The Chevrolet Suburban Over The Years

When the Chevrolet Suburban was first launched as a mammoth eight-seater vehicle with removable seats, folding second-row seats and a 60-horsepower inline-six, the U.S. was in the grips of the Great Depression.

With the 2020 model year, this venerable people-mover turns an astonishing 85 years old.

That makes the Suburban, the forerunner to the modern SUV, the longest-running automotive nameplate, surpassing the Ford F-Series trucks (1948), the Toyota Land Cruiser (1951) and the Corvette (1953).

I don’t know what the first version cost, but you can easily spend up to $71,000+ for one of these that is fully decked-out.

1935 Chevy Suburban

1937 Chevy Suburban

1946 Chevy Suburban

1949 Chevy Suburban

1953 Chevy Suburban

1955 Chevy Suburban

1965 Chevy Suburban

1965 Chevy Suburban

1967 Chevy Suburban

1972 Chevy Suburban

1985 Chevy Suburban

1991 Chevy Suburban

1992 Chevy Suburban

2001 Chevy Suburban

2007 Chevy Suburban

2012 Chevy Suburban

2017 Chevy Suburban

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