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Hello Everyone, my name is hard to pronounce but you could call me “Tom”. I come from Vietnam (Asia) and I #walkedaway from liberal/left-wing viewpoints at the beginning of this year. Since I live here in Vietnam, I can’t vote in the United States, however seeing what’s been happening in America over the past couple of years and in recent months with all the coronavirus and rioting has compelled me to write this short piece, I hope this post will get approved.

First, I’d like to say that my post could be quite technical, but stay with me! I have simplified it down!

I used to have very liberal ideas, I used to advocate for the Environment/Climate Change, for Equality, for Socialism, for “Systemic Racism” when I was younger. I used to make speeches at school or joined competitions that advocated for what Americans now call as Progressive and Leftist ideology. There was just one issue, and that was I was not so passionate about talking about these issues. Afterward, I delve deeper into the facts, did more research, and found myself on the conservative side of the political aisle (without knowing I was a conservative). I am also very interested in Business and Economics, and while doing research about Biz & Economics, I bumped into Donald Trump. Originally, I was tasked to write about the US-China Trade War as I was working as an intern for a trading company, and in doing so, I learned more about Trump’s tactics in terms of negotiation and making deals. Initially, I was impressed, I learned that Trump (the guy that the mainstream media keeps calling as a dumbass, unintelligent and child-like person, etc.) knew how to use “Leverage” in negotiations (“Leverage” means knowing how to use an opponent’s weakness as your strength or using your Power to negotiate a deal). This tactic was apparently quite effective in Trump’s success over the past couple of years of his presidency. I already had a good impression of him, however, at that point, I wasn’t really into politics.

It wasn’t until Trump delivered the unifying and powerful State of The Union 2020 Address and Nancy Pelosi’s infamous speech rip that I noticed the incredible amount of hypocrisy in American media. Anyone who watched his speech in full, without cuts and edits will say that it was powerful because he didn’t mention one word about the Impeachment but instead focused on real issues affecting American society and honoring American heroes. I watched as the media react to this powerful speech and how the speech was curved to fit their propaganda, which is undermining the Trump presidency, how the media chose to cover Trump’s “misleading” points but zero coverage on Nancy Pelosi’s controversial action. As a naturally curious person myself, I went down the rabbit-hole, asked myself why these media corporations could be SO biased. And from there, I fell in love with American Politics. I watch it every day, I listen to podcasts such as the Ben Shapiro show (highly recommend, listening to him will help with critical thinking), Dan Bongino, Tucker Carlson, etc. And from there on, I identified myself as a Conservative.

Like I said in the beginning, I’m from Vietnam (A Socialist nation), I can’t vote whatsoever in the United States, I can’t leave the Democratic Party like most of you, and because my country only has 1 party (yeah, no democracy here). However, the reason I felt extraordinarily compelled to write this piece and to encourage you to leave the Democratic Party can be summed up in one simple sentence: “The Rise of Leftism”

A recent survey shows that half of the millennials in America like Socialism & Communism.

A quick history of my country: after the war in 1975, Vietnam implemented Communist policies, made all businesses government-owned, made private businesses illegal, high taxation, centralized government, centralized production; which led to mass starvation, loss of jobs, inefficient companies, a weak economy, hyperinflation, political inferiority, you name it. Many people fled the country by boats to California, which you can find a community of Vietnamese there. It wasn’t until 1986, Vietnam’s Communist Party made the hardest decision of all, that was to create a more capitalist society, bringing back the power to individuals to start their own businesses, and as of today, Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing countries in Asia. Anyways, seeing how Communist ideology has destroyed my country and seeing how Capitalism has transformed my country makes it laughable that half of the millennials in America ENDORSES Communism! Makes you wonder what is being taught in American schools! There is a surge of Leftism in America right now: the rise of AOC, Ilhan Omar, Nancy Pelosi; the taking over of CHAZ; the looting, rioting, etc. These minor examples give you a preview of what will happen to America (and to the world) when Democrats take power. Radical leftism is rising in America, and it is taking over Institutions, Academia, Hollywood, Mainstream Media, and as soon as they seize control, radical leftist ideologies will spread throughout the WHOLE WORLD because the majority of media around the world rely on information coming out of the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, which are all very very biased.

Donald Trump, to me, is not somebody who has good rhetoric (most of the time), he does sound like a jerk and could sometimes have a very big ego, I am critical of him when I need to be (even in terms of policies). However, I BEG you all to not treat this election as a popularity contest, your vote can change EVERYTHING! I encourage you all to look closer at policies and do deeper research before you decide. I personally choose Donald Trump because he advocates for Freedom (IGNORE the media “Experts” who tell you Trump is the biggest threat to democracy, because IT IS CLEARLY THE DEMOCRATS!); he supports small government; he hates Globalism; he advocates Religious Freedom; He advocates for the First Amendment; He advocates for Law & Order; He is the man preventing radical leftism from flooding throughout America; and most importantly, he DOES NOT have to be weak to PANDER to the voters!

Alex Jones once warned about China’s influence on US Media and on global organizations, of course, everybody laughed whenever he opens his mouth. However, as somebody who lives near China, I’d say that Alex was right. China is a big bully, they threaten Vietnam (and other Asian countries) with decades of Geopolitical threats, and since we import Chinese foods, they poison our foods so that our people get sick (reminds me of Coronavirus, though), they have control over our Congressmembers and our Politics. Look at what they did to Hong Kong, and be SCARED for what they will do to the world once they seize power over US politics (I also believe that China already has massive influence over the Democrats, especially Joe Biden). I believe that Trump is the man tasked to do this job of stopping China, he has hurt the CCP and its economy (and its influence) ever since the trade war, he banned Huawei, which prevented Americans from being spied on by the CCP, Trump knows how to use China’s biggest advantage into a losing battleground for China, he’s a lot tougher on China than Clinton, Bush and Obama combined! Trump realized that certain nations do not deserve to be friends with the US. What? You think Joe Biden could fight off China?

To the undecided voters, please do your research carefully, this election will be the most important of your life, the faith of the world, your country, your children (school-bias) is in your decision at the voting ballot.

This is the reason why I felt compelled to write this, it’s because when the Democrats take power, my country, as well as many other countries, will be doomed in the shadow of evil (China and Leftism), and soon will yours.

This is a battle between Freedom of the West and Tyranny of the Left. Trump is kicking people’s ass, and damn Globalists are afraid of it, that’s why he constantly gets bad coverage. Ignore all of those who claim that “Trump is the embarrassment to the USA”, there are people in HONG KONG who fly the AMERICAN FLAG and the TRUMP 2020 FLAG asking he’d be re-elected to protect their freedom, there are poor artists in Vietnam who paints portraits of Trump to honor the President.

Do not take your freedoms for granted, because you’ll regret once you lose it. If Democrats take power, you can be assured that freedom will be taken away from you.

That is why I #walkedaway.

I encourage you to share this post, it is difficult for me to come out as well, talking bad about Socialism is not something that is encouraged in my country. However, I value freedom so much I have A LOT to lose not speaking up. And I encourage you all to do the same, SPEAK UP!

This post might be a bit long, but I hope that the moderators will approve it because more than ever the American people need to hear this message. Thank you very much! Love this group!



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