Sober Reflections About Life

Your BIRTH came through *Others*

Your NAME was given by *Others*

Your were EDUCATED by *Others*

Your INCOME indirectly comes through *Others*

Your RESPECT is given by *Others*

Your first BATH was given by *Others*

Your last BATH will be done by *Others*

Your FUNERAL will be organized by *Others*

You will be taken to your FINAL RESTING PLACE by *Others* and EVERYTHING you owned will be inherited by *Others*

Hmm….. Why, then, do some of us let our EGO, our CAREER, our MONEY and our BELIEFS undermine the worth of *Others* in our lives, when we are so dependent on *Others*.

Isn’t it high time we learn to live in peace and harmony with *Others*, because all through our lives, at one point or the *Other*, we will need each *Other*?

Kindly share with *Others*

source: whatsapp

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