Cars I Have Owned – Part #5

As indicated previously, when I started to put this together, I had no idea how long it would take or the length of the post, because of the amount of content. Therefore, I decided to break into separate posts. This is Part #5 If you haven’t seen earlier posts on this topic, please click here to start from the beginning.


This was our first BMW. All I can say is that BMW make fantastic cars. We put many miles on it and the only repair it ever needed, in addition to brake pads, was a water pump.

Cars I Have Owned – Part #5 - 1When the car was less than six months old, Georgia was driving down main street in Pleasanton and stopped at a red light in front of the old Pleasanton Hotel. When the light turned green, she started to move, when all of a sudden a girl slams into the side of the front quarter panel and landed face first on the windshield. Since there was a van to the left of Georgia, she couldn’t see that the young girl was trying to cross on a red and ran out of time. The girl didn’t get hurt, except for being very sore for a couple of days. Luckily, there were lots of witnesses who saw what happened. It really scared Georgia though.

22-1955-Oldsmobile-88-Restoration Project

I had been thinking about buying another ’55 Oldsmobile to restore for several years. I put money aside for some time and finally found a car that was complete, although it looked a lot worse than I thought it would when I went to pick it up. It took several years to restore it. When it was finally done, I realized something I had heard was very true – “The restoration of a classic car will take twice as long and twice as much money as you thought it would.”

Here are before and after photos. You can see a lot more if you are interested by clicking here. I still have the car to this day, with a little over 6,500 miles on it since its complete restoration.

Cars I Have Owned – Part #5 - 2 Cars I Have Owned – Part #5 - 3 Cars I Have Owned – Part #5 - 4 Cars I Have Owned – Part #5 - 6


This is the first 5-Series we owned. It was an excellent car and had a CD changer in the trunk. Unfortunately, I got laid off from a company that was doing poorly, so we had to sell this one and get along with one car for a while. I learned sometime later, the wife of the guy I sold it to totaled it about a week after he bought it from me. What a waste.

Cars I Have Owned – Part #5 - 8


I consulted for a while, and landed a job that paid pretty well, so got myself this BMW. After driving a 5-series, I really never liked this car that much.

Cars I Have Owned – Part #5 - 9


Georgia decided she wanted an SUV, so we got her a new Blazer. Although I was leery about getting another American car, a friend had one of these and liked it a lot. It was a good car, but when you put it into 4-wheel drive it smelled kind of funny. We only did that a few times, so didn’t worry about it.

Cars I Have Owned – Part #5 - 11

About 1,000 miles beyond the 36,00 mile warranty, the transmission literally melted. Georgia drove it to visit our daughters family in Redding, before we moved here. She pulled in the driveway and parked. When she was ready to return home, the car wouldn’t move. After much online investigation, I proved that GM was having lots of problems with that transmission. They agreed to cover all except $1,000 for a new transmission. After the car was fixed, I sold it to a wholesale dealer and swore I would never buy an American car again.

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