The Most Popular Fictional Character From Each State

According to Playboy Magazine, that is.

most popular
Alabama: Forrest Gump
Alaska: Chilly Willy
Arizona: Rambo
Arkansas: Thelma and Louise
California: Marty Mcfly
Colorado: Eric Cartman
Connecticut: Beetlejuice
Delaware: Tyler Durden
Florida: Ace Ventura
Georgia: Daisy Duke
Hawaii: Gilligan
Idaho: Napoleon Dynamite
Illinois: Ferris Buehler
Indiana: Garfield
Iowa: James T. Kirk
Kansas: Dorothy
Kentucky: Rick Grimes
Louisiana: Gambit
Maine: Paul Bunyan
Maryland: Jack Ryan
Massachusetts: Norm Peterson
Michigan: Robocop
Minnesota: Charlie Brown
Mississippi: Rogue
Missouri: Tom Sawyer
Montana: Ellie Sattler
Nebraska: Wizard of Oz
Nevada: Bobby Munson
New Hampshire: Mr. Deeds
New Jersey: Indiana Jones
New Mexico: Walter White
New York: Barbie
North Carolina: Barney Fife
North Dakota: Jay Gatsby
Ohio: Freddy Krueger
Oklahoma: Doonesbury
Oregon: Ramona Quimby
Pennsylvania: Rocky
Rhode Island: Peter Griffin
South Carolina: Frank Underwood
South Dakota: Desmond Miles
Tennessee: Hannah Montana
Texas: Beavis and Butthead
Utah: Wile E. Coyote
Vermont: Jack Torrance
Virginia: John-Boy Walton
Washington: Frasier
West Virginia: Aunt Bee
Wisconsin: Kelso
Wyoming: Yogi Bear
District of Columbia: Murphy Brown

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