The Plot Against President Trump

I just finished this book. I am a news hound, so was familiar with much of what was covered in this book, having followed it closely since early 2017. However, Lee Smith, shows in detail how The Deep State played their carefully crafted chess game to take down Trump. My heartfelt thanks go out to Devin Nunes and his team, and of course, Lee Smith who wrote this masterpiece.

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Investigative journalist Lee Smith used his unprecedented access to Congressman Devin Nunes, former head of the House Intelligence Committee, to expose the deep state operation against President Trump and the American people.

Mr. Smith is interviewed by Newt Gingrich below and Jan Jekielek, of The Epoch Times in the video that follows.

Both are well worth your time and extremely enlightening.

Additionally, you can refer to the chart available here to see where the people mentioned in these interviews fit into the Spygate Puzzle

Newt Gingrich Interview


The Epoch Times Lee Smith Interview


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