – Wolkoff and CNN made a major miscalculation

‘It’s Personal’–Trump Supporter Chokes Up Talking About President Outside Walter Reed Hospital

A surprising percentage of college students find violent censorship ‘acceptable’ to some degree

Poll: 56% of Americans Expect Trump To Win the Election

President Trump’s Physician Shares Another Positive Update

Coronavirus shutters the Senate floor, but the Barrett confirmation won’t be delayed

ICYMI: Black Lives Matter Protestor Reveals What the Real Goal of the Movement Is

Uncovering the Biden-Harris Brain Trust –The most progressive since McGovern’s ill-fated 1972 presidential run

Trump’s medical team says he is doing ‘very well’; official says next 48 hours will be ‘critical’

Rep. Steve Scalise: Trump actions on coronavirus saved hundreds of thousands of lives, a new report shows

INADMISSIBLE: President Trump Bans Chinese Communist Party Members From Immigrating To America

One America News Exposes California Congressman Adam Schiff’s Shady Ties to Ukraine

The Air Rushes Out of the College Bubble

President Trump is being treated with Remdesivir and reported to be doing well

What is Remdesivir? – This experimental drug has shown effectiveness in treating the novel coronavirus

Tucker Carlson: The Media is Willing to Attack the Rest of the Country if It Hurts the President They Despise

The two most important videos you can see today – In less than 10-minutes you can see through the haze

The Michigan Supreme Court finally clipped Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s wings

FBI Director Wray Is Right: Antifa Is an Ideological Threat to the United States

Post Debate Shows Race Narrowing, Trump Is Closing the Gap With Biden in Latest Poll

Supreme Court Nominations Should Not Be a Partisan Affair – So where do we go from here?

Chris Wallace caps a bad week with a strange attack against Dr. Scott Atlas

WHO’s Early COVID Mortality Rate Was Irresponsibly Overstated, GP Called Them Out with The CORRECT NUMBERS!

It’s Time to End COVID Lockdowns and Mask Mandates

THE GEORGE FLOYD DOCUMENTARY – It Was Drugs and Health Issues, the Police Did Not  Kill Him


October 2, 2020

Solomon: CIA Director Haspel Is Blocking Declassification Of Russiagate Documents To Protect CIA’s Reputation

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend first told police that she opened fire on officers, not him

Making the case for a ‘Yes’ on California Proposition 20

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hints Senate will vote on Trump’s Supreme Court pick before the election

Trump video message saying he is ‘doing very well’ – Going to Walter Reed “to make sure that things work out”

White House coronavirus adviser Scott Atlas reacts to Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis, says ‘zero reason to panic’

Pelosi Prematurely Dances On Trump’s Grave and Never Trump Ghouls Rejoice Over His Diagnosis

The Democrat Party Represents a Revolutionary Movement – This is not a policy election, This is a regime decision

SHOCK POLL: Astounding Percentage of Democrats are ‘Happy’ About Trump’s COVID Diagnosis

Mark Zuckerberg being sued for meddling in the 2020 election

September job numbers are the best since the Reagan-era – Don’t Panic America!

Authorities Close Investigation Into Wisconsin Hate Crime, Say No Evidence It Ever Occurred

One Nation, Under Woke – The New York Times’ 1619 Project is wokeism’s anti-American document par excellence

Minority Rule in the Senate – Why Democrats are unlikely to ditch the filibuster

President Donald Trump And First Lady Melania Trump Test Positive for Coronavirus

White House: President Trump is experiencing ‘mild symptoms’ after positive coronavirus test, ‘in good spirits’

World leaders react to Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis

Now that Trump is being quarantined, what comes next? 

White House Physician: President Trump Will Carry out Duties ‘Without Disruption’ Despite Testing Positive for Coronavirus

When The Media Ask Trump To Denounce White Supremacy, They’re Actually Accusing Him Of It

VP Pence and Second Lady Test Negative For Coronavirus

America’s Chris Wallace Problem – Is anything more dangerous to our country than relentless media bias?

Who are the Proud Boys? – Not Who The Democrats Say They Are


Governor Newsom further beclowns himself finding nonsensical excuses to keep California locked down longer

San Diego County Supervisor: It’s time to quit moving the COVID goalposts

The Russia Hoax: Did The CIA, FBI, and Hillary Launch A Silent Coup Against Trump?

The Irony of Democrats Complaining about Trump’s Taxes – Tax complexity Democrats tend to prefer

The Democrats’ Leftward Lurch Is Sinking Joe Biden In Florida – Florida Hispanics are tanking Joe Biden

2020 Is Tumbling Toward 1917 – We think we’re safe from a revolution. We’re wrong—it’s already in the works

Trump Administration Takes On Surprise Medical Bills – New Price Transparency Rules could shift power in health-care decisions back to patients

The Majority of voters think Biden has used his political career to enrich his family and friends – Less than 30% of voters believe otherwise

Joe Biden vs. the 2nd Amendment

Barrett Nomination Revives Obama-Scare Tactics – Joe Biden and the Democrats revert to debunked myths to damage Trumps SCOTUS nominee

No News Is Good News: The Mainstream Media Willfully Ignore The Hunter Biden Scandal

Just before Obama left office, U.S. officials feared Hunter Biden’s firm in Ukraine was paid a second bribe

Forced Denunciations And ‘Sensitivity Training’ Mimic Communist Brainwashing Tactics

October 1, 2020

Unpacking Joe Biden’s lies about the Trump job-creation miracle

The Unscientific Attack on the Science of Dr. Scott Atlas

The District of Columbia Should Not Be a State

Lockdown: The New Totalitarianism – A maniacal focus on the presence of pathogens to the exclusion of all else

Thomas Jefferson High School Wants Fewer Asians – And Is Willing To Reduce Standards To Accomplish This

Liberals should love Amy Coney Barrett – She’s held prestigious positions in the judiciary and embodies excellence

Big Tech’s Backing of the ‘Transition Integrity Project’ Lacks Integrity – Simply put, the entirety of Silicon Valley is working against Donald Trump and Republicans this year

California Wants To Window Down Its Gas and Oil Industry – What Does This Mean For Jobs?

Democrats Formally Request Delay in Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearing

California Governor Newsom vetoes bill aimed at better tracking millions spent on homelessness

The Trump debate decoded: He won, and he won big 

Limbaugh: Why the White Supremacy Hysteria? What If Biden’s Bleeding Black Votes?

If ideas matter, Trump won the debate – But undecided voters were turned off by both candidates

Biden deflects yet again on the court-packing questions: ‘I’m not going to play Trump’s game’

Nancy Pelosi Raises Possibility of Becoming Acting President in Election Chaos

Saving the Golden State Will Save America – California’s one-party state can be overcome -The people are ready

Will Barrett’s Nomination Be a Turning Point for America?  – She may well hold the fate of our nation in her hands

Over 20 times Trump publicly denounced ‘white supremacy’

Limbaugh: The Next Debate Moderator Is a Former Biden Intern

Joe Biden Is Just an Idea – He can be anything Democrats want him to be

The New York Times, Rolling Stone, ABC, and CBS all DENIED motions to dismiss the lawsuits brought by Covington teen Nick Sandmann

The House of Representatives passes a $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill

Joe Biden can’t be a centrist and entertain court-packing

Biden’s Gift-Wrapped Union Agenda Would Make Bernie Blush – A suite of far-reaching proposals that would hurt American workers

White House Press Secretary destroys a CNN reporter over media-orchestrated ‘white supremacy’ hoax

Democrats say the Supreme Court nomination schedule leaves no time to vet Barrett – And Nobody Is Surprised!

Republican AGs use Democrats’ own words to support Amy Coney Barrett in a letter to Senate

Dear Chris Wallace: We Were In Kenosha, And No, White Supremacists And Militias DID NOT Cause Violence

Trump Clarifies: ‘I’ve Always Denounced Any Form’ of White Supremacy, Biden Must Denounce Antifa

The Deep State Wins if Trump Loses – They’ve Been After Him Since He Announced His Run For The Presidency

It’s Time to Get Serious about the People’s Republic of China

TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Hunter Biden’s First Drug Bust Among Several Incidents was at 18 and Just Last Week He Was Linked to a Russian Human Trafficking Ring

Project Veritas’s investigation gets closer to Ilhan Omar

The Steps Towards Revolution or Hostile Takeover From Within (Part III, Cui Bono?)

America Is On The Road To Revolution – We have more in common with pre-Nazi Germany and pre-Soviet Russia than we think

Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorney hits back at Biden twice as hard

Debating Obamacare, Again, and Again – No consensus but piecemeal reforms are possible

California’s Coming Ballot Battle Over So Many Initiatives – Will the state’s voters will do the right thing?

Washington DC Globalists Are Already Trying to Reverse Trump’s Massively Successful Trade Policies

Dan Bongino: It’s All About The Base

L.A. DA Jackie Lacey Actually Supports Police and That’s Gained Her a George Soros-Backed Opponent

Amy Coney Barret vs.The Anti-Birthers – Well-prepped to hate her so

Judge Emmet Sullivan’s Kangaroo Court vs. General Flynn

September 30, 2020

A Black professor insists the ‘Proud Boys aren’t white supremacists’ as Trump takes flak

New York Times Opinion Piece: The Truth About Today’s Anarchists

Facebook bans all US ads criticizing voting fraud, election results, or methods after an angry letter from the Biden campaign

House delays vote on $2.2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill to allow more time for talks

Democrats’ New COVID Bill Removes Police Funding, Drawing GOP Outrage

Senator Josh Hawley Exposes James Comey Under Oath… and It’s FIRE

Devin Nunes: ‘Amazing’ Biden Didn’t Answer Question on Hunter Taking $3.5 Million from Russian Oligarch

Thousands gather for Trump rally in Duluth

A Man vs. The Movement – The man who believes America is good vs. one who is controlled by a movement that believes America is bad

Defending the Integrated Suburb  – Joe Biden wants to argue both sides of the question

They Know Who Won: Thoroughly Defeated Democrats Urge Joe Biden to Cancel Future Debates

Limbaugh: How Can You Be Undecided About the Ending of America as Founded? – Seven Knockout Blows to Biden

36-year-old Deonte Lee Murray of Compton arrested and charged with the attempted murder in the ambush shooting of two LA sheriff deputies

Corrupt James Comey conveniently claims no memory of parts of FBI’s Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ probe

CIA Director Gina Haspel Is Blocking Declassification Of The Remaining Russigate Documents

Gavin Newsom signs law requiring California companies to name minority or LGBTQ leaders to the boards

A California task force will consider paying reparations for slavery under a bill signed by Governor Newsom

The AP Issues New Guidance for Reporters to Cover Up Leftist Violence – Unrest, Protest and Demonstration are in

Think California is bouncing back? Recovery will take more than two years, economists say

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe releases a bombshell about the Russia hoax 

Chris Wallace Just Gave The Most Embarrassing Moderator Performance In History

On Joe Biden: Let’s Go to the Videotape

Regarding Who Won the First Debate, Telemundo’s Poll Offered Some Very Bad News for Joe Biden

Two Crucial Things Emerged From The First Presidential Debate

Joe Biden Admits in Debate He’ll Raise Taxes on Middle Class

Ben Shapiro: Why I’m Leaving California – So my kids can grow up safe in a community with a future

The Head of the FTC Is Yet Another Tyrannical Deep State Swamp Creature

The debate? Trump was great and Chris Wallace was a dreadful disgrace

These Debate Moments May Haunt Joe Biden For the Rest Of the Campaign

Fact-checking Biden’s COVID Statement: Did Trump lie to the American people about COVID or NOT?

Slow Joe’s So-So Show – He survived a 90-minute debate, but his stuttering performance doesn’t inspire confidence

Trump Repeatedly Zings Floundering Biden, Battles Host Wallace –To Speak “I guess I’m debating you, not him, but that’s okay, I’m not surprised…”

MSM inadvertently declare Trump the winner last night — by urging Biden to boycott the next 2 scheduled debates

Morning After Observations of the First Presidential Debate from Attorney Lin Wood and Actor James Woods

When Trump Won the Debate – The president stood tough in defense of his supporters

Chris Wallace Interrupted Trump 5 Times More Than He Interrupted Biden – Debate moderator displays flagrant bias throughout

Do you want more evidence that there may be a hidden Trump surge?

Facebook Is Trying To Cancel Liz Taylor

Ironically, Democrats Want Term Limits for the Supreme Court but not for Themselves

September 29, 2020

Trump”s Healthcare Plan for All Americans

Russia Believed Clinton Was Planning Anti-Trump Collusion Campaign In 2016, And U.S. Officials Knew It

Chris Wallace Faces Intense Backlash, Including From Colleagues, Over His Obvious Bias During The Debate

Hilarious and Great Moments When Trump Laid Biden Low in the First Debate

DNI declassifies document alleging Russian collusion hoax was Hillary Clinton’s idea, Obama was briefed

What Trump Got Right About China: A Liberal World Order Of Meaningless Niceties

Trump, Taxes, and Idiots – When you’re rich, you hire the best tax layers and deduct — that’s how it’s done

Trump Campaign Turns Down Biden Request for Debate Breaks: ‘Our Guy Doesn’t Need Breaks’

DEBATE: Biden asks for a break every 30 minutes; Trump campaign asks for inspections for earpiece on Biden

Chris Wallace: A Trustworthy Debate Moderator? – Of course not, but only one thing matters in tonight’s debate

First presidential debate predicted to get 74% of voters watching, poll finds

A few suggestions for Chris Wallace as he manages Joe Biden tonight – That We Know He Would Never Take

What if … a presidential candidate can’t make it across the finish line to take office?

Kamala Harris Joins Joe Biden in Refusing to Answer Questions on Expanding the Supreme Court

Joe Biden Needs To Answer Questions About Packing The Supreme Court – Voters Need To Know If He Is For It

Joe Biden, Mr. Nowhere Man – So Who Would Really Be Running The Show?

The Strangest Campaign in History? – Joe Biden may be running for president — and then again, maybe he’s not

The Mainstream Media Is Gunning For Scott Atlas Because He Keeps Exposing Coronavirus Lies

People are misreading the New York Times’ article about Trump’s taxes – And What He Actually Did Pay

The Steps Towards Revolution or Hostile Takeover From Within (Part II, What Is Happening?)

Amy Coney Barrett: An Unlikely Mentor

Critical Race Theory Is A Classic Communist Divide-And-Conquer Tactic

A Strong Christian for the High Court – Would progressives have her hide in the catacombs?

The NYC Board of Elections Goofed Up the Mail-In Ballots and Now Invalidation Rates are Through the Roof

September 28, 2020

Dick Morris: President Trump Did Not Avoid Taxes, He Prepaid Them

Biden’s Texas Political Director Implicated in Massive Mail-In Ballot Harvesting Scheme in Harris County

Trump Must Confront Biden on Democrats’ Election Interference In 2016 –  And his role in the Democrats’ refusal to surrender power

Trump announces distribution of 150M rapid coronavirus tests

The Trump and Biden campaigns clash on Trump’s call for a pre-debate ‘drug test’

Limbaugh: What Might We Find in Biden’s Drug Test? – Had Agreed To Take One

The startling news about Trump’s economy that mainstream media ignored

James O’Keefe drops another BOMBSHELL on Ilhan Omar operative ballot harvesting

The Bidens Used S Corps To Avoid Paying Hundreds of Thousands in Payroll Taxes

Republicans eye Amy Coney Barrett Senate floor vote at end of October, just days before the election

Trump lands third Nobel Peace Prize nomination: For His Trump Doctrine 

Tucker Carlson reveals photos of Dianne Feinstein maskless in an airport after she called for an airport mask mandate

COVID-19’s Crushing Impact On International Tourism

‘The Rock’ Has Sold His Soul to China – Russia cannot buy the United States, but the Chinese can

Showtime’s The Comey Rule badly distorts Crossfire Hurricane investigation

The Democrats Are Trying To Engineer An Electoral Crisis In America

Are America’s Wuhan virus death rates lies, damn lies, and statistics? – You can’t compare apples to oranges

It’s a COVID Casedemic, not a Pandemic – Every positive test is trumpeted by the media in doomsday fashion

Lindsey Graham promises ‘a day of reckoning’ is coming soon on Russia Hoax

Joe Biden’s bid to oust Ukraine prosecutor followed intense pressure by his son Hunter’s Burisma firm

Will Biden ‘Corruption’ Be Off-Limits in First Debate? – Chris Wallace, America is watching!

Seth Rich: The Murder Washington Doesn’t Want to be Solved

Why Americans Need To Rediscover The Founders’ View Of Equality

A Conversation with Judge Amy Coney Barrett – “Notre Dame law school not only taught me a profession but also how to be a good person”

The Left Hates Amy Coney Barrett Because She Disproves All Their Lies About Women

The Barrett Nomination Leaves Democrats With No Options but to Whine, Threaten, and Quiver – They had their chance, but Justice Ginsburg did not cooperate

Court Politics Will Get Uglier – When Democrats say that nothing is off the table, we ought to take them at their word

The fight to confirm Amy Comey Barrett is a fight over the role of the Supreme Court – And Democrat Fund Raising

ACB vs. CRT – Barrett’s nomination is a perfect field on which to fight the battle against Critical Race Theory

And here’s the rest of the story…. On Michael Brown, George Floyd, Jacob Blake, and Breonna Taylor

D.C. federal judge blocks TikTok download ban – He has asked both sides to present more detailed arguments

Appeals court halts arbitrary extension of ballot counting deadline by a federal judge

Who cares about Trump’s tax returns? – The New York Times’s big splash doesn’t make enough waves

The Times is proud that it released Trump’s tax returns, but it shouldn’t be

‘Fake news’: Trump denies New York Times report on his tax returns

The Steps Towards Revolution or Hostile Takeover From Within (Part I, Introduction)

September 27, 2020

California’s Coronavirus state tracker: Where every county is in the states tiered system

Gavin Newsom’s Brilliant Plan to Create More Energy Shortages

Two Democrat Senators Have Already Announced That They Won’t Meet With Amy Coney Barrett

Nancy Pelosi Prepares for House of Representatives Vote to Elect the President

Hunter Biden Report Bombshell: Joe Biden Was Briefed About Son, Caused Problems In Obama White House

‘Cash For Votes Ballot harvesting fraud’ uncovered in Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis district

Anthony Fauci and the CDC: Inspiring Fear Since 1983 – Because he knows that inspiring fear will always drive public policy in the direction he wants it to go

If Conservatives Had a George Floyd – It Would Be Jake Gardner

Sanctuary City Los Angeles Frees Illegal Aliens Charged with Murder and Sex Crimes

Trump’s Superb Choice – It would be hard to find a more qualified and sober-minded nominee for the Supreme Court

Study Finds Viral Loads In COVID-19 Infected Patients Drop, Along With Death Rate

Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale hospitalized after he was armed and threatening to harm himself

The Progressive Medusa – The hard Left believes its mission is so critical, so morally superior, that all means can be justified to achieve its noble ends

Are Democrat judges foolishly expanding mail-in voting rules in their states?

Just How Many Justices Were Confirmed in 16 Days or Less?

Tuesday’s debate should worry Democrats – Joe can’t endure two hours on his feet

The Senior Legal Trump Campaign Adviser Describes their Strategy to Fight Democrat Attempts to Steal Election

Which Joe Biden Will Show Up Tuesday? – His best debating performances, one might argue, are all behind him

Senator Durbin on Killing the Filibuster to Pack SCOTUS if Democrats Take The Senate: Conversation ‘On the Table’

Secularism Lives Loudly Within Joe Biden – The upcoming Supreme Court fight will expose it

The Media’s Wuhan Lies Lengthen and Deepen

Billionaires Bezos and Bloomberg turn their pages over to the defense of socialism

REFLECTIONS ON THE DEVOLUTION – No Democrat is fit to carry Barrett’s briefcase so how have we arrived at this pass?

Trump Move of Jerusalem Embassy Led to Peace – A great fete of statesmanship goes unappreciated by too many

September 26, 2020

Gavin Newsom’s Energy Hubris Relates Directly To “Peak Oil” Predictions

There’s Another Bonus to Confirming Amy Coney Barrett…And CNN Actually Zeroed In On It – Justice Roberts

Amy Coney Barrett will energize Trump base, annoy liberals: ‘President Trump loves that Democrats are furious’

Steele’s Dossier Source Was a Suspected Russian Spy

Trump Surging With Hispanic and Black Voters In Critical States

With an Unintended Assist From Feinstein, Barrett Gets the Nod For Next SCOTUS Justice

Confirming Amy Coney Barrett should be a slam dunk

Newt Gingrich: Amy Coney Barrett and Democrats’ big dilemma

Biden Talks Imaginary People, Says He’s Been in the Senate 180 Years and Has to Be Helped by MSNBC Host

Multiple Injuries Reported After A Car Plowed Through Crowd of Trump Supporters in Yorba Linda, California

Biden’s decline and the upcoming debates

Presidential debate coach previews Trump-Biden matchup

What’s at Stake in 2020 – Actually, just the future of our American government

The Democrats’ Supreme Court war isn’t about procedure or propriety, it’ just plain old politics

Desperate Democrats Now Want To Place Term Limits On Supreme Court Justices

Amy Coney Barrett Gave a Perfect Response to Anti-Religious Bigotry

10 things you probably don’t know about the Supreme Court and its justices

A Weary America Braces for More Pandemic Lockdowns – But This Time They Won’t Comply

White House Advisor Ja’Ron Smith Brings the House Down in Atlanta

Ten Ways Businessman/President Trump Has Improved America’s Foreign Policy

The Event That Caused Obama to Make an Attempt to Get Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Retire

Did certain FBI employees admit to insurance fraud?

THE DISGRACE DEEPENS, CONT’D – The government’s motion to dismiss the case against General Flynn

China’s India Gambit – Essentially telling India to know its place, which means no cozying up to the U.S.

Meet The Russian Oligarch Who Helped Drive Russiagate

The Man Who Can Get Us Out of Afghanistan – President Trump nominates William Ruger to be our man in Kabul

Ending Our Military-First Foreign Policy – Our interventions have only gotten worse and more counterproductive

Is Nancy Pelosi deliberately trying to stir up riots across America?

Princeton’s Woke Letter on Systemic Racism Backfires – And shows the hypocrisy of peddling critical race theory

Kamala Harris doesn’t want to admit the one solid minority box she checks


September 25, 2020

Flynn Case Agent: Mueller Used Prosecution as a Means to ‘Get Trump’

The Dossier Source Was a Suspected Russian Spy, and the FBI Knew It When It Spied on Carter Page

The CDC Admits There is No Proof COVID-19 is an Airborne Virus and They Have Been Misleading the Public All Along

The New Flynn Document Dump Poses Huge Trouble for Democrats

California Ballot Initiatives: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and the Ugliest

Collusion: The ‘Get Trump’: FBI Whistleblower On Mueller Team Details Real Reason Flynn Was Targeted

Get ready for Joe Biden’s cringey debate performance

Pelosi: ‘Why Bother’ Holding a Presidential Debate? — Trump ‘Isn’t Committed to Our Constitution’

Devastating Video Shows Biden Calling Soldiers ‘Stupid Bastards’

In Preemptive Defense of Future Justice Barrett

California is indeed a cautionary tale for the nation

Oregon’s Governor Finally Gets Tough on Protesters … But OnlyConservative Protesters

Kamala Harris Skipped COVID Relief Vote, Now Says ‘Congress Needs to Act’ – And which her party blocked

10 Disturbing Revelations from FBI Special Agent William Barnett on the FBI’s Michael Flynn Probe

A “Culture of Lawlessness” in D.A. Offices – Nationally, Progressive Prosecutors fail to pursue justice for the public

Are You Ready for the Second Round of Pandemic Lockdowns? – Politicians are poised to tighten the screws

Two Men Arrested for Allegedly Plotting Terrorist Attack on Trump Tower

Three-quarters of likely voters say in-person presidential debates are important this year

The Ninth Circuit Acts Responsibly – for a Change – in Ending Temporary Protected Status

Facebook’s ‘Fact Checkers’ Need To Check Their Privilege – Fact-checking is a tool to censor users.

Trump $500B Black America plan designates KKK, Antifa as ‘terrorist organizations’

Revealed: The Shocking Full Extent of Big Tech Censorship of Conservatives

The FBI Is Investigating The Discarded Pennsylvania Ballots – And…….Election fraud begins?

California Man Finds THOUSANDS of What Appear to be Unopened Ballots in a Garbage Dumpster

Vice President Mike Pence vows ‘aggressive’ effort to safeguard a ‘free and fair election’

Report: Gun Sales Surge 80 Percent in Seven Swing States

Byron York’s ‘Obsession’ Uncovers The Plot To Impeach Trump

FBI official on Mueller team said Flynn prosecution had ‘get Trump’ attitude, collusion probe was ‘not there’

Does anyone have any idea who that Moscow widow was, who handed Hunter Biden $3.5 million?

On SCOTUS, McConnell’s No Hypocrite At least for now — But the confirmation needs to happen before Nov. 3rd

Cocaine Mitch Deals Democrats a Hot Dose – Democrats left Mitch McConnell no alternative to what he’s had to do

Hysterical Precedent and the Supreme Court – There is a reason the Democrats are becoming increasingly unhinged

I Told You So; It Was Never Trump Who Putin Supported

Twenty-two Reasons Why American Jews Should Vote for President Trump

COVID Kills Commuterland – With home-based work taking hold again, this may mean the end of office life forever

Joe Biden’s ’lid’ must be shifting his circadian rhythms to overcome his dementia ‘sundowning’

September 24, 2020

The Countries With The Highest Density Of Robot Workers

Kenosha officer believed Jacob Blake was trying to drive off with the woman’s child, ‘twisted’ with a knife before shots

Military Ballots Found in the Trash in Pennsylvania—All Were Trump Votes

Even Top Democrats Are Worried About Biden’s Lethargic Campaign

Secret Report: How CIA’s Brennan Overruled Dissenting Analysts Who Concluded Russia Favored Hillary

House Democrats Shoot to Remake the Supreme Court By Limiting Justices’ Tenures To 18 Years

The Hunter Biden Problem – It Illuminates Joe’s Hypocrisies

Biden’s Goin’ Into Hidin’ Until Next Week’s Debate

Biden Stuns by Shutting Campaign Down Early During Huge News Cycle\

Limbaugh: Trump Lights It Up Like He Did in 2016 And Won’t Commit to Losing

The DOJ Announces Mass Charges for Suspects They Say Committed Crimes ‘Under the Guise’ of Peaceful Protest

Americans call for the firing of FBI Director Christopher Wray after he downplays the violent threat of Antifa

Senator Rand Paul Is Sending The Hunter Biden Report To The DOJ For A Potential Criminal Probe

President Trump signs Executive Order on pre-existing conditions

‘Trump Was Right’: New FBI Texts Detail Internal Furor Over Handling Of ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Investigation

McCabe allegedly at the center of Durham’s probe as new info reveals dossier source was a suspected Russian agent

A Just Decision Not to File Homicide Charges in the Tragic Breonna Taylor Case

Bail Project Linked to Antifa U-Haul Got Up to $1M in Federal COVID Funds – Employee caught driving the U-Haul that handed out supplies to Antifa in Louisville

FACT CHECK: Debunking 8 widely shared rumors in the Breonna Taylor police shooting

The Kentucky Attorney General Exposes 4 Lies the Left Sold About Breonna Taylor’s Death

Louisville Chaos Sees 2 Police Officers Shot and Over 100 People Arrested

Democrats are hitting the panic button over Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on SCOTUS nominee

Will Trump Nominate Amy Barrett or Barbara Lagoa? – Based on judicial record or political chances?

A Time To Fight – Trump should nominate Amy Barrett, save the worries over norms and procedures for another time

The Democrats’ ‘Norm’ Is Brutalizing The Reputations Of Republican Court Nominees

A huge miasma of corruption is encircling Hunter and Joe Biden

It turns out that there really was Russia collusion! – And It Was Joe Biden And His Son Hunter  

Louisville: ‘Burn It Down!’ – Cops get shot after #BlackLivesMatter incites mob violence

Lefties at The Nation discover Homeland Security has been tracing the puppet masters behind Antifa and BLM

Why Black Lives Matter Only Empowers Racist White Leftists

Police Identify Larynzo Johnson as Shooter of Two Police Officers During Black Lives Matter Riots in Louisville

COVID-19 Survival Rates – IF INFECTED

How can I tell the difference between the flu and COVID-19?

Most Voters Don’t Blame Climate Change for Spread of Forest Fires

The New CBO Report Projects Delusional Spending Levels – The situation could quickly get out of hand

September 23, 2020

Innocent Until Proven To Be A Trump Supporter

#DELETED: Critical Race Theory Dominates Big Tech

Google accused of censoring conservative videos, pushing right-leaning news low in search results

California is a bastion of progressivism, poverty, and homelessness

The Biden Report Shows The Trump Impeachment Was Actually Election Interference

It’s Time to Get The Facts Right About Breonna Taylor’s Death? – The Boyfriend Shot First & She Was Involved

House Democrats introduce Trump-inspired reform package to ‘prevent future presidential abuses’

Hannity: The Senate GOP’s Hunter Biden report should ‘immediately disqualify’ Joe Biden from the presidency


California Governor Gavin Newsom Signs Executive Order Phasing Out New Gasoline Vehicles By 2035

NO! Amy Coney Barrett DID NOT say it was inappropriate to replace Antonin Scalia during the 2016 presidential election

Democrats worry Feinstein can’t handle Supreme Court battle due to mental decline

President Trump announces new Cuba sanctions at Bay of Pigs Memorial and here’s what they are

Woman Arrested and Tased For Not Wearing a Mask While Sitting With Her Family at Son’s Outdoor Football Game

US Mail Found in Ditch in Rural Wisconsin — Included Absentee Ballots

No-Show Joe – At this point, how is it even possible for Team Biden to put him in the debate ring with Trump?

There are no Obama judges or Trump judges, except when there are

President Trump’s United Nations Speech Enrages China

Study: China Has Forced 500,000 Tibetans into Labor Camps This Year

Will (Rural-Farm) Voters Remember the Pre-China Virus Donald Trump Economy?

A Senate Report Details Hunter Biden’s Extensive Foreign Business Dealings — and Obama Officials’ Efforts to Ignore Them

What happened to Kyle Rittenhouse that night in Kenosha, Wisconsin?

Seattle to Cut Police Department Budget as City Council Overrides Mayor’s Veto

As Romney and Murkowski back the SCOTUS confirmation, Democrats focus on demonizing yes-voting senators up for re-election

Their Brutal Kavanaugh Smear Operation Disqualifies Democrats’ Demands About Next Nominee

September 22, 2020

The Moral Case for Reopening Schools—Without Masks

Moderator Chris Wallace Announces The Topics for First Presidential Debate

If You Want to See the Real Difference Between Republicans and Democrats, Watch This Video

Republicans to take Pennsylvania mail-in voting case to Supreme Court

Trump Announces Ban On Woke Companies Working With U.S. Government

Coronavirus deaths are 75% lower in nations using hydroxychloroquine!

A Mob Hunts Down Judiciary Chair Senator Lindsey Graham Over RBG. He Deftly Flips It On Them

Lindsey Graham — We have the votes to confirm, so watch it happen!

Mark Meadows: Trump plans to announce Supreme Court nominee to replace Ginsburg on Saturday

Why Justice Ginsburg Is Being Laid to Rest at a Military Cemetery

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Didn’t Understand Her Job – If she wanted to be a lawmaker, she should have run for Congress

Mitt Romney Declares That He Is in Favor of Senate Vote on Supreme Court Vacancy

Tucker Carlson broke seeming Fox News taboo last night, discussed Soros-funded DAs

Donald Trump to the United Nations: Hold China Accountable for ‘China Virus’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis wants rioters and supportive cities to pay the price

The RNC Roasts Democrats With 2016 Video Montage of Biden & Co. Insisting SCOTUS Vacancies Be Filled

Did Telemundo give Biden the audience’s questions in advance?

Joe Biden Isn’t Running For President, His Teleprompter Is

#DELETED Exposes Big Tech’s Efforts to Sway the Election

California’s job numbers aren’t good, despite what they are saying

San Diego County Small Businesses Leaders, Owners Rally for Re-Opening

Transition Integrity Project founder calls for the execution of former National Security Council official and mocks those who express disgust

Federal judge rules Wisconsin can count absentee ballots six days after the election

Remove Nancy Pelosi from the speakership immediately – House, Republicans, and Democrats should go on record of being in favor or against Pelosi

Unhinged Quebec Woman, Pascale Ferrier Identified as Suspect in Case of Ricin Letter Sent to Trump White House

September 21, 2020

Limbaugh: Why Biden won’t release names of Supreme Court nominees

The FBI Agent Who Uncovered Anthony Weiner’s Laptop with Hillary’s Emails says FBI Leadership Told Him to Erase All of His Findings

Report: The CCP and WHO Are Responsible for Spread of COVID-19 – Will they be held accountable?

83% of Republican Voters Want Trump To Fill Ginsburg’s Seat

Former prosecutor: Cops in Floyd case ‘did absolutely nothing wrong’


AOC and Democrats Threaten Dictatorship – Democrats are saying they’ll burn down the Constitution

The Death Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Means The Constitution Is On The Ballot 

Do Democrats Really Believe Biden Is Winning? – We live in the “age of lies” told to steal  the November election

Tulsi Gabbard is back, showing she may be the last sane Democrat – Ballot Harvesting Should Be Illegal!

The Covid-19 Election – The Democrats will say and do whatever it takes to steal the election

Flu season may be very mild this year, thanks to COVID-19 precautions – But you should still get a flu shot

The Justice Department brands NYC, Portland, and Seattle ‘anarchist jurisdictions,’ which targets federal funds

NYC Officials Unleash Horde Of Violent Addicts On Residential Neighborhood, resulting in urban decline

President Trump’s ‘1776 Commission’ on Patriotic Education Is an Overdue Effort

NeverTrumpers Are Becoming Unhinged Over Their Growing Irrelevance

Congressional Report: China and the WHO could have helped prevent COVID-19 pandemic

Will the Trump Administration Broker More Peace Deals? – Probably, except of course the Palestinian Authority

The Constitution, Relevant History, and Electoral Outcomes All Favor Confirming a New SCOTUS Nominee

Trump fires back after Democrats indicate impeachment could be used to block his Supreme Court nominee

Trump says Supreme Court list is down to 5 people, announcement coming Friday or Saturday

Who’s Afraid of Amy Coney Barrett? Abortion activists, anti-Catholic bigots, and Obamacare apologists

How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Could Help Reelect Donald Trump and the Republican Senate

Netflix Cancellations are Surging Off the Charts Due to “Cuties” According to New Data

After 14 Months, Federal Reserve Pick Judy Shelton Rightly Deserves A Senate Vote

September 20, 2020

California Burnin’ — A Fair Warning Against The Outcome of One-Party Rule

Don’t fall for simplistic claims about wildfires and global warming

Hunter Biden’s Ukraine activities come home to roost – Suspicious payments and conflicts on Joe Biden’s watch

Hunter Biden Is “Riding The Dragon”: This Bombshell Film Explores His Shady Deals With China’s Military

A Woke Joe Biden Ends His Hibernation

Fact Check: Joe Biden Pretends He Never Promised a SCOTUS List

Joe Biden Is Urged To Announce He’d Appoint Michelle Obama to SCOTUS To Honor RBG

WATCH: Joe Biden claims 200 MILLION Americans will die of COVID by the end of his speech

Pennsylvania Legislature Prepares Federal Lawsuit to Challenge Mail Voting Rulings Favoring Biden

Secret documents show how North Korea launders money through U.S. banks

Conservative America/Canada Wins Only With Us

Report: Trump Identifies 2 Women as Front-Runners To Replace RBG on Supreme Court

WOW! Mother Jones’ Ruth Bader Ginsburg Warning Came True

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg’s death puts pressure on Biden to produce a list of Supreme Court nominees

Joe Biden is Resisting Calls to Unveil List of Potential Court Picks

China’s Pandemic Strategy – Did China Concoct COVID-19 Just to Sabotage Trump’s Reelection?

Cut The Chaff – The Middle East, Princeton’s “Systemic Racism” and Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Replacement

Stephanie Davis and the Supremes Ten reasons Trump might pick her to fill RBG’s robes

The Bushes, the Clintons, China, and Trump – Former candidate Trump understood the failures of the Clinton and both Bush administrations 

Because He Fights – Everything Evan Sayet Said About Trump In His 2017 Opinion Piece is Spot On

Democrats have just handed the GOP “Court-Packing” as a big 2020 election issue

An old veteran explains why the flag should be planted 

Biden Is Wrong on Ireland and Brexit

Heiresses on the Barricades – From Jane Fonda to Clara Kraebbe, spoiled rich kids find it easy to play at rebellion

“TRUE THE VOTE” Organization Releases A Powerful, Enlightening Warning on the Marxist Coup in 2020

Get Ready for President Kamala Harris and Vice President Nancy Pelosi

Official Government Sources Give Climate Alarmists Some BAD News

September 19, 2020

The amazingly persistent myth of a non-political Supreme Court

Here’s What RBG Said About Filling a SCOTUS Vacancy in an Election Year

The Passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Permanently Resets 2020 Election

Senator Ted Cruz: After Ginsburg — 3 reasons why Senate must confirm her successor before Election Day

Trump says Supreme Court pick will ‘most likely’ be a woman, an announcement could come ‘next week’

The Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The Left Will Now Pay The Price for Turning Courts into a Political Battlefield

President Trump Responds to Barack Obama About the Supreme Court

Bad News for Democrats: How Americans Feel About Having SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing In 2020


Even Joe Biden Said a SCOTUS Nominee Could Be Confirmed ‘a Few Months Before’ an Election

Democrats Threaten To Pack Court If Republicans Vote On Ginsburg Replacement This Year

George Soros is indeed an enabler of U.S. street violence

Homeless Anarchy in Los Angeles – The police know how to do their jobs, but the politicians won’t let them

All International Sanctions on Iran Have Now Been Reimplemented, Which Kills The Nuclear Deal

The Biden Camp Gets Thousands From Chinese Communist Party Employees, Including TikTok

An Assassination Attempt Against President Trump Was Foiled by Law Enforcement

Liberal America Had an Epic Meltdown Over Justice Ginsburg’s Death, But They Have Only One Person to Blame

Amy Barrett Immediately, If Not Sooner – Trump has the right nominee at the right moment in American history

President Trump indicates he will soon nominate a replacement for the Supreme Court

Precedent’ for a Short Confirmation Process – Hearings as short as 19, 33, and 42 days for Stevens, O’Connor, and Ginsburg.

McConnell Announces the Senate Will Hold a Vote on Any Nominee Trump Puts Forward To Replace RBG

Representative Matt Gaetz: An Inside Look At The Trump Impeachment Fight – They’ll never stop coming for us, so we must come for them first

Why Aren’t We Allowed To Talk About George Soros’s Plan To Remake America?

How the Electoral College Protects Americans From Los Angeles and San Francisco  – Two disastrously run cities

Friday Night Riots Return to Portland And The Police Appear to be Well Rested by the Way They Respond

The Mainstream Media Completely Ignored Thousands Of Cubans in a Caravan Rallying For Trump In Florida

HIS NAME IS DAVID STEINBERG – And President Trump paid tribute to his journalism

They Say There Is Systemic Racism – Make Them Prove It

America Is Witnessing the Leftist Toddlers’ Temper Tantrum – And much of the country willingly gives in to them

Ted Cruise Goes After Big Tech – He Says A Number of Remedies Are Available


September 18, 2020

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead at 87

Watch President Trump’s Reaction As He Is Told About The Passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Here’s who could succeed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court

Opinion: Now Is NOT the Time for Republicans to Compromis – Trump Needs To Take Action Immediately

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: Trump’s Supreme Court nominee will receive a Senat Vote


This Issue Poll Result May Say More About the Presidential Election Than Any Other

Defending American Values, and History – President Trump Attacks critical race theory as “ideological poison”

‘Once we win, we’ll take care of business’: Trump says administration will handle any post-election violence

Lee Smith: The Establishment’s Fear of Trump Is All About China – And Power

The Wiped Special Counsel Phones Warrant An Investigation

It Turns Out That There’s an ‘Autonomous Zone’ in Minneapolis and It’s Blocking Emergency Calls to Victims

Show Us Your Systemic Racism, Princeton – The Department of Education calls the university’s bluff

Tulsi Gabbard, citing California voter fraud, tries to outlaw ballot harvesting

Because of a near-term payroll tax change, you’ll need to prepare for a smaller paycheck in 2021

Six months of pandemic photography in Southern California

Is China Backing the Rioters in Our Streets? – A Heritage Foundation report clarifies what we should have suspected

Jared Kushner Was Right

The Economy We Lost – New census data should make us appreciate how awesome 2019 actually was

No Rational Person Can Vote Democratic in 2020 

Michigan Judge Extends Deadline 2 Weeks for Mail-in Ballots Postmarked by November 2

CEO: Moderna Could Know If Vaccine Is Effective by End of October

Critical Race Theory in American Classrooms – This radical curriculum may already be at a public school near you

Trump’s announcement that schools must teach patriotism inflames leftists

New Jersey to enact ‘Millionaires Tax,’ as state revenue drops by $10 billion amid COVID

Why Is Biden So Frightened by a Drug Test? – Drug screening is routine among employers and federal government

The Secret Life of Joe Biden – It’s not a lie if you believe it

The Richness of Leftist Fascists Decrying ‘Fascism’

Making an apocalypse out of a pandemic – What 20th-century flu pandemics reveal about our response to Covid-19

How Media Fear-Mongers Misrepresent COVID – By Accentuating the Negative and Eliminating the Positive

A Total Joke: CNN’s Biden Town Hall Filled with Softballs Versus ABC’s Ambush of Trump

Joe Biden, the mean old man the media won’t tell you about

‘O.C.’ Star Samaire Armstrong: The BLM Movement is a ‘1 Billion-Dollar Domestic Terrorist Organization’ Run by ‘Marxist Criminals’

Facebook Censors Tucker Carlson…… And Science – They Are Doing China’s bidding by shutting down free speech

The Trump administration to ban Americans from downloading TikTok, WeChat

There are still Fox News shows worth viewing – But Only A Few 

September 17, 2020

Donald Trump: Kamala Harris Must Not Become President Through the Back Door

Newt Gingrich: The Soros Cover-Up

AG Barr: ‘I have friends who haven’t lived in California in 21 years who received ballots”

Limbaugh: Questions To Biden vs. Questions To Trump

Big Tech & Team Biden Collude to Rig 2020 Election – Their censorship has nothing to do with accuracy or fairness.

FBI Director Wray: ‘Antifa is a real thing,’ FBI has cases against people identifying with the movement

Court Sides With Pennsylvania Democrats, Mail-In Ballots To Be Counted 3 Days After Election Day

Trump Hate Is Not Enough – The Farce Will Be Over Soon

Growing research indicates many COVID-19 cases might not be infectious at all

What IS Our Constitution?

Iran-Backed Islamists Call for Jihad Against Middle “Abraham” East Peace Deals

Why Trump Deserves Credit For Brokering Mideast Peace Deals

The Riots: There Are Many More Questions than Answers

Fed up with YouTube ‘crushing conservative voices,’ Dan Bongino acquires part-ownership of video-sharing competitor Rumble

Democrats Promise to Be Sore (and Violent) Losers

Newt Gingrich Drops George Soros’ Name in Association With Riot Violence and Fox News Has a Melt Down

Three illuminating and relevant videos you should see because they raise important issues

Minneapolis Residents Now Feel Like They’re Living In a ‘War Zone’

Black Lives Matter’s Cannon Fodder: Its Own Allies and Supporters

SEEING THE MINNEAPOLIS EFFECT – Which results from reduced proactive policing

The CDC director has doubled down on masks, but is he wrong? – This mask expert proves he is wrong 

California Fires Are Mainly Caused by Century of Suppressing Controlled Burns

September 16, 2020

Study: Up To 95 Percent Of 2020 U.S. Riots Are Linked To Black Lives Matter

Ukraine Reveals Audio of Joe Biden Trashing Trump and Promising to Stay Involved After Trump’s Inauguration

AG Barr Pushes for Sedition Charges Against Violent Rioters

Lindsey Graham announces Comey’s ‘day of reckoning’ before Senate, says Mueller ‘declined’

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Publishes Final Rule on Protecting Speech and Religious Freedom on Campus

Facebook Censors Tucker Carlson’s Interview With “Rogue” Chinese Scientist

Numbers Don’t Lie: Trump Answers A Lot More Questions From Reporters Than Biden – Without A Teleprompter

A Front Line Dispatch from China’s Economic War Against the U.S.

Senate Panel Not Impressed With Google Exec’s Evasiveness on Monopoly Issues

Grace Community Church Pastor John MacArthur Won’t Back Down: If California Wants to Jail Him, ‘Bring It On’

AG William Barr: The Coronavirus Lockdowns Are The ‘Greatest Intrusion on Civil Liberties’ Since Slavery

Homeless Anarchy in Los Angeles – Police in LA are up against a system that makes their jobs nearly impossible

They Hired Actors For COVID Ads: Is it science or politics guiding the COVID-19 response in LA County?

Bruce BialoskyWhy Only Public Employees Should Vote for Proposition 15

$1 billion-plus riot damage is the most expensive in insurance history

Limbaugh: If Trojan Horse Biden Wins, Marxists Will Rule America Unopposed

Twitter suspends Chinese virologist who provides evidence COVID-19 was made in Wuhan lab

The U.S. Treasury flagged foreign money flowing to Hunter Biden-tied firms as ‘suspicious’

New State Department Measures Should Lead to Broader Exposure of Iran’s Crimes

‘Remote learning’ is a disaster, and terrible for children

Against Wokeness – Conservatives MUST understand the threat posed by critical race theory

The Federal government unveils plans to make coronavirus vaccine free for all Americans

Five COVID-19 vaccines in advanced trials by October. Doses to be shipped within 24 hours of FDA approval

There Is No Trump Vaccine – Because You Are Not Allowed To Call It That

COVID-19 and the false positive trap – Current test results should not be automatically accepted as real

Chinese Virologist Whistleblower to Tucker Carlson: Coronavirus Was Man-Made And Released Intentionally

Cancel Culture Comes to Medicine – Dr. Scott Atlas is under attack  for joining Trump’s COVID task force

The Magnetic Genius Behind the Branding of the “Abraham Accords”

CNN Hit with a Giant $300 Million Defamation Lawsuit by Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz

The Dreaded 269-269 Electoral College Scenario

Germany is terrified of upsetting China – Because China is what has driven Germany’s export growth

Senate panel votes to allow subpoenas for Stefan Halper and his FBI handler

Palestinian Terrorist Rockets Rain Down on Israel in Wake of The UAE-Israel-Bahrain Peace Deals

The Morning Briefing: Democrats Will Use Their Mail-In Ballots Scam to Throw Election Into Chaos

Minneapolis City Council, which voted to dismantle police, is unsettled by the rise of crime and demand police action

Oregon Poll: Majority Say Protests Violent; Trump Tops Local Leaders in Approval

There’s a reason why Rush is wondering if Joe Biden will ever be seen at night

President Trump is bringing peace to the Middle East, and the Democrats are not impressed

Walter E. Williams: The Devil and Karl Marx

The War for the Future of American Education and The First Amendment

The Trump Administration Proposes Another Expansion of the ‘Mexico City Policy’

Will we remember this as the week that the tide turned in Trump’s favor?

Politicians on the Take? – A Few Examples

Report: 15 Shot, 2 Killed, Tuesday Alone in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago

September 15, 2020

America’s China Class Launches a New War Against Trump

The Daily Wire To Move Its Headquarters From Los Angeles To Nashville

A Popular Hispanic NFL Announcer Out of a Job Because Of His Support for Trump

A Leaked Email suggests DHS had “overwhelming intelligence” that Antifa was organizing the violence in Portland

The Adverse Impact of Obama’s Executive Order 13583 & the Purge of Generals & Admirals Is Now Obvious

Facebook and Its CEO Emerge as Powerful Influence on 2020 Elections

Trump Drops Major Vaccine News: ‘A Matter of Weeks’

GOP unveils their agenda to oust Pelosi as speaker of the House

Scientific Evidence Reveals ‘There Is No Climate Change Component’ on California’s Wildfires

Media Pushes Unverified Gossip To Hide Trump’s Amazing Economic And Foreign Policy Achievements

California’s Governor Newsom Makes An Ominous Prediction For America

This innovative University of Pittsburg Treatment Offers Increased Hope For Treating COVID-19

Tucker Carlson: From Its Very First Days This Pandemic Was Shrouded in Lies

Trump shattered diplomatic norms, rejected establishment to pave way for historic Middle East peace

Mueller Team Had Lisa Page’s Phone It Claimed Was Lost, Email Shows

The Peter Strzok Interviews Reveal The FBI’s Disgrace

Judge Sets Million-Dollar Bail for Each Lancaster Rioters –  Democrats decry ruling as “unconstitutional.”

Axios-Ipsos poll: General Distrust of Big Pharma and the FDA

Wildfire Hype and Hope –  Climate change rhetoric is undermining pragmatic solutions to the West’s fire crisis

Facebook Plunges On Report FTC Preparing Possible Antitrust Lawsuit By Year-End

Drudge Report Continues Historic Readership Collapse, Down 40% Year Over Year In August

Poof! The Portland Riots Just Stopped, But Why? – Was It Because The Anarchists Target Changed?

The World’s Highest-Earning Soccer Players

How Trump Defied the Experts and Forged a Breakthrough in the Middle East

The Biden Family Business is Corruption – Enriching himself and family is his only business experience

The Same Old, Same Old California Suicide – Tech titans grow rich, the middle class flees, and forests burn

If He’s Elected, Biden’s Administration Will Keep The Pandemic Going To Use Its Power

Tucker Carlson: Justification for Lancaster Protests ‘an Absurd Lie’ and Those Paying Attention Knows It’s a Lie’

Back when the WaPo and MSM weren’t campaigning for Joe, sometimes they reported the truth about Biden’s lies

Kamala Harris Accidentally Says the Quiet Part Out Loud With Her Freudian Slip

‘The Squad,’ Not Pelosi, Runs The Show In Congress – Because arm-twisting the progressives is too much work

Things That Are Not Allowed To Be Said  – A few morsels of reality the Left doesn’t want to see repeated

It’s time to end the lie that a person with a knife is basically ‘unarmed’

WHO Director and China Puppet Tedros Ghebreyesus Assists Biden Campaign to Keep COVID Hysteria Alive

Trump Leads Biden on Top Voter Issue – It’s The Economy, of Course

Trump Buries Atlantic Story in Landslide of Named Sources Jeffrey Goldberg is the real “sucker” in this situation

Black Lives Matter Founder Admits to Not Just Marxist Beliefs but Occultist Practices

Trump Issues Warning After Iranian Assassination Plot Reported – Do It And You Will Regret It

Critics of Cuties Aren’t Conspiracy Theorists – Defenders are ignoring the movie’s overt sexualization of young girls

September 14, 2020

Chinese virologist posts report claiming COVID-19 was made in Wuhan lab

Memo Indicates Peter Strzok Approved His Own Draft To Open The Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

The Democrats’ Undeserving and Uncivil Campaign – Nasty media support, a dishonest campaign, extreme platform, and mediocre candidates

Google is giving Joe Biden a very unusual and valuable in-kind campaign donation via its Auto-Complete function

Biden Campaign Forms ‘Special Litigation’ Unit To Contest Election Results

The Billionaire Backers of the ‘Insurrection’

U.S. court allows Trump to phase out immigrant humanitarian protections

The 2LA County deputies shot in Compton are in stable condition; the search for the gunman continues

Obama Lawyers Fund ‘Transition Integrity’ Group Which Claims To Be ‘Non-Partisan’, Tied To Hunter Biden

Pelosi fears passing another virus relief bill would give Trump a win, Mnuchin says

Dismantling the Electoral College Means Destroying America

If Masks Work, Then Why Don’t They WORK? – Neither the masks nor the lockdowns really stopped COVID-19

The horrific Compton shooting of two police officers sitting in their car should be a clarifying moment in America

Trump the Peacemaker Here’s why he truly deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Huge Nevada Trump Crowd Wants Four More Years, Not A New Normal

The Enemy is Within – Watching Democrat-aligned radicals raze our cities feels like a thousand mini-Pearl Harbors

Thanks to Democrats and their media allies, Trump haters feel free to physically attack us

Trump Connects The Generals And The Military-Industrial Complex – Top brass are too cozy with contractors

The Counterrevolutionary Left – What happens when rioters cease to be useful to America’s woke oligarchs?

Antifa and BLM, the Democrat party’s stormtroopers

Obama’s Actions are Responsible for Racial Tensions in America Today

The Bushes, the Clintons, China… and Trump –They knew their China deal would lead to massive job losses and factory closings in America

Trump to Woodward: The ‘tougher and meaner’ foreign leaders are, ‘the better I get along with them’

As Leftists, Antifa and BLM Riot and Threaten Americans in their Homes, Joe Biden Calls to Ban Assault Weapons

The Chinese Cultural Revolution: Lessons for America’s Cancel Culture – Cancelers will find themselves canceled

Why Trump Has Been Good For Europe – The EU needs to stand on its own without constantly leaning on America

‘You Loot, We Shoot’: Rural Oregon Residents Show Big City Liberals How to Maintain Law and Order

Old Joe Ain’t No Rookie — And He and the Truth Have Never Gotten Along

While In Nevada, What Prompted Trump to Say He Can Now Be ‘Really Vicious’ Against Biden?

Trump defies Nevada governor with indoor rally near Las Vegas

President Trump is acting as if Nevada is up for grabs

‘Medicare for All’??? The Country Can Barely Afford Funding Medicare Now

The Woke Capitalism Grift – What Is Shell Oil Really Up To?

Who Is Opposed to What Free Market Capitalism? – Honest talk about an economy they pretend is “free market

Report: Iran considering plot to assassinate US ambassador to South Africa

Report: College Board Became ‘Key Partner’ With Chinese Regime – Helped advance infiltration in K-12 schools

September 13, 2020

The Academic Origins of the American Revolution – The intersectional monster has risen up against its white progressive boomer creators

Straight Outta Marxism: BLM Protesters Take Over A Grocery Store to Protest Lack of ‘Access’ to Grocery Stores

Pompeo on Afghan Peace Talks: ‘We’re on a Pathway to Achieve’ Zero U.S. Forces in Afghanistan by Spring 2021

Trump signs executive order to lower drug prices in the fight against Big Pharma

NAACP Chapter President: Being A Police Officer ‘Is A Choice,’ ‘No Such Thing As Blue Lives’

Biden, ‘The Great and Powerful’ – Open the curtain and reveal the tiny man and his machinery behind the projection

More Than 10,000 Academics and Scholars Sign ‘The Philadelphia Statement’ Against Cancel Culture

Chris Wallace Embarrasses Biden by Exposing His Failed Response to COVID

If You Plan to Visit Texas, Be Aware That Austin Has Defunded the Police

Street Artist Sabo’s Latest Stealth Hits On “The Left” Will Have You Roaring With Laughter

Rochester NY Police Receive Permission to Cover Their Names After Harassment

It’s time to get serious about the risks of mail-in voting

‘We really need to get this to the Supreme Court’: Religious liberty advocates dig in for long coronavirus war

Trump rallies in Nevada to fight for votes in a key battleground state

The Twilight Zone world of ‘gender identification’

President Trump’s Supreme Court shortlist should be the new normal

The forgotten counties will now make their voices heard

Two Los Angeles County Deputies Were Ambushed in Patrol Car, Shot in Head

A Biden talk show appearance has definitively answered the teleprompter question

September 12, 2020

The Trump Administration Welcomes US Companies Back From China With ‘Open Arms’

Stop the Coup – It’s time to unmask the Revolution

Confessions of the secret suburban Trump moms

NYT Reporter Whines About Getting Booted from Trump Rally, But Here’s The Real Reason Why She Was

Boris will regret a no-deal Brexit

California Governor Newsom Signs Bill Removing Automatic Penalty for ‘Consensual’ Sex Acts Involving Minors

Data shows that half of 2019 donations to ActBlue came from untraceable ‘unemployed’ donors

Here’s How Long Unelected Overlord Fauci Wants Theaters to Stay Closed

San Francisco may soon allow 16-year-olds to vote — and others could follow suit

Fauci outs himself by sharing the Atlantic Festival platform with Hillary, Pelosi, Stacey Abrams, Alicia Garza, and Chessa Boudin

Zuckerberg Backed Group Was Slapped with a Lawsuit for Election Meddling in a Critical Swing State

Chinese Virologist: I Have Proof That The Wuhan Coronavirus Was Made in a Lab

The Dialectic of Woke – Why politically correct institutions cave to Communist China

Peace is breaking out all over from Trump and the left is going haywire – Because Trump Isn’t Allowed To Do This

There Are Many Indications That The Durham Probe May Be Dropping Indictments – TODAY

Trump has a plan for any post-election insurrection

AMONG THE HEROES – Passengers and crew of Flight 93 waged our first counterattack against al Qaeda on 9/11

Biden: From No Campaign to Faux Campaign – At this rate, how will he prove that he is not a pretend candidate?

Who Will Finally Tell the Truth About Joe Biden?

TOTALLY LAUGHABLE: In Complete Reversal, Joe Biden Now Claims He Will Be ‘Tough’ On China

President Trump Is Right To Be Antiwar

In Turkey, Even Dead Christians Aren’t Safe – Hatred of non-Muslims so intense that cemeteries are being attacked

The Last Thing States, Cities Need Is a Taxpayer Bailout – What the economy needs now is private sector growth

California’s 4-Tier System For Reopening Explained

Cancel Culture Comes to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Why Government Lawyers Are Defending TrumpIn  E. Jean Carroll’s‘defamation’ lawsuit against the president


September 11, 2020

Victor Davis Hanson predicts street violence will continue until ‘we start indicting people’

Could Britain’s Japan trade deal offer a shortcut to a US-UK agreement? – Joining CPTPP has some complications

Biden Says We Need a President Who Tells the Truth? Then Here Are 8 Big Whoppers That Disqualify Him

Gavin Newsom declares that California wildfires are ‘America fast-forward’ if leaders don’t address climate change

California’s Real “Financial” Wildfire

Trump Played Down the Panic? So What? – Since when does the Left heed anything he says, anyway?

Bill Barr Disemboweled the Media In An Exclusive Interview – They’ve dropped objectivity and are political actors

Did Mueller’s Team Commit ‘Anticipatory Obstruction of Justice’ with Coordinated Wiping of Phones?

Senator Ron Johnson Requests Inspector General Probe Into Wiped Mueller iPhones

Why Biden Will Withdraw From the Debates – It’s the only way for Joe’s handlers to save him from himself

What Bahrain’s deal with Israel really means – Trump is bringing major changes to the Middle East

Economist Walter E Willams Tells It Like It Is for Black Americans: ‘Today’ Is Not ‘Yesterday’

Governor Newsom vows to fast track California’s green goals a climate emergency’

California Governor Gavin Newsom backs ‘split roll’ initiative to raise property tax on large businesses

Images of 9/11: A Visual Remembrance

The Left Is Setting The Stage For A Coup If Trump Wins – Via The “Transition Integrity Project”

The Mueller Russia hoax prosecution team destroyed evidence of their cell phone text messages and calls

Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claims He’s Never Made More than $400,000 a Year

Joe Biden Did Not Have the Guts to Get Osama bin Laden

What the hell happened to Bob Woodward? The legendary reporter has a problem with the truth

The Los Angeles County Public Health Director actually says what we suspected about the lockdown

ABC’s Jon Karl Lies About Trump Lying  – The White House reporter misrepresents Trump on the virus

WHO IS The Real Joe Biden?

Beware Of George Soros’ Trojan Horse Prosecutors – He Funds campaigns of prosecutors that create chaos

COLLUSION: Facebook, Twitter and Google Announce Measures to Censor Pro-Trump Information Before the Election

The Ruling Class’s Final Push Against Trump – Its lies and lectures intensify

Five Quick Things: The Most Shamefully Dishonest Campaign in Political History – Lying is all Biden & Co. are about

See The Faces China Is Erasing By Persecuting Millions Of Uighurs

September 10, 2020

Trump Has Had a Historically Great First Term – But The Media Won’t Tell You This

Kamala Harris Not Well Received in Miami – Latinos For Trump Line the Streets to Reject Her Far-Left Policies

A Conservative Opening on Urban Policy – To take up the mantle of reform in America’s big cities

Explaining Recent Homicide Spikes in U.S. Cities: The ‘Minneapolis Effect’ and the Decline in Proactive Policing

Biden’s Press Secretary Flips Out When if Asked Biden Uses a Teleprompter During Interviews

The Resistance War Games a Post-Election Civil War  – Backed by some of the wealthiest people in the world

The CDC Accidentally Admits Cloth Masks Are Not Effective For Protection From COVID

People trust the media less than Trump on COVID. Here’s why!

Data Clearly Shows Democrat Panic Not the Pandemic Caused Excess Death We’ve Suffered: Pt 1, of Official Stats

Amid evidence of scripted campaigning, questions about Biden mental stamina, acuity multiply

Limbaugh: Two-Thirds of Portland Voters Hate Ted Wheeler

A Left-Wing Agitator Was Arrested for Starting AFire in Washington And Is Suspected of Starting Two Other Wildfires

Something is very wrong with some in the top ranks of America’s military

President Trump loves the military, just not its leaders, according to Woodward’s book

Social Justice Quotas Shouldn’t Determine Oscar’s Best Picture Nominees – Talent, NOT Social Justice Quotas

It’s Not About Trump vs. Biden; It’s about Civilization vs. Anarchy

Joe Biden channels union intimidation tactics – Labor unions provide Democrats with cash and ground support

Trump Inherited a Meek Economy and Made It Roar

When it Comes to Biden, Dems Say Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes. Or Ears. – Who Are The Puppet Masters

KYLE SMITH MEETS TOKYO JOE – The focus of his article is on Biden and he nails the “crux of this election

Biden’s Lethal Latino Problem – His shaky standing with this crucial voter bloc will cost him the election

Book: General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Discussed Secret Military Coup Against Trump While Serving In His White House

Reaction Time And The OODA Loop – How much time does it take for a police officer to respond to a threat?

Continually Update Fire Map for California

Nothing is shocking about Bob Woodward’s new “Trump Hitpiece” book

Cancel Culture Is Not the Problem; Conformity Culture Is

September 9, 2020

Recent Additions to President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee List

Economist Dr. Walter E. Williams: Today and Yesterday

Sweden Close To A Victory Over Coronavirus; Yet Never Had A Lockdown Or Mask Mandate

It’s Not a Conspiracy If It’s Out in the Open – “The Great Reset” and New World Order

Meet Norm Eisen: Legal Hatchet Man and Central Operative in the “Color Revolution” Against President Trump

Woodward ‘bombshell’ falls flat as Dr. Fauci defends Trump

Environmentalists Destroyed California’s Forests

Cringeworthy Study Debunked: There Was No ‘Sturgis Superspreader’ COVID-19 Event
‘I got that wrong’: Peter Strzok admits he botched timeline on the opening of Trump-Russia investigation

Joe is Reading the Answers Off the TelePrompter – Biden Given Answers to the Media’s Questions

Senators Cruz and Cotton Among 20 Additions To Trump SCOTUS List

This Obama-Biden Administration Failure Killed More Americans Than COVID-19

Trump Reveals the U.S. Has Secret Nuclear Weapon Capabilities: Russia, China Don’t Even Know It Exists

Attorney General William Barr Gives Update On Criminal Charges In Durham Investigation – More Charges Coming

Trump Admin Cancels Over 1,000 Visas For Chinese Academics Deemed National Security Threats

President Trump: New Tolls on Border Crossers from Mexico Will Fund the Wall

President Trump nominated for Nobel peace prize – Which Puts The Nobel Committee On The Hot Seat

He Stands with Us, We Stand with Him — Police and Law Enforcement Officers Overwhelmingly Endorse Trump

Attorney General Barr: Chicago murder rate was cut ‘roughly in half’ because of Operation Legend

The Democrats’ Upcoming Theft of the 2020 Election – And The “TIP” Playbook Is Already Written

Why the Knives Are Out for Trump’s Fed Critic Judy Shelton

President Trump is Pulling More US Troops Out of Iraq

How Voting For Socialism Caused Czechoslovakia 40 Years Of Misery

The Political interests of Trump and McConnell overlap ahead of Election Day

It didn’t seem possible, but this Years Oscars are going to be more woke than ever

The 1% Math Mistake That Caused Panic and Unnecessary Lockdowns

Los Angeles County bans trick-or-treating this Halloween due to coronavirus

The Democrats Will Wreck Everything – Let Us Count The Ways

The Covid-19 Lawsuit Epidemic – America shouldn’t let trial lawyers’ greed hold up an economic recovery

Kamala Harris again proves that her only principle is ambition

Michael Savage’s Thoughts on 2020, ‘Covidism,’ and America’s Communist Revolution

Critical race theory is the most dangerous ideology in America today

September 8, 2020

California can take lessons from Texas on how to fix rolling blackouts

Antifa Mugshots: Several Portland Rioters Released Without Bail

Trump Administration Poised to Broker More Deals Between Israel and the Muslim States – UAE, Serbia, and Kosovo are among those on board

If Biden Wins Then China Wins—and America Loses

President Trump Overwhelmed as Thousands of Supporters Chant “We Love You!” at North Carolina Rally

The Two Californias: One for the Government Ruling Class and the Other for Regular People

Black Lives Matter has terrorist and communist inspirations, but liberal media doesn’t care

Rochester New York Proves ‘Black Lives’ Don’t Matter to BLM

Senate GOP unveils slimmed-down coronavirus bill, with McConnell pushing for a vote this week

Ex-Biden Stenographer Makes Major ‘Mental Acuity Decline’ Claim

The mysterious destruction of evidence related to Steele’s dossier and State Department contacts

National Security Council’s Lt. Col Alex Vindman, Not The Whistleblower, Was Driving Force Behind Impeachment

The Coming Police Crisis – The cops are pulling back from the proactive police work that keeps us safe

John Brennan Was Running Secret CIA Task Force to Investigate Trump Before FBI Probe Launched in July 2016

The Biden Slime Operation – Clearly staged in a tight sequence between Biden campaign and  rabid media partisans

The Looming Threat of a Socialist America – Strategists are calculating how to push the Democrat Party even farther to the left

A Criminal Enterprise, a.k.a. the Democrat Party

Why is the Trump campaign running out of cash?

California is On Fire Again and it was Preventable – Environmentalists cause actual global warming with wildfires

Why Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Are Demanding Tax Cuts for Their Rich Friends

3 Crucial Breakdowns In Journalistic Standards That Explain The Atlantic’s Political Hit Piece On President Trump

John Bolton Delivers Ultimate Blow to the Atlantic’s Fake News Piece on Trump

Another Trump hoax and Biden’s mental decline – It Was A Puddle

Fanning the Flames – Joe Biden’s rhetoric about crime and race is wrong — and dangerous

Trump, Race, and Class – His bluntness more appealing to non-elites  than violence and condescending lectures

Democrat Oregon Governor Extends COVID State of Emergency through November 3 While Riots Continue

JOE BIDEN: “MOVE IT UP HERE” – Watch His Eyes To See He Is Reading, And Why The Long Pause

How many of the rioting ‘protesters’ come from super-rich families?

New Pentagon Paper: China’s Military Has Begun To Surpass The United States’s

Australia Faces Down the Dragon – Their bold recent efforts to check China’s influence are instructive for the U.S.

September 7, 2020

A Study by Researchers at UCLA and Stanford Finds Coronavirus “Ten Times Less Fatal than First Thought”

Poll: Americans Trust The Media The Least For COVID-19 Information

Trump slams violence in Democratic-run cities: ‘Get the picture?’

The Atlantic twists the truth – Jeffrey Goldberg has four anonymous sources. Trump has 11 named ones

Fauci Looks To UN To ‘Rebuild The Infrastructure Of Human Existence’ – One Paragraph Exposes Him

Gym Owners In San Francisco Are Furious After Learning That Government Gyms Have Been Open For Months

Democrats’ new strategy for winning the White House: Threaten riots if they lose

Most voters plan to cast ballots in person this year, even in ‘all mail’ states

A Majority Of U.S. Young Adults Now Live With Their Parents

President Trump Threatens to Defund California Schools If They Incorporate The 1619 Project Into Their Curriculum

Working from home causing major stress for Americans during the pandemic, a survey finds

Poll: 74% of California Voters Reject Children’s Transgender Medical Treatments

Not in Our Town? How About ‘Not in Our Country’?

Biden Immigration Amnesty Could Lead To Astronomical 77 MILLION Migrant Influx

The Clinton Cash Author Has A New Documentary That Exposes the Bidens’ Corruption With China

President Trump slams violence in Democratic-run cities: ‘Get the picture?’

Trump is playing catch-up as the campaign reaches the traditional Labor Day kickoff

If Joe Biden Wins, Will The Pandemic Suddenly Disappear?

Are the Trump flotillas America’s homegrown Miracle of Dunkirk?

ABSOLUTELY Nobody Is Switching from Trump to Biden

Former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris: ‘The Entire Election Will Be in the Hands Literally of John Roberts’

Dr. Fauci Urges Colleges Not to Send Students Home over Coronavirus

California begs and the Feds respond with regulatory relief in the face of an electricity shortage crisis

Orwell’s Children: Ministries of Amnesia – Plain language is being turned upside down as free speech disappears from the public square

USC puts a professor on leave because some snowflake students can’t handle a Chinese “filler” word

Democrats Using Artificial Intelligence to Combat Online Efforts by Trump Supporters to Promote President Trump

Biden Fabricates Trump Social Security – Yet he is the only candidate who has actually called for Social Security cuts

A legal group finds thousands of double voters in battleground states

Qanon names several pedophile politicians vulnerable to blackmail

The Media Are Lying About The Election Again – Trump has cut Biden’s lead by half or more in key battlegrounds

Out Of The Shadows – We’ve Been Lied To

Will President Trump finally put a stop to the America-hating 1619 project?

The American Dream Should Not Depend On Chinese Labor

A Federal Judge Upholds President Trump’s Curbs on H-1B Outsourcing

September 6, 2020

The 1% fatal math mistake by US Covid-19 experts that caused the world to panic and order lockdowns

Google & Twitter Insider: Algorithms Could Censor Entire Trump Movement Simultaneously

Desperately Derailing Donald – The effort to stop President Trump is growing comical, but it’s not funny

It’s now looking like the COVID lockdowns may have been a HUGE mistake

Biden Ad Attacking Trump Plan That Doesn’t Exist Receives 4 Pinocchios in Washington Post Fact Check

‘Meant for a Child’: Trump Tears Into Media Over Easy Questions Posed to Biden

China Expert Gordon Chang: China Seems ‘to Be Favoring Joe Biden’ in Presidential Election

Is Mail-In Ballot Fraud Real? The Evidence Says Yes

Woman Gets Letter Saying She Tested Positive for COVID Although She’s Been Dead for 6 Months

Tucker Carlson crushes the NBA in ratings as Americans turn away from their social justice messaging

Trump Takes on the Real Pandemic – Finally, he tackles the “critical race theory” infecting the federal workforce


U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin: Trump Pleased With How Recovery Is Progressing

Osama bin Laden’s Niece: Only Trump Can Prevent Another 9/11-Level Disaster

Reality Bites – How Socialism destroyed Venezuela’s economy and impoverished her people

Democrat threats to the contrary, the riots will end if Trump wins

Portland Riot: 50+ Arrested as Fire Bombs, Rocks, and Mortars Thrown at Police

Antifa’s violent, organized tactics are getting exposed – The More You Know The Scarier They Are

Republicans are knocking it out of the park with some great videos that show what Democrats really stand for

Laurene Powell Jobs’s Ties to China May Be Behind The Insidious Trump Hit Piece In The Atlantic

Anatomy of Another Fake Trump Scandal – The Atlantic does it Again

Joe Biden: Married to the Mob – What does he look like?

A Video resurfaces of Biden saying he asked China for help becoming president

A Black Democrat Congressman Talks About Racism In America

How the Progressive Left Ruined Education

Trump Is Considering Defunding Schools That Are Teaching The 1619 Project

A 20-year-old college student from a wealthy elite family is facing a possible 4-year prison term for a violent BLM rampage in Manhattan

The Malthusian Pope – He uses COVID to call for anti-growth policies

Parody Video of Trump Firing Obama Was Bumped and Never Aired at 2012 RNC — Here It Is and It’s Awesome!

Mere ‘Christianity’: How Social Justice is Corrupting the Faith

the Kenosha Prosecutor Proves Kyle Rittenhouse’s Case

September 5, 2020

Atlantic Owner Is Biden Megadonor, Close To Story’s Author. Sixth Witness, Trump Opponent, Disputes Story

TuckerCarlsom: Why Silicon Valley is doing all it can to help the Biden-Harris ticket – A MUST WATCH!

Kamala Harris’s Husband’s Firm Reps Chinese Communist Party-Owned Corporates, Employs Ex-CCP Officials

World Bank Records COVID-19 Test Kits Exported In 2018 and Newsweek Exposes Fauci

When Information Is Disinformation – Americans deserve the full story on the best way to make their votes count

The Atlantic hit piece on Trump was set up by Biden campaign and Conor Lamb…

President Trump came to Dover after my wife was killed fighting ISIS. He absolutely respects our service.

MSM Journalism’s New Propaganda Tool: Using “Confirmed” to Mean its Opposite

When Wish Replaces Thought – Don’t you just love Paul Krugman?

Oregon bars GOP voter statement, says it was 29 seconds late

It’s a Straight Line from Biden to Black Lives Matter

A Militant Leftist Attempts to Kill Conservative Activist After Memorial for Trump Supporter Murdered By Portland Antifa

A Portland Rioter Throwing Molotovs at Police Accidentally Hits Fellow Leftist and Lights Him on Fire


Undocumented immigrants could qualify for $600 if Newsom signs pandemic assistance bill

It’s Time To Bury The Corpse – True Journalism Is Dead In America

Everything You Post Online Will Be Scanned by BIG TECH ‘Hate Speech Algorithms’

Round One Goes to Trump – Trump standing amid the ruins of Kenosha presents a defining moment

The Meaning of Labor Day

The Democrats Plan to Steal the Presidency


Donald Trump: ‘The Atlantic’ Story ‘Reminds Me of the Dirty Dossier’ John McCain Pushed

It’s A Clear Choice  – Trump Or Tyranny

A Timely Jobs Report Lifts Trump As His Fall Campaign Accelerates

Trump lays a trap for Democrats with a move against abusive, anti-White ‘systemic racism’ brainwashing sessions

President Trump’s Make America Great Again Rally in Latrobe, PA

MAYHEM IN ROCHESTER — Antifa and BLM swarms busy restaurant, flip tables throw chairs…


September 4, 2020

The Fed concedes that Trump was right about inflation all along

The Coming Coup – Democrats are laying the groundwork for revolution right in front of our eyes

Wrong-Way Biden – We were preparing for war, and Joe warned us we were all to get our collective ass kicked

39 Photos Capture America’s 2020 Summer of Riots, Arson, and Looting Vividly

Joe Biden Claims ‘A Black Man Invented the Light Bulb’ During Kenosha Town Hall

Even John Bolton Disputes the Atlantic’s Hit Piece On President Trump: ‘I Was There’ and ‘I Didn’t Hear That’

Trump oversees an economic deal that includes Kosovo recognizing Israel, Serbia moving embassy to Jerusalem

COVID Is Making It Harder for California to Avert Blackouts

Do People Actually Believe Reporters Don’t Give Biden Questions in Advance? You Be the Judge

If You Want to See the Democrat-Media Complex in Action, Just Look at this Question that Was Lobbed at Biden

How the Far Left Fails Basic Math – No! The wealthy cannot finance socialism


Oh, So Only This Percentage of BLM Protests Are Violent

‘This Is Where They House the Rioters!’ City of Portland Houses Some Antifa Rioters Destroying the City

Washington State Patrol Rips Black Lives Matter Militant Out of Vehicle For Illegally Blocking Traffic on Highway

The Racist Left Feels Entitled to Riot Right Now –  America could use a pooper scooper for Biden’s verbal manure

Befuddled Jews Endorse Black Lives Matter – In this view, opposition to BLM is a product of anti-Semitism

The National Fraternal Order of Police “unanimously” voted to endorse President Donald Trump for re-election

We Know Why Donald Trump Will Win Reelection – Ballots will outvote bullies. Or so one hopes

Tucker Carlson accuses Silicon Valley of doing ‘all it can’ to support ‘compliant’ Democrats in election

Trump ends Federal Funding for Critical Race Theory and White Privilege Because they are “Anti-American Propaganda”

The Only Thing You Need to Know About Mail-In Voting – Absentee Requires ID and Mail-In Doesn’t

A New Documentary Reveals Hunter Biden ‘Served’ China And Chinese Military In Deals

A New Study Finds That Vitamin D3 Mixed With Hydroxychloroquine Shows Promise In Treating COVID-19

California law AB-5 could target food and grocery delivery services next

Better Than Expected! U.S. Economy Added 1.37 Million Jobs in August, Unemployment Fell to 8.4%

Nearly 10 Miles Of Cars Line Up For Trump — And A Raucous Night In Small Town America

Most Agree With Trump On The Need for ‘Patriotic Education’

A Suspicious IV drip-like bruise spotted on Biden’s hand in Kenosha heightens demands for drug tests before debates

50+ Questions No Reporter Dares Ask Joe Biden And His Campaign

California’s Tiered System For Reopening Is A Scam

A Stench Of Lies: The Atlantic runs fake news about Trump supposedly calling fallen servicemen ‘losers’

If Only the Media Hadn’t Peddled Fake Trump Scandals for the Past Four Years…

Trump Approval Surges to 52% – Black Voter Approval Jumps to 45% in Race Against Joe Biden

One intelligence analysis offers some hope for November

Nasty Nancy, It’s once again clear — the Speaker of the House is a hideous, hypocritical harpy

Angry beauty parlor–owners hang blow dryers, curling irons from a tree near Nancy Pelosi’s home

Kaleigh McEnany Utterly Destroys Pelosi by Forcing Reporters To Watch Hair Salon Footage on Loop

Nancy Pelosi’s Son Tied To Fraud Ring That Tried To Sell Nancy’s Solar Tax Credits For Millions

DNI Ratcliffe accuses Democrats of creating misleading intelligence document

The Inevitable Implosion of Biden’s Campaign – Doomed by a strategy based on a progressive view of Trump’s base

The Surprisingly Pragmatic Plan for WHO Withdrawal

Republicans credit Trump’s intense outreach for growing Latino support

ICE: 19 Foreign Nationals Charged With Voter Fraud In North Carolina

Keeping Alive The Forbidden Memories Of Chinese Oppression In Tibet

September 3, 2020

Why Biden Won’t Talk About Judges He was a divisive brawler as Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas learned too well

The Bezos Owned Washington Post Promises Catastrophic Violence if Biden Does Not Win

DC Police Release Body Cam Footage of Kay Shooting That Has Sparked Protests – He Pulled A Gun On The Cops

America’s Fight: Civilization Versus Anarchy

The ‘No Limits’ Legislature – Now it’s coming after our businesses and our right to earn a living

Donald Trump saved Kenosha – Period!!

The Media Lynching of Kyle Rittenhouse Attacked in Kenosha, the teenager fired in self-defense

Drain the Swamp, Or Be Drowned By It

Limbaugh: Gutsy Trump Threatens to Pull Federal Funding from “Lawless” Cities

Antifa killer of Trump supporter killed by law enforcement after he fired at them with an automatic weapon

Des Moines Black Lives Matter Organizer Arrested on 9 Felony Counts

Intelligence Analyst Predicts Trump Victory in 2020

Victor Davis Hanson: Biden a prisoner in a policy paradox that could enrage left-wing base

San Francisco Salon Owner Forcefully Responds to Nancy Pelosi’s Claim of a ‘Setup’

California mail-in voting: What to know

Are Democrats laying the groundwork for a contested election? – In A Word, YES

Facebook to ban new campaign ads one week before the 2020 election

The Justice Department Is Conducting ‘Very Big’ Voter Fraud Investigations, Barr Says


Joe Biden Is a Prisoner of His Own Paradoxes

Joe Biden, in a series of gaffes, copied a bad Bush Sr. campaign error

The Democrats Need To Get Their Riot Talking Points Straight

The Revolution Will Accelerate Under Biden – Don’t believe his disavowal of the violence

Tucker Carlson Explains Why Biden Can’t Disavow Antifa Website Redirecting to His Campaign

BARR IN WOLF BLITZER’S CNN DEN – “Because I’ve Seen The Evidence”

Despite recalcitrant Democrats, rioters may finally be punished – Under Federal Law

Why Trump Doesn’t Just ‘Send In the Troops’

The Covid-19 Pandemic is Ending

California’s No Limit Legislature – Now it’s coming after our businesses and our right to earn a living

September 2, 2020

As Trump Gains on Biden, Rasmussen Uncovers Massive ‘Suppression’ of National Polls

Trump Memo on Funding to State and Local Governments Permitting Anarchy, Violence, and Destruction

Nancy Pelosi, Next “Temporary” President Of The United States?

Antifa Aren’t Revolutionaries, They Serve The Powers That Be – It’s important to understand Antifa and what it means

President rump orders review to defund NYC and 3 other ‘anarchist’ cities

Is Joe Biden Jacked Up On Amphetamines?  – A Pharmaceutical Professional Weighs In

It’s China, Stupid – Russia isn’t the greatest threat America faces right now. and it’s not even close

Civil Rights Attorney: Trump Will Get Highest Number of Black Votes in Modern History of GOP

Cuomo says Trump would need ‘army’ to safely walk New York City streets

NYC August 2020 Shootings More than Double August 2019

Black Lives Matter Rally Flyer States: ‘If It Burns, It Burns. This Is War’

COVID Breakthrough: WHO Now Recommends Steroids for Severe Cases After Study Shows Drastic Cut in Deaths

Technology and the City – Working from home has benefits, but the downsides are real, too

Apple And Google Update Their Contact Tracing Software

Trump slams Pelosi for visit to a shuttered salon: ‘Constantly lecturing everyone else’

Sacramento OKs bill that makes kids ‘subject to sexual predators’

Fox News’ Chris Wallace to moderate first Trump-Biden presidential debate

Joe Biden’s attempt to recast the riots as right-wing extremism will get him into trouble

Why Won’t Joe Biden Condemn Antifa or Black Lives Matter Violence?

The Street Violence And Gunplay Started With The Left, Not The Right

Cuomo, De Blasio Go After Jewish Weddings, Cheer Black Lives Matter Riots

Trump and the Black Vote

Trump should challenge Biden and Harris to denounce California’s Proposition 16 That Would Allow Discrimination Again

United Airlines to furlough over 16,000 employees in October – The Trump administration is eyeing an executive action to prevent airline furloughs

Three Industries Other Than Churches That CA Governor Gavin Newsom Allows to Stay Open During the Pandemic

The Big COVID Con Is Exposed

Some Straight Talk About COVID-19

Just a Few Cities Have Most of the Cases and Deaths Due to the Coronavirus

These Charts compare COVID deaths in countries that used hydroxychloroquine early and those that didn’t

THE NFL TAKES A KNEE – Pro-sports are acting in unison to close the exits and force their politics down our throats

The Continued Frameup of General Flynn

Police Say Antifa ‘Commander’ Cried in Fetal Position After Getting Caught

The Absurdity of the Latest ‘Russian Interference’ Story – A tiny troll farm is blown up into international news

Public television just couldn’t stop slanting convention coverage

Governor Brown Appointed Judge Bars The University of California From Using SAT and ACT

Astronomers say they’ve detected the most massive merger of two black holes ever discovered

September 1, 2020

California faces backlash over Governor Newsom’s new tiered system for reopening businesses amid COVID-19

Google Refuses to Show Negative Search Suggestions About Black Lives Matter

Trump visits the site of riots in Kenosha and promises to help businesses rebuild

DC Mayor Embraces Report Calling For Removal Or Contextualization Of The Washington Monument

To Destroy America – As its Marxist pedigree makes clear, BLM is committed to overthrowing our entire system

Blaming Trump for the riots is a Democrat disaster – Support for Black Lives Matter has plummeted in swing states

The Democrats Are Whitewashing Leftist Violence

Why Democrats Are Encouraging the Rioting You See Across the Country

The White House Physician Issues A Response to The Trump Stroke Conspiracy Theory

Nancy Pelosi used a shuttered San Francisco hair salon for a blow-out, the owner calls it ‘slap in the face’

Nancy Pelosi Pleads Ignorance: Admits Hairdo, Blames Salon for Violation – Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

Nearly half of New Yorkers think NYC is headed in the wrong direction

How Unions, Journalists, Academics, and Legislators Are Colluding to Intimidate AB5 Opponents

ICE arrests 2,000+ illegal immigrants in a sweep and 85% had criminal convictions or charges

Why Is Conservative Latino Media Virtually Nonexistent?

With Election Looming, Judge Sullivan Will Drag Out the Flynn Case

Elvis Presley’s Graceland vandalized with graffiti messages including ‘Defund MPD’, ‘Abolish ICE’ and ‘BLM’

Democrat Data and Analytics Firm Says Trump Landslide Likely on Election Day – But will Be Flipped to Biden by Mail-In Votes Emerging a Week After Election

California Passes Law Protecting Gay Sex Between Adults and Minors

NBA Playoff Ratings Crash by 23%, Lowest Watched in 5 Years

Their Silence About the Violence

The D.C. Circuit Court Endorses Continued Legal Harassment Of Michael Flynn

Rasmussen Reports noticed something very fishy about other polling

Joe Biden May Lose the Moderates

Portland Rioters Smash Into The Mayor’s Condo Building And Try To Set It Ablaze

Grenell on election security: ‘We need to listen to the intelligence community’

Donald Trump: People in the ‘Dark Shadows’ Are Pulling Joe Biden’s Strings

DHS: Portland mayor must ‘prioritize public safety’ or feds will have ‘no choice but to protect’ Americans

Why would the FDA ban a drug that safely saves the lives of patients?

The California Lockdown Has Gone From a Mistake to a Crime

Over 40 states are preparing to pay out Trump’s $300 unemployment aid boost

The Charges Filed Against Kyle Rittenhouse

The Liars Among Us – The so-called 1619 Project is a lie

Newt Gingrich: Democrats prove they are the ‘Lion King’ Party now – Here’s what I mean by that

August 31, 2020

California Attorney Says Governor Newsom is Deliberately Using Bad Data to Keep State in Lockdown

President Trump: I Don’t Want My Supporters Confronting Protesters

Joe Biden: The Violent Riots Will Continue Unless You Vote Democrat

How ‘Flatten the Curve’ Turned into ‘Shut Down Forever’ in California

Which Will Kill Off California’s Remaining Businesses First: Riots or Governor’s Latest Reopening Rules Change?

Oregon Sheriffs Defy Liberal Governor order to Send Deputies to Portland to be Attacked by Protesters and Harassed by the Courts!

FBI-Chicago warns that gang cabal may be targeting Chicago PD officers

Four Young Leftists Sentenced After Hurling Chlorine Bomb at Officer, Nearly Killing Him and Detonating 7 Other Bombs

AOC Inadvertently Makes Kamala Harris’ ‘Birthright Citizenship’ an Issue

Limbaugh: 5 Reasons I Know That Democrat Internal Polling Changed Radically

California Governor Newsom Takes Trump’s Advice: Agrees to $1 billion Forest Management Plan to Prevent Wildfires

California Lawmakers Approve Racial Quotas for Corporate Boards

Kyle Rittenhouse Legal Defense Funds Have Raised Over $900,000

Joe Biden Attempts to Speak Complete Sentences With Mixed Results

Protests erupt in Southern Los Angeles after Black man with a semiautomatic handgun killed by deputies, report says

California’s Property-Tax Holy War

Delta and American Airlines join United and drop fee to change tickets for flights

It seems that the Wuhan virus’s risks have been grossly exaggerated – As more and, more are realizing

‘Hinder our healing’: Wisconsin governor urges Trump to reconsider Kenosha visit

Obama’s Monster Has Escaped the Lab, Now What?

Don Trump Jr.: Biden’s mental flubs ‘should scare us,’ because it means ‘Kamala Harris will be in charge’

One Statistic Should Frighten The Democrats More Than Any Other

Are Democrats Trying to Spark a Violent Revolution—or Just Accidentally Doing It?

Meet The Rioting Criminals Kamala Harris Helped Bail Out Of Jail

The Face Of The Democratic Party Isn’t Joe Biden, It’s The Raging Mob

Kenosha Police Reveal How Many of Those Arrested Weren’t From City

The Conventions Proved Only The GOP Will Stand Up Against Civil Unrest

Why Kenosha Police Officers’ Use Of Force On Jacob Blake Was Justified

How mail-in ballots threaten democracy

Dr. Fauci’s Hydroxychloroquine Denial

Polls: Trump Rising, BLM Imploding – Voters have grown tired of the protests, and not a moment too soon

The American Economy Is Already Too Far Left for Comfort — or Prosperity

University removes statues of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin

Can Trump Win Minnesota? – Riots in urban Democrat strongholds are hurting Biden

The Anti-Federalists Were Not Anti-Nationalists As Ofir Haivry and Yoram Hazony Claim

Who is Behind the 1619 Project?

Economic Collapse Is Imminent If We Can’t Stop Our Deficit Spending Spree

Amazon wins FAA approval for Prime Air drone delivery fleet

August 30, 2020

Governor Evers Asks Trump Not to Visit Kenosha……….. What’s Left of It

Democracy Institue Poll: Trump Leads Biden Nationally and Key Battlegrounds

How long will Democrats pretend the chaos in Portland is normal?

How LA County Is Retaliating Against Grace Community Church

The New Normal Ain’t So Grand – Americans won’t get used to looting and mayhem on behalf of dubious social causes

BLM ‘activists’ celebrated as Trump supporter was killed

Cultural Suicide Is Painless – People are fleeing to the countryside to preserve what they can, while cities self-destruct

Kenosha Black Lives Matter Speaker Calls for Retaliation Killings Against Whites

CRIMESuspect in Murder of Trump Supporter: “I’m 100% Antifa All the Way”

Goodbye, Blue America – And For Good Reasons

EXCLUSIVE POLL — Trump handed a huge boost as Biden makes a major mistake…

The CDC Now Says 94% of COVID Deaths Had an Underlying Condition

The WHO’s is on First with Joe Biden – “White coat supremacy” meets watermelon environmentalism

Kenosha Shooter’s Legal Team Releases Statement in His Defense – Here’s What It Says

John Ratcliffe says he is coordinating with John Durham and plans to declassify more documents soon

America wanted to see the Republicans, not talking heads or the Democrats

The Media hope to gain a November victory for Democrats through fear

DC BLM Terrorist: ‘Put Police In Graves, Burn The White House Down, Take It To Senators… Burn Them Down’

1 Dead after a 600-Vehicle Trump Parade Drives Through Portland

NYT: Portland Homicide Victim Had a ‘Patriot Prayer’ Hat And Side-Bag With a “Blue Lives Matter” Style Flag

Trump Demands Wheeler Ask for Guard After Antifa Counter-Protester Murdered In Portland

Corporate Media Didn’t Report What It’s Really Like In Kenosha, Wisconsin, So I Will

Kyle Rittenhouse and The Law of the Pursuer – One Who Pursues with the objective of causing death or serious injury

New research suggests asymptomatic COVID-19 spread is comparatively rare

Is Feudalism Our Future? – Beware The Tyranny Of The Deep State

While California chases climate change chimeras, danger looms

The FDA Commissioner Says He Is Willing To Fast-Track The COVID-19 Vaccine

Don’t Believe the Lies: Church Services, Done Correctly, Are Safe – Zero infections from one million distanced Masses

California Moves to Consider Reparations for Slavery

A cautionary warning about Chief Justice Roberts – If the past is prologue, now fast forward to his political behavior

Pelosi and AOC’s Primary Catfight – The squabble over Massachusetts endorsements is a symptom of a larger issue

August 29, 2020

Breaking Down the Global Elite’s ‘Great Reset’ Master Plan

FLASHBACK: Democrat Leaders Have Encouraged Political Violence, Beginning With Barack Obama

SHOCK REPORT: This Week CDC Quietly Updated COVID-19 Numbers – Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – The Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses

Oops: It Looks Like the Vast Majority of Positive COVID Results Should Have Been Negative

A New Study Argues COVID Herd Immunity May Have Already Been Reached in Some Regions of the US

Biden tells National Guard: I’ll never use the military as ‘a prop’

The Democrats’ Newest Strategist  – “Looting represents a material way that riots and protests help the community”

House Bill Seeks To Block Rioters from Receiving COVID-Related Unemployment Benefits

What’s Up with Joe? Biden Stares Off-Camera, Struggles To Make It Through a Scripted Softball Interview

Democrat Death Rattle – We are told to believe Joe Biden is the next president of the United States: C’mon, man

UPDATE: What happened in the case of retired cop murdered on video in St. Louis during riots and looting?

The AB 5 Uber Decision and Proposition 22

Confessions of a voter fraud perpetrator: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots on a large scale

Black Assimilation Is The Great Threat To Democrats

Fox News Breaks Ratings Record with their 4th Night of GOP Convention Coverage

Schiff And Pelosi Are Livid After The Intel Community Ditches ‘Manipulated’ Election Briefings For Written Updates

An Ohio county tells a story of the seismic shift of working-class voters toward GOP

Jacob Blake had a warrant out for sexual assault in lead-up to shooting, the complaint says

Kamala goes on the record and puts a gun to our heads

FNC’s Tucker Carlson: For the First Time Since Coronavirus Arrived Trump Seems Likely to Win Reelection

Rand Paul Wife Kelley on ‘Bloodthirsty’ DC Mob: ‘I Really Felt That We Were Going to Lose Our Lives

Businesses Flee From Portland, Citing Failure of Local Government to Protect Against Riots

President Trump in New Hampshire: I Might Invoke the Insurrection Act to Put Down These Leftist Thugs

On contentious police shootings, the truth will come out…………………eventually

Kenosha police union gives its account of Jacob Blake shooting

America Assaulted for 88 Days, and Joe Biden Said Nothing — He Believes She Had It Coming

Minnesota Democrat Mayors Endorse Donald Trump: Biden Did ‘Nothing’ for Working Class

Newt Gingrich: Trump speech, convention sets the stage for this in November

Facts are emerging on the Jacob Blake shooting that contradict the narrative that sparked the riots

A VERY disturbing video from NYC…Cops Told To Show Restraint And Criminals No It!

The savage immaturity of the left and their proxies in the streets


A whistleblower emerges at a federal-funded nuclear weapons lab because of mandatory anti-white training sessions

Is Black Lives Matter Putting its Fiscal Sponsors’ Tax Exemptions at Risk?

August 28, 2020

Victor Davis Hanson: The cowards of ‘cancel culture’

This Is Why Jacob Blake Had A Warrant Out For His Arrest

C-SPAN Had So Many Democrats Calling In With Support For Trump That They Had To Change Their Protocol

Trump Is In For The Win – The only chief executive whose second term will be more successful than his first

A Tyranny Perpetual and Universal? – Is the leftist dream now within reach? If President Trump loses, we will find out

Virginia Democrats Move Closer to Removing Penalties for Assaulting Police If No Bodily Harm Resulted From Assault

Final Day Four of the Republican Convention: Wow! – The GOP wins the battle of the conventions, hands down

Trump campaign rakes in $76 million during the RNC Convention – With 147.9 million views across television and online

Biden: Soft on Criminals, Hard on the Police –  In his America, criminals, not cops, would rule the streets

The Power of Big Tech Is Greater Than Ever

Iowa judge’s ruling hands Trump campaign early win on mail-in ballots

Media Attack Trump’s 3-Year-Old Grandson Over Legos Whitehouse Replica

The Recall Governor Newsom Campaign is at a Crossroads

Boycotting Themselves Out of Business? – Skipping games for politics, pro athletes alienate fans and crater their industry

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: A Message for LeBron James

Soros Funded DA: Officers Should Determine If Looters “Needed” Stolen Merchandise Before Charging Them

Protest Violence and the See-No-Evil Media

Kyle Rittenhouse Worked As Lifeguard In Kenosha On Day Of Shooting, Cleaned Graffiti Off Local School After Work

Game-Changing Video of Kenosha Shooting Turns Tables on Accusers, Has NYT Admitting There Was Another Gunman

News From the Front — And No-Shows on the Field – Both players and viewers are now giving up on sports

Trump Lit Up The Skies (And The Right) While The Streets Raged — And Remade Conventions Forever

The Republican convention ended on a high note – Literally

Republicans Stole the Show – Democrats were doom and gloom, while Republicans responded with inspiration and class

Trump Touts Achievements and Lays Out Ambitious Vision for Future

The Collapse of the Democrat Brand

The Michael Flynn Saga Reveals Democrats’ Near-Coup Use Of Federal Power

Joe Biden, Union Buster – His proposals would eliminate large numbers of union jobs in manufacturing

An Antifa ‘Riot Kitchen’ gets busted

A Brief History of Antifa

Trump goes scorched earth in RNC 2020 acceptance speech

The White House and DC last night: A Contrast between Law and Lawlessness – I have never in one night been both so proud of my country and so ashamed of it

Trump Sells A Story Of American Redemption – With a country in crisis, he talked of comeback and renewal

According To Pelosi – Now Republicans are Enemies of the State

The Democrats Are Now Facing the Inferno They Created


Fox News Drifts Further to Port

CNN: The Worst TV Network Ever – If you thought they couldn’t get worse, their Kenosha coverage will prove you wrong

Biden Supporters and BLM Thugs Harass Trump Supporters Outside The White House Gate — Scream Nazi, Racist

Chaos Erupts In DC After GOP Convention; Rand Paul And Wife Chased Down Street By BLM Protesters

Does Kyle Rittenhouse Have a Self-Defense Claim?

Rand Paul calls for FBI arrests, an investigation into the ‘mob’ he believes ‘would have killed us,’ if not for DC police

Chaos v. Order on the Ballot … Again Even Kenosha’s rioters called for the cops when things went too far

Black Lives Matter Mob Swarms Home of Seattle Police Officers Guild President

More Proof that ‘Progressive’ Wealth Taxes Hurt Average Americans

Now that the CDC has declared mass COVID testing unnecessary, Democrats say ‘don’t trust the experts’

he House Foreign Affairs Committee is working on a resolution to hold Pompeo in contempt of Congress

August 27, 2020

Soros Funded DA Diana Becton Requires Officers Consider Whether a Looter “Needed” Stolen Goods Before Charging

White House Announces $750M deal for Abbott Labs’ COVID-19 rapid test

The FDA Authorizes A Near-Instant COVID Test That Only Costs $5

As Trump Readies RNC Speech, Agitators Make Unthinkable Threat Outside The White House

Will Trump’s Long Courtship of Black Voters Work? – If so, it will mark Donald Trump’s greatest political achievement

So Who Exactly ‘Cozied Up’ to Russia, Joe? – Democrats point one finger, but three fingers point right back

Trump’s strong Republican Convention speech increases his reelection chances

Elise Stefanik: Biden speaking out on violence after months of silence is ‘too little too late’

Nancy Pelosi advocates for Joe Biden to not debate Trump because it would legitimize his position as President

Marxist Activist Angela Davis to Director Ava DuVernay: ‘Demonstrations Are ‘Rehearsals for Revolution”

Ex-Democrat Congressman Backs POTUS: Trump Made Me Feel More Welcome Than Pelosi Ever Did

As Sports Media Cheers On Athlete Boycotts, Fans Will Walk Away

The Fools of Kenosha

The Top 12 Lines of Mike Pence’s Republican National Convention Speech

6 Quick Takeaways From The Third Night Of The Republican National Convention

FNC’s Carlson on Chaos: ‘This Is Not a Race War — This Is a Class War’

Joe Biden put on the defense with the resurgence of racial confrontations and violence

Homeland Security Secretary Says Antifa ‘Absolutely’ Meets The Definition Of A Domestic Terrorist Group

What Is the Violence in American Cities All About? – The point of the mob is to destroy what it cannot create

There’s a sinister pattern to those deaths leftists use to justify riots – Two Narratives: The Videos vs. The Facts

What Is the Violence in American Cities All About?

People are making a huge mistake about the Kenosha shooting

Police Recover Weapon From Vehicle Of Kenosha Shooting Victim Jacob Blake

Minneapolis Is Under Curfew And State of Emergency After Looting and Unrest

The Five Reasons Trump Is Going to Crush Biden

Lefties are trying to get Tucker Carlson fired over Kenosha commentary

Crime Skyrocketing As Portland Police Can No Longer Respond To Calls Amid Fatigue, Record Retirements……….

What really happened with those Kenosha shootings?

In Kenosha, The Seeds of Civil War – Antifa rioters reap a bitter harvest in a once-placid Wisconsin town

CNN reports on “Mostly Peaceful” Protests as Fires Rage and Shots are Fired in the Background

The Waking of the Sleeping Giant

The Jobs Can Come Back – Automation and offshoring are no impediment to building things in America

Former Attorney General Bondi exposes Biden’s grifter family — including degenerate brother James…

Day Three of the Republican Convention: One Week of Honesty on TV Every Four Years

California’s First Experiment without Police – Vigilante justice and the mob are no substitute for police and courts of law

On Bated Breath for Barr’s Big Break

Biden’s Housing Plan Doubles Down on Decades of Failed Government Policy

I Just Went Back To School In Person. It’s Not Scary

August 26, 2020

3 Key Points in Newly Released FBI Documents on Foreign Bid to Influence Clinton Campaign

25 Things President Trump Can Say to Drive the Left (Even More) Nuts

Watch the best speeches from the RNC’s third night!

POLICE: Kenosha Man Jacob Blake Had Weapon On Car Floorboard Before Being Shot

Riots, Looting Break Out In Minneapolis After Murder Suspect Commits Suicide

On Kenosha, DHS Secretary Wolf Says ‘Fault Lies’ With Local Leaders, Individuals Have Right To Protect Themselves

Report: Biden Campaign Worried Trump Will ‘Overperform with African-American Men’

At Last: An Anti-Assisted Suicide Speech at a Republican Convention

Discipline, Determination, and Data Will Get Us Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Hatch Act Controversy Perfectly Captures the Relationship between Trump and the Swamp

Trump approval ticks up across six battleground states in the post-DNC poll

Kenosha violence: Juvenile arrested in deadly shooting amid Jacob Blake unrest, Illinois police say

Trump says he will send federal law enforcement, National Guard to Kenosha after Jacob Blake shooting

Trump pops to 52%: ‘Best job approval rating on record,’ up with blacks, even Democrats

Day Two of the Republican Convention: One Week of Honesty on TV Every Four Years – Setting The Record Straight

A ‘Formerly Forgotten American’ Natalie Harp Thanks President at RNC Convention

The RNC presented uplift, while Democrats delivered only addiction to victimhood

Tiffany Trump makes a much better case for the president than her brothers do

Daniel Cameron, The Breakout Star Of The Republican Convention

Republicans hit it out of the park again on night two at the convention

Six bizarre gender bills Sacramento may pass in final days

Here’s an Amazon ‘reparations’ delivery in Los Angeles. When you defund the police, this is what you get!

The BLM Mob Doesn’t Just Want You To Raise Your Fist, It Wants To Rule You

How to Restore Order for Everyone’s Sake

CSPAN Callers After Night 2 of RNC 2020: 16 of 18 Callers Enthusiastically Pro-Trump… Including Democrats!

Don’t be fooled by the low Nielsen ratings for the RNC’s first night – Lots of people decided to stream it

Biden is off on another planet: Charts show the U.S. is beating the coronavirus

Trump knows about the deadliest threat to his re-election

Laura Loomer worries Democrats

More Conservative Than You Think: Nearly A Third of California Latinos Support Trump

Kenosha violence: 3 shot, including 2 fatally in another night of unrest

Ground Zero: Minneapolis, Three Months Later – The Twin Cities have a long road to recovery

Far Left Democrats Sent Money to BLM – Yet It is Being Distributed to Only Elite-Approved Democrat Candidates

Thousands Of U.S. Pilots Face Furloughs Come October

A future with tens of thousands of new satellites could ‘fundamentally change’ astronomy

August 25, 2020

Nick Sandmann gets the last word

YouGov/CBS Poll: Trump Up 10 Points Against Biden Where It Means The Most – Among Independents

Mail-In Voting Could Deliver Chaos and Delays will play havoc with federal Electoral College deadlines. Entire states could be disenfranchised

A Lifelong Democrat Caller Shocks C-SPAN by Announcing He’s Voting Republican — Here’s Why

The BBC Fact-Checks Joe Biden’s Charlottesville ‘Very Fine People’ Claim, Here’s What Trump Really Said

The Republican Convention Viewership Dwarfs the DNC Viewership in First Available Metric

Court Docs: Medical Examiner Said George Floyd Had a “Fatal Level of Fentanyl” in His Body

The US and China announce their commitment to phase one trade deal despite rising tensions

President Trump’s Growing List of Foreign Policy Successes

‘Land Of Opportunity’: Everything You Need To Know About Night 2 Of The RNC, And What To Expect From Night 3

Back to Low Growth – Joe Biden’s tax plan would be less income across the spectrum and a sluggish economy

The Pandemic Could Set Tourism Sector Back by $1 Trillion

California Is The Only State That Failed To Publish an Annual Financial Report Due That Was Due Last Year

Steve Scalise Scolds Pelosi for Calling GOP ‘Domestic Enemies’: ‘I Was Shot Because of This Kind of Unhinged Rhetoric’

New Footage of Jacob Blake Incident Shows What Happened Seconds Before Shooting

Kenosha rioters target car dealerships and other businesses in their second night of violent unrest

California Apocalypto – Power outages, fires, water shortages, rising taxes, crumbling highways, lawlessness …

With virus cases down, California looks to reopen businesses

“From Cotton To Congress,” Tim Scott Wins The First Night Of The Republican Convention

6 Quick Takeaways From The First Night Of The Republican National Convention

The Democrats are no longer even bothering to hide their strategy to steal the election

Day One of the Republican Convention: One Week of Honesty on TV Every Four Years

The RNC’s first night was a polished and uplifting home run featuring a wide variety of ordinary Americans

Everything You Need To See From Night 1 Of The 2020 RNC and What You Should Expect On Tuesday

5 Things to Know About Night 1 of the Republican National Convention

Who Is Helmut Norpoth and Why Does He Say Trump Will Win Big?

A Demagogue Named Barack Obama: About His DNC Speech

Trump accepted his nomination with a rousing speech that included comments on Democrat ballot harvesting

These Protests Are NOT Spontaneous – They are well-trained activists using intelligent, highly developed tactics.

The Story Behind Bannon’s Arrest

August 24, 2020

Four Gas Power Plants May See Operation Extensions Due To Blackouts, Grid Issues

Trump to direct federal agencies to move into ‘Opportunity Zones’ to spur investment

I Was Wrong About Trump. He Didn’t Destroy the GOP, He Saved It

Ukrainian flagged as intel danger to Trump had extensive contact with Obama officials, memos show

Kenosha protesters, police clash in the second night of unrest, with ‘massive fires’ reported

The “Peaceful” Riots Continue – Portland burns, while the media and the Democrats fiddle

Ahead of RNC Kickoff, President Trump Releases His Official Second Term Agenda

Football Legend Herschel Walker Reveals What He’s Noticed When Trump Meets Blue-Collar Workers

Lindsey Graham to subpoena an FBI official he says misled Senate Intelligence Committee on Steele dossier

St. Louis Gun Couple Warns What Happened to Them Coming Soon to Americans Everywhere

Trumps Potential Landslide Agenda-  An optimistic President Touting a Positive Platform

Donald Trump Surprises Delegates at RNC Convention With A Surprise Visit

Trump kicks off Republican convention with a warning that Democrats are ‘using COVID to steal an election’

This FBI Lawyer’s Guilty Plea Suggests Spygate Corruption Goes Way Higher

Teachers’ Unions vs. the Poor – This will hit the disadvantaged much harder than those well-off

The CDC dropped its 14-day self-quarantine recommendation for out-of-state, international travelers

The Postmaster General Again Exposes the Democrats Blatant ‘Inaccuracies’ at Monday Hearing

A Pandemic of Socialism – The US Constitution allows no limitation of our liberty, freedom, or democracy in an emergency

WSJ: You Know, Joe Biden’s COVID Plan Sounds Awfully Familiar

Dr. Nicole Saphier: Plasma therapy a promising step in the fight against coronavirus

The Battle Against Coronavirus Fascism Could Be the Existential Fight of Our Generation

Why Reaganism’s Enduring Values Still Offer The Best Hope For America

It’s Time To Wake Up And Start Our Decoupling From China

Trump threatens to cut off economic ties with China during his second term

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg reportedly warned Trump, lawmakers about the rise of TikTok

TikTok sues Trump administration over US ban

New Jersey gym-owners have a clever workaround for governor’s vendetta


New York’s Department of Overcorrection

Portland’s dress rehearsal for revolution is now featuring a guillotine

The Alliance of Democrat Elites and the Mob – When silence leads to more violence

Armed Rioters Corner and Fire at a Police Vehicle in Wisconsin

Another Peaceful Protest: Black Lives Matter Torches Car Dealership in Wisconsin — Before and After Videos

There’s no vaccine for the rising crime in Democrat-controlled cities – Because They Have Handcuffed The Police

Clinesmith’s Guilty Plea: The Perfect Snapshot of Crossfire Hurricane’s Duplicity

Don’t Pardon Snowden – All he deserves is a fair trial — and likely a guilty verdict — should he ever return to the U.S.

Is The Walkaway Movement Growing?

MEET THE NEW MARXISM – They conquered universities, media, and corporations, now the political arena as a whole

Skepticism about the Bannon Indictment – Bannon faces  the same odds as he would have had under the Soviet judiciary

An Unhinged Leftist Assaulted a Democrat Gathering Signatures To Recall Oregon Governor

The NFL Had 77 False Positive Tests for COVID-19 from 11 Teams by the Same Lab in New Jersey

Scott Peterson’s death sentence in the murder of his pregnant wife overturned by California Supreme Court

August 23, 2020

The blithering idiocy of California’s energy policies

Democrats want to shred the gig economy as a favor to Big Labor

President Trump to speak every night of RNC this week as full lineup revealed

From DNC Irony to Parody – Are They Somehow Exempt From the Absurdities of Their Own Paradoxes?

How Did Beverly Hills Become A Hub For Conservative Rallies?

No Bump Chump: Biden Suffers Same Fate As Losers John Kerry And George McGovern In Previous Post-DNC Polls

Trump Announces Plasma Treatment Authorized by FDA for COVID-19

Turn to the Founders to Remind Ourselves of What We Stand to Lose – Let’s read The Federalist Papers from now until Election Day

California’s Proposed Wealth Tax Is a Model for America – Once they’ve eaten the rich, they’re going to eat you

Biden’s Coronavirus attacks toward Trump face a harsh reality: The worst death tolls are in Democrat-run states

Kellyanne Conway will leave her post in the White House to focus on her family

Denver Rioters Shoot Fireworks at Cops, Ravage Family-Owned Business

If 2020 seems apocalyptic, blame the Democrats – Here’s how they made it all possible

Democrats Have Taken Advantage of the Black Vote for a Long Time – Rapper Ice Cube Has Had Enough

Los Angeles jails refuse to turn 25,000 criminal illegal immigrants over to ICE

Efforts to Tie Trump to Q Intensify as Questions Mount on China, COVID, and the Democrats – Use The Links

American University Administrators Must Step Up to Fight Beijing’s Authoritarian Influence

Trump Will Reveal a Major ‘Breakthrough’ on a Therapeutic for China Virus Tonight at 6 PM Eastern

The DNC’s Tsunami of Schmaltz and Mendacit- And yet, No Bump

45 Questions the Media Should Ask Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – That They Won’t Answer

Did Biden destroy his chances when he promised to lock down the entire country?

Biden’s In Trouble: A Shrinking Lead and Being Forced to Go Public – Hiding behind a teleprompter won’t help him now

Rudy Giuliani: “He Was Not Very Smart Before He Became Incapacitated, But Now He’s Clearly Cognitively Impaired”

Five ways the Democrat convention backfired on Joe Biden and benefitted Donald Trump

The Kagan Court? Unpacking a Conservative Charge

Carter Page: ‘I was a pawn in the Democrat crusade to bring down Trump’

Live Coverage of Portland Street Battles, Reporters On The Ground

Blaming Trump While Giving Democrats a Pass on COVID – With every day there is a newer low

August 22, 2020

Saying Goodbye, Sort of, to Germany

Police Make Second Arrest in the Attack on 7-Year-Old Trump Supporter Outside of the DNC Convention

The House of Representatives passes $25B in ’emergency’ Postal Service funding and White House threatens to veto

The Illegal Alien Democrats Used To Attack Trump Was Actually Deported Under Clinton and Flagged Under Obama

Victor Davis Hanson: American soldiers leave Germany — and suddenly Germany is upset

Expert Warns America: Here’s What States May Do If You Refuse a COVID Vaccine

‘We, the People’ Have a Duty to Stop the Violence – Vote out politicians who fail to protect our cities and fellow citizens

Rose McGowan: “I Was Raped by a Top Democrat Donor – I Know More Than You Will Ever Know About Their Evil”

Did Joe Biden really deliver that speech LIVE? – PROBABLY NOT!

Trump opportunity zones raised $75B to rebuild poorest communities

Two obscenity-hurling white women steal a 7-year-old’s MAGA hat

MORE FRAUD: Arizona Counts Any Death Within 60 Days of a Positive COVID Test As a COVID Death

Zoom Educators Called The Cops On Their Virtual Student

Dr. Birx says November in-person voting should be as easy as going to Starbucks

The Cold, Hard Truth about the Post Office


August 21, 2020

Kim Klacik: What gives, Baltimore Sun editorial board?

Scott Adams: Brain-Dead Race Hoaxer Joe Biden Is The Biggest Asshole In America

Sweden’s Lead Epidemiologist: Wearing Face Masks Is “Very Dangerous”

How San Francisco’s Progressive Policies Made the Homelessness Crisis Worse

Report: Facebook Introducing a ‘Virality Circuit Breaker’ to Prevent Spread of Viral Content

Trump Ties Successes in the Middle East to Reversing Obama Actions on Iran

Joe Biden’s Mysteriously Disappearing Acceptance Speech “Dislikes” on YouTube

Somehow The Democrat Convention Skipped over the Biden–Harris Agenda

Kamala’s America? – She would nationalize California’s increasingly feudal political and economic order

Pelosi Rejects House Dem Unemployment Extension: Not Good ‘Strategically’ to Give GOP an ‘Out’

Trump Set to Spark Another Liberal Media Meltdown With His Potential Plan to Prevent Voter Fraud

‘We’re Not Going To Be Peaceful Much Longer’: Fed-Up Vet Savages City Council members on COVID Shutdown

Kamalot – The nightmarish Biden-Harris ticket is the teachers’ unions’ “dream team”

Limbaugh: Did You Hear AAny Flubs in Biden’s Speech? – The Big Question – Was It Live or Was It Taped

Ratings Continue to Crater for Protest-Filled NBA Games

A 7-yo Trump fan that was assaulted by Biden supporters gets a special call from the White House

Trump Points to Biden’s Record in Response to his DNC Convention Speech

Joe Biden’s lengthy history of fabrication, plagiarism and racial controversy

Joe Biden offers platitudes, but not policies

Dissecting Obama’s Delusional Speech at the DNC

On Reopening Schools, de Blasio Is Right

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot bans protestors—but only on her own block

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Sends Threat of Eliminating the Filibuster if Democrats Win in November

Final Day of the Democrat Pros and Cons As PR Pros Combine to Con America – And Julia Louis-Dreyfus Wasn’t Funny

AND ON THE FOURTH DAY – Joltin’ Joe Biden gave his acceptance speech

5 Things to Know About Night 4 of the Democrat National Convention

Trump’s decision to pardon Susan B. Anthony enrages leftists

The Real Reason They Want You To Hate Donald Trump

Goodyear hands a political triumph to Trump

Kamala Harris Won’t Motivate Minority Voters

Will Gretchen Whitmer’s sever lockdown hand Michigan to the GOP?

Joe Biden’s lengthy history of fabrication, plagiarism and racial controversy

The Trayvon Hoax: Are Young Blacks Weary of Being ‘Played’? – Some revealing reactions to Joel Gilbert’s new film

August 20, 2020

Wildfires, Blackouts, High Gas Prices: Californians Fight Familiar Foes Amid Pandemic

The Stench of Mendacity at the Democratic Convention – No positive suggestions, just outright hatred of President Trump

His Canceled DNC speech marks the end of Newson’s presidential dreams

Accused Portland attacker Marquise Love has a lengthy rap sheet

Limbaugh: Democrat Privilege: Clintons Go Free on Clinton Foundation and Bannon Gets Arrested on Go Fund The Wall

Pfizer COVID Vaccine on Track for Regulatory Review in October

A Pointless Quarantine – New York’s restrictions on interstate travelers are overbroad and punish New Yorkers

Limbaugh: Barack Obama Fights for Himself – Because if Trump wins in November, the investigations will go on

The ‘Plot to Change America’ is Driven by Identity Politics

Conservative Think Tank Says Big Tech May Be Violating Campaign Finance Law in Censoring Laura Loomer

California Governor Gavin Newsom Failed To Take Promised Pay Cut After Cutting State Workers’ Pay By 10 Percent

Steve Bannon pleads not guilty after indictment in ‘We Build the Wall’ case

It’s no accident that Americans are remarkably ignorant about the Wuhan virus

Sanders’ Socialist Agenda Is the Real Heart of the DNC – He’s the straw that stirs the drink

Why it Matters that Kamala Is Not a Natural Born Citizen – Your parents must be American citizens when you are born

Democrats Fully Embrace a Movement That Says It Will ‘Burn This Country Down’\

Trump Should Play the 19th Amendment Card; – The GOP fought hard for women’s suffrage, so remind people of this

Did Goodyear say that BLM is okay in the workplace, but MAGA is not?

Limbaugh: The Economy Roars Back

What Is The Stock Market Is Telling Us About The Economy

A Convicted Murderer and Rapist Speaks at The DNC

Day Three of Democrat Pros and Cons to Con America – An 18-year-old proves cooler than Obama and Hillary

Democratic National Convention Produces Bump — For President Trump!

Donald Trump regarding the Bidens: ‘It’s a Corrupt Family’

Hunter Biden to come out of hiding on last night of Democratic convention

Kamala’s Blatant Lies

Insanity Wrap #32: Liz Warren Spells Out the Marxism for You, Plus Billy Joel as Nostradamus

Obama’s DNC speech was vicious, dishonest, and mostly about Obama

August 19, 2020

The S&P 500 Returns to Record High

Ex-State Department Official ‘Destroyed’ Records At Request Of Christopher Steele

California’s Electric Grid Is Near Collapse – Do To Overreliance on Renewables While Shunning NG and Nuclear Power

Green California Has The Nation’s Worst Power Grid, By Far

Fired Oakland Police Chief Files Whistleblower Lawsuit Citing Corruption Allegations Against Police Commission

LA County seeking $20G in fines for Grace Community Church that opened amid COVID-19 restrictions

School Reopenings Linked to Union Influence and Politics, Not Safety

Victor Davis Hanson DESTROYS Michelle Obama and the Activist Journalists who Prop Up Her Lies

DECEIT CAUGHT: DNC Faked Kamala Supporters! – Used Double Images of Kamala Fans in Crowd Shot

Calling Out Democrats’ Lies at Lame Zoom Convention – Democrat leaders bungled COVID while Trump saved lives

China’s Growing Influence on Campus  – Our American academia majors in appeasement

Nobody Trusts a Country that Leads from Behind – Voters face a choice in November between two American futures

What Corporate Media Won’t Tell You About Trump’s Historic Middle East Peace Deal

Joe Biden’s mental decline is an issue on the day he’s nominated at the DNC

Attorney General Barr: More than 200 charged with federal crimes and 1,000 arrested in Operation Legend

Joe Biden couldn’t keep AOC off the stage, and he won’t keep her agenda out of the White House if he wins

Victor Davis Hanson DESTROYS Michelle Obama and the Activist Journalists who Prop Up Her Lies

“It Was All False Conspiracy Theories and Made Up Lies that Were Paid for by the Democrats”

The Democrats’ uneasy coalition is already fracturing over the DNC featuring a Palestinian anti-Semite Tuesday night

Peace Through Stability – The Israel-UAE Deal Proves That President Trump’s Foreign Policy is Working

Day Two of the Democrat Pros and Cons — As PR Pros Combine to Con America

We Can Reopen Schools if We Put Aside Politics and Look at the Science

Where Black Lives Matter Rioters Learned To Call Looting ‘Reparations’

A Devastating Trump campaign video portrays the dramatic mental decline of Joe Biden over the last few years

Democrat Attorney Confirms that Obama Actually Bragged About Using the Photos of Kids in Cages as Propaganda

Laura Loomer wins her primary in Florida – Despite Extreme Opposition From The Left

Here’s What You Missed From The Second Night Of The Democrat Convention

Postal Chaos Prompts Democrats to Rethink Their Mail-Ballot Plan

Mo Brooks: That The Postal Service is a Threat to Voting is an ‘Outright Lie,’ ‘Propaganda’ from the Democrats

Fortnite Wants to Break Up Apples Strangle Hold on Apps – This could be the corporate showdown of the decade

Iowa State professor says students ‘cannot’ submit papers with viewpoints opposing BLM, abortion

How Trump’s EPA Can End an Obama-Era Cover-Up – Obama’s EPA did awful things to farmers in the Yakima Valley

August 18, 2020

Blackouts Expose The Perils And Costs Of California’s ‘Electrify Everything’ Push

Newt Gingrich: Biden-Harris ticket will collapse between now and the election due to these 3 main factors

First Criminal Charge by Durham Casts Shadow Over Mueller Probe

Senate Intel Panel: Finds ‘Absolutely No Evidence’ of Collusion – FBI’s poor handling of the so-called Steele dossier

New Poll Reveals How Shockingly Ignorant People Are About COVID and How Damaging Media Lies Have Been

Dumpster Fire: On Night 2 of the DNC Joe Biden Hugs His Wife – Then Introduces Himself as “Joe Biden’s Husband”

5 Things to Know About Night 2 of the Democratic National Convention

Biden Individual Tax Proposals: The Largest Tax Increase Ever for the Self-Employed

The Democrat Party’s Gun Control Platform – They’re Coming for Your Guns

Kamala Harris Still Owes Over $1 Million for Failed Presidential Campaign

Queen Kamala’s Imperial Aspirations – I will give Congress 100-days to act on gun control or I will


The Kamala Coup – The Harris campaign is a conspiracy against the American people

Limbaugh: There’s No Enthusiasm for Joe Biden

HUD to Halt Evictions and Foreclosures for Nearly 8.1M owners with FHA loans

Veteran & California Business Owner Fed Up with COVID Lockdown Orders Puts County Board of Supervisors on Notice

James Woods Digs Up Perfect Answer to Michelle Obama’s Speech: Harvey Weinstein, Anyone?

Governor Distortion –  Cuomo’s speech at the DNC was used to project his own failures of onto President Trump

Fact Check: Debunking 10 Myths The Democrats Promote About the US Postal Service

Democrats’ pandemic attacks at Convention ignore Trump’s 100-plus executive actions

Timeline and list of 100 Federal Government responses to coronavirus

Senate Intel Says FBI gave ‘unjustified credence’ to Steele dossier, Russia ‘took advantage’ of Trump transition team

Trump to pardon women’s suffrage leader Susan B. Anthony posthumously

Republicans Losing the Senate Would Be a Catastrophe

“Mostly peaceful” Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters almost beat a man to death

Day One of the Democrat Con-Vention: Pros and Cons — Watching PR Pros Combine to Con America Is this what the critical Independent voters of Middle America want?

Donald Trump to Michelle Obama: I Would Not Be President Without Barack

No, Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Aren’t ‘Rockefeller Republicans’ – If anyone’s a ‘Rockefeller Republican,’ it’s Trump

Gavin Newsom admits that Democrat Green Energy mandates are driving California’s blackouts

Donald Trump Jr. blasts tech giants over Facebook and Twitter censoring of anti-Biden posts

‘The Devil and Karl Marx’: Professor exposes communist icon’s anti-Semitism and racism against blacks

Trump Vows to Set Up Tax Credits for US Firms That Shift Jobs Back From China

Dennis Prager: Everything the Left Touches It Ruins – We Can Now Add The Sciences

Trump’s Israel–UAE Deal Could Lead to Others But Could Topple Netanyahu

Obama: ‘I Make Love to Men Daily’ – Two Reason To Pursue This Issue

AP Reports Governor Cuomo Killed 11,000 New Yorkers in Nursing Homes, Not 6,000 …And It’s Likely Much Higher

When Half Of NYC’s Tax Base Leaves And Never Comes Back – They are headed for a failed state

REBELLION IN BALTIMORE – Kimberly Klacik exposes what life is like in Democrat-run cities

Why China Cannot Close Its Doors – China, Inc. must interact with and prey upon the world in order to thrive

The United Nations failed to renew the arms embargo on Iran – What does that mean, actually?

August 17, 2020

The USPS conspiracy theory is the new Russiagate

Will Biden get away with his bad record on race?

Limbaugh: An Avalanche of Bad News for Plugs as Democratic Convention Kicks Off

National Security Adviser: China Is ‘Trying To Elect’ Biden

The Politicization of COVID-19 Science Is Dangerous and Inexcusable – Why Are Doctors Being Censored on HCQ?

The Biden-Harris Levitation – Don’t buy the illusion

Trump’s Latest Hit on the Media Was Dead On – and Here’s the Proof

How Traitor John Kasich Managed to Infuriate Everyone with His DNC Antics

ANTIFA IS EVIL – Here’s some proof if you still need some

Keese Love Identified One of the Portland Rioters Who Attempted to Kill Driver

Coronavirus spikes in regions with strict lockdowns re-ignite the debate over its effectiveness

California teachers unions go all-in on tax increases

President Trump signals support for increasing 2020 election days to possible include the weekend

7 Big Stories The Mainstream Media Is Ignoring Because The Truth Might Help Trump

Portland Mob Pulls Driver from Car, Brutally Knocks Him Unconscious

The media are dangerously misleading the electorate about President Trump’s accomplishments, etc.

President Trump launches a tour to seize DNC Convention limelight from Biden

The New York Times Manipulates the FBI Lawyer’s Guilty Plea To Hide Real Spygate News

President Trump Plans Three Speeches to Remind Americans of Joe Biden’s Decades of Failure

It’s Just a Test – Concerns about the accuracy of COVID-19 tests being used are commonplace and with good reason

Cancellation of Elective Procedures Will Have Far-Reaching Consequences, Experts Say

Joe Biden’s 2020 tax plan: The key points

The Democrats’ fake narrative about the United States Postal Service

Dear NASA: Don’t Stop With Renaming The ‘Eskimo Nebula’ and Probe Uranus, Too

The USPS Trashes Vote By Mail

Why We Can’t Trust Postal Workers With Our Ballots – The two largest postal worker unions have endorsed Joe Biden

It’s Time to Roll Back the Mask Mandates, Not Ramp Them Up Ridiculously

Wall Street Wants More Fake Books Fraud from China

Experts Praise Trump’s Middle East Peace Miracle – But the Obama Gang, Radical Democrats, Turkey, and Iran Hate It

President Trump Warns NYC Mayor de Blasio: Control Violence In Your City or ‘We Will’

Some serious questions for Dr. Fauci: Why such opposition to Hydroxychloroquine?

CHART: Which States Are Hit Hardest by the Coronavirus Shutdown Crisis?

The Stockman Conviction is a Roadmap for Biden/Harris to Jail Conservative Activists

CNN Poll: Trump and Biden are Tied in 15 Battleground States

Liz Crokin: President Trump Does The Unthinkable

August 16, 2020

California Megachurch Wins in Court and Resumes Indoor Services Despite Governor Newsom’s Lockdown Order

President Trump DID NOT Vow To ‘Terminate’ Social Security As Indicated by Soros Backed Group

Portland protesters hurl rocks at police on 80th night of BLM demonstrations, riot declared & 2 officers hospitalized

READ: Pelosi’s Dishonest Letter to Her Democrat Colleagues About the USPS

Democrats want a wealth tax on people who move in or out of California

Trump and Carson reject the ultraliberal view that the federal bureaucracy should dictate where and how people live

Coronavirus restrictions complicate California’s worst power shortage in two decades

‘This is a tragedy’: Forty-nine people shot over 72 hours in New York City

‘Spygate’ figure Stefan Halper wanted to be Trump’s secretary of state, recording suggests

From a Former Teacher: Here’s How Your Children Are Getting Indoctrinated by Leftist Ideology

The Democrat Convention: Literal Lies That Will Be Delivered Virtually

17 Officers Hurt, 24 People Arrested as “Mostly Peaceful” Demonstrations Turn Violent in Chicago

Is this the leftist tactic that will drive suburban moms to Trump?

The Media Are Asleep for Sleepy Joe


What mail-in voting crisis? Nobody has to vote by mail

A Small Second Amendment Victory in California Over So-Called High-Capacity Magazines

James Comey Is In Big Trouble – He Knew Carter Page Worked for the CIA But Signed Bogus FISA Warrants Anyways

Only Reagan and Trump Understand America – What it takes for America to be successful as a country and as a society

Trump campaign plans huge digital ad buy ahead of DNC, as Biden airs the first ad with Harris

Pope Francis Appeases China — What Would John Paul II Have Done?

Kamala Harris Is the Perfect Choice for the VP Slot

Why Didn’t Kamala Harris Prosecute Abusive Priests?

Google suppresses American Thinker results on its search engine and points you toward what they want you to see

August 15, 2020

Politico: 28 Million Mail-In Ballots Went Missing in Last Four Elections

Behested payments and the specter of California corruption

Where Robocalls Hide: The Mom-and-Pop Carriers In The House Next Door

Democrat-Controlled Chicago Spent $66 Million On A Coronavirus Facility That Treated a Total of 38 Patient

Chicago Shuts Down Its Business District Overnight This Weekend Due To Continued Riots And Looting

Donald Trump Remembers ‘Best Friend’ and Brother Robert Trump After Death From A Long Non-Disclosed Illness

Newsweek Caves to the Rage Mob After Publishing an OpEd About Kamala Harris

The BIG CITY Exodus

President Trump Says He Probably Won’t Participate in Putin Iran Summit

FLASHBACK: The Obama-Biden Administration Removed Thousands of USPS Collection Boxes

Trump Says He Backs Postmaster in Uproar Over Mail Cuts – Money will not be designated for universal voting by mail

Devastating Derecho Windstorm Destroys 10M Acres of Crops, Leaves 250K in the Midwest Without Power

Where the Hell Are All the Biden Supporters In Montgomery County, Maryland?

Report: Nearly 40% of all COVID test results take so long that they’re ‘close to useless’ for contact tracing

The Real Problem with Joe Biden’s Dementia

Flynn Will Eventually Prevail, But He Stands To Lose The Mandamus Fight

Is China In Danger of Being Locked Out of the Global Financial System?

Tucker Carlson: Democrats Unwilling to Let Happiness Return to America ‘Until People Learn How to Vote Correctly’

New media journalist Millie Weaver arrested and jailed as she was about to release explosive Shadow-Gate documentary

Donald Trump Mocks Reporters Covering Joe Biden Because of No Questions Allowed Policy

They Caved: Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe Emerges Victorious in Second Amendment Fight With FBI

UN Fails to Approve Iran Arms Embargo Extension  – The US Promises ‘To Stop At Nothing to Extend It’

The China Conundrum is November’s Most Critical Issue

Hundreds of thousands of Californians face blackouts amid brutal heatwave

YouTube to end election ‘interference’ … by interfering with the free press

The Ninth Circuit issues a blockbuster Second Amendment decision

The most revealing poll of all: gun sales


Barack Obama is overtly meddling in the upcoming election

August 14, 2020

Connecting Dots in Clinesmith’s Russiagate Guilty Plea

Amazon Is Liable For Defective Third-Party Products Rules California Appellate Court

Clinesmith Criminal Plea Hints More Hoax Conspirators Will Be Charged – They penetrated the deep state wall of silence

Trump Adviser Navarro Expects 500M Vaccine Doses as Soon as Early 2021

How close is your California county to getting off of or on to the COVID-19 watch list

Deep State Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith Texted ‘Viva la Resistance’ to FBI Colleague After Trump Won

The 2020 San Francisco exodus is real and historic a report shows

Trump suggests Clinesmith guilty plea ‘just the beginning’ of Durham probe fallout

Rush Limbaugh Talks to Vice President Pence About What’s at Stake in This Election

A Kamala-led Coup Would Succeed Against Biden

9th Circuit Declares CA magazine ban on gun magazines that can hold more than ten rounds Violates 2nd Amendment

Kamala Harris Is Far Worse Than Hillary Clinton

NYPD union endorses Trump: ‘We need your strong voice across the country’

Postal Service warns most states late mail-in ballots may not arrive in time to be counted

Two million Californians go dark due to rolling blackouts and the heat is just beginning

The Israel-UAE peace deal was made in Iran – What was once unthinkable, let alone unsayable, no longer is

Dr. Fauci: There’s No Reason People Can’t Vote Safely in Person

Rise and rise of the San Francisco Democrat – Don’t believe the hype. Kamala Harris is radical and rude

AG Barr on DOJ’s Russian Collusion Origins Probe: A New ‘Development’ Will Drop Today

Trump Was Right: Rioters Tear Down George Washington Statue at L.A. City Hall

Kamala Harris’s troubling record as California’s attorney general – Accused of using justice as a political weapon

IT’S ON: John MacArthur Sues Newsom for Banning Church While Encouraging Protests


Donald Trump Plans to Give Republican National Convention Speech at White House

Cannon Hinnant Is a Victim of Systemic Racism – Don’t expect any murals for this little 5-year old boy

Chart: Jobless Claims Fall Below 1 Million for the First Time Since March COVID Shutdown

Kamala Has Already Struck Out – Bottom line: Biden in hiding while Kamala is untouchable

Do Face Masks Actually Protect Anyone?

APPLE HAS FINALLY MET ITS FORTNITE MATCH – Apple’s walled garden gets an epic test

August 13, 2020

Speaker Pelosi, You’re Trying To Rewrite History, But We’re Not as Dumb as You and Hillary Think

Barr teases a Friday ‘development’ in Durham probe, says investigation won’t be ‘dictated to’ by the election

The UAE-Israel deal is a triumph – The usual suspects will minimize this breakthrough

The DOJ Seizes Millions in Cryptocurrency From Major Terror Groups

Watch Out for the New Censors

Why It Should Matter to Women That Kamala Harris Slept Her Way Up

Representative Devin Nunes: Obama and Biden Knew About Spying on the Trump Campaign

The Truth About San Francisco – A nightmare of homelessness, addiction, crime, and violence

President Trump Turns the Tables on the Civil Rights Commission With Appointment of J. Christian Adams

Netanyahu Praises Israel-UAE Peace Deal: ‘Historic Moment of Breakthrough for Peace’

Reagan Speechwriter: Biden Just Plagiarized From Reagan – There he goes again

Trump announces a ‘Historic Peace Agreement’ between Israel the United Arab Emirates

The White House Calls on Congress to Appropriate $105 Billion to Assist the Safe Reopening of Schools

Jobless claims fall to 963,000, ending a 20-week streak of claims above a million

Insanity Wrap #27: Wisconsin Orders Masks for Zoom Calls, Then There’s CNN’s Biden/Harris Switcharoo

Another Democrat caves: New Jersey’s governor re-opens schools and gets flak from the teachers’ unions

Kamala Harris: Advocate for Injustice –  She positions herself as a criminal-justice reformer, but her record doesn’t hold up

Kamala Harris Stopped Cooperating with Sex Abuse Victims and Failed To Prosecute Accused Clergy

New Hunter Biden Burisma documents revealed…

Joe and Kamala, the Demagogic Duo – The debut of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was marked by audacious lies

USDA finds noxious weeds and bug larva in unsolicited seeds sent to US citizens from China

Big Tech’s Double Standards That Allow Islamist Hate Speech

California is on the verge of driving another business out of the state

Trump Confronts the Chinese Regime’s Technological Invasion – Chinese apps are used to spy on and hack Americans

At least 3% of COVID-19 deaths involve injury, poisoning, or other adverse events, CDC says

August 12, 2020

Kamala Harris is an ‘anchor baby.’ Is she a natural-born citizen?

Kamala Harris Brings Gun Confiscation Support To The Democrat Presidential Ticket

Kamala Harris’ Wikipedia Page Scrubbed And Her Prosecutorial Record Was Wiped Out

Ron Johnson says some committee Republicans blocking Comey, Brennan subpoenas

Could mass testing for COVID-19 do more harm than good? – The drawbacks of false-positive results can be substantial

Radical ‘Youth Liberation Front’ Active In Portland Encourages Violence, Explicitly Rejects Peaceful Protesting

Kamala Harris’s Former Press Secretary Is the Face of Twitter Censorship

Donald Trump Promotes V-Shaped Economic Recovery During Coronavirus Pandemic

Documents Reveal Mandatory Taxpayer-Funded “White Male” Re-Education Seminar at Sandia Labs

Facebook’s “Fact Checker” Rates Another True Statement False

It says a lot that Biden chose Kamala, and none of what it says is good

Chicago Leader Says Mayor Lightfoot ‘Has Lost the Confidence of the City’

No, Kamala Harris Isn’t A ‘Moderate’ — She’s A Radical Threat To America and one heartbeat away from the Oval Office

Chart: How Popular Is Kamala Harris With Democrats?


Mail-in Voting and the Future of American Democracy – States aren’t verifying that only eligible citizens can vote

Kamala Harris Is Certainly Not a Moderate

Pro-Trump Political Ad: ‘Joe Biden Has A Racism Problem’

A Public Health Doctor’s 10,000-Foot Take on COVID-19 – It’s All Political

Inside California Democrats’ Hard Work To Deny The Poor, Middle Class, And Minorities An Education

Kamala Harris, for entertainment value

Willie Brown admits it: Kamala Harris slept her way to the top

Kamala Did Not Quite Sleep Her Way to the Top – Only to a major state office that now has brought her just underneath

Biden VP pick Harris promoted group that put up bail for alleged violent criminals

The Massive Surge In Crime With Ongoing Riots And Looting is Causing New Yorkers To Flee The City In Droves

Are Today’s Leftists Truly Marxists?

Chauvin, Lane, Kueng, and Thao: The George Floyd Fall Guys – They acted entirely according to their training

August 11, 2020

Record Numbers Are Renouncing Their U.S. Citizenship

China uses facial recognition to control human behavior – Anything is fair game for public shaming and punishment

Kamala Harris’s Relentless Pursuit of Power – There is no power Harris has held that she hasn’t abused

Kamala Harris More Liberal Than Bernie Sanders, Senate Record Analysis Shows

The Trump campaign blasts ‘phony’ Kamala Harris in an ad that says Biden’s pick reflects an ‘extreme agenda’

Michelle Obama Suggests the COVID Pandemic Should Make America Rethink ‘How Wealth Is Distributed’

Rundown Of What Happened In The Latest Court Hearing On Michael Flynn’s Case –  An expedited ruling is likely

Chinese Virologist Claims Coronavirus Derived From ‘Zhoushan Bat Virus’…Implicates Fauci In Coverup For China

Black Man Executes 5-Year-Old Boy Riding His Bike in Front of His Two Sisters – Mainstream is Media Mum on This

Biden Picks Kamala As Running Mate and toes the line between Beltway credentials and progressive identity politics

Flashback: Kamala Harris Said She Believes Joe Biden’s Accusers, “I Believe Them”

Unions Above the Law – In states like Illinois, police reform won’t happen as long as public-employee contracts trump legislative authority

The Thin Veneer of American Civilization Is Crumbling – The seeds of destruction were planted long ago

Forced Isolation Makes Huge Power Grabs Possible –  Social controllers are using COVID as a sort of obedience school

Trump-haters now realize there are things worse than Trump

The Stalled coronavirus relief negotiations hit a new obstacle: Aid To States

Why Democrats Have Started To Cave On Reopening Schools

Donald Trump: China will “own” the United States if former Vice President Joe Biden wins the presidency in 2020

The Democrat National Committee Announces Speaker Schedule for Convention

Last-minute identity politics battles consume Biden VP selection speculation

GOOD NEWS! Stanford’s Dr. Scott Atlas Added to Coronavirus Task Force – He Believes in Science Not Fear Tactics

Socialist New York Staggers Toward Default – Businesses and the wealthy flee as progressives’ fiscal solutions are driving the city bankrupt


Portland Antifa Rioters Injure Police After Returning to Station They Previously Tried to Burn Down

Seattle’s Police Chief Carmen Best’s Resignation Email Shows She’s the Adult in the Room

Joe Biden’s War on Independent Contractors Will Devastate Millions of Americans

Trump’s approval rate among black likely voters hits 36% in Rasmussen poll

Don Surber: Trump will take 37 states even with mail fraud voting

The Mainstream Media Is at the Point of No Return – And Here Are The Numbers To Prove It

The Choice in 2020: President Trump Who Created the GREATEST Economic Recovery EVER vs. Joe Biden Who Was Behind the WORST Economic Recovery Since the Great Depression

New York’s true nursing home death toll is cloaked in secrecy

Hidin’ Biden – Can the media persuade America to vote for “Landslide Joe”?

Looting in Chicago should be viewed as reparations, BLM rally organizer reportedly says

Debates Will Be Biden’s Undoing – They will destroy his campaign whether he shows up or not

Trump accuses Obama admin of ‘probably treason,’ says Rice ‘potential liability’ for Biden

Cuomo is pulling out all stops to avoid responsibility on NY’s massive COVID nursing home death count

Janice Dean was told New York Senate Majority ‘uncomfortable’ with her testifying on nursing home deaths

President Trump: ‘The Last Thing I’m Thinking About’ After Coronavirus Is a Phase Two China Deal

Kroger launching web marketplace rivaling Walmart and Amazon

California Plans to Socialize Wholesale Internet Pricing via Net Neutrality

August 10, 2020


Speaker Pelosi Says the Quiet Part Out Loud: “China Would Prefer Joe Biden”

The New York Times and Washington Post staffers spent the weekend publishing falsehoods and misrepresentations

FBI spy Stefan Halper foretold Michael Flynn’s fall, ex-student says

Blueprint for a Pacifist, Socialist Republic – Democrats committed to a far more radical socialist platform than ever before

An Affront to Civil Society – Letitia James’s proposal to dissolve the NRA, a nonprofit organization, is alarming

Senator Melendez Introduces Bill To End Newsom’s State Of Emergency Powers

Pompeo: It’s No Surprise China Doesn’t Want Trump Re-elected

Charts: A Third Of Americans Unwilling To Get Covid-19 Vaccine

Gavin Newsom: California Can’t Afford to Pay for Extra Unemployment Benefits

Trump says Schumer, Pelosi ‘now want to meet to make a deal’ on coronavirus relief

Prosecutors, Many Backed By George Soros Cash, Implement Soft-On-Crime Policies Across America

Uber, Lyft Ordered By Superior Court To Reclassify All Drivers As Employees

T-Shirt Company Refuses to Bow to Antifa, Even After Getting Smeared as ‘Fascist’

Here’s why Pelosi and Schumer are so unhappy – President Trump understands the urgency and political hardball

The race to distribute vaccine is in danger without winning the public’s trust, researchers say

Bad news for teachers’ unions: U.K. mega-study shows that opening schools brought almost no COVID risk

Attorney General Barr: The Media helped create the ‘doomsday scenario’ for abuse of government power

Trump boxed Democrats into a corner on help for the unemployed

Portland Mob Floods Residential Area, Threatens People in Their Own Homes

When Obama cut the payroll tax, Pelosi loved it

National Bureau of Economic Research Study: Local spending to drop as much as 44% if unemployment boost expires

Biden’s Veep Choice Matters – Would “Dementia Joe” be allowed more than a year in office?

Lockdowns Never Again: Sweden Was Right, and We Were Wrong – Sweden never went into a complete lockdown

My Money Is on the President and that History will repeat itself

What We Learned Sunday From Spygate Insider Steven Schrage About Carter Page and Stefan Halper

Senator Ron Johnson subpoenas FBI Director Christopher Wray in Crossfire Hurricane investigation

The Left’s Dystopian Realities – This year they’ve re-materialized with a horrid vengeance

GOP and the Black Vote: Could This Finally Be the Year?

Chicago rocked by widespread looting caught on video after police-involved shooting – Nordstrom, Walgreens and Macy’s

China’s counter-sanctions avoid top Trump aides; Ted Cruz, Rubio targeted

Should Motorists Run Over Anarchists at Hasty Roadblocks?

August 9, 2020

Where does Governor Gavin Newsom stand on Proposition 13 split roll?

Who or What Exactly Is Running Against Trump?

Attorney General Barr: The US is facing a new form of ‘urban guerrilla warfare’ driven by the Left’s ‘lust for power’

The Singularity Is Near – Which Way Will America Go?

Police Warn ‘Portland Is Lost’ if ‘Failing’ Mayor and DA Don’t Stop the Riots

Hunter Biden’s $450,000 Tax Debt Mysteriously ‘Resolved’ Despite His Having No Discernible Income

The White House Weighs a Bill in Response to Big Tech on Their Censoring of Free Speech

Lindsey Graham: Memo Shows FBI Lied To Senate About Dossier Source

Trump payroll tax executive order likely worth $1,200 per worker

President Trump’s Triumphant End Run Around The Democrats

A Solution for This Week’s Mystery Announcement By President Trump

BRILLIANT: Trump Forces Democrats to Oppose His COVID Relief Executive Orders

California eyes 11 police reform laws after George Floyd’s death

They Are Pro-Trump and boldly showing it in Beverly Hills

Anti-Trumpers Are Spouting Radical Ideas for the 2020 Election

HUGE MISTAKE: Antifa Shows Up at Pro-Police Rally in Ft. Collins And It Did Not End Well for the Domestic Terrorists

Biden’s Constant Verbal Blunders Have Got Some People On The Left Worried

The GOP has a powerful new Biden v. Biden campaign video

Where Is Joe Biden’s Brain? – His Cognitive Errors Are On The Increase

Mike Pence on how Biden can dispel public unease about his cognitive decline: ‘Square up’ and debate Trump

The ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Rioters Break Into the Portland Police Union for Third Time and Light It On Fire… Again

After Burning Police Union, Portland Rioters Threaten Nearby House: ‘We’re Gonna Burn Your Building Down’


Human Resources and Cancel Culture – HR policies feed a growth industry of diversity hucksters

August 8, 2020

6 Questions An Honest, Intelligent Reporter Would Ask Dr. Fauci About COVID-19

New York City Democrat Councilman Thanks Trump for Raising Awareness About Hydroxychloroquine After the Drug ‘Saved’ Him

Sturgis draws thousands: Harleys everywhere, masks nowhere

Here’s what’s in President Trump’s four coronavirus relief executive orders?

The Man Who Wasn’t There – Joe Biden doesn’t make gaffes, He is a gaffe

RUMORS ARE SWIRLING: President Trump’s Recent Actions Indicate Something HUGE Is About to Drop

New York City moms are fleeing the Upper West Side because of crime and chaos

Law-Abiding Californians Still Under Lockdown Restrictions While 18,000 Convicts To Be Released By The End of August

Silence Of The Front-Row Witnesses – Where are the academics, elites, media folks, and others?

‘Americans Should Be Concerned’: National Security Adviser O’Brien Issues Warning About China

Should Judge Sullivan Be Disqualified from Flynn Case? An Appeals Court Is Asking

Antifa Rioters With Shields, Body Armor Turn Residential Portland Into a War Zone

Pandemic Relief Talks Implode as Democrat and Republican Negotiators Walk Away Without a Deal

President Trump Announces a Forthcoming Coronavirus Relief Executive Order

Gallup Poll: One-Third of Americans Would Not Get a Coronavirus Vaccine

This Election Is a Choice between Freedom and Slavery, Good and Evil

The Left’s Border Wall Legal Strategy Is Failing

I’m Boycotting Professional Sports Leagues That Endorse Phony Black Lives Matter, And You Should, Too

Jeff Bezos’ Propaganda Rag/Newspaper Praises Communist China

President Trump wittily shuts down a snarky reporter

Trump: ‘Progresista = Socialista’ – He’s right: with Biden as Democrat nominee, socialism is not off the table in 2020

Schools shocker: 6 possible reasons why New York Democrats Cuomo and Schumer suddenly support reopening schools


A 7-year-old boy in Georgia died ‘from COVID-19’? – Media leaving out key details about seizure and fall in the shower

The First Perfect Generation – The Advantage of Wokeness: Being morally superior to everyone who has ever lived

It’s Time to Unfriend a Few Countries – False friendships and free-riding are more trouble, and money, than they’re worth

China is licking its chops for another slice of Tajikistan — and a side of Japan

August 7, 2020

WATCH as “Dementia Joe” Biden tries to explain how he will approach China

Debunking The Myth That Lockdowns Stop Pandemics

It’s Time For Fauci (and Birx) to Exit Left Stage – The sell-by date of their usefulness has expired

Who Elected Twitter and Facebook to Censor Speech?


Trump Makes Cryptic Remark at Ohio Speech: “I Have a Lot of Rich Enemies…This May Be the Last Time You’ll See Me for a While”

Joe Biden Reveals What Will Become of Border Wall If He Wins – You Guessed It, SHUT IT DOWN

Portland Mayor Worried About Riots in His City Because They Could Benefit Trump

BLM protesters threaten to harass district attorney at his Templeton home if he doesn’t drop charges

President Trump: ‘We Have Rejected Globalism and Embraced Patriotism’

The Collapse of the Traditional American Family

President Trump to Suspend Payroll Tax Until End of 2020

Trump Working on Health Insurance Executive Order on Coverage for Preexisting Conditions

The doctor who tested Trump sounds off: Where’s the liberal media on Biden’s cognitive test?

Nearly 20k fake U.S. driver’s licenses from China confiscated at Chicago airport – Big time election interference?

Trump Calls Press Conference ‘A Peaceful Protest’ When Attendees Are Accused Of Not Following Distancing Guidelines

New York Democrat Chuck Schumer admits schools have to open or the economy won’t recover

Half a million incorrect absentee ballot applications sent across Virginia, including to dead people

Photo surfaces showing TikTok executives posing with the Chinese Communist Party flag

California’s High-speed rail became a boondoggle when politicians changed it to Low-speed rail

Stimulus Package Negotiations on the Verge of Collapse as Talks Break Down

Joe Biden, Susan Rice, and Seal Team Six – Loose Lips Sink Ships

What Caused AG Barr to Ask His FBI Detail to Make ‘A Quick U-Turn’ While Driving Through Virginia

Biden again lets out his inner racist – Because people suffering from dementia  lose their filter

Republicans hopeful Trump-Biden race beginning to tighten

California Energy Prices Continue to Rise Higher Than Other States

California establishes in-person voting rules amid coronavirus

The Portland Mayor Finally Admits Violent Riots Aren’t the Same as ‘Peaceful Protests,’ After 68 Nights of Unrest

Nancy Pelosi, mistress of drivel – What mostly comes out of her mouth is a lie or at least a monstrous bending of the truth

TikTok’s Parent Company Employs Chinese Communist Party Members in Its Highest Ranks

President Trump Widens China Tech Attack, Ordering Bans on TikTok and WeChat

Bad medicine: Fauci’s Hydroxychloroquine Waterloo – Countries that used it are doing much better

‘Mask mouth’: Dentists coin new term for the smelly side effect of wearing a mask constantly

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates’ Testimony Showed She’s Either Ignorant Or Lying About Russiagate

Has the pushback against the Democrat’s overreach begun?

The Shadow of Dukakis Looms Over Biden – His lead is shrinking as questions about his fitness for office multiply

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – US Added 1.76 Million New Jobs in July Showing the US Is In Its Greatest Recovery Ever

Never has a virus been so oversold

More Proof that the COVID Pandemic in Florida Is a Scare Tactic

Biden Insults Black Americans — Again –  African-Americans are not diverse — unlike Latinos, he says

August 6, 2020

Masks do not work, – Period

The FDA & The War Over Hydroxychloroquine (HC)

How Obama is clearing the VP field for Susan Rice

Nevada Democrats’ Shocking Midnight Run on Election Integrity

Trump signs executive order to boost U.S. drug manufacturing

Elon Musk says Tesla headquarters could still move out of California

CalPERS Investment Chief with ‘Long and Cozy Relationship with Communist China’ Resigns

Biden’s Pretend Campaign – Democrats are all still singing from the same song sheet. But they won’t win this way

Limbaugh: Democrat Operatives at Facebook and Twitter Take Down Trump Video on Kids and Coronavirus

The US Government Lifts COVID International Travel Warning for the First Time in 4 Months

The New York Primary ‘Mess’ Seen as an Omen for Big Problems With Mail-In Voting in November

Chart: The Current Status of Mail-In Voting in Each State

Europe’s Top Health Officials Say Masks Aren’t Really Helpful in Beating COVID-19

Judge calls for Assange testimony in a civil suit against Fox News over Seth Rich murder article about DNC hacking

Joe Biden: Latinos have ‘incredibly different’ attitudes, unlike black Americans

Joe Biden Tries to ‘Clarify’ Remarks About African Americans; No Apology

Ex-Colleagues See Durham Dropping His Bombshell Report Before Labor Day

The World’s Worst Idea – Why socialism will not die

Top Democrats contemplate civil war if Biden loses, yet the media only talks about Trump not accepting the result

California ups early inmate release estimate amid objections

Most Americans Are Scared Stiff To Talk Politics……… But Why?

Neither Candidate Trump nor His Campaign Ever Got a ‘Defensive Briefing’

U.S. weekly jobless claims total 1.186 million, the lowest level of the coronavirus pandemic

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Outlines Broad Strategy Against Threat Posed by China’s Technology

Survey Finds Black Americans’ Views on Police Don’t Fit the Left’s Narrative

Fauci: ‘You don’t have to lock down again’: A second economic shutdown isn’t needed

Not All Social Gatherings Are Equally Risky for COVID Outbreak

California’s growing virus data collection headache

75 Years Later, It’s Clear Truman Was Right To Drop The Atomic Bomb on Japan

Whistleblower Dr. Yan Limeng Exposes the Chinese Communist Party’s COVID-19 Coverup

Do Voter ID Laws Actually Result in Disenfranchisement?

PBS Challenged Speaker Pelosi Over Coronavirus Relief… Then A Meltdown Ensued

Biden’s refusal to take a cognitive test proves he needs one

Who Killed George Floyd? – Minnesota’s AG should pay attention to the available evidence, which is incontrovertible

Massive International Study Shows Countries with Early HCQ Use Had 79% Lower Mortality Rate

Liberals: Always The Victims, Never The Bullies

That Creepy Old Weirdo In The Basement Will Never Debate Trump

Facebook and Twitter censor a Trump campaign post on children and coronavirus

The Twitter Staffer Who Announced Trump Censorship Used to Work for Kamala Harris…

The Cancer of the Media – The root cause is their blinding liberalism

Sally Yates throws James Comey under the bus – Clearly, she and others are protecting much bigger fish

Sally Yates is probably ‘on the very short list’ for AG in a Biden administration, Ian Prior says

State and Local Governments Need Some Tough Love From Uncle Sam – Instead of spoiling them with $1 trillion in the proposed stimulus package

Joe Biden, the very definition of an empty suit

The Beirut Blast Is A Reminder That Hezbollah Has Ruined Lebanon

Take the Mail-In Ballot Challenge: Send Me Your Cash!

August 5, 2020

California Governor Newsom Threatens Parents with Penalties for Hiring Tutors To Teach Their Students At Home

Over 80,000 mail-in ballots disqualified in NYC primary mess

The Financial Power of California’s Government Unions – Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on politics

Joe Biden Is Absolutely the Vehicle for the Communist Takeover of the Democrat Party

The Three Perils Threatening the United States of America

Journalist Warns Congress Antifa Plans to Spread Violence Across America

Five Facts Contradict Karen Bass’s Claim That She Is ‘Not a Communist’

Don’t Cancel School – Prolonged closures are their own crisis

Los Angeles Will Shut Off Power & Water to Homes That Throw Large Parties – Is This Really Happening?

Newly Released George Floyd Body Cam Footage Should Make Keith Ellison Nervous

Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit Over ‘Hasty Changes’ to Nevada Election Laws

The Heritage Foundation: A Sampling of Recent Election Fraud Cases from Across the United States

Yates Testimony: Comey went ‘rogue’ with Flynn interview

Joe Biden won’t travel to Milwaukee for 2020 DNC because of Coronavirus concerns

Trump calls for the first presidential debate to be moved up due to early, mail-in voting

Donald Trump: Black Lives Matter is a ‘Marxist Group’ that Is Not Good for Our Country

Partisan eruptions at Antifa hearing leave witnesses doubtful Congress will act

San Francisco is crawling with drugs, but their DA shows more concern for dealers than citizens

Trump Could Accept GOP Nomination at the White House

Joe Biden Lashes Out Black Reporter, Asks if He’s a Junkie After He Is Asked if He’ll Take Cognitive Test

Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers Rely on Voters Not Hearing Him Speak

How a California Church and Legal Heavyweights Are Bucking Governor Newsom’s Coronavirus Infringement

Understanding COVID-19 death rates and their relationship to population density

COVID and the Red States

Sweden’s COVID-19 strategy is already paying off – Alone among the world’s developed economies, Sweden didn’t go into full lockdown

The Chinese Economic Threat – Liberal democracies need to unite against China’s ever-expanding economic influence

A Vaccine Is on the Way – Not surprisingly, American companies are showing how it’s done

The FBI Raids a US Company with Ties to a Ukrainian Bank Tied to Hunter Biden’s Burisma that Lost Billions in IMF and US Funds

Densely populated cities are the lifeblood of the Democrat party – So maybe the suburbs are a winning issue after all

The U.S. Fights the Communist Chinese Party’s Infiltration of Higher Education

The Washington Post’s CCP propaganda puff piece points to normalized communism in American youth

The Leftist Effort to Revise American History

Infiltrating And Co-Opting The Deep State For The Common Good

Oprah Coaches White People on How to Navigate ‘Unconscious’ Racism on Apple TV Show – WOW!

Trump Hosts Swearing-In of General Charles Brown Jr., First Black Service Chief

Requiem for the University – A brilliant professor’s famed “Hitler lecture” would not fly today

A psychiatric journal made a big mistake about transgender surgery – 3 People, NOT 2,679 as indicated

Why Progressive Activists Want to Silence the Truth About Climate Change

August 4, 2020

Pure Madness in Melbourne

What or Who Decides This Election?

Trump tells Dobbs they’ve caught Obama, Biden on SPYING, ‘breathtaking’ what was found, BEYOND what we thought

Limbaugh: The Case-Fatality Rate Chart That Backs Up Trump’s “Positive Thinking” On COVID-19

The Case for Masks Has Taken Another Body Blow

Democrats Threaten Huge Retaliation if Trump Appoints a Supreme Court Justice in 2020

Chart: Major American Cities See Sharp Spike In Murders

Why George Floyd Died – George Floyd is dead today almost entirely because of George Floyd

Facebook’s Supposed Neutral Fact-Check Board Gets a Lot of ‘Likes’ From George Soros

How Much Do You Really Know About COVID-19? Take This Quiz And See

Why Isn’t ‘Cancel Culture’ Canceling Corporations?

Mark Levin Sounds the Alarm Over ‘Totalitarian Purification Process’ After Arrest of Conservatives For Message In Chalk

This is a must-watch, but only if you plan on voting in November 2020

Enough: Pence rips Andrew Cuomo’s criticism, reminds 1 in 5 coronavirus deaths are in New York

NYC health commissioner quits, citing Bill de Blasio’s failures on coronavirus

The Shame of the Teachers’ Unions – Fighting for teachers to get paid for not working, and placing children’s well-being and education low on their list of priorities

If you’re wondering about racism in America, watch this condensed video

Self-Hate Is A Mental Sickness

What or Who Will Decide This Election? – The Virus – The Lockdowns/Quarantines – The Economy – The Riots

The SWAT team that caught Boston Marathon bomber disbanded – Former police commissioner warns of the rising domestic terrorism threat

Rioters Assault Police Officers in Portland During Another Night of Unrest

Limiting Gun Rights While Defunding Police Is a Recipe for Disaster

Donald Trump’s Visa Worker Reform Are Just The ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

Trial Lawyers Are Looking Forward to a $100 Billion Coronavirus Jackpot

Illegal aliens and the Census: Trump Drops The Other Shoe

Joe Biden Is Not A Nice Guy – A close look at his first presidential campaign demolishes his facade of decency

Ivanka Trump and AG Barr to Host Roundtable Unveiling DOJ Housing Grants for Human Trafficking Survivors

The Real Reason Democrats Are Pushing For Mail-In Ballots – They don’t have to cheat in the casting of ballots. They simply don’t have to count certain ballots at all

Poll: Americans Are Still Delaying Medical Care as the Virus Rages

Mayor Demands Fire Department Remove Their Show of Support For The Police Department

Nancy Pelosi Stands with Anti-Semites

NY Health Commissioner Won’t Provide Numbers for Elderly Who Went from Nursing Homes and then Died in Hospitals

Obama kiss of death: Not every candidate thrilled to have that supposedly prized Obama endorsement

Coronavirus Rules Don’t Apply to Sharpton’s 100,000 Racists March In Washington D.C.

Islam’s Heavenly Whores: Jihad’s Biggest Motivator

August 3, 2020

Americans Excoriate Media in New Poll That Shows How Far Reputation Has Fallen

California’s Assembly Bill 5 is destroying local news outlets

Trump Approval Soaring, Voter Enthusiasm Outstripping That of Biden Supporters

Governor Newsom’s ‘Chronically Delinquent’ Property Taxes and Unreported Income Must Be Investigated

Study Shows COVID-19 Patients Receiving Hydroxychloroquine See Death Rates Cut in Half

Stanford’s Dr. Scott Atlas: ‘Stopping COVID-19 Cases Is Not The Appropriate Goal’

Have we passed peak Biden? – The public is now focused principally on the economy — which is good news for Trump

California Has Lost A Greater Share Of Revenue Than Most States Due To COVID-19

Trump vows legal action over Nevada mail-in voting plan

Police Bodycam Footage of George Floyd Arrest Leaks

Love him or hate him, Elon Musk is enjoying a spectacular run

Far-Left Ninth Circuit Court Blocks Logging Project in a Burned-Out Part of California Forest

Why the US assassination of Iran’s top general didn’t spark a war

8 Democrat Myths William Barr Debunked Between Deliberate Interruptions

The Policing Crisis in New York City – The city is sinking into lawlessness, and de Blasio blathers on about ‘sensitivity.’

Dan Bongino Drops A Truth Bomb About Joe Biden

What the Silence Over Bill Clinton’s Alleged Visit to Epstein’s Pedophile Island Tells us About the Acela Media

The Mainstream Media Is Silent As Their Christopher Steele ‘Hero’ ‘Spymaster’ Narrative Crumbles

Nevada Democrats push mail-in voting and ballot harvesting through State Assembly on a strict party-line vote

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise: Democrat Coronavirus Relief Bill Is the ‘No Liberal Cause Left Behind Act’

Wrecking the American Dream – Yes, suburbanites, Democrats plan to destroy your community

Obama Endorses Manipulating History For Political Ends

Trump Rips Nevada’s Vote-by-Mail Plan: ‘It’s an Illegal Late Night Coup’

San Francisco Is Seeing A Coronavirus Spike Despite Doing Everything ‘By the Book’

China and Iran: Axis of Evil 2.0 – Cold War Two has just become colder

China Is Trying to Steal Data From US Government and You

Born This Way – If you’re born with a cervix, you’re a woman

August 2, 2020

After Mayor de Blasio Disbands Anti-Crime Unit, Shootings in New York Skyrocket

The city family is a Machiavellian tragedy-  As the FBI picks off his protégés, will Willie Brown’s luck finally run out?

Police Release Footage of Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting That Sparked Protests, Shows Exactly Why Officers Acted

Raw Video of Portland Federal Courthouse Destruction

The New Old Obama – Why is he reemerging with greater frequency now? There are a few reasonable suppositions

Don Jr. asks Damning Question About Bill Clinton and “Epstein Island” that Nobody Else Has Brought Up

‘Wary’ Teachers Now Opposed to Both Online and In-Person Classes, Threaten To Strike

Seattle Suicide – They are now advising its citizens how to surrender more effectively to criminals

After Flynn unmaskings, U.S. intel won’t answer whether agencies spy on Congress

How Olivia de Havilland and Ronald Reagan Beat the Hollywood Communists

Roger Stone Provides Evidence that Corrupt and Dishonest Democrat Eric Swalwell Lied To AG Bill Barr

Marathon Bomber Sentence Reduced Due to Jury Bias But Judge Jackson Ignored Same Jury Bias in Roger Stone Case

Portland sees 150-rounds shot at apartment building as crowds continue violent clashes with police

Nigel Farage: The British Government is Burying ‘Their Heads in the Sand’ on Illegal Migration

Understanding the gravity of the Russia Hoax – It isn’t just an “inside politics” thing that ultimately doesn’t matter

Feds and Yale Are Holding Clinical Trials on How Best to Persuade Americans to Take Fauci-Gates COVID-19 Vaccines

It’s Only August: Rest, Fall Will Get Even Crazier – Democrats know they have a losing candidate heading their ticket

A California Church Defies Governor Newsom’s Shutdown Mandate

Susan Rice’s ‘Benghazi baggage,’ F-bombs would make her ‘lightning rod’ as Biden VP pick, WP writer claims

Does Anyone Have the Courage to Indict Obama? – Head of a family just like the Mafia. Call it the Obama Crime Family

The woke mobsters at the New York Times have even more demands

Election Interference: Twitter Just Censored a Doctor, Public Health Expert, and GOP Chairwoman

Washington D.C. should be Washington D.S., for Double Standards

August 1, 2020

I Looked Up What Happened When Sweden Refused To Shut Down – They Were Right, We Were Wrong

Susan Rice Lied About Benghazi. She Also Lied Under Oath About Knowledge of FBI’s Russia Collusion Investigation

Overnight Riot Report, Austin Texas Edition: Police Don’t Even Wait for the Sun to Go Down, Use Horses Effectively

Former Clinton Admin Official: Biden Should Not Debate Trump Because It Will Help Trump

Report Finds 250 US Collaborators with “Chinese Military-Tied” Researchers

The CDC Director Says ‘It Is in the Public Health Interest’ to To Reopen Schools for K-12 Students

Democrats Add a Plank to the Party Platform That Would Destroy the Federal Judiciary As We Know It

GOP Appears Ready to Cave on $600-a-Week Unemployment Benefit

“I’m Won’t Be Silenced!” – Doctor Stella Immanuel Doubles Down – When Was the Last Time Dr. Fauci Saw a Patient?

Antifa Mob Reportedly Leaves Gruesome and Bloody Message Outside Portland Police Bureau

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Sees 139 Percent Increase in Murder

The Largest Florida Police Union Votes Unanimously To Endorse Trump: Tired of Being a Punching Bag for the Left

Community Rallies Behind Pizza Joint After Woman Tries To Cancel It for Flying Trump Flag

DEADLY WEAPONS: The DOJ Releases Pics of Weapons Seized from Portland Riots; Includes Molotov Cocktails

Obama emerges as Biden’s Wing Man, or more Accurately Hatchet Man hatchet man

Fauci Shreds Media Narrative, Admits President Trump’s COVID Response Saved Lives

Daniel Halper reacts after release of Ghislaine Maxwell documents: ‘How entrapped is Bill Clinton in this investigation?’

New Disclosures Confirm: Trump Himself Was the Target of Obama Administration’s Russia Probe

The New Ten Commandments – Sadly

China’s Predatory Industrial Policy – Their favorite game is Monopoly

The obvious fact everyone is overlooking about the Portland riots – A building can’t move, but Protesters can

New Evidence: Key Fans Unhappy With Sports Leagues Kowtowing to Black Lives Matter

The Chicago Gun Myth – The tragically incompetent mayor of Chicago blames interlopers for its spiking murder rate

With Herman Cain’s death, Maxine Waters again shows her mean lack of class

THE WEEK IN PICTURES: BARR NONE EDITION – There are some real keepers this week

Boston Marathon bombing survivors react after convict’s death sentence overturned: ‘He needs to die’

July 31, 2020

Third poll shows close race, Biden 50%, Trump 46%, yet 53% think Trump will win

Karen Bass’s Long March from Communist Fringe to Biden’s VP Shortlist

Black Lives Matter Founder: The DNC Platform Must Call for Defunding The Police and Abolishing ICE

Insane: Seattle Moves to Abolish Entire Police Force

The Left cannot afford to be outed as the cause of the chaos. The middle would reelect Trump

Scrapping the filibuster is likely if Democrats win the Senate majority, opening up a liberal agenda

Senator Cotton Presses Google CEO over Election Interference Revelations

SCOTUS Just Gave President Trump’s Border Wall a Nice Assist

Voters believe ‘progressive’ violence will follow if Trump wins – Just 38% think conservatives will erupt if Biden prevails

3 Factors Are Massively Inflating COVID’s Fatality Count. Trump Needs to Appoint a Commission to Find Out the Truth

A Watchdog Group Nails Andrew Cuomo for Cover Up of Number of Nursing Home Deaths In New York

Boston Bomber Has Death Sentence Overturned By Appeals Court

Trump Says He Will Ban TikTok Due To Security Concerns

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece Slams Obama for Politicized John Lewis Eulogy

Explosive Court Documents Make Epstein Allegations Against Clinton, Dershowitz and Prince Andrew

Tech Giants Shrug Off COVID-19 Crisis As Revenues Increase

Mass shootings soar to at least 336 incidents and counting

What An Independent Liberal Journalist Saw When He Visited Cities Devastated By Riots

The Democrats’ Policies Are Unfit For The Presidency

Twenty Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Susan Rice, But You Should

Social Distancing at Funerals Is for Little People Not Named John Lewis

How To Keep Corporate Wokeness From Destroying America

Senate Adjourns After Failing to Agree Extension of Expiring Jobless Benefits

Barack Obama’s Ugly Filibuster Hypocrisy


Teachers’ unions are upping their demands before they’ll agree to teach

Acting DHS Secretary: The Portland Mayor Is ‘Not Telling the Truth’

Hydroxy Hysteria Reaching a Fever Pitch

Rep. Omar Paid Her New Husband’s Company $600,000 In July

About those ‘peaceful protests’………………..

4 French Revolution Trends That Have Started In The United States


The Riots in Portland Started With Public School Education

CNN Piece on What Critical Swing Voters Are Thinking Now and It’s Dynamite

So it’s Senator Kamala Harris? Want to bet?

The New George Wallace: Barack Obama – Ex-president uses John Lewis funeral to play the race card

Trump had an intelligent goal when he tweeted about delaying the election

A New FBI Audit Shows Just How Corrupt and Biased the Carter Page FISA Warrant Was

Journalistic Malpractice at the Associated Press

Bill Clinton visited Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, unsealed court documents suggest

What Are We Allowed to Believe About China?

California COVID-19 Watch List With Live Updates

Heritage.org Interactive Chart: 14-Day Average Daily Change In U.S. Deaths, By County

The COVID Tracking Project

Coronavirus Tracker – Coronavirus (COVID-19) U.S. Deaths

The Rt COVID-19 Site Provides Up-To-Date Values for Rt, a Key Measure of How Fast the Virus is Growing


LIVE Coronavirus Database – Global Cases Tracked by Johns Hopkins University and Hospital

Our World In Data: Research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems

CTUP Tracking of Nursing Home COVID Deaths

Center for Disease Control – Coronavirus Symptom List

Whitehouse Guidelines: Opening Up America Again

COVID-19 Curve Projections – Charts and supporting data for each state

July 30, 2020

Media and Tech Big Elites Flee Their Own Political Policies in California and Them Turn Them Blue

There Is No Substitute for Proactive Policing

7 Woke Rebellions in America’s Newsrooms – Liberal Idiocy In Action

California public employees can’t ‘spike’ pensions by working extra hours and cashing out unused vacation and sick leave just before retiring

Schools Want Money for Nothing

The Clouds of Summer Obscure the Coming Thunder of November

The Misery Compact  –  Agree to the Democrats’ terms . . . or else

The Seattle Mayor Again Blames Trump After Rioters Blew Open a Police Station Using a Van Full of Explosives


Emergency Room Dr. Simone Gold Fired from Hospital After Attending White Coat Summit — Says She Has Hired Lin Wood to Represent Her

Ghislaine Maxwell Mystery Files Unsealed…

Against Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Others — FBI Knew Had Evidence of the Crimes for Years

Tucker Carlson wipes the floor with Barack Obama…

Agree or Disagree with ‘America’s Frontline Doctors,’ But Big Tech Shouldn’t Be Deciding for You

A Large Majority of Americans Blame China for Global Spread of COVID-19, Survey Finds

Herman Cain dead after a long battle with coronavirus

Why Electing Joe Biden Will Make The Culture War Even Worse

Trump suggests delaying the election until Americans can vote ‘securely’

Police ‘No-Go Zone’ in Area Where George Floyd Died; Violence Spirals Out of Control

District Attorneys backed by Soros and other liberal activists join the fray in clashes with police

Black conservative journalist stabbed at Portland protest, report says

Daily Caller Also Experienced Google Suppression, Says Editor in Chief

Tick, Tick, Boom, Boom, Time’s Up, Obama Goons?

Black Trump-Supporting Lawmaker Turns the Table After MSNBC Host Asks if He’s Paid to Support Trump


The government should force Google, Twitter, Facebook to allow free speech

California schools won’t reopen on time and can’t get online learning in place yet teachers’ issue a long list of demands

Problematic Women: Transgender Movement Seduces Teenage Girls

Trader Joe’s wises up, reverses course, and tells the leftist political-correctness mob ‘NO!’

In a dramatic expansion of Russia probe, Senate investigators target CIA, State records

America’s GDP Suffers Record Collapse, Jobless Claims Point to Stalling Recovery

July 29, 2020

California Withholds Federal Virus Money From Two Defiant Counties

Standing up to “schoolyard bully” Newsom is the only way

2020: The Year That Boiled the Frog  – A catalog of things we’ve lost this year (so far)

Nancy Pelosi Levels Personal Insult Against Barr After Hearing

Left-wing journalist alerts Antifa to Andy Ngo’s location, then they try to blind him with lasers

“Peaceful Protester” Arrested for Attempted Murder after Shooting 2 Demonstrators at Colorado Antifa-BLM Rally

Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding the Implementation of President Trump’s Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship

HUGE! Trump White House Implements Executive Order on Online Censorship: Prevents Tech Giants from Altering Users’ Free Speech – Demands Transparency of Moderation Practices

4 Key Points as Big Tech CEOs Testify on Capitol Hill

Yale epidemiologist: Dr. Fauci running ‘misinformation campaign’ against hydroxychloroquine

NOT: DHS and Pence reject the claim of Portland withdrawal, ‘will not back down’

The bewildering bombardment of Bill Barr by Democrat Inquisitors


Attorney General Barr: The Upcoming Election Won’t Delay Report From US Attorney John Durham

Jim Jordan’s best-ever explanation of the seditious plot to spy on Trump’s campaign and take down his presidency

San Francisco in decay – Somewhere on the rebound from the tough-on-crime 1990s, criminal law lost its teeth

THE DEMOCRATS MUST BE CRAZY – Attorney General Barr is trouble for them because of his decency and intelligence

That reprehensible Democrat gnome, Representative Nadler, tried to humiliate AG Barr

The Night I Became A Republican

COVID-19 death rates in the US as of July 29, 2020, by state (per 100,000 people)Convert to % for a reality check

The Establishment Has No Clothes

Federal Agents Pull Out Of Seattle, Mayor Says

HEALS Act: Relief Funding for Schools Requires In-Person Instruction – Schools may be denied relief funding if they chose to remain virtual in the fall

A blood test to detect Alzheimer’s proving highly accurate T- Accuracy is ranging from 89% to 98%, scientists say

Mike Adams: 1964–2020 – Free speech just lost one of its greatest defenders

July 28, 2020

Are Lockdowns Necessary? What Data From 10 Countries Show

Will Biden Debate Trump?

Attorney General Barr Asks the One Question Democrats Don’t Want To Hear During Contentious Hearing

Over 40% Of U.S. Renters Are Now At Risk Of Eviction

Pramila Jayapal Tries to Skewer Barr, but Gets Dunked by the Facts – The truth emerges toward the end of the article

The Female-Black-Immigrant Doctor Liberals Didn’t Want You To Hear

Tech Giants Censor Pro-Hydroxychloroquine Video Promoted by Trump

Bringing drug manufacture back to America (and New York): Another Trump triumph

Breitbart editor-in-chief accuses Google of systematically blacklisting conservative websites

A Seattle Radio Host Gives Narrative-Busting Account of What’s Happening in City: ‘Evil People’

Election Interference: Google Purges Breitbart from Search Results

Jim Jordan: ‘Spying. That one word, that’s why they’re after you, Mr. Attorney General’…

Here’s the video Democrats don’t want you to see…

Uh Oh: More Than 100 Law Enforcement Agencies Refuse to Guard the DNC

Jim Jordan Exposes Jerry Nadler’s Lies During AG Barr Hearing

US Attorney Lays Down the Law: Federal Officers Aren’t Leaving Portland Until The Violence Stops

Congressman Files Criminal Referral Against Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

BIG TECH IS GOING ON TRIAL And Congress has over 1 million documents to support its case

A California pastor challenges governor: ‘Christ is Lord over Caesar’

‘Obsessed’: Jim Jordan and GOP defend Barr against ‘absurd’ attacks by Democrats

Meet Biden’s Politburo – A rogue’s gallery of Obama administration retreads and leftist radicals

The Democrat Platform Promises A Return To Iran Nuke Deal By Biden

Corporate Media Is Ignoring Broadest Riots In U.S. History, But Americans Hurt By These Riots Aren’t

Are Democrats starting to panic that voters will blame them for riots?

It Is “The Resistance,” Not Trump, That Needs To Learn To Accept Election Results

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, Globetrotting With Soros Organizations, Fails to Report Trips

To Hell With “WOKE” Professional Sports

Hello Liberals: Your “Three Layer Model” of Politics Will Not Get You to Justice

America Can’t Contain China, Proliferation Needed – U.S. shouldn’t alone risk its homeland on behalf of its allies?

America’s New China Policy Comes Down To Two Words: Induce Change

The Journalistic Malpractice of Mainstream Reporting on Iran

The Seditious Among Us – Joe Biden, the Democrat party and the mainstream media have tacitly sanctioned sedition

AG Barr to come out swinging on violent crime, Russia probe in first House Judiciary Committee appearance

BARR SPEAKS – Text of his speech is provided

Rioters Are Seditionists, Not Protesters

Outsiders Like Me Know America Is The Greatest Country In The World

John Stuart Mill And Free Speech – On Liberty” is an apt text for the present moment in another way

New York City shooting surged 220% last week, compared to the same week in 2019

American Doctors Address COVID-19 Misinformation

Twitter Removes Video by Frontline Doctor on Success of HCQ on COVID Patients After Trump Retweets Her

July 27, 2020

This Week in College Campus Insanity, Vol. 3

Atlanta ‘Protesters’ Embedded Nails into Fireworks, a Leaked FBI Document States

The Media Is Putting On ‘A Master Class’ Of Gaslighting Over The Seattle Riots

Steve Forbes: Trump May Order Payroll Tax Cut

Limbaugh: The Democrats Are Riot Deniers — Republicans Must Call Them Out on It

California Cancels School – Declaring that there will be no in-person instruction this fall

Limbaugh: 77% of Conservatives Afraid to Say What They ThinFor Fear of Retribution

George Soros Pours Record $50 Million Into 2020 Election To Defeat Trump

Representative Crenshaw Has a Warning for Americans: Take Democrats at Their Word

Twitter is a national security threat

Is ANTIFA Running A Protection Racket in Seattle?

How To Disprove The 6 Most Outrageous Myths Of The New York Times’ 1619 Project

Mike Rowe explains that reality is going to win with the Wuhan virus

It’s Time For Congress To Get Serious About Big Tech’s Threats To Individual Rights

Are Fake News Polls Hiding a Potential Trump Landslide?

Business owners will sweat coronavirus lawsuits even if Congress passes liability protections

FBI Docs: Source For Federal Surveillance Of Trump Campaign Made Up ‘Rumors’ With Drinking Buddies

A Million Little Pieces – Much uncertainty surrounds the reopening of schools in the fall

Pelosi holds stimulus checks hostage to left-wing ambulance chaser lobby

How LGBT Nonprofits And Their Billionaire Patrons Are Reshaping The World

We Asked People to Send Photos of the Democrat Party Sanctioned Destruction and Rioting in their Community

AP-NORC Poll: Trump’s Voters More Impassioned Than Biden’s

Mike Dikta for Veep! – Here comes the cavalry

President Trump and HUD Secretary Ben Carson Eliminate Obama’s Actions Forcing Suburbs to Pay for the Cities

Emails Undermine Her Attacks on Hannity and Carlson – Mediaite exposes the “holes” in the accuser’s lawsuit

July 26, 2020

America’s Biggest Retailers Are Now Walking Back Mandatory Mask Policy

Creator of Cognitive Test Trump Took: POTUS Did Better Than ‘Most Patients,’ 5-Word Recall Especially Tough

Mainstream Media is Oddly Silent as Virus Case Numbers Rise in Portland and Seattle

Joe And Hunter Biden Met With Russian Energy Execs Within Weeks Of Crimean Annexation…The Question Is…Why?

Nancy Pelosi Vows to Block Coronavirus Liability Protections

Where Are the New Heroes of the Revolution?


A White House petition to investigate Gates foundation garners more than 600,000 signatures

If you climb on top of and beat an innocent stranger’s car, you’re a violent criminal who deserves prison

The Battle for the Cities Is Over. The Battle for the Suburbs Has Begun

CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT all silent about Black Trump supporter’s execution

Ted Cruz is right about Democrats…


Top Democrat Jerry Nadler: Violent Antifa Riots In Portland Are ‘A Myth’

10 Big Fat Lies You’re Being Told About the Portland Riots

Non-Peaceful Demonstrators target NYPD vehicles, light fires in the chaotic city scene

You Vote: Is voter fraud true or fiction? – Trump is making waves on mail-in ballot fraud. You weigh on it

America Both in Crisis and on Trial – Look for the link to see detailed crosstabs

US protests: More riots and lawlessness in cities across the nation

Paul Batura: My chance meeting with Rush Limbaugh resulted in this career advice that changed my life

Kevin McCarthy: ‘I Don’t Know What China and the Communist Party Has on the Democrats, But It’s Being Very Effective’

Help for those struggling to understand the immensity of The “Russia Hoax” – Also Known As ObamaGate

The Cuomo Chronicles – Unlike most in the media, we’ve told the truth about him — and other politicians of his ilk

Oakland: Rioters ‘Peacefully Marched’ Before attacking police, damaging federal buildings, and vandalizing private property

Joe Biden = ‘Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated’

Trump’s Supposed Uneven Federal Response, But the real Pathetico is Portland mayor Ted Wheeler

A Tucker Carlson guest exposes what made Matt Drudge – ‘now firmly a man of the Left’ – turn so drastically

Are Leftists Targeting Black Conservatives?

Black Lives Don’t Matter To #BlackLivesMatter

John MacArthur invokes Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates to oppose church lockdown

Cancel Culture’s Dual Meaning Is a War for America’s Soul

July 25, 2020


Judge Smacks Down Legal Challenge Against Federal Cops In Portland After the Only 2 Pieces of Evidence

CSU’s Mandate of Ethnic, Social Justice Studies Driven by Hatred of America – Do you have to agree to get a diploma?

Native scholar says Communist China has ‘met its match’ with the Trump administration following consulate closure

Yale epidemiologist says hydroxychloroquine is ‘the key to defeating COVID-19’

Seattle is popping off — 5000 Marxists launch explosives…

If You Thought ‘Defund the Police’ Was Insane You’ll Love ‘Abolish Prisons’ in Seattle

Seattle Police Chief Issues Scorching Letter After City Council Tried To Strip Riot Cops of Everything but Shields and Batons

Portland Dystopia…Federal troops take back the streets

Demonstrators Attack Federal Buildings in L.A. in Solidarity with Portland

Shots Ring Out After Armed Militias Descend on an American Heartland City

The primary source for Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump dossier has now been identified

Yes America, there is voter fraud and these recent cases prove it

Democrats see climate change as ‘political weapon’ for picking off key Trump 2016 voters

Reddit Bans Pro-Trump Forum, But Allows Rape Content

In 100 days, communists could be set to run the White House

The Hysterical ‘Trump Won’t Leave’ Canard – It only matters what the Constitution says about it

Justice Gorsuch Torches Roberts and the Liberal Wing of SCOTUS in Nevada Church Case…In One Paragraph

Trump’s troll trap for Biden’s brain test is working against other leftists too

Representative Gohmert goes full Alinsky to make Democrats play by their own rules

Judge: Feds in Portland Don’t Have to Identify Themselves When Arresting Suspects

Feds clash with Portland protesters again, hours after a judge denied Oregon’s request to restrict agents’ actions

Seattle Cops Unable to Protect Property From Antifa and BLM Riots due to City Council Barring Crowd Control Tools

More Than A Few Bad Apples: Why Conservatives Should Back Police Reform

Democrats Have Completely Abandoned Civility

Big Tech Wants To Own You – How major social media companies threaten our most basic freedoms

A&E Network’s Viewership Decimated After “Live PD” Show Canceled – Get woke and go broke

New Book Unmasks Drudge’s Motives, Says He Once Told Breitbart He Wanted Obama to Win for Website Views

America Needs A Re-Founding – Conservatism can longer be about conserving. It must be about reshaping


July 24, 2020

Why the CDC Is Stressing the Importance of Schools Reopening This Fall

Obama’s disappearing legacy – What exactly did he achieve?

China’s Advance on Taiwan – Military mobilization puts Asia on edge

Communist China: A History Lesson for Mark Cuban – To virtue-signaling corporatists, black lives matter but Chinese lives do not

Do Global Elites Commit Crimes Against Children?

The CDC releases updated guidelines in favor of reopening schools

Trump Signs Order Tying Medicare Drug Prices to Other Countries and the ability to buy drugs from Canada

David Horowitz: Trump Will Win Because ‘Our Cities Are Burning’

The Police Officers Association of Michigan Announces Endorsement of Donald Trump

A well-known Black supporter of Donald Trump Shot to Death in Milwaukee Hours After Pro-Trump Interview

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany forces WH reporters to watch a video of Portland riots they refuse to report about

Whatever They Say, Write Or Suggest – It Isn’t True – THEIR LIES DIDN’T WORK THEN AND WON’T WORK NOW

Beijing Orders Closure of US Consulate in Chengdu in Retaliation for Houston

Dan Crenshaw says Chinese Consulate in Texas tried to ‘burn all their evidence’

Shutdowns For Small Business and Windfall Profits For Megacorporations

Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann announces $250M lawsuit settled with Washington Post

More Evidence That Trump’s Silent Majority Is Real – Moderates and conservatives are afraid to discuss their politics

Biden and the Democrats Can’t Win by Insulting Americans

Joe Biden’s First-Day-In-Office Plan Is A Betrayal Of Working-Class Americans

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Surrenders to the Mob Over Columbus Statues

More than 2,000 Portland demonstrators take to the street for 57th night in a row and clash with feds

What to Do About Portland – The stakes are bigger than protecting federal property

Joe Biden is Not the Guy to Give Lectures on Racism – For starters, he owes Donald Trump a huge apology

Interest in Q surges in wake of Twitter ban

July 23, 2020

The Demise of the Happy Two-Parent Home

The Portland DHS Operation Is Legal and Proportionate

New Jersey’s All-Mail Vote Debacle Is a Warning for November

A Put-Up JobObamaGate operators knowingly acted without cause to undermine our governing institutions

Pompeo Says China is World’s Biggest Threat  – Seeks to build an international coalition to combat Communist vision

McCarthy: Pelosi Promoting Chinese Propaganda by Calling COVID ‘Trump Virus’ – ‘What Does the C.C.P. Have on the Democrats?’

Portland Rioters Barricaded Federal Agents in Courthouse, Tried to Burn it Down

The Top 7 Racist Comments Made by Joe Biden Over the Years

The Five Burning Questions of This Election Season

Freedom to Deface – de Blasio cancels a graffiti-eradication program, accommodating vandals who make the city uglier

Report: California Has Six Extra Representatives Because Illegals Are Counted in Census

Amid the reopening debate, CDC reports school-age kids make-up a tiny fraction of COVID deaths

186,700 illegal immigrants from 130 nations stopped by Trump’s coronavirus border closure

Key Republicans say newly declassified memos prove FBI spied on Trump during intel briefings

Will the AFFH Stay Dead? – November’s election will decide its ultimate fate

Ex-Flynn deputy KT McFarland: John Durham has ‘cold, hard evidence’ that will lead to indictments

Today’s Revolutionaries Aren’t Like Their ’60s Predecessors – They Are Far More Dangerous

The AP’s decision has upset a lot of white people (or as I like to call them ‘racists’)

Hong Kong Is The New East Germany – Right now, they need all the help they can get.

Trump’s Push to Modernize US Infrastructure – His reforms could spark a historic modernization of our infrastructure

Tucker Carlson: Chicago ‘a Disaster No Matter What Lori Lightfoot Claims,’ ‘Needs Help from Somewhere’

New FBI Notes Re-Debunk Major NYT Story, Highlight Media Collusion To Produce Russia Hoax

Trump’s press conference hit it out of the park

Trump is right to send federal law officers to Chicago and other cities to fight crime and save lives

Basement Joe Biden – Will Independent voters really settle for a basement bargain?

5 Things Trump Should Start Running On Right Now To Win Re-Election

The San Francisco Chinese Consulate Is Harboring A Wanted Military Researcher According To The FBI

Did You Catch the Embarrassing Error in Chicago Mayor’s Attack on Trump Regarding Federal Agents in Cities?

Michelle Malkin demands Denver cops’ accountability for not protecting pro-police rally from violent attacks by BLM/Antifa/Marxist mob

The Media and the Virus – American press coverage of Covid-19 was first dismissive, then alarmist—but always condescending.

Weekly Jobless Claims Rise to 1.416M as Labor Market Recovery Stalls

Mayor Wheeler Teargassed in Battle of Portland

Here Come More Tax Increases – California wants another round of tax hikes for property owners

July 22, 2020

Devin Nunes Wants To Investigate The Brookings Institution’s Role In Spreading The Steele Dossier

Poll: 62% of Americans Say They Have Political Views They’re Afraid to Share

Democrats: The Antifa Party

DOJ: Flynn’s Judge in Catch-22 Situation–Either Disqualified or Not Entitled to Rehearing

Watch Out Biden: Black Voters Are Moving Toward Donald Trump

Three Federal Officers Might Be Permanently Blind Due to Portland Rioters Actions

Trump, White House hit a record 200 million combined social media followers

A poll from 10 Battleground States: Reports of Trump’s Defeat ‘Greatly Exaggerated’

Trump And Ben Carson Are ‘Tearing Down’ An Obama-Era Rule Accused Of Funneling Money Into Wealthy Areas

Patricia McCloskey’s Gun Didn’t Work So A Prosecutor Ordered It Reassembled And Then Declared It Lethal

Biden Panders to Muslims: Quotes Muhammad, Says Schools Should Teach Islam

Insanity Wrap #11: California’s Lunatic Booze Rules, Plus Biden Can’t Hack It

If You Need More Reasons Not to Trust Dr. Fauci? Here You Go

How Much Total Compensation Do California’s City Workers Make Annually?

Which American Pro Sports League Will Suffer Most From Being Woke?

55% of businesses closed on Yelp have shut down for good during the coronavirus pandemic

Comeback: Trump neck-and-neck with Biden, 45%-47%, approval equal with Obama’s

‘It’s all baloney’: Greg Gutfeld slams media for ignoring falling virus death rates and Democrat response failures

La La Land Congress Wants To Give Billions To Public Schools To Stay Closed

How the Chinese Communist Party Has Botched Its Xinjiang Coverup

America Is Structurally Anti-Racist

List Of 183 Monuments Ruined Since Protests Began, And Counting

2020 The Movie: D.C. through the Looking Glass

Congress’ Coronavirus Response Could Cause Mass Layoffs Right Before The Election

California surpasses New York for No. 1 spot in confirmed coronavirus cases, data show

The Federal System Restores Rule of Law – Trump promises to do the job local governments won’t, or can’t.

Trump gets serious about the illegitimate political power wielded by illegals with an executive order on Congressional representation

This viral video should force woke leftists to face the truth about themselves

Cities Finally Confirm What We Already Knew Regarding Protests and the Spike in COVID Cases

If Congress Wants The War In Afghanistan, Trump Should Force Them To Authorize It

The US Orders 100-Million Doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine

Chinese Hackers Charged with Trying to Steal US Coronavirus Research

Chinese Consulate in Houston Takes Bizarre Document Destruction Action as US Orders Closure

Countering China’s Technology Offensive

A New Study Refutes China’s Narrative of COVID-19 Being a Natural Animal-to-Human Transmission

China threatens retaliation after US orders closure of Houston consulate – To protect American intellectual property’

July 21, 2020

No known case of a teacher catching coronavirus from pupils, says scientist

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Cites Specific Laws Justifying Constitutionality of Feds Acting In Portland

Google Appears To Blacklist Non-Mainstream News Sites, Calls It a ‘Technical Issue’

The Death of Standards at the New York Times – Enforcers of conformity to the “true faith”- the idiocracy of the Left

The last thing baseball needs is woke activism

WHO Official Promotes Conspiracy Theory Website to Bolster China’s Coronavirus Disinformation Campaign

China Ponders Retaliation Against Huawei Critics via crippling supply-chain restrictions on Ericsson and Nokia

Dr. Fauci’s career dotted with ethics, safety, and controversies inside NIH

Underground, a Pandemic of Lawlessness – New York’s subways are much more dangerous than they were last year

Gateway to the Wild West – The accelerating collapse of St. Louis, the most violent city in America

Trump signs order to prevent illegal immigrants from being counted in redrawing of voting districts

California Governor Gavin Newsom Rages at Trump Discounting Illegal Aliens for States’ Representation

State Dept. to Purge “Non-Inclusive” Language in Agency Materials; Nuclear Family, Stereotypical Gender Roles

Traitor Joe’s: Witty Marketing Backfires

The Trump Administration Just Spent An Entire Week Getting Serious On China

What will Biden do? – Prepare for four more years of executive disappointment

Thick blue line: Surge in support for police, just 2 in 10 back ‘defund’ scheme

Federal agents will deploy to Chicago as part of anti-violence effort; Mayor Lightfoot pushes back against President Trump

Trump campaign jet fuel? Republicans pin hope on U.S. Attorney Durham’s Russia-hoax investigation

Denver disgrace deepens as Michelle Malkin calls out perps and enablers of attack on Sunday’s aborted pro-police rally

Old Joe’s In a Pickle – Young People Are Not Getting Behind The Senile Septuagenarian Joe Biden

Federal Troops to Expand Beyond Portland – They will be sent to cities struggling with surges in violent crime

Will New Yorkers Get Desperate Enough To Vote For Trump?

Chuck Todd’s appalling editing of McEnany statement on science Called Out by Jonathan Turley

It’s Time For The Conversation About Black Lives To Stop Focusing On White People

Rioters Set Fires, Try to Break Into Federal Courthouse in Portland

COVID-19 cases are overstated by one hundred percent because of indiscriminate testing

Fauci Finally, Falsely, Invokes the ‘Spanish Flu’ – This Is Not the first time he’s cried wolf about a disease

What the coronavirus numbers are really telling us

Without A Real Coronavirus Vaccine, Herd Immunity Is Our Only Hope

July 20, 2020

Local Official: Reports of a COVID Surge in Infants Are False

Limbaugh: Never Have So Few Done So Much Damage to So Many

How Trump’s Law and Order Agenda Is Making Black America Safer Again

Tucker Carlson: New York Times Is Planning On Revealing Where My Family Lives To ‘Injure My Wife And Kids’

A New GOP bill would allow people to sue China over coronavirus ‘deceit’

Chris Wallace’s Trump Interview: Disgraceful Doesn’t Begin To Describe-It

This California Law Is Ripping Away American Dreams. The Left Wants to Take It Nationwide

‘We Warned Them’: Dallas Police Chief Had Nearly 700 Protesters Taken Into Custody For Blocking Highway

Soros-Funded Circuit Attorney and St. Louis City Prosecutors File Charges Against Mark and Patricia McCloskey

You Vote: Health professionals during COVID-19 – alarmist or rightly concerned?

SCOTUS Rejects the Democrats’ Plea to Speed Up the Trump Tax Case

The Oxford vaccine appears to have surpassed expectations -Both an autobody and T-cell response are provided

The U.S. Response To China’s Aggression In The South China Sea Is A Dangerous Business

Michelle Malkin was beaten by Black Lives Matter thugs and prevented from speaking at a Denver pro-police rally

Nordic Study Suggests Open Schools Don’t Spread Virus Much

The weaponization of whining Cancel Culture – A crack in The Narrative? A glimmer of sanity? Maybe. Well, not really

Renaming The Redskins Won’t Save A Single Black Life

The Grifter Project – The Lincoln Project is little more than the most brazen election-season grift in recent memory

‘The Sky Was Falling’: Memories of Growing Up Under Religious Persecution in China

The Tyranny Of Tenderness – Well-intentioned but ill-considered solutions do more harm than good

‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ Is A National Anthem To Celebrate, Not Cancel

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Why This Vegas Oddsmaker Just Made the Biggest Bet of His Life on Trump Victory

Biden Staffer’s Tweets Show Anti-Police Culture Has ‘Pervaded’ His Campaign

Kanye West’s End Game

Elon Musk’s Tesla Rocket – What it will take for Tesla’s stunning rise to end with a successful landing

2020 America Or 1935 Spain? – The left’s campaign against religion and history is making the right think illiberal thoughts

Seattle demonstrators damage, loot buildings as officer hospitalized

Iran’s Bad Luck Must Continue – Whoever is behind these various attacks needs to continue them

What did James Comey know and when did he know it?

July 19, 2020

GOP gallery of nightmares: 10 policies Biden and Democrats would ram through after axing filibuster

FBI wanted to use White House briefings to spy on Trump, aides, memos show

Will 2021 Be 1984? – It’s all about the power, not the equality

Guess What? We Actually Need More Police in Urban Neighborhoods, Arresting More People

Michelle Malkin Attacked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter Thugs at Denver Back the Blue Rally; Sends Trump SOS

Prominent Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell Announces He Will Vote Republican for the First Time Ever

Trump Was Right: Joe Biden Initially Said He Would Defund The Police

Trump’s Warning That Biden Would ‘Abolish the Suburbs’ Isn’t Racist, and It Isn’t Hyperbole, Either

Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly believes Jeffrey Epstein was murdered and fears the same fate for herself

This Activist’s Marxist Brainwashing Explains Why Antifa Has Terrorized Portland for 51 Nights

Police Union Building Torched as Portland Riots Stretch Into 52nd Day

Federal Judge’s Son Shot Dead and Her Husband Critically Injured Just Days After Taking Jeffrey Epstein Finances Case

GOP Wins Court Case, Keeping Florida Ballot Harvesting Ban in Place


Kanye West Speaks Out Against Abortion, Gun Control During First Presidential Campaign Event

‘Not competent to be president’: Trump refuses to say whether he thinks Biden is senile

Some Good Coronavirus News For A Change

“On the List of 10 Most Common Causes of Death in 5-24-Year-old Population, COVID-19 Doesn’t Even Make the Top 50”

The Left is already laying the groundwork to challenge Trump’s 2020 election

The Los Angeles Times Deems the Word ‘Looting’ is Now Verboten and Racist

Unquiet on the Western Front

Civil War 2.0 is still going hot in Portland, Oregon

How Bad Are the Portland Riots? On-the-Ground Footage Provides an Insight

Antifa Rioters Break Into Portland Police Union and Set It on Fire as Mayor Hamstrings Federal Troops

Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago: 50 Shot, at Least 6 Killed, Since Friday Evening

Trump Calls Self Proclaimed Virus Expert Fauci a ‘Little Bit of An Alarmist’

Goya Boycott Doesn’t Bode Well for Civil Society – The Left finds ever new ways to play into Trump’s hands

Democrats get ready for a “Wellstone Funeral” for John Lewis

July 18, 2020

Churches Across the Country Attacked

New York State Troopers Union Threatens to Pull Out of New York City

The GOP Senate Is Asleep at the Wheel

A groundbreaking study shows students rarely spread COVID – ‘Children  actually act more as a brake on infection’

Portland Riot Organizer Claims Mission is the ‘Abolition of the United States As We Know It’ – 50 straight nights of rioting

Preambles to Revolution – Is BLM becoming a state religion?….. Is the New York Times’ ‘1619 Project’ its scripture?


What Kind Of Monument Will Give The War On Terror Dead Their Due?

Left’s Fear-Mongering ‘Secret Police’ Narrative Shattered, Turns Out Viral Portland Arrest Was by Trump’s New PACT Force

Border chief fires back at Portland mayor and defends ‘absolutely necessary’ policing tactics

Pondering Our Remote-Work Future

The Veil Has Fully Dropped from the Mainstream Media

The Revolution Is Winning – Radicals from the 1960s & 1970s hold powerful positions in government and academia

Portland mayor demands Trump remove militarized federal agents from the city after some detained people on city streets

Cry the Beloved Country – Take back our culture and values while we still can

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s cancer is back – November’s election is a possible “extinction event” for a constitutional America

David Shor And The Whiteshifting Of America

PURE INSANITY: Far-Left Groups Are Now Pressuring Joe Biden To Defund The U.S. Military If Elected

I Watched Seattle’s Descent Into Hell – Though “The Left” prefer to call it a “Summer of Love.”

Black Lives Matter Extortion of Corporate America

‘No more blacklisting’: Antonio Sabato Jr. eyes ‘conservative movie studio for all patriots’

The Morale of Officers Takes a Hit Amid Calls to Defund Departments: Police Groups

Democrats Are Forcing a Civil War

A Counterrevolutionary Force – Our civilization is worthy of our loyalty, even unto death

Trump Overhauls Stifling Environmental Regulations Which Will Accelerate Approval of Infrastructure Projects

Shut Down Pipelines to Save the Environment? Think Again


July 17, 2020

New Russia probe memos expose massive errors in NYT anti-Trump story, Steele dossier

Vandalizing American History: A List of 64 Toppled, Defaced, or Removed Statues

D.C. Mayor Partners With CCP Group, Grants Access To Federal Building Housing CBP, Commerce Dept, And USAID

Wuhan Coronavirus Death Rate Drops for Twelfth Straight Week

Trump has been right about China for years – More people are now awakening to the reality of what China is

Mike Huckabee: Your Tax Dollars at Work – Smithsonian’s ‘Whiteness’ Poster Backfires Big Time

Will black voters abandon the Democrats in 2024? – Biden is struggling with black men and younger black voters

I’m Getting Scared – The mob will come for everyone, eventually, and Trump is all that stands between us and the abyss

Limbaugh; This Is The Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes — Really

California Governor Newsom locks Most Schools From Reopening With Strict New Guidelines

Over half of the kids who took classes online in Los Angeles this spring were absent or didn’t participate

‘Systemic Racism’: The Perfect Excuse – What more could racists do than what has already been done by leftist policies?

The San Francisco Police Commission Orders Police Stations to Display Black Lives Matter Posters

60 Million Americans Got Swine Flu So Obama and Biden Stopped Testing

Joe Biden’s Raw Deal for American Taxpayers and Middle-Income Folks on Trade and Energy

Judicial Watch Uncovers Explosive FBI Emails, Appearing To Reference A Whitehouse ‘Confidential Informant’

Declassified documents undercut Steele dossier and Russian collusion narrative

4 Things to Know About the Mob Violence in Portland

Organ harvesting in China and why the American media and businesses have turned a blind eye

Orange County Votes to Reopen School, Gavin Newsom Says They Cannot

California School Closings Bring Parent Angst and Economic Worry

Reporter Asks if 20-Something COVID Victim Had Underlying Condition, Doctor Issues Jaw-Dropping Reply

A Major CBS Chicago investigative report reveals scandal for a politician, fails to mention he’s a Democrat even once

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been undergoing chemotherapy to treat a recurrence of cancer

Press Secretary Drops Hatch Act Definition on Reporter After Question About ‘Political’ Rose Garden Speech

Regarding the Wuhan virus, if you think you’re being lied to, you’re right

New horse, same jockey: Kushner solidifies grip on campaign with Bill Stepien as manager

Time is Running Out for a Coronavirus Course Correction – For the truth take a look at COVID vs. Influenza statistics

Infrastructure Warfare: GPS Faces Growing Threat From China

Kayleigh McEnany is so effective that the Mainstream Media is now lying by deceptively editing her comments

Why the Polls Predict Trump Will Win – Voter expectation data buried deep in some surveys suggest another upset

Is Michelle Obama Biden’s trump card? – Has this been their plan all along?

New York City Eliminated Its Anti-Crime Unit and Violent Crime Has Surged.

Sheer Lunacy Rules the Day

Charts of Face Mask Usage by Demographic

What to Know and Expect When Severe Illness Hits Close to Home: A Guide (Part 2 of 2)

July 16, 2020

Multiple Studies Suggest Children Aren’t As Likely To Transmit Coronavirus, Even In School Settings

Purported Internal Screenshots Reveal Twitter Does In Fact Have a ‘Search Blacklist’ and ‘Trends Blacklist’

The Social Justice Cult Really Does Hate The Parler Social Platform – Here’s Why…

Here’s How Much Trump’s Deregulation Efforts Saved Your Family This Year

The Left Uses Junk Studies to Show Racism

Pompeo: C.C.P. ‘Must Be Gleeful’ over 1619 Project – Rioters Destroying Statues Believe Its ‘False Doctrines’

The Soros Open Society Foundation Funded Support Groups and Individuals Behind US Riots Since 2014

Cop Who Took a Knee with Protesters Beaten Up by Brooklyn Bridge Rioters

Democrats Don’t Have the Winning Hand – Even with the media effort to terrify us out of its wits over the COVID-19

The National Association of Police Organizations Cancels Biden and Endorses Trump for President

Marxist Radical Angela Davis: Biden Is the “Candidate Who Can Be Most Effectively Pressured”

The “Stakeholder” Fallacy – Joe Biden’s vision of capitalism is a recipe for failure

Media are just plain lying about the Kayleigh McEnany ‘science’ quote

Bill Would Force Companies To Give Board Seats To Minority Candidates

3 churches sue Newsom after California bans singing in places of worship because of coronavirus restrictions

How Michael Flynn Got Caught In The Crossfire Between Two Obama Agencies Looking To Get Trump

Biden’s mass amnesty “Unity Plan” would destroy the Republican Party

DACA rescission 2.0 is a good policy. but amnesty is not

Report: Trump Secretly Authorized CIA Cyberattacks on Russia, China, Others

Richard Grenell: Documents Will Show Intel Officials Who Warned About Steele Dossier Were Ignored

We Now Know What Happened In the Moments Leading Up to George Floyd’s Death

‎Nguyễn Mạnh Dũng’s‎ #WalkAway Campaign

How Black Lives Matter’s Hatred Of The Nuclear Family Feeds Its Desire For Revolution

Video shows protesters get a shipment of bats before Brooklyn Bridge brawl

A Pandemic of Democrat Proportions

Private religious schools are more likely than public schools to reopen this fall

Locking America Down Again Is Exactly What China Wants Because It Will Ruin Us

The NFL Is on the Brink

Portland autonomous zone is taken by ‘criminals, not protesters,’ acting CBP chief says

Rapist Who Murdered Teen Girl Executed – After The Supreme Court Cleared The Way

The media’s bid to elect Biden is worse than anything Russia ever did

Make Democrats Own Their “Summer Of Love” – Let their leaders reckon with the destruction of the violence and looting

Trump Drops Campaign Manager Brad Parscale for Bill Stepien

Meet Your New Elites: The Woke Cancel Mobs

GOP to Limit RNC Attendance as Florida’s COVID-19 Cases Climb

The UK Bans China’s Huawei 5G

Biden’s Unfair Housing Proposal for Suburbs and Low-Income Residents Will Harm the People They Intend to Help

What to Know and Expect When Severe Illness Hits Close to Home: A Guide (Part 1 of 2)

July 15, 2020

Chart: Aircraft Deliveries in Steep Descent Amid COVID-19 Crisis

More Than 20 Countries Are Reopening Schools. The US Should Take Note.

Donald Trump’s List of 42 Disastrous Things Joe Biden Would Do as President

Former Iranian Hostage Slams Biden for Abandoning Him in Tehran

The Problems with Restoring Lockdowns

Why Sweden Succeeded in “Flattening the Curve” and New York Failed

Stanford Doctor Scott Atlas Says The Science Shows Kids Should Go Back To School

‘Disrupt and destroy MS-13’: DOJ announces first-ever terrorism charges in a nationwide gang crackdown

Is There a ‘Secret Trump Vote’ That Will Carry the President to Victory?

The Smithsonian Goes Full Marxist: Nuclear Family, Science, Christianity All Part of Oppressive ‘Whiteness’

Who is Bill Stepien? Trump’s new campaign manager and longtime Republican operative

One Way Or Another Biden Is Going to Have to Leave the Basement and Face President Trump

Is Twitter Hiding A Screenshot Of Its Trend And Search Blacklist Tools?

What To Read Instead Of ‘White Fragility’ – Anti-American ideas about racism must be confronted head-on

California to Release 18,000 Prisoners by End of August to ‘Slow the Spread of COVID-19’

Trump Counters Biden in Infrastructure Talks

Limbaugh: Huge Scandal: 300 Florida COVID Test Sites Reported False 100% Positivity Rate

San Francisco reporter details ‘disaster’ of city’s ‘hotels for homeless’ program: Drug-fueled parties, overdoses, deaths’

Adam Schiff dreads criminal investigation led by a federal prosecutor

President Trump Explains the ‘Most Dangerous’ Thing Facing the 2020 Election

Health Officials Report No COVID Cases Traced Back to Trump’s Mt. Rushmore Event

Beyond Defunding the Police: Democrat Leaders Condone Crime

Trade adviser Peter Navarro tears into Fauci in a blistering op-ed: ‘He’s Wrong About Everything’

Freedom-Loving Hong Kongers, ‘Be Water’ Now Means Fleeing For Your Lives

Trump Defends St. Louis Couple Who Brandished Guns, Hints He’ll Take Action

Cancel Culture is a Mighty Tool of Fascism’s Advance

Donald Trump Promises More ‘Merit’ Immigration and a DACA Plan

Kanye West drops presidential bid

The Hong Kong Banana Republic – China cancels elections after a landslide pro-democracy victory

Does President Trump have a secret well of unreported support?

Black Lives Matter ‘activist’ Henry E. Washington arrested for killing a cop and the mainstream media yawns

Iran’s Turn to China – Iran is running into the arms of China in a ‘shift to east’ strategy against the U.S.

China Throws Iran a $400 Billion Lifeline – This valuable piece of the Belt and Road Initiative might soon fall into place

Naval Power Is the Ultimate Strategic Enabler in Our Competition with China

The Despicable Behavior of Today’s Academicians

Coming to Terms With Contact Tracing – There’s a world of difference between an app and a medical professional

Same D.C. Judge blocks federal execution for the second time this week

New York Owes America an Apology

July 14, 2020

Peak Jacobinism? – Even the woke eventually fear the guillotine

Tommy Tuberville defeats Jeff Sessions in Alabama GOP Senate primary runoff

‘No justification’: California lawmakers blast Governor Gavin Newsom’s shutdown order

How They Are Pushing the COVID-19 Panic Narrative

Watching a Black Lives Matter riot develop in real-time

Governor Newsom Shuts Down California Churches Indefinitely

Election Woes Continue: California Chucks More Than 100,000 Mail-In Ballots

Trump signs executive order to hold China accountable for actions against Hong Kong

President Trump’s Executive Order on Hong Kong Normalization

It’s not all good news on Huawei – You have to read the fine print

The Illiberal Liberal Media – As Bari Weiss’s departure from the New York Times confirms

‘There are dozens of instances of bullying and harassment’ at the New York Times

Monday Was A Big Day For Democrats, But You Probably Missed The First Day of The Democrat National Convention

The White House Reacts to Reports of UK Severing Ties with China’s Huawei


Black Lives Matter Is Not A Peaceful Protest Group – BLM has exposed its true colors as a violent anarchic movement

The Soros Foundation Announces It Is ‘Doubling Down’ On Funding “Black-led Justice Organizations”

The Look of Things, Headed Toward November – President Trump may still be bailed out by the Left’s wild excesses

Daniel Lewis Lee is the first federal inmate executed in 17 years

In the Face of COVID-19, We’re Not Acting at All Like Americans

Accuracy of COVID Data Diluted By Different Ways States Count Cases and Deaths

Gavin Newsom gives Californians a glimpse of their future

Florida hospital admits its COVID positivity rate is 10x lower than first reported

COVID spikes might be the result of bad tests

The White House Issues Scathing Response to Mueller’s Op-Ed on Roger Stone

Roger Stone’s Deal Is Chickenfeed Compared To former CIA director David Petraeus And “Sandy” Berger

The Unhistoric Corruption of Mitt Romney – The cynical senator ignored Carter/Clinton/Obama pardons

House Speaker Pelosi’s Presidential Pardon Promise Baffles Legal Analysts and Draws Scorn Among GOP Strategists

If We Can’t Reach Millennials, Then We Must Ignore Them

Bari Weiss Resigns: ‘Twitter is editing the New York Times’

Trump Was Correct About the Rapid Economic Rebound as 630,000 more Americans Come Off Unemployment Benefits

What’s ‘Offensive’ About ‘Redskins’? – Besides the liberal obsessives out to cause trouble

July 13, 2020

Did a Chinese Hack Kill Nortel, Canada’s Greatest Tech Company?

Larry Elder is considering a run for governor of California

A Wave of Violence Overwhelms NYC, But Criminal Behavior is Not An Economic Phenomenon

Literally, Thousands of Doctors and Scientists Have Come Out Against Fauci’s Lockdowns Including a Nobel Prize-Winning Biophysicist. The Media Just Doesn’t Want You to Know

Rioting Disappears from Mainstream Media Because It Hurts Democrats

Activist Rips Open Door Of Citizen’s Car Who Then Leaps Out and Flattens Him

Marxists for Biden: Angela Davis backs ‘candidate who can be most effectively pressured’

Pandemic! Record Number of Coronavirus Cases Are Hyped — But Deaths and Recoveries Downplayed

White supremacist who killed young girl executed, first U.S. execution in 17 years

Trump cuts Biden’s lead almost in half, gains 13 points among independents since last month

CDC’s ‘best estimate’ is 40 percent of COVID-19 infections are asymptomatic

How Trump wins in November – The President is running against more than Biden

Political Pandering to the Anti-Police Agenda Is Costing Lives

Trump reelection ‘behemoth’ expands to 1,500 staffers nationwide – Field staff is more than double that of Biden’s team

How Hospitals’ Refusal To Prepare For A Pandemic Screwed America

Lifting Lockdowns is Not the Culprit Behind the New Surge in Coronavirus Cases, Doctor Says

6 Ways Leftism Acts Like A Religion

FEAR OF A CHINESE SOCIAL NETWORK – TikTok has become an avatar of the tech world’s China anxieties

Portland Protester Taunts Officer: ‘I Hope Someone Kills Your Whole F**king Family’

Judge Sullivan’s Appeal for an ‘En Banc’ Hearing On Flynn Case Dismissal Has a Good Chance at Success

An Obama Appointed Judge again blocks the US from resuming federal executions

Lost Cause: A Special Forces Soldier’s Case For Leaving Afghanistan

There are Lies, Damn Lies, and then there is the Lincoln Project – To prevent the re-election of Donald Trump

The “Woke” Inspired Goya Boycott Backfires as Conservatives Flock To Support the Hispanic Company

To Mask Or Not To Mask?

THOMAS SOWELL ON THE MADNESS – “Charter Schools and Their Enemies” was published on his 90th birthday

How is 2020 RNC Voter Registration Going? The Republican National Chairwoman Explains

Soft Totalitarian Epistemology – Racial politics corrupting the writings of scholars and public policy

Clinton’s Pardons  – By comparison, President Trump deserves a Nobel Prize for his

Democrat Party Hop[eful Joe Biden Hears Sounds and Voices — Tells Reporters at Tiny Rally to Come in From Rain

Closet conservative at Twitter: Suppression, racial justice, and Trump hate abound

The BLM Platform Destroys Black Lives That Matter

Fort Lee or Fort Oprah? – Would-be base renamers are playing into BLM’s hands, not history’s

Let Them Go on Welfare – California Democrats know AB-5  is costing people their livelihoods, they really just don’t care

New York City Reports Zero Coronavirus Deaths For First Time Since March

July 12, 2020

Chinese Virologist Fled Country After COVID Cover-Up, Now She’s Telling the World What She Saw

The ‘Fun Police’ State – What to expect if the progressive Left and its army of snitches continue to have power


Welcome to Year One—All Prior History Is Cancelled

Judge Approves Petition to Recall Democrat Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan

Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly moved from ‘cell to cell’ to avoid assassins

A Violent US-China clash is possible soon, senior GOP lawmaker says – Within the next three to six months”

Trump Spares Stone from Imprisonment, Resulting in Howls from Amnesiac Democrats

The federal government – amazingly and thankfully – does not reward bad behavior

‘Kids need to go back’: Betsy DeVos calls CDC guidelines ‘flexible’ while pushing for a fall school reopening

Somehow Corrupt FBI Director Comey Knew Jeff Sessions Was Going to Recuse Himself on His First Day as Attorney General


Kings of the Castle – Cancel culture is Anti-Discourse

California Governor Newsom Wants A Federal Bailout

Gavin Newsom: It’s All In The Family, UnfortunatelyFour families intertwined by blood, marriage, money, and politics

The Case For Presidential Candidate Kanye

Venezuelan and Cuban Refugees Call on President Trump to Help Free Their Countries From Communism

Jeffrey Epstein Protege Ghislaine Maxwell’s Secrets, If Revealed, Will Be Incendiary

Liberals Seek to Exclude Religious Schools and Competition

Confessions of a California Quarantine Outlaw – My latest crime: singing in church

Compassion for California inmates should not outweigh public safety concerns

Weinstein, Epstein, and the Democrats

As Iran’s economy crumbles under sanctions, an internal power struggle rocks the government

July 11, 2020

A Coronavirus Chart The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To See

It’s Finally Happening: The Far Side is BACK! – And Still Very Funny and Thought-Provoking

Why Erdogan Converted the Hagia Sophia to a Mosque, and Why our State Department Should Be Concerned

Democrats want to ride their tiger to victory but will be consumed by the monster they created and cannot control

The Base Doesn’t Trust D.C. Conservatives Anymore – Conservatism, Inc. needs a gut check—and soon

Are Recent COVID-19 Cases in Florida Inflated? Data Suggests It Could Be as Much as 30 Percent

National Media Fully Ignores Young White Mother Killed By Black Lives Matter Mob for Saying ‘All Lives Matter

Protesters Demand Cops Answer for ‘Injustice’ of Shooting Death, Police Release Footage Showing Suspect Fired First

NOT REPORTED BY MEDIA: Body Cam Transcript Tells a Different Story on Cause of Death for George Floyd

What’s Keeping the Silent Majority Silent? – Those expressing unpopular opinions may face the mob or lose their jobs

House Democrats promise investigations, legislation after Trump commutes Roger Stone

Trump defends Roger Stone commutation, blasts ‘illegal Witch Hunt’

‘Back the Blue’ rallies spreading are nationwide despite ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Defund the Police’ rhetoric

L.A. teachers union says schools can’t reopen unless charter schools get shut down and police are defunded

Suburban Women Strongly Back Donald Trump’s Migration Policy

It Looks Like Sweden Was Right About How To Handle The COVID Outbreak After All

Texas Emergency Chief: Time To Wear Masks in Homes Too – Someone, PLEASE Pull This Guys Head Out of His Ass

Tracking Biden’s Mental Decline – It’s only getting worse

The Winds of Woke – Can Joe Biden withstand the storm of political correctness?

Justice for Roger Stone – Why He Got Clemency Instead Of A Pardon

Vice-President Pence declares that only Trump can save America and its history from the mob


Yes, that extra $600 a week in unemployment removes incentives to work


The Urban Anarchist Cookbook: Cop-Free Zones and our rapidly deteriorating urban scene

Of Masks and Men – Political grandstanders run up against constitutional limits

They should stop calling it social distancing, there is nothing Social about forced isolation, this is NOT the new normal

Should the Rest of Us Pay for Other People’s Bad Lifestyle Choices?


July 10, 2020

Trump and Pence have higher voter favorability than Democratic, GOP congressional leaders

Los Angeles Against the Police

Trump’s Rushmore Speech Exposes School Textbook Author Howard Zinn’s ‘Web of Lies’

The Case Against Michael Flynn Peddled by Anti-Trump DOJ Officials Suffered *The* Kill Shot Today

Dr. Robert Epstein: Google Will Shift 10% of Voters to Make Trump a ‘Blip in History’

Fauci Is a Deep State Fraud – The pandemic’s guru, unfortunately, behaves as an ordinary creature of the DC swamp

Limbaugh: It’s Not Trump vs. Biden. It’s Trump vs. Losing Your Country. Just Look at the NFL!

California Governor Newsom Approves Plan to Release 8,000 Prisoners By August

Trump commutes Roger Stone’s sentence, days before prison term set to begin

Richard Grenell: Biden was ‘manipulating intelligence’

Demoralizing the Police – As cops become objects of derision and scorn, violent crime soars in American cities

Trump threatens tax-exempt status, funding for universities and schools over ‘radical left indoctrination’

Bill That Would Establish a California Run “I-Bank” Polarizes State Lawmakers

Victor Davis Hanson: Five ‘Radical, Long-Term Solutions’ to Leftist Academic Corruption – But Will Never Happen

If you want to fix policing, then rein in police unions

Seattle Mayor Only Cleared Out CHOP Antifastan Because Trump Was Going in, The President Confirmed

Trump Rages Against Supreme Court’s Tax Records Decision: ‘A Political Prosecution’

The Authoritarian Left Fears a Level Playing Field

Economic Downturn, Stay-at-Home Orders Fuel Overdose Crisis Amid COVID-19 Outbreak: Experts Say

25,000 Academics Dismiss Citizenship as an ‘Artificial Distinction’ between Americans and Foreigners

Puppet Biden promises a command and control economy

Why We Can’t Trust Anything ‘The Science’ Says Any More

Mark Zuckerberg Is Right – The public is served by a robust debate online

Former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell: The Obama Administration ‘Weaponized Intelligence’

Flynn judge Emmet Sullivan files a ridiculous request with the Court of Appeals

Biden, the Puppet of the Far Left – He is still borrowing from Bernie Sanders

China rejects US demands to join nuclear talks

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage: Marxist BLM Has An Agenda That ‘Would Make Lenin Blush’

British Universities Comply with Chinese Internet Censorship

Chinese Citizen Journalist Arrested in Wuhan for Reporting on CCP Virus

The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel Wrecks Liberal Journalist’s Free Speech Take With One Tweet

GOP May Move Jacksonville Convention Outside as COVID Rages

Big City Police Forces Are Being Denuded Of Working Cops

California Legislators Violate Our Constitutional Rights – Four Examples

Four Stages of Marxist Takeover: The Accuracy of Yuri Bezmenov – He long ago pegged the current left-wing moment

Death By Policy – Mortality statistics show that many people have died from lockdown-related causes, not from Covid-19

Kanye West vs. Planned Parenthood – He has an intuitive understanding of the loathsome Margaret Sanger

Corporations Hyping “Black Lives Matter Fail” Us In Every Other Way

July 9, 2020

Where the Hell Is John Durham? – Trump is right to be enraged that not one person has been held criminally responsible

Flynn judge, Emmet Sullivan, seeks rehearing by a full appeals court after being ordered to dismiss the case

The New York Attorney General’s Plan Would Strip Mayor De Blasio’s Authority Over NYPD

Supreme Court: No presidential “absolute immunity” on grand jury subpoena for Tax Returns, but the separation of powers may protect from congressional subpoenas

West Vancouver, where tire treads are hate symbols

Limbaugh: Wrong, Drive-Bys! Trump Oughta Be High-Fiving Over These Tax Rulings

Defense Secretary Mark Esper Announces Investigation into Pentagon Leaks to Media

Do Americans Support Changes in Police Spending?


Not All Black Lives Matter to Black Lives Matter

Limbaugh: What’s So Special About “The Offended”?

Did Nancy Pelosi Just Condone Mob Rule? – “I Don’t Care About Statues”

Los Angeles Faces A Possible Second Mandatory Stay-From-Home Order As COVID-19 Cases Rise

The Trump Administration Launches ‘Operation Legend’ to Stem Surge in Violent Crime

Tucker Carlson Rips The Mask Off of The Democrat Party

Antifa in Tears: The Fragility of the Woke

The Supreme Court Just Confirmed The Electoral College Is Here To Stay

China is  Livid After Australian Government’s Hong Kong Visa, Extradition Treaty Announcements

The Media and 2020: Deja vu All Over Again

Tucker Carlson Has a Warning About Fox News If Dems Take Power

President Trump Has Good Reason Not to Trust the COVID-19 “Experts” – They Lied and Continue To Do So

Black America: Before Y’all Sign On to BLM. . . . . .

Comeback 2.0 –  Will the market rebound in time to ensure Trump’s reelection?

Lou Dobbs Says the RNC Should Thank Goldman Sachs for Warning a Biden Win Would Cost Investors $20 Per Share

Violence Explodes in American Cities – A “perfect storm” of crises


Kanye West Pulverizes the Democrats

The fight against fake news – With Charts

Remarks by President Trump and President López Obrador of the United Mexican States in Signing of a Joint Declaration

House Republicans want WHO leader Ghebreyesus to testify over a questionable report to Congress

What About the Stalin Statue?

Doubling Down on a Job Killer – California’s AB 5 destroys decent-paying jobs

July 8, 2020

The Media’s War on Words

Vote-by-mail would create chaos and distrust in November

Attorney General Barr: ‘Black Lives Matter’ and That Includes Crime Victims

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Is Still Trump’s Most Trusted Despite Bolton Claims

Biden Says Police Have “Become the Enemy” and Calls For Defunding the Police

Limbaugh: We Have Failed to Fight Anti-Americanism in Public Education

The Biggest Financial Contributors To The World Health Organization

Trump Hammers The CDC, Threatens Major Action If Schools Don’t Reopen in the Fall

The Daily Caller News Foundation Is Suing The University Of Delaware For Access To Joe Biden’s Senate Library

The new head of news at NBC-Universal openly promises to discriminate against Caucasians

Tucker Carlson: Kids should go back to school — Can you guess who is opposed to that simple idea

300 LAPD Officers Absent over July 4th Weekend in Suspected ‘Blue Flu’

The Gangsterization of the Democrat Party

Black Lives Matter Was Violent From The Start And Media And Politicians Knew It

Message From Schools About Reopening: ‘We’re Ready to Go’

If The Right Is Serious About The Culture War, It Needs To Clean House In Education

Trump Is A One-Hundred Percent American – And That’s Being Held Against Him

A British court ruled against Christopher Steele, ordered damages paid to businessmen named in the dossier

ICE: Foreign Students Must Leave U.S. If All There Classes Move Online – And This Is Not A Rule Change

Kanye West Breaks Ranks With Trump, Vows to Win Presidential Race

July 7, 2020

Ford Motors Makes Millions From Police Cruisers While The Ford Foundation Donates Millions To ‘Defund The Police’

Those Useful Idiots in Jockstraps

Regarding Our Current Cancel-Culture: A Letter on Justice and Open Debate


Defund the Police? How About We Defund the Universities

Seven Antifa Terrorists Arrested On Federal Charges After Weekend Of Carnage In Portland

Shootings And Killings Surge In Democrat-Run Cities Across the Country

COVID-19, by itself, never killed anybody

Crowding and COVID – The relationship between density and contagion is more complex than it first appears

Limbaugh: COVID Deaths Plummet, But the So-Called News Remains Negative

The COVID Nursing-Home Catastrophe – Governor Cuomo’s decision ought to haunt him—and us

Trump, in a push to reopen schools amid coronavirus outbreak, vows ‘pressure’ on governors

The Justice Department unearths more notes from Peter Strzok and others in Flynn case

Trump administration submits a notice of withdrawal from the World Health Organization Effective July 2021

President Trump Resets The Election

Trump vs. Biden on America Past and Present – Their Independence Day messages tell us all we need to know

The Obama Years Sowed the Seeds for the Current Societal Chaos

Kayleigh McEnany Kicks Butt

Year ZERO: Every cultural revolution starts at year zero

Now House Democrats Are Threatening to Shut Down the Government Over Statues

Dennis Prager: If America Is So Racist, Why Are There So Many Race Hoaxes? – Here Are Some Examples

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Hurls a Question That Democrats Could Never Answer Honestly

Remember The Red Guards Before You Cheer The Woke Mobs – Today statues, tomorrow mass firings—or even worse

Know Your Enemy: Undeniable Truths About the Left

Why Progressives Wage War on History

The Jobs Imperative – While managing the virus, America must open its economy and get people back to work

Democrats’ Growing Fear – They’re Being Lied to Again Just Like They Were In 2016!

President Trump: The US Has Lowest Mortality Rate in World, Why Is The Media Silent On This

COVID And The CDC’s Manipulation Of Data

BLM Leader Toronto Believes White People are Subhuman, Begs ‘Allah’ to Help Her ‘Not Kill White Folks’

What Black Voices Really Say About Police – They have mixed attitudes, but most are satisfied with their local police

MOUNT RUSHMORE THEN AND NOW – A SUPERcuts video illustrating the Orwellian revision of Mount Rushmore

GOP Convention Attendees Will Be Tested Daily for Coronavirus

Liberals Will Come For You Sooner Than You Think

Wikipedia Editors Censor Rayshard Brooks’ Violent Criminal History

July 6, 2020

Judge Sullivan in Flynn Case Hired Attorney Beth Wilkinson Days after She Represented Hillary Aide Cheryl Mills in Sullivan Related Deposition

Communist China’s Silent War Against America – The CCP has been using ‘unrestricted warfare’ to weaken the US from within

Study Reveals That Easily Offended People Are Less Productive and Bad Employees

The Point of No Return – The time to choose between irreconcilable opposites is almost at hand

Supreme Court’s ‘Faithless Electors’ Decision Safeguards Electoral College

The Great Fireworks Rebellion of 2020 – Defenders of America are paying attention—and unwilling to tolerate much more

They’re Not Telling You That COVID’s Death Rate Is Actually Falling

Daily Coronavirus Deaths in the U.S. Continue to Plummet as Confirmed Cases Hit Record Levels

Trump Administration to Renew Attempt to End DACA This Week

The Left’s Shakedown and Protection Racket – It’s now about money and power

The American Academy of Pediatrics: This fall, get the children back in school

Tucker Carlson: Can Democrats lead a country they ‘actually despise’?

Trump To Sign Executive Orders On China, American Manufacturing, Immigration, And Prescription Drug Prices

Liberals reserve tickets to Trump’s New Hampshire rally to try making the venue look empty

Trump punches back at totalitarian left — here’s why Mt. Rushmore speech so important

The Benghazi Terror Attacks Led To Crossfire Hurricane

Job Numbers Show Why Congress Shouldn’t Rush to Pass Another Massive Stimulus Package

REPORT: Epstein Associate Ghislane Maxwell Possesses “Stash of Pedophile Sex Tapes”

Biden Ad Features Woman Attacking Trump on COVID Doesn’t Mention Her $27,000 in PPP Money

Patriotism Is Becoming ‘White Supremacy’ – The reaction to Trump’s Rushmore speech was unhinged

Trump moves to placate a restive base

Evil Coronavirus Rules That Force Americans To Die Alone Must Never Happen Again

Governor Gavin Newsom Takes Latest COVID Restrictions To Dictatorial Levels – For Example, No Singing in Church

You Know What’s The Ultimate ‘Place Of Privilege’? Living In The USA

The Statue Honoring Frederick Douglass in His Home City Toppled on Anniversary of His Famous Speech

Murderous Roadblock Protests

GOP Saps Need to Quit Being Idiots

COVID Cheerleaders Change the Rules in the Middle of the Game

Russia and the Taliban: Business as Usual

What Causes White Guilt?

What did Ghislaine Maxwell want? – Jeffrey Epstein shared many characteristics with her late father

Roger Stone: The Corruption of Justice Part Two  – The Swamp remains on course to drown him in a prison term

As the crisis deepens, Q says rise or die

July 5, 2020

Andrew McCarthy: ‘President Biden’ would be music to Russian and Taliban ears

Obama WH Doctor: ‘I Think’ Joe Biden Has ‘Cognitive Issues’ – You don’t necessarily need to be a doctor to see that…

Farewell, Dear Hong Kong – China’s new security law delivered a death blow to Hong Kong as we know it

An Industry of Untruth – The brand of all cultural revolutions is untruth about the past and present in order to control the future

Michael Flynn recites the oath of office using slogan associated with QAnon


Soros Set to Double 2016 Spending, Pouring $40 Million Into Super PAC

Tucker Carlson: ‘You Shouldn’t Wait To Say What You Think Is True’ – ‘In the end, all graves go unvisited’

‘It’s Over’: Atlanta Mayor Says Protesters Should Clear Out After 8-Year-Old Girl Shot And Killed

Fauci omits context, feeds alarm with a warning of 100,000 coronavirus infections a day

Hundreds of Rioters Attack Portland Police, Throw ‘Commercial Grade’ Fireworks at Officers

‘We Want Unity:’ Trump Says in Salute to America Speech

China’s ‘Birthday Gift’ for Hong Kong – The Resistance Falls Apart As Beijing Moves In

Liberal Media Coverage of July Fourth Can Be Summed Up in Three Words

Trump-haters mock Melania’s dress, which was created by students to celebrate unity

With the Wuhan China virus, Gavin Newsom discovers the perils of crying ‘Wolf’

The Trump campaign is wielding the new NAFTA deal to spur populist support

Joe Biden “Meets the Press” – The questions were so soft, anyone would have fallen asleep

How “The Left” Creates Fake Studies to Fabricate Right-Wing Terrorism

We Will Miss the Filibuster?

An Old White Professor Speaks to the Class of 2020 – Woke Causes Are Not The Answer

The Evidence Is In, Hydroxychloroquine Works!

July 4, 2020

Facebook is Illegally Blocking Ads for leading congressional candidate for Congress Laura Loomer

Proposition 19 is California’s latest assault on taxpayers

Rod Serling Couldn’t Have Predicted This Twilight Zone

Trumps Magnificent Speech

Can our republic survive?

If You Build It, We Will Trash It – The “free enterprise” crowd’s first response to a surge toward a Twitter alternative

Take That, Newsom! Newport Beach Celebrates 4th of July with Beach Parties and a Trump Boat Parade

Playing the Russia Card – Would Shake China To Their Core

COVID-19 is close to losing its epidemic status in the U.S., according to the CDC

Weapons of Mass Collusion – Never-Trump Republicans role in pushing the hoax went deep

Saddled with Joe Biden, the DNC must rely on bait and switch to win

It’s Michelle Obama and always has been

At Mount Rushmore, Trump Warns of a ‘Cultural Revolution’ Destroying the American Revolution

President Trump Announces Creation of New Monument, the National Garden of American Heroes

Photos: Melania Trump Wears Off-the-Runway Alexander McQueen at Mount Rushmore

Trump, in fiery Mount Rushmore address, decries rise of ‘far-left fascism,’ calls on Americans to rise up

Text of President Trump delivering remarks at South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore – Click on Time-Stamp for Video

Where Have All The Commie Bastards Gone, Long Time Passing


The Myth of ‘White Guilt’

July 4th – Now More Than Ever

The Worrisome Decline of Patriotism in America

Governor Newsom warns California officials to enforce health rules – Inspectors looking for health order violations

July 3, 2020

The UK Makes a Bold Offer to Hong Kong Residents After China Passes Concerning Security Laws

Five questions for Ghislaine Maxwell

Post-Pandemic Americans May Be Done With Taking Orders

The Supreme Court Gives Pro-Life Indiana Laws a Second Chance

‘Deceptive’: Dr. Drew Blasts LA Mayor’s Double Standard on July 4th Lockdown vs. Protests

Ronald Reagan: Never Forget the ‘Great Truth’ About July 4

Trump Rebukes ‘Merciless Campaign to Wipe Out Our History’

Professors model gives Trump a 91% chance of winning in November – The model has been correct 24 of 26 times

Leftists Celebrate Fourth of July With Anti-American T-Shirts

The Mob Comes for America

California Governor Newsom bans singing in church

Harvard loses fight to punish students in ‘single-sex’ off-campus organizations


Parler: Everything you need to know about this unbiassed Twitter alternative for conservative opinions

Activists prepare to storm DC in Independence Day weekend protests and demonstrations

What you wouldn’t know from reading the news: There’s a soaring economic recovery roaring in

Amid a pandemic, the woke-ist media are experiencing a psychotic break

We Must Decide Whether We Want to Save America – Because Her Destiny Is On The Line

I’m Thoroughly Confused – About Which Lives Matter and Other Things

Americans have a clear choice in November: Patriotism or peril

After China’s Hong Kong-Power Grab, The UK’s Boris Johnson Makes His Clearest Signal Yet Regarding Huawei

Why Joe Biden’s Lead Will Evaporate

It’s Time For Trump 2020 To Bring Steve Bannon Out Of Mothballs

Neither Black Lives Matter nor Democrat polls care about black lives

New Hydroxychloroquine Study Vindicates President Trump and Should End Dr. Fauci’s Career at NIAID and in Medicine

Get Up, America – Publisher’s Note: Is it the beginning of the end, or will we begin again?

Minnesota Governor Walz Asks Trump to Declare a State of Disaster After $500 Million Riot Damage

July 2, 2020

California schools can no longer suspend elementary, middle school students for disruptive behavior

Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany Ties ABC Reporter in Knots, Makes Him School Himself on Black Lives Matter

NASCAR Driver Corey LaJoie to Take ‘Trump 2020’ to the Racetrack

MoveOn Blows Up the Myth That Joe Biden Is a Moderate


Liberal Reporter Documents Minneapolis Devastation And Suggests Why the Media Didn’t Really Cover It

US attorney: 150 federal cases tied to rioting

I Purchased Three of Those 2.4 Million Guns Sold in June

3 Reasons America Is Great

Sheep in Elephant Costumes – Republicans need to wield their power or they deserve to lose it in November

Trump Was Right: Potential Terror Threat at Border as Iranian Illegals Caught in Texas

WHO Confession: China Never Warned It About Coronavirus Outbreak

Three Kinds of Power – What the U.S. can — and can’t — actually do about China

Father of 19-year-old killed in CHOP says he got condolence call from President Trump, but not Seattle’s mayor

Jeffrey Epstein’s Infamous Companion Arrested by FBI

President Trump touts ‘historic’ June jobs report: ‘Our economy is roaring back’

The US House Passes Bill to Sanction Chinese Banks over Hong Kong National Security Law

Senator Cruz: Treat China Like It’s The New Soviet Union – ‘The CCP fears the truth. … Tyranny thrives in darkness.’

How Twitter Censoring President Trump Over His ‘They’re After You’ Tweet Pretty Much Proves His Point

Senior living facilities: All the vote fraud we cannot see

Regarding Those Gutless Republicans In Congress

The US Sets Record for Most New Jobs in a Month Ever! 4.8 Million Jobs Created in June!

Is the COVID Surge More Fake News?

California creates ‘strike teams’ to enforce Newsom’ virus limits

What Does Gavin Newsom Have Against Poor Kids?

Coronavirus cases are on the rise, but deaths, not so much ……..

Joe Biden delays his VP pick again: Is there a secret civil war among Democrats?

Top Democrats: Biden’s only VP choice is a black woman

Liberals Are Creating A Nation Of Spoiled Brats

NYPD Police Retreat in the Face of Taunting City Hall Protesters

Cultural Marxism and Its Conspirators: Part 2 – The Marxist mind defines a term only in terms of an attack on its critics

CHOP’s Ugly Demise – Lessons learned from the homegrown anarchist experiment

Who Is Gonna Pay For The Riots?

Universities Are Sowing the Seeds of Their Own Obsolescence

Some Scary California Propositions – Their initiative decisions will really define the state’s future

Countering Beijing’s Aggression Against Hong Kong Is Critically Important — and the SHEET Act can help

July 1, 2020

Coronavirus: Why everyone was wrong – The immune response to the virus is stronger than everyone thought

Chaos Erupts as Democrats Adopt GOP Motion to Restrict Chinese Access to American Infrastructure Projects

Historian Victor Davis Hanson: Biden reemergence left many ‘underwhelmed,’ ‘disturbed,’ and ‘worried’

It’s Not The Left vs. The Right, It’s Big Business vs. Small Business