1776 Commission Page Deleted From White House Site

President Trump announced the 1776 Commission in reaction to The New York Times 1619 Project, which he and many historians decried as false history. The executive order creating the 1776 Commission was signed just before the election in November, and its removal was one of the first orders of the Biden administration.

The Trump administration released its 1776 Commission report on Monday, January 18th, and made it available via this link on the White web site. https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/The-Presidents-Advisory-1776-Commission-Final-Report.pdf

After Joe Biden was inaugurated on Wednesday, January 20th, the official page for the 1776 report was deleted.

As many other people did, I downloaded and saved it because I feared that would happen. If you haven’t seen it, It is available below.


Click to access The-Presidents-Advisory-1776-Commission-Final-Report.pdf

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