Pet Squirrel

When I was in high school I found a baby squirrel in the parkway as I was walking home one day.

I took it home and my father gave it to a friend who knew how to care for such a young animal.

We used to smile at the stories the man would tell about the things the squirrel did. One in particular was that the squirrel would run up his clothes and sit on his shoulder as soon he came in the house.

The story and photos below tell of a guy who also has a loving pet squirrel.

A soldier found an unconscious squirrel in the forest and took it to his headquarters.


Three months later the soldier was discharged and started working as a taxi driver.


Ever since then, wherever he goes, the squirrel is at his side.
Here are some photos of the cute little guy 🙂











Friendship is not a relationship
With someone whom you know for a long time,
But with someone you trust,
under any circumstances.


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