Our Goodbye To Gracie

A little over 16-years ago we brought Gracie home to share life with us and our two cats Rodney and Bently.

She was such a tiny little girl at first and cute in every way.

Here she is on our front porch taking in a little morning sun.

Gracie loved her toys and would trout around the house with them playing little games she thought were fun.

She played with her buddies, the cats all the time. They acted like she was bugging them, but it was all an act. It was common to see Gracie chase Rodney down the hallway into the bedroom, and then a few seconds later they would return with Gracie being chased by Rodney.

Bently was slow to love her, but in later years he would lick her to make sure she was clean.

Everything was something to play with, even a branch that she was trying to walk away with.

A game of hide and seek, with her buddy Rodney.

Aren’t I cute!!

Lets play ball until I drop. But she never got tired.

Tugg of wars would go on and on, with lots of growling.

Aren’t I ferocious!!

Years went by and then the little grey chin appeared.

She never liked being held because we believe she was afraid of being dropped. But she was sure enjoying this moment with Georgia.

She used to go out on the boat with us all the time. She could jump in and out of the boat with ease, but a few years ago she couldn’t make it back in again.

She was always such a happy girl but began experiencing lots of pain, so the vet prescribed pain killers that she was given three times a day. Georgia prepared them with lots of love and Gracie enjoyed them because even though the liquid smelled awful, it was mixed with turkey lunch meat.

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago on the same porch she explored some 16-years ago. We were around the corner in the courtyard, but now she just stayed here because it was so hard to get down and back up the steps again.

Gracie left us yesterday afternoon and took a big chunk of our hearts with her. She was a wonderful little girl and loved everybody, especially little kids. It will be hard for us, but at least we have photos like these and lots of wonderful memories.

Goodbye Gracie Girl, you will never be forgotten and are loved by all who had the honor of knowing you.

And your toys are lonesome now.


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